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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 2, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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jessica real fast somebody just asked, yes. >> erika says you are an artist with a gift. she wants to know how you put on your own make up because she looks flawless. >> thanks very much. since i cannot bring my hand to my face i bring my face to my hand. do you mind if i give a demo. >> no. >> all right. >> so you are putting on brush. >> yes. >> you have a mirror or your wall. >> yes. >> i would have the mirror on may bed. i can't tell you how many times i have gone through bed sheets. >> you are looking down right now. >> and one, take six. eye liner, eye liner, only thing i'm still working on is lashes because. >> lashes are very hard. >> lashes are hard for
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everybody. >> continue to work on natasha. >> she looks fantastic. >> she looks good. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, jessica. >> okay. >> lets talk about relationship milestones. >> it is not about the ring anymore, it does have to do with social media but before social media everything had to be spelled out in relationship. >> we have to talk. >> but now experts say there are eight milestones in today's world where you can prove. >> kick us off. >> do you ever share your hbo go pass word? yes or no. >> yes, i do. i actually do because what kind of trouble can i get into if she has that. >> have you purged your dating apps from your phone. >> deleting pictures and stuff >> no more swiping left and right. >> here's another big one. >> maybe not. >> instagram selfie together because you can tell a a lot by what a guy or girl posts on their instagram page, facebook
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or twitter. >> is he taking pictures with you and posting that means he is in a committed relationship. >> sometimes guys are in a committed relationship and they don't post if you know what i mean. >> i have gotten into trouble going out to an event, who is she, why are you hugging her. >> people look into that stuff. >> it is all about the grams. >> you let him follow on spotify. >> that is not bad. >> i was wandberg that one, music tastes. >> probably should know about that anyway. >> and you drop text etiquette. in the beginning of the relationship she's like hello exclamation paint how are you. >> yes. >> i was thinking about you,. >> then it become wyd, what are you doing. >> i'm so lazy, i cannot write okay i just write k. >> some people say it means you are mad if you just are really short. >> i don't like, the yep, and
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the nope. >> i don't like yep. it seems like people are irritated with your question. >> you want them to say yes. >> yes. >> i will also give you the y and the n. >> yes, no. >> are you coming to new york. >> yes. >> then you ghetto fended by yep and nope. >> whatever. >> here's the thing, to me biggest one there is when you put it out, and you have pictures of yourself. when you have facebook in a committed relation ship with and always a big deal, you are coming out as a couple because a lot of times let's face it there is instagram stalkers and twitter stalkers. what do you do you go on their page, you see their pictures, with the girl, or pictures with the guy and there are times when girls have pictures with their man, you go on instagram, no pictures at all. >> or i know people that aren't friends, they have block each other pages. they are together in real life but social media they are not friend. >> they are dating but they cannot see each other profile. >> that is no the good.
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>> i dated a guy once and when we first started to know each other. he said let's not follow each other on something media let's talk about what did you do i don't want to read it or see it on your food. >> what happened. >> it ended. >> that way when i got home from work i know did you this i saw you posted it. you can have an actual conversation. i didn't know what he was doing. >> i needed his number. >> that is brilliant. >> you bought that. >> exactly. >> really. >> we don't want to crowd each others lives, i don't want to you follow me. >> i kind of liked it. >> all right. >> i trust it, mike. you need trust in your life. >> i would have questioned it. i would have been like why? >> i questioned it but now we have stuff to talk about. >> you you are really writing this down. >> people tweet me, we're not dating anymore so it doesn't matter. >> now list, alex, how do
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you spell, naive? a-l-e-x. >> i choose to believe he was being nice and wanted to focus on us. >> i don't want to crowd your life. >> it can get complicated. >> sue's laughing so hard. it can get complicated. because, what did you do last night? he said i went to the party. but you posted you went here and here. you didn't mention that. you can get caught up. >> i look at you differently now. >> i need to talk more. you may have more. >> mike, you you get lost in social media, sometimes it the takes away from the relationship. >> whatever conversation. >> staying up all night on the phone, you hang up, no, you hang up. >> now we just look at your feed. i know what you have been doing. we don't need to talk. >> from this point forward when i meet a guy, first thing i do is go on their page. >> yes. >> it is like the new resume. >> exactly. >> i have a friend who broke
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up with a woman. >> yeah. >> and he constantly checks her instagram to see i hear she's dating someone else and if they pop out at an event together and it has happened now. >> they did the debut on social media. >> that has to hurt. >> are they okay. >> two michigan fans who met in the blog. they met up in real life. so, they kind of fell in love, mentally, on line. >> um-hmm. >> so this sports web site. >> so then the bride went to michigan for college. she became a wolverines fan herself. then they wrote each other on line and they gradually flirting with comments. and then phone numbers. then they agreed to meet. then they got married. of course during michigan bye week because you don't want to miss a game. >> well, good for them.
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>> he drove for their first date, 12 hours. >> what? >> to see her, to decide i liked this girl. >> i have never met her in person because it was a blog and then just knew each other by screen names. >> and their pictures. >> and how did they not that was not a cat fish. >> yes. >> she sent him a link to her twitter page so basically she's i'm real this is a link to my twitter page. >> they saw pictures. he took a gamble. twelve hours. i know. >> if you don't live in center city, there is no shot. >> i don't have a car. >> we do have some breaking news, in camden, county this morning. gloucester township police a announced that they have arrested a man, they say was making up store business needles, he said he found in halloween candy. we were reporting about this stuff that we got word and some pictures were sent to us, the halloween candy had
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been tainted with needles, in camden county, gloucester. >> that story is unrelated. this is a separate incident where he heard bit, and i found need unless candy too. >> after investigation they found the guy, that he did make up the story, and put needles in candy. >> he has been charged with making a false police report and due in court. thinks unrelated to the one we have been telling but all morning in gloucester county and kenneth square. >> those are still legitimate. >> okay. >> people are weird. >> i cannot believe it. >> copycatting. >> well, the rise of the mummy, the mummy blogger over the past few years has inspired thousands on social media, having these parenting support groups. >> but mommy wars has divided users for their abrupt comments and offensive post. it has a hundred thousand members and people are concerned bit because purpose
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of the group is just kind of question now but why are you posting certain things. some people are asking for it to be shut down. >> people are getting nasty. >> it is like the trolls on social media. >> attacking each other. >> posts include comments about appearances, judgments about what mothers are choosing their kid names to be. >> how you are raising your child. >> i was looking him up, scrolling through and you see how it is blackout on the side because comments are so nasty we cannot even show on tv. one thing i will say don't join the group if you are offended because it is not for faint have of heart. if you take these things seriously don't go on the page >> kind of like... >> you will be offended if you this it is funny or whatever, some stuff on split is questionable. >> let's give you an update here. there was this woman honored as teacher of the year, she's out of the job. >> she said that she was told that she's unqualified. >> that is when she turned in
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her rest nation letter. >> why unqualified. >> well, her name is ann marie hired in the birmingham alabama school district. she got news she was moving to fifth grade. she was told had she lacked state qualifications. in her resignation letter she wrote after 21 years of teaching, i had no answers as to why this is a problem now. so instead of paying more fees, taking more tests, proving i'm qualified to teach, i guess she just quit. >> twenty-one years, alex. >> alabama department of education maintains national certification doesn't negate state requirements. >> so should she get that certification even though she has been in the same district for 21 years. >> and apparently a very good teacher. >> selena gomez pays tribute to a popular comedian calling her, the voice of her generation. who could she be talking about. >> do you want me to tell you. >> selena gomez, says amy schumer with the hollywood comedy award. she called it the first comedian to quote speak to the
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woman of my generation. singer actress say schumer inspired her saying you say the thing i wish i could say and you never, ever made me feel bad about anything i do in my personal life. >> i agree with you. amy schumer has blew up to people in their early 30's. >> she posted this pick saying i love selena gomez. here's who i love, selena gomez, angel. >> touching moment for both of them. >> amy is on fire. >> she's every where. >> now i know this app has been out a while but i was fascinated to learn over the weekend and i gotti got close to 20,000 response toes it. >> 20,000 responses to it. >> in a couple of minutes. >> it is an app. there is an app i would pay top dollar for and i think would you too. it blocks you from hearing about these people. >> ugh. >> it is the same thing you were taking before do you
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think it is anitive rent. >> no, that is disgusting. >> it is called kard block. it will block any mention of the kardashians from your news feed or any web site. >> sue's celebrating. >> the the makers now say that they are working on a app that blocks justin beiber too. >> i hear and i'm not sure about this, the kid, that invented it is 21 years old and he lives in england. >> another kid. >> how does it block it. >> i don't know. >> i think any buzz words, stop looking at twitter i will not see it at all, never pops up. >> kard block. >> i didn't get it. >> you want to hear about the kardashians. >> well, i have to for my job.
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>> that is true. >> yes, is it on itune? we have to make sure that is legitimate. they were very excited. >> no, i read about it earlier but i don't know if it is just for desk tops and they are trying to work on the app. >> i need it the for my phone. >> it is google chrome store. >> it is on your phone has it, not apple. >> how long would you work on a halloween costume. >> how long did you work on yours. >> seriously, mike. >> eight minutes. >> no, i got it, inspiration from your costume from the halloween show. >> i was ariana a grande, and i used that whatever that is, that vest. >> take it. >> i said okay. i had to come up with something. >> you were a black sheep. >> a dog. >> i'm's not a dog. >> someone asked if i was kylie jenner or snoopy. >> a baby seal.
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>> yes. >> the seals, no they are pointed seals. hate to bring up the bad thing about seals but they used to be clubbed. but they got that stopped. but they were cute white seals. >> she's a sheep, a lamb. >> baba black sheep. >> yes. heidi klum spent 11 hours, on her out fill for halloween. >> mine was homemade. >> yes. >> did you like it. >> it looked creepy to me. >> it looks like a wax figure from madam toso's. >> she posted video of the make up and prosthetic, and they go on instagram page. >> she made herself have giant boobs. >> she's the the butt is a prosthetic too. >> then we have the big reveal. she was jessica rabbit. >> in the cartoon she's all sexy and gorgeous. here she looks scary.
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>> scary. >> yes, maybe that is a lesson to us. they say bash any real life, she would never stan out. so she's trying to show jessica rabbit, not okay. >> this is 17th year she has gone for an elaborate outfit. >> that is her thing. >> my favorite was last year, the old heidi when she was 95. >> she pulled it off. >> yes. >> and remember this kid's name christian siriano i think he won. >> yes. >> he designed that dress. >> yes. >> wonder how much she spend. she has a huge budget for halloween. >> who was she last year an old lady. >> nine five-year old version of herself. >> here is, a great outfit, is that leather. >> it is the eight five-year old version of myself massacre raiding as a much older woman,
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every single day. lets look at the temperatures, we're warming up a little bit. everybody in the 50's now. fifty-two mount pocono. fifty-one lancaster and close to 60 degrees in philadelphia, down to the south we have 59 in a atlantic city, and millville new jersey. fifty-seven in wilmington delaware. that is where we are right now, wind are mostly calm and fog out there but not much. lets check that seven day information case and see what we have going on. we have 67 degrees in the forecast today, might be higher but we expect quite a few clouds. tomorrow sunny and milder, high of 72. 74 degrees on wednesday and chance of the shower on thursday but still mild, high of seven two. one more mild 14 in a row of temperatures in the 70's for early november that is quite unusual but chilly change in time for sunday. >> sue, jessica says she's done with the make up job. >> let's see it. >> she has limited use of
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perfect arms and hand so she has to dot make up with the brushes in your mouth. >> fabulous. >> so what do we call this look. >> smokey eye. >> light smoke y eye and this ising on for a girls night out. >> or just to have fun you did that whole thing with the brushes in your mouth. >> with the brushes in my mouth, brushes, eye liner, mascara wand. >> hi natasha, lou fantastic. >> have you work with natasha before. >> yes. >> you do all kind, you you can do halloween scary stuff. >> that is my favorite thing is special effects and zombie make up. >> are you making a living. >> yes. >> you have overcome. >> that is wonderful. >> uphill battle but it is just bee gun. >> how do we get a hold of you. >> through social media, jamie
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facebook, twitter, instagram, facebook jessica ruiz and you can also get a hold of me through the the go fund me accounts, which is go fund ruiz. >> we will put all that on our web site the which is fox >> dream i under score eyes artistry. >> yes you are dream i. >> thank you so much. >> jessica told me that she met, where did we meet sugar house casino. >> sugar house, yes. >> i said i said was i behaving. >> do you want me to truth or fudge. >> you're keeping secrets, mike. >> thank you, jessica, great job today. it is 8:18. >> look at that. >> mike the sixers game tonight. >> i will be going to the
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sixers opener, because it is the opener. the opener was friday. did we win no. >> okay. >> jahlil okafor was out there. >> yes. >> he was so hopeful. >> lebron james and cavilers are in. i will go. >> will you go. >> i will will go. the sixers, flight squad, do we have time to talk about this? >> well, did you send the video. >> i sent you a picture can we show picture. >> it showed, that. >> here's the people that flip it. >> alex, you should come we will flip over you you if you are brave enough. >> oh, surey said we will wait, we will practice we don't want to hit you or anything. so t-shirt machine instead. >> you got to shoot that on the court. >> they brat me on the court and i was shooting it off. i got a text from the the christian cosby, he said we're ready for you, tonight alex, we want to flip over you on the court at the sixers game.
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should i do it. >> of course. >> i'm nervous on friday. i'm nervous on monday. >> no, they are fine. >> bob kelly they had him do it one year and he back out. >> he was scared. >> thank goodness they had padding on the floor. >> tonight, i will see you at the game. >> mike, i will see you it is in the second quarter. >> will you call my parent and tell them i love them. >> i will. >> lets look at lottery numbers. come back with the biggest part of the show you will not believe the next guest.
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so on friday we had a big halloween show and we did in honor of one of our favorite shows tmz. so tmz style. we had a lot of help help from
9:24 am
harvey levin the creator and host of the show. >> today on fm z. >> what is ariana licking doughnuts. >> did someone see air yan grande, over the weekend in a doughnut the shop licking them all up. so disgusting. >> did anybody see nicki, miley vna drama a. >> three words, hey miley, what is good. >> nicki minaj, calling out the the the haters. >> yes, she thanked her fans but people say fans this year, miley cyrus called out my name, called her the the c war. >> yes. >> wow. >> and that is what i say about me in the paper, is what good. >> did someone just give rihanna her money. >> oh. >> money, money. >> she just released herself direct video, and there is a a lot going on.
9:25 am
>> it is all over her accounts. >> so there is nudity, blood, money,. >> show me more. >> so, were you able to see it. >> yes, dax. >> i didn't get to see the whole thing. i watched the entire thing on friday. very funny. you guys did a good job. i liked it. it was good. >> thanks, dax. >> my favorite part was i died laughing at the whole air yan grande licking of the cup cakes. it made me have laugh because it is you, mike and you have a little way with your little cat ears. >> yes, yes, you always dress, in wigs. >> yes. >> so how long did that take to you put that whole thing together. >> i got to tell you. >> a full tmz show. >> it was very fast. >> we shot it the at ten. they got it the cut in three hours. so you dy had your hair.
9:26 am
>> yes. >> well, i took my beiber costume will a lit tool far this year. >> i see. you were beiber. >> i want to see a picture of that, i was named just continue beiber. >> where is the picture, of that. >> i am surprised you didn't post anything. >> did you post it. >> i have to say the skit on, who is it nicki minaj, that was also awesome. >> made me laugh really hard on that. >> so good. >> real quickly give harvey levin a shut out and say thank you from philadelphia. >> we appreciate it. >> harvey says philly says thank you. >> he said you are welcome. >> he is over at his desk. >> he is working on it. >> we will see you this afternoon for tmz and then tmz live at 3:00 o'clock. >> great job. in the next eight weeks we will be in shape and looking good at our new years eve party. >> can you believe it is just weeks away. get us together, jen.
9:27 am
>> you know, the other thing is it is just a way to keep it together and not gain so much, so it could be the answer, but you have to listen to juliett's rules, coming back, we will tell you what the rules are.
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for district attorney in montgomery county... kevin steele, first assistant d.a. with a 98% conviction rate and tough sentences for sexual predators. or bruce castor, a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. castor said, "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out for the victims.
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>> looking at the leaves, the fall foliage. >> people have been asking about the costume, avoided the question, here it is, ladies and gentlemen, we can't show the rest of it? or scroll down little bit? he's covered. he's covered. >> we can't show t well, go on my twitter feed.
9:31 am
i just row tweeted it. alex holley fox 29. it is covered. you won't see anything, but it is hilarious, very well done. 93:00; they always say to put a salad in your daily meal plan. but, you know there is time of year it is tough, it is thanksgiving, thinking about christmas, i'm not thinking about salad right now. >> i know, so they are changing up the message and saying soup, is that right, jen? >> i like soup. >> yes. and it is casino of cool. i confess, i'm a soup a holic. here is a nutrition direct or. you guys run a tight ship. briefly do you have clean eating challenge coming up? >> yes, starts monday november 15th, just seven days, great way to re-set before we casino of get into the holiday craziness. >> no darey? >> yes, no dairy. no desserts. so it is also like a psychological challenge, and then, just eating all clean foods, unprocessed foods, all different rules, very easy to follow, and you can buy stuff at the store pre-made for t you don't have to cook everything from scratch.
9:32 am
>> you understand that's like zero tolerance, like, military code, and what we're looking for little more relaxed but you know not that we want to lose weight from now, but just want to not gain the five to ten? >> oh, yes. >> okay, so let's talk about soups. i love noodle. let's begin with your rule one, less than 10 grams of sugar per serving, when you are talking about processed foods? >> anything you are get in a package, you want to look at the label, make sure there is less than 10 grams of sugar per serving. >> i can't believe you're allowing these soups, butter nut squash, sweet potato, looks like they would be creamy, now cream in them? >> no cream. sugars are under 10 grams there. i mean, ideally you want to have this with something, make little bit of chicken or turkey slices always balancing it out. but, yes, these are great for you getting good vegtables in. >> when gaff on said he can't believe you're letting us have seven, even no flavor yogurt,
9:33 am
has what? >> even no flavor has nine, because yoking another general has natural sugars in it, a loft things do. >> next one is subtract fine fresh total carbs. >> i look at this, not just keep it in your purse? >> just add hot water to this? >> like oath mail. >> instant oatmeal. >> i said oh, 31 carbs. but you said something i was missing? >> yes, the fiber. look at fiber, subtract the fiber from the carbohydrates, what your net carbohydrates are. it won't stick to you it, will go right through you, keeps you full a lot longer. >> i through. >> you also say to check out the ingredient, more important than the numbers? >> yes, always, when being look at something on a label, don't just look at the calories, don't just look at how much protein is in it. look at the ingredients first, then look at the other stuff. make sure to recognize all of the ingredient, no additives in it. everything that you are seeing there is real food. >> okay, and back to there is you say try to add protein, and peas are an area where people don't realize there is a lot of protein in peas?
9:34 am
>> ton of protein, yes. you want more of plant based diet, you don't have to have meat with every meal to get your protein, so you can see here there is has ton of protein in it. almost as much as chicken breast. >> i love that. and so, again, this thing, right here, which by the way you're not paid to be a spokesperson or anything for that, but these things are something that you will put in your bag, instead of getting like some kind of convenience food? >> you can have this in your bag for a year. >> yes. >> and then you're in a food dessert, you don't have anything to eat, don't want fast-food, okay, i'll add hot water to there is you're full and feel good. >> are you trying to say this will replace my gummy bear? >> maybe. >> i confess today her my gummy bear habit. you guys have all seen t by the way guys keep working. so this is good. i think we have good plans. nutrition director, very nice. ladies, pretty cool, right? >> yup. i like soup. >> soup for you. >> i love soup. >> why don't you marry it? >> maybe i will. >> okay.
9:35 am
>> put little noodle on your finger when you get married? >> mike? >> okay, bo ties are in. but here is the problem. i can't figure out how to tie it. really? >> malcolm jenkins, one of the eagles players, has a whole line of bo ties. so let's have a contest. alec hollow, you go up against lauren johnson. >> oh? >> up against kerry kelly. what? >> kerry is not coming? >> kerry refused to bowtie her own husband. tie the neck very tightly. sue, can you do bob kelly then? >> i try not to tight ten too tight. >> we have bowtie tying contest coming one malcolm jenkins next.
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9:39 am
>> you know mike always trying to get a taste of something new. >> this week, checking out the new hot spot south. he is getting his first bite of gator. >> let's see how it went. and you got to try this. >> i've gone north to go south. let me explain with the help of chef paul here at new restaurant called south, but it is on north broad. >> did i get that right? >> gout right. >> absolutely, how are you doing. >> good. i'm messing south, over on north broad. >> that's right. >> because it is about southern cuisin. >> it is, about southern cuisin. >> you're from louisianna?
9:40 am
>> yes, that's right. >> heart of cajun country. >> how did you learn thousand cook? >> you kind of grow up in the business n louisianna you either play football or you cook. i was horrible at football, so i saw my way. >> i actually came here for the gator. but there is so much more. save the gator. >> sure. >> let's start with that? >> these are the fried oysters, oysters from the gulf. sitting on bed of spinach, little bit of lemon juice, cream, and it is banished with green tomato marm he will aid. >> what's this? >> pressed lamb, lamb comes from lancaster, cooked in duck fat for four, five hours, little sauce, version of shrimp and grits. shrimp and grits delux. you have lobster in there, lobster meat also in the grits , the grits what's called barbeque sauce, shrimp barbeque sauce, which is nothing like a barbeque sauce that would you know of.
9:41 am
done with crawfish sauce, worcester sauce -- >> i've got a lot of grit. that's fantastic. what makes yours different? what am i tasting? >> well, you know, it is a balance between the stock that it is cooked in, little bit of butter, the cream, just grit should be nice and soft. >> what is this? somebody said ask him about wreck fish, like a shrimp wreck? >> yes, that's where they come from, bottom feeders, so hang out around shrimp wrecks, group of families, just gorgeous fish. >> what is it? >> off the coast of south carolina. >> where they live. >> for the most part, yes. finish with little crawl fish butter over the top. >> i'm ready for the gator. >> there it is. >> now it is in a sandwich form? >> that's right. >> po boy? >> that's the gator right there, soaked in butter milk. fries. >> i would like to have the gator and make it snappy. >> oh, i ways waiting for
9:42 am
that. >> my first alligator. that's not just a crock. i know is aclasia, but it kind of tastes like chicken. >> it does. >> seriously. >> absolutely. >> well, congratulations. >> thank you. >> the place is beautiful. >> thank you very much. >> i'm sure it will do very, very well. you've got to try all of this. >> i love it. i love that he said it tastes like chicken, really, mike? >> it does, the gator, consistency of chicken. everyone always says that about things. where -- so like -- >> 600 north broad. >> it used to be a restaurant called route six. >> i want to go try the shrimp and grits. >> wonderful. >> what happened to your tie? >> we're going to have a competition. >> what casino of competition? >> bowtie tying competition. malcolm jenkins. >> when? >> now, after the break. those are his ties. he has a bow tie clothing line. >> wonderful. ♪
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we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day.
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we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®.
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>> making a come back, we are talking about the bowtie! >> seem like anybody who is somebody is wearing a bow tie. from justin timberlake, to jay-z, to the roots. anyway you tie it, and it is almost impossible to tie, it is the fashion theme that's back. >> ♪
9:46 am
>> show you a sure thing. >> hey, we're here with malcolm jenkins. good to see you. >> nice to be here. >> let's go eagles. what's it like to have a day off yesterday? >> feels good. you know, so an opportunity to watch some football, kickback, casino of and fan for a day. >> cowboys lost. >> that felt good, too. >> mets lost. >> well, good to have you here, big event tonight, we will tell but in just a second, first every all tell me about your bo ties, why did you come up with a bowtie company? >> casino of became my signature piece in fashion, about 2010, saturday, nfl, like travel day, where everybody all the sudden wears coat anti-and casino of fashion show, in the lockerroom, my way every standing out was the bowtie, and so couple of years after that i was complaining to my wife about not having ties, it reflected my style, and she suggested that i make my own. and -- >> that's what you are doing? >> somebody like me, i will take that literally, couple of month after that we launched a company. been fun ever since.
9:47 am
>> where do you get them? >> rock avenue bo ties. com. >> rock avenue? >> yep. >> and rock avenue is the street i grew up on. so i named it. >> where? >> piss cat a way, new jersey. and every time supports my foundation, every time we sell on line we donate $10 to our scholarship program. >> what's the billing event tonight? >> it is the blitz bowtie and bush and event. >> oh, lord. >> oh, ya. so, you know, you come, hang out, wear bowtie, taste some burbon, fundraiser for the foundation. >> it will be where? >> it will be at union 7:30. >> chestnut street? >> yes. >> between seventh and eighth on chestnut street? >> yes. big beautiful venue for sure. >> now the blitz is not about drinking, it is more about football? >> more about football, but you can, you know -- >> okay, see you there tonight? >> yep. >> now, i have a little difficult time tying a bow tie. so you will help us out? >> yes, i am. >> have little contest here? >> it is easy, just lying tying your shoes, same
9:48 am
concept. >> let's start with me. how about this one? >> that will work. >> what do i do? >> your collar up for me. >> dirty filthy collar? >> that's okay, just make up. >> first off, got to get the size right. that will work. >> so, you're opposed by the way, these folks are here for a contest in just a second, not just waiting for a bus. >> are you opposed to the clip on? >> yes. >> why? >> because somebody like me will spot a clip on from a mile away. >> really? >> yes. and it happened to me when i first started wearing them, clip on's, and i got commented on somebody else's bowtie, and they said hey, did you tie yours? and i was a fraud. so -- >> come on. >> so i learned to tie them. >> i would you're good. you're really good. >> wow. yahoo! nice and face. >> and you even hide your dirty collar. >> i know. do you have one? get one, bob. which one do you want? >> i'll take this one.
9:49 am
>> okay? >> so there -- >> okay. help me. >> did you watch? >> i watched. >> okay? >> do you have come around front, so pardon -- >> malcolm, stand here. >> okay. >> okay? >> go ahead. >> where do we start? >> every instruction i give you will be backward, because you're facing this person. >> oh, okay. >> all right? >> you start with a even or uneven? >> uneven. >> the right side, right tie. move it over to the left. >> okay? >> that's your left. we're going backward. >> wait. >> over. under. >> hole on, wait. okay? >> then pull it tight. >> oh, okay. >> real tight. >> so the same. >> oh, ya!
9:50 am
>> the one underneath, fold it into a bow. >> wait. >> so all you do -- it starts to look like a bow. >> yes? >> nice and symmetrical. >> so then you just pinch the two flaps. >> hard! >> now there will be a hole back here. >> pinch your flaps. >> and then see which way. >> okay? >> so go this way. >> push it halfway through. so like that. >> yes? >> and drop it. >> what? >> drop it. >> drop it! >> come on, drop it. >> (laughing). >> step away from your man. >> oh, okay. >> all right? >> we got to see who did the best job. >> oh, really? >> alex won? >> what? no, i didn't. >> close. >> all right. >> close. >> it is complicated.
9:51 am
>> now, that's done. >> no, no, no, sue's got it. >> sue's got it? >> sue got it. >> that's how i wrap gift! >> now you can wrap billy. >> it is casino after sexy thing to do. >> it is! >> can you fix me? because she was a mess. >> lauren? >> well, see. >> thank you so much for the lesson, i think i need some more. >> if you need some help, you can just go on the website, we have tutorials. >> like videos? >> yes, videos, sit down, 15 minute, you know, don't try to do it right before you got to go. >> i did that once. >> when the pressure is on, you know, it is tough, ya, it is tough. >> i actually stopped at a restaurant and had a woman tie it for me. >> i went into the restaurant and i yelled out: does anybody know how to tie a bow tie? >> that's a pick up line! >> and by the way, malcolm, thank you for giving back to the community. >> no problem. >> do you it all the time. we appreciate t can we beat the cowboys? >> go eagles. >> let's do it. >> okay, sunday night. >> alex?
9:52 am
>> 95:00; can't seem to catch a break. have another headed your way, the three words that could cost the pop star nearly, ready for this? $50 million. three words, $50 million. >> oh! shake it off. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:53 am
9:54 am
newspapers back christine donohue for supreme court. saying this daughter of a coal miner gets the highest rating from the bar association. they call donohue uniquely qualified. and cite her commitment to restoring integrity. both business and labor endorse donohue because she's independent and fair. prosecutors. firefighters. people who keep us safe - all back donohue. on tuesday - christine donohue. let's restore integrity to pennsylvania's supreme court
9:55 am
hey, welcome back, 9:55. how is your bowtie? >> well -- >> i think it looks good. >> how is it hanging? >> little font leroy or whatever his name is? taylor swift being sued for
9:56 am
$42 million over a song lyric. >> so a little known r&b artist claims that she stole his lyric for her hip song shake it off. >> yep, the section where she goes haters going to hate. >> the players going to play play play play play. >> so, this is from his song, haters gone a hate. his name is jesse, jesse bomb. >> so, he actually used that term. now, here's the haters going to hate section of the song. >> ♪ here we go. ♪ >> anyway, he uses the exact same lyrics, haters going to hate. >> and players going to play. he used those exact phrase, this is back in the day. so he claims that that is the
9:57 am
same hook and she probably picked it up, who ever wrong the song. she wrote the song, didn't she? >> somehow it sang into her lexicon. but it is fairly common phrase, but who started? who was the first person that wrote it down on paper? >> that's the problem, people say things, it ends up in music, you can't say who is the actual author. >> she probably never heard that song. >> because she is so wrong. >> but people who did hear it originally new the term, than she pick it up, put it in a song. >> four mill. that's what he's doing. >> that's a loft monday. >> i but at the top of the list what, the richest woman. >> not like complicated rhyme. can no one else think of players don't play. >> remember she makes a million dollars a day. >> that's true. >> she has money to shell out. >> in a month and a half, go ahead. >> are we going to play it? >> ♪ haters going to hate. players going to play ♪ >> same phrase. >> yes.
9:58 am
>> might have a case. >> see you at the sixers game tonight. go sixers.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm going to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ applause ] ♪ >> wendy: wow! [ wild cheering ] >> wendy: yes. thank you very much for watching


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