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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 3, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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yesterday, this happened. >> yes, someone said a rude statement on line. ariana called them out on it. she took a screen grab of that comment and compared her quote, body to actress winter's sexy curves. >> who won. >> well, ariana a wrote we live in a day and age where people make it impossible for women, men, impossible for women. anyone to embrace themselves, celebrate themselves. >> celebrate others no matter what your body shape is. well, aerial replied, thank you ariana. women should empower one another, don't slam one another, celebrate each other, we are all beautiful. >> yeah, this is, you know, it just gets aerial winter, she's on modern family by the way. the she's the younger daughter. she has been shamed on line because she does have curves. >> yes. >> some people like them, some people don't. some people think ariana a grande is too skinny, some people don't. it is just ridiculous. >> it is ridiculous.
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>> i don't think they did any conversing in person. >> no, all on line. >> that is this day and age. >> women are really coming in the defense of each other especially with what happened on the view the other day where some of the view members, that show on abc, they were making fun of, carli fiorina, the woman running for president. >> yes. >> they thought she didn't have an attractive face or odd looking face. she will be on their show on thursday to see how they react then when she's in person. >> isn't that what donald trump got in trouble for. >> he called the head of the democratic national committee debbie wasserman schultz a neurotic woman. >> okay. >> all righty. >> it just doesn't end. >> we will talk about this. i was reading this article and maybe candy kane control room can find this thing. they have interviewed a bunch of reporters around america. they said who are the the five people you never want to interview again. harrison ford was on the list. christian stewart from the
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vampire film, twilight. >> the one who never smiles. >> solange knowles was in the top five. >> yeah. >> solange, slammed an instagram comment tait her who called her son ugly. this is why she doesn't like to be interviewed. sometimes reporters can be creepy. >> she posted a pick of her son. she lives in new orleans. a halloween costume, on, instagram, the caption read young, cool jay, too cool for ghosts a and goblins. >> he is supposed to be l.l. cool j. >> yes. >> so that is what he is supposed to be. >> yes, he is a red adidas track suit, red phones and all. that one wrote so cute but at the same time he is ugly. solange replied i thought it was safe to share pictures again. youngin decides, to spread ugliness. she said it was safe to share pictures again. i thought people know it is not okay to shame and say bad things about people and let alone children. >> your kiddies ugly.
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>> cute outfit too. >> it was. >> he is not the ugly at all. >> even though you know these people are idiots and they are doing it to get attention. >> it is your child. >> yes. >> it will inn sense you. >> she's known for reacting on whether it is her child or her sister beyonce, her family. you do not confront solange. >> wasn't she the one in the elevator. >> even in interviews if you have interviewed her you don't ask about beyonce. the don't ask me, that is my sister. why are you interviewing me about my sister i have seen her in a lot of you tube videos of her going off on people. >> not very cooperative. >> if you have been asking your man, the man in your life, to put a ring on it, speaking of beyonce. >> yes. >> you better be specific, in this day and age. guys are using things other than rings to get engaged. >> what else would you use? you have to use a ring. >> mouse drops. >> see what is in that arrangement, a setting, the
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arrangement, it is a his tooth. >> his wisdom tooth. >> this guy's name is lucas unger and he proposed to carli on halloween with his wisdom tooth in that setting. instead of being grossed out she loved it, she said. in fact, she even bit his hand. >> yes. >> diamond is her birth stone. so, to her it is not all that weird. >> it is something special. if you have, you know, a necklace or ring in your birth stone. >> diamond but i do have a tooth ring. >> that would mean she was born in april. >> my birth stonies the diamond as well. i said if i ever get engaged i will tell my parents it is just a birth stone. they will never know. try to keep it the on the down low. >> very enlightening tour parents. do you have something to tell us. >> i said if i were to ever, it would be a fun game to play. >> what are the prospects a at this point. >> why are you doing this the
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at this time. >> a guy gave you his tooth in a nice beautiful setting would you wear it? >> it would be interesting. wow, that is different. >> yes. >> obviously it had special meaning for them so it has special meaning for us. it is not just a random tooth. >> what about a toenail. >> a toenail. >> a big toenail, a nail from a big toe. >> i can't imagine. when you are in love, love is brian. >> if you love his body. >> whatever happened to just putting a string around their finger. had that is all i can afford, darling. >> a a pop top from a soda a. >> it is love that counts. >> we will remember that. >> they plan to marry, in of course, elvis outfits and elvis style wednesday nothing las vegas. >> it is. >> my grand matter always says you can tell, for... unaudible. >> she said, well baby, for
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every crooked rooster is there a crooked hen. >> wow. >> very similar to what i always say. >> let me see if i can put tonight better terms. >> for every crook-- no, that is not good. police in london that would be england, respond to a call, for men dressed, as traffic cones. >> um. >> this is no yoke. look at these dudes. this is halloween, of course, witnesses posted this picture on twitter. on halloween. a group of five guys dressed a as orange traffic cones were blocking traffic, literally, in the middle of the night and they went into sunday morning. >> this was costly though. >> somebody called the police, or the the police. >> yes. >> look out, a big button is coming. >> they put this on their twitter page showing the call that came in. >> we should do this. >> i don't like that they are disrupting traffic but traffic was great.
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>> waits 3:00 in the morning. >> yes. >> you have been there. >> yeah. >> cone head. >> by the the way, candy, candy kane, candace, where are you? hold on a second. don't want to do this? oh, we will do it with them. okay, i thought we would going to go do an extension of the jen's hit and surprise him. he knows about this. >> the philly magazine, i had it here in my hands is called philly current, and it is out, and fresh, that is not him. the guy we will interview you. >> that is john dorenbos, there is a whole article about what he has been through in his life and a magician in his life. let me look this up. hold, please. please. i should have had this page marked. >> i know it, inside. >> there is a picture of him. >> yes. >> thinks mike greenwich. >> this guy has worked in this
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station for 62 year, mike greenwich is his name. he is with jen out with the young ladies. >> yes. >> that is typical of him getting the shot all set up. the there is a a nice article by the photo journalist mike greenwich. mike, congratulations. >> looking good in the magazine, there. >> let's hope jen is not running the camera. >> this is him. >> jen is running the camera. >> yes. >> the rolls have been reversed, he is i, i am him. >> don't you have a radio show at 6:00 o'clock in the morning on facebook. >> i do, have a 6:00 a.m. facebook show. it is most highly rated facebook show on jen's instagram or facebook feed. i was telling people earlier if you fold it upside out, i'm actually on the cover. >> i like that. >> i got a question for you mike greenwich. >> when was the the last time
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you framed a shot with your fingers. >> when i took this picture was first and last time. i don't even know how to do it, if you notice how crooked my fingers are. >> it is not a square. >> no wonder your shots look so weird, it is not square. >> i'm not square either, mike. >> where did you grow up, mike. >> i grew up in new york, queens. >> moved to philly. >> i was 17, 18. i came to fill any 1988. full-time. >> now, in our meeting, mike is known for being quite out spoken. you always give your opinion. we love that. >> yes. >> we love that. you keep it real. so, there is a q and a, did you keep it real. >> of course, i did. i mean, that is why they pick me. if they wanted to corn ball they would have found somebody
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else. >> yes. >> well, they needed an official throw back is what it was. they didn't want somebody who was face faking it and they were only like 28. >> yes. >> they wanted somebody who is actual there i. >> let me tell what you happened. >> you see jen can't let me have anytime. she has to steel my thunder. >> he is always so mouthy, you keep it real. he doesn't insult people but he makes them think twice about what you are saying like you talk about a meeting. mike will have a great interview. mike greenwich is like heck in i will not do that. >> that is reporter jen, struggling with my fame right now. she's having a tough time. >> you say you are real but
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r-e-e-a and being real right now, it must be a a nightmare to be with jen every morning. >> it is really not a nightmare. we get along really good. if this works out. you see us in the 6:00 a.m. show. we enjoy each other. we know strengths and weak weaknesses, when it is two of us, it is a nightmare. it does help out to have jar tote carry her. >> jen always has great energy every morning. she's one of the best at what she does. >> mike is one of the best. >> yes. >> i love to hear his opinions. >> we love that he keeps it real he loves live music. >> thanks, mike. thanks, alex. >> no problem. >> great job. >> okay. so last night we go to the sixers game because lebron james was in town. you want to see how jahlil okafor and nerlens noel a had a great game too. at the end of the third quarter i looked down on the court and flight squad is
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doing their flips and stuff. who is underneath the basket getting flipped over bus one alex holley. >> the the flight cross and christians crosby. they came in. they said we will jump over you. i a agree to do it. i think they will do it again in slow motion. it was fast. look at that. >> you were right under there. >> i was like wow, i survived. >> christian was making me nervous. >> we messed up a couple times but we will get it right. >> he is just teasing they are amazing humans. >> when they were in here last week i couldn't believe it. >> they are all so nice. >> so put that third quarter break between third and fourth quarter. >> bob, do you have something. >> we have sky fox over the scene of an accident in the somerton section of the city, we will go their life. >> this is a residential neighborhood here. that looks like a minivan upside down. this is on tomlinson road between kelvin and lindsey to give you an idea a block off
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of bustleton right by the holmes, the elementary school. we have no reports of any serious injuries. one person was taken to the local hospital. >> i never seen a car end up like this. it is normally on the roof. it is a residential street. speed has to be a factor, to have a car flip over like this. it looks like the car, clipped the rear end of that blue vehicle there and that may have thrown it upside down. i'm's just hoping there are no kid, in the car here at all but this is in the somerton section of the city, a along tomlinson road about a block and a half off of bustleton avenue. a lot of activity up there. a lot of local detours. sky fox over the scene. we will keep our fingers crossed if there was anybody in the car there that they will be okay. sue? >> yes, that is really jarring just to take a look at that
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picture; something less jarring, of course is our seven day forecast because we have a couple of really nice days ahead. little bit of the roller coaster ride after the end of the seven day but today 72 degrees. plenty of sunshine. nothing weather-wise at least to stop you from voting today. still warm tomorrow, with a high of 74. we will give that one a full-fledged ten and then on thursday a chance of afternoon showers, probable willly not in the in morning but these showers will roll through in the afternoon still getting to 70 degrees and friday still warm with the high of 75. it is friday night into saturday that we have the showers with a cold front and that is going go to cool us down for weekend. high of 64 on saturday and 57 degrees our high temperature on sunday. it will be about 48 or so, when we get started, for our walk to end alzheimer's, sunday morning, citizens bank park and all of the details on fox 9:15.
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the wahlberg brothers are taking over theberger scene. next up is right here in philadelphia. >> can you do a tasting of the food. we need to work on the bun. there is not enough of that chunk. >> this is restaurant number two, what will you do when we have 2,000. >> take me through all of the different locations that we're talking about opening up across the country and throughout the international marketplace. >> really grasp the scope have of the whole thing. >> florida, new york, philadelphia, boston, here in l.a. obviously. >> wow. >> this thing is like huge. >> did you hear that? yeah, philadelphia is getting ale wall burgers and you have a chance to contribute to the menu. mike and alex went outside to get a taste what we can expect. wall burgers food truck is here. >> we will have one in the stores but food truck is ready to go. >> we could not wait. we needed something right now.
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>> they have created something for mark wahlberg's character called invincible burger what would you put on aberg tore make it invincible. lets visit with artie, who runs and owns the truck. welcome to good day philadelphia beautiful truck. >> thank you. >> you got wallbergs on the front here. >> yes. >> you got it all. >> so where can we find this truck. >> this truck would be in northern liberties right on the foot of the northern liberties and germantown avenue on the weekends, friday, saturday and sunday. >> is it opened late. >> all day saturday, sunday probably 12:00 to 5:00a veilable for special events. >> i know you are looking for invincible burgers but what kind can you fine on your menu. >> right now we have our burger. >> what makes it an hour burger. >> paul's blend of meat, is preferred blend, recipe and. >> look at the goo, what is on
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it. >> we have government cheese, that the brothers grew up on, tomato, onions, lettuce good there was something called wall burger sauce. >> it is paul's special secret recipe. >> is what the secret. >> then it wouldn't be a a secret, mike. >> i cannot do that. >> i can tell you it has a little sirac ha, paprika. >> carmelized onions. >> wallberg ares. >> he is ready to go. >> so what do you think would make a good, well, mark wahlbergs character, he plays vince papale a philadelphia eagle. you want to create a hamburger called invincible. you're asking for help to do that. >> yes, just go on line register at wall burger send your recipes in. winner of the contest will actually be invited to the
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grand opening of the restaurant, meet the brothers, and... >> what would you put on a invincible burger. >> i don't know, you have to prove on it, vince papale is here, ladies and gentlemen. congratulations. >> hi, good to see you. >> congratulations. >> you you got a hamburger named after you. >> i have been called a hot dog but never a had hamburger. >> all right you big wean i. >> people start sending in you're december what would you put on a invincible burger. >> how long do they have. >> the end of the december. paul will pick the winner. >> paul will pick the winner. >> i have some ideas. i will make a hamburger for you. how are you dear. good to see you. >> hi. >> you a maid one yourself. >> yes. >> we have our own concoction. >> what we will do is put some teriyaki, and we will take care of that. and then these steaks.
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>> everybody loves this at our house. we use teriyaki sauce, we put it on, and then we use in montreal stake seasoning have you ever tried that. >> it is delicious. put this on. you grill it. and then when we're done we put some cheese on it. >> you put it on the burger. >> yes, after you cook it. >> and then we put an egg and bacon on it. >> and maybe some hot sauce. >> yes. >> and who will taste it. >> alex. >> i will taste it. >> i will put mine together. put it out here please. i need a hamburger. where the heck is the hamburger. >> they are going to win because it is invincible burger and it is their burger. so that means you won. >> no, not necessarily.
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>> i am having this one. check this out. this is what i will do. i will take regular hamburger with all this stuff on it. and making it philly by putting the top of crimpets on it. it sounds horrifying. i'm replacing the the top bun with a soft pretzel. >> your tomorrow one for invincible for that. >> are you going to go try it. >> vince, vince, vince. >> that could could be horrifying. >> what do you think. >> mike. >> you just did it again, i: >> good luck with your truck. >> thanks, you too. >> i think my burger is better. >> was it horrifying. >> no, it was great. >> too nice to say how horrible it really was. >> it is 9:20.
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jimmy kimmel is back with his cruel candy prank. he does it the day after every halloween getting parents to lie to their children, new reaction from his this year, you don't want to miss this coming up next.
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9:24. welshing i love this when jimmy kimmel does this it is so long but so funny. >> it is almost a a tradition as trick or treating. his annual perhaps where kid come back, they store up the candy and he has parents lie to them and say we ate all of your candy. reactions are hilarious. >> where did it all go. >> mom and dad ate it. i ate it. >> wow. >> i ate it all. >> we ate all of your candy. >> i ate it. >> see if you can get more next year.
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>> we ate all of your candy. >> all right. now that one is really sad. >> yes. >> a hh. >> pathetic cry. >> so cute though. >> you can show them these when they grow up embarrassing. 9:25. sue, all morning long we have been sharing the most beautiful lines in literature. >> i feel so much more culture as a result. >> culture and classy we have mike alistar jerrick doing these readings and we googled top 51. >> most beautiful sentences in all of literature. >> next one is by wh ivans from the the more loving one, michael alistar jerrick. >> equal a section cannot be, let the more loving one be me.
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>> ahh. >> that is so thoughtful. >> and still wondering what is in that glass. >> apple juice i'm sure. giving a toast can be intimidating sue. have you ever given a toast before. >> once or twice. >> well especially in front of the large crowd, big weddings and now social media is coming in and adding pressure for the best men, and best man and m aid of honor. we will get wedding toast tips. >> you have to make a production out of it now.
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will the 29. i've two ers get made, jessica first then jill. i would say i am 50-50 on giving the toast as the father. one was just okay. but i bounced back with jill's, and hit it out of the park. >> okay? >> the key is don't drink too much of this. this should be full. >> not -- >> not em. >> i okay. >> wed also stressful, especially if you've been chosen to give the toast. >> a lot of pressure, too, because now there are people who set the bar real hi, all of the viral videos, creative ways. >> dads had to do it, best man has to do it, maid of honor has to do it, anbar set very high by people we found on the internet. >> yes, like these people. >> ♪
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>> so glad we could celebrate this day with so many friends and family, not only around this area but from around the world, from quebec, alberta, dates, even someone from australia here. (applause). >> amazing how far some people will travel for a free meal. >> ♪ ♪ if he's everything you need ♪ >> now, these aren't particularly good, just being seen all over the minute net, have gone viral. see this book right here? why are we showing that you book? not everybody can pull off a good toast. so lets bring our next guest, kerry denny from philadelphia magazine. look how pretty she; philadelphia magazine, i know you write this column for
9:32 am
philadelphia magazine called philadelphia weddingment now the author of the book that we're just banning, there the brides instruction manual. so you are the perfect person to talk to. >> because you can give us advice how we should be doing this properly. >> have you ever had to do it? >> i've had to do it. >> how did it go? >> i think it went pretty well. you have have to ask my friends, but i think it went pretty well. >> let's go through some examples, the best way to do it and not do it. >> all right, here is a scene from wedding crashers. >> as you all know my sister and craig are both lawyers at big law firms in new york. but that's not the only thing they have in common. they both like the color green, like craig's eyes, and money. >> okay. that seemed pretty benign. but it goes onto get into some really personal embarrassing things, like of course i've slept with him, things like that. number one rule, don't turn it
9:33 am
into a roast, we all know where a roast is, where you slam somebody. >> right. it is fine to make light jokes here and there, everybody wants to laugh of course, but you are not a professional stand up comedian, i don't think a lot of people know how certain jokes will be take never front of 250 people. so it is better not to try to go down that road. and also it is not what the day is about. the day is about supporting those people that you're honoring. >> supporting them. >> i think that's the pressure, okay, i have to be funny, how can i be funny? >> kind of the east years way, into getting a laugh, but it is not really what you should be doing. >> i was a wedding in st. louis, oh, here we go, best man got up, first word of his toast was: important case. >> oh? >> and he goes for an occasion such as this. >> and has been using that line ever since i ' heard it three, four times ever since. >> you want to hear another clip? >> this one from old school. >> love is hard to find. sometimes you think you have true love and then you catch
9:34 am
the early flight home from san diego and a couple of new people jump out of your bathroom blind folded like beep magic show. >> well? >> don't get drunk. >> don't get drunk. i think the temptation is for people to take the edge off a little bit. and maybe that's fine. you kind of have to know yourself. if can you have one glass of champagne and it takes the edge off and you're confident you'll go up there and kill it okay. >> but it is open bar, people. >> exactly. you will see the responsible toast givers kind of anxiously tapping their foot because they are waiting to have their drink until after they give their speech. and that's really, you don't want to be like that. >> do not drink before the speech. >> yes. >> just wait until after. >> wait until after. >> short but poinent, please. >> that won't happen if you're drunk. >> okay, so the next wedding toast rule is broken in the wedding -- >> oh, this is a good move. >> i little news flash, bob.
9:35 am
harold ain't so perfect. remember the time in puerto rico when we pick up those two, i guess they were prostitute, but i don't remember paying. >> how about that? >> little news flash, bob. >> okay, well, that one, if you can't be nice, then don't give the toast. say all nice things, right? >> yes, it is more like if you don't have anything of substance to say, every once in a while i think everybody get asked to speak, maybe for the rehearsal dinner or something, they are not the maid of honor, best man, if you don't really have anything good to say, don't say yes just because somebody asked you. >> please admit to them you are not comfortable doing it? >> yes. >> here is a good movie, bridesmaids. >> i feel so close to you, and can trust you, you're my angel and sole mate, and i feel i can communicate with you with simply a look. thank you for coming.
9:36 am
yep. >> there is the look. >> there is the look, the first bridesmaid kind of made it about her, more than the bride. >> yes. and i think that's something that can easily happen, too, because you get up there and you are talking about how excited you are for your friends, and it ends up being this string every tails about the two of you. and a little bit that far is okay. and introductory kind of way. you want everybody sitting there to understand what you are really -- your relationship is to the bride and groom, then that's it, then it is about the couple who is getting married. so it is not, you know, trist your friendship kind of thing. >> remember the time in junior hi, and then you go through the whole thing. >> nobody cares. that's the truth. >> that's the key. >> nobody cares. >> only person that cares is you. >> yes. >> and maybe a little bit. >> i think only one way to end this, a toast. >> there you go. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> empty is the key. >> empty. >> this was great.
9:37 am
come back any time. >> 9:36. >> south jersey woman was sick of not hearing from her son in college. her advice to all of the moms out there, trying to get your children's attention?
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♪ ♪ with the name trusted for nearly 80 years, you have the courage to enjoy the ride. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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>> most beautiful in literature. >> retired to the library. >> yes, he has. >> this one comes from allen ginsberg in america. michael jerrick in. >> one of our most noted, of course. >> america, i've given you
9:41 am
all, and now i'm nothing. >> thank you so much, michael jerrick. >> well, 9:41, we are going back to jen to do some more winter sports. getting the kids ready. >> yes, so if you play soccer, then it gets colds, you can't play soccer any more. what are you going to do, jen? >> exactly, women, could you try field hockey. these young girls, they're with the philly program. so come on back after the break. we'll explain why you might want to try field hockey for your daughter, before you try lacrosse, or some other sport.
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holt are the lottery numbers, we were just talking about this. >> about leaving the nest, and what an important part it is about growing up, how some parents have a little bit of a difficult time with it, which would be me. >> and the rest of the kids, too, you're right, parents it is, it can be really hard. you know that very well. >> well, there is a mom in new jersey who came up with a solution, so that she can have her kid by her side 24/7. >> and the best part, sue, he doesn't talk back to you. >> dave, you're there with the mom? >> how is that working? >> that's right. yes, he doesn't talk back.
9:45 am
and, yes, doesn't actually say much really. we're here with of course kelly cunningham, and her 22 year old son, glenn. well, sort of. tell us how this came about. basically, a cardboard cut out of your son to help kind of deal with the empty nest, right? >> yes, he moved away. and never came home to visit. and he should know me better than that. so, my husband and i just brain storming, we said let's get cardboard glenn. >> cardboard glenn doesn't just stay home. we go to video, you've taken him all across town. tell us about that. >> i just show up at places, i do ask permission, we go in, we get pictures taken, i say to him i hate doing activities with you, that way, it keeps me busy, too. we do have family members that want to take him other places. so it has been fun. >> so, cardboard glenn's getting a plan, a schedule already? >> everybody loves t they've been great, i mean, everybody, any place i went, people are getting selfies, asking to be in the picture, it has been
9:46 am
great. >> now, your son is in philly, right, loves and works in philly. how does he feel about all of this? >> he knows me. so he should have seen it coming. but, he is embarrased a little bit. because it got this much attention. did he tell me his phone is blowing up from alerts on facebook. that was the plan. we didn't reveal it to him until october 30th. and when we did, it will be like bombarding his facebook with it, because we were taking pictures for a month and a half. >> and you have playful joking relationship, too, so tell me more about that? >> we do have the same sense of humor. he should have a cardboard mom. >> you agree with that? >> okay, no word from cardboard glenn here. anyway that's the word here from kelly cunningham, and cardboard glenn. guys, back to you. >> i wonder how much longer cardboard glenn will be around? what's he going to do when he comes home for the holidays? >> i don't know. what's he going to do when he comes home for the holidays? >> twins? >> well, card bore glenn will probably be going out with us. >> i wish my mom did that, but
9:47 am
she thinks one every sus bad enough, so -- hey, alex, you have a cardboard cut out, too? >> that's true. >> pretty cool. of two you, ya. >> she's going around town, cardboard alex. >> just like avenue twin. mike, he couldn't handle two of me, trust me. thanks, dave. >> he probably would pull his hair out. 9:47. field hockey, lacrosse, popular for young girls, some coaches say there are few reasons if your child should try field hockey first. >> before lacrosse. >> yes. >> jen is in berwyn this morning. why should you do field hockey before lacrosse? >> okay, so these ladies have their lines. they figured out what they were going to say. i asked a question, generally, so let's see what they say. why would you start field hockey before lacrosse? >> because lacrosse is in the air and field hockey is on the grounds. >> okay. >> field hockey is mostly on the grounds, as lacrosse is in the air.
9:48 am
>> and lacrosse ball is a little smaller than a field hockeyball. >> these kids answer all this yourself in field hockey you wear shin guards. >> so you don't get hurt. >> you can check in lacrosse. >> but you displant. >> but you can't hack it. >> all right, so you guys start your drill, because you have already done your lines. you agree with what they have to say about this stuff, right? >> i think the ball is hard in field hockey, the ball in lacrosse isn't that hard. >> it is hard to figure out the difference, but do you have a favorite? do you like one better than the other? >> i kind of like field hockey a little bit more. but i like them both. >> okay, show these ladies how it works. we want to see. >> this coach sarah, good morning. >> good morning. >> yes, talking about like how do you know where to start your daughter? you agree with this idea that field hockey is sometimes easier for the little girls? >> yes. >> why is that. >> because they are down on the grounds, moving, ball stays on their stick, it is a little faster paced. a lot of the younger kids can
9:49 am
move faster. they really like t i started personally started field hockey before i started lacrosse. and sometimes lacrosse is a little bit scarier for younger kids because it is up in the air, by their head, whereas field hockey is down low on the glass. >> they are very complimentary. you are an organization that has both of them. >> absolutely. >> it is because it is like a stick and a ball? a lot of people play kind of but they don't play golf. like this is something where you might play both of them? >> both sports take a lot of technique and a lot of finesse, a lot of confidence, and working hard. so that's why a lot of our players play both. >> and you guys, have been talking about it all morning, a winter clinic. a lot of people like i don't want my kids playing a year around sport. but it is not like they're going out and having competitive games, just a place for them to go on a saturday for winter clinic? >> right. i'm we do a lot of wall ball, techniques, a loft basic skills are taught in the winter. so that they're able to then forward and go on later on in the year. >> i love it.
9:50 am
they look great. and i love that there are girls playing different competitive sports, way to rock it, play hockey like a girl. you guys look great. did you guys have fun? >> yes. >> okay, go. and again, they all know their lines, and they did very well. did you -- this is the four things, oh, you're running from me, how do you think the girls did? >> boys do better. >> you know what i say to you? get outta here. >> pretty cool place they have here. so come on back. >> you doesn't thanks, jen. 9:50, mother, singer, history maker, what can't this woman do? the new song from adele can add to her long list of accomplishments. >> you can do it all. >> i can't sing like that. >> ♪
9:51 am
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> okay, it is 9:54. sue, we've been doing this most beautiful lines literature all morning. >> right. and mike has retired to the library, with a beverage. >> yes. >> and that beverage, little worried about him. he's been drinking for two hours. but right here, right now, i don't know if he can take any more. mike, this final one comes, mike? is mike? >> what? >> your final one. game on. >> oh, my gosh. >> i love jane. i used to date her. >> wow. >> that was an error. >> i would always rather be happy than dig night philadelphia international
9:55 am
airport. -- i would always rather be happy than dignified. may dow a modern day line. >> sure. >> from 1g cast tan is a. >> these pretzels are making me thirsty. oh, boy. >> this is dedicate today alex hole. >> i oh, no. >> and though she be little, she is fierce, that's from shakespear. >> awe. i love that. mama always knows just what to sayment wonderful. great finale. thank you so much, mike. >> oh, gosh. he just fell. oh, great. >> seriously? >> ya, please. 9:55, okay, adele's new single hello it, reaches a new milestone. i cannot. it to sole more than a million downloads its first week, sue. >> good song. >> it is. >> ♪
9:56 am
>> and hello, this is big, because it is the first song ever to sell at least 1 million copies in a week. wow. this is her fourth number one on the hot 100 chart. and it is still number one in the world on spotify's global chart. adele's third albumn isn't even out yet. it is called 25, which i believe is her age. it comes out november 20th. >> yes, she is a lot younger than i thought she would be. she is 27. but i guess makes sense, it might be it. so who knows. but i guess we almost made it a show, but it is in here, khloe kardashian, yes, kardashian story, spent halloween, in lamar odom's hospital room. she continues to stay by lamar's side. and he's recovering from a
9:57 am
drug overdose, and found unconscious a few weeks ago after spending several days at a nevada brothel. >> yesterday they said he is doing very well. >> polls dollars this photo on twitter to mark the holiday, snap chat of plastic pumpkin candy jar surrounded by twizzlers and hershey chocolate bar. but said she will continue to sit by his side and like you said, sue, his condition continues to improve. there you go. look at. that will nice little picture there. >> okay, halloween comes to the hospital. >> yes and my thing is notice like now it is all christmas, like we had forgotten about thanksgiving altogether. >> right. the minute halloween was over. >> mike, mike, my thing is i love thanksgiving. any holiday that's about food and sitting down and coming together and eating, i'm all over it. >> thanksgiving, i love thanksgiving. >> that's right. well, we are going to have to campaign to bring back thanksgiving. >> we will. we will be back. michael jerrick, what are you
9:58 am
doing? >> he took a cue from the cardboard cut out mom.
9:59 am
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say more with new kisses deluxe. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no changers. >> announcer: now, here's wendy. >> wendy: and you too. yeah. yeah. [ applause ]


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