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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 30, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> joe: one on, one out. tonight's telecast spogsored by verizon. by geico. 15 minutes can save you 15% on car insurance. and by indeed. how the world works. wilmer flores digs in. >> harold: jo torre used to talk about game three was the most important game in the series. it rings so true. the mets lose tonight, they're down 3-0. >> tom: pretty much over, right? you have the red sox miracle, we'll hear about it forever. but you're pretty much done. >> joe: 1-0 pitch to flores, >> tom: don't forget, herrera
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has faced 12 batters. he's not the lockdown guy right now that he typically is. >> harold: no, not at all. and they are hammering his fastball. he has to be shaking his head. he sits there and dominates with his heater all summer long. >> joe: flores, left side. moustakas has to wait. they get one. two outs. a couple things that happened in this game tonight. welcome inside our broadcast booth. i'm joe, that's harold, that's tom. you talk about persevering through the second inning. a nice night, a four reb night. >> harold: yeah. he made a great adjustment. the first game pounding in. he looked like he had not seen a fastball in six months, which he probably had not.
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>> tom: i think it means a lot when your star players play like stars. >> joe: pinch-hitting for adson reed who had a quick and easy seventh. playing all season long. uribe came in. lagares is still in playing good ball. just that coming off the bench and being put in situations that you're not used to is tough. you look at mondesi. that's who they had to bring from the bench. >> joe: the 1-1. ball two. >> harold: we'll see a lot of that in the next couple games in the national league park.
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>> joe: uribe was part of that. the rbi base hit to right. probably the most important at-bat. probably the guy who wasn't active in nlcs. a lot of people might have wondered, why not morales? he was a key guy. not to lead off an inning. >> joe: 3-1 pitch. full count. >> tom: i didn't have a problem with the decision to use mondesi right there. honestly, i would like to make my big league appearance as a hitter instead of being on the field. >> joe: a strikeout ends the inning. as madson gets through the seventh. we go to the eighth inning of game 3. 9-3. new york on top. lect your phones so you can't post pictures.
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>> joe: a beautiful flight on the 30th of october. post your videos. you might be featured on game 4, tomorrow on the world series. that's tomorrow on fox. we're begging you. lorenzo cain, tyler clippard takes over. >> harold: that sets the bull pen up perfectly to get them through the game. >> tom: seven, eight, nine, all coming in clean. no traffic on the bases to clean up. any way you want to script it. >> joe: one time yankee farm hand bounces it in there. the count, one ball, one strike.
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he really made his name with the washington nationals. if you're terry collins, with two more games to go, at least if the mets win here tonight. he didn't to have use his main left hander in the bullpen, ball two, 2-1. >> harold: that's big. the other question i have, the last time we saw him, he gave up the home run to tie the game. do you get in a little work tonight we've the six-run lead to get him comfortable? >> joe: cain was swinging from his heels but he popped it up. we know game 4 is tomorrow night. game 5 if necessary. and it would become necessary if the mets win this game or don't win tonight and win tomorrow.
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that's 8:00 eastern sunday night after a triple header. and it would be a travel day if there is a game 6. and 6 and 7 would be again if necessary tuesday and wednesday in kc. >> joe: here's hosmer. in the air to center. didn't get it all. lagares. two outs. what's up, ken? >> ken: before the game we asked terry collins about possibly his line-up. he said, no. i'm not going to panic. when the manager panics, everyone panics. and i thought it was a really interesting observation by a guy who has managed really well in this city where little things can become things about very quickly. he's done a great job of quelling all that. >> joe: no doubt about it. especially when the team was
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undermanned. the pay roll was not there. the talent wasn't there. everybody was picking apart everything he did. he was strapped. >> joe: moustakas takes a strike from clippard. >> ken: let me tell you where he was six years ago. he was managing the huskies, an independent baseball, no salary, just spenlss. doing a favor for a buddy. out of major league baseball. the mets brought him back the next year as the minor league coordinator. the year after that, the job opened. the manager's job, terry come inls, on his third managing job finds himself in the third world series. >> joe: they picked a development guy for a young team and it paid off. two out. nobody on. moustakas takes strike two. >> harold: you talk about a different terry collins.
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he was a fiery in your face guy in the early days. has mellowed out and has put all that into perspective. >> tom: experience matters. you can say that about ned yost as well. >> joe: terry collins first got a shot to manage in the big leagues. 94-96 in houston. and went to 97-99. his good friend, jim leeland is here. he was part of the staff. that's why if he ever took jacket off, you would see he is wearing number 10 in jim leeland's honor. >> harold: when you wait as long as terry has, and you have all the experience that's terry has, you don't forget where you came
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from. your players sense that as well. you talk about don't panic about the lineup. you don't panic about who you are either. >> joe: terry is the oldest manager in major league baseball. tom coughlin is the oldest head coach in tnfl. the two have a mutual admiration society going. they've been texting. >> harold: those old guys can text? >> joe: they're 69 and 66. and they've been calling each other, rooting each other on. the giants are in first in the nfc east. the mets are in the world series. a good at-bat by moustakas. >> harold: they start doing a little instagram and twitter, we'll be in trouble. jump on bored, joe.
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>> joe: the mets will bat, they lead by 6. there's nothing like going to a game in a major league ballpark. we'll show you an example of that. come out and make memories that last a lifetime. go to mlb/tickets to reserve your seats for 2016. or just hang out in a blimp. our aerial coverage brought to you by directv, now part of the at&t family. call 1-800 directv. billy joel did a terrific job. no shock with the star spangled banner with tonight's game. . absolutely beloved, the new yorker.
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and he must have had one of the coolest moments of his rock and roll hall of fame life. just a moment ago. first pitch is up and away to curtis granderson. they played piano man here at citi field. if you're the guy that thought of those lyrics and recorded that song, it is in the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. to hear the entire stadium cheering on the mets, seemingly know every word and sing along. it was cool. >> harold: it really was. >> joe: 1-1 pitch to granderson. >> harold: this is a beautiful ballpark too. talk about passionate fans. you come across met fans. they're like die hard. they've been waiting so long for things to happen. >> joe: that is knocked down somehow. and the out at first. as medlen takes care of granderson. able to defend himself.
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>> harold: a cold night. any night you don't want a ball coming back ought. but on a night like tonight when people are wrapped up like that, that ball hurts. real-time for you. quick reactions though. enough of the glove to slow it down a little bit. >> joe: the scoreless inning. put up by madsen. the guy left out there for kansas city is wade davis. they've seen them all. this is again, game one with the mets. three straight games. >> harold: i think ned yost did a good job carving up these innings with the bull pen.
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nobody really got extended with high pitch counts. >> joe: two outs. here's that moment for billy joel in citi field. ♪ ♪ piano man
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♪ piano man >> joe: 1-2 the count on daniel murphy. >> harold: well, good luck getting a ticket to a billy joel concertfully way. you're better off coming to the met game. that guy sells out a stadium like nobody's business. >> joe: he is an american treasure, billy joel. and a new yorker through and through. >> tom: and the line that resonates, the manager gives me a smile. think about terry collins, the
11:21 pm
young starting pitcher syndergaard. not yet. the smile after the game. >> harold: once they got that lead, they poured it on. a beautiful game. >> joe: and here's the lyric that would resonate, the microphone smells like a beer. this industry has changed. there's the 3-2 pitch! two out, nobody on. wow, straight back. [ laughter ] >> tom: isn't that the truth? >> harold: was that a three ball or a two ball? >> tom: he will never give up an at-bat or a single pitch. >> joe: and he is still hitless
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>> joe: january 2016, we kick off the farewell season of american idol. the show that made so many stars. one last time. don't miss the farewell season this january on fox. typically when he comes into the game, it is farewell opposition. he is in there to get an inning under his belt to get the taste out of his mouth. >> harold: i agree. if you're going to win the series, this guy has to close it out. i think a very important move to give him some good thoughts as he leaves this ballpark tonight. >> joe: salvador perez. first up. then gordon in the pitcher's spot. a 9-3 game.
11:26 pm
and just in case anything starts to brew and they don't have to wear out familia, there is more action for the mets out in their pen. as the right-hander robles gets loose. they don't want to wear him out. 1-1. >> harold: honestly, i wonderful have a problem if he threw the hit and said that's it. >> joe: there's tomorrow night's start he. chris young. 36-year-old chris young, 24-year-old steven matz. 1-2. up the middle. what a play! one out. how about that? >> harold: we're watching a guy come of age right in front of
11:27 pm
our eyes. made some nice plays this series. and i remember you saying, that he wasn't known for the range. he has shown some plays already. >> tom: it was the scouting report coming in that kansas city had the bigger edge. much bigger edge. range, middle infield. especially to his left. he has been showing tremendous range. >> joe: here's alex gordon. one out and nobody. 97 comes home from familia. >> tom: they're still trying to win the game. they want to and. extend familia for the game tomorrow. >> joe: pitch number six. >> harold: the more you move the line, the more guys see him.
11:28 pm
the on deck circle, the one guy i wouldn't want him to face tonight. don't you know, it will come down to a confrontation, they're going to morales. so save it. >> tom: i'm not too worried. he has his good stuff. no matter how many times you've staenl hard sinker and the people in-mile-an-hour split. >> joe: 2-2. as we said, mejia was supposed to be in.
11:29 pm
suspended for drug use. gordon swinging two down. >> harold: that gets on in a hurry. the radar gun reading could be one thing. but a guy's delivery and his motion, tells the hitter a lot. he hides the ball. and it pops on you. and how about the movement? you saw gordon look back. i wouldn't be surprised if he asked the umpire, was that around? that ball moved a lot. scoreless, strong frame. put up by kris medlen. >> harold: i'll be watching this for a while as we go through the
11:30 pm
series. i wonderful have let him see it. i'm big on what i see, i'm going to remember. >> joe: morales can handle the fastball. david wright showing that he would make the last one. the mets are on the board in the series as they win game 3, 9-3. behind syndergaard. a four rbi night for david wright. >> tom: a night of super heroes. >> joe: 3:22 game. syndergaard, the winner, ventura, the loser. a big night for granderson as
11:31 pm
well. >> harold: calling for the avengers. >> joe: 3-7-0. kansas city. 9-12-0 for the mets. kansas city up two games to one. and we look ahead to tomorrow night and that match-up of steven matz and chris young, the number four starters. >> harold: you think about it. you will switch some guys to the other side of the plate. zobrist will be hitting right-handed. >> joe: go down to the field and erin andrews. >> erin: thanks. so. curtis had something to say about this. your manager said it perfectly. we have to get these back going. how did you do it? what adjustments did you make?
11:32 pm
>> it's tough. that pitching staff makes it difficult to go ahead and get things going. trying to get pressure. taking it one pitch at a time. no matter what you're putting up there. you can't win there. you have to do little things to pass it on. >> erin: the royals come back and take the lead in the top of the second. here we go again. they're doing it again. you have something to say with that two-run homer. how many doesn't is this? >> well, the good thing early on. even though we scored runs, we didn't have opportunities. noah does a great job starting with you. david wright has been amazing. >> speaking of noah,/thor. i don't know if there is a better nickname there is for him. how he kept rolling.
11:33 pm
>> you look temperature. they've been able to put up some runs. i think the halloween theme got him going. it was one of the big things i've enjoyed watching him do. >> erin: we'll see you tomorrow night for halloween. >> it is my favorite holiday. >> joe: the guys are down 1-0. you hit a 96-mile-per-hour fastball from ventura. what were you telling yourself going into that effect? >> just working on it. the biggest thing for me is getting my foot down. be ready for the fastball. i went looking for the fastball. put the nice easy swing on. >> ken: syndergaard. six innings. from your perspective, how did he turn it around? >> he's been cruising all post season. he had some trouble and that's
11:34 pm
where you see what they're made of. to be able to make the through six. he didn't have his best stuff, his best command. that's when you find out what a pitcher has got. he got us through six. it seemed like when we needed him to make a pitch, he made it. >> four by you tonight. coming here, the first game for you in citi field, how big wasett for you to have swung the bat. it's been nice to contribute. i've had a couple rbis. the name of the game is forget about yesterday and worry about today. glad i was able to contribute today. nice to get on the board early. >> ken: thanks a lot. back to you. >> joe: congratulations to david wright, to curtis granderson. saw a little action early. in the end, syndergaard settled
11:35 pm
in. timely hitting for the mets. they have been waiting for that. kevin? >> we have a series in new york. the mets are on the board. alex rodriguez, raul ibanez, the mets come back in a big, big way. how do you know syndergaard finds his way? we'll talk about it. a big win over the royals. 2-1 kansas city in the world series. back to break it down next.
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>> joe: back at citi field after the mets 9-3 win. welcome to our set here out in the outfield. man, this was the game that the mets needed. talk about noah syndergaard. the first three innings, two runs allowed.
11:39 pm
wasn't his fault. >> he was okay early. not so great. an incredible end game. he gave up four pitches, four hits on four pitches. all fastballs in. and after that, a really nice rhythm and started all over the strike zone. a really nice job. >> joe: what did you like about syndergaard? >> they're great people here. i'm telling you. >> he gave up a couple runs early. he settled in and he just hand cuffed them. >> he was able to get the swings and misses. six punchouts. he did not cave. it shows the night with the home-field advantage. not used to swinging in this ballpark. he was able to get the strikeout. >> did he. he had 16 swings and misses. you're right.
11:40 pm
that's what they had. we're watching this game. alex talked about it. a lot of inside fastballs hit early. so what was the adjustment that syndergaard made? he retired 12 in a row. >> early on, as alex said, base hits on it. he was throwing ball down and away. he started using his breaking ball more. he elevated when he needed to. that was the running back in the corner. he powered them with that. when he starts throwing that breaking ball, elevated with that. following up with the nasty breaking ball. two seam fastball as well. and he adapted. >> as a hitter, you hope they stay in one or two quadrants. when they start spraying the ball all over the quadrant, it makes it very difficult to hit. >> you were asking form high fastball. you finally got it. how about the mets resiliency?
11:41 pm
you were talking about coming through big hits with runners in scoring position. >> they had three guys in two hits. several guys with one hit. for kansas city, nobody with two hits. so they got the hits. home runs out of the ballpark with the first hitter and the second hitter. >> frank, you said pre game show they needed granderson to step up. >> he is their guy. when he is playing well, the series is well. 4 for 10. when this guy goes, the offense goes. those two guys get it going. the offense will play. >> i think the home run was important for so many reasons. it was the captain. symbolic of basically the mets universe. the fact that it gave them something to clear about early, it was very important. >> i thought it was huge. david wright coming up big.
11:42 pm
but grandee putting the bsh on. >> let me ask you this. first at-bat of the game. here's escobar in there. he has first pitch hits. seemingly every single time as he lets him do his thing. and syndergaard high up and in. benches draw a little bit. i'm curious, did that set any kind of tone or am i overblowing it? >> it was something you don't do. he just threw it up and in. set the tone. >> did you like that at all for the mets? >> i liked the pitcher. i don't think it was trying to sends a message. i think it just got away from him. i would see no reason why he is trying on throw up and in to the lead off and hitting him. >> i don't think it was purpose. i think the royals early on fed off it.
11:43 pm
and then syndergaard threw everything down and started pitching. >> one thing is for sure. alex was here. >> the other thing before we leave you, we as a group have become very, very tight. when i came up earlier and my compadre was cold, i decided to help him out. right here. >> he couldn't plug it in. it's an electric blanket. they turned the electric off because of the lights. >> you got me. >> we had a good time.
11:44 pm
>> they were chanting, he's cold! >> the big win. >> we got a series. we got a series. >> do you own that? >> not yet. there you go. the fans going crazy. we've got plenty more postgame coverage, exclusive interviews and more. it's all coming up on fs 1 on fox, your late local news. see you there.
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♪ >> the stage is set and philadelphia is almost ready for kickoff. the final preparations happening before the biggest game of temple football history. >> and robbers empty the cash register but they weren't done. how they showed the victims they meant business coming up in 30 seconds.
11:49 pm
>> fox 29 news hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. right now on fox 29, the countdown to kickoff. a live look down market street tonight gives you an idea what the city is talking about just in few hours old city is going to look a lot different. >> that's right. thousands every expected to pack independence mall tomorrow ahead of what is expected to be a day long celebration and it's all for those undefeated temple owls. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. those preparations have been going on for the better part of a week now, and the wait is finally over. fox 29's brad sattin live along independence mall tonight. brad, i know there's some students out there. i can't imagine the excitement could be any bigger. >> reporter: it's going to be big tomorrow for sure. of course, we're talking about national tv coverage here at independence mall. we know that they're actually
11:50 pm
going to be busing students in here from temple starting at 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. just a few hours from now. the stage is set. you see in the distance that cherry and white building it's all lit up. notre dame has been featured on this national sports show 26 times. this is the first time for temple. gearing up for the biggest football game in the school's history. studying was simply not an option for many temple students on this friday afternoon. >> ♪ >> reporter: hundreds turned out for a pep rally leading into what fans hope will become a halloween classic for the ages, a victory saturday night over ninth ranked notre dame. >> are we going to see a trick or a treat tomorrow? >> a treat. >> reporter: lots of love shown as the stoic players made a quick appearance heaps of praise they earned early on after a season opening win against penn state and they haven't looked back. >> i think it's well deserved. i think it's been long enough for us. we haven't had a reason to be excited in a couple of years, but seven-zero. >> reporter: sol out crowd of
11:51 pm
69,000 plus will be at tomorrow night's game at the linc and, yes, by some accounts half if not more of the crowd will be rooting for the irish. lots of alumni and fans here life buying tickets before the season even started and hundreds turned out for notre dame pep rally off market street tonight. >> it's tough to root against the hometown team. it really is and i'm very happy with the progress the program has made but go irish. >> reporter: it's specialsly tough to route against the owls for tim sullivan he went to law school at temple got his under grad degree at notre dame and organize this irish party. >> my father went to notre dame. i went to notre dame. my sister went to notre dame. notre dame is in my blood. i love temple but when it comes down to temple versus notre dame, i have to pick the irish. >> reporter: hopes are high on all sides but for the owls a win means the first eight no start in team history, the first sweep of all non conference games in a season. the first time ranked in three consecutive weeks and the first home win as a ranked team in 74
11:52 pm
years if they can win. >> notre dame, you're going do down. >> reporter: well, we will see. again the game is sol out. we did some checking online for tickets. if you want to buy them, they are available. the cheapest we found $199. they go all the way up to a thousand dollars plus, chris. i know you're going to be at the game and not selling yours. >> i got my tickets, brad. thanks lot. now for some fans the party is already started. but for the players, well, eighths whole different story. it is all business. the owls haven't played a game in almost nine days. >> they spent almost every bit of that time getting ready for thinking biggest challenge this season. fox 29's sean bell has been following them all week. sean, the national spotlight is on them. is temple ready? >> dawn it's not just their biggest challenge of the season. it's their biggest challenge ever. the owls have never been in this position undee feeder ranged and taking on a ton 10 team. they say they're ready but they probably said that the last time
11:53 pm
they faced the fighting irish. they played notre dame two years ago and it wasn't pretty. blown out 28-six they were two-10 team then. but they've come a long way since. last year they finished six-six went to a bowl game and this year they're off to the best start in school history. win or lose, this is a new temple team. >> it's kind of fun in at love different ways to put that game on you see a bunch of kids you city our starting linebackers starting at free off see. how far our team has come. it goes to our plan, you know, as a program and, um, thou try to develop players. 63 mat klee you see some of the things they did against us. they're a very different team. >> much more athletic as football team now than they were then especially on the defensive line and, um, and certainly, you know, in the skill position area. you can see they're recruiting has really changed the look of their football team. >> coming up later in sports, the players talk about dealing with the number nine team in the country and what to expect
11:54 pm
playing in front of a sold out crowd. >> all right, thank you sean. on your radar tonight a big cool down coming before you head trick or treating or to that temple notre dame football game. center city bustling tonight a look at 118th and jfk from a few hours ago. a whole lot going on this weekend. so fox 29 meteorologist dave warren, everyone wants to know how cold is it going to get. >> cold start tomorrow morning. nice shot of the moon out there. it is clear but these temperatures are dropping. get that light breeze you start to see this big difference between the city and the subur suburbs. about 10-degree difference. it's 50 down to 40. dropping down. heading into the 30s overnight tonight. good news is, tomorrow morning it will be cold but that may be as cold as we get here coming up over the next few days. clear on the radar. these are the numbers we're talking about, though. overnight to watch them drop from midnight down about to about six or 7:00 o'clock there are a few temperatures below freezing. 38 in philadelphia. 38 degrees in millville. so a good difference between the city and the suburbs. it climbs a bit though with the
11:55 pm
sunshine. we have tomorrow morning. so just be patient. wait it out if you have to. of course arc lot of you may be out early for the half marathon or getting ready for the big game. it will be cold but quickly warms up into the 50s by noon. still a few 40s in the north and western suburbs by noon but we're climbing into the upper 50's close to 60 degrees alt 9:00 o'clock 43 in the city. 39 north and west. 42 south and east. very little wind out there. not the breeze like we had today. just cold. clear tonight. but coming up we are getting warmer. thome be as cold as we get in the morning. there is a little bit of rain in the seven day forecast and a few days where we're back above 70 degrees. we'll count them tell when you to get ready for that in the seven day forecast that's coming up in just a little bit later. >> okay, dave, see you in a few minutes. thanks. philadelphia police officer is in the hospital tonight after being hit by another officer's car. the accident happened during a chase of a man seen smashing car windows this afternoon near the 5500 block of pine street.
11:56 pm
during the chase, another officer responding accidentally rolled over the officer's leg. he was taken to presbyterian hospital where he was last listed in stable condition. the search continues tonight for a philadelphia teenager. she has been missing since tuesday morning when she left for school. but apparently never arrived. this is 14-year-old pamela flores. her family says her backpack and her cell phone were both found near the tacony-palmyra bridge about 3 miles from frankford high school. now, police say they are looking at video that appears to show someone falling from the bridge. if anyone has any information at all about this teenager, police would like to hear from you. a delaware county town is trying to keep the mischief out of halloween weekend. aston township approved temporary curfew for kids and some teens. fox 29's shawnette wilson talked to families about how it will affect their halloween activitieactivities. >> i think it's a little extreme. >> reporter: melissa powell was surprised to learn about a curfew put in place by aston
11:57 pm
commissioners for halloween weekend. >> the entire weekend, like, it's halloween. at 9:00 o'clock it's a little early to me. that's just me. >> reporter: her 12-year-old son rob has different perspective. >> i think it's kind of acceptable because you can be going and damaging people's property and nobody really wants that. so -- >> reporter: what about the trick or treating part. >> i think it's a little too dark and too late. >> reporter: aston commissioners say the curfew ordinance has been on the books for more than two decades. it's save children under 18 must be off the streets by 9:00 p.m. to sunrise each night over halloween weekend. it's in effect tonight through sunday. the only exception they can be out past 9:00 if a parent is with them. commissioners issued a reminder at their board meeting last wednesday. >> whereas the temporary 9:00 p.m. curfew halloween time reduced criminal mischief offenses and reports over the years. >> reporter: erika kess they are heard about the curfew at
11:58 pm
her school sun valley high. >> our principal at the end of the day was everyone make sure you're in 9:00 because of mischief night and be safe. don't do anything you shouldn't be doing. >> reporter: she and her friend brianna have fixed feelings about the curfew ordinance. >> i feel like 9:00 is a little early. i feel like it does make sense. >> i think it's a good idea, but i don't think many people listen to it 'cause a lot of people go out for halloween. >> reporter: if kids are caught out past 9:00 police will take them home or to the police station to wait for their parents to pick them up. there's no fine or citation associated with the curfew ordinance. in aston, shawnette wilson fox 29 news. >> police are looking for two women who stole more than $8,000 for uninspects victim. officers say you can see the pair in this surveillance video. they start talking to a woman in chinatown moments after she withdrew all of that money from bank at ninth and arch. the victim says one of the women asked to see her handbag and she agreed. the victim says when she looked in her bag later, all the money was gone. stolen. if you recognize these ladies,
11:59 pm
call police. a queen village woman robbed in broad daylight and she says she was targeted because she's in a wheelchair. norton was on her way to a rehab appointment this afternoon near the corner of front and bainbridge. that's when a man came up behind her and stole her iphone that was attached to her wheelchair. norton was not able to chase the man and there were no witnesses. she's got a message for the guy who targeted her. >> i don't know if any message would get through people like that. i think those people will just take advantage of, you know, anyone. they're the people are going to,, what goes around comes around. >> norton's iphone was actually tracked in north philadelphia 20 minutes after the robbery but it has since been turned off. police are looking into nearby surveillance video. happening right now, police in new castle want to nab whoever stole this bike from the family of a special needs child.
12:00 am
it may not seem like a very big deal but this bike means a great deal to them and the family would very much like to have it back. fox 29's joanne pileggi with their message to the thief. >> reporter: she is cruising on her tricycle while dad and little declan are missing thei theirs. someone stole doug's bike, a prized possession because of the fun he had taking his two children on regular rides. >> my bike was in the backyard under the car port can nappy with the bike trailer attached to it. it also had his infant seat, child bicycle seat attached over the rear tire. >> reporter: it happened in broad daylight. a neighbor witness the theft and tried calling doug leaving a message because no one was home. >> they went across down the -- down the yard and over the fence with the bike -- with the child seat attached to it and then hospital hopped the fence on the


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