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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  November 1, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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announcing it would send an 50 special operations forces to assist in the fight against isis. that contradicts president obama's earlier vow to not put american boots on the ground. the white house says the troops are not there for combat. here to discuss more, is senator lindsey graham, who as advocated
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sending more troops. welcome back to "fox news sunday." you have been saying for months we needed troops there on the ground to battle eye says. what do you think of the president's decision to bring in 50 troops. >> it will not change conditions on the ground. i intend to destroy isil. they want three things, they want to purify the islamic faith and take it bulk to the 1100s, and they want to attack infidels like up. al baghdadi said after he was in a p.o.w. camp, i will see you in new york. sending 50 american special forces into syria in the eyes of isil shows that obama is not all in, it is a sign of weakness to isil. they have sized obama up and they think he's weak. to our allies, sending 50 troops means we're not committed to destroying isil, and if not, they will attack us here.
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this is a failure on all fronts. these 50 operators will go in into a very bad spot with no chance of winning, and at the end of the day, this is an increment 58 change with no. let's just roll the clock back and look at what he said. >> i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. i will not pursue an open-ended acli act like -- >> is that an -- >> my goal is to droid isil. if we don't hit them there, they will hit us here. the president has basically surrendered on two tronts. his goal of degrading and destroying isil, this strategy will not work. at the end of the day barack obama has turned out to be a completely incompetent commander in chief. he doesn't listen to sound
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military advice, leaving iraq too soon led to the rise offizele and john kerry is complete ledee losal. what we're about to accomplish is to turn syria over to russia and iran, and to make sure that we never destroy isil on obama's watch, and pass this mess on to the next president. senator, one of the big concerns is we are not going to have american and russian forces operating in the same area with competing agendas. >> right. >> do you see the potential here for direct confrontation, either accidental or intentional? >> there may be some potential, but el see russia and iran mopping the floor with obama and kerry. russia is all in with iran to support assad. president obama said assad must go. the russians say no, he will stay. they're fighting to keep assad in power. assad is a puppet of the iranians. his regime will not be accepted by the syrian people.
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it will destabilize the region and now obama's allowed russia to dismember syria, and the russians are back in the mideast strong. they've never been stronger since 1973. this is a complete disaster for us, it means the war never ends, the refugeeses continue to flow, and isil has recruiting opportunity now -- come to syria and fight our mortal enemy, the shia persian iranians. this is screwed up at every angle. the 50 going on the ground are in harm's way. i cannot tell you how bad this is. this is what john kerry will do. he will cut a deal with the russians and iranians, where they gets control over syria, the iranians will have another air capital over their control and he will declare victory. since the nuclear deals. the iranians have test-fired a missile in violation of the sanctions. they have put troops on the
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ground in iran to hurt our interest and have jailed the fourth american business person. is this the change we are hoping 230? iran is just slapping obama and kerry in the face. we have about 30 seconds left. i do want to talk about the debate. there's a big meeting in northern virginia, talking about changes in debates going forward at the debacle on wednesday. what changes do you want to see? >> i want smaller groups on the stage, better questions, and let us all be heard from equally. reince priebus is a good man, he's rebuilt the republican party, but this debate structure is not leading to the best candidate coming out of the debates. i would like smaller group, all of us be herd equally, ask better questions, if we do that we'll get the best nominee to win a election we can't afford to lose. if we continue with this process, i think at the hurt our chances for winning in 2016. thank you for joining us.
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sorry you didn't get the extra hour of sleep, but hope you enjoy the football game. >> i will. thank you. paul ryan, the party's former vice presidential nominee, takes the top job and is vowing to change the way congress does business. earlier i sat down with to discuss the new plans. you said you wanted party unity. for the moment, for the most part, you've got it. what do you do to keep the party together? how do you get the two sides of the gop together so you can actually get things done. >> i think we've been bold on tactics, not on policy, and it is think i key is so offer the country a very bold alternative, a bolt agenda how to solve this country's problems. i think that's how we unify. >> how much rope do you give the
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freedom caulks? a lot of members are getting a lot of heat for just supporting you. >> i think the is it key is we need congress is it working as the founders intended. that's number one. number two, i think it's very important we are a successful opposition party, not only do we use the tools that we have to be a successful opposition party, but we have to, number three, be a proposition party. this is where we have fallen down. i think this is what unifies republicans, which is to show the country how we would do things differently. how do you overhaul the tax code? what is the replacement of obamacare look like? how do you effectively attack the room of poverty? how do you get economic growth? those are the things that people are hungry for. we don't think the country is headed in the right direction, we ought to show what we would do if we had the ability to do it. i think that unifies us. >> in terms of doing things
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differently, the last vote, you voted for the budget deal, after saying long and loud, this whole thing stinks. >> i did. i think the process stunk. >> but you've talked to several reps, if you can say that about the budget deal and yet vote for it, then under your speakership it will be business as usual. >> my colleagues who know me think differently. we were coming up to a deadline on tuesday where we could have had a potential default. we were coming up with a deadline on appropriations on december 11th. what happened was leadership presented us with a bill a few days beforehand. we should not be doing business that way. i've been the first among many to discuss that. what we need to do is develop a strategy early on, involve all members of our conference, so we can think about these issues ahead of time and not get up to the deadlines, so we can prosecute a strategy early on and show people who we are, open
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the process up. that's how we have to do things differently. i told the members of our conference, i cannot pick up where john boehner left off. i cannot do things the same way. i think most members agreed with that. i think that's one of the reasons why nigh colleagues asked me to do the job. >> the people i talked to, agree with you, the pros haz to change, about you but they also think if you're coming up against hard deadlines, you should uses in a leverage. >> we should have been meeting months ago how to do that, we didn't do that. >> three republican presidential candidates voted against this bill. the democrats say that's reckless, they're playing foals and loose with the american economy and they don't deserve to be elevated to the presidency because of that type of behavior. with their votes reckless? i'm not going to criticize how a person voted one way or another. what i think we need to do is change the way we do business. we've been bold on tactics, but not bold on alternatives.
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i think in 2016, we need to show people who we are, what we believe, and how we would do things differently, and what our ideas and policies are to change the direction of this country. we think the president's leading us in the wrong direction, and here in the house, we have to offer a bolt alternative. that's exactly what unifies of. >> i talked to several, about what you should be doing as a party, in this presidential year, you should be putting on the president's desk, legislation on regulatory reform, spending bills that puts the democrats in a difficult place. >> i'm not talking about putting anybody in a difficult place. i think we give the nation solutions. >> this is what the party wants. >> the party wants to be on offense, give people alternatives. we are elected by our constituents to represent them. people in this country are very anxious and very frustrated.
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>> working people in america are falling behind, not getting ahead, very worried about their future. >> foreign policy is an absolute disaster, so we owe the people of this country a different vision for how we will go forward, and this is what we owe our constituents, and this is this is what we're going to do. >> but you also have to keep the party together. there are many conservatives who say we did well in the polls in the election in 2014 after the government was shut down in 2013. there's a new ap poll says a divided public says, okay, if you want to shut down the government in order to force the president to swallow this different choice of spending cuts or inflating or blowing out the budget, you're probably right to do that. do you not have his -- his toy recently has shown that you can do whatever you need to do to rein in government. >> i think your gaze is too low, raise it to the horizon.
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>> this isn't isn't my gaze, but your party. >> we've been too timid on vision, we have none, so this is what i think we can unify over. so people understand why we make decisions on a day-to-day basis, they don't understand where we're going. what are our ideas? how do we take the founding principles and reapply them to the problems of the day, to give real solutions to working families so they can get ahead, they can see we can get this american idea back. that's the problem. we fight over tactics, because we don't have a vision. we have to have a vision and offer an alternative to this country so they can see if we get the chance to lead, if we get the presidency and keep congress, this is what it would look like, this is how we'll fix the problems working families are facing. that is what we have not not done. >> in order to do that, some mainstream reps have told me you as speaker may have though start
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throwing the senate under the bus. do you agree? >> i don't think we throw any republicans under the bus. look, i was not asked to disunified the republican party. i was asked to unify, so throwing republicans under the bus is not in my job description. we have to unify, and we have to also understand the limits that the constitution places on us when we have a president that doesn't agree with us, when we have a president that's unwilling to listen to is. sold trust to power be an effective opposition party, but be a very effective proposition party. >> you promised a new spirit of openness, traenz panes. >> absolutely. >> will you, as speaker, maybe public the full text of the transpacific partnership? >> yeah, it's in law. >> but it's secret right now. >> we haven't even seen it yet. >> when you get it. >> trade promotion authority legislation, which i co-authored requires this trade agreement be made public to all of americans so they can see it.
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>> how soon will that happen? >> that's up to the administration. that's not something within our control. we don't draft in agreement. it was negotiated. when that text comes to congress, it has to be made public at least 60 days, it will be public longer than that. >> the law that we wrote requires that the country get to read every piece of this agreement. >> in terms of the vote, it looks like the vote will happen in the lamb-duck session. >> i don't know when that will happen. >> will you make the vote earlier so the republican voters can get an idea of where your members stand on this? >> we haven't even see this trade agreement. >> would you be open to that? >> i would be open to anything. just so you know, we haven't been sent this agreement yet. >> i understand. >> you want you will not pass any immigration bill that is not approved by the majority of the majority, the so-called hastert rule. will you adhere to it on other, or will you cobble together a
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coalition of democrats and republicans to get it -- >> i was elected to unify the -- not to disunified the republican conference. so i think on the big controversial issues of the day, i want to reach for not just a narrow majority, i want to get us to consensus. that's what i think a good leader does. so to answer your question, i wasn't -- i wasn't made dictator of the house, but speaker of the house. i want to facilitate and lead us to consensus. there are always exceptions to the rules. when circumstances dictate, we have to look at all options available, but i believe it's important going forward we operate on a consensus basis, but on immigration in particular we can't trust this president on immigration reform. he's already proven untrust worthy, because he tried to circumvent the legislative process with his executive orders. >> on these other issues, this president has proven himself
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untruth worthy in. >> in saying you would accept the speakership, you wouldn't take the job if it interferes with neurofamily time, which opened up a conversation about the important of spending time with your family. there are many people who would like to see you make priority legislation that gives the backing of the federal government so they can have time with their families. >> i don't think people asked me to be speaker so i can take more money from hard-working taxpayers to create a new federal entitlement, but i think people want members of congress that represent them, that are like them. don't you you want your member to be a citizen legislator who lives among you, who has your own kinds of concerns, who wants to spend time with his children on saturdays and sundays? i'm going to keep lipping in wisconsin, where i'm from and raise high family. i'll keep going back and forth, and yes, sundays will be family dates and saturdays are family and constituent days.
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that's i think is what most people want in their life, is a balance. if you're asking me because i want to continue being the best dad and husband and speaker i can be, getting that work/life balance correct means i should sign up for some unfinisheded entitlement? that doesn't make any sense to me. >> much of the republican base hates the people in power. one of the reasons would you you were so popular is you eschewed powered. how do you -- >> this is not a job i was ever seeking or looking for. i believe in what we call around here regular order. i think the committee should write the bills. i think members of congress should have the freedom and open process to represent the constituents in passing legislation, and that's why i don't think leadership should be trying to covet power and write legislation. i think i want to have a more participatory process, which is really what the founders envisioned the house to look
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like. that's what so many of us have been concerned about the way this place has been run. this is why it's a new days. we're wiping the slate clean and i'm going to do it differently than it's been done. >> do you expect a long or short honeymoon? >> about pa minutes. >> thanks for taking the time. congratulations. >> i appreciate it. caroly fiorina faces the critics after this week's debate. we'll talk about her performance, the fact checkers and those comments made by the ladies at "the view." xerox engineers a better way for people, process and technology to work together. improving how the world shops, travels, pleases customers, learns, banks, and stays healthy, so... life works better. work can work better. with xerox.
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i was recruited to hp to save a company. it was a company that had grown into a bloated inept bure ocrazy that cost too much and produced too little. >> carly fiorina joins us now this morning from des moines. ms. fiorina, welcome back to "fox news sunday." good to see you again. sorry, no extra hour of sleep today. >> good morning, john. we fell back, so i did get an extra hour's sleep. >> that's good. i wanted to get you to weigh in on the president sending 50 special forces, operators into syria. you talked a lot about what you would do as president when it comes to fighting isis. what do you think of the president's plans to send in these 50 operators? >> first of all, it's a recognition that you cannot have
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a successful bombing campaign county people on the ground telling you where to place the bomb, so he's sort of come to reality, but on the other hand, it's also too little too late. this is a reflex you have the reality, when america does not act, does not lead as we have not the last three years, our options become very constrained and the situation becomes more dangerous. i'm glad he did this, but we still do not have a strategy in syria. and so as a result the situation is far more complicated than it was three years ago when he started talking big about al assad must go and red lines must not be crossed and now we have russia and iran calling the shots. when we do not lead, the world becomes a much more dangerous and tragic place. if u.s. troops get caught up in a russian bombing attack, what should the president do?
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>> well, you know, the president has said he doesn't believe in no-fly zones, and sors they are very effective. they have been in the past. we need to establish one. we need to makes kris al clear to vladimir putin that our jets will fly when and where they want, but so far the president has done none of that, though he and the secretary of state continue to talk to russia. eighths inexplicable to me, while we're talking to them, they're lying to us. we need to act now. it is why, as president of the united states, in addition to having a strategy in syria and for isis, i would also be rebuilding the 6th fleet right under pewter an nose, rebuilding the defense program in poland, he must see strength and resolve from the united states of america. he has not. let's go back to your opening statements. you joked in the ronald reagan
8:25 am
library debate, that you didn't smile enough, and the ladies of "the view" decided to take issue with that. >> she kicked off her thing, you know, people tell me i didn't smile enough during the last debate. she look demented. her mouth did not downturn once. >> dememted, halloween mask, is there a double standard here? i can't imagine they would say things about hillary clinton? >> you think? yeah, i think -- i was on "the view" several months ago. she said none of that to my face. there is nothing more threatening to the liberal media in general and hillary clinton in particular than a conservative woman, so of course there's a double standard. conservative women from sarah palin to michele bachmann to carly fiorina are long used to
8:26 am
this. it will not stop me. maybe if i come back on again, let's see if they have the guts to say that to my face. >> they said something to miss colorado when she appeared on stage in a nurse's uniform. kelley johnson is a lovely woman, committed to her profession. are these women out of touch? >> well, i think what these women represent is a set of liberal feminists who believe that if you do not agree with them on their liberal orthodoxy that you don't count, that somehow you're not a woman. see, i know that women represent half the nation, so of course our views are going to be as diversion as men's. i also know that unless and until women's potential is fully unlocked and women have been crushed under the obama economy, we will not be as good a nation assh and frankly i'm tired of bug insulted by liberal
8:27 am
feminist, when realie is every issue is a woman's issue. women care about all of it. so i am sorry i don't agree with the women of "the view." i'm going to continue to stand up, stand strong, talk about what i believe in, and i am hillary clinton's worst nightmare as a result. >> on the subject, one of your most talked about moments from wednesday's debate is when you want this. let's listen. >> 92%. 92% of is the jobs lost belonged to women during obama's first term. >> what women are spell about is the data used does not represent the totality of the first term. people from your campaign said to me yesterday you misspoke during the debate. do you want to take a moment to clarify the remarks? >> this is what the liberal media do, they try to discelt
8:28 am
the messenger. yes, it is true, the 92% refers to the first 3 1/2 years of barack obama's term, not the first four years. here's what is under denibl. women have been hurt under this administration's policy. the extreme poverty rate among women is the highest ever recorded the poverty among women is the highest in 20 years. women have been harmed by this administration's policies, just as african-americans have, just as the poor have been, progressive policies are bad for the people they claim to help. that is true of women as well as men. if you're using a data set that stops in march of 2012, because that's the most advantageous point to make that point, are you doing voters a disservice by telling these really whether happened during the entire first term, by january to 13, the jobs for
8:29 am
women had actually increased by 400,000. >> yes, as my campaign said, we misspoke, about that reality doesn't change the reality that women have been harmed under this administration. think about what i just said, and this is what the liberal media tries to do. let us discredit the messenger so we ignore the truth of the message. here is the truth of the message -- women are harmed by this administration's policies, record number of women have lost jobs, living in poverty or living in extreme poverty. that is the debate we'll have to have to win this 2016. was the real human impact of progressive policies? the reality is the human impact of progressive policies is to keep people unemployed. we have record numbers of people who are no longer working or who have quit looking for work. we have record numbers of people on food stamps, report numbers of people living in poverty. those are the facts, that is the
8:30 am
truth. >> we have to wrap it up there. thank you. it was good to see you again. we'll see you seen i'm sure. >> thank you, john. the shake-up in the republican race and on the hill. plus what would you like to ask the panel? just go to facebook or twitter @foxnewssunday, and we may use your question on the air. ' it. did it. done. doers built this country. the dams and the railroads. ♪john henry was a steel drivin' man♪ hmm, catchy. they built the golden gates and the empire states. and all this doin' takes energy -no matter who's doin'. there's all kinds of doin' up in here. or what they're doin'. what the heck's he doin? energy got us here. and it's our job to make sure there's enough to keep doers doin' the stuff doers do... to keep us all doin' what we do. the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains.
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combat vision. if we were envisions a combat operation, we probably would be contemplating more than 50 troops on the ground. white house press secretary josh earnest explaining a major shift in president obama's syria strategy. it's time for our sunday group, syndicated columnist george will, ron fournier, liz cheney, and former senator evan bayh. the president said two years ago definitively i'm not going to put forces on the ground in syria. two years later, here we are. >> it's no longer news that the president does something that contradicts statements. he does it on a regular basis. this is a clear and direct let to the united states, they have to be defeated and defeated by force. there's no diplomatic solution. there's no negotiation that's going to defeat isis. we have to take the territory from them that they now hold. we have a president who seems to
8:35 am
either not know that or not care. he has no plan in place for defeat them. we have these incremental deployment of forces that include rule of engagement for or pilots, for example, that preclude them from doing the job he says they're on the there to do. at the end of the day the notion that we're in vienna that we're negotiating, that the russians and iranians brought in as positive partners in the president's view is all folly. the president will have to answer to history. i'm sure he's looking forwards heliacy, an the question for him will be why did you stand by while this threat to americas this grave threat grew and gathered strength across the middle east. >> senator bayh, does he need to go to congress now for further authorization? it seems there's a real potential for mission creep. >> a president is always stronger when you go to congress and get congress's support. the real issue is whether the congress would lend that,
8:36 am
because on this issue, as many others, congress is divided. some would resist even the 50 advisers, and on the other side, a lot want to go much further. so i think the congress leg in the role of consulting or advising. >> we're in there for 50, do you expect two years from now we'll be in for 5,000? >> it sure feels like a slippery slope. i think it's still news when the president deceives the american public. either he knew at the time that was b.s. and that's a lie, or he did know it was -- and that's naive. they talked about how it was not a strategic change and shift, but those are synonyms. so they seem to be spending all their strategic thinking on how to spin these conflicts, and knolls as much time explaining
8:37 am
the real strategy and how they'll either keep us out of the syria, out of these conflicts or win them. >> begin by understanding there are no good four choices, there are four barely functioning states. now the president is being accused of, i think john mccain's phrase, grudging incrementalism. that's probably true, but what is the choice at this point? liz says a caliphate has been established and we have to take the ground back. i don't know what the antisecedt of that pronoun is. from saudi arabia, egypt -- they're perfectly capable of dos this with our assistance, whether 50 special forces perhaps being used as air controllers to make or air force and navy aviators just that much more effective, whether that
8:38 am
will have a big multiplier effect, but we as america, will not take the land back, we certainly won't under president obama. >> should the president have acted three years ago, wouldn't is it have been much easier, and now before russia is in? >> with the benefit of hindsight, yes, we should have taking a more muscular approach, but i would take issue with one thing ron said. i'm not prepared to say he was actually lying to the american public irnts wasn't he told by a lot of people. >> there was a difference the opinions. this is a prelude to a negotiation. a negotiation will determined by facts on the ground. facts on the ground in that part of the world are increasingly determined by boots on the ground, so the previous strategy was to try to support some moderate alternative. that was an unmitigated disaster. what our intelligence services are doing is more effective, but not enough, so we're now tries
8:39 am
to support the kurds, who are effective on the ground. so all this will play itself out and eventually there will be more stability and we can have a negotiation, but it's a very complex place, it's a mess, and for anyone to imply there's an easy, simple solution, i think that would be somewhat naive. >> a prelude to negotiations, negotiations are under way right now in vienna to sort this out. no timetable for assad to leave. how do you think these negotiations will end up? >> i think they probably are on a track bakley to end up in a place that is just as beneficial to the united states of america as the iran negotiation were, which was frankly not at all, but you have a problem here fundamentally, which is isis is a threat to the united states. what george says about the complexity of the region is absolutely true, but right now it's going to take the united states to do it. >> you just mentioned vienna one of the napoleon's favorite
8:40 am
maxims is if you start to take vienna, take vienna. in other words, don't be tentative some military affairs. i don't think any republican will go to the american people and say i will put troops on the ground sufficient -- >> you have heard most republicans, even in the last debate say the united states of america, the security of this nation requires that we defeat isis and do what it takes. >> the devil is in the details, and so is defeat. we'll be back in just a little while. when we come back, a popular former three-term republican governor from a heavily democratic state. george pataki is struggling to break from the pack. we'll go in depth on the issues, next.
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to change washington you have to understand government as well. you can't just be an outsider,
8:44 am
you can't by just someone who throws stones at washington. you have to be able to bring people together. >> former governor george pataki in boulder, colorado, explaining how he would lead if he became president. governor pataki joins us from, welcome back. >> great being on, john. >> i don't want to be indelicate, but this question has been asked before, and i think it bears asks gill. why are you still in this? 0% of the polls, the numbers have not moved. >> two reasons. first of all, i know if i have the opportunity, that i can win the election and run the country. the second is while i'm out there meeting people in new hampshire, small retail groups, what i'm hearing constantly is we know where you are in the polls, but please say? there are two fronters who i don't believe they should be the dom knee. pretty much every other
8:45 am
candidate is struggling. at the end the republican voters will want someone who can win and have a vision to move america forward. so i'm encouraged by the reaction i get. >> the four key words there. you said "if i can win." you've raised less than half a million, which the bush campaigns on the ropes is basically a rounding error. $13,000 cash on hand at the end of september, do you even have the money? >> we knew from the beginning we were going to have to run a grass-roots campaign. we won't be running expensive media ads, but that's okay when you have the opportunity to talk to the american people like i am right now. i think the american people and honestly, the republican voters, yes, they're angry at washington. right now two people who have never hell public office have pretty much 50% of the vote, but at the end they're going to say
8:46 am
we want an outsider, but someone who has a proven record of being able to bring people together and actually change government and pull in place conservative policies. if i get a chance for the american people to hear what i accomplished in new york, and my vision for america, i'm confident that not only can i win, but i will win. >> let me go back to the debate wednesday night. you attacked hillary clinton for using a private server. here is what you said. >> hillary clinton put a server, an unsecure server in her home as secretary of state. we have no doubt that was hacked and that state secrets are out there to the iranians, russians, chinese and other. that alone should disqualified her from being president. >> certainly, governor there's a big controversy about the e-mails, the fbi is conducting an investigation, but you are very dollar tiff that her server was hacked and the secrets are out there. what evidence do you have?
8:47 am
>> all you have to do is look at what other countries have been able to do to hack the cia director, to hack our state department, to hack the military, the defense department. they have hacked very secure e-mail systems in the united states. >> wasn't that just an assumption on your part? >> i think that's a very safe assumption, when you send out over 60,000 e-mails on an unsecure server in your own house and you are secretary of the state in the united states and you know foreign countries are looking at this trying to find out what she is communicating, there's no question in my mind that her e-mails have been hacked and identified. i don't think anybody who looks at this fairly will come on any other conclusion. how how successful they have been getting through the encryption our state department, our defense department, our cia has. imagine how easy it is when you're dooling with a home
8:48 am
server. >> governor, one point where you part ways with many people on the republican side of the fence is you believe that manmade circumstances, or at least possibly are -- rather partially responsible for creating global warming. you also part ways with your republican opponents who believe if you were to take meaningful steps, you would ruin the the u.s. economy. let's listen to marco rubio. >> every proposal will be proposals to make it harder to do business in america, hard tore create jobs. >> governor, is he right? >> yeah, he's right, is because what he said is every proposal they make. there are two points. first, i am different from every other represent. i'm a limited government conservative. that means leave it to the states in accordance did the tenth amendment. second, the republicans have to
8:49 am
embrace science. there's no question, none, that co2 is a greenhouse gas that will warm the atmosphere. that doesn't mean we have to accept barack obama or hillary clinton's big strategy of raising government power, government control over energy and manufacturing in this country. what i said at that debate and what i deeply believe is republicans should embrace inoy investigation, american invention, we are the only country in the world that today has fewer greenhouse emissions in 1995. it's not because of the big government programs, but because of the private industry inoy investigation, fracking has allowed us to change from goal to natural gas-powered plants. embrace innovation, we're americans. we will look at the 21st century with confidence and optimism. >> thank you for joining us, and
8:50 am
see you on the campaign trail and we'll see you on the 10th of november. >> thank you, john. jeb bush says his campaign is not on life support. our panel weighs in, and the rise of his one-time protege marco rubio, who now hats a big donor.
8:51 am
it's not on life support. we have the most money, the greatest organization. we're doing fine. jeb bush insisting his campaign is not on the down and
8:52 am
out. we're back with the panel. george, is he on the glide path -- >> there's a if people start saying you're in trouble, you're in trouble because people have said that. that feeds back into this loops and marco rubio gets peter singer -- i can't remember which. >> paul. >> it cascades. i think jeb bush is probably feeling not unreasonably that he's the victim of a debate process that no one really thinking tests in a broadway the essential attributes of the president. but he didn't make the rules, this is the landscape we play in, so right now i would say it's not as bad as the self-if you filling mechanism indicates, but it could be in another week. >> he's going hard after marco rubio, that presentation he made to supporters in houston,
8:53 am
including 112-page power diplomat point presentation, who they had about rubio, those who looked into his past have been concerned. >> i talked to people over the weekend, and they're second-guessing themselves. it's just not jeb's nature to be that confrontational and they'll try to have him focus more on connecting with the policies with the real people and shortening his answers. it is -- he seems to be right now a man who doesn't quite fit the times. i'm not a fortune teller. i don't know if he's going to make it or not, but when you -- you've watched him deal with a debate process, filled with loud candidates, filled with loud reporters, a very vapid and vain process, he does strike me as a charlie rose candidate in a charlie brown world. >> very close to his brother.
8:54 am
is job just not cut from the same closest when it comes to campaigning? >> i think what ron said is true. store rubo said this in the debate. somebody seems to have advised jeb the right way to respond to falling poll numbers is to attack marco rubio, you can see he's not comfortable doing it, it seems out of character. i hope you're right. i hope he stops it, because it's not good for him, it's not good for the party, and it's not good for the future of the republican party either. >> rubio addressed that a friday night. let's listen to what he said. >> party of a strategic vision they have made and they have the right to make it. i just don't think it's a smart thing to do, to do hillary clinton's job for her. one of the reasons i think we lost in 2012 a republicans attacking each other. >> senator, by the republican establishment is world is in jeb talks down marco rubio, that
8:55 am
leaves ted cruz as the strongest candidate. >> hillary clinton wins against ted cruz. she would have more appeal to hispanics, women, young people. but the thing is things can change quickly. three week ago, we would be talking about hillary clinton is struggling, but now her numbers are up. ron is exactly right. his background and who he is is a little out of tenor with the times. it's almost as if he needs to be hum abled and come out and say, forget my last name is bush, assume i'm smith. i was governor smith of florida, a crew keiing conservative, and present himself that way. that's the person i am. >> is there something about marco rubio? >> yes, obviously a most talented candidate in the field, but he's not flawless. his initial answer was very
8:56 am
robotic, very scripted, and he compared himself to barack obama and john kerry. that's the open that hillary clinton would drive a truck right through. >> the problem with bush -- or for bush, at least, when you get in these death spirals, as scott walker -- not to say he's in the death spire, but you say you're in trouble and next thing you know you're off of cliff. there's a big meeting tonight, a lot of campaigns saying this is what we need to do going forward. we need to make changes after the debacle it is cnbc debate. will they change, or at least the campaigns will put pressure on the rnc to change things. >> the most important function is to dispense a presidential nomination, and they really therefore ought to have more control. i don't blame reince priebus, he inherited a tradition and system, and the tradition is now, thanks to cnbc, been proven
8:57 am
to be intolerable to republicans. i wish this meeting well tonight. i think there ought to be a way -- have the debates, stream it on the internet, but the idea you have to make the party a hostage to a broadcast entity whether or not it's sympathetic, and none of them are for the republican party. >> you're in the tread cruz on that. so you are in the carson -- fewer questions, more candidate statements, fewer debates. >> the issue is not that the republicans are afraid to answer questions. what happened is the moderators acted like they were democratic presidential candidates. this consist listenly interrupted, the questions are were snarky. i think reince and the rnc have done a great job. in order to defeat hillary in
8:58 am
the general election, we have to recognize that most of the media will be on hillary's side, not our. >> the candidates need more confidence in the american public. and so the rules are that they can be prepared for anything and everything, and i think they should have more confidence in that. >> fox business network, november 10th in milwaukee, we'll all be there, looking forward to it. panel, thanks so much for being with us. chris wallace will be back next sunday. have a great week, and well will see you next phony. see you next "fox news sunday."
8:59 am
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