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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  October 30, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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but you can try. espn set for their college game day live, which will be >> wow. tomorrow morning right here in >> should i go to the game, is olde city. my love have of baseball, more market street is shut down. important then my love of look at how much fun they are. come on, owls, can they do it. can they beat notre dame alex. money. >> that is a pretty tough >> well, the the story call, would i say there are fans out there that will take inspired all of us. he never smoke. you up on that deal. he worked out. if you want to know how this yet he has lung cancer. compares by the way to kansas he ended up losing that battle city, it is a little will but loved ones are keeping his cheaper to sit behind home legacy alive. plate, only about $14,000. >> i remember meeting him right here on good day. >> my goodness. of course, my goodness >> if it goes back to kansas what is that? city that would be game six it is our halloween show, and seven and extremely halloween being tomorrow, we are having a big show today. valuable. >> you gave your tickets away. >> i gave them to our executive producer, his name is scott doll. who are we going to be this i don't believe, money is root year. >> has anyone guessed. >> no one has guessed but they are showing us. you have to use the hashtag of all evil. fox 29 good day. >> you just ripped up these earlier you said you have been tickets. >> i don't believe it. to all of the states in the union. >> he is probably, going to >> yes. >> maria says ask mike if he come down here. has been to wyoming. >> my gosh. >> i just said, i am i'm every >> nobody should go. >> don't give away the joke, state of the union and i have
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been to wyoming. please. >> 7:25. >> he had has made you laugh, >> you should tweet pictures. >> i was in jackson hole, a he has probably made you scream, jamie kennedy from upper darby is from our beautiful little town. >> he has been are have where. studio. >> how perfect from the fact >> i have been every where, he is coming in from the halloween show. and i have been every where, >> he was in scream, right. sue. >> lets get to the number of >> in honor of halloween we the day, we're taking elevated are asking what are you going to be? look at this from kathy, kathy to seven today. it is chillier out there. if you are wearing your baby verse jason. halloween costume and wrapped who will win. >> it is frightening. up like king tut like bus stop >> who will win. buddy is, you are nice and >> is that freddie kruger. and campbell and cassidy, warmer it is always a special day in grade school. a goddess vampire verse a 50's don't you miss those days. girl. temperatures in the 40's and how cute. and this is from barbara my 50's. chillier then it was yesterday four year-old grandson gauge. at this time. some kids are 20 degrees he really thinks he is darth cooler. forty-nine in the city. we have a a 10-mile an hour vader. >> you are my father. breeze. sunrise at 7:27. and plan on a high of only 58 degrees today. we have breezes, chillier afternoon then yesterday at 72 but we will tell you when it will warm up again when we bring you that seven day forecast, so bob kelly is
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getting crowded out there. >> it is getting hot out there. 7:02 on a friday morning, tgif, a live look at welsh and bethlehem pike. we had an earl willer accident, traffic is starting to move again but brake taps coming into play there. live look at the roosevelt boulevard as we head southbound coming out of the the broad street down toward the schuylkill expressway, they will be paving up there in northeast philadelphia at boulevard throughout the weekend. eastbound on the schuylkill starting to see jams from conshohocken to downtown. north on the freeway, 40 minutes from new jersey, all because of the disable truck mid span on the walt whitman bridge coming, right now. it is 7:03. >> this is probably the biggest football game in temple's history. >> would you think so. >> owls taking on notre dame and espn college game day taking over this weekend. >> that is a a big time
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saturday morning television show during the college football season. >> it is an obsession for college students and fans because it is huge. >> thousands will be out there. now this is what it looks like on other campuses. >> i have wanted for all of these years to finally get a live elephant here for alabama. you know what the elephant's name was? duchess. >> really. >> how old. >> forty-five years old, and you know how much it cost him. >> how much. >> $6,000. >> so where is he? >> he stood me up. >> so that is the idea, do you see signs, kid come out, they have signs, they dress up in costumes. >> i don't know exactly what school this is. >> alabama a. >> yes. >> you pick a prominent place in each of these towns. >> a big match up. >> thousands of kid come up and put up big heads and signs. >> and they predict who will win by putting the mascot or helmet on. >> that was alabama mascot
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there the elephant. >> dave, let's hopefully corso puts on a owls head tomorrow morning. >> yeah, right. i got to say maybe he can do. that college game day, every college kid loves that show. we have got banner here. is everybody fired up. are you guys ready for this. >> yes. >> you know that is ready. we are with the temple university marching band here. you know they are excited for this game. they are excited for espn college game day. lets get video right now. you have seen pictures of the set up. see it again right here. good day, the college game day the biggest show in college experience and he will they will come out and camp out because they want to be close sports, temple university to college game day. ranked 21 battling notre dame, >> of course, how will the park service, you know, guard ranked number nine. take care of this tonight. there as been a powerful >> i'm sure they will try. exciting vibe on campus all >> you know, kid will want to day. lets go to video on campus all camp out. i wish they would let them do week. you know, if temple wins this that tonight. we have a bad situation in one it will be a historic win, wilmington, delaware. first time that temple would the search is on for a man who have beaten a top ten ranked dragged a teenage girl into an team, temple football we're
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alley in the middle of the day talking about here. we talk to anthony gargano and raped her this happened on the 300 block of washington from 97.5 the fanatic. street around 12:30, wednesday he is doing his show from afternoon, in the middle of here. here are his thoughts. the day. nineteen year-old is walking >> it is a philadelphia story home from neighborhood and everybody is on board. convenient store. a man wearing a clown mask a a friend of mine i got a text appeared, dragged her to an alley way and raped her. from an attorney in town and young woman then called her he says listen, i'm so dad for help and we're excited. i'm almost emotional that concealing his identity as well as his voice to protect everybody is so into temple her and the family. football. the it is making me cry. it is a grown man. >> not there but in the alley, thinks one of my friend from south philly. just in the alley ripped her i'm going really. it is amazing. shirt off and ripped her clothes off and he raped her. incredible story. >> the victim could not get a >> reporter: temple description of the suspect university, of course, since he was wearing that seven-zero after beating east clown mask but she did tell police that the man spoke carolina looking to improve to eight and zero. spanish. we will see how that goes, so there is a a clue there. they are looking for any type guys. the the excitement here they of evidence or something to already feel like they have find that person. won, back to you it is all well, fire breaks out about the mind mind set, dave. overnight in a building under construction. it happened around 2:30 on >> it is cool because eagles aren't playing this weekend so kingsly street and manayunk we have something to look avenue. fire fighters have knock out a forward to. roof to get it under control >> yes. >> focus our attention on temple and then winning. no one was in the building at
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the time. >> all of my attention right in north philadelphia, now is on lauren dawn johnson. police are looking for whoever shot a 34 year-old man, in the >> good morning. fire breaks out overnight in neck, shortly before midnight. the building under it happened at the the construction this happened intersection of the 29th and around 2:30 on kingsly street girard avenue. an main i young avenue. that is in the strawberry mansion neighborhood. fire fighters income down roof the man is in stable condition to get it under control. this morning. one was in the building a a at the time. 7:31. in kentucky it was a week long clean up of the runaway manhunt for fugitive connected military blimp in the north to the police involved shooting and it is now over. pennsylvania torn continues today. state police officers used >> the authorities killed that shotguns to help deflate the guy, during a shoot-out, last army surveillance problem that broke free from a maryland night. lauren, this whole thing military base on wednesday, started in tennessee though, and then traveled more than right, on saturday. >> a week ago, kentucky state 150 miles, north into pennsylvania. troop are and federal marshals officials say it is still tea were searching an embankment when they came across floyd flighting and that can take another day or so. ray cook. it has been three years they exchanged gunfire when since super storm sandy hit hit and pronounced dead at the the jersey shore and some people are still without a scene. no officers were hurt. home. a group of victims slept out this comes a week after on the steps or out on the investigators say cook fired at a police officer into the front steps of the new jersey capitol building trying get lawmakers a attention. traffic stop. then officers survived. people say they are running, out of money and facing cook fled the scene. later shot at a kentucky foreclosure and they are fed up with the government's empty trooper but then missed. cook was convicted of rape in promises and crooked the 70's and was wanted for contractors. a pit bull used repeatedly failing to comply with the sex
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for dog fighting is now recovering. offender registry. the this is remy, one and a two accomplices accused of helping cook while on the run half year-old dual was left was taken in custody on for dead on the side of the wednesday after being spotted chester county road. at a gas station. when a human officer got to troy wayne is believed to have him he thought the dog was been in the car when cook dead. veterinarians work frantically initially fled last saturday. to save his life. the the puppy making great katie mccarty was also a progress. he is now walking and crawling arrested. u.s. marshals had a chosen in peoples lapse, mike and counter with them saying the alex. couple tried to speed away, >> is that leather, that dress. >> yes. >> are you going to ask that rammed two police cars and every time you see lauren. narrowly missed an officer's foot. >> pretty much, that is the they later crashed in the ra seen and they are being held, idea. we have a rough story out of wilmington delaware. as fugitives, mike and alex. >> wilmington police are looking for a man who sexually wow, what a story. assaulted a young woman in an sue, what is going on. alley. this was during the day time. >> well, we have bus stop buddy ready for trick or >> middle of the day, wearing treating. elementary school kid come a clown mask. is there steve. dressed up for school. hi, steve. it is fun. it makes it a special day. >> reporter: that is negative side of halloween you can put they don't to have do as much on a mask as a criminal and work in class. we are off to a chilly start not look anything different with temperatures in the 40's then most people walking and 50's. we were well in the 60's around dressed as who knows yesterday a at this time. what during these few days so, make sure that the kid leading up to the the big have a a jacket on at the bus holiday this guy with the stop or maybe a nice mommy clown mask in the middle of the day, just looked like he halloween costume like buddy. is getting rid for halloween. seven out of ten in your he is getting ready to attack weather by the numbers.
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we will look at the preps down a 19 year-old woman right in the lunchtime hour and rape the street the for big espn her in an alley. show tomorrow, 49 degrees, here is her father. with a 10-mile an her breeze we have altered his voice to protect his identity a and his out of the west, and then daughter's identity. today, high of about 58 degrees is all we will manage. do you remember yesterday where we got up to 72. >> my daughter was in the sunshine, afternoon cloud, little bit of the breeze out alley, and just saw him in the of the north west, tonight alley, ripped her shirt off, we're down to 41 with mostly ripped her clothes off and he clear skies, chillier night raped her. last night but we have a warm he was in the alley waiting up in the seven day forecast. for her. he pulled her in the alley by we will tell you when that her hair. occurs momentarily, bob kelly, where is our jammo now. she was screaming. but he grabbed her, put his >> have we have a jammo, good hand over her mouth. morning on the schuylkill expressway. i understand, i'm sure, here's a live look at eastbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway, pretty 100 percent sure that somebody much bumper to bumper did see it. i'm praying that they will conshohocken into philadelphia we had an earlier accident on step forward. >> reporter: for you residents 422, right here near the of wilmington this happened schuylkill expressway. around third and washington. backed up on the ben he pushed her in the back alley. again, right in the middle of franklinstein bridge here. look at this jammo from the the day. it is not like somebody is tolls up and over into i don't walking around in the middle know what is going on. will of the night but right in the lunch hour as well. usually friday mornings are mike anal evenings, what the light the but already a jam on wilmington police will do is the bennie. try to get dna from this case a a lot of folks on the move. of course, we're on the move. and see if there is a match
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with some other criminal i was just up the street already on file that they can showing you the big set up for identify or see, somehow, if espn game day broadcast. there is another match with another slick tim possibly as market street is blocked. fifth to sixth right there in well. >> i hope so. front of the independent mall. sixth street down to one lane. turning to our top that will tie you up if you national stories now. are coming into center city. >> week long manhunt is over all of the buses are detowered for fugitive wanted in an around the block. officer involved shooting in if you are coming in for that, kentucky. >> shooting happened on sat the day, the suspect, gunned broadcast tomorrow morning septa has added extra trains down, by officers, chris, and to the market frankford line. sixers home opener tonight. this started in tennessee, big game tomorrow night. right. 8:00 p.m. kick off in south >> absolutely. philadelphia a. kentucky troopers and federal fourteen extra, subway trains marshals then confronted floyd will be added, to the broad ray cook while searching an street line, beginning at 5:00 e embankment overnight after he and law enforcement exchanged a big help to the temple fans gunfire, cook died at the that want to come right from scene but no officers were campus right into the the hurt. last saturday police say cook stadium a area but it is not the only event. shot a police officer during a it is the philadelphia rock traffic stop and then fired at a trooper about an hour later and role half marathon that kicks off tomorrow morning after fleeing. here in center city, the bipartisan budget diales parkway, arch, market we will heading to president obama's go around city hall, spring desk after the senate gave its garden up one drive and back deal overnight. on the other. we have a lot of folks coming the house pass that had measure earlier this week. in for both marathon and for two year budget raises debt the the big broadcast tomorrow ceiling and easing spending caps by providing $80 billion morning. it will be crazy, but fun. for military, domestic alex, back over to you.
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programs. the deal means that lawmakers well, you cannot trick or treat until saturday night so avoid defaulting on debt and why not come to the septa avoid a government shut down touch a truck event at which, by the way, would have deptford mall. happened real soon, in see a fox 29 truck up close, december. a new england prep school one of the satellite trucks we do one of our live shots. graduate is sentenced to a year behind bars for sexually it is one of a dozen that will be park outside for the kid to assaulting a 15 year-old girl. get in and explore. this incident happened, at the so we are be there. elite prep school in new you can take can't i, take a hampshire. the the crime was part of the hey ride. tradition, believe it or not, donations will benefit veterans multi services center monk students to compete, for the the most sexual a organizations working to end veterans homelessness in philadelphia. encounters. it is a great event. >> for some om them it was well, he has made you just a back around the part. laugh and probably made you for some of them it was scream, but jamie kennedy is virginity thing. stopping by good day this >> former student is free, on morning, how perfect is it bail while appealing that that he is coming in the studio, on a halloween show. convictions. that student will be on probation for up to five so to honor halloween we years. are asking what are you going he will be required guys to register as a sex offender. to be? look at this a creepy skeleton >> i got you. with a homemade skeleton tea, chris, thank you. 7:10. here comes sue serio, ladies i love that. and gentlemen. and anderson is being she's in charge of doing weather here at fox 29. woody from toy story. >> it the is important because that is just so cute. it is halloween. we do not want rain. adorable. and it is ronald mcdonald, it we do not want it too cold. >> i bet she has orange on today. is jake, ready for local orange you glad sue came in. halloween at cherokee high
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>> i wore red because i school in marlton, new jersey. married into a temple family. and we have one more, this >> yes. >> i went to to youson is mia and mason's first halloween. university. a treat for the ladies. >> greyhound. >> yes, it is the tigers. i like his shirt. send us a pick. use the had hash to go fox 29 >> like i said. >> very proud of that, but my mother in law was a dean at good day. temple before she retired and my husband graduated from temple. so yes, i am's a temple owl by marriage so right now we are rooting for weather that we had last night, meaning dry weather for the big game on saturday night. we had clear skies, at the the moment, which is why things got a little bit chilly overnight. we don't really see the clouds moving in, until later on in the day, saturday. so here's halloween. it gets cloudy. you think oh, no will it rain? no it will not rain saturday night, for the game or trick or treating but by sunday we have better chance of rain if you were socked in by clouds and then late at night rain
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moves into monday morning. that is your future cast. right now we have temperatures in the 40's in pottstown, and mount pocono, and philadelphia, close to 50 here, we will get back to 50 degrees. fifty-two wildwood. much chillier start. in some cases it is 20 degrees colder then it was this time yesterday. 10 miles an hour winds coming from the west, chillier then yesterday, it makes it feel chillier then it is and here is your trick or treating forecast, things will be creepy for sure. it will be about 58 degrees at 5:00 o'clock, a creepy, 55 at 7:00 p.m. prime trick or treating time. even more creepy at 9:00 when it is about 52 degrees. at least it is not going to rain. after all that halloween fun we have to set your clock back on a saturday night or if you are still awake on saturday or sunday at 2:00 a.m.
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during your back. >> okay. >> of course, for most of us, it does it the automatically, like on our phones. >> you know what i do? >> what? >> i set my alarm and wake up in the mid of the night and just turn my clock back. >> right. >> i will set my alarm and call you because i know you will be awake. >> we've got a warming trend as we get into next week. so things will be chill think weekend. we will be moving back in the 07's guys, alex and mike, by tuesday, wednesday, and thursdayy love every second of this. >> the flyers have been on a roll but it ended last night. we will roll this footage and watch you look at it. we went up one to nothing, right. and then it was all downhill. >> downhill. >> you know what, i don't think steve mason our goalie has ever beaten the devils. the final score was four-one. let's talk about espn.
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they are in town. they have block off market street. the guy doing play by play for the game notre dame and temple is a man who worked at espn for 15 or 20 years, chris fouler. so he checked into his hotel room yesterday. he is looking through drawers and stuff and he found a bottle of yeagermister inside the dresser drawer. welcome to philadelphia, chris fouler. >> bye it was mostly empty. >> that is too bad. >> wonder if he took it after he drink all of it. >> so he sent that out on social media yesterday afternoon. temple is talk of the town, undefeated owls are seven-zero and will take on rick james. six-one notre dame fighting irish on saturday. >> not just taking them on but >> i love jibjab. >> i love this part. it is on prime time this game is so big. so exciting. >> look at sue, she's getting espn is broadcasting right in our backyard. it. we have been watching the the >> all right. 7:39 on this day before start of the set up. it is quite elaborate. halloween. it noise secret a a lot of >> the set looks huge. people love adele. is it on the street. >> yes, they do. >> and she has this video for >> here's the deal, i am right her new single. here on the set. it is set up actually in the >> hello.
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>> hello. >> hello. >> i believe it almost broke street on market street. so here's the set. this is what will be the back you tube yesterday. side of it. >> yes. anyone who wants to get down and on tv look in the >> ♪ background. you can see independent hall. that is the side of the stage you want to be on because camera will be sitting right where we are looking at the independent hall as the backdrop. so turn around here, tommy. here's the constitution center >> this video is pretty cool. and the grass. hope is they will fill the yesterday afternoon it was picking up viewers at a rate grass but if you had are on the constitution side of the of 1 million per hour. grass you probably won't be a able to get your signs up like 1 million per hour. you like to do on the broadcast. of course, it is a big game, >> wow. >> she's topped 110 million big game for temple, a big man views now already in the first week that this sopping has has played some of the big been out. how about that. games with me, rahim brook how you know the last video that are you doing. broke record like that was >> pretty good you are germantown. went to temple. what year did you go to gangam style, five years ago. temple. >> i graduated in 02. >> yes. >> drafted by eagles. >> sexy lady. drafted by the eagles. >> wow. >> boy, that jumped the shark >> yes. >> but you went on to bigger and berth things and you got a quickly. ring out of it. >> i'm so glad it is over. >> i went to indianapolis, >> barbie. >> she's back. playing for coach dungy for >> yes, she's back.
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eight years and then she has a message for all playing -- little girls. >> do you have the the super bowl ring. she wants little girls to know >> look at that. that you can do anything. check it out. >> and then i went to seattle and played with pete carol >> my name is glennd thea and before i retired. >> what was it like back when i will be your professor you were playing at temple today. >> local hello, i'm your compared to the excitement on veterinarian today. the campus today. >> well, it was pretty tough. >> i'm a cutie. we could not win any games. it was tough going to class. >> fantastic day in the office. you will never believe what the it was just a basketball happened. >> this is peter. school. now coach rule has turn a trex. everything around and it is actually turned into a great he is one years old. program. this ace a big game coming up >> everybody necessary how big for us and it will help us. the brain is. >> let the me ask you what does the the excitement do for the recruitment program there at temple. anybody? >> it will definitely help. a lot of guys didn't want to come to philadelphia, come to temple because it is in the inner city. >> well, it is an interesting usually guys wants to go to take, it is a matel, does man penn state f we can win this game it will continue to help us recruiting the guys, most matel make barbie. >> yes good when she play was guys want to come to temple bash she can imagine anything and we can get a lot of big she can become. >> which is a a change of recruits and keep building the program and be consistent each message from where barbie first came out.
7:17 am
year. >> it is a building process. nice job there, matel. the it has taken a number of how you can help end lung years to get to this point. cancer. they're he talking now about a we have to take care of this new stadium, what does this touching story and hopingfully inspirational story. we will put on our running big game to have do with the new stadium, perfect timing. shoes and walking shoes this weekend. >> yeah, perfect stadium. we will explain. we are supposed to have a and 7:42. we are still checking on what stadium in north philadelphia you will be for halloween. a supposed to be beautiful. donna said payton taylor queen i'm excited about it a the lot of alumni they know about what of hearts and tyrick taylor is going on. we are excited bit. it is perfect timing f we can junior, ninja. >> nice. >> our son jason's first win this game. halloween just seven months you know, bring energy to the old, how cute. city and to temple university. >> adorable. >> send us your picture, use it is an exciting time you are the hashtag fox 29 good day. a germantown boy. with cancer, early detection can mean life or death. back here in the area. tell folks a at home behave have you been up to and how we can reach up to you. >> i have been doing some acting, doing a little bit of work, i have a radio show every tuesday on 6:10 a.m., at from five to 7:00. now i'm doing my foundation. i have someone coming out, i work with council woman cindy bass and we will give out turkies to the less fortunate families in the the germantown area, a couple hundred
7:18 am
families and then. >> do you have an e-mail... >> yes, rahim brook foundation and donate and also, keep up with what i have going on in the city reach out to us, we'd love to help you out with the that event on thanksgiving. thanks for coming out. he has a super bowl ring. it is great. i think eagles made the wrong choice there. >> that is for sure. >> but you went ahead to bigger and bet are things. we are ready to go here. in market street between fifth and sixth, is there the stage, where it will all go down. if you are coming down tomorrow you want to be on the independent hall side of the grass, mike and alex because so, when chris brown and will pauls that is where you will get a would recklessly deny access to chance to jump up and down behind the tv camera at the basic health services like mammograms and annual exams, backdrop. it makes a real difference in women's lives. >> yes, they were saying, from temple, they will start going chris brown voted against funding in at 4:00 in the morning. for cancer screenings. >> there will be kid out there all night tonight. and will pauls opposed funding for clinics >> no question bit. >> you want to be in the first that provide access to mammograms - two rows so you can be seen on life-saving procedures women rely on. tv. >> have your signs.
7:19 am
>> how do you get a ticket. chris brown and will pauls: are there any tickets? a risk that women in atlantic county can't afford. how much are they going for on stub hub. let's investigate that. >> game day live or the actual game game. >> i wanting to to the game. >> i wanting to to the game. >> the game is sold out. >> that is why i need a ticket. >> okay. >> iconic, barbie dollies back. >> yes. >> she has a new message she wants all little girls to hear so listen up. >> really. game three of the world series is tonight, you wanting to? guess how much some people are paying to go to this game. >> i have two tickets in my hand for tonight's game good he really does, guys. >> you will be shocked how much these ticket are worth. >> in honor of halloween, this is chase p, is our little hot dog. so cute. >> and pop, pop, michael and a michaelina, dark vader. >> do you have another one. >> lottery numbers.
7:20 am
autumn colors still breathtaking, we're past peak in the pocono mountains. it is gorgeous out there. we will have plenty of sunshine to enjoy those autumn colors today, no more rain, we have had our deluge the other day to day we're talking about the the temple game, testimony night, 52 degrees when game begins, kick off at 8:00 and then by 11:00 will we will be down in the 40's. so layer it up, it is 49 degrees in philadelphia 40 in lancaster. forty-three up in allentown. the hazelton only 39 degrees. levittown is 46 degrees. forty-five in atlantic city. forty-three in woodbine. lewis delaware is 52 degrees. it is sunny. that will help. your halloween forecast is for creepy time. temperatures in the 50's for
7:21 am
trick or treating and just light northerly breeze. don't forget about the time change. we will go back to standard time. we will fall back and set our clocks back an hour before we go to bed saturday night and we will be all set and hopefully you have an automatic clock that does it the for you and you won't have to remember. we do what we have to do. temperatures in the 70's past few days but we will not make it there today. fifty-eight is our high today. sixty tomorrow. then chance of a shower late in the day on sunday with plenty of cloud cover. we have, much milder temperatures starting the middle of next week we're back into the 70's which is where we were yesterday, bob kelly. >> back in the 70's. 7:46 on this friday in morning. a live look at the benny, early morning jam at ben franklin bridge. friday morning is usually light but we are stack up here, we have a splash of sun glare coming in as well on the ben franklin. we have an accident on the new jersey turnpike, it is southbound, at exit number four, which is route 273.
7:22 am
temple game preps, of course for espn broadcast, market street right out front here block between fifth and sixth. however there is plenty of room to bring kid down for our halloween parade. we are at fourth and market. guys up the street at fifth and market. market street closed sixth street down to one lane, buses on a detour and on sunday morning we signed mike up for this event, the run the bridge 10k. >> that is good. >> he needs to be doing something. >> he is a pro at it. >> they will begin at the toll plaza over bennie, in the philly, around a the lightening bolt and come back over and run along the the -- >> what is the lightening bolt. >> when you come into downtown, ben franklin lightening bolt. >> even i know that. >> you didn't see that when you came over the bridge. >> there is a lightening bolt. >> and they shut down the roadway and i walk the on the ben franklin bridge. >> it the is a big statue that is right in front of you. >> i'm pathetic.
7:23 am
i don't drive. >> he doesn't go anywhere. >> that is right. >> exactly. >> is that sunday. >> yes. >> also on sunday, this is a big deal, i will go to this the the free to breathe run is this sunday. >> it is at fairmount park. chris murphy is here to share a story of a man for the to the end to fight the the cure for lung cancer. >> it is mark cooper. he was a guest here twice in our studio. new york, new york, is there city field in the boro he was here shortly after his diagnosis. his fight resonated with our of queens. it is flushing, right. good day viewers. flushing meadows, right. >> mark cooper, two years ago, city field where the kansas on "good day philadelphia" a, city royals are going to pray full of hope, he would beat there tonight against the the lung cancer. >> ended up doing a actually stinking new york mets. my chest, found a small spot. >> reporter: the athlete who never smoke and ran in free to >> yes. breathe fundraisers on a mission to beat he and his >> new york, new york. wife rachel and family and >> i hope the the royals sweep them. friend would be highest fund raising team, three years in a >> 73:00. >> you know, we have been row in philadelphia. asking people to show us and mark would help raise more
7:24 am
pictures who they will be using hashtag fox 29 good day. than $100,000 for lung cancer >> i think i'm in the wrong research, since 2011. spot here. >> we were taking a look at the the year he was diagnosis. city field. mark was so inspired to find a game three is tonight. cure, he and rachel even set jolean i want a ticket. how much would that cost me. up their own non-profit called >> well, you want to sit miles for mark, a logo, is behind home plate in the first his favorite flyers colors. row, on stub hub, apparently all of the while mark was two guys bought ticket for enduring what seemed likened less round of chemotherapy, $17,000 each, and face value and even surgery. was reportly, $700. that was to raise money and awareness continues today. and, you know, i was skeptical until mark's fight ended since of these high prices. we last saw him here at fox i did investigating. 29. mark died on february 10th of what i found is you still have to pay $11,000 to sit even in 2015, just a year and a half the nose bleed seats. after they got married. so, this is a very sought his team of doctors did all they could even convincing after game you can make money mark insurance companies will if you have a ticket in your cover a promised willing drug hand. not yet approved by the f.d.a. >> jolen, i have two tickets to tonight's game in my hand mark's remarkable strength and self lessness stayed with him right now. until the end, just ten days >> my god. >> i heard. before he passed, he, with the help of his family and friend, >> so, i could sell these for, threw rachel a surprise well, they are in the upper birthday party. that celebration would be one of the last moments many of his loved ones would see him a deck, 22,000 doll ars.
7:25 am
>> well that sound crazy to me live. and mark's widow joins us now here in this studio, rachel, to talk not only about what we're doing now, this weekend to help raise fund but to talk about mark. >> yes. >> so sorry for your loss. >> thanks for having me back appreciate thaw are willing to share our story. >> yeah, your story has been shared what three times with our good day viewers. >> yes. >> mark died in february. >> he did. >> it was a decline that came a a after the new year. >> in january his health started failing a bit, and he was in and out of the hospital for very much, i would say mess of the january. we were hopeful that he would, come out, and recover, and we might be able to make more memories together and unfortunately that just didn't happen. he never really rebounded. >> your marriage was a hard one. you were married 15 months. >> just about, yes. so, shorter then most but we had a lot of love so it felt like a lot more.
7:26 am
>> as his memory lives on what would mark want to say if he were here today. >> i think he would want to thank people that have been so supportive to us, and justin to care, it is really important that we continue to fight and try to find a cure for this disease. somebody 28 when they are diagnosed who is a non-smoker, it is an unreal situation to experience and he would want people to continue to fight. >> to that end, i got one statistic about this and i found it shocking here. the last year non-smokers made up of 12 percent of lung cancer cases. mark wag a non-smoker. in 2,000 that was 8 percent. it is on the rise for non-smokers. >> yeah, they are finding it. they are doing more genetic testing to identify what the the causes, and as opposed to thinking it might be just because somebody was a smoker. they are seeing younger cases a and they are trying to figure out why. >> did you guys try to wrap your brains and look back at mark's life and say what may have triggered this. >> we did but doctors really assured us that unfortunately
7:27 am
it is a case of really bad luck and you know, they did genetic testing twice, and the first time around there were no drugs that were a available on the market to combat what his mutation was and overtime there was more drugs available. so it is good to see there is more drugs becoming available but it certainly is tough. >> you continue to fight. >> yes. >> part of that fight thinks fundraiser coming up this sunday morning. the lets put up the information for the viewers this morning. it is free to breathe run and walk. this sunday at 8:00a m. memorial park at fairmount mark. you have miles for mark t's here in the studio. this covers our black and orange because mark's team was the the flyers. >> yes, he was a big flyers fan. we name our dog claude, after claude giroux. >> we have the information out. lets come to the studio shot. >> here we go.
7:28 am
>> and let's come support the team. >> this is also miles for mark fund days as well. >> correct, yes. >> we formed a none in profit of our own. after raising a a hundred thousand dollars we thought what if this all went to the mutation, and research for it. we partner with free to breathe here, and we will run sunday. we matched $10,000 grant this year. >> that is wonderful. >> and we have mark's sister here, thank you for coming out. >> thank you for having me. >> see you on sunday. >> mike and alex. >> good to see you. >> yes. >> trick or treat, halloween can ab a lot of fun, but also, you know,... es specially when your kids have allergies we will tell you what you can do to protect your children from halloween.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
you got to talk about it, anytime we get close to halloween and all of the halloween candy. you know, some kids are allergic to a lot of different
7:32 am
foods. sometimeses specially peanuts, stuff like that. >> there is different candice. >> a lot of peanuts and candice. >> doctor mike has tips on what parents can do to protect your kids and they can still have fun. >> isn't your child, nicholas, he is allergic. >> yes, he is, and he knows he is allergic. >> good. >> but around halloween, if you are going trick or treating, sometimes what happens is you go to the house and you get these little mini treats and they don't have all on the label that they are there might be peanuts in them and so what happens is these kid are put at risk. >> yes, yes. >> so you need to be aware of that. this is a fun holiday. it is getting more and more popular. everybody is into it. the thing that you have to remember is you have to be smart. some people recommend, some experts recommend, one, if you are a kid that is really severely a allergic maybe go to the housees that they are young, go to the housees, before and have some treats
7:33 am
that are safe for your children and say to the parents there look this will be for my kid, that is number one. number two, you can see to your child you can get this stuff but we don't want you to eat anything, until you get home. >> right. >> a lot of kids will snack. >> what you can do is give your child a snack bag that is safe for them so that if they are hungry on the way trick or treating they can eat that. finally, you might give non-food treats. i brought all kind of of stuff over here. i brought more candy then i have. >> non-food like stickers and stuff. >> little scary spooky things. >> yeah. >> spider rings. >> yes. >> i never did that. >> but anyway, what you do is you make it a safe holiday, then, everybody is happy and you don't to have worry about food allergies. 50 percent of children in this country are allergic to food,
7:34 am
and so you have to be aware that certain kids can get into dig trouble. we always hear about tragedies that occur because they don't know what they are doing. >> you know doctor mike, every day around halloween you come on and talk about howie mergecy rooms get filled up halloween night with kids. >> well, in addition to food allergies, what else happens? >> tell us. >> let's get our kids dressed up in dark colored outfit and let's send them out at night so they are crossing streets, they can get hit by cars. they can run across fields and house west backyards and they have dogs and halloween is the fifth number of holiday where people end up in the emergency room. it is mainly kids under five and kids ten to 14 that end up in the emergency room. >> off the top of your head is what the number one day that we go to the emergency room. >> i think it is around christmas or new years but the thing you have to worry about
7:35 am
is, head injury with halloween. now i have a picture. you bolt are my patients. you always give me a hard time about the fact that i run behind and that i keep people waiting. >> yes. >> look at how long this person waited. >> hold on. >> is that your waiting room. >> that is my waiting room. poor guy in the middle, i think he was there a year. >> he could not take it. >> doctor mike's doctor's office where you all go to die. >> yes. >> i love you guys. >> love you too. >> good day, it is friday, october 30th, 2015. all eyes are on philly. temple take on notre dame tomorrow, the game day live set up, plus, the owls fever at campus this morning. what would you do, kansas city royals players, his name
7:36 am
is been zobrisk, forced to play in the world series or witness the the birth of his child? what his wife is telling him to do. more blood, gore, carnage. >> screaming for jamie kennedy. the actor and upper darby native is in the studio this morning. why he wants you to binge watch more scary movies with him this weekend. >> you knew i was going to be elsa. >> we finally let it go. all of the elsas this year. what will we be this year. >> who will we be. >> we will reveal our halloween costumes, in just a few minutes. it is 8:01 on this friday. >> yes. >> yes. >> she tweeted us, she thinks we will be the cast of empire.
7:37 am
>> i can see why you would think that huge hit on fox. >> we love empire. >> i want to have my company back. >> we're in the doing that. >> it will be something else. >> number of the day is a seven out of ten. >> i like that. >> of course, we're feeling ten this year because we are excited about our party. so is bus stop buddy. he goes to school with his halloween costume. howie lab break. he is king tut today. we are off to a chillier start then we were yesterday morning. temperatures are in the the 40's and 50's. be on the alert for that. we will see plenty of sunshine no rain in the forecast for today, or tomorrow, and then tomorrow is halloween. the it is 47 degrees, right now, we are getting to a high of only 58. yesterday was 72. still breezy. and then, tonight down to 41 in the city. thirty's in the suburbs. if you are up early on saturday. many people will be. so we will have the forecast for trick or treating coming up in a few minutes.
7:38 am
>> hey sue, 8:03 on a friday morning. a live look at some sun glare, splashing over the schuylkill expressway at city line. the delays westbound. look at the shadows cast here on the westbound side, we're getting hit hard with sun glare coming around the curve east bound from the the blue route to downtown a 26 minute trip. coming from new jersey a rough go this morning north on the freeway, heavy from the ac expressway into the walt whitman bridge and a accident south, on the new jersey turnpike at exit number four. the temple game day live program is being set up here for tomorrow's broadcast, market street blocked, fifth to sixth, so we are going around the block only one lane opened on sixth. septa buses are detoured and that detour will remain in effect through sunday morning. mike and alex, back to you. would this be temple university's biggest football game, here. >> biggest ever. >> yes. >> and look at independent mall, espn's college game day is taking over independent
7:39 am
mall and this game, the excitement is taking over the the city of philadelphia. >> what you are looking at there is market street that has been shut down between fifth and sixth and another on temple a's campus on the right-hand side of the screen dave kinchen is in the middle of the pep rally already. >> that is right. you know, it is taking over campus already. this is the temple marching band and the the spirit squad with the fight song, hit it. >> ♪ >> fight song right there while they are playing the fight song you you know energy has been unbelievable on campus. not just today but really all week. in fact, lets go to video right the now of campus early during the week we are fired up with beat notre dame signs all across campus. temple is ranked 21 and they are looking to beat number nine, this would be the first time ever temple football beat a top ten ranked team if they win and you know they are
7:40 am
looking for a shot at the college football playoffs. we have talked to head coach matt rule earlier and listen to what he had to say. >> work really hard and we have a good plan and two great football teams. i know our kid will compete. >> how did you get your kid ready to compete. >> we watched film, practice, we focused on what we can do to win the game. we will go out there and see what we can do. >> what are the keys to the game in this match up. >> we have to be able to stop their running attacks and their wide out, philadelphia, he is dynamic. offensively we have to put some things together. i think we just play every play. it is not going to be easy. they are a great team. we just to have bang away. >> bang away indeed. temple is seven-zero, looking to eight wins. they just beat east carolina last week. if they win, and they beat notre dame, then national conversation will get a lot bigger guys, back to you.
7:41 am
oh, man. >> please let this happen, thank you dave. >> party will get pumped up more and more as day goes on. >> of course, eagles are not playing this weekend so we have something to do. kansas city royals they play in new york city tonight and if they sweep, well, if they win world series it will be first time they have won a world series in 30 years. they won back in 1985. >> the team jack of all trade on the news is waiting more news off the field. >> this is ben zo thebrisk. he has a wife, julian a. >> interesting wedding ring. >> yes. >> crown for royals. >> that is cool. >> they were in the world series last year too. she's expecting any moment now, their third child. >> yes, what does he do. >> he says he will not leave the world series if his wife goes into labor during the game. >> she's living in kansas city. he is in new york for the game. >> he said if we're in the middle of the game she will not tell me anything that is
7:42 am
going on and that is fine because i trust her and i trust the people that are around her. >> what does she say. >> she said no, stay the at the game, it is fine, i will be okay, focus on is what happening. >> they have done it twice before. >> you don't want to miss it. what are chances it will happen again. >> okay, ladies and gentlemen, what should he do? should he stay and play the world series game tonight if she initial to labor this afternoon in kansas city or should he fly to kansas city. >> i think would i want him to stay too. i don't want it on me if they win and i'm missing this big game. i don't want that guilt or that feeling. >> he is a big part of the royals. he is a very good hitter. >> i don't want them to lose because of me. >> can you imagine if he went to kansas city, and they play tonight, tomorrow night and sunday night. i'm hoping royals wrap it up tomorrow night. santa claus is coming to town what? >> he is. >> this early. >> he is making a quick trip to help deliver thousands of
7:43 am
toys to kids in need. >> are you telling me lauren johnson where is santa claus. >> hey, santa claus is not here just yet but we are in the spirit because motorcycle run is happening for the kids, this weekend, tell me all bit, sunday it starts at what time. >> 9:00 a.m. columbus boulevard and spring garden street. we will line up. the parade will leave at noon. we will parade up spring garden street around art museum and back down spring garden to the famous electric factory for free concert. >> loud bikes. which one is yours, all black one. >> all black one is mine. >> if you don't have a bike though you still want people to come out. >> yes, motorcycle is in the necessary a a toy is. it is all about the toys and kid today. >> lets go over to sergeant john louise because you are with toys for tots. >> not you. >> how are you. >> i'm grade, how are you. >> you look like in these uniforms. >> yes. >> we have to do this for the kid. you need more toys, tell us why. >> we have put out 20,000 toys
7:44 am
for local community here in philadelphia a we are out of toys. christmas is two months away. we are trying to make sure we give every kid a little bit of christmas. >> already out of toys. >> yes. >> you need people to show up for this event on sunday. >> absolutely bring a toy whether you ride a bike, in a vehicle, it does not matter. you will get a free concert out of it. every single toy will go right here in the philadelphia community and we're already out, christmas is just two months away. >> sergeant, thank you and your look alike. thank you for being here as well. >> alex, back to you in the studio. >> yes. >> okay good 8:09. bradley is back the at the box office, but is our philly guy movie worth seeing this weekend? the big review, coming up, the top halloween movies you can watch tonight, we will have kevin mccarthey if you want to sit at home and watch good movies, what should you watch. later, major melt down, justin beiber, did you hear about this, probably not, it just happened. he walk off a stage at a cons inert norway.
7:45 am
why he got so upset. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. don't let the sunshine deceive you. it is chillier in the case of philadelphia, about 15 degrees cooler then it was yesterday at this time, 41 degrees in mount pocono. forty-seven in the city. fifty in wildwood. ready for trick or treating ? ready or not, here it comes, it is dry and chilly with temperatures in the 50's. your trick or treat forecast for tomorrow night. we will turn our clocks back, saturday night into sunday morning, fall back and gain an hour of sleep. we have 58 degrees, 60 for tomorrow, mid 60's for sunday, chance of the shower most likely late in the day, and maybe lasting into monday morning but then it gets milder toward middle of the week. back to the 70's. a rather mile start for month
7:49 am
of november. >> it is crazy, it is going fast. morning rush hour is moving long not bad at all. eastbound schuylkill just over a half an hour, just some wicked sun glare coming around that conshohocken curve this morning. northbound on the 42 freeway we had an earlier accident on the walt whitman that set us back 20 minutes to come up and over the bridge into philadelphia southbound on the new jersey turnpike an accident right here near exit number four which is that route 73 interchange. temple game day live of course tomorrow, espn, they have set up the stage already. market street is blocked between fifth and sixth. we will faux around center city, all of the septa buses are being detoured and they have added is there extra trains for tomorrow. the big game is tomorrow night 8:00 o'clock south philadelphia. they are adding, 14 extra subway trains on the subway broad street line that begin at 5:00 for all of the fans in the game. mike and alex. >> bob kelly, is there so much to do we have the temple game. we have halloween, of course,
7:50 am
tomorrow. how about picking a movie. >> it will be chilly. why not go warm up and watch a movie. >> that bradley cooper movie is coming out. >> there is two big movies. and, riley cooper's movie burnt. >> yes. >> kitchen is only place i ever felt like i really ever belonged. i have loved the heat, the pressure, the violence. >> i think burnt looks good kevin mccarthey. >> i want to see it. >> so please tell us this is a good movie good what the heck is that on the screen. >> mike and alex, hi guys, i have a full suit on. i have the legs, i have jacket, i have pant, i have nightmare before christmas socks on. it is good to be on with you this morning. >> you look fantastic. >> thank you, sir. >> you are on fire. you have been burnt. what about this movie, bradley cooper play is a a chef. >> yes, bradley cooper
7:51 am
continues to prove he is one of the best actors working to day. he was amazing in american snipper, one of the best movies of last year. highest grossing film of last year. now he is in burnt. he is a chef. looking for his third star, which is an academy award in the chef world. he was trained by gordon ramsey. really cool how they pulled that off, hand and cooking in the move write done by bradley cooper. he yelled at people. it is fun to watch. he is great in the film. he and siena miller work well. i gave you the three and a half out of five. i thought script over explain too many of the issues and the script dialogue but overall bradley cooper is phenomenal, worth seeing it just for his performance. three and a half out of five. >> what about sandra bullock and her movie outlandish crisis. >> that is the worst title ever. >> i think burnt is a terrible title but i think it works, our brandies crisis. sandra bullock has been hired by a former president to get him reelect this role was
7:52 am
written for a man, it was written for george clooney and she was not seeking out a male character, that she can turn into a female perspective. this role is really catered to what she wanted to do. really well done. she is amazing in the the film. i love anthony macky, i love billy bob thornton. script is too long at times. some dialogue is over explaining in my opinion. i gave it three out of five. it is a good matinee. but stay home this week and stream halloween films in my opinion. >> so if we want to do that stay home and screen some films give us a top three. >> jamie kennedy is on our show. wasn't he in scream. >> i know, mike. i'm so excited. scream is one of my favorite movies of all time. i will never forget sneak nothing to that film, in high school. his dad left. we watched it the by ourselves. i was like 12 years old. that movie was a game changer jamie kennedy is so great in
7:53 am
it. he is a fantastic actor. tell him malibu's most wanted is one of the funniest movies ever made. scream is a game changer. wes crave even genius direction and within of the best opening in the history of movies with killing off drew barrymore, and very hitchcock. the it was very hitchcock element. he killed janet lee in the first 30 minutes of psycho. having drew barrymore die in the first scene was unbelievable thing because everybody thought she was star of the film. it is streaming on netflix. highly recommend seeing that for sure. >> any other. >> oh, yeah. also, netflix, silence of the lambs, phenomenal film as well, sir anthony hopkins. by the way i believe this is true and i will look it up to make sure. i think sir anthony hopkins is only on the screen 16 minutes the entire film but he won best actor. because you feel his presence about the entire movie. the that is on netflix. finally one of the most scary modern horror movies ever made is the the movie called dissent about a cave diving. one of the most scary films.
7:54 am
you have these women in a cave and they are a attacked by these monsters. it is streaming on hulu. one of the best acting and best horror films i have ever seen. it will scare the living daylights out of you. a amazing movie. >> sir anthony hopkins said in silence of the lambs, kevin, nice suit. >> nice, i love that, mike. mike, love you guys so much. have a great halloween. tell jamie kennedy i said hi. >> bye, guys. >> kit cat kline in the control room, here's a teaser, yesterday, i was getting, practicing my halloween outfit. >> yes. >> chris murphy took a shot at me, getting my hair done. now, how do you think i will be. >> who do you think i'm going to be. >> look at you getting my hair done good that is in a store where i bought the the hair. >> here's another clue, mike needed this, this morning. he asked someone to get him some underwear.
7:55 am
>> i don't know what that means. i hope that means you good are right now and maybe this is for costume i will put on. >> what do you think. >> all i know is he had to get underwear. >> between you and me is there nothing but a thin line of jabberdine. >> okay. >> yeah. >> did you see this, justin beiber, flipped flipped out at a concert. >> a major melt down. he walk off the stage in norway. why he got so upset. you will see this. later. >> i know this woman for a while now. you were not faking, being scared. >> i don't like this. >> you are telling filing. >> we will work it the out. >> people say to do this. >> but seriously no. >> are we go to go play this thing. >> yes. >> what happened at eastern state penitentiary in the haunted house, that we nearly lost alex that might. we will play the whole thing for you.
7:56 am
this underwear is from cvs. i never wore cvs underwear. >> you need to put it on. it used to be illegal. atlantic county didn't allow
7:57 am
its elected politicians to take large donations from contractors doing business with the county. then will pauls changed the law, allowing him to pocket thousands of dollars in campaign cash. now pauls is taking thousands from those who want to move casinos to north jersey, threatening our jobs and our local economy. and he said he wants the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." we just can't trust will pauls.
7:58 am
newspapers back christine donohue for supreme court. saying this daughter of a coal miner gets the highest rating from the bar association. they call donohue uniquely qualified. and cite her commitment to restoring integrity. both business and labor endorse donohue because she's independent and fair. prosecutors. firefighters. people who keep us safe - all back donohue. on tuesday - christine donohue. let's restore integrity to pennsylvania's supreme court
7:59 am
justin beiber had a melt down at a concert in norway. he got so upset with what was going on, on stage, there was some water that got spilled, he just took his little microphone, and he stormed off and said i'm not doing this anymore. >> here it is. >> yo, what are you doing. stop it. i said stop it. what are you doing? guys, yo, listen to me. are you listening? okay. i'm trying to wipe this up. >> i'm not doing the show. i'm not doing it.
8:00 am
>> i think he was afraid he was going to fall. there was water, he was trying to clean it up. he got upset. he just walk off. >> he does a lot of dancing and stuff. >> i think he did one song and then took off. >> i kind of side with him on this one though. i feel like he does dancing. if you respect him as an artist and love to see him doing what he does, then let him to what he does. >> thinks on wednesday. then he went and flew to spain, went on a spanish radio station, and show and had a melt down on the radio show. >> that was before this concert. >> yes. >> so this was just last night >> i'm not doing the show. >> okay. >> that is what he said. >> it has been a rough week, long days, no rest. and, he is starting to waste peoples town. >> he apologized for whole
8:01 am
darn thing he should apologize but they shouldn't have done that. >> no. >> when we're doing the show you don't trip us when we're walking. >> he is in a a much better mute because he he put on instagram a picture of his halloween costume for tomorrow. >> a basketball player. >> yes. >> that is a good one. >> remember movie semi pro. >> yes. >> jackie moon was character in that movie, and he is going as jackie moon. >> okay. >> you know jamie kennedy, he was in the scream movie we were just talking about that. he will be in our studio in a little bit. >> he will be. >> neve campbell is her name. she was in one of the best movies ever made called wild thing. lovely.
8:02 am
8:03 am
8:04 am
8:05 am
>> ♪ >> we have our first arrival, in a halloween costume. i thought it was a nun but i'm realizing this is county clerk out of kentucky, kim dave hoist made headlines about a month ago, is that right, sueby. >> kim is in philadelphia. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> a long way. >> bus stop buddy is dressed up too, some schools are having their halloween parties, elementary school kid go out. chillier start to the day. be prepared. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. we have a seven out of ten in weather by the numbers today. it is a dry day, today, tomorrow as well, still a preview of halloween, we have a temperature of 47 degrees. we will get to a high of 58. mix of clouds and sun. breezy, chillier then yesterday. we have a high of 71 degrees.
8:06 am
seven day forecast plus your trick or treat forecast is coming up in just a few minutes, bob kelly. >> good morning. 8:31 on this friday morning. tgif. we've got some sun glare to go with your breakfast this morning. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, sun glare coming in. is there an accident westbound at belmont. and then north on 495 we have that new traffic pattern set up for gang from wilmington, eastbound schuylkill just under a half an hour on the clock and 42 northbound coming from the city, watch for delays from the expressway, into the walt whitman, mike, back over to you. >> thanks, bob kelly. scary movies go hand and hand with halloween. and this weekend you can see 11 horror films back to back to back to back, you get the idea, right, in the same place. i'm not so sure anyone knows more about scary movies then our next guest though, wasn't it this, listen to this there are certain rules nerd to successfully survive a horror
8:07 am
movie. for instance, number one, you can never have have sex. >> wow. >> no, no, no. number two you can never drink or do drugs. >> no. >> and number three, never, ever, ever, under any circumstances say, i'll be right back because you won't be back. get another beer, do you want one. >> yeah, sure. >> i'll be right back. >> have you ever been a leading man. >> set your goals higher. you want to be within of the big boys, um. manson, bundy, o.j. >> he will be right back. hi, jamie kennedy. >> good to see you frightening me early. >> it is early. >> were you out last night. >> a little bit. >> you have not been to bed. >> no, i haven't. >> tell me about that clip we just saw there.
8:08 am
where was that? what happened that day that was scream two, and i died, and i knew all of the rules of the horror movies but yet i stood in front of the van, just saying. >> yes, i'll be right back. >> i got kill. so when i died, so did my paychecks. >> is that what happened. >> you are still doing stand up. >> i'm here this weekend, with a special thing for wes craven. >> is this at the prince theater. >> yes, it will be tomorrow. >> it is a mar then of scary movies. >> it is 11 in a row, tomorrow, 4:00 o'clock at the prince theater, and, and, it is a horror fan and not like i am, you will be there halloween and just watching movie after movie, and, you know, it is an ode to us. >> will you be there for all 11 movies. >> there is no way jamie kennedy is going to sit around for 12 or 15 hours. >> i might take a break.
8:09 am
you know, might have to go to the bathroom. >> there is a big temple/notre dame game. >> yeah, take the fourth. >> yes, it is blocked off, espn. >> yes. >> it is fifth between fifth and sixth. >> i saw that nun in the beginning. >> yes. >> yes. >> it is supposed to be kim davis of kentucky. >> i thought it was a nuny thought so too, sorry. >> i always relate to you because i'm's one of six children. >> you are. >> as you are. >> irish, catholic good half irish, half czech republic. >> that is why i got the in to television i was fifth of sixth. where are you in line. >> i am like the seventh of sixth. i'm not even supposed to be here. >> a mistake. >> my mom thought she farred and i came out. good morning, philadelphia a.
8:10 am
>> who did your hair. >> my bed. >> i looked better but my cab wasn't here, espn is here. going for eight and zero tomorrow. my driver didn't show up. >> i will see you tomorrow at 11:00 in the morning, 11 scary movies back to back, prince theater. >> are you going to wear your mask. >> i have it on right now. >> you didn't even ask about why that is here. >> i didn't even notice is there underwear here. these are not comfortable. feel that. >> just let it all hang out. >> that is why you have these. >> welcome back to philly. >> thank you, filly costumes, went off, to be into her character. wait will until you see her costume, it is fantastic, it is not this one. that is really good one right there. adorable. my goodness, keeg an and killi an their first
8:11 am
halloween of course. with cancer, early detection can mean life or death. so, when chris brown and will pauls would recklessly deny access to basic health services like mammograms and annual exams, it makes a real difference in women's lives. chris brown voted against funding for cancer screenings. and will pauls opposed funding for clinics that provide access to mammograms - life-saving procedures women rely on. chris brown and will pauls:
8:12 am
a risk that women in atlantic county can't afford.
8:13 am
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8:15 am
i think that is so funny. bob kelly so far steals the show. >> ladies and gentlemen, alex holy has put on her outfit and we have karen hepp. it is lifelike amazing the resemblance. change my voice. highlight my hair. >> hello, karen hepp. >> halloween, this is in surprise, it is tomorrow. >> really. >> and hopefully your costumes are ready, you bought candy, you have the pumpkins carved and speaking of pumpkins, check out this one sent to us from her name is chentise clark. >> i love the braces on it. so cute and clever. she said this belongs to the legend carter who attends the jordan family learning center and took top spot in the pumpkin contest and you can see why. >> nice job. >> just in time for the holidays you can now, show, your inner cookie from empire. i think there will be a lot of cookie costumes tomorrow. >> it will be huge.
8:16 am
>> there is a celebrity manicureist and they have celebrity manicures, her name is deborah lipman and she's releasing a new collection based on the hit tv show. >> her last name islip man she have would have come out with lipstick. >> correct. >> nail pottish. >> she is in that line of beauty. colors are named after songs performed on the show. they are called hustle hard. power of the empire. and, war of the roses. >> where do we get these you can get them at sephora a, they have best make up and collections, and they will go out next month. they will be so hottest specially for the holidays because they are shimmering, shiny and fun. >> they have very attractive people there. >> you go in, see the ladies. >> yes. >> i need face scream. >> they spray stuff on you. >> keep your tweets come, facebook posts as well, in your halloween outfits i think we have one coming up here.
8:17 am
>> ahh. >> that is ryan. >> i love ryan. >> not the happiest little butterfly. >> there are so many schools just getting ready for halloween parade. my kid are doing this. look at this one, george's first halloween, so special, as a skunk, little stinker. five months old. so cute. we have a whole family here, look at the kid here. >> karen, i'm walking off set now. >> you do it. >> i will put underwear on. >> okay. >> maybe two pairs. >> then i will put my outfit on. >> all right, guess what mike will be, you shall see shortly we will be right back. with cancer, early detection can mean life or death.
8:18 am
8:19 am
so, when chris brown and will pauls would recklessly deny access to basic health services like mammograms and annual exams, it makes a real difference in women's lives. chris brown voted against funding for cancer screenings. and will pauls opposed funding for clinics that provide access to mammograms - life-saving procedures women rely on. chris brown and will pauls: a risk that women in atlantic county can't afford.
8:20 am
that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ colors in the poconos mountains are fabulous so you may have a few more days before those leaves go away. we're all about the halloween fun and as karen mentioned earlier halloween parade is happening in grade schools every where so we have got a chilly one, temperatures in the 40's and 38 in lancaster.
8:21 am
fifty-two in wildwood. forty-nine in dover, delaware. remember this weekend we will go back to standard time at 2:00 in the morning on sunday, or for those, who retire early, set your clock back on saturday night. you still have that kind of a clock. we have a seven day forecast and we will show you we have a warming trend but not over weekend but after weekend is over. so high of only 60 degrees tomorrow. a cool treat because it is not going to rain, rain does not come until later in the day on sunday and then in the 70's for middle of the week next week. that will be a nice warm up for early november. meanwhile trick or treat forecast is for temperatures in the 50's and it will be a ghostly clouds and chilly on saturday evening. now, of course, everybody will be in costume but as we found out recently sometimes it is more fun just choosing the costume then wearing the costume it self
8:22 am
i'm pregnant. >> you need a queen.
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ >> ♪ >> oh, you are torn apart.
8:25 am
>> wow.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning, welcome back. 8:53. here's a live look at the the boo route, 476, just splashed with some sun glare as we begin our morning. karen mentioned it earlier, a lot of halloween parade at kid schools today. some folks have gotten an early start heading in the office for an early commute back home. here's a live look at the roosevelt booboulevard with sun glare toward the schuylkill. traveling about 25 minutes into downtown. the north on the 42 freeway, watch for delays from the ac
8:29 am
x down towards walt whitman bridge. the it is all going down tomorrow here temple game day live on espn. they have market street shut down between fifth and sixth. staging is set up. that stretch of the market will be closed through sunday, sixth street down to one lane. they have septa buses on the the detour. if you are coming in for the the broadcast tomorrow morning, there are extra trains added to the market frankford line and, of course, big game is tomorrow night, temple varietying irish 8:00 p.m. kick off. we will be down there early tailgating. sold out in south philadelphia, 14 extra broad street subway trains and they will begin running at 5:00 o'clock in the south philadelphia, and then on that eastbound schuylkill, slow go in the city but keep in mind also on saturday it is rock and roll half marathon that will run a saturday morning from 7:30. some closures are already in effect, impacting the drive, city hall and spring garden street. coming up next it is 2015, fox
8:30 am
29 good day halloween celebration. don't you dare, touch that dial. it used to be illegal.
8:31 am
8:32 am
atlantic county didn't allow its elected politicians to take large donations from contractors doing business with the county. then will pauls changed the law, allowing him to pocket thousands of dollars in campaign cash. now pauls is taking thousands from those who want to move casinos to north jersey, threatening our jobs and our local economy. and he said he wants the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year."
8:33 am
we just can't trust will pauls. just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at today on tmz. >> what is with ariana a licking doughnuts. >> did someone see ariana grande i don't know if you guys saw this in a doughnut shop licking them all up, so disgusting. >> yes. >> what? >> no, violation. violation. >> and here's another thing, then there is a a picture of her and her backup dancer. >> yes. >> yes. >> i mean, come on. >> with the kid like she's a role model. >> i love that. >> yes. >> i got to tell you, i find
8:34 am
her very a attractive. >> did anybody see nicki, miley vma drama, three word. >> is what good. >> nicki minaj calling out haters because she thinks fans, the fans, miley cyrus called out the name, called they are the c word. >> yes. >> miley, what is good. >> did you see her face though. >> whose face. >> nicki minaj. >> she looked serious. >> i think she was serious. >> yes. >> she got that booty. >> yes, she's lush us big, and blonde hair. >> yes. >> should we send greg to philly to reconcile with meek mill. >> yes.
8:35 am
>> but look at where he is dancing. >> yes. >> you are right. >> that was a big line. >> boom. >> call me on my cell phone. >> it is a hot video that everybody is talking about that one. >> come on, y'all. >> yes. >> why can't justin just stop crying. >> just to continue beiber comes out, he is a tool, he comes out and sings and bursts into tears. >> has anybody heard why. >> he has dealt with so much in the past couple of years. >> really. >> he brought it on himself, didn't he. >> yes. >> what do you mean. >> that song is not good. >> that is a bad message. >> no, means no. >> no, means know. >> every time i listen
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