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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 30, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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[in unison] thanks! the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ developing right now, a plain finally lands in philly after an emergency detour. we have video obtained by tmz it shows man hands up he is cored off the plane in phoenix. fellow passengers say he started ranting about the 9/11 attacks. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. got so bad a few possible on the plane jumped into action to take him down. fox 29's chris o'connell spoke to some of those passengers. rejoins us live at philadelphia international airport tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, lucy, good evening. yeah, scary day of flying for some passengers on a cross country flight coming to an end here tonight at philadelphia international airport after an unruly passenger forces the emergency landing of american
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airlines flight 754 from los angeles and a couple of those passengers arriving tonight are credited with helping subdue that man. tonight tmz getting video from that plane. this is the passenger we are told in his 30s being escorted from that plane. some of the 150 passengers posting on social media pictures of this incident. phoenix police say a man went into the first class cabin and began making threats and alar alarming statements. his bizarre ant recent mentioning 9/11. the man was eventually subdued by the flight crew and two fellow passengers. the plane emergency landing at phoenix sky harbor airport and the man was removed from the plane and sent for a psychological evaluation. now, about 90 minutes ago, those passengers finally arrived to philadelphia about seven hours late. many of them obviously happy to be back on the ground. we spoke with those two men who helped the flight crew subdue
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that man. other passengers calling them heroes. >> and so we got duct tape and handcuffs and we had to hold the guy in his seat and fasten his seat belt, if you get up, we're going to duct tape you together so we diverted to phoenix and got rushed by the phoenix police when we landed. >> the poor guy needs help. i mean, but he scared the hell out of everybody. i think he scared me. >> save to say. >> we didn't know at first if he had somebody with him, um, and he was very hostile to people with money. >> he was extremely scary. the entire plane was nervous. you could feel the energy from the back of the maybe. i was towards the back. everybody was just anxious to see what was going to happen when we landed to see if he was going to get he is cored off safely. he did. they handled it so professionally but it was very frightening. >> reporter: frightening to say the least. now this man whose identity or hometown has not yet been released. it is expected he'll be charged with interfering with a flight crew. iain?
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>> i'll take it, thank you very much, chris o'connell. your radar temps are starting to fall after a day in the 70s people are out with sweatshirts and light jackets to night in center city right by city hall right there. you'll definitely want that coat in the morning though. as we take a live look at reading. kathy, i've got to ask. back to reality tomorrow morning? >> yes, it is. it is the harsh realities of the fall season. we've been enjoying almost summer like weather but don't despair it will be back in the seven day forecast. but not for now. ultimate doppler showing a few clouds rolling through but clear skies behind those clouds and that will help those temperatures to really fall overnight but right now very comfortable. philadelphia 62. it is clear and it is quiet with a light wind in millville, 49 degrees. it's even colder than the poconos, 55 right now in reading. waking up to a chill in the morning right now we still have the winds out of the west 15 miles an hour sustained in philadelphia elsewhere you can see they are going light and that will be the trend during the early morning hours. so let's help you plan your day.
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when you wake up or hit the road chilly start the temperature 50 degrees. by the lunch hour, head outside. sunny but cool 56. after school the warmest part of the day, around 60 degrees and then if you're going out for the evening any halloween parties temperatures will be falling temperatures in the 50s. coming up we'll talk about the halloween forecast and of course your weekend planner. for now we'll send it over to you. >> following a developing story tonight. young woman beaten and raped it happened last night when she was wal walking back fa trip to the convenience store. shawnette wilson talked to the girl's father and she's at wilmington police department tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: iain, we are concealing the father' identity and alters his voice to protect his daughter. we're told by police that a man wearing a mask dragged this girl into an alley and raped her. >> she was crying. i asked her what happened. >> reporter: this father is moved to tears over the call that came from his 19-year-old
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daughter yesterday around 12:30 in the afternoon. what she said sent him racing home. >> found her not home but in the alley just -- he raped her. >> reporter: the man says his daughter was walking home from a neighborhood convenience store when she noticed a man standing on the corner holding what she first thought was a white bag. >> she didn't look at him. she wanted to avoid him. went around the block. >> reporter: when she got around the corner on the 300 block of washington street in wilmington, not far from her home, the victim said the man appeared from this alley wearing a white clown mask. >> he was in the alley waiting for her end pulled her into the alley by her hair and hit her. she she was screaming and she was -- he grabbed her, put his hands over her mouth. >> reporter: police don't have any suspects or witnesses but this father is certain someone saw something.
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>> i'm sure somebody saw something a hundred per sent. i'm praying they will step forward. it could happen again with the same person. >> reporter: back here live. again, the victim was not able to get a detailed description of the suspect because he was wearing a mask. police do tell us though that the victim says the man did speak some spanish to her. lucy? >> thank you very much, shawnette. to night the cleanup of that run away military blimp in a north central pennsylvania town continues. state police officers say they actually used shot guns to help deflate the army surveillance blimp that broke free from a maryland military base yesterday traveled more than 150 miles north into pennsylvania. it's tether took out trees and utility poles and power lines along the way. the blimp eventually got tangled up in trees near a ravine in monday see. troopers say they drained its helium by pep aring with close to 100 shots. officials say it's still defla deflating that could take another day or so. >> armed with a shotgun.
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two masked men rob a grocery store in the allegheny west section of the city. take look at these guys barge into the jocelyn grocery store tuesday night. once they got inside, they forced the employees to the ground. demanding money and cigarettes. police say the guys even made the employees empty their own pockets. so if you know anything about this robbery, please call poli police. only on fox tonight, a helpless dog left for dead dumped on the side of the road. a local animal rescue group says it's not the first time someone abused this poor pitbull. as local vets work to save his live the community is calling for justice. fox 29's dawn timmeney shows us the young pup has an uphill battle in front of him but he's now got loving arms wrapped around him. >> all of the nick that is he has here, all of the discoloration in the fur and the 96 and the missing those are all from previous fights. >> reporter: but now this one and a half-year-old pitbull used repeatedly for dog fighting in a much different fight, a fight for his life. the dog dumped and left for dead by the side of the road in chester city.
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>> just threw him over there. he was curled up in a little ball. >> reporter: this is what the dog looked like when russ harper a humane police officer with justice rescue arrived at the scene after getting a call early monday night. >> he was laying over there in the weeds where somebody threw him and he was just cold and lifeless. i really thought when i picked him up he was dead. >> reporter: when harper realized the dog he named rem knee was still alive, he raced the young pup to keystone veterinary emergency and referral in havertown. the staff working frantically to save remy's life. >> pretty severe injuries and his body just, um, was very weak and on top of that severe infections from all the multiple bite wounds that he's gotten. >> reporter: four days later, this pooch is making amazing progress. he's now walking, even crawling into harper's lap and cuddling, something he's probably never known. the man who made sure he's getting a second chance at life says that's all the reward he needs. >> when you get that call and you know that that animal is not going to get help until you go, you got to go.
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>> he's not out of the woods y yet. he has shown some improvement since he first came in so that's encouraging. but, you know, it's still touch and go. >> reporter: fortunately, remy now has a whole lot of people on his side. >> as long as he keeps fighting and he keeps showing that he's getting better and he's not in pain, we'll continue to fight with him. >> reporter: justice rescue completely volunteer and relies on donations to save abused dogs ton pay for their care. posted $1,000 reward to track down and prosecute whoever did this to remy. hopefully he'll make a full recovery and find a loving forever home. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> got to catch those guys. drivers are seeing changes big ones on major highway near wilmington. construction crews shut down the right northbound lane on 495 near the port of wilmington. they're replacing a metal bridge joint. work will take a couple of weeks. crews will shut down the
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highway's left two lanes. the whole project expected to take about a month. happening now, big changes in center city all because of the undefeated temple owls. here's live look down the block from our studios tonight in old city. you can see the changes already taking place on market street. it might not look exactly like the weekend of pope francis' visit but you can tell something big is happening at independence mall tonight. the stage is being set for espn college game day on saturday. a lot of congestion in old city. market street is shut down between fifth and sixth streets. crews have been busy constructing that massive tv set right in the middle of market street. thousands of temple football fans are expected to pack in early near independence mall saturday morning. >> not only the main campus and seeing students and professors and everybody. the entire city. the entire city of philadelphia is in full support. >> excitement is an all-time high right now. it can't get any better than
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college game day temple versus notre dame saturday night. >> if you don't have tickets to the big game independence mall the next place to be. you can watch temple battle out notre dame on one of the big giant screens set up throughout the area. >> deadline came and went 121 days ago and pennsylvania still has no budget. so many agencies, so many schools hang in the balance as governor wolf and legislators continue to face off. philadelphia's have a bit of good news. city council released the last 25 million of a $70 million increase to help fund schools. >> it's really nice that we have the 25,000 -- million allotted but we need more. we need more funding and we need to continue the momentum of th this. >> part of that momentum is an increasing amount of news conferences parents and leaders are holding to draw attention to the problem and to demand answers from the governor and legislators. ♪ a guy in line at the drive through loses it. pulling a gun on the employees lunchinlunching at the window.
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what he had a problem with that he flew off the handle. i look up and here's this man charging the front end of our car with a red gas can and he starts dousing the front end with some liquid. >> a family pumping gas thought they were about to go up in flames. what a stranger poured on top of their car and why police can't do a thing. >> reporter: holiday spirit cost one prosecutor his job fired for pulling a gun at work. the surprise that was so scary he reached for his weapon. >> they saw cockroaches swatted at mosquitoes hadn't to deal with horrible odors all at work. >> you guys keep an odor log, right? >> yes. >> local restaurant inspectors say they work in dump.
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>> but they also went on historical sightseeing trips phillphil visited the philly auo show. >> what was it like to have this guy as a big brother. >> it was incredible. he made a major impact on my life. >> he was currently a member of the clayton school board. kind of guy who got things done. >> he was a great man. he worked across party lines on issues. he was about the community overall fine person. if you needed help he would help if he could.
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he was very ethical and honest. >> reporter: last sunday radio was in atlantic city on a convention. his final facebook post reads "having a simple dinner on first night in ac". he was reported missing tuesday later that day his body washed ashore in strathmere. the medical examiner ruled the cause of death drowning. under what circumstances? undetermined. >> cj learned of his big brother's death through a phone call from a family member. >> i went numb. i went completely numb. i just -- i was shocked. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: now he waits for answers. >> i don't understand it. i want to know what happened. >> reporter: so many questions still to be answered. chief among them why would radio have been in the ocean in october no less? police have been very tight lipped about their investigation so far rad radio's family has said something asking their privacy be respected as they mourn. so many questions, iain. >> absolute, bruce, thank you. new video today of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky in court in
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bellefont to ask for a new trial after his conviction on dozens of counts of child sex abuse. sandusky is arguing his lawyer did a bad job he also claims the attorney general's investigation of him was unfair and that grand jury information was leaked to the media at the time of his trial. the judge refused to rule on sandusky's appeal. instead he gave ag kathleen kane a week to turn over information about any grand jury leaks. the son of he will battled philadelphia congressman mounting his own defense in district court. week two of chaka fattah, injury's trial he's representing himself. they say the 33-year-old bilked hundreds of thousands of dollars in several banks. irs and the school district of philadelphia. fattah, jr. says those charges are politically motivated because of his father. chaka fattah, sr. facing federal racketeering and corruption chooch charges of his own. three years ago super storm sandy made its way up the jersey shore devastating a lot of the
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coast including cape may all the way through long island. three years later some people are still trying to get back on their feet. fox 29 weekend's karen hepp shows us the lengths that some are going to get lawmaker's attention. >> reporter: these sandy victims are sleeping out for days because they are desperate. they are running out of money. they are facing foreclosure. they're floundering caught in a limbo. michelle petro is fed up with empty promises. she's moved her three kids 12 times and she needs a kidney. >> it's a thousand 95 days since i've been out of my home since sandy hit and it's been a struggle every single day. >> reporter: they write cards tilling their heartbreaking stories. frank and cheryl posted the obituaries of three of their friends from their block. three neighbors who never made it home at all. 76-year-old terry, is afraid that could happen to her. >> i don't know where i'm going to get all the money, because i'm robbing peter to pay paul out of the rent money. >> this woman has been relying
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on friends and neighbors for three years and is worried she's worn out her welcome. >> it's nice in one respect. but it's kind of hard, because you living out a car, out of cardboard boxes and you just don't know if you're coming or going. am i here? am i there? i mean, you know, this isn't vacation any more. this is -- it's over. three years later and i'm still not in my house. >> reporter: aid groups who help say thousands of families displaced by sandy few are back. most of them. >> we want to stop those foreclosures on these houses. we want to give them enough money to help pay rent until they can get home, and we've got to increase laws and accountability on contractors that have been walking away with taxpayer money to help these families get home. >> reporter: these protesters have been out here for two days straight. they'll be here all night long through friday at noon and they're just begging these lawmakers across the street to finish the job. from trenton, i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. elementary school teen and a pastor arrested what he's accused of of doing to grandma in his office.
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he looks like a normal shopper debate what to grill up for dinner. what police say cameras caught this guy doing with hundreds of dollars of meat. >> channel your inner cookie in time for the holiday. the perfect gift for the empire lovers in your crew. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for new project that kicks in tonight through the weekend. rows vote boulevard will be closed between strahle and sally. the inner drives will be closed so they can replace that bridge over holme avenue and get ready temple we got the big game com coming to our town shutting down market street beginning tomorrow morning between fifth and eighth right there in front of independence hall. septa buses will go on detour and that new traffic pattern causing delays on the ben franklin parkway. tomorrow is friday. the big halloween show. we'll see
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>> now your winning lottery numbers ♪ federal investigators working to find out what started a massive fire on an airliner moments before take off. passengers from other planes at fort lauderdale hollywood international airport recorded video of the flames and the smoke. investigators say the dynamic airways flight was on the runway
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when one of its engines caught fire. passengers had to use the emergency slide to get out of that 767. one person is seriously burned. about a dozen others went to the hospital for bumps and bruises. the faa and ntsb are both investigating. eight people arrested in a drug bust in georgia. their customers high school students. investigators say all were arrested after a one month investigation of a home that home was located less than 2 miles from a high school. authorities say the suspects were selling marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and lsd to the high school students and other peop people. video of a violent brawl between a high school student and campus supervisor in georgia has gone viral. >> the 15-year-old student who is in trouble. we still don't know what set this off, but it involved a tenth grader at martin luther king, jr., high school in georgia. campus police supervisor. as the punches flu, other students whipped out their phones and hit the record button then posted the videos for all
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to see. >> the young man approached the campus supervisor, removed his jacket and took a defensive stance to his face and actually poked him in his stomach. >> authorities say it looks as if supervisor roderick wilkerson followed procedure. he hurt his knee in the incident and had to go to the hospital. the student is now at a youth detention center. a guy in line at the drive through loses it. pulls a gun on the employees. lunches at the window. what he had a problem with that made him fly off the handle. and they're job is to make sure restaurants are clean and the food is safe. so why did they work in these conditions? fox 29 investigates is ahead. kathy? >> can't look at that. but i can look at this on the weather map we have some cooler air moving in. the sprawling area of high pressure descending all the way down to the mid atlantic. what does that mean for the delaware valley for the temple owls and for halloween? we'll take a look at the forecas
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right now at 10:30, temperatures starting to drop. a live look from trenton right now. when you wake up it could be 20 degrees cooler than this morning. kathy is tracking all your important halloween forecast just a few minutes away. police say they caught the man who tried to pull off two bank robberies in philadelphia only hours apart. on tuesday federal agents arrested 35-year-old jeffrey chernoff. investigators say the day before he stole cash from a pnc bank in juniata park. they say he tried to do the same thing at a bank of america about a mile away but left empty handed. a late night run for food ends with calls to 911. this customer got so mad he pulls out a gun and then lunches at the driver threw window. what was so upset? detroit police know it had something to do with his order and bad service. >> fox's hannah saunders shows us what happened. >> reporter: it started out as a typical drive through order. the suspect appearing happy at first smiling while speaking to a cashier.
3:30 am
he pays then weights. sitting inside a brown oldsmobile bravado. suddenly there's a mood change. he gets off his cell phone, hops out of the car and pulls a gun. leaning into the drive through window. his threat inaudible as employees scatter away. >> i'm shocked this happened in this area over here first of all. >> reporter: it happened early tuesday morning at dell taco on middle belt south of i96. shoppers near the location are glad the fast food restaurant had good working cameras. which the suspect probably never saw. walking right up to the lense and offering police an up close look at his face. >> it is happening too much. the world is changing. >> hope they catch him. >> reporter: employees are all okay and back to work as usual. if you recognize this man in the video you're asked to give police a call. hannah saunders fox news. a bad case of are a rack phobia called a trigger happy lawyer his job. when the secretaries in the
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prosecutor's office in west virginia decided to decorate for halloween they must have forgotten about his fear and used some fake spiders. he came in and saw the plastic spiders he reached for his gun. he didn't make any threats towards people in the office he did threaten to shoot all of the spiders. that was enough to get him suspended indefinitely. although people who saw it say the gun might not even have been loaded. he said he told them it wasn't funny, that he couldn't stand them. and that he did indeed had gotten gun out. hit no clip in it. of course, they wouldn't know that. i wouldn't even if i look at it to tell the truth. >> the prosecutor has since sent a memo banning firearms from the office. all right. i know you'd like to ban winter from this region. (laughter). >> just for a few months. >> that's not happening. so nice today, kathy. >> it was. temperatures were in the 70s. most of the day and now we're still in the 60s. behind me you can look at a live picture of independence mall getting ready for game day.
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doesn't look like much now, but gearing up for the temple owls and hopefully a victory staying undefeated on saturday right now 62 the high today 72 degrees. winds still out of the west at about 15 miles an hour. those winds will be dying down and the temperatures fall fast still holding on to 62 in philadelphia. pittsburgh 45 degrees. this is the cold that is lagging behind that cold front that moves through this afternoon. as we continue our journey through the midwest you can see the cold that is coming. out through the northern plains this is serious cold. international falls 38. fargo 41 and business mark 29. we're not going to get that cold but just a little piece of that would be moving in over the weekend. our fox future cast we start the clock off tomorrow morning. plenty of sunshine, no weather issues. during the afternoon, a few clouds roll in but it will be mostly sunny day with seasonal temperatures. saturday we start off sunny but look what happens. during the course of the day, watch the clouds roll in and by 8:00 p.m., sat evening for kick off it will be cloudy but that
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will be helping things. kick off will be 52 degrees at the linc. by 11:00 p.m. when the game ends 49. not a huge range or drop in temperature because of the cloud cover keeping those temperatures up. so thankfully we'll have clouds this weekend. in the city overnight 46. clear skies, north and west going for 41 degrees. so a chilly start to the day tomorrow. the high temperature 60. mostly sunny very pleasant day. so it's not going to be a bad day it's just going to be cooler feeling much more like fall. your halloween forecast, well those little ghosts and goblins will have pleasant dry evening. mostly cloudy by the evening period. but sunny during the day. temperatures will be in the 50s. here's a look at your seven day forecast. friday 60. 58 on saturday for halloween. sunday 64 degrees. monday 65. look what happens after that. the first week of november, we're egg talking about 70s again. >> perfect. >> don't put away the shorts or the light jackets or even those short sleeved dresses lucy.
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we'll be able to wear them aga again. >> back to standard time on sunday. fall back one hour. >> yeah, i know. >> extra sleep for me. and you. >> awesome. police say she offered to help an 83-year-old woman with her groceries. that was a ploy. what police say she was really after. i look up and here's this man charging the front end of our car with a red gas can and he starts dousing the front end with some liquid. >> what a stranger poured on top of their car and why police can't do a thing. just in time for the holidays, help your family channel their inner cookie. the perfect gift for the empire lovers you know. >> can't wait for
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♪ grocery store in fresno, california the scene. the man pushing a cart right there. the target of police now. he stole more than $400 worth of frozen steaks. grabbed a piece of meat and walked away but then he turned the cart around. went back for more. concealing the meat in a dog
3:38 am
bed. employees say he must have been there a few minutes just kind of sorting through the packages to see which ones were the most expensive. once they realized what he was up to, it was too late. >> in your money tonight, important warning for parents who have kids with allergies. there's a recall on all avuq injectors they may not give out the right dose. the company is reporting 26 cases of possible malfunctions about 200,000 people in the us use auvi-x. head to our website for more on this important recall. just in time for the holidays already talking about it it's not open halloween. you can now channel your inner cookie from empire celebrity manicurists, they do exist, debra litman is release agnew nail polish collection based on the hit television show. naname the colors after songs performed on the show. you can get your hands on the new collection at i is he for ya and in order tromm'
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>> a family's routine trip to the to gill up their gas tank. >> the dad just finished pumping gas. >> i looked up and this man charginchargingcharging the fror car with a red gas tank. >> mom thought the guy was going to set their car on fire. she punched the gas pedal narrowly missing him. they called police and once police arrived they realized that liquid was actually water and it was all just a nasty prank. >> sheer panic. i'm thinking of my daughter who is in the car. not just myself. you know, and everybody there thought it was gas because it was a red gas can. >> the clerk says the guy came back later and did it to somebody else. the police say they can't do anything since he's only using water. the family is afraid the neck time he pulls this prank, someone have going to get hurt. an elementary school dean an pastor arrested. what he's the accused of of
3:40 am
doing to a grandma in his offi office. >> they say they saw cockroaches, swotted at nats and mosquitoes. had to deal with horrible odors all at work. >> so you guys keep an odor log, right? >> yes, they call it a poop log. >> local restaurant inspectors say they work in a dump.
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♪ group of local restaurant inspectors work in conditions they would never allow where you eat. they say they've got to deal with bugs, with rodents and horrible odors. >> tipster urged jeff cole and fox 29 investigates to take a look. here are their stunning findin findings. >> reporter: philadelphia is home to many of the the region's best known and busiest restaurants. it's a city's hell inspectors known assan tear yanns who have the important task of keeping kitchens clean and food health theme there's no room for pests. >> reporter: he knows. he's an inspector. we are hiding his face and alters his voice because he's come to blow the whistle. not on some roach infested restaurant but on his employer, the city of philadelphia.
3:44 am
>> how about places where the inspectors actually work? does it have zero tolerance there. >> but it sure isn't. take a look at the cockroaches and doug trap on the floor or fly strips hanging from the lights. there's something called an odor log being kept. >> they call eight poop log. >> reporter: more on that in a moment. where is this place? 500 south broad street. >> the place is a dump. >> reporter: the place dump? >> the place is a dump. >> reporter: bob coil a union rep for the inspectors. >> the san tanners work in a dumb. >> if they inspected the office they were assigned if that were a business on the outside they would have it closed. >> reporter: 500 south broad is a city building where six san theriens and their supervisor work in basement offices. offices with problems so nasty fox 29 investigators was urged to capture them on video.
3:45 am
how about leaking pipes directly over the heads of workers? >> so you think you have some waste water dripping on you as you work? >> reporter: when you say waste water, what do you mean by waste water? >> from a toilet or from a hand wash sing. >> reporter: he says there are bugs that fly in your face while you work. mosquitoes which appeared after a water leak and those ugly cockroaches. >> once in awhile you'll hear a scheme... >> reporter: union leader coil says health department managers know all about the problems. >> i reached out to managers in the health department on multiple occasions to address this, they've been slow. the response has been very slow. >> reporter: dr. nelson, how are you? >> i'm good. how you doing. >> reporter: jeff cole from fox tv. >> i remember you. >> reporter: i got to talk to you real quickly before you leave.
3:46 am
>> dr. nelson is the director of environmental health services for the city. the inspectors work for her. coil claims he spoke directly to nelson about the problem. >> how did the conditions there get so bad? >> i think you should reach out to -- >> how did it get to be there there were rodents and bugs and there was -- there was a urinal that broke and into those offices? they said they asked you many times, doctor, to -- >> they didn't. >> reporter: they never asked you? they said they spoke to you. >> excuse us. >> a couple months ago... >> reporter: in fact, conditions became so bad this summer after a urinal overflowed on the first floor fox 29 investigates has learned the federal occupational safety and health administration osha zen these pictures an letter of complaint. osha tells fox 29 it has no authority over city offices and
3:47 am
the letter writer was to alert the city's risk management office. fox 29 has learned the writer didn't do it thinking nothing would be done. and then there's the issue of sewer gases. so you guys keep an odor log, right? >> yes, sir. they call eight poop log. >> reporter: here it is. the odor log. complete with dates when the smell was strong. the inspector remembers and often stampedes. i assure you 91 of these bosses, they wouldn't work in such conditions. they wouldn't tolerate it. >> reporter: dr. nelson -- >> doctor? >> reporter: refused comment. would you have worked in those offices? >> yes. you know the procedure. >> reporter: come on. you can answer this question. >> jeff, watch your feet. >> reporter: why did it remain like that? why wasn't that
3:48 am
changed and moved out health spoke person jeff moran writes the urinal flooded over a weekend in late august and by monday, staff was moved upstairs and told to stay out of the basement he says due to the potential of electrical hazards. he wrote, they remained there until new office space was rea ready. union rep coil and an inspector dispute that. they say the group work in the basement for weeks after the flood. they moved into new offices just a few weeks ago. jeff cole, fox 29 news. the irony that the food inspectors have to work in conditions like that. see this womoman deputes in tama florida say she is a carjacker. around about 10:00 o'clock in the morning 83-year-old woman was loading groceries into her car when that woman walked up and offered to help this morni morning. the 83-year-old said no thank you. the woman walked away. a few seconds she was back she reached into the elder woman's pocket grabbed the keys and drove off in her white 2003
3:49 am
cadillac did heville. >> a teen exposed him to a grandmother inside the school. >> 44-year-old woman said she had a meeting pi patrick about disciplinary issues with her grandchild. as she was leaving his office she wept down to pick something up. when they looked up, he was exposing himself. she called authorities. deputes say the key to their case the victim was able to describe the underwear he was wearing. >> that was pretty much the smoking gun is that it was the exact same color underwear, the pin striping was exactly what she had described. >> on top of his role at the school, he's a pastor at an episcopal church near orlando. merion county schools say he's on paid leave and depending on the investigation, could lose his job. sean bell in the talking about the fastest game on ice. >> fastest game on ice. what a transition much the flyers back on the ice facing the devils. steve mason looking to do
3:50 am
something he's never done and check this out. you see this all the time. guy hits a half court shot at last night's cavs grizzly game. it's what he won that will shock you. sports is up next.
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the flyers back on the ice tonight taking on the devils. not something goalie steve mason wants to hear. he's beaten every team in the nhl except the devils. second period, no score. look at this. luke schenn finds the puck on the side. his a rocket past the goalies. the flyers go one-zero. third period tied at one. kyle gets a fast break and gets the goal. the devils go up two-one. they just are adding on from
3:54 am
there. minute and four seconds later on the power play, travis with the backhand. the devils score three in the third. the flyers lose four-one after the game steve mason talks inconsistent see with this team. >> you within one, lose one, within two, lose two. i think we have to sure up some things in order to become consistently good hockey club. it's frustrating because we see the -- how good the team can be but we have to do a period by period basis game by game. >> two days away from the biggest game temple has ever seen. they keep making history with every win but this one could be special. notre dame saturday night in front of a sold out crowd at the ripping link. last time the two played didn't go so well, though. two years ago notre dame crushed temple 28-six on the way to a two-10 season. matt ruhle totally turned this
3:55 am
program around. new team, new attitude and hopefully new results. >> they didn't quit. , you know they didn't walk away so they've just didn't everything i've asked. the kids have done everything i've asked. we have scout team kids. kids that are registering. they're doing everything we ask. i'm just happen they get a little recognition for what they've done. have scheme around what they're doing. >> on saturday check out a special halloween edition of "game day live" at 2:00 p.m. the eagles have a bye but we're talking nfl. gary cobb, howard eskin, tom srendenschek mine self will give you a mid season report and on sunday we have a special triple header right here on fox. the lions and chiefs will may at 9:30 across the pond in london. then the giants/saints at 1:00. seahawks/cowboys at 4:25. wield we'll wrap up the night with game five of the world series. >> during basketball someone on the crowd comes on to the court and hits a half court shot.
3:56 am
we've seen this before. cleveland put a whole new twist to this. the cavs were playing the grizzlies and the fans comes on the court and hits a half court shot. guess what he wouldn't? >> i don't know. >> no. a lifetime supply of tater tots. >> tater tots? >> if you were to get something food for the rest of your life what would it be? >> pizza. >> i don't know. i have to think about that. >> that's a big question. you can't just make a spur of the moment decision. >> steak. filet mignon. >> cupcakes. >> potatoes for life. >> we're outta here.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
you're taking a live look down the street right here from our, studios at fourth and market. changes already taking place on market street as we get ready for espn game day tomorrow morning. let's head to the temple campus now, and dave, this has got to be exciting place to be today. >> reporter: biggest game/weekend in years and you know here at temple's campus they will get fired up. we have a pep rally coming up. a lot of excitement ahead on campus, lauren. man arrested on a flight headed from philadelphia a, how passengers kept each other safe when they knew there was trouble. good day, everybody it is friday october 30th, to 20th 15, it is day of the big halloween party and we want to know are you coming.


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