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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  November 3, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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that i lead to the bomb squad then calls out to the home, we will explain what led to the scare. it is tuesday, election day a all across the the area, big races on the ballot including philadelphia mayor. that is kind of over. it has been over for months. we will tell what you you need to know before you head to the polls. it is not cold in the streets, we will show you funny campaign police have launched trying to get people to help them with their investigation. so just seconds ago, just before we were to start 59:00 o'clock hour, sue yells out, it is today nine or ten. >> i said a nine if we will have 70's in november. >> and then i said, save the ten for tomorrow, sue serio because it is tuesday, in third, is great but tomorrow is even greater. >> well, i listened to both of you. >> a 9.5. >> well, you know what, i can move that to i .5 but we will save the ten for tomorrow but today looks good. thing about today it is a lot chillier at the the start of
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the day then we were yesterday, so you will in the get a mild start, you'll see temperatures in the moment, i wanted to show you radar to assure you that the rain stayed to our south and it plans on doing so, today, as well, so 48 degrees, it was in the 50's yesterday at this time, that is what i'm talking about, calm wind, 6:32. your sunrise time. yeah 30's to the north of us. only 36 degrees in mount pocono. reading and lancaster have 39. forty-three in trenton. down in millville always a chilly spot at 37 degrees. forty-four wilmington delaware. thirty-nine a the atlantic city international and yes these are temperatures that are 11 degrees, 13 degrees colder then yesterday a at this time otherwise we would have that ten. 17 degrees cold inner millville this morning but wind are calm at least it is the rather tranquil morning, just will need that sweater or jacket, for sure, this morning. but later on look at the the recovery, 72 degrees.
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average high is around 60ish for this time of year so we are well a above average. we will tell you with clouds in the the 50's tonight. that takes care of tuesday. we will talk about how long these 07's will hang around with the seven day forecast, bob kelly is hanging around. >> you got it 5:02. i was hanging last night at sixers game. i took my son noah down and we were standing there and says, my gosh, that is world b free. i have him in my x box game, okay, there you go, world b free, do you remember him from back in the day. good guy, great guy, nice to the kid. my son noah was more impressed i have him in my x box game. live look downtown vine street expressway, last of the closure, police getting ready to pull out of there as they open up the vine in both directions between the schuylkill and broad street. we are all ready for morning rush hour. this is a live look at woodhaven road in northeast philadelphia a. ninety-five near street road, also they are clearing some
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construction. it is election day in pennsylvania and new jersey, some of the schools are closed, other ones have have a half day. just what we need, right. watch for activity and frequent stops around all of the voting locations, you know the the drill, we will see unusual traffic patterns, in the neighborhood around those polling spots today. they are working on the the roosevelt boulevard between strahl and solly, until about 6:00 o'clock this morning. otherwise we're's in good shape. speedometer right where they blank and we will zoom into marlton, new jersey. route 70 right at marlton road just off of the 70, 73 interchange. police are on the scene of the early morning accident. the mass transit looking good. chris and lauren back over to you. today is election day for pennsylvania and new jersey. >> steve keeley is live outside city hall with more on what to expect today, hi there steve. >> reporter: perfect weather for this, what a coincidence, blake edward, originally going to call his movie calling bow
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derek and dudley moore 9.5 but he didn't that have ring to it so he just went to ten. >> how is mike working, chris and lauren. >> thanks for that reference, to bo derek, and that image have running in the sand with those braids in hear hair. >> everyone is dying laughing in the studio steve keeley. you have a good audience here. >> reporter: glad you could hear that humor because i'm told by our crack engineering staff if i hold the mike any other way but the queen of england sipping afternoon tea or you had a pair have gloves on and picking up a dead mouse from behind the refrigerator it won't work right. we have the guys on top of the technology back at the station. anyway, not seeing al taubenberger came within about 76-points of michael nutter have we seen a mayor race this close in philadelphia. lets hit the video. here are the two candidates, and it is tough for marisa bail toy get any traction especially when registered
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republicans are out numbered by democrats in this town by seven to one. we have not had a republican elect mayor in nearly 60 years which means odds of jim kenney losing are wider then sixers odds of winning the nba championship. turnout hopes to hit double digit the but not by much, expect to be as low as 12 percent despite beautiful weather, and a fox 29 doing our civic duty by reminding everybody to get up and vote. they could be up near 30 percent but when mayor nutter was elected in 2007 it was the lowest turnout in philadelphia race for mayor without an incumbent running, ever, since 1951. we will try to beat that turnout which was 28.9 percent. we could break that record and have the the lowest in nearly 60 years. so get out and vote. no excuse. last time when mayor nutter was running we had rain in the morning in 2007. i remember it fondly. i'm sure sue does as well. that was only a two today.
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we have a 9.5 on election day. no weather excuse. >> nope. >> in honor of sue's ten tomorrow maybe we will run that clip of bo derek running on the beach with the braid in her hair. >> why not. >> reporter: you got it. >> thanks, steve keeley. >> see you. >> we have got you covered, also, fox 29, make sure you cast your ballot. then tune in at ten we will have results from the the big races on tv and on our web site at fox 29 to the come. switching gears crews respond to the house fire in chester, flames broke out along kane street around 11:00 . fire fighters got it under control in an hour later no one was injured. we have no word on how that fire started. other news, hundreds of people came out to remember a teen gunned down while riding his bike in strawberry mansion. candles in the shape of the heart were displayed on the sidewalk at marsden and susquehanna to remember 16 year-old salem west.
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yeah, wrong video there we a apologize. speakers called for justice at crowded street vigil. they urged everyone to reflect on the teen's death and violence that hit that neighborhood so hard lately. >> when is this going to stop? when are we go to go stop this generational curse. we are killing each other. >> police say there is no motive in the shooting and no arrests made either. we will keep an eye on that story for you. mystery and confusion surround investigators trying to figure out what cause aid russian jet line tore crash in the egyptian desert. >> all 224 passengers and crew members were on board when plane plumeted from the sky on the saturday. plane was coming from egypt and headed for st. petersberg russia a majority of the passengers were russian. authorities say while possibility of the terrorist a attack was unlikely this they are not ruling it out. airline says it was in the pilot error or technical problem but russian aviation officials dismissed them calling them premature and
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unfounded. what started out as an investigation in the pretty foul odor leads to a backup call. >> how about getting this call. radnor police were so concerned and grossed out they just called the bomb squad. dave kinchen live outside not the home thankfully but radnor township police for more on this story. >> reporter: thankfully we're not at the the house. this is one of those stories when you are on the scene the question is who do you call. the bomb squad because people really didn't know what they were going to find on the scene. let's go to the video right now. thinks a a home on marlins single, in rag nor township. a foul odor called them out to this location. they found the worst case of hording they have ever seen. the that is what investigators tell us, and police say they found a cash of weapons at the home of the 80 year-old layton fireng. officials say fireng came to
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the door answering the door with two handguns strapped to his waist. containers of the nitric acid are buried in the backyard along with 20 dead cats. neighbors say the man has lived there for decade. they said the the house is only dirty. we spoke to the owner and even investigators on the scene. here's what they had to say. >> it is awfully. i don't know how anybody could live in there. i know this individual said they had been in the home, live in the home once a week. i know when the the owner showed up to the property here, the the police took two weapons off the the individual. >> reporter: is it unsafe inside your house? i saw pictures, it looks like it is pretty messy in there. >> mess it is not unsafe. messy does not explode. messy is just messy. >> reporter: do you have any reason why the bomb squad is here. >> because they have no other place to go. >> the owner talk to the fox 29's chris o'connell. look at this we have i, fire power, and it almost looks
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like a war like arsenal h this magazine with 50 caliber round, police say they have found boxes of ammunition like this, completely filled up. now investigators say the owner fireng is a licensed firearms dealer, although, they say it is not clear what weapons he is a allowed to own. right now he is not the charged with any crimes but investigators did tell him to stay somewhere else last night while they continued their very bizarre probe into this matter and big question is what else will they find at that property, guys? back to you. >> that can be disturbing and disgusting at the same time. >> reporter: yes, no doubt. who do you call, right? >> yes, dave thank you. a judge said bill cosby and his former attorney should answer questions in relation to janet dickinson's defamation lawsuit begins the the comedian. >> los angeles superior court judge ruled that the the the lawyers should depose cosby and former attorney before november 25th. dickinson is among dozens of woman who accused cosby of sexual misconduct. the she's suing him overstatements last year
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denying the the comedian lied about allegedly raping her in 1982. the ruling states that dickinson's lawyers can only seek answers linked to whether the denials were made maliciously. 5:11. gag order has been put in place for a murder case begins former wrestler jimmy super fly snuka. judge a arraigned snuka yesterday in allentown. snuka pleaded not guilty to third degree murder charges in the death of his girlfriend more than three decades ago. police found 23 year-old nancy argentina's body in the white hall township hotel in 1983. snuka's lawyers have called her death quote an unfortunate accident. now his attorney says that the seven two-year old has early on set demens a and post concussion syndrome. snuka told the judge he cannot read or write english. in philadelphia, this man now has to spend 17 to 34 years in prison for his involvement in the deadly drag racing crash on the roosevelt boulevard. judge sentence khusen akhmedov yesterday for driving the car
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that hit and killed tamer banks and her three kid as they crossed the street in july 2013. the man khusen akhmedov was racing is serving five to ten years. after ten years, authorities in gloucester county caught a man they say murdered a philadelphia business owner. the prosecutors and police gathered yesterday atwood bring to announce at rest of john blocker. they say blocker killed juan cuevas in january 2006. he owned an auto parts store in the philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. police say when's arrived back at home they found four strangers inside, police say they had tied up his children, beat, robbed, and then killed the victim. police say they are still looking for blocker's accomplices. a a local police department introduced a new, interesting initiative to catch drug dealers. >> so, they say that they will start snitching. this is a campaign called start snitching and designed to help drug dealers report other deal tours police. department has posted these banners throughout the area explaining this.
5:13 am
now the campaign has sparked some debate on social media and some worry it could turn into a even bigger problem. >> they may actually get people to turn in their fellow drug dealers. >> okay. >> so police department tells fox 29 while the campaign is light hearted in nature similar initiatives have been successful in other parts of the country. 5:13. wreckage found in the bottom of the atlantic ocean is confirmed to be that of the missing cargo ship that difficulties a appeared during hurricane joaquin. now we will tell you who is gearing up for a legal battle over this.
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good morning here at fox 29. we are giddy looking forward to temperatures in the 70's to take. it is definitely warmer pattern in place, jet stream is out to the northwest, so in front of it, there is warm air, and chilly a air is waiting in the wings. it will be with us by the weekend but for as long as we can we will enjoy the warmth and for those who missed the crisp autumn chill, it will be coming back, do not fear. we don't have clouds to look at this morning. not as many a as yesterday as the rain, that is down to the south is even further south then it was, yesterday, thanks to high pressure in control it will stay that way. we will look at temperatures throughout the region we have 48 in philadelphia. only 39 in reading. we have gone up to four in
5:17 am
lancaster. thirty-six in mount pocono. down south in wildwood we have 41 degrees. hard to believe we will warm up in the 70's but we will, look at buffalo, 51 degrees, buffalo is warmer then us, syracuse is 41, it is 41 degrees in pits burning. it depend where you are and how many cloud you are, with the temperature 52 in new york city. visibility has been a issue in a couple places, like lancaster county, parts of that county socked in with fog this morning and it is not looking real good in millville, new jersey and other parts of the cumberland county. so travel may be slow, in those area. wind speeds, not an issue at all, that is why we will get fog when we don't have wind to blow around around. lets look at the past seven days. fifty's and 60's last week. our low temperature of the week was saturday when we only got to 58 degrees.
5:18 am
we will zoom up to 65 on sunday and then again yesterday we will get warmer today with 73 degrees, and 74 for tomorrow and 72 degrees on thursday. a as the slight chance of a shower on thursday and another chance of a shower on friday, as we get a cold front coming through. so that will make things chilly for us, at walk to end alzheimer's, it is the big philadelphia walk. i cannot even tell you how inspiring it was to be there last year. i hope you can join us this year on sunday morning. we will have more information coming up and you can get details on fox bob kelly? >> hey, sue, good morning. 5:18 on this tuesday morning. looking good, on our major roadways, no problems on the schuylkill, the blue route or i-95 but we have an early morning opening at the tacony, palmyra bridge. there we go, love boat captain steuben there heading north bound impacting, kind of tough to see with the poor lack of lights here but the bridge shut down to vehicle traffic,
5:19 am
best bet, grabbing your keys and heading out the front door betsy ross bridge is way to go or pop another bagel in the toaster and hang out for a couple minutes. 422 not bad at troop are road. they have the cones down. this is trooper road overpass, to get on to 422, so still an active work zone. tractor trailer, smacked into one of the construction signs on the northeast extension. this is all happening northbound, north of the quakertown interchange. only one lane getting on through, no reports of any injuries. so that sound like good news but it will tie anybody up heading northbound between q town and lehigh valley. in bound come on down no problems at all 202 looking good between west chester and king of prussia but gang down in delaware we have got that construction 495 northbound the ramp to terminal avenue are blocked so use i-95 for morning rush hour, chris and lauren, back to you. volkswagen facing new
5:20 am
allegations, the u.s. government says auto maker cheated for a success time with porsche and audi models. >> thinks so much worse then we first learn. vw is disputing claims but as kelly wright reports, analyst say the damage is already done. >> reporter: more trouble for volkswagen as company's emissions scandal continues to grow. german auto maker previously admitted to rigging tests on millions of its cars, and an monday vw also installed software, designed to defeat emissions tests on a additional 10,000 vehicles. >> vw has once again failed to comply with the laws that protects clean air for all americans. >> reporter: according to federal regulators the the latest violation involves vehicles with largest diesel engines including certain porsche and audi models. >> we are issuing this notice of violation because we have clear evidence of these additional violations and we thought it was important to put vw on notice, and to
5:21 am
inform the public. >> reporter: epa says software enables cars to drive more powerfully on the road, as opposed to when being tested. that results in the vehicles emitting nine times more nitrogen oxide pollution to be allowed. >> to see that kind of malice, just disregard, as opposed to those selling cars and put more power in them is a very serious violation. >> reporter: emissions scandal has caused major problems for volkswagen. the cot's ceo resigned and auto maker posted first quarterly loss in 15 years. also faces fines that could reach billions of dollars. >> the the deliberate nature means it will have a significant impact on vw's brand. >> reporter: volkswagen is denying the most recent allegations and says it will work with the federal agency to quote, clarify the the matter. kelly wright, "fox news". federal investigators found wreckage of the missing
5:22 am
cargo ship el faro at the bottom of the atlantic ocean. >> so the the n to tsb is trying to recover the ship's data recorder in order to figure out what happened. vessel sank after it sailed in the path of the hurricane joaquin. all 33 people on board are presumed dead. several lawsuits have already been filed against cot that owned el faro and many more are expected. so if you complained in the past about the holiday shopping season starting too early, well, buckle up. how scores are trying to get to you come inside, before even halloween. >> i'm digging the the music though. lots of g.o.p. candidates are backing out against revolta begins the networks.
5:23 am
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halloween is over, barely and retailers are already trying to get you in the holiday shopping season. >> i hate when this happens too early. wal-mart is leading the pack this holiday discounts on items including toys and electronics started yesterday. target has its holiday decorations up and on saturday halloween day, best buy will get in the holiday spirit, i mean this coming saturday with big discounts and free giveaways for first hundred shoppers through their door this coming saturday. not last. shoppers don't seem to be super excited about this, like me. >> it is crazy. every year it gets earlier. it is good because you get sales early but i think thinking about the holidays it the is still too soon.
5:26 am
>> so will it be hot this year lauren dawn johnson. >> tell me. >> next months star wars force awakens movie is going to get a lot of merchandising. people were always into that merchandise. >> thank goodness i don't have any star wars fans. >> last year was all frozen, do you remember that. >> now we have let it go. >> hey, ben carson he is not letting go of his presidential hopes. he is now leading the raza according to a new nbc wall street journal poll. >> carson's 29 percent is highest any republican date has polled in the survey to date. trailing retired neurosurgeon in the poll was donald trump with 23 percent. this is not first national poll to show carson is ahead of trump. we will see how he reacts to that. so much for reaching those debates. >> now some candidates are saying that they will negotiate with media organizations independently not as a group. donald trump's campaign said he will not sign a letter of
5:27 am
solidarity. john kassig won't sign one either, neither which carli fear rena. the original idea was to get control away from the rnc by sending one letter with the agreed upon requirements. this came after the last debate where it ran three hours with questions from the candidates that were very much criticized the way those questions were phrased. here at home it is election day for new jersey and pennsylvania. some big races are on the ballot. steve dally has you covered with what you need to know. but, lee a remeni, hear details she spills about tom cruise family and scientology.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at philadelphia will elect a new mayor today. we will have have your election coverage this morning before you head to the polls. a south jersey woman was sick of not hearing her son from college but now she devised a plan and she's keeping him close with the the unique idea. it is tuesday, november 3rd, 2015. a lot of people have school off today because it is election day, tuesday, believe it or not but we want to see what bus stop buddy will wear. we know he doesn't have have a flyers hat on. we know he he doesn't have have a sixers cap on because they both lost.
5:31 am
>> too early for eagles. we went with the try and true fox 29. we have a warmer jacket on then we did yesterday. thinks a fleece lined warm coats because it is, 30's and 40's out there instead of the 40's and 50's that we had yesterday. we are off to a chilly start for the kid who do have have to go to school today and, depend on whether your school is used as a polling place or not. so, in our weather by the numbers, by popular demand we went to the 9.5, or rounded to nine for today, and give you the ten for thomas we are off into that chillier start. rain stayed to the south as advertised, north and south carolina the coastal area getting the rain. we are not. 48 degrees, calm wind with it being humid. 83 percent relative humidity. 63:00 is two your sunrise time. still getting used to the change in when it is dark and light but it will take a few more days for most of us. temperatures in the chilly 30's to the north.
5:32 am
forty-three in trenton. forty-one wildwood. forty-four in wilmington, as much as 13 degrees colder then yesterday. twenty-four hours ago at this time, 17 degrees colder in millville, 15 degrees cold inner atlantic city. be prepared for. that we are off to a cooler start but we will be sunny and warmer. we're already at 67 degrees by lunchtime. go back to the 07's with the high of 72 degrees and sunset time, for 4:57 p.m. it was so weird, you know, again, taking a couple days to get used to how dark it gets. >> it gets darker, wasn't it 4:58 the other day. >> yesterday was 4:58. >> today 4:57. >> it will get earlier and earlier until december. >> until we just say enough. >> and then first day of winter we will be happy. >> good morning, everybody. 5:32 on a tuesday morning. we're in good shape oath schuylkill and 95. the we got rid of the opening on the tacony palmyra bridge.
5:33 am
traffic starting to move again in both directions, that tugboat heading northbound. i'm's not sure if if it will impact that burlington bristol yet. we will keep you up to dayton that one. hello fishtown i-95 southbound starting to see delays between betsy ross bridge and girard avenue. an accident involving a tractor trailer and construction crew, tractor trailer hit one of those arrow trucks northbound on the extension between quakertown and lehigh valley interchange, as we mentioned, it is election day in pennsylvania and in new jersey. some schools are either closed or you'll have have a half day sue mentioned if your school is used as a polling location. so you will see a lot of unusual activity, frequent stops at all of those voting locations and just keep to in mind again some unusual traffic patterns all through the the day in the neighborhood. otherwise schuylkill looking good. 202 no problems working your way up to that work zone at 401. maybe we can put a soccer shirt on bus stop buddy. army navy soccer game tonight a at ppl park off commodore
5:34 am
barry bridge and heading down to the airport this morning you are good to go catching that flight out of philly international. chris and lauren back over to you. it is election day for pennsylvania and new jersey voters. >> the the philadelphia mayoral race is one of the items on the ballot. steve keeley is live at city hall, steve, good morning. >> reporter: for those watching who have no intention of voting let me remind you, this is one of the good old fashion things left in the world you can do. people are buying their groceries on their phone now, they are doing their banking on their phone, they are even taking college classes on lap tops and tablets but voting you still cannot do with high technology. so my slogan for this election day vote if just for nostalgia of it. how about that. here in pennsylvania the polls still a long way from opening. the at 7:00 o'clock, over in new jersey they open an hour earlier at 6:00. both stay opened until the start of the prime time at 8:00. no excuse, with sue's lovely
5:35 am
forecast for today, so get out and here's's nostalgia as well. go for a nice walk and meet your neighbors. how about that for a couple of ideas. all 80 assembly seats up for reelection in new jersey. we say it is mostly incumbents and mostly going unchallenged. a poll of new jersey residents only 6 percent of people in new jersey even knew that the a assembly was the big race up for reelection. here in pennsylvania and philadelphia we have got several interesting elections. first of all next mayor of philadelphia and then three pennsylvania supreme court justices, most up at one time in decades. the out in the suburbs how about that montgomery county district attorney race where bill cosby, who would have thought that, is the key issue, between the former d.a. bruce castor wanting his previous job back and challenger first assistant kevin steel whom we know from being the spokesmen when risa vetri furhman is off.
5:36 am
so, they are attacking each other bill cosby. bill cost bye a big name in this race. the that is one we are watching in montgomery county. chris and lauren. >> thanks very much, steve keeley. we have you covered on fox 29 at 10:00 o'clock. we will have all of the results of the big races on air and on our web site at fox 29,.com. >> 5:36. mystery and confusion still surround investigators trying to figure out what caused a a russian jet line tore crash into the egyptian desert. >> all 224 passengers and crew members were killed on board when the plane plumeted from the sky on saturday. the plane was coming from egypt and headed for st. petersberg, russia. majority of the passengers were russian. authorities say while possibility of the terrorist attack is unlikely they are in the ruling anything out. the airline says it was not pilot error or a technical problem. however, russian aviation officials dismissed those findings calling them premature and unfounded. actress leah remeni is spilling it all about her break from scientology. you have to hear what she's
5:37 am
saying about tom cruise. plus it was the the fourth straight loss for the the flyers, the ugly highlights from the match up in vancouver up next.
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you didn't lose it. you saved it for later. brookside. talk about delicious. if you did not the stay up last night to watch the flyers game, here's what you need to know. >> you didn't miss much. >> were you smart. >> you need your beauty sleep. >> canucks handed them their fourth straight loss. flyers down one to nothing. jake voracek with the pass for
5:40 am
claude giroux for the goal. that was giroux's fourth of the the year. game tied at one. to the third now, canucks, up two -one. good job, claude. so there is, he takes it down the ice. backhander to beat steve mason. he scores his first career goal right there canucks go on to win and handily four-one the the final score. here's howard with more on sports. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. sixers play their first good team of the season, last night and gave fans a flash of hope, but then second half came around. lets go to the wells fargo sent's begins cavilers, gentleman will okafor, 23-four run. and then you get to the second half against cavilers and sixers don't like to play defense. fifteen-four run by cavilers. this is a fast break, lebron had 22, over 25,000 for his career. young toes get here. it wasn't this close, 107-100.
5:41 am
today trade deadline in the nfl but i would be surprised if the eagles did anything significant. tough making trade in the nfl. eagles play dallas sunday night. they will face matt castle will. he have a has been brutal but cowboys coach jason garrett is talking about tony romo's return. >> tony will they in some form during practice and hopefully he can hand that will work and we will get more work with him outside on the practice field. matt will get the work with the first team offense and tony will get work on the side and hopefully get some work with the scout team. >> that is sports in the minute, i'm howard eskin. 5:41. south jersey mom sick ape tired of not hearing from her a adult son? she got a replacement for him. oh, yeah you have to see what is taking his place, it will make you laugh. >> but first yep, lottery numbers.
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♪ >> show you a good thick ♪ >> malcolm jenkins, tying a bow tie. he had has his own bow tie line, of the philadelphia eagles. he came in the studio yesterday, to promote his event last night which was bow
5:45 am
ties, bourbon and blitz, i forget the order of the three things. >> we know it is to serve under served children in the community. >> thank you, for having that information. >> what a gentlemen. nice to meet him. thank you very much for the bow tie. >> thanks for teaching chris, and thank you for sort of blending. >> wow. >> we try. >> sue tied this one. >> i did try. >> we have to work on having it straight. >> an a,. >> and wrapping up, a gift with a bow, and you are a gift. >> oh, thank you. >> thank you. >> i truly meant it. >> it is like the stuffing back in the box and return me. >> but i don't have have my receipt. >> all the way back to san diego. >> no, no, no, not enclose. we're negotiating a special appearance by bob kelly, at, not the the light the night walk but walk to end alzheimer's.
5:46 am
read this part here. i'll get it together here. it is still negotiating, citizens bank park 9:00 a.m. is registration. if you are registered on line, show up later, but we have this amazing promise garden ceremony, right before the walk. this is a picture of last years walk. i was up on the stage. there were people at citizens bank park for as far as i could see. you the was so moving, uplifting and there is hardly any family that hasn't been touched by alzheimer's. so we hope you come out and help us out on sunday morning. a warmer pattern of weather that will not be in place sunday morning but we're all just working on it. it was chilly last year and we had a great time. warm air from the southwest for today, for tomorrow and day after that, as we look here, we will see, rain far to our south and north in carolina, and that will stay there. looking at the future cast, we don't really see any clouds building in until tomorrow
5:47 am
owning, and then some rain rolling through maybe around midday on third. this is not a cold front not yet. that will happen friday night into saturday. a couple of showers possible on thursday that will take away the zero from wednesday, as we look right now we have 47 degrees in philadelphia 41 in wildwood on a chilly 38 in wrightstown, 39 in reading and 36 in mount pocono. these are temperatures cooler then yesterday. we have look to the north of us, right now, chilly in the center of the state, williamsport 47. buffalo milder then we are at 51a i few fog issues, there is lancaster with no visibility at all, 2 miles in millville. so, fog could slow you down there we have calm wind around and that forms the the fog and as we look back before we look ahead yesterday's high temperature was very pleasant 65 degrees. if you enjoyed that you'll love today in the lower 70's, mid 70's on wednesday, thursday that chance of showers and then friday into
5:48 am
saturday morning another chance, that is cold front a and that will chill us out for sunday, for our walk to end alzheimer's, meet us there on sunday morning at citizens bank park at least we have sunshine in the forecast and that is the best part bob kelly. it will be a good day, bring the kids down with me on sunday. 5:48. hello to the schuylkill expressway. you are not the only one up this early. starting to see volume build as headlights come into downtown. pockets of volume, with the bennie looking live from camden toll plaza so far so good up and over into philadelphia. an accident involving a tractor trail their hit one of those construction arrow signs in the work zone on the northeast extension n reports of any injuries. that is okay. north on the extension down to one lane north of quakertown between q town and allentown interchanges. we mentioned it is election day in pennsylvania, and in new jersey, some of the schools are closed, surprise,
5:49 am
dad, i found that one out last night. said something about after school today, we don't school. what do you mean we don't have school tomorrow? what for? maybe some schools will have a half day but there will be a lot of activity, frequent stops as folks stop around any of the polling locations. eastbound schuylkill as i showed you in the camera not bad at all, 202 looking good between west chester and kop and for the gang down in wilmington i-95, we will see extra volume, northbound because that ramp from 495 to terminal avenue is closed all with construction. looking good on mass transit and no problems at the the airport. chris and lauren, back over to you. thanks, very much. leah remeni new tell all book about scientology. >> in her book surviving hollywood and scientology. leah talks about tom cruise and family. she said tom cruise adopted children stopped talking to their mother nicole kidman because she wasn't into
5:50 am
scientology. katie holmes left tom cruise waiting at the alter for 20 minutes or then 20 minutes, interesting, right. leah revealed that she was snub for not convincing her bestty jennifer lopez to join the church group. >> a lot going on. >> justin beiber doesn't have to be sorry anymore. judge agreed to take him off probation for a case that involved him egging his neighbor's home. he completed 40 hours of labor. program manager of the home less shelter where he work commended him for quote getting his hand dirty, in addition to the labor he had to attend anger management classes and pay his neighbors $80,000, in repairs. >> from eggs. >> beiber has since moved. >> by the the way, i got egged on halloween. >> you did? >> you live in an apartment building. >> yeah, but i was than the at the apartment building. >> you got egged in your body. >> no, my car, parked in
5:51 am
fishtown. >> what happened. >> i don't know, there is an investigation underway. >> did you get a police reporting, but i will do my own investigation. common complaint for mothers, as, you don't call, chris you don't come visit. >> not only did she say that when i was in college she says it to this day. >> one mom said, she need to keep her son close to heart now that she is out on her own. >> what is she doing. >> she's carrying a card wore cut out with him every where she goes. sabina kuriakose met up with her. >> reporter: family photos say it all a friendly mother and son, match of ten, here out with the whole gang. kelly cunningham and her son glenn are inseparable. kelly makes certain of that. >> little participation within nice. there is one thing we should mention here if you haven't noticed, yes, he is not real. >> for all of you moms suffering from empty nest syndrome. get a cardboard cut out, take
5:52 am
him every where with you have day. >> reporter: she means every where. >> best i can do. >> reporter: you need a car seat. >> reporter: the the pizza a shop. >> can he get a straw please. >> i do a double take ape say wait a minute. >> liquor store. >> i was a little bit bigger then expected i didn't realize it was life size. >> reporter: 22-year old glenn, the the real one, moved out of the kelly's home four months ago. he is not that far away living in philadelphia but owner and son apart. what started out as a yoke has just, grew with the community. >> been there before. once they go away they will call you first day, second day, third day by fourth day they don't call. >> will travel. >> mom has been very dedicated to her son and we thought it was great. >> reporter: so what does the real glenn think? >> he is embarrassed of it but that is what parents are for. we live to embarras our kid especially when you only have
5:53 am
one. >> well, we need to talk to an expert. >> sue. >> how are you doing with nia gone in college. >> a lot worse then she is. she's doing great. >> what do you think of the card game cut out idea. >> that is a little extreme. >> a little. >> you can have mike jerrick come over. >> how are you, sir. >> you go to the sixers last night. >> poor mike. >> yes. >> let's talk about the the music for you. >> mike, come back in the studio. >> they are set to stump down runway for the annual show. we have a sneak peak of the two million-dollar bra. chris murphy will tell you all about it.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
so it is called sexy night on tell television talking about vittoria secret fashion show. every year company debuts, the two million-dollar bra, and panty set. a special age toll wear it. this year veteran model lily aldridge will walk the runway in the most expensive piece. it featured 5600 precious gems set in 18 cara at gold. matching panties have 126 diamond and four other precious stones. vittoria secret fashion show airs on december 8th. coming up, why the bomb squad had to be called out to
5:57 am
a hording investigation in delaware county. plus have have have you heard how president obama is going after the gop after their latest debate debacle we will tell but it coming up on "good day philadelphia" with mike and alex.
5:58 am
5:59 am
who is going go to vote, come on people? did you forget? it is election day. new jersey, you voting? pennsylvania, you voting?
6:00 am
here's a person to go to the polls you might need steve keeley. new details in the mysterious death of the new jersey toddler, the the toxicology test results right now. and then this... >> there is an odor that smelled almost as though there was a dead body. >> what stinks? a foul smell brings out the bomb squad, that is how bad it was. the startling discovery inside this delaware county home. good day, everybody. it is to tuesday, november 3rd, yeah, election day 2015. how is everybody doing. >> good. >> all good. >> yes. >> no weather excuse not to vote. >> do you want to see. >> yes. >> we did something different today. we inched it up to 9.5 but then rounded it off to a nine. >> yes. >> we have increment. >> i didn't realize, 9.5. >> yes. >> so, it round down. >> yes. >> you are right. >> what did i a


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