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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  October 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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buzzing about tomorrow's big game. >> who. who. >> temple. >> temple. >> who. >> temple. >> owls. >> wow. >> good day, it is a good one, october 30th, 2015. our big halloween show is today. >> is there so much going on. we will have have a temple pep rally and they are talking about halloween. >> they have shut down market street, sue. >> i know, it is an event. >> how is the the weather. >> i will tell you first of all we will see what bus stop buddy is wearing as well. >> how cute is that with his little pumpkin and trick or treat candy. reason i'm showing you this you need weather for staying at the bus stop in the 40's and 50's. chillier then yesterday. a friend has heather redfern sent us a picture of her cat in the king tut costume. >> she works at septa. >> just like bus stop buddy. >> thank you, heather. she's paying attention this morning, i love it. in weather by numbers we have seven out of ten. it is a a shock to the system.
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so mild yesterday. got to 27 degrees. now much chillier this morning. but we can handle. that we have 58-degree high temperature today, sunshine with a few clouds this afternoon. should be a a nice day. breeze ten to 15 miles an hour, tonight down to 41 in the the city, 30's in the suburbs. we will have have trick or treating forecast, your temple game forecast, forecast for anything you can think of to do coming up in just a few minutes, good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning. tgif. 6:01. happy friday. here's a look at the boo route, do you get it? boo route. >> yeah, boo route. >> in problems at all, from mid county down to i-95. we are off to a nice quiet start on the major roadways. getting ready for the big game day broadcast tomorrow. lets go to the rooftop camera a live look at market street blocked between fifth and sixth, smack dab independence hall on the left and then constitution center on the right, so right in the middle
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here market street blocked to vehicle traffic here for next two days. let go back to the maps in and out of the center city this morning and through tomorrow market street closed fifth over to sixth. sixth street off ben franklin and coming in toward center city, they only have one lane opened, arch over to market, all of the septa buses are on a detour. if you come in for the broadcast septa has extra trains on the market frankford line. that is not the only event happening this weekend, it is rock and roll half marathon on saturday, in the same area, shutting down parkway, arch, market, going around city hall, spring garden using both drives. so coming from the marathon and temple game or temple broadcast, you will not ab loan. it will be fun, but it will be crazy and, of course, on sunday they are closing ben franklin bridge all throughout morning for a benefit walk. all activity will stay up and over the bridge and on the camden waterfront side for sunday morning. here's a live look at the the roosevelt boulevard as you
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head southbound in toward the schuylkill. starting to pick up volume in northeast philadelphia. >> listen, after the pope we can handle anything. >> you got the that right. >> shut down whatever street you want, the the city of philadelphia is gearing up for this weekend. notre dame comes to town to play our temple owls. >> that is right. >> so dave, you are at temple university where there is a block party happening today, already. >> yeah, we are here at the student center and you know they are pumped up. we have students, a gentlemen dressed up as ben franklin right there, showing some pride. we have 97.5 the fanatic here, anthony gargano in the morning they are here as well. lets go to video. you know who else is coming to town, you know by now espn college game day as well setting up on independent mall right there. they are bringing the big show, maybe lee corso will wear a owl head. you know temple is picking temple. these students are fired up. anthony gargano, we have talk
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to him earlier, listen in. >> oh, my god are you kidding me. this is exciting, incredible. temple football has just swept through the delaware valley. the excitement for it. mean the planets have align. eagles bye week. we are in a rotten mood because of the state of philadelphia sports inn here comes temple football to the rescue. is that not a wonderful story. >> everybody is back at temple. >> so fascinating because you remember smarty generals and all of the saint joe's runs and taney dragons. it is a philadelphia story. everybody is on board. >> reporter: he said he even knew of a grown man who died because he is so happen bye this. temple ranked number 21 after that big win beating east carolina they are ready. everybody here pumped up guys. back to you. >> it is shocking because they have shut down market street, shut down market street, it looks like the set for game
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day live for espn tomorrow morning is on market street itself, not on the grass. >> maybe because they want crowd to be in between the set and independent mall. >> they have five, 6,000 kid out there tomorrow. what else is going on. >> lets talk about the headlines. search is on in wilmington delaware for a man who dragged a teen girl in the alley and raped her. it happened in the 300 block of washington street around 12:30 wednesday afternoon. nineteen year-old walking home from the neighborhood convenient store. man wearing a clown masked drag her to the alley way and raped her. young woman then called her dad for help. we're concealing his identity to protect the victim. >> in the alley, just assault her in the alley, ripped her shirt off and her clothes off and raped her. >> victim could not get a description of the suspect since he was wearing a mask but she did say the man was speaking spanish. a fire breaks out at a building under construction at
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2:30 a.m. on kingsly street an manayunk have avenue. fire fight hears todd knock down the roof to get it under control no one was in the building at the time. in north philadelphia, police are looking for a person who shot a 34 year-old man in the neck, shortly before midnight. it happened at the intersection of the 29th and girard avenue in the strawberry mansion neighborhood. the man is in stable condition. charges are expect to be filed begins a man who caused a disturbance on a cross country flight headed right here to philadelphia the flight originating out of l.a. had to be divert todd phoenix, and then a man was escorted off the plane yesterday after making an alarming statements that included rants about 9/11. a couple of passengers help the flight cry subdue the passengers. >> we got duct tape, and handcuffs. >> and we had to hold the guy in the seat and fastened the seat belt. if you get up we will duct tape you together. so we divert todd phoenix. we got rush by phoenix police when we landed. >> man was escorted off the
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plane taken to the hospital for psychological evaluation. he will be charged with interfering with the flight crew, mike. i have another airplane story for you, lauren at 6:07. a plane engulfs in flames, look at this, look at all that smoke, on the tarmac, what went wrong, just before they took off. only on fox a dog left abandoned by the the side of the road, this morning, the search for who left him there and the call will for justice. and, it is our big halloween party coming up we want to necessity what will you be or who are you going to be. >> who are you wearing? >> stay tune, we will be dressed as. i admit i'm going to be a woman again this year. >> we knew that was coming. >> i like it. >> twitter, facebook, instagram, let us know what you will do, and we will see your outfit. >> use the the hashtag fox 29 good day. >> come to fourth and market and be part of the show. >> let's do it. ññ
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i like that alex holley. >> a pit bull used for dog fighting is now recovering. >> this dog's name is remi, the the one and a half year-old dog was left for dead on monday night. on the side of a chester county road. and then a humane society officer got to him. he thought that the dog was
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dead, actually. veterinarians worked to save this dog's life, and now, this being friday morning, few days later, the the puppies making very good progress. >> you know, he is not out of the woods just yet. he has shown some improvement since he first came in so that is encouraging. but, you know, it is still touch and go. >> remi, they is, wow, moving slowly, walking, crawling, cuddling, and something he has never done before in his whole life. the officer saved this dog says that is all the reward that he needs and there he is. >> ahh. well, cleaning up a mess, the runway -- runaway government balloon that finally came down in central pennsylvania pennsylvania. how safely they say they finally brought the balloon down, bob kelly. 61:00. good morning. we will go for a ride, hold on
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tour coffee cup, northeast philadelphia, heading out of the house, starting to see some volume right here and we have a disable causing a problem, on the walt whitman bridge, we will have have all of the details coming up next alex, back over to you. did you know this is day before halloween. >> yes, it is. >> look at melissa, my god, my niece ryland's first halloween. is she the cutest lamb you've ever seen. i believe she's a adorable. the police we're asking what will you be for halloween? use the hashtag fox 29 good day. adorable.
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let's get you ready for the the weekend. we have clear skies. except for southern delaware and the shore, we have a few clouds. high pressure coming through in today. we have a weak coal front reenforcing chilly air for another day or so before things warm up by next week. your forecast for the the temple game saturday night, kick off temperature 42. forty-nine by the time you leave link. forty-eight in philadelphia right now. it sure is chillier then yesterday. forty-two. lancaster and mount pocono. 46 degrees. fifty-four in wildwood. wind about 10 miles an hour
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out of the west northwest so it is chillier, no wind gusts, of note, at this point in time. the lets get to the high temperature. it is chillier then yesterday's high of 72. 58 degrees today. sixty tomorrow, and it is not a trick. it is a cool treat for you to have dry weather for trick or treating. the rain does in the roll in and it is just showers during the day possibly on sunday but then sunday night into monday morning we could have measurable rainfall, and then we will get warmer temperatures as we mentioned toward the middle of the next week. we are back to those fabulous, 70's just like yesterday and day before, by the time thursday gets here, bob kelly. >> yes, good morning, sue. 6:16. good morning. we have a disable on the walt whitman bridge coming into philadelphia. this is our camera from the bennie shooting down south. you can see police activity mid span here. anyone leaving new jersey, heading in toward philadelphia, this morning
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you're tied up there on the old walt whitman. jammo on i-95 southbound, all of the red brake lights from cottman in toward downtown philadelphia a otherwise schuylkill expressway in the bad at all working your way in to center city. so far so good on the freeway. throughout the weekend the roosevelt boulevard, will be closing, and inner drive-in northeast philadelphia between strahl and solly up there by the hospital as they repair this solly avenue bridge that goes over the boulevard. lots of act fifth weekend. tonight sixers home opener at 7:00. tomorrow temple/notre dame 8:00p m kick off. septa is adding 14 extra broad street subway trains for tomorrow night's temple game. they will begin at 5:00 o'clock rolling out of the fernrock, sipping through campus, picking up students, taking them down to the temple game. that is tomorrow. today preps are underway for big espn broadcast tomorrow. market street is blocked between fifth and sixth, and
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sixth street down to one lane. the this is all right there, between independent hall, and the constitution center. the the buses are detoured and if you are coming in for that espn broadcast tomorrow morning septa is adding extra trains on the market frankford line but not only event tomorrow. it is the the philadelphia rock and roll half marathon that kicks off tomorrow at 7:30 at the parkway. they will come through center city, arch, market around city hall, over spring garden and up one drive and back down the other. there will be folks coming in the city real early along with the marathon runners, you've got the broadcast and then the big event in the evening. it will be crazy, fun but crazy, and then on sunday we signed mike up for this one to run the bridge 10k. >> i'm on it. >> they will close ben franklin here to vehicle traffic here sunday morning where they will start in camden, go over the bridge, swing around lightening bolt, come back over and then run
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back through the camden waterfront. are you good for that mike. >> i'm a's totally on this. >> we have sky fox over the scene last night, historic manayunk bridge which connection cynwyd heritage trail with the schuylkill river trail, that officially opened to pedestrians and cyclists yesterday. big old ribbon cutting there later this morning. that will be fun because there is good places to grab a soda in manayunk. >> that is exactly right. >> bob kelly. >> i thought it was cool aid. >> i have consumed the cool aid. what flavor is that red? hey lauren 6:19. >> hey, is there a man wanted in connection with the shooting of the kentucky police officer, he is dead after a shoot-out with authorities overnight. death of the six two-year old floyd ray cook comes after a week long manhunt. cook was confronted by troopers a and federal marshals in south central kentucky. cook and law enforcement
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engage in the gun bolt. cook was killed no officers were hurt. the last saturday cook shot a police officer during a traffic stop, fired at a troop are an hour later after fleeing. fort lauderdale airport is back to normal after being shut down when a plane headed for venezuela caught flier. plumes of black smoke blanked the terminal. fuel was seen leaking from the plane before the fire. two dozen people were hurt with mostly minor injuries. the ntsb has launched an investigation. clean up of that runway military problem in north central pennsylvania town continues, state the police officers say they have used shotguns, to help deflate the army surveillance blimp and it broke free from a maryland military base wednesday and traveled more than 150 miles, and and, and that could take another day or so. it has been three years since super storm sandy hit the new jersey shore and some people are still without a home. group of victims on the steps of the new jersey capitol building trying to get lawmakers attention.
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people tell us they are running out of money facing foreclosure. they are fed up with empty promises from the government ape crooked contractors. >> 1095 days since i have been out of my home since sandy hit and it has been a struggle, every single day. >> i don't know where i will get all the money because i'm robbing peter to pay paul out of the rent money. >> aid groups are trying to help go after those bad contractors, mike and alex. >> i like that dress, too lauren. >> yeah. >> is that leather. >> it is leather. >> oh, pleather. >> 6:21. college game day crew is taking over our city, look at that they have shut down market street. strange find one of the host made when he check into his hotel room. >> this guy chris fouler, who does the games, right. he is in a hotel right now watching our show. >> hi. >> he is hung over. >> welcome to philly. >> we will explain. >> 6:21. long night on capitol hill as lawmakers work to pass a
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budget big hurt will cleared, overnight, you know, that debt ceiling things. it is halloween. >> so what are you going to be. laurie says my house son hunter as fin from star wars. >> that is a good oney got a good dog one too a little while ago. >> this one, sophia, from west deptford new jersey. she is cruela did he villain a dalmatian. use the hashtag fox 29 good day. >> lottery numbers.
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newspapers back christine donohue for supreme court. saying this daughter of a coal miner gets the highest rating from the bar association.
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it is early. 6:25. temple pep bandies already up, and at it. >> they look awake. >> well, it is the biggest weekend of temple's history, don't you think. >> yes. >> wait for it. >> they play notre dame tomorrow night at the link. >> there will be a block party later today. >> well, they are already having fun. >> it looks like it. >> 97.5 fanatic is broadcasting live from there right now as a matter of fact. is there other things that happened last night. flyers, oh, no, let's get to sean bell. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning i'm sean bell. the flyers took on the devils and they have been a thorn in goalie steve mason's side.
6:26 am
beat every team but devils and more of the same last night. in the second period no score, luke schenn hits the puck on the one timer and the flyers, take the lead one to nothing. but it was all downhill from there. in the third tied, romero gets break away and slaps it right past steve mason. devils scored three in the third but flyers lose four-one. in college, temple getting ready to face notre dame last time they played fighting irish, well, that was two years ago they lost 28-six and two-ten season. coach math the math rule remembers that game. >> they didn't quit. they didn't walk away. so they have just done everything i have asked. kid have done everything i have asked. we have scout team kid, we have kid registered, they are doing everything we have asked. they have recognition for what they have done, we have excitement around what they are doing. >> that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> we want to hear from coach matt rule today.
6:27 am
we're at that pep rally on campus right now. by the the way, the whole espn crew is in philadelphia about a block from our studio, staying attive rent hotels around olde city. one of the sportscasters, the guy that will call the game tomorrow chris folder of espn is doing play by play. owe checked into his hotel room. >> he had a nice surprise. >> yes. >> he found that, in one of the drawers, in one of the chest of drawers there in the room. >> wow. >> what is that yagrmister. >> do you think jimmy fallon left it when he was there. >> that could be it. >> he tweet that had out, apparently, chris is having a good night in philadelphia. >> he is probably not awake. >> hi chris. 6:27. >> welcome to fill a oprah ambushed by a man she has in the seen in 20 years, bomb shell he dropped on her and what she's now saying this morning.
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so 97.59 fanatic is, the sports talk radio station is broadcasting live from the temple campus. is there ant, jon marks there, and i don't know who the kathy griffin look alike is. i do not know her name. >> yeah. >> anyway, hey ant, is what going on, brother.
6:31 am
is there johnny marks. almost at 6:31. >> oh, look at you. >> so what are we going to be for halloween? we went to this costume shop and tried to pick out some outfits but what did we decide on. >> we did do a a lot of, we took a lot of costumes. >> yes. >> and trying to decide. >> only thing i will tell you is i'm a woman again you are a woman. >> you can hear me roar, sue, i think we are probably going to be. >> fry it up in the pan. >> w-o-m-a- m. >> yeah. >> bus stop buddy, he is kind of the same thing every year but we love when he is king tut, ready for trick on treating he has his little pumpkin. it is chillier then yesterday when we were in the 60's at this time. we are giving you a seven out of ten in weather by the numbers. not bad at all. we have 48 degrees at the moment. sunrise at 7:27. just a bit of the breeze at 10 .
6:32 am
chillier start today then yesterday. 56 degrees by lunchtime. high temperature only 58 degrees. find out your trick or treating forecast, coming up, in just a few minutes and we will give you temple owls forecast, the whole weekend and beyond, just ahead, would be kelly. >> a lot of outdoor activities, everything is outdoors. we have got games, we have 5k, 10k, the whole shebang. ninety-five southbound, stacked and packed from cottman in through girard. look at the benny some will folks coming in early coming to our halloween party here 9:00 o'clock at fourth and market. bring the kid out dress them up in costume. put yours on as well. we have been sampling candy a all morning long just making sure it is fresh and good. >> temple game preps tomorrow according to espn game day live down here, market street closed between fifth and sixth. if we can take that roof camera that would be great to show you the camera of the staging that they have set upright there along market street.
6:33 am
sixth street is down to one lane coming off of that ben franklin bridge. septa buses are detoured and septa is adding extra trains on the market frankford line for everybody who wants to come into the city tomorrow morning for the big broadcast. >> i'll get that shot up. >> can do you that. >> yes. >> 6:33. lets get out to temple campus where the the axis. >> that is where it will be all weekend, dave. >> reporter: that is right, everybody is here. 97.5 the fanatic is here, anthony gargano is on the air, also jon marks, right there talking about this game and espn college game day coming to town. lets go to video of that right now. you will a's see crews setting up here, lee corso, legendary figure in college sports, will he wear owl head and pick temple. temple fans, student want temple to win this game. if they do it will be of course the the biggest win in the programs history, biggest win over a top ten ranked
6:34 am
team. lets go to video of campus. people have been fired up all week. temple now seven and zero looking to improve to eight-zero. they are looking to send a message. we talk to to one student who will be on independent mall with college game day and dressed as ben franklin. listen in. >> we're really looking forward to this game. whole college game day experience, it the is reserved for bigger schools, florida, u.s.c., and not at temple, philadelphia, independent mall, i brought out ben franklin center, and no time better then this. good time to be a temple owl right now. >> reporter: one of the game day cast members will come out as ben franklin as well, or thomas jefferson. you know, temple improved 207-zero after beating east carolina last week. the thinks week number nine. temple rack number 21. so there is some math right there. you know temple wants to send a message to the college football playoff selection
6:35 am
committee, but they have to plow they with more wins. they are looking to do that. >> women behind you is maur reen, from 97.5 the the fanatic. >> that is correct. >> hi, maureen. >> 6:35. thanks, dave. this is horrible a a father recounts the brutal rape of his teenage daughter and now the hunt is on for her attacker. >> steve keeley is live in wilmington and what is scary is what he was wearing when he visited, steve. >> reporter: yeah, it was a clown mask which won't stand out this week with halloween but should stand out for anybody. here is the scene washington and third street so if you see anybody in the clown mask, this is not a trick or treater but could be a rapist. here's what her father told us. this guy was about 5 feet seven, heavy set guy, he spoke
6:36 am
spanish. i'm sure, i'm 100 percent sure somebody saw him, 100 percent and if something did see i am i'm praying they will step forward because it can happen again with the same person if they do not get him. it can happen again. protect the people. philadelphia has a bad reputation as it is and people are not speaking about things. it is kind of reality. >> we altered the father a's voice so you could not recognize it, to help keep his daughter's identify secret as we do with all sex crime victims. mike and alex, other startling thing that happened when it happened and that is a at the lunch hour on wednesday when you think you would be the the most safe time to walk to the convenient store in your own neighborhood. >> in the middle of the day, my god. >> yes. >> all right, steve. well, lauren what else is going on. >> former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky appeared in the court thursday asking for a new trial n2012
6:37 am
he was convicted of the 45 counts of child sex abuse and sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison. he is claiming his lawyers were in effective in alleging grand jury information was leak to the media judge ordered embattled attorney general kathleen kane to turn over any e-mail related to the leaks by wednesday or appear at a closed door hearing. investigators are trying to figure out had led to the death of the former clayton mayor, jeffery radio. his body was found washed a shore on a strathmere beach on tuesday. although medical examiner reviled drowning as the cause of the death the circumstances are unclear. meanwhile he is being remembered for his contributions to his community. >> he was a great man. he worked across party lines on issues. he was about the community, overall fine person. if you needed help he would help if he could. he was very ethical and honest. >> it is still unclear yes would have been in the ocean this time of the year. police are not releasing much when it comes to their
6:38 am
investigation. new england prep school graduate is sentenced to a year behind bars for sexually assaulting a 15 year-old girl. the incident happened at an elite prep school in new hampshire. it was part of the tradition among students to compete for the the most sexual encounters. the former student is free, on bail, while he appeals that conviction. a budget deal is heading to president obama's desk after the senate voted overnight 64-35, to have the the house passed the measure earlier in the week. two year budget raises debt ceiling and easing spending caps by providing $80 billion to military and domestic programs. the deal means lawmakers avoid the default on the debt and government shut down which would have happened in december. pennsylvania still doesn't have a budget, so many agencies, so many schools hang in the balance as governor wolf and legislators continue to face off, philadelphia schools have a bit of good news. the city council just released the last 25 million-dollar of the 70 million-dollar increase, to help fund those schools. mike? >> nice dress. is that leather.
6:39 am
>> it is letter yes. >> 6:38. let's talk about oprah. >> well, she was ambushed by a man she has not seen in 20 years. he dropped a bomb shell on her, and now what she is saying this morning. >> they have a child together. >> i think she would know that. >> probably true. >> halloween tomorrow. >> okay. another one. >> we have seen him before. >> he is great. >> yes. >> come on. >> and ragged y ann. >> send your pictures to fox 29 good day. >> thanks, mikey. >> look at her eyes. >> my little ghouls charlie as frankie stein, hashtag monster high. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around.
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i saw conviction i, bob kelly, i think i saw alex holley. >> we saw mike jerrick. >> yes. >> and lauren was in there. >> i like that jim jab. >> here's sue serio. >> yes. >> i always wish it was wednesday. right now we have some cloud to the south of us, clear skies, with us overnight, means that it has gotten chilly. it will be chilly, at the link tomorrow night, so thinks your forecast for, temple v notre
6:44 am
dame, starting at 8:00 p.m., 52 degrees by the end of the game, and, 49 degrees, and late, and it is temperatures throughout the the region. and, and, 52 in dover, delaware. forty-eight here in philadelphia a to the north of us, we have a chilly, 40 degrees in hazelton, 44 in reading. doylestown 45. and down to the south, atlantic city 46. seaside park 47. medford lakes 47 as well as washington township. newark, delaware 53. fifty-two walking out the door in dover. here it is your trick or treat forecast, chilly temperatures on halloween but it looks good, daytime sunshine dry weather, for trick or treating. so we will get down into the 50's, as the evening goes along. the as we said lower 50's for 8:00 o'clock at night. so for little will ones it will be 60 degrees if you are trick or treating during the day.
6:45 am
we will go back to standard time this weekend. we reminded you, enough that it is fall back weekend. turn your clocks back from 2:00 a.m. to 1:00a in m if you are still up at 2:00 but saturday night for the the rest of us, and average high is 62 degrees. we were 10 degrees above average last few days. we are back down, closer, a and close to that high of 58. 60 degrees tomorrow. it will be a cool treat with that sunshine, clouds on sunday, maybe a shower or two. rain moves in at night, sunday into monday and then a warming trend for middle of next week will be back in the 70's, bob kelly. >> back to the 07's, good morning everybody. 6:45. tgif ape live look at an accident on bethlehem pike at welsh road right here by the movie theater that is attracting attention. everybody hitting brakes rolling on by. the disable truck mid span on the walt whitman bridge, there it is, right there, so for anyone coming into philadelphia.
6:46 am
you are delayed, block ago this right lane. look at the benny already, jammo from mid span into downtown, at eighth and vine. maybe folks will get into town early, get to work early. >> it is weird. >> it is so jammed up this early. >> it is an hour earlier then we see bennie jam. lets go outside rooftop camera, bam, there we go, it is big stage they will use for espn broadcast tomorrow, but market street is block. the isn't it funny how they are just handing out permit to block market street, just for two days, after what we had to deal with the pope. market blocked between fifth and sixth street. we can go to the maps. this will cause detours through at least tomorrow night. they will take all that staging down, may not even be until sunday morning until they get that opened. the bus routes will be detoured. there is one lane coming in on sixth street but coming in for that big broadcast tomorrow septa is adding extra trains on the market frankford line. tonight you have sixers home opener, tomorrow big game, of
6:47 am
course, 8:00 p.m. wonder what time first tailgaters will show up tomorrow. >> noon. >> do you think noon. >> fourteen extra subway trains from septa beginning at 5:00 o'clock, espresso from the temple campus into south philadelphia. >> burning up the orange line for sure. >> 6:47. a former naacp chapter president, who lied about her racial background, sat down on a show we have here on fox at 11:00 in the morning called the real. >> you are talking about rachel dolezal, here's a preview of their conversation. >> we're trying to under stan why in some instances you never told people that you were white? are you you ashamed of being white? >> welshing that is a taste there. this whole thing will run on monday morning. next monday. 11:00 in the morning on fox. >> so you remember, she resigned as president of the naacp, and, after the controversy, and she lost
6:48 am
other leadership rolls in her community because of of it. >> should you ever encounter actress emma stone and lena dunnham don't use the nicknames hey, hey baby, how are you, hey honey, what is going on, sweetheart, nope, they don't like it. i can understand why. two actresses who got the together to discuss the subject of sexist nicknames. they think their male counterparts and co-workers like different actress is and everybody should work to get rid of the enduring terms like honey, and they suggest these alternatives. call me hey pal, kid, budd, bucko, okay. >> just keep that in mind if you run into emma a. >> don't call me that. >> hey kid. >> that is a goat isn't it oprah winfrey is addressing recent ambush by a man claiming to be her secret son,
6:49 am
mike, i guess were you right. oprah told entertainment tonight that she met calvin mitchell back in the 90's. she tried to help him and his family living in the projects but she ended up being disappointed. after that they lost contact. oprah zanes she learned she cannot buy people a new life you have to teach them how to live a better life. >> listen to this. >> ♪ the >> yikes. that is her song called hello, right. >> yesy say it is hunting like most of her songs. >> yes. >> what is her age, isn't she like 23. >> i just looked it up, she's 27. >> twenty-seven. >> yeah. >> so one last laugh to get her x. she took a screen shot of the
6:50 am
caption, when the x falls for adele lyrics. >> her x is completely baffled by her confession. he then says i feel like you regret this when you are sober. basically the lines of the song, i have called a thousand times. i forgotten how it felt before the world fell at her feet. >> are you telling me he is trying to pretend that he thought these words up, he is crashing a message to her. >> she contacted her x. she only used lines from adele's song. >> is she trying to make him believe that she's writing it. >> yes good this is from her heart. >> i was thinking she's saying this stuff to me. >> it doesn't match up with adele's song. >> okay. channel your inner cookie. you know, i kind of missed empire wednesday night. >> everybody missed it because it is off because of the world series. >> yes. >> so, celebrity manicure expert, deborah lipman is releasing a new collection
6:51 am
based on the hit series on fox called empire. >> she named colors after a song performed on the show. >> hustle heart. >> power of the empire, and war of the roses. why not you are so beautiful. >> okay. >> you can buy a bottle on the, and maybe they will have another one coming up on you're so beautiful. >> that is way to go. >> drip drop one, blue with water. >> come on. >> if they need some help we will hoe you. >> step it up we are marketers. >> touch a truck. >> yes, trick or treat until saturday night so why not come out to the touch a truck event at the deptford mall. see a fox 29 truck, up close, and it is one of more than a dozen trucks parked outside for the kid to explore. wear a costume, get candy and take a hey ride. donations are encourage and will benefit the veterans multi services center a organization working to event veterans hopelessness in philadelphia. >> one of the live news tricks will be over there and hopefully the moldy food will be out of it. >> is that the sandwich you left in there the other day.
6:52 am
>> do i leave food in the trucks, yes. >> 6:51. how goodies your aim? what people were trying to win, and then this big pumpkin drop. >> drip drop. it is halloween. >> yes, so, settle, she's ready for trick or treating. she's mini mouse. i was mini mouse when i was little. >> we have one more. >> this is from michael. it says alice in wonder land the mad hatter and the queen of hearts. this is a a good time. it is 150th anniversary. so familiar... becomes something introducing new centrum vitamints. a multivitamin that contains a full spectrum of essential nutrients... you enjoy like a mint. new centrum vitamints. the coolest way yet...
6:53 am
to get your multivitamins.
6:54 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
6:55 am
look at the size of the espn set, that is a actually, sitting on market street between fifth and sixth. >> it is elaborate. >> look at that. >> we need a set like that, mike. >> well, don't hold your breath. >> it looked like that when we go outside on the field. >> pretty much. >> yeah. >> well, there is a radio a station in the the city of salt lake, salt lake city they call it. >> utah. >> in utah. >> i have never been to utah. >> what? >> i have been to every state the in the union. i have seen the the great salt lakes. fascinating. >> radio station. >> have you been to montana i have been to montana. >> i just said every state in the union. >> all right. >> there is a radio station in salt lake city, utah smashing pumpkins, and they took it to a new level.
6:56 am
>> wow. >> this is not any new level. >> he dropped the pumpkins inside a washing machine that was down below. what are odds of that. >> you won a big police, ticket to see cold out, guard brooks concert a and trip to vegas to sianni meet remember a and brooks and dunn. >> brooks and dunn, reba macintyre. >> one, two, three. anyway, we do basically the same thing, right. >> yes. >> did we win that game after we smashed pumpkins? i think we did. we pete the giants 27-seven. take that radio station in utah with your stupid washing machine. and then we... >> you have been to alaska. >> anchorage, as a matter of fact, do you know? >> 6:56. >> check out this pumpkin, created by legend cart shore attend jordan family learning
6:57 am
center. it took the top spot in the pumpkin decorating contest. i love this. look at those braces, so cool. >> keep it the here on good day, halloween celebration is coming up.
6:58 am
6:59 am
the owls, they have taken over our city. look at this, this is a live pep rally, on the left hand box there. look at the the size of the
7:00 am
espn set for their college game day live, which will be tomorrow morning right here in olde city. market street is shut down. look at how much fun they are. come on, owls, can they do it. can they beat notre dame alex. >> well, the the story inspired all of us. he never smoke. he worked out. yet he has lung cancer. he ended up losing that battle but loved ones are keeping his legacy alive. >> i remember meeting him right here on good day. of course, my goodness what is that? it is our halloween show, halloween being tomorrow, we are having a big show today. who are we going to be this year. >> has anyone guessed. >> no one has guessed but they are showing us. you have to use the hashtag fox 29 good day. earlier you said you have been to all of the states in the union. >> yes. >> maria says ask mike if he has been to wyoming. >> i just said, i am i'm every state of the union and i


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