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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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northern suburbs though we're down below freezing. reading 31. 32 right in allentown and pottstown. could see freezing temperatures or even some frost on the ground tomorrow morning. still some warmer weather coming in. outdoor plans might want to bring them inside because it will quickly warm up and we may not see freezing temperatures for another few days. so tomorrow is the coldest. into the 40s by the start of all the events tomorrow morning. half marathon a lot of the 5ks and surrounding suburbs temperatures a little cool but nice and comfortable for a little run outside there. 40s in south jersey and delaware. still a few 30s by 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. what to expect by tomorrow morning, 39 and 32. 34 maybe just a few clouds south and east that wind dies down but it is still cold. there's the live picture. it is clear out there. we're talking about getting warmer in the seven day forecast as well as a little rain but when we say warmer we're back above 70 degrees maybe for a few days. track it all and show you when coming up a little bit later with the full forecast.
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>> all right. sounds good, thank you dave. developing to night a philadelphia police officer recovering after being hit by another officer's cruiser. skyfox over the scene this afternoon near the 5500 block of pine street. this happened during a chase involving another driver scene smashing car windows during the chase another officer responding accidentally rolled over the officer's leg. at last check that officer is in stable condition. and this video givings you an idea of the chaos that raged in a street after school in allentown. teenagers fighting with wild abandoned when police jumped into the mix thing only got worse. tonight, four police officers are recovering from their injuries and several young people are under arrest. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in allentown for us with that story tonight. >> reporter: chris, you saw the violence in that video. well, today here at school, students tell me there's a new phrase going around and they say it's actually designed to
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encourage the kind of behavior you saw in that video. >> they're trying to like if we see cops act violent towards them or act crazy or, you know, just -- that's the thing, it's like they're promoting this bad behavior. >> reporter: day after this video swept through social media, of a brawl between more than a hundred high school aged teens and allentown police, students in allen high school say they're peers are allegedly encouraging violence against the police. with the phrase, get them before they get us. >> it's sad. it's really bad. it's sad that students think it's okay to act like that. >> reporter: authorities say officers were responding to 911 calls after a huge fight broke out two blocks from the high school shortly after dismissal yesterday. at least four police officers were injured. two of them seriously enough to be taken to the hospital. it happened when some of the teens turned on them. the graphic facebook video shows a female officer being drag to the ground as the crowd surrounds her.
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investigators say she was punched in the face and pulled by her hair. parents and students like angela and her mom nancy say they're disgusted. >> the kids just stand there and they just like record and don't do anything about it. that's so stupid. >> the thing is, you think it's funny. it's not funny about it. >> reporter: police arrested five teens and are working with the district to identify more people in the videos. in a statement allentown's mayor says violence against the police will not be tolerated. he praised the officers for showing restraint when their safety appeared to be at risk. in class and along the hallways today, students say there was a heavy security presence. even as kids say some peers continued to stoke anger against the authorities. >> students are so ruthless that they don't care. and that's why they act -- that's what gives us a bad reputation. >> reporter: and those five teenagers already in custody face felony charges aggravated assault and rioting. dawn?
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>> all right. sabina, thank you. happening now new weapon in the fight against deadly heroin overdoses. pennsylvania governor tom wolf issuing a standing order this week to make a life-saving medicine available without a prescription. >> any pharmacy willing to participate in the program. bruce gordon is live in the newsroom tonight. bruce, this is actually an expansion of an existing policy. >> reporter: it sure is, chris. back in the spring the governor put narcan in the hands of police all over pennsylvania. wolf says the move has already saved more than 300 lives. the product is generally sold as a nasal spray and can reverse the effects of a heroin overdo overdose. it has saved more than 26,000 lives over the past 20 years nationwide. what's knew it participating pennsylvania pharmacies can now dispense the product without a prescription. that means anyone with a friend or a family member hooked on heroin can purchase the narcan and have it handy in case of an overdose.
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>> we have a good samaritan law here in pennsylvania that encourages people who see something, a person struggling to go to that person's assistance. and this is a way for people who see someone who is suffering an overdose to go to that person's assistance. it's trying to -- to make available to the broadest possible group of people something that we know can save lives. >> reporter: of course in new jersey, governor christie has been championing the use of narcan as part of a policy to treat drug abuse as a sickness, not so much as a crime. the heroin epidemic of course is grabbing attention all over the country. in january of last year, the governor of vermont devoted his entire state of the state address to that state's growing overdose crisis. chris? >> okay, bruce, thanks. philadelphia police want you to take a good look at this surveillance video. they are searching for a man who
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stole thousands of dollars worth of tools from a white van. it happened last week on the 700 block of north 19th street in frank sisville. police say the suspect is driving a light-colored mini van. anyone with information should call police. a man in new jersey is under arrest accused of impersonating a police officer. police say 60-year-old john c williams also known as johnny fields had a black suv that looked like a police car complete with the decals, the lights an working siren. they say he also had a uniform and handcuffs. williams is currently in jail on a $20,000 bail. a vigil will be held in just a little less than an hour as parishioners at a church in kingsessing look for justice. cameras rolling as someone broke into the healing waters church on the 1700 block of south 56th street this was back in august. a man kicked open the front door and stole two flat screen televisions and a microphone. vigil scheduled to begin at 7:00 with people hoping to raise
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enough money to replace those stolen items. ♪ can you feel it? it's inescapable. you don't have to be a temple graduate or a college football fan to know everybody is getting pumped for this weekend. the temple owls taking on notre dame in a game that's getting some national attention. our brad sattin is live at the epicenter with everything. the temple campus on north broad street. people getting excited up there, brad? >> reporter: yeah, for sure, chris. as alum you know it. there was a big pep rally here that wrapped up just a couple of hours ago. i guess this kind of the calm before the storm right now. the head coach here is a guy by the name of matt ruhle this is this herd year and it's interesting because the matt ruhle era actually got started with a game against notre dame a few years ago. the temple owls lost that game
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so they are zero-row one. looking to even the series and stay undefeated this year. ♪ >> reporter: friday afternoon classes? what classes? not when your football team is making school history. >> i think it's well-deserved. i think it's been long enough for us. we haven't had a reason to be excited in a couple of years, but seven-zero says something. i think we'll be eight-zero come this time tomorrow. >> reporter: hundreds turn out knowing the halloween night task will not be easy so the question is -- >> are we going see a trick or treat tomorrow? >> a treat. >> a treat. >> reporter: number one owls taking on number nine notre dame some more confidence than othe others. >> what kind of cautiously optimistic. >> yeah, yeah, i am. you got to be weary but, you know, i'm optimistic. >> reporter: what will this campus be like if they win tomorrow. >> it will be crazy. good parties. it's going to be wild. >> reporter: cheers as the team passed through the crowd. all so proud of what this team
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is already accomplished. the best start in school history they were last ranked team back in 1980 and a win saturday would keep them ranked for a history-making third week in a row. >> i think they're looking really good this year. i think we have a pretty good chance against notre dame tomorrow and i'm real excited to see what happens. >> give me a score. >> i'm saying 32-26. >> reporter: a lot of people of course hoping he is right. as we mentioned the team getting lots of national attention. there's a big party on independence mall that gets started first thing tomorrow. of course, on national tv. so the word around here is that if you want to catch a bus to be at independence mall you got to start catching that bus about 5:00 o'clock. that will be the first run. 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. so chris, my guess is it's going to be very quite here tonight. kids are going to go to bed early. they'll try to get a great night sleep so that they're ready for tomorrow. you went here. you probably know better than i. >> yeah, they'll be up there bright and early. never seen anything like this. brad, thanks.
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okay. new at 6:00, major steps forward today in removing that military blimp that came down on the country side of northeastern pennsylvania but things aren't getting any easier just yet. the very complicated process about to get underway. and it may look like a scene out of victorian england or america's wild wild west but this is happening right now here in our area. and it's not because of halloween. we'll explain coming up. sean? >> game three of the world series tonight kansas city royals have a strangle hold on the world series right now up two-zero. the mets talk about going home and getting back in it later in sports. ♪ the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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>> remaining section of a army
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blimp that broke loose in maryland and wound uplanding in new moreland township, pennsylvania, will be removed over the weekend. army says the sensitive radar in the blimp's hull will be removed today. the army says workers have been making a clearing where they can put the hull after its taken out of the trees. it's been stuck since wednesday when it somehow escaped from aberdeen proving ground and floated right there to where you see it. now, helicopters will pull the hull out of the trees and military trucks will then hall it away. quite a process. hum. after a 30-year closure manayunk bridge is open again. the new link from lower merion to main street connects the cynwyd heritage train with the schuylkill river trail. the first new trail and the first pedestrian and cyclist only bridge over the schuylkill river. have you ever heard of steam punk? well maybe hard to wrap your head aid round. imagine a world in which electricity was never invented. >> some people have a lot of fun and spend a lot of time doing just that and believe it or not,
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they live right here in our ar area. fox 29 photojournalist bill rohrer explains what it's all about. ♪ >> reporter: strausburg railroad attracts millions of guests but original steam engi engine. this is the third year 19th century train station is back drop for steam punk unlimited event where people dress up as characters likely imagined from a jules verne or hd wells novel. >> it's more of an art festival i would say. >> reporter: everyone seems to have their own interpretation of steam punk. >> if you asked victorian from 1870 what they thought 2015 would be like, illustrate it for us in your fashion and in your technology, that's what steam punk is. >> reporter: folks described the movie as 19th century science fiction. victorian england or america's wild west. everything is energized by steam. >> there are sort of trademark looks for steam punk. it seems like there's unwritten
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pre requisite that you have a pair of goggles. men it's not uncommon to see cane, top hats and a frock coat. >> just any number of antique stores for the most part. >> a lot of people do actually get into it. it's a fun little thing to just kind of step out on the weekends and step out of your every day mundane life. >> reporter: folks come from all over the country. selection of steam punk fans. way to have fun and you put work in your costume you maybe even create a persona or a character that you take on in that costume and -- >> reporter: bill rohrer fox 29 news. >> some fun times in glassboro, new jersey at the 12th annual pumpkin chunking contest. teams of students from glassboro high along with students from several area colleges gathering on the campus of rowan university. they brought their own pre built
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catapults hoping that their machines would be able to launch five pumpkins the farthest. pretty cool not only for bragging rights up for grabs but there was also a cash prize. that one didn't do too well right there. >> no. >> back now to your fox 29 weather authority. everybody hoping for good trick or treating weather. >> a lot of things going on this weekend really getting a first nice shot of our fall weather. >> we feel it right now. it may not be the same tomorrow night for trick or treating. a little cool but maybe not quite as cold as it's going to be tonight. life one of the many streets closed tomorrow we have the half marathon, event here at independence mall a lot happening this weekend. so looks like things will be cooling down here overnight tonight as these temperatures will quickly drop. of course this is this live picture. it looks out over parts of the city here, and certainly off to a cold start. now, the temperatures up to 58
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now. it was up to 60. that wind about 12 miles an hour. that's calming down a bit overnight tonight. these numbers are into the 50s but quickly falling. could easily be into the 40s by the next few hours. then by tomorrow morning, look at this. 39 in the city. 32 in north and western suburbs certainly a calm night but very cold. here's the stages of this weather pattern evolving this weekend. we have that cold wind today. high pressure building in. right over us tomorrow. it's clear, that light breeze and certainly plenty of sunshine. look at sunday though. warmer air begins to return. so we have that cold drop in temperatures to night. maybe not seeing that by tomorrow. in fact we'll start to see clouds increasing as this warmer breeze starts to move in. this is by tomorrow night. trick or treating it will be dry but maybe just a few high thin clouds coming in and then watch this area of rain to our south. a lot of the forecast keeping this to the south. but maybe a few showers trying to work their way up towards the philadelphia area throughout the day on monday for the start of the work week. so planning your day here
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tomorrow, 39 in the city. 32 in the suburbs a lot of sunshine. so we quickly warm up to about 50 by noon. 6:00 o'clock sunset trick or treating 54. 8:00 o'clock temple 51. not much of a drop in temperatures here. sunset at 6:00 o'clock. so enjoy your trick or treating just be careful but look we're into the 50s, 50s and 50s. not a big drop in temperatures like we're seeing here tonight. in fact the temple game kick off at 51. only down to about 49 by 11:00 o'clock as these clouds increase tomorrow night. seven day forecast as the clouds around tomorrow. then there's that chance of rain on monday. well to the south. look at the big warm up. 72, there's a 73 in there. keep it at 70 on friday. four days in a row of 70s well above average starting on tuesday. >> all right. we like those 70s. thanks, dave. >> sean bell i hear there's a collegiate football contest tomorrow. >> there is. >> really? >> let me say this. get an extra hour tomorrow nig night. temple wins, we're going to need it. >> the streets will be shut down and the kids will be all over the place. >> that is true.
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>> going crazy. >> i'll there be. >> one thing for sure, win or lose tomorrow, temple has come a long way. two years ago two-10. at the bottom of college football. the players talked about the long long journey next in sports. ♪
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temple/notre dame that's all we've been talking about. big gift game for the city of
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philly all year long. i'm talking about pros and college. the linc will be electric especially because it's halloween. hopefully it will be a treat not a trick and tomorrow night's game. the owls start off really slow. but that cannot happen against notre dame. >> we got to play a full 60 minutes of football. that's what it comes down to. i mean you won't within a game in the first 10 snaps. so that's the way i look at it you can't lose the game in the first 10 snaps. you got a lot of game left. if you make a mistake on one play you got a lot left. >> we go out early on and scoring 30 points in the first quarter but not us. we're a work in progress. i mean that in the most loving way. i love this team. but we fight and re we scrap we claw. if we get to the fourth quarter we enjoy those moments. >> baseball after game one of the world series a crazy marathon. we thought this series will go seven. but after a convincing royals win on wednesday, this thing can be over real quick. the royals wouldn't seven-one to
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take two-zero lead. kansas city just looks like a team of destiny. good news for the mets is they will be coming home for game three. they want to make a come back it has to start tonight in new yo york. >> we've been in tough holes before. you know what, we're used it to. we're used to play with adversity like a lot of big league clubs and i thought michael put pretty good yesterday when he said, you got to win four any way. start now. so we're not down. we're positive. we think we can -- we certainly like know what going tonight and think he'll pitch well. >> and for some nfl news tune into a special saturday halloween edition for "game day live" at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. how war eskin, gary cobb, tom srendenschek and myself we'll give you a mid season report and break down all the games in the nfc east. then on sunday, special triple header. lions and chiefs play 9:30 in the morning over in london. at 1:00 you can catch the
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giants/saints followed by cowboys versus the seahawks. but again, we don't really care about those games. the eagles aren't playing. >> bwe. >> we care about temple. >> can we get predictions here. >> what do you think. >> i think notre dame 27-13. >> i'm sorry. >> really. >> there's the big boys. it's over. >> chris? don't yell at me. >> what's your prediction. >> come on. >> temple is going to win. >> no score. >> i'm hoping. i'm hoping it's a big game. i want a good game. >> that's it. coming up tonight after the game they only exist in our nightmares but that's probably a good thing. but what would really happen if the undead ran over the city of brotherly love? where philly ranks on the city's most prepared to handle a zombie invasion. we'll finish it there. >> we'll see you back here after the game. have great night. inside edition is up next. thanks for watching. ♪
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>> residence rose family drama. exclusive. she gave birth to rosy's adopted daughter. the inside story of how her daughter ended up with rosy. >> i did not give her up. >> rosy says the adoption was perfectly legal. 18 years later how the biological mom says it all went down. >> rosy wasn't a nice person at all. >> and tv's wildest halloween ever. all the behind the scene action. >> one day every year i'm a woman. >> then exorcism on live tv in the same house that inspired the exorcist. >> we're going to drive out the demons. >> and in


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