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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 31, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> fox 29 news hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. right now on fox 29, the countdown to kickoff. a live look down market street tonight gives you an idea what the city is talking about just in few hours old city is going to look a lot different. >> that's right. thousands every expected to pack independence mall tomorrow ahead of what is expected to be a day long celebration and it's all for those undefeated temple owls. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. those preparations have been going on for the better part of a week now, and the wait is finally over. fox 29's brad sattin live along independence mall tonight. brad, i know there's some students out there. i can't imagine the excitement could be any bigger. >> reporter: it's going to be big tomorrow for sure. of course, we're talking about
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national tv coverage here at independence mall. we know that they're actually going to be busing students in here from temple starting at 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. just a few hours from now. the stage is set. you see in the distance that cherry and white building it's all lit up. notre dame has been featured on this national sports show 26 times. this is the first time for temple. gearing up for the biggest football game in the school's history. studying was simply not an option for many temple students on this friday afternoon. >> ♪ >> reporter: hundreds turned out for a pep rally leading into what fans hope will become a halloween classic for the ages, a victory saturday night over ninth ranked notre dame. >> are we going to see a trick or a treat tomorrow? >> a treat. >> reporter: lots of love shown as the stoic players made a quick appearance heaps of praise they earned early on after a season opening win against penn state and they haven't looked back. >> i think it's well deserved. i think it's been long enough for us.
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we haven't had a reason to be excited in a couple of years, but seven-zero. >> reporter: sol out crowd of 69,000 plus will be at tomorrow night's game at the linc and, yes, by some accounts half if not more of the crowd will be rooting for the irish. lots of alumni and fans here life buying tickets before the season even started and hundreds turned out for notre dame pep rally off market street tonight. >> it's tough to root against the hometown team. it really is and i'm very happy with the progress the program has made but go irish. >> reporter: it's specialsly tough to route against the owls for tim sullivan he went to law school at temple got his under grad degree at notre dame and organize this irish party. >> my father went to notre dame. i went to notre dame. my sister went to notre dame. notre dame is in my blood. i love temple but when it comes down to temple versus notre dame, i have to pick the irish. >> reporter: hopes are high on all sides but for the owls a win means the first eight no start in team history, the first sweep of all non conference games in a season.
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the first time ranked in three consecutive weeks and the first home win as a ranked team in 74 years if they can win. >> notre dame, you're going do down. >> reporter: well, we will see. again the game is sol out. we did some checking online for tickets. if you want to buy them, they are available. the cheapest we found $199. they go all the way up to a thousand dollars plus, chris. i know you're going to be at the game and not selling yours. >> i got my tickets, brad. thanks lot. now for some fans the party is already started. but for the players, well, eighths whole different story. it is all business. the owls haven't played a game in almost nine days. >> they spent almost every bit of that time getting ready for thinking biggest challenge this season. fox 29's sean bell has been following them all week. sean, the national spotlight is on them. is temple ready? >> dawn it's not just their biggest challenge of the season. it's their biggest challenge ever. the owls have never been in this position undee feeder ranged and taking on a ton 10 team.
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they say they're ready but they probably said that the last time they faced the fighting irish. they played notre dame two years ago and it wasn't pretty. blown out 28-six they were two-10 team then. but they've come a long way since. last year they finished six-six went to a bowl game and this year they're off to the best start in school history. win or lose, this is a new temple team. >> it's kind of fun in at love different ways to put that game on you see a bunch of kids you city our starting linebackers starting at free off see. how far our team has come. it goes to our plan, you know, as a program and, um, thou try to develop players. 63 mat klee you see some of the things they did against us. they're a very different team. >> much more athletic as football team now than they were then especially on the defensive line and, um, and certainly, you know, in the skill position area. you can see they're recruiting has really changed the look of their football team. >> coming up later in sports,
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the players talk about dealing with the number nine team in the country and what to expect playing in front of a sold out crowd. >> all right, thank you sean. on your radar tonight a big cool down coming before you head trick or treating or to that temple notre dame football game. center city bustling tonight a look at 118th and jfk from a few hours ago. a whole lot going on this weekend. so fox 29 meteorologist dave warren, everyone wants to know how cold is it going to get. >> cold start tomorrow morning. nice shot of the moon out there. it is clear but these temperatures are dropping. get that light breeze you start to see this big difference between the city and the subur suburbs. about 10-degree difference. it's 50 down to 40. dropping down. heading into the 30s overnight tonight. good news is, tomorrow morning it will be cold but that may be as cold as we get here coming up over the next few days. clear on the radar. these are the numbers we're talking about, though. overnight to watch them drop from midnight down about to about six or 7:00 o'clock there are a few temperatures below freezing. 38 in philadelphia.
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38 degrees in millville. so a good difference between the city and the suburbs. it climbs a bit though with the sunshine. we have tomorrow morning. so just be patient. wait it out if you have to. of course arc lot of you may be out early for the half marathon or getting ready for the big game. it will be cold but quickly warms up into the 50s by noon. still a few 40s in the north and western suburbs by noon but we're climbing into the upper 50's close to 60 degrees alt 9:00 o'clock 43 in the city. 39 north and west. 42 south and east. very little wind out there. not the breeze like we had today. just cold. clear tonight. but coming up we are getting warmer. thome be as cold as we get in the morning. there is a little bit of rain in the seven day forecast and a few days where we're back above 70 degrees. we'll count them tell when you to get ready for that in the seven day forecast that's coming up in just a little bit later. >> okay, dave, see you in a few minutes. thanks. philadelphia police officer is in the hospital tonight after being hit by another officer's car. the accident happened during a chase of a man seen smashing car
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windows this afternoon near the 5500 block of pine street. during the chase, another officer responding accidentally rolled over the officer's leg. he was taken to presbyterian hospital where he was last listed in stable condition. the search continues tonight for a philadelphia teenager. she has been missing since tuesday morning when she left for school. but apparently never arrived. this is 14-year-old pamela flores. her family says her backpack and her cell phone were both found near the tacony-palmyra bridge about 3 miles from frankford high school. now, police say they are looking at video that appears to show someone falling from the bridge. if anyone has any information at all about this teenager, police would like to hear from you. a delaware county town is trying to keep the mischief out of halloween weekend. aston township approved temporary curfew for kids and some teens. fox 29's shawnette wilson talked to families about how it will affect their halloween activitieactivities.
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>> i think it's a little extreme. >> reporter: melissa powell was surprised to learn about a curfew put in place by aston commissioners for halloween weekend. >> the entire weekend, like, it's halloween. at 9:00 o'clock it's a little early to me. that's just me. >> reporter: her 12-year-old son rob has different perspective. >> i think it's kind of acceptable because you can be going and damaging people's property and nobody really wants that. so -- >> reporter: what about the trick or treating part. >> i think it's a little too dark and too late. >> reporter: aston commissioners say the curfew ordinance has been on the books for more than two decades. it's save children under 18 must be off the streets by 9:00 p.m. to sunrise each night over halloween weekend. it's in effect tonight through sunday. the only exception they can be out past 9:00 if a parent is with them. commissioners issued a reminder at their board meeting last wednesday. >> whereas the temporary 9:00 p.m. curfew halloween time reduced criminal mischief
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offenses and reports over the years. >> reporter: erika kess they are heard about the curfew at her school sun valley high. >> our principal at the end of the day was everyone make sure you're in 9:00 because of mischief night and be safe. don't do anything you shouldn't be doing. >> reporter: she and her friend brianna have fixed feelings about the curfew ordinance. >> i feel like 9:00 is a little early. i feel like it does make sense. >> i think it's a good idea, but i don't think many people listen to it 'cause a lot of people go out for halloween. >> reporter: if kids are caught out past 9:00 police will take them home or to the police station to wait for their parents to pick them up. there's no fine or citation associated with the curfew ordinance. in aston, shawnette wilson fox 29 news. >> police are looking for two women who stole more than $8,000 for uninspects victim. officers say you can see the pair in this surveillance video. they start talking to a woman in chinatown moments after she withdrew all of that money from bank at ninth and arch. the victim says one of the women asked to see her handbag and she agreed. the victim says when she looked
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in her bag later, all the money was gone. stolen. if you recognize these ladies, call police. a queen village woman robbed in broad daylight and she says she was targeted because she's in a wheelchair. norton was on her way to a rehab appointment this afternoon near the corner of front and bainbridge. that's when a man came up behind her and stole her iphone that was attached to her wheelchair. norton was not able to chase the man and there were no witnesses. she's got a message for the guy who targeted her. >> i don't know if any message would get through people like that. i think those people will just take advantage of, you know, anyone. they're the people are going to,, what goes around comes around. >> norton's iphone was actually tracked in north philadelphia 20 minutes after the robbery but it has since been turned off. police are looking into nearby surveillance video. happening right now, police
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in new castle want to nab whoever stole this bike from the family of a special needs child. it may not seem like a very big deal but this bike means a great deal to them and the family would very much like to have it back. fox 29's joanne pileggi with their message to the thief. >> reporter: she is cruising on her tricycle while dad and little declan are missing thei theirs. someone stole doug's bike, a prized possession because of the fun he had taking his two children on regular rides. >> my bike was in the backyard under the car port can nappy with the bike trailer attached to it. it also had his infant seat, child bicycle seat attached over the rear tire. >> reporter: it happened in broad daylight. a neighbor witness the theft and tried calling doug leaving a message because no one was home. >> they went across down the -- down the yard and over the fence with the bike -- with the child
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seat attached to it and then hospital hopped the fence on the other side. >> reporter: the theft was troublesome enough but it is particularly upsetting for the family. >> yeah, he wants to go back bike riding because he just likes going out there. this one has down syndrome. he always loves the outside. so i like sharing the outside and something he can do too. >> reporter: doug is of course hoping the thief returns the bike with the baby seat not only because it brings such joy to his children but the holidays are coming and for a lot of people money is tight. police in new cass are investigating and would like to help out. they've had couple of reports of bike thefts on their social media page. >> what make this so significant is that the victim who is a father has a child, a toddler with down syndrome who enjoys the outdoors, and the bicycle was stolen. >> reporter: anyone with information about the missing mon goose bike with the baby seat on the back is asked to contact new castle police.
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i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. a viewer from chestnut hill called fox 29 to let us know she has that exact same bike and would be willing to give to the family to help them out. still ahead, gridlock. nothing knew on one of la's busiest highways, but a gruesome crash this morning had some drivers doing a double take. and major steps to remove that military blimp that came down in the country side of northeastern pennsylvania. but things aren't getting any easier just yet. the very complicated process about to get underway. and she was an athlete who suffered an injury that could have kept her from her life's passion. but she's back on her feet and about to compete in a half marathon. the gadget that has made her come back possible. and it may look like a halloween party, but this is something quite different. why these people look like they stepped out of a time machine. it's a lifestyle you may not even have known existed. ♪ hey, everyone, coming up on
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fox 29 weekend tomorrow morning at 8:00 all over the country people are talking about this case, a five-year-old terminally ill, her parents asked you want to go to the hospital or go to heaven? >> also, we saw the police officer that was fired this week for flinging that girl around a classroom. let's go beyond that. what could he have done? temple university they're here, they're playing the fighting irish shutting down the city.
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>> tonight a family is still searching for answers in the police shooting death of a wilmington man. jeremy mcdole who used a wheelchair died after shooting involving wilmington police officers on september 24th. today his family held a march an rally in his honor.
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they say they still have no idea what happened to mcdole. police say he was waving a gun at officers and refused to drop the weapon. video of the incident went viral spark something controversy as to what really happened during that shooting. on the loose tonight, two men philadelphia police say held up a lounge in olney. the surveillance video is from earlier this morning at jj's lounge on the 200 block of west duncannon avenue. police say the two men walk in with guns. one of them fired a shot into the floor and took cash from the register and a tip jar. one customer pistol whipped and others were ordered to the ground. then robbed. the robbers got away and police have no descriptions. president obama is stepping up the fight inside syria. he's sending approximately 50 special operations forces to the civil war racked country. that goes directly against the president's earlier vows not to put american boots on the ground there. >> the decision comes as foreign ministers from the us and its
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allies try to find a way to get out of the escalating situation. fox's kevin cork shows us more on what some are calling a mission creek in the middle east. >> reporter: the white house this latest shift in syria strategy has been months in the making. beginning with a meeting between the president and pentagon officials back in july. >> the newest plan authorizes that up to 50 special ops forces be sent to northern syria creates a joint special operation task force with iraqi government and baghdad white house says the deployment is not much more than enhancement in its strategy, critics question that characterization noting the president himself has said repeatedly that he would not go down this road. >> my answer is simple. i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. lie not pursue an open ended action like iraq or afghanistan. >> reporter: on capitol hill leaders from both parties strongly disagreed. republican congressman matt thornbury of texas saying quote i did in the see a strategy for success.
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rather it seems the administration is trying to avoid a disaster while the president runs out of clock. senator tim cane democrat from virginia said it is time for congress to do its most solemn job to debate and declare war. many experts remain skeptical. >> i'm disgusted. i'm not angry. i'm disgusted. >> they may be really bad options, but if they're the only ones you've got left, they're the ones you use because you passed up everything else. we've passed up a lot of stuff. >> reporter: the white house continues to argue the fact that this is not a large scale indefinite combat operation. any parallels between what's going on now for example and what happened under the bush administration are simply invalid. but by any definition, american forces will be facing combat situations both on the ground and from the skies above. at the white house, kevin cork, fox news. the remaining section of an army blimp that broke loose in maryland and came to rest in northeast pennsylvania will be removed over the weekend.
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the army says sensitive radar in the surveillance blimp hull was removed today in rural mooreland county. officials say workers have also been making a way to clear the way they can put that hull after it's taken out of the trees. the blimp has been stuck since wednesday when it became unmored from the aberdeen proving ground and floated 160 miles away. helicopters will pull the hull out and the trees and military trucks will haul it away. thousands of runners are already here for the big philly rock and roll half marathon on halloween. they've got all their costumes got their sneakers. >> but if you can imagine you were told you may not walk again, let alone run. fox 29 weekend's karen hepp found two racers with paralysis who found a way t to inspire otherothers. >> reporter: it's a halloween check in. more than 18,000 runners getting their race numbers, shirts and costumes determined to run happy and have a scary good time.
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♪ >> reporter: the bands are bringing rock and roll to this half marathon that was our historic sites. they jog and up the art museum steps rocky still but what's most amazing one time they both thought they would never run again. they are both partially paralyzed. luke what happens when beth takes off her special brace. >> when i don't have it on, my foot just drops. and that's why it gets the name foot drop. it's paralysis the shin, the top of the foot and the ankle so there's no ability to lift it whatsoever. >> reporter: fop active person like beth it was a devastating diagnosis. >> that was really a dark dark time for me. there was a period of two years when i had spinal cord injury and the resultings foot drop paralysis where they told me you're not going to run again. you're not going to be an athlete. >> for todd heart it was surgeries to treat skin cancer
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that took him down. his foot collapsed in on itself. >> i was so low in my life from depression standpoint after being active for 25, 30 years and with the diss stone ya ons onset. >> reporter: both found a special brace that brought their lives back one step at a time and pretty soon they were running and showing the power of what people can do against all odds. >> it's no longer about the pr's or the how well am i going to do now? now it's about enjoying live. enjoying the friends that i have and just inspiring others. >> now i celebrate every single starting line. not the finish line. i feel so lucky to be there and that's why i'm trying to raise awareness to let other people get back to their passion. to let them know technology is out there to let them get the quality of life back. >> reporter: if you see them tomorrow, shout out a big philly yo as they inspire us all to strive for more. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. up ahead a rare and very painful condition affecting kids all over the world. right now there is no cure and no treatment but there is good
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news. what doctors are testing that is giving families hope tonight. plus thousands of indiana residents say they're being threatened ahead of election day. who they claim is exposing their voter histories and why there's nothing they can do to stop it. >> an end of an era out west. city ordinance putting the final nail in one of san francisco's longest running industries. the reason these business owners will have to close their doors for good. >> now with tomorrow' traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. we are getting ready for that "game day live" broadcast tomorrow and already market street has been closed all day fifth street over to sixth right there in front of independence hall. it will be closed through sunday sixth street down to one lane. septa buses are on detour. if you are coming in for the big show tomorrow morning, extra trains added on the market frankford line and it's not the only event in town. tomorrow we'll be running a philly rock and roll half
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marathon which will be shutting down the parkway, arch, market, areas around city hall and both of the drives. some of those closures are already in effect for the race
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now your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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welcome back. tragic crash on southern california highway. a man is dead after he was thrown from his car landing on a sign above a freeway. police say the driver lost control of his vehicle on the five outside of la. investigators say he hit another car so hard that when he was ejected the force of the impact thrust his body up in the air and on to that sign. fire crews had to use a latter to get the man down. that crash tied up traffic for hours. if you want to buy a gun, legally don't count on doing it in san francisco. gun shop owners there say city ordinance is effectively forcing them out of business. they have to comply with tough security measures. strict recordkeeping rules and limits on window displays and now there's a push to require gun store owners to video tape all gun and ammunition sales and share that data with police. shop owners say would be customers are choosing to avoid the rules altogether and just buy outside of san francisco.
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the nra chimed in saying the policies will only deter law abiding citizens from exercising their second amendment rights. some say political party in indianapolis is going a bit too far to get voters to the polls. take look at the flyer sent to voters there telling them that they'll be receiving a report card with their voting history. it also says their neighbors will receive that same voting report card. one political columnist says the flyer may be a a aggressive attempt to drum up democratic support. >> to say they're going release personal information and particularly neighbors information walks up the line, it may not cross the line but walks up to the line. i don't necessarily dry it as intimidation, no. >> it's certainly in poor taste, and, um, i certainly won advocate to intimidate voters look this. >> that flyer was paid for by the indiana democratic state central committee.
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after school fight getting a lot of attention tonight. a brawl so bad even police officers came out with injuries. tonight the clues about what happened and what is going to be done about this. an extra hour of sleep is what we will get after the halloween festivities tomorrow but but one state doesn't want to ever change the clocks again. daylight saving proposal that's gaining momentum night. dave. >> while you're sleeping tonight these temperatures will be dropping but that all changes by the end of the weekend thanks to not this it's clear here but some rains moving in with warmer temperatures. those numbers and see hohohohoho
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