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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 30, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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mill. >> yes. >> but look at where he is dancing. >> yes. >> you are right. >> that was a big line. >> boom. >> call me on my cell phone. >> it is a hot video that everybody is talking about that one. >> come on, y'all. >> yes. >> why can't justin just stop crying. >> just to continue beiber comes out, he is a tool, he comes out and sings and bursts into tears. >> has anybody heard why. >> he has dealt with so much in the past couple of years. >> really. >> he brought it on himself, didn't he. >> yes. >> what do you mean. >> that song is not good. >> that is a bad message. >> no, means no. >> no, means know. >> every time i listen to one
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of the songs i say no, turn it off. >> did you see his new music video. >> yes. >> everybody twerking all over the the place. >> can someone get rihanna her money. >> don't act like you forgot. >> she just released herself direct video, and there is a a lot going on. >> yes. >> so, there is nudity, there is blood, money, yes. >> show me more. >> why can't tom just stop deflating balls. >> you know about tom brady. he was cleared of deflate gate. now issue is, he is addicted to the deflating footballs. >> what? >> he is like this, check this
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out. >> he has a problem. >> was it surveillance video. >> he is deflating balls every where. >> no, he is not. >> can you imagine being the equipment manager, you to have keep blowing the balls up. >> yes, someone is deflating the balls. >> yes. >> yeah. >> that is why he always wears the hat. >> yes. >> he needs the hair plugs. >> yeah. >> who is not on taylor's squad these days. does she run the world. >> ♪ >> she's also adding to her girl squad. selena gomez, right, she has a squad. >> yes. >> everybody is in her squad. >> yes. >> beyonce or taylor now. >> beyonce in the white house, taylor swift on the billboard.
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>> nice. >> this is rough here, she need a vacation. >> guys, let's talk about mom of the year kris jener. >> how do you feel about selfie obsessed children. >> love love her or hate her, maybe we should bring her in and maybe they will be a celebrity. >> we need celebrities, on a bonding trip. what better than city of brotherly love. wrap up these celebrities and bring them to philly. >> good luck with that. >> a all aboard, the tmz tour. >> i'm a lawyer. >> welcome to halloween, tmz style. i am your tmz soul report her in philadelphia, and it is one and only matt cord. tmz bus has pulled outside fox studios. i'm told there are a list celebrities but they are train wrecks so let's bring them up, look who is coming out right now, ladies and gentlemen, kris jener, look at you.
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you look boot full, kris come right up. mom of the year, how are you. >> i'm pretty good, your name is matt. >> tmz. >> this is ryan seacrest, i got this guy matt here we can get him a show. >> how are kid doing. >> everybody is fine, lemar is fine, i do it all for my children. >> it is amazing that cocaine and hookers saved chloe a's marriage. >> yes, we are all taking care of each other. >> thank giving less than a month away whether are your plans a big family. >> well, most of us will be there. >> will kanye be there. >> probably. it is the the bruce thing. >> okay. >> who wears it better. >> of course, me. >> of course. >> much better looking in person, kris. >> okay. >> okay, great, great. >> kris jener.
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>> management, management. >> let's see this tm z bus. i believe a quarterback for new england patriots, tom brady, fresh off his 36-seven win last night over the dolphins, there is seven and zero. tom, how are you. >> i did throw for four touchdowns last night, 356-yard as we beat miami. >> okay. >> i see you have your balls with you. >> yes. >> do you and gisele discuss deflating balls. >> we talk about psi. >> pound per square inch. >> what is it like cheating all these years. >> i'm not a cheater. i think that is the end of this interview right now. >> any word for chip kelly. >> no comment. >> you don't have your uggs on. >> tom brady, everybody. >> who do we have next. >> i believe coming out of the bus next, rihanna, ladies and gentlemen. >> look at this, live, in philadelphia. >> yes.
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>> rihanna, giving out money. >> you look beautiful. >> thank you, i got the my own mike. >> well, we have tmz mike flag in the picture. >> okay. >> did you ever get your money. >> i got my money back, it is different u.s. currency then barbados but we still got my money. do you want some money. >> they love you. >> i love you. >> yes. >> hey, what do you think chris brown will be for halloween. >> who. >> chris brown what do you think -- >> who is chris brown. >> who about matt barnes, the nba player, plays for memphis grizzlies. >> who kisses and tells. i will not even talk about that. >> there she is. >> rihanna, everybody. >> who do we got next. i believe, it is the beiber, justin beiber. look at this. >> here he comes he has bling.
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he has kissing babies. oh. there he goes. justin, how are you, good to see you. >> i just, you know, i have been just trying so hard, i get all choke up because of the fans, i just want to be loved. >> do you miss your monkey. >> yes. >> i do. >> and i every where i am going i was getting booed a lot. i lost it the other night, the the kid spilled his soda on front of the stage and i wanted to mob it up and they were just, they wouldn't let me do it. and -- you are 21 now. >> i can get into the clubs now. >> wow, is what your beverage of choice in these clubs. >> well, just a soda because i'm trying to be a role model for the kid and i'm just trying really hard to be loved. so, you know, coke, pepsi, whoever will give me a pair of sneakers. >> is the truth selena gomez broke up with you because she
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grew a mustache first. >> we're still friends. i was sad. we still want to be friend. i just cried over that one. >> okay. >> can you show us your dance moves. >> i'm practicing my moves. >> justin will show us some dance moves. >> ♪ >> we will all pray for you justin. >> thank you you for coming to philly. >> let's see who is on the bus next, i believe ladies and gentlemen, wyomissing taylor swift, look at her with her entourage, taylor everybody. >> ♪ >> taylor, come here, you even look so much better in person. >> why, thank you but i'm from the lehigh valley. i love being here. >> wyomissing's own. >> you got it.
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>> you have some new friend. >> i have my whole entourage because i have to keep adding. i have my selena, my cindy, and my carli, we can rock it. >> right, right. >> are you doing anymore acting rolls, taylor. >> every day of my life, i just like to shake it off. i have a blank space, do you have any new room. >> you are date ago this dj guy. >> i can't talk about my love life. >> who is the better lover, joe jonas or john mayor. >> i will never tell, i will only sing it. >> let me hear it sing it. >> taylor take ate way. >> this is my co singer's part. >> yes. >> you need the picture, look at that out if. wow, my goodness. >> let's move right along inside the tmz bus, ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for drake. >> drake is in philly.
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>> drake, welcome to philadelphia. >> what is up, how are you doing. >> do you know who is from philadelphia a famous rapper. >> who. >> there is a a guy named meek something. >> i don't care about the money or the city where i'm from. >> okay. >> are you talking with him at all. >> i started from the bottom and now the whole is up in here. now we're here. start up from the bottom and now beer's up in here. >> hey, drake, are you upset that adele's hello is beating it with sales. >> what is up, do i know what it is, it is drake, champagne popping. >> drake. >> drake. >> i was going to ask you about the toronto raptors. >> yes, all right. >> i believe, we still have have more people on this crazy bus. ladies and gentlemen, nicki
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men age. >> yes. >> look at her, how beautiful. >> brittany has already done that. >> look at that bus. >> okay. >> we love you. >> nicki minaj, everybody. >> nicki, welcome to philadelphia. >> how are you doing. >> my name is nicki minaj. >> what is your reptile's name >> what is the name though, the name of the reptile. >> anaconda. >> and now you what really is good, nicki. >> excuse me, i'm sorry, i'm
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really such a lady, but you know i will be rubbing bellies and you know miley, what is good, miley, sell it, sell it. >> nicki minaj. >> you know i love you philly all day, you know i got love for you. >> have you ever dated anyone from philly. >> you know i be with my baby meek mill, that is my baby daddy. >> look wonderful. >> can we get a spin around too. look who it is. wow. >> i got the my baby, meek meek. >> no, no,. >> that is my baby's daddy. >> you know, you old now. >> i'm old now, come on. >> it is like that. >> yo, philly, we're not with drake no more. >> nicki minaj. >> we have a photo for hughe. >> we need a two shot.
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>> that poor snake. >> yo, philly, watch this. >> i can't. >> hey, nicki, who is the crazy person on the bus so far. >> oh, she's coming. >> is she a friend of yours. >> we're cool. we're cool. >> seriously, you know what i will go find my baby meek. philly, what is good, philly. >> nicki, can we get one more spin around. nicki minaj, everybody. >> hey drake yeah, you you are done. >> one more person on the bus, ladies and gentlemen, would you welcome ariana grande. >> ♪ >> look at her.
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>> she's coming with dough nuts. >> here we go. >> i will take that. >> ariana a grande, giving out doughnuts to everybody. >> you keep losing your little little hat there. >> ariana. >> that is how you eat it. >> can i get a word with you ariana a a. >> who are you. >> i'm's bob mack from tmz in philadelphia. >> do you want a doughnut.
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>> wait to see you, matt, bang, bang there goes my had heart. >> you have come a long way since nick. >> i always thought you would look younger in person. >> i'm addict to these doughnuts. i'm addicted to these doughnuts. >> lets look at your shirt here. you have a mess all over your shirt. >> i threw threw up. >> can we... >> ariana. >> we know you are noted for your great body, can we see your toned tummy. >> i have been eating too many doughnuts. >> let's see something. let's see a spin. >> who is this. >> that is one of your fans. >> your fans all over the world. >> who are you supposed to be. >> a lion. >> you are lying, you be
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lying. you are known for your soprano's vocal range, can you give us a song real quick. >> can we do i'm sorry. >> everybody. >> can we get sorry going. >> thank you, for coming to philly. >> thanks, matt. >> thanks, matt. you know what i want to do with you. >> what are you going to be for halloween. >> you know what i will be with you, i will buy you some doughnuts. >> did you meet taylor. obviously were you on the same bus. >> i think he looks amazing. >> here we go. justin and taylor. look at this. you don't get this anywhere else but right here on market street in philadelphia.
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>> i don't know if we have rihanna, nicki, back on the bus. >> we're getting them all back on the bus, wave good bye, everybody. >> a list celebrities, the the the train wreck, drake, nicki minaj, ariana a grande, kris jener, rihanna, taylor, justin, beiber. >> i hope you all get the help that you need. >> yes.
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♪ >> so are our friend from eastern state penitentiary. >> they are, look at them. >> yeah. >> they are grooving to beyonce, the queen b. >> okay. somebody just said, instead of ariana grande maybe i should have have been meek mill, in between you and drake. >> that is true. >> be in can get in between me and my baby dad. >> what baby dad a. >> hi karen, taylor. >> taylor swift. >> these jim jab people and they sent us five of these things. they have put our faces on
9:24 am
different halloween characters. before i show you that i do want to get some reaction off twitter and facebook. >> my goodness how are people reacting. >> there what you just saw. >> it says, alex holley was spot on nicki minaj impression. guys cannot stop looking behind you, girl. i am dead. >> look back at it. >> karen best taylor ever. >> thank you, thank you. >> karen, you got a body. >> mike is off the chain, lick them doughnuts. >> and, bob kelly as justin beiber is just hilarious. >> bob, that was great. >> who knew bob could twerk. >> i just laughed till i died this halloween show. >> here's another video. lets take a look. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i love these things they are so cute. >> okay. >> whenever we do these you have have to just laugh. >> i know. >> you are meant to have one. >> yes. >> yes. >> okay. so we went over to eastern state penitentiary and went through haunted house. >> my goodness. >> she went, kicking and
9:26 am
screaming because you hate haunt houses. >> i said on the show i really do fear, fear, it is just not my thing. i wanted to be a team player, so i went. >> this is not acting. she was almost sickened to the point of throwing up. >> yes. >> we have to show you the whole tape, when we come back. newspapers back christine donohue for supreme court. saying this daughter of a coal miner gets the highest rating from the bar association. they call donohue uniquely qualified. and cite her commitment to restoring integrity. both business and labor endorse donohue because she's independent and fair. prosecutors. firefighters. people who keep us safe - all back donohue. on tuesday - christine donohue. let's restore integrity to pennsylvania's supreme court
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♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> alex, does it bring back memories of the other night when we took you, where we drug you, to the eastern state penetentary because even though thousands of people go to it every halloween season, you're the one that doesn't like -- oh, by the way, i'm not caitlin jenner, i'm hair -- >> oh, sing the song. >> ♪ >> sing the song. >> alex, when you went to the penetentary, you can wear some sort of necklace so people don't jump out and scare you? >> wear the necklace so people can touch you, and no, i was not wearing that necklace obviously last night. >> there was a phrase you can say. >> see if you can tell what it is when you look at this pack. >> so we drug her over to the penetentary. she didn't want to do any part of this. >> but i wanted to be a team player, kit cat kline was alex, i really want you to do this, it will be fun, it will be fun. >> i ya. >> she's liar. here we go.
9:31 am
>> ♪ >> i don't think i can do this. >> oh, no. >> save yourself! >> go, alex, go, go! >> we need to take care of her. here we go. let's go. let's go. >> ahh! it doesn't look good. >> hey, hey! >> okay, alex? >> are we done yet? >> it is almost over. >> are we done yet?
9:32 am
>> get out! >> (yelling heard). >> monster, be good. monster, be good. monster be good! >> monster be good! okay, we're done. we're good. we're done. >> monster be good. monster be good. >> ahh! >> i know this woman for quite a while now. >> yep. >> were you not faking being scared? >> i don't like this. >> were you really terrified. >> let's see who is holding my hand. >> i can protect you. >> there is no thrill. >> listen, there are long lines of people want to go do this. >> yes. >> you're not one of them. >> no. >> (laughing). >> that's so embarrassing looking at that now, like my gosh. but seriously the whole time they were saying you have us. we're here. do you really think if you
9:33 am
were to go into a haunted house with mike jerrick, quincy harris, and chris murphy that you would be good, really? do you really think they could protect you? really? >> i like the catch phrase. >> monster be good. monster be good. my thing, why is it so long? shouldn't be it like stop? monster be good, why does it take so long to get out? stop. stop. people think it is fake. alex, there is no way. >> no, it was real. >> creep out on this one. was there alcohol involved with that evening? >> i can tell that you afterward there was. not before. but after, we went right across to, what was it, urban -- >> urban saloon. >> urban saloon, yes. >> immediately. >> i don't think people should do. that will i can't do it. at least i get credit making it through one scene. i made it through one room. >> there are four different sections. >> but a bunch of people brought their kids out here to fourth and market. so bob brought in face painter. >> shear's right here behind
9:34 am
us, before we get to her, there are even adults dressed up. look at this. all by herself, this make up, check this guy out, too, next to her. came over for our fun halloween day, make up done by themselves. then you can come to stacey if you want your kids to get all dolled up. what are the kids requesting? what do they love? >> this year loving mermaids, princesses, pirates, animals, cats. >> you are adding adornments, not just the paint? >> i am. going three dimensional this year, doing a lot of jewels and gems, and custom-made bling. we make these by hands. >> where can people find you? >> they can find us at the adventure aquarium and linvilla orchards. >> so tomorrow when are you there. >> we are at the adventure aquarium and linvilla orchards. >> tomorrow? what time? >> tomorrow ten to 5:00 and lynn ville or collared 10:00 to 5:00. >> nice, all right. what do you think, you haven't seen it yet. have you seen it? >> no. >> what did you tell her you wanted? >> i was like a doll, my
9:35 am
costume is like a doll-ish, so like a doll. >> well, look in the mirror for reaction. what do you think? >> wow! >> right? >> isn't that good? >> did you expect that? >> no, not at all. >> are you going to wash your face today? >> no. >> leave it on tonight! all right, we want to thank everyone, oh, check these two cutest out. this is the police with the two prisoners. hey, cutie! >> oh, camera shy. but mike, aren't they adorable? alex, do you see what they say on the front? play pen, 1031 account handicuffs. >> oh, love it. >> so cute. >> awesome customs out here at fourth and market. >> superman. >> oh, you can't see him. >> superman. >> that's great. >> i love the little kids. oh, they're so cute. >> oh, boy. okay, we've found some on spotify. what's the spotify again? >> music streaming thing. >> i think the best halloween party songs that you might want to use this weekend at your party. >> well, you know this one has
9:36 am
to be on the list, got to be there. what are the other ones, i like the scary ones, some sonic bells. >> yes. >> what's your favorite one? >> what about the monster mash? >> good one. we'll go overall of them when we come back.
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♪ >> you're right. >> they are getting it. the most hip dancers, i mean, zombies ever. >> you know zombies. >> oh, look at them. >> you know what, i just got some of my little kids, first little halloween parades. so they're starting at the school. so, if people out there, if your kids are at the schools, and taking pictures of them in their halloween parades that
9:40 am
they're marching, have them sends them on in. >> specially tomorrow morning on the show we like to call fox 29 weekend. it is going to be halloween, tomorrow. >> it is actually halloween. halloween show. but we want to see your pictures. >> tomorrow morning for sure. >> celebrations, even better. >> is your kid at the halloween party right now? >> i just got my video right in, first little one, two guys in little later. >> oh, how cute. i can't wait to see a pick. >> you would be lying. >> okay, are you having a halloween party this weekend? tomorrow night? i know a loft you r so you are going to have to have some good music. >> all about the music. >> so spotify put out this long list, like top 50 halloween songs, let's just dot top three,. >> so rihanna comes in at number three. >> ♪ >> ♪
9:41 am
>> one of the first hits, isn't it? >> i don't know first, first was like replay. this is still one of her earlier ones, yes. it is fun, almost like a double halloween. we have three parties tonight. people going to parties tonight, and also tomorrow night. so what's number two on the list? >> number two on the list is this. >> ♪ >> this is great one, like up for emmies and things. i take it you haven't seen the movie? >> i have not. >> night before christmas. >> halloween come before christmas. >> oh, i get it.
9:42 am
>> yes. >> okay. >> five years ago, ya. okay, let's get to number one. >> number one. >> you probably know what this is, number one, right? >> ♪ . >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i want to get that ponytail spinning. >> where would you come one that one? need it get my ponytail spinning? >> well, it will be on the phone, my ring tone. >> ♪ >> it is 9:42, the day before halloween, what are your kids going to be for halloween? we have little parade this morning. for folks to come out. >> oh, my gosh. i can't wait to see this. >> ♪ >> i saw an octopus.
9:43 am
>> really? >> ♪ >> how about it? >> ♪
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> happy halloween. oh, are you okay? we have the kids. they're lined up, ready to go. are we ready to see the kids? >> ready to see the kids. >> time for halloween party.
9:46 am
>> oh, you're scary! high there. >> wonderful, wonderful. having a monster mash here. oh, is that cue ella deville? look, come here, darling. we'll see if it even has the little cigarette. oh, my goodness. okay, keep oncoming through. we have darth vader. look at darth vader. look at the camera. look, it is darth vader. look at him! so cute. and who are you? >> i'm doll. >> you're a doll. well, you are precious, honey, precious. >> madam alexandra doll? look at that beautiful dress. oh, and this is marcus. my goodness. high! >> hi, who are you?
9:47 am
>> are you a pirate? >> yes. >> you are the cute he is pirate. what's a pirate say? >> arg. >> oh, so awesome. >> hi, my name is bobby. and i'm justin bieber. >> and this is? >> this is, what's your name? austin! >> hi, austin. so cute. >> the black power ranger. >> the black power ranger. cool one, all right. keeping it moving. oh, i know who this is. teenage mutant ninja turtle. look at this one, karen. >> who are you? >> raphael. >> raphael! very nice. okay, thank you. and we have tom brady. then who is this? >> so cute. >> okay, he has a buddy here. tom brady? >> and who do we have here? >> look at her crown. look over here!
9:48 am
so cute. we're keeping it moving. and here, we have superman. look at this. superman. all right, don't go away. we have noah. >> adorable. >> hi, noah. >> youngest baby in space. okay, keeping it moving. >> baby, baby, so sweet. >> our photographer, this is baby photographer in training. >> keeping it moving. he is another little devil here. keep it moving. keep it moving. >> oh, our minon. so cute. okay, and then what? >> okay, thank you so much. we will take a break. cute he is parade ever.
9:49 am
happy halloween! be right back.
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okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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♪ >> oh, we have to. >> first off, say thank you? >> philly flash mob, my entourage. >> and avenue big thank to you jason, and michelle, forgetting me together at nicky. >> and one last, let's go temple. >> oh, yes. >> go temple! >> go temple, go temple. >> thank you everyone for joining us for halloween special. >> have a great halloween weekend. we'll see you monday!
9:53 am
>> i don't know if you guys saw this, over the weekends, in a donut shop, licking them all up. so discusting. they weren't even her donuts. they weren't even. yes, violation. violation. >> okay? >> here is another thing. then there is a picture of her and her back up dancer. >> ewwe. >> didn't really sing, though. >> come on, really? >> jingle ball with the king like she is a role model. i love those kind of ears. >> oh,. >> i got to tell you, i find her very attractive. >> did anybody see nicky, miley, vma drama? three words, hey miley, what's good? >> nicky minaj, calling out the haters. so she thanked the fans, you know, people say their fans are haters. miley cyrus called out my name, called her the b word. >> oh,. >> that (beep) say about me in the april i. miami what's good. >> did you see her face though? >> who, whose face?
9:54 am
>> nicky minaj. >> she looked serious. >> ya. >> i think she was serious. >> she was serious. >> it is not a game. i love everywhere she goes, that bootsy right there. >> big and proud. >> blondes hair. >> hate her though? >> no, not at all. >> should we send drake to fill at this. philly to reconcile with meek mill? >> have you heard it? >> ripping. >> but look at the way he's dancing. >> got you. >> you're right. that was a big line. >> boom. >> ♪ call me on my cell phone ♪ >> his hotline bling video, everybody is talking about that one. >> i like it. >> come on, guys. >> genius. >> (arguing).
9:55 am
>> why can't justin stop crying? >> justin bieber comes out, tool, he comes out and sings, he burst into tears. >> what? >> has anybody heard why? >> he so much in the past couple of years. >> he brought it on himself, didn't he? >> what do you mean? >> that's that song. that's not good. that's a bad message. >> i love this song. >> tell me. >> every time i listen to one of the songs, i say, no, turn it off. >> did you see the new music video? everybody is twerking all over the place. >> ♪ >> can someone just give rihanna her money. >> don't make her mad. >> ♪ money ♪ >> she just released herself directed video. there is a lot going on. >> less nudity, there is
9:56 am
blood, and money, and oh,. >> show me more! >> in the club now. >> what? >> why can't tom just stop donating balls? >> okay, so, you guys know about tom brady, cleared of deflate gate. now the issue is, he's actually addicted to donating footballs. >> what? >> he's like, wait, check this out. >> ♪ >> he has a problem. >> was it surveillance video? >> yes, like donating balls everywhere now. >> no, he is not. >> can you imagine being the equipment manager? blowing the balls up, blowing the balls up. >> he is a ball deflater. >> oh, please. >> ear plugs? >> that's why he always wears the hat. >> oh,. >> ball deflater. >> who is not on taylor's
9:57 am
squad these days? does she run the worlds? >> ♪ baby now we got blood blood ♪ >> she is also adding to her girl squad, okay? selena gomez, all right? she had little what? >> oh. (arguing). >> everybody's in her squad. >> seriously. >> star maker, beyonce or taylor now? >> taylor swift on the billboard. >> nice. >> chris has had a rough year. she needs a vacation. >> guys, let's talk about mom-ger of the year, chris jenner. >> how do you feel about these obsessed children? >> she knows how to manage their career. maybe bring her in to handle celebrities? >> we need to send these celebrities on a bonding trip. brotherly love. >> just wrap up all of the celebrities and bring them to fill. >> i good luck with that. >> "tmz" tour.
9:58 am
>> i'm a lawyer.
9:59 am
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announcer: live from new york city, the "wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? my girls are always turned out. announcer: now, here's wendy! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: hey! thank you for being here today.


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