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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 30, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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it is in the family. so go owls. we have seven out of ten in our weather by the numbers for your friday and yeah, it is friday. we have some clouds to the south of us but because things stayed clear overnight we were able to get chilly with the radiational cooling. we have 52 degrees right now in the city, that is not too cold but some temperatures are in the 40's around town. 2 miles an hour breezes. so just a little breezy. forty-one is all we have in mount pocono. forty-seven in pottstown. fifty in trenton. only 47 in wrightstown. atlantic city. fifty-five in wildwood. chilly 46 in millville. here's the big difference from yesterday. 19 degrees colder up in the mountains. 12 degrees colder then yesterday at this time in philadelphia and 20 degrees colder in atlantic city. you may not have need aid jacket yesterday but you will this morning. for to take we have a chilly start and 54 degrees by
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9:00 o'clock, we will stay in the mid 50's through noon. we will see an increase in cloud throughout the day and a high of only maybe 58, maybe 60 degrees and 72 is the high yesterday, so that is a a big difference but we do have a warm up in the seven day forecast, all coming up including your trick or treating outlook, yes, bob kelly, we will tell you whether you have to wear that parka that ruins your costume. >> wear that underneath there and get outfit on top, maybe sweat shirt. good morning, everybody 5:01. tgif we're working on the vine street expressway here. police still blocking the the eastbound side of the vine between the the schuylkill and broad street. other side is actually working out and starting to move here. so they are wrapping up. they are usually completely done by the time 5:30 rolls around. northbound on the new jersey turnpike north bound at exit number seven, watch for a vehicle fire and we are getting ready for big game day broadcast, let's go to our
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live camera, atop the studio here at fourth and market. there is stage that is set up for big game day broadcast that occurs tomorrow morning, a along market street between fifth and sixth. no vehicle traffic this morning right in front of the independent hall. so a lot of folks go around the block. the lets go back to the maps here because in addition to market street being closed sixth street has everybody going down to one lane approaching market. septa buses are detoured around that block this morning and for tomorrow morning if you want to come in and catch game day broadcast and be part of the pep rally, septa is adding extra trains on the market frankford line. otherwise pennsylvania turnpike looking good. no construction. little left over by philly bensalem. schuylkill looking good, four minutes to work your way in to downtown and mass transit has no delays. lets look at your top headlines. philadelphia police need your help catching a man you'll see in this video.
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they say he robbed a family dollar store on germantown avenue on wednesday with a hammer they took right off their store shelves. he demanned money but hit her when she could not get cash out of the register. he eventually snatched cash out of another register and took off. two masked men armed with the shotgun robbed a grocery store in the al-zawahiri gain i section of the city. take a look the a the men barging in the joslin grocery store tuesday night. once inside they forced the employees on the ground demanding money and cigarettes. police say the man even made employees empty their own pockets. if you know anything about this robbery you are asked to give police a call. clean up of the runaway military blimp in a north central pennsylvania town continues this morning. state police officers say that they actually used shotguns to help deflate army surveillance blimp. it broke free from a maryland military base wednesday and it traveled more than 150 miles northwest into pennsylvania. officials say it is still deflating and that could take
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another day or so. in delaware wilmington police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a young woman. >> lets get out to steve keeley outside the will in mink ton police department with this disturbing story, hi there, steve. >> reporter: here's sad side of halloween, the holiday gives criminals kind of cover as reason not to stand out as they would any other day of the year walking around wearing any kind of a mask over their face. so wilmington police here of to tiehl with that right now in this investigation. a man in a clown mask, not near any circus, won't alarm anyone at first glance but now should here. the clown mask was disguise used by mid take lunch hour rapist at third and washington on wednesday and attacking a 19 year-old woman who was walking to and from her neighborhood convenient store. we talk to her father who talked to us with his voice disguise todd protect he and house daughter's identity telling us what his daughter
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told him happen. >> in the alley, rips her shirt off and rips her clothes off and he raped her. he pulled her in the alley by her hair. he hit her. she was screaming. but he grabbed her, put his hand over her mouth. i'm hundred percent. i'm praying someone will step forward. >> reporter: here's the description they have beside the clown mask. this man short, like 5-foot five, 5-foot six, heavy set with a hispanic accent. more than that wilmington police are hoping, chris and lauren, for a dna match sometime either with somebody, a known criminal already on file in the dna database or maybe another match with another rape victim's case as well. so they will update us when they have anything new, if they do but in the meantime a
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clown mask would not be something i would be wearing around in that neighborhood anytime soon because people in that neighborhood certainly looking out for any guy wearing that. >> absolutely. >> all right steve, thank you. investigators trying to figure out what led to the death of the former public official from gloucester county. >> body of the former clayton mayor jeff radio was found washed a shore at strathmere beach on tuesday. now medical examiner ruled cause of the death of drowning but circumstances surrounding his death are still unclear. meanwhile radio was being remembered for his contributions to his community. he was a member of the school board and volunteered as a big brother. >> he was a great man. he worked across party lines on issues. he was all about the community. overall, a fine person. >> if you needed help, he would help if he could and he was very ethical and honest. >> it is unclear why he would have been at the ocean this time of the year. right new police are releasing very few details. we will keep an eye on that.
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coming up at 5:07, a plane land in philadelphia after an emergency detour yesterday this video obtained shows the man hand up, escorted off a plane in phoenix. fellow passengers said he started ranting about the 9/11 attacks. it got so bad a few people jumped in to action to take him down. they happened to use duct tape to keep the man in his seat. phoenix police say a man went through first class cabin a and began making threats and alarming statements about 9/11 as lauren said. then the man was subdued by that flight crew and two passengers. he made an emergency landing in phoenix. those passengers arrived in philadelphia just a few hours ago. people all across the city of philadelphia are gearing up for the the biggest weekend in memory. >> undefeated temple owls play a halloween night game against notre dame, dave kinchen is getting action kick off bright and early at 5:00 o'clock in the morning, at temple, is what up.
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>> we're the opening act. we can feel energy in the air at temple university students center. guess what else is here? we have 97.5 the fanatic here. are you fired up. >> yeah, go temple. >> cherry and white. >> that is the crew right there. everybody fired up. so much energy all week and that is partially because espn college game day is in town. lets go to video. see them setting up on independent mall, why? because we have got number 21 temple taking on number nine, notre dame, and temple wins it, it will be the first time in history that temple takes out a top ten team in foot the ball. this will be absolutely huge. you know all that and students on campus, they know that, lets go to that piece of video right now. energy on campus very high. beat notre dame signs all across campus. people jazzed, energized, students are excited, faculty are excited, parents, students they are excited and let's listen to the student as they
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spoke to our bruce gordon. >> not only main campus and seeing these students and professors and everybody, it is seeing the entire city, the entire city of philadelphia is in full support. >> excitement is at an all time high. it can't get any better than college game dau temple verse notre dame saturday night. >> it used to be a joke but this team has showed one thing we have not seen in a long time: confident. >> reporter: confidence indeed. temple looking to capitalize on the momentum that they got after beating east carolina in the game you see right there. they went seven-zero. that is where they are right now. they are looking to get to eight and zero and they are looking at college football playoff trying to impress that selection committee. you talk about new years six, it is certainly on the mind of coach rule and all temple coaches and players. they wanting to all the way. >> wouldn't that be amazing. >> yes. >> huge, huge. it is already huge now. this is big now for temple. it is just going to keep
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getting bigger in his third season coach matt rule has turned this team around. just amazing. 5:10. these eight people have been arrested in a drug bust in georgia. why parents might be horrified to know what they were selling and to whom.
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hey, good morning, this is great wolf lodge in the pocono mountains. sue will have your weekend weather forecast in just a minute but first if you are looking to give back to the men and with men who serve our country, check this out. >> tomorrow fox 29 helping veterans multi service center promote a touch a truck event at deptford mall. there will be 15 different trucks, a hey ride, candy for the kids and you'll like the price, it is free, donations encouraged will benefit the organization that is working to end veterans homelessness in philadelphia you are encouraged to come in costume tomorrow from 11:00 to 3:00. sometimes you get a costume for kids thaw can sweat and jackets underneath to stay warm for trick or treating. >> and then sometimes it doesn't fit, and then you have to wear a coat overtop. >> overtop. >> on top of your costume and that just ruins the whole thing. i think we're going to be not too cold, and maybe you will be able to stand it.
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maybe a little sweater, long sleeve shirt on tomorrow night. lets talk about right now. we have clear skies in the philadelphia area but clouds to the south of us, jersey shore, sussex county delaware has some clouds this morning. we have cooler air, ahead, it is already here but it will be chillier tomorrow morning. high pressure taking over, and bringing in colder air from the northwest, you knew it would come back. so tomorrow night, it is a big game for the the temple owls. for kick off, it is will be about 52 degrees, temple v notre dame. 49 degrees by the time you are leaving. also a trick or treat forecast. i have a feeling there will be a lot of people in costume at the stand in the link tomorrow night. right now 52 in city. forty-six in allentown. forty-two in lancaster. we will move to the north, only 38 in hazelton this morning. reading has 45. mount pocono, 41. down to the south of us, it is, 54 in beach haven, 51 in
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wide bine. millville, new jersey has 46. ellen dale 51 and in lieu is, delaware it is 56 degrees to start your day. so lots of cobwebs and spooky things tomorrow night but what about the temperature. it should be in the 50's as we are's trick or treating which isn't warm but it has been worth it, in halloweens past. i think ill will be all right and don't forget we will go back to standard time, starting, saturday night, or sunday morning, depending on whether we're still up a at 2:00 a.m. but 2:00 a.m. becomes 1:00 a.m. you take your clock back an hour and you gain an hour of sleep, yeah. it is 72 degrees yesterday but we won't that be mild today or tomorrow. or sunday or monday but take a look at the middle of next week when temperatures will go back in the 70's. we have a slight chance of the shower on sunday but it does look like it will remain dry for all of your trick or
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treating fun or maybe celebrating at the lincoln saturday night or maybe doing something else, but i think it will be dry no matter what you are doing bob kelly, thank goodness because you know you want to give a good forecast. >> interesting train ride to and from the temple games knowing that those college kid will have their costumes going to the game. live look at i-95 near the a airport, left over blinking arrow construction there to look out for heading down to the airport. northbound 495 emergency construction here right lane taken out as you head out to wilmington right at terminal avenue. so for next couple weeks try using i-95 during the morning rush hour. we are ready for morning rush hour, opened up here on the vine street expressway, so no problems there. north on the new jersey turnpike, vehicle fire up here near exit number seven, the big game day preps for tomorrow's show, market street blocked between fifth and sixth here in center city, sixth street down to one lane, septa buses will be detoured throughout the next day and a
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half and they are adding extra trains on the market frankford line if you want to come down to the big pep rally here in front of the independent mall tomorrow morning. that is not the only event happening in the city. is there also the rock and roll half marathon, that kicks off tomorrow morning at 7:30 and that will shut down major road here in philadelphia a on saturday movement. they will come in on the center city arch market. whip it around city hall, out spring garden, and using both kelly and martin luther king drives. thinks all shut down to vehicle will traffic tomorrow morning, probably through at least lunch hour. then factor folks trying to get the in the city to run the rock and roll half marathon. so tomorrow morning could be crazy, tonight sixers home opener in south philadelphia. of course, tomorrow night big temple game verse fighting irish, 14 extra broad street subway trains will be an added to the subway beginning at
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5:00 for the temple fans heading to the game. the chris and lauren back over to you. in kentucky authorities shot and killed a fugitive following a week long manhunt. six two-year old floyd ray cook was wanted in connection to a police shooting and firing at a trooper during their search overnight. investigators say cook was confronted by troopers and federal marshals searching an embankment and that cook and law enforcement both exchange fire before cook was killed. no officers were injured in the gun battle. eight people have ban rested in the drug bust in georgia. their customers high school students. up investigators say all were arrested after a one month investigation of the home, that home located less than 2 miles from the high school. authorities say suspects were selling marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, and lsd to the high school students and others. authorities in greece say 21 migrants have died in two separate ship wrecks. boats carrying refugees from turkey sank in the sea. >> 200 others were rescued from the wreck. many of fled to the greek island from syria, afghanistan
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and other middle earn countries. federal investigators looking to find what started a massive fire on a airline moments before take off. >> passengers from other planes at fort lauderdale hollywood international airport recorded this video and airplane of the smoke. imagine seeing that on a air mack. the air flight was on the runway when one of the engines caught fire. >> passengers had to use an emergency slide to get out of the 676. one person was seriously burned. a dozen others went to the hospital for bumps and bruises. faa and ntsb are both investigating. lets take you now to the middle east where 20 people are dead after a rocket attack near an airport in baghdad, iraq. some of them killed were soldiers. sixteen rockets hit a former military base. >> sixteen other solders were wounded. so far no one has claimed responsibility for that attack. syrian peace talks will continue in vienna. secretary of state john kerry and senior diplomates from 20 other countries starting
5:20 am
negotiating yesterday. they are working to come up with a plan to get syria's government and western back rebels to agree on a national cease-fire. not a attending the talks is the syrian president. a violent brawl between a high school student and campus supervisor in georgia has now gone viral. >> that is right, it is the 15 year-old student who is now in trouble. look at the the video. we don't know what set this off but it involves a tenth grader at martin luther king junior high school in georgia. police supervisor on the campus. a as punches flew other students whipped out their phones, hit the record button and posted videos for all to see. >> young man approached the campus supervisor, removed his jacket and took a defensive stance, got in his face and poke him in his stomach. >> authorities say it looks like supervisor rod rick wilkerson followed procedure, he hurt his knee in the incident and had to go to the hospital. the student is in a youth
5:21 am
detention center. 5:20. dumped on the side of the road as local veterinarians work to save his life, one community is now calling for justice. do you play lottery. you'll be in this.
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a helpless dog dumped on the side of the road left for dead and local group says it is not first time someone has abuse that had poor little pit bull. >> who hurts animals for kicks. local veterinarians worked to save the life, community is calling for just advertise, of course and fox 29's dawn timmeney shows us young pup has an uphill battle in front of him but he has got loving arms wrapped around him. >> all of the discoloration in the fur and those are all from previous fights. >> reporter: now this one and a half year-old pit bull used for dog fighting is in a different fight, a fight for his life. the dog, dumped and left for dead by side of the road in chester city. >> they just threw him over there, curled up in a little ball. >> reporter: this is what the dog looked like when rus harper was arriving at the scene after getting a call early monday night. >> he was laying over there in
5:25 am
the weeds where someone threw him and he was cold, lifeless. i thought that he was dead. >> reporter: when harper realized the dog he named remi was still alive he raced him to keystone veterinarian emergency room in havertown. staff working frantically to save his life. >> pretty severe injuries and his body just, was very weak and on top of that severe infections from multiple bite wound that he has gotten. >> reporter: four days later this pooch is mace making progress, he is walking, even crawling in harper's lap ape cuddling something he has never known. man who made sure he is getting second chance of life says that is all reward he need. >> when you get that call and necessity that animal will not get help until you go, you got to go. >> he is not out of the wood just yet, he has shown some improvement since when he first came in. that is encouraging but you know, it is still touch and go. >> reporter: fortunately remi has a whole lot of people on his side.
5:26 am
>> as long as he keeps fighting and keeps showing he is getting better a and in the in pain we will fight with him. >> reporter: justice rescue is completely volunteered and realize on donations to save abused dogs and pay for their care. it posted a within thousand dollars reward to track down and prosecute, whoever did this to remi, hopefully he will make a full recovery and find a loving forever home. dawn timmeney fox 29 news.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ honda is recalling hundreds of thousands of cars, how simply slamming your door could be deadly. and then there is temple football fever. >> it is reverse, okay. >> all right. good day, it is friday october f our big halloween party. the that is happening today. we will have have much more in a few minutes. the lets take you outside, we had so much rain the last two days. >> we did. >> nice and dry today, right. >> look at that, market street
5:30 am
shut down for a few blocks all for espn. >> game day live, of course, as our temple undefeated owls, ranked 21st in the latest poll taking on notre dame, fighting irish hoist rank number nine. >> apparently a aloft people have big dilemmas, it the is do we trick or treat or to we watch the game. >> i think you can do both. it gets dark at 6:30ish, go out, game starts at 8:00, you can do both. look at bus stop buddy. he decided to wear his costume a lot of schools especially elementary school will let the kid come in costume today. so he is right with him. temperatures in the 30's and 40's. might want to wrap up like a mommy, i want my mommy, we have weather by the numbers today. a seven, out of ten. it is a chillier morning then what we have had, no rain in the area. you have to go up to lake another toy find some rain. we have some included to the south of us, so it is not quite as chilly there.
5:31 am
we have 52 degrees in the the city with a 12-mile an her breeze. it is kind of breezy yesterday, and will be today as well and we have sunrise at 7:27 in the morning. right now we have 41 degrees in mount pocono. fifty in trenton, only 42, lancaster. millville 46. fifty-four in dover. fifty-five in wildwood. look at how much colder it is. this is difference between 24 hours ago and today, 19 degrees colder. 12 degrees colder in the city. 20 degrees colder. make sure you bundled up more then yesterday. bus stop buddy is with us and we will have a high in the 50's but remember it is only in the 30's and 40's as we get started this morning. we're ready for trick or treating bob kelly can we get where we wanting to on time. >> i'm thinking more today then yesterday by the spiral staircase. more today then yesterday. >> but not as much as tomorrow. >> good sing along song, 5:31.
5:32 am
friday, happy hour and we're still working on route 100 near pennsy turnpike, downingtown interchange, between ship road up through the interchange, watch for that left over construction. otherwise we are ready, and opened for business, 42 coming toward city, left over construction, kind of wrapping it up in bellmawr interchange. we are in the 50's across the board but we are ready for a big party. lets go outside to our camera on our rooftop here. this is market street right smack in front of the independent mall, shut down with the big staging, for the big game day broadcast tomorrow. so market street closed, until at least through tomorrow evening between fifth and sixth street. you are coming in the city, you have to go around the block. sixth street down to one lane heading in to market, all of the septa abuses are on a detour. if you are coming in tomorrow morning, for the broadcast you want to catch, the folks down
5:33 am
here for big pep rally they are an adding extra trains in the market frankford line. sixers home opener tonight, big game tomorrow night at 8:00 at lincoln financial field, septa is adding four extra subway trains that begin at 5:00 o'clock, that is mainly for all of the temple students that want to come down out of broad street and head right smack in the stadium area for the big game. not the only event happening in the city, this weekend, it the is philly rock and rel rel half marathon that will shut down half of the city, saturday morning. remember same time that they are doing that game day broadcast here in center city. it will shut down parkway arch, market, race around city hall, out spring garden, up one drive and back down the other and all of those marathon runners will to have get in the city tomorrow morning and then also have the race running and buses will be detoured there as well. it will be fun and crazy. the chris and lauren, back to you. happening right now people
5:34 am
all across the city of philadelphia gearing up for the the huge, weekend. >> that is right we have temple owls. >> right the. >> playing on halloween night verse notre dame and fighting irish. dave kinchen a lot on the line because we are seven and zero. >> reporter: right, biggest game in temple football's history, of course, tomorrow and we have a little bit of the party here at temple university student center. i'm joined by john john marks of 97.5 with mornings with anthony gargano. what do you think of the big game here. >> you said biggest fat ballgame in temple history. >> program apparently first time they win this game first time they beat a top ten ranked team. >> i don't think anybody really saw this coming setting up on halloween night where they are playing notre dame undefeated and espn comes with the national game day show. eagles on the bye week. the it set up to be perfect storm. this becomes a philadelphia game in the just temple university game. this is about philadelphia this is like taney dragon or
5:35 am
smarty jones we were talking about all week. this is about philly. it will be fun. >> reporter: we have video of the espn college game day set up there. you like how you said. that i saw a hashtag basically that says team philly, something like that, because everybody is backing temple right now. >> it is great, and about the the game tomorrow night which would be at the game tomorrow night. set up tonight where they are closing down market street. we are here at student center, we will give away ticket. matt rule is coming here live. we have a big thing for temple university for people that went here ten years ago like me, for people who went here 20 years ago it became a commuter school that people in philly went to a world class university as we see today as we stand in this beautiful s ac that was finish being built when i was here. temple through everything from the football program to university has transformed itself in the last 20 years. >> you see turnaround and just the last few years of football. it is amazing for someone who
5:36 am
has been a life long fan. >> ten years ago you didn't pay attention to temple football. it was always basketball. five years ago when al golden was here. this looks like it is cool. now it has a real chance to make an impact on the the city. they have a chance to beat notre dame and remain undefeated. that is a big deal. it will be fun to have the nation looking at philadelphia for college football not just for pro football. >> that is cool. jon marks from 97.5 you guys are on the air at 6:00 a.m. we will go on here, pep rally, spirit group will be here, spirit team and the band, and a a lot of energy here guys, back to you. >> get you some pompons, let's cheer them on for a win. >> right, exactly. >> 5:36. lets turn to politics where senate will vote on the bipartisan budget pack negotiated by president obama and top congressional leaders. two year deal will prevent governmental default. budget plan includes an $80 billion for military and domestic programs.
5:37 am
once a approved it will go to the president's desk for his signature. it will be up to paul ryan to heel the divide in the republican party in congress. ryan was voted speaker of the house yesterday replacing jon boehner. he admits it will be a tough job. he said house is broken creating more problems then solving. ryan says it is stop trying to settle scores with each other. >> he has become speaker a at the age of just 40. >> he is the youngest. can this be right, austin rivers of the los angeles clippers is fine for throwing a towel? what he did wrong that will cost him tens of thousands of dollars. ññ
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
good morning i'm shawn shane bell. temple owls are seven and zero but they have not beat any team like notre dame. the last time they did they were hammered 28-six. temple played the fighting irish just two years ago and it was not pretty. that was part of the two and ten season. coach matt rule expects a different result. >> they didn't quit. they didn't walk away. they have done everything i have asked. teams on this team have done everything i have asked. we have scout team kids, kid registered, they are doing everything that we ask. i'm happy that they have recognition for what they have done, they have excitement around what they are doing. the the flyers took on the devils, second period, no score, and luke schenn gets it right there, the one timer, flyers go up one to nothing.
5:41 am
but that weren't last very long. third period now tied, he has the break away and scores. the flyers lose four-one. devils are the only team steve mason has never beat. that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. lets get into sports here, nba player is find $25,000, $25,000, for throwing a cushion that hit a fan in the stand. >> take a look at the video, we had to slow it down because it happened so fast. l.a. clippers guard austin rivers tried to throw his towel but instead grabs the entire seat cushion. this happened wednesday night during a game against the clippers. >> the woman hit is reportedly a kings season ticket holder and i'm sure she was not happy. >> no, of course not. >> we celebrate halloween for a month.
5:42 am
>> walking 157 million americans are expect to partake in halloween this year, we will take a look inside multi billion dollar business on all hallow's eve.
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that is as close as i will ever get to a haunted house. >> or a promo. >> it is a joke. >> sue serio, we have perfect trick or treating weather. >> it will be great, just a very autumnal day and it is autumn, so i think it is appropriate, yes. we don't have any rain today and we don't expect any tomorrow. a few clouds down to the south of us from a cold front that came through yesterday. another one sips through today enforcing the chilly temperatures that are back. as we look ahead we will see a lot of sunshine today. maybe a few clouds by end of the day. saturday starts out sunny and then we will see clouds rolling in around 2:00 in the afternoon but should be just cloud and in rain.
5:46 am
this will be tailgating at the link saturday before the temple game but we not the 7:00 o'clock prime trick or treating time, cloudy skies, not bad, temperatures will be in the 50's, as you're out and about. it is in the until sunday evening that we will expect some rain but quite cloudy on sunday, could be a shower or two, rain rolls in, about ten or 11:00 o'clock at night on sunday into monday morning. so that looks ahead. now this saturday, that is tomorrow, the rock and roll half marathon you heard bob kelly talking about it. the here's your forecast, sunshine for the entire thing but it will be chilly to start at 7:30 when you start registering for that at eakins oval where you get started. by 10:00 o'clock it is 47. by noon when everybody is heading out it is 53 degrees. that all benefits cancer research, so there will be fun for folks who participate in that. we have 46 degrees in allentown. fifty-two in philadelphia,
5:47 am
45 degrees in reading. fifty-four in dover. 54 degrees in wildwood. wind are coming out of the northwest, so the the chilly, wind are back, 12 miles an hour in the city, a few wind gusts of note, 22 miles an hour in pottstown, 24 miles an hour out there in mount pocono. so the halloween trick or treating forecast, comes to the laboratory and check it out, it will be scary alternate with temperatures, for trick or treating in the lower 50's. we are having fun with this, aren't we. fifty-eight today. sixty for tomorrow. sixty-five on sunday with all those cloud and shower late in the day. showers to start the day on monday but sunshine by end of the day. we will get in the warming trend, mild and in the 70's. how do you like that. >> looking good, sue, 5:47. live look at the the bend frank lynnstein bridge coming in toward philadelphia. in problems or delays. get it, it is a little halloween action there in the
5:48 am
50's we're a off to a nice quiet start. the boo route or i-95 come out of northeast philadelphia, north on 495, over the the next couple weeks that right lane will be taken out right at terminal ave. this project began last night, excuse me, to repair one of the steel girders there along the way. heading north through the terminal go down to one lane, play it safe, stick to i-95. over weekend they are working on the boulevard, inner drive closed between strahl and solly near northeast philadelphia we have talk about game day preps, big game day live program, broadcasting tomorrow. they have market street blocked fifth over to sixth street, sixth street down to one lane and that will cause some delays for anybody off of the ben franklin bridge and septa is adding extra trains on the market frankford line all morning long for folks coming down to the broadcast tomorrow. chris and lauren back over to you. in your money this morning hand a recalling more than 300,000 accords, mid sized cars in the u.s.
5:49 am
recall covers accord from 2008 and 2009, the the company says air bags can inflate if you just slam the door too hard. nineteen people have filed injury claims with honda because of that problem. millions love to dress up for halloween. >> we will talk money, right. >> all those costumes means lots of cash. adam shapiro of the fox business network takes us inside the multi billion dollar business of halloween. >> reporter: americans love to dress up, get scared. >> trick or treat. >> reporter: eat candy and spend money doing it. >> about 64 percent of americans plan to celebrate halloween. it is actually become one of the most beloved holidays of the year. >> reporter: shoppers will drop $7 billion to celebrate this year a according to the national retail federation. >> majority of the people will buy candy. in fact 94 percent have of americans will buy candy, however, majority of their budget will go toward
5:50 am
costumes. >> reporter: from garyish to ghoulish this years tab to play trust up is forecast to reach two and a half billion dollars. pop culture clearly influencing shopping habits. super heroes and superstars are sure to be spotted in your neighborhood. >> top selling costumes in our store include spider man, batman, teenage mutant ninja a turtles, super hero costumes and frozen just isn'ting ago way quite yet. >> reporter: disney tells us that frozen is not that you go. elsa costumes are their number one seller. her sister ana comes in at number three. and what is point in getting all dressed up if you don't fill the the bucket. it is predict candy sales will surge beyond $2 billion. chocolate may be the holy grail for your plastic gored but we sure do cherish our candy corn the national confectioners association say
5:51 am
9 billion individual pieces will be produced this year. for adrenaline junkies that it is the most wonderful time of the year. >> it is in one day we celebrate halloween for a month. >> nothing more exciting then the adrenaline rush of being scared. >> theme parks exercising their license to thrill just destinations like universal studios in orlando spending months, preparing to terrorize tour wrist. >> american a year to gather artists, writers, directors and make up artists to put together a massive halloween event and that is what this is. >> reporter: the haunted house association, yeah, there really is such a thing, says that there are more than 2,000 attractions coast to coast and ticket sales could top 500 million-dollar. in new york, i'm adam shapiro for fox business. >> we went to that eastern state penitentiary, alex was
5:52 am
freaked, we will have that coming up later in our big halloween show at 9:00 this morning. we hope you come down in costume to fourth and market and help us celebrate. if you are planning to dress up, why not show you have your costume. >> there will be a big party, might get on cameras bring your cute kid. >> please bring the kids. >> yes, cute dogs and cats here. >> ably them. >> we had so many little elsas out here last year, so much fun. >> so cute. >> one week to forget about the health issue plaquing a cute kindergarten girl, who is helping her head to disney world for some fun in the sun.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
this came out in 1948, rockwell with michael jackson singing there. >> we're live in olde city, right here as we prepare for espn game day, remember starting a at 9:00. we are starting halloween. come in your costume parents and kid. now to a story to touch your heart young kindergarten student facing a battle of the lifetime after being born with half a heart. yesterday she got a huge surprise six year-old evaberg of arizona, well are her dream came true. charity is treating her to a week long trip to disney land and her entire school, will have the surprise. kindergartener has been
5:56 am
through a lot, born with a brain defect and congenital heart defect, she only has half heart believe it the or not. she has under gone three open heart surgeries but now, she gets a week to forget all of that. >> it just makes me feel so happy to see that everything that she has gone through, august of the doctors say everything that she has had, challenges that she will have, she will have enjoyment for at least five days. >> she had to drop out of the school because of the hospital time. her family says to have the entire school cheer her on means a whole lot. the isn't that neat. cleaning up a real mess rupp away government balloon, finally came down in central pennsylvania, how state police say they have finally brought that balloon down. ready, aim, and a long night on capitol hill as lawmakers work to pass a budget. big hurdle cleared overnight. you sing it, michael.
5:57 am
selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done.
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and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at this was crazy an emergency landing for a philadelphia bound fright. what a pass evening der in first class, it was weird. and we have alex. >> it has taken over from independent mall, temple
6:00 am
campus, the the city is buzzing about tomorrow's big game. >> who. who. >> temple. >> temple. >> who. >> temple. >> owls. >> wow. >> good day, it is a good one, october 30th, 2015. our big halloween show is today. >> is there so much going on. we will have have a temple pep rally and they are talking about halloween. >> they have shut down market street, sue. >> i know, it is an event. >> how is the the weather. >> i will tell you first of all we will see what bus stop buddy is wearing as well. >> how cute is that with his little pumpkin and trick or treat candy. reason i'm showing you this you need weather for staying at the bus stop in the 40's and 50's. chillier then yesterday. a friend has heather redfern sent us a picture of her cat in the king tut costume. >> she works at septa. >> just like bus stop buddy. >> thank you, heather. she's paying attention this morning, i love it. in weather by numbers we have seven out of ten.


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