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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 4, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. (cheers). >> vick industry for jim kenny, he'll observe sworn in as philadelphia's next mayor. >> throughout this campaign i have been asked time and time again what i a.m. going to do to move philadelphia forward. tonight's surrounded by all of you i am reminded it is not what i am going to do, it is what we are going to do together. >> coming up, what the mayor elect's main priorities will be when he takes office in january. >> important scandal at local middle school, students as young as 11, are accuse the, shocking places police say they got those pictures. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, november 4th, 2015.
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>> hump day. how are you? >> cold. >> you got the blanket. do you want a shawl. >> i'll take one of those, too. >> you do knitting, sue, nice big shawl? >> get going, really. i think we will see what we can do for you, lauren, probably about february i'll have it ready for you. not the fastest knitter ever, but i enjoy it. we thought we would start with number of the day. why? because it is a ten out of ten, it is going to be a fabulous day, once again, if you like it warm. now, we've had few complaints on social media, of people saying, no i want the crisp fall weather back, don't worry, that's coming back, but not today. rain once again staying to the south in the carolinas, so here we go. with 51 degrees, that's milder than yesterday. calm winds, 6:33 now your sunrise time. as we look at other temperatures, it is not quite as cold as yesterday. but still chilly, still jacket weather for this morning, anyway. forty-two in pottstown, 40
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mount pocono, 51 as we showed you in the city, so 44 atlantic city, 45 in dover, and these are temperatures that are milder than yesterday. by about four to 7 degrees, 2 degrees milder down to the south. so about the same as yesterday. calm winds, we don't have any fog out there yet this morning, but we will keep an eye on the situation, we could get some more, like we had yesterday, in the morning, 76 degrees, is our high temperature for today. that's where we were yesterday. we made it to the spirit of 76 with plenty of sunshine, 55 degrees, over night, another mild night. of course there are changes coming, and that should happen just in time for the weekends. so we will talk all about it coming up in the seven day forecast, but bob kelly, is almost ready to go, because -- >> i am almost ready. just having little difficulty here this morning. >> listen, no one can relate more than i can. >> problems? >> monday morning program with me. >> all right, line it up. roll it.
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4:02, good morning, everybody, off to pretty good start on this hump day in the 50's, on the blue route, the schuylkill expressway, no problems coming into or out of the city. but couple of situations in the neighborhoods, out here chester county, 100, between waterloo road and route 100, right in the area where they've been paving an accident. over in south jersey, 322, not that far from what is that rutgers over here, 322, at stone meeting house road, and an accident with some downed wires. same deal in shamong, along 206 at stokes road, known as route 541 rolling through tab err knack em. outside we go, live look, construction crews still out. the street road ramp to head north on i-95. obviously the steam coming off of the roadway, there all part of the repaving project, up and down 95. soap, from bucks county, to head north on 95, you won't be able to get on at street road. you will have to go either north up to 413, or jump on at
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academy road. downtown we go, the vine street expressway, still closed, between the schuylkill and broad street. that overnight project until about 5:30 or so, for anyone coming off of 95. you can use vine local, if you are coming offer the schuylkill, you can use spring garden, or 30th. mass transit though looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. following breaking news this morning, west philadelphia, police on the scene of stabbing, on septa bus, it happened about a half hour ago near 46th and market. >> this is really brutal. police tell us stabbed on the right side of his forehead. they say the man who stabbed him jumped on the bus, took off, still getting details about exactly what happened. steve keeley headed to the scene, as he gets live pictures, we'll get you more information. >> vote verse spoken, chosen the next mayor of philadelphia, democrat jim kenny won by a landslide. >> this is no surprise, right? former long time city councilman beat being out republican challenger melissa murray bailey. just 40 minute in fact after
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the polls closed he addressed supporters, he claimed victory there on the podium. he thanked union leaders, police, teachers, clergy, and kenny vowed to get to work right away. >> these groups did far more than elect a new mayor, they proved that every neighborhood matters. >> among kenny's top priorities, universal pre kindergarten education and bail reform. >> democrat kevin feel is new montgomery county district attorney beat republican bruce castor trying to get his old job back. cast or declined to charge bill cosby when sexual gays rose back in 20056789 the case since reopened, now charges now possible, as for steel, he overseas the case against kathleen stand, steel taking over for risa veteran fuhrman. >> democrats won all three open seats. >> so those wins could reshape the court for years to come. judges kevin dougherty, christine donahue, and david
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when the will join the seven member bench, will dominate the bench five to two. >> democrats in new jersey trite end their controls in yesterday's election, the party picked up through knee assembly seats, knocked two republicans out of office in the 11th district, took seat away from the gop in northern new jersey first district. >> coverage does not ends there, of course, you can find all the election results on our website >> all right, close call between train and woman behind the wheel after car in north folk southern freight train hit the car in the tracks at bridgeport montgomery county and for some reason that driver was stuck. it happened just before 1:00 this morning near second and depo and we're told that the woman was able to get out of her car before the train hit t she was not hurt thankfully. >> man in critical condition, after being stabbed during bar fight in north philly. police say argument over a pool game inside a baron the 2700 block of thompson street spilled out on to the street. soap, a two on two fight reportedly ensued. that ended with a 30 year old
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victim being stabbed in the arm. suspect took off before police got there. >> happening today, jury deliberations will begin this morning in the federal fraud trial against chaka fattah, jr., both sides delivered closing argument, acted as his own lawyer, and de mid any wrong-doing, but prosecutors say he built hundreds of thousands of dollars from banks, the irs, and the school district of philadelphia. fattah junior says those charges are just politically motivated because his congressman is sat a fact a, facing his own legal charges of federal racketeering and corruption. three middle school student who won local school district in serious trouble, they distributed sexual images of other student. >> dave kinchen on this story now, live from district headquarters there in trediffryn township, dave, good morning. >> chris, lauren, good morning to you, this is absolutely unbelievable. police say the suspect in this case are as young as 11 years old. three teens between 11 and/or
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three young people between the ages of 11 and 15, charged with trading child porn important and general important old owing if i. going to video, we will tell you the schools that these young people are from. now, investigators say, in some cases, these children took nude photos and video of students, and sent them to other student. the nude pictures and video involved students who attends trediffryn, and specifically, trediffryn east town middle school and valley forge middle school. now, police say that the pictures include child erotica, general pornography, and stored and sent to student who saw the images at home and at school. and most cases the images were sent voluntarily by teens to other minors, and in one case, police say a student offered to sell a sexual image after classmate to another student. and of corpse, as you can imagine, parent are besides themselves.
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>> kind of scary because i didn't think it would happen, to be honest. >> at this age? >> yes, at this age, this school. >> disappointed more my reaction there. >> not so surprised? >> i'm surprised, i'm surprise add little bit that it is in this community. >> i think the cautionary tail here, parent need to trust and verify the children. we need to check what our children are doing on social media. >> investigators began their probe in april. police say more children could be arrested, so this is not over. more minors could be facing charges here. now, the school district says it is cooperating fully with police, coming up, we will tell you why one parent was shot because they say they check their kid's phone all the time. there parent apparently had one of their kids brought in as part of this investigation, guys. >> as a parent i'm shocked. i have a 11 year old.
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>> it is absolutely unreal. >> yes. >> police looking for gunman who opened fire outside crowded community center. >> trying to turn his life around, just attended job orientation program. >> he came here for program, teach them skills. yes, didn't seem like he was a bad kid either. >> a shame. >> police say they did find a gun that was near the victim. there was also surveillance video, they say it, appears the victim was targeted. he remains in critical condition. >> 4:10 this morning, investigators are reviewing
4:11 am
surprising new information, death of illinois police officer, who's death sparked massive manhunt. what they are now saying. >> shocker. plus new clue into what may have brought down that russian airliner. we will tell you what satellite images from the united state discovered.
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>> california werth, you should know? casino of chilly at night, but really warm nicely during the day. >> exactly, sue serio. >> oh, you haven't lived here in so long. >> yes, in two years, everything i grew up with. >> way back in the day, california. >> we could be challenging high temperature records, so, the record, just look it up, for friday, in philadelphia, is 79 degrees, the record high set in 1948. we're going to call for about 77 on friday, but it will be close, but then by the time we get to sunday morning, the chill will be back it, will feel like autumn again. we won't care because it will be plenty of sunshine, and we will all be together at
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citizens bank park fork the walk to end altzheimer's, now, registration starts at 9:00. we will get started with the walk after that. and temperatures will probably be in the four's, i don't think it will be quite as breezy as it was last year, but we hope you'll join us sunday. get details at now, looking to the south of us, see some showers, little bit of activity could bubble up to the area tomorrow. not today, though. right now, it is chilly, but not quite as chilly as yesterday, with 40 degrees in mount pocono, 44 in reading, 42 in pottstown, 51 here in philadelphia, and 45 degrees in wildwood. looking back, before we look ahead, first, the average high remember is 60 degrees. yesterday, we were 16 degrees above average. it was a delightful afternoon, hope you enjoyed it, if not, you have another chance today with ten out of ten and 76 degrees. seventy-two tomorrow with slight chance of that shower we were talking about, record warmth is possible on friday, friday morning, we could also end up with some dense fog,
4:16 am
with all of these warm temperatures, it is a lot of moisture in the air, so that could happen. then on saturday, another chance of showers, with a cold front, and that is the one that's going to bring the big chill on sunday. so, sunday, monday, highs in the 50's, inning back to the 60s by tuesday of next week. bit of roller coaster ride, but we are enjoying the top of the hill right now. >> you got it. >> we're at the top looking down. hold on. 4:16, sue, good morning, everybody, pretty good shape this morning, on the blue route, if you are leaving king of prussia headed down to the airport, nice smooth ride on the schuylkill expressway. but the gang that had been working out n 95, all night long, here is a live look, kind of looking through the overhead sign girder here, this is 995 in the area of girard avenue. only one lane open, north on 95. >> center city closed between
4:17 am
the schuylkill and broad streetment maybe another hour or so, so again, using either vine local, or if you are coming offer of the schuylkill, exit for spring garden, 30th or south street. getting out every town today, little midday trip, no problems yet at the airport. i think we got some good flying weather over the next couple every days, that construction in wilmington along 495 northbound rap p blocked, so into the port of wilmington use 95 to ac sells the port there. couple every accident in the neighborhood, chester county, 100, waterloo road, right there where they are doing the construction, over here south jersey route 322, at stone meeting house road, crash there with some downed wires, so, pse&g, they'll be out there through the morning rush hour. same deal in shamong, downed wires, because after crash along 206 at stokes road. otherwise, mass transit looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. developing right now, us officials say satellite images detected heat around the russian jet that crashed in
4:18 am
egypt. >> and expert go on to say that that finding could mean a number of things, including bomb blast, or an engine explosion. two very different things. so, investigators say, judging by the burns on the wreckage, missile is not to blame. isis has claimed responsibility, but egypt's president called that propaganda, arguing officials have full control of the cyanide peninsula. it could be months before we find out exactly what happened. everyone on board that plane was killed in the crash. >> later today investigators are expected to announce the september shooting death after police officer, in illinois. that led to massive manhunt, was actually a suicide. investigators say officer charles joseph died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the 52 year old radioed on september 1st that he was chasing three men when back up arrived they found the officers body 50 yards from his patrol car. massive manhunt failed to produce any arrest or identify the suspect. now a task force investigating the death said the lieutenant
4:19 am
was shot twice with his own weapon. they blame personal and professional pressures. >> what a change of event there. >> let's play some hypothetical, okay? exact lay year away from election day, new political show shows tied at 47%. carson standings with independent voters big advantage over the other republican candidate. clinton still leads marco rubio, jeb bush, and donald trump. now the survey based on interviews with voters before last week's gop presidential debate. voters in ohio have spoken, they rejected plan yesterday that would have legalized marijuana for recreational and medicinal use. >> did not like the concept of marijuana, under the amendment ten pot farms would have been approved in the state. those who voted against it say pot would create more problems, like people driving while hi, and employers dealing with workers using on the job. and colorado voters who approved recreational use of march juan in 2012 let the state keep $66 million in
4:20 am
marijuana tax revenue. that will money will be spent on schools and other project. a colorado law requires new tax revenue to be refunded when the overall state income exceeds projections. >> 4:20 this morning, how about a royal celebration for the world series champs. who the team owner credits for the biggest win in kansas city baseball since the 1980s. >> plus, the flyers just cannot seem to get it together. last night, they lost their fifth straight. low lights from the flyers-oilers straight ahead. first here are your highlights, in fact, you have these numbers, you won't even care how the players are playing this year. good luck.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> the police, every breath i take, off the albumn 1983. >> ♪
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>> insert lauren rolls her eyes. hey, look at the airport. or not. the airport shot is showing. >> there is an airport in philadelphia, called philadelphia international airport. it is in south philly right along i-95. >> so quiet in here right now. >> that was sean pd puffy combs. >> listen. >> go ahead. let's hear it. >> ♪ >> happy birthday, 46 years old today. a lot of birthdays, we'll tell but later. flyers just cannot get into a groove. dropped their fifth straight game last night playing the oilers. >> let me try to do highlights for you, we start you off in the second period, with the bad news, for connor, put one in the net, then goes flying into the board. take a look. >> did you -- take another look. okay? the superstar rookie leads the game. >> this isn't good, with a shoulder injury.
4:25 am
>> third period here, tide two-two. >> skates past the flyers, makes backhanded shot. right past, oilers hold onto win, four-two. >> new goalie. >> what? >> howard? >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles back at practice yesterday after week off with the bye. they go into what is the second half of the season, they have three and four record, only one game behind the first place new york giants, who only four and four. now the eagles will also be getting a player back, this week, from injuries. eagles linebacker kiko alonso coming back this sunday night against the dallas cowboys, at least he says he was yesterday after practice. he's been out since week two, when the eagles played dallas. jason peters was also on the practice field, but didn't participate in any team drills. and chip kelly enlightening the media on the obvious what saw as problems in the first half the season.
4:26 am
>> too many drops, dropped too many balls, last in the league in drops. >> a lot of things that could have extended, really affected our third down efficiency in terms of holding on to the football. >> eagles actually favored in the game at dallas on sunday night. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> let's hear some baseball highlights? >> let's do there is this is a parade. camden -- kansas city turns out to celebrate world champions, they drove in 2.3-mile parade route in a caravan. screamed out their appreciation and love for all of the fans, calling the turn out amazing. >> how many people showed up? >> 500,000 fans shut down the city downtown area for hours. >> well, beyond the parade, what else did they have? >> food, food trucks, music. >> you watched the series. >> yes. >> that last game, what was the final score?
4:27 am
>> the royals won the world series with seven-two win over the new york met, the team's first since 1985. >> and who was the third base nan 19858, the guy they keep talking about number five, 390 in 1980, george brett. day after, by the way, nice job with sports. >> thank you. >> look out sean bell. here she comes. all right, 4:27. is the time this wednesday morning, and day after his funeral, south jersey school board member gets re-elect today his position watch officials will do now to make sure his job at least gets done. >> plus, local vfw post, focus of raid by authorities, what investigators say happened inside that broke the law.
4:28 am
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>> kenny declared the winner. another democrat is elected to lead the city of brotherly love. what the mayor elect plans to make a priority once in office. >> plus americans and fate. some young people say they could do without it. what a new study reveals about the us losing its religion. >> that's dis disturbing. >> absolutely. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, november fourth, 2015. >> chris keeping an eye on the birthdays. >> you know you're getting old, you are too young to remember this movie, probably, sue, what karate kid, ralph match yo, is, wait a minute
4:31 am
now, let me get it right here, he is 54. >> what? >> the karate kid? fifty-four. >> almost knocked my eye out. >> watch out. >> what? >> but he was like -- >> what did i say? >> chris? >> oh, so true. >> he is a child in my mind. >> you're right, wax on. wax off. >> sorry, sue. >> it is all good. >> we got to keep it moving here. we have a ten out of ten in your weather by the numbers for today. that's right. there is no cloud cover to show you, just rain down to the south. and a look at our current temperature, 51 degrees, calm wind, little bit of breeze here, in old city, 6:33 your sunrise time. high temperature of 76 degrees, back to the 70s once again, was our high
4:32 am
yesterday. there are some changes in the seven day forecast, and that's coming up, but i think we like this spirit of 76, bob kelly. >> yes, we do. there you go. get the pipe and drum corpse out. 43:00 it, off to pretty good start on this hump day, 55, on i-95, but the crews are still working up here, at the street road ramps, to head north on 95. from street road, going north, you're not able to use the ramps. so you have to go up to route 413, or little further south, down to woodhaven. downtown we go, the vine expressway, still closed, both directions, between the schuylkill and broad street until about 5:30 or so. you want to use vine local, or maybe coming off the schuylkill, use spring garden, 30th or south. it will be ready to go in about an hour or so. and couple every accident in the neighborhoods. out here in chester county, route 100 between waterloo boulevard and 113. crash with some downed wires, right here on the campus of the university of 322 at stone
4:33 am
meeting house road. traffic diverted onto oklahoma road this morning. up in shamong, route 206 a crash with some downed wires at stokes road. otherwise mass transit looking good, chris, lauren, back to you. >> following breaking news in west philadelphia, police on scene of stabbing on septa bus. >> steve keeley live at the scene now with the latest, steve, good morning. >> police wrapped up the scene 16th and market in fact right outside what supposed to be the next philly police headquarters but going to the video, because the bus was driven away from the scene as well. headed west toward the 69th street terminal, as you see on the front of the bus, but it didn't get that far because apparently there was some casino of altercation, we don't know if it was just a fit between two guys over a seat, even though the bus isn't crowd in the time of day or attempted robbery or what. no information from police just yet after talking to the victim who has just a small laceration to his forehead. the guy with the knife apparently ran off the bus and ran away.
4:34 am
>> another incident on another septa bus, here, in philadelphia. this will make you think twice about the next time you want to flip the birds or beep your horn at septa bus driver, because they're in the top three as far as i'm concerned, with cops, firefighters with the toughest jobs here if philadelphia, another incident in the middle of the night on septa bus, who knows what this was over, probably find out from investigators eventually later this morning. chris, lauren? >> appreciate it. >> the voters have spoken, chosen the next mayor of philadelphia, jim kenny won the race by a landslide. >> the former long time city councilman beat willing out republican challenger melissa murray bailey, didn't take long for ken toy address supporters just 40 minutes after the polls closed, he claimed victory, he thanked union leaders, police shall teachers, clergy, everyone that helped get him elected and vowed to get to work right away. >> groups did far more than elect new player. they proved that every neighborhood ma -- hood matter. >> among the top priorities,
4:35 am
universal pre kindergarten education and bail reform. >> week after his body was found on beach in strait meet, vote, honored radio by giving him a seat. someone will have to be appoint today take the former mayor's position. radio intend today attends an education conference when he went missing and was found dead, tests determined he drowned, but the investigation into his death continues. mystery at this point, what the heck happened. >> vfw post in west philly raided story you saw first on fox, the vfw district one commander and members of the pennsylvania state police liquor control enforcement bureau carried out bok cents of records, out of the vfw post, 3009 at 52nd and race, district one officials say the post was shut down basilica of saints peter and paul the city earlier this year, and fined for failing to pay taxes on beverage sales. now, a man who says he once held finance position at the post says there has been trouble therefore a long time. >> let's say the money never got up to the person who paid
4:36 am
the bills, one of the reasons why i left, because there were some regularities, and, you know, i reported it to people, nobody wanted to do anything about it. >> fox 29 spoke vfw officials who works, while he won't comment on this case, he said typically when a post is in trouble, they try to help. it is unclear if this post will be table reopen. 4:36. you find yourself losing your fate? a new study shows more americans are doing without it. specially, one group, we'll tell you what group that is after the break.
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>> good morning, welcome back at 4:39. won't see any penn students asking for donations on the sides of roads, the the group behind the charity dance marathon has canceled the final weekend, when student try to get donation frost drivers who drop money in cans. well, in a letter released yesterday, executive director says it needs more time to come up with solutions to safety concerns for student. in september 19 year old sophomore became the second student don't die while canning, the crash injured six other student epp. also from penn state, a state department of health official warning students that three people at main campus in state college may have the mumps. officials asking student, faculty, staff, to check with their doctors, make sure they're properly vaccinated for the mumps, measles, rubell a the school identifying those who may be sick, but they do
4:40 am
say that they do not live in campus dorms. 4:39. americans will becoming less religious, especially young adults. >> new pew research polled looked at several factors, church a ten dense, high belief in higher power. the study shows for adults born between 1990 and 1996 only about half are absolutely certain there is a god. survey also shows younger people are also less likely to pray, and attend religious services regularly, but overall, 77% of all americans continue to identify with some religious fate. >> high school football player, says he was ejected and suspended for praying after a play. >> so we're learning that he won't miss his team's first playoff game this week referee ejects dollars running back pedro, from friday night's game, for un sports man like conduct, now, says, after scoring touchdown, he put his hand to up his face, then pointed to the sky to thank god. that's when the referee through a flag and tossed him
4:41 am
from the game. earlier they had flagged him forgetting into a scuffle with another player, so the second offense automatically earned him a suspension from the next game. >> they thought i was saying i was number one, and i was taunting the other team. like use the ball, as a property, or you do something to the other team. >> would have missed his team's first playoff game in decades. but yesterday, the arizona inter scholastic association stepped in, overturning his suspension, that means he will be in the starting line up when his team takes the field this coming friday night. >> 4:41, japanese company faces massive fine for its role in the largest automotive recall in us history. coming up: finds out how much takata will have it pay up. >> investigators may be close to finding what caused e-coli outbreak to chipotle. little clue next.
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4:44 am
>> good morning. >> it is no that dark, is it? is a camera snout. >> we're live along the ben franklin parkway listening to jimmy jazz. >> did you say it is dark outside. >> well, it is. >> master of the obvious?
4:45 am
>> well ... >> it said it in the prompter. welcome back, it is dark outside. >> no, it did not say that in the prompter. >> had to blame something or someone. >> sue, you better take it away before he says anything else. >> so fun to tease, you, i can't help it. >> did you tease your little brothers like you tease me? >> i did tease my little brother like that, and i still do. we have a low pressure system, down to the south, that is not affecting our weather, not yet. it is warm still with high pressure in control, and that high sliding off shore, it is work week warmth, that could end up being record breaking by friday. but then the chilly temperatures return after that. let's see what's happening right now. there is the system to our south. eventually, some of those clouds sneak up here tomorrow, and we might get few showers, so that will ruin our ten. we do have ten out of ten today. 51 degrees to start, little
4:46 am
milder than yesterday, 40 mount pocono, 42 lancaster, this is good to see, we don't have 30's like we did yesterday. we may before sunrise, but probably not. 46 degrees wilmington, 45 in dover. calm winds at the moment. and the wind are still mostly coming out of the north, but yet, we still have those temperatures forecasted in the 70s, just like on terrific tuesday. we would love owe literation, you now we do. so, yesterday, yes, we made it up to 76 degrees, average high of 60, 61, we will be back there today, chance of shower tomorrow, high of 72, 77, is the forecasted high for friday, the record for friday is 79, in philadelphia, so, it will be close. depend on how much cloud cover we get and how much hangs around, so, by saturday we have high of 62. then 57 on sunday, we will be in the four's for the start of our walk to end altzheimer's, at citizens bank park, on sunday morning, but beautiful day.
4:47 am
really the crisp autumn weather returns sunday, monday, and back to seasonable temperatures, by tuesday. that's your seven day forecast, what are they doing out there, bob kelly? >> chris reads whatever is in the teleprompter. maybe we could have some ron burr gun i did i fun. >> oh, great. >> let's go in there, and change the trip up a little bit. that would make for some good tv. 4:47, on wednesday morning, working over here in cherry hill, new jersey, route 70, right between the ramps therefore 295, and the new jersey turnpike. otherwise, kind of quiet on the schuylkill, so far so good, only 14 minute trip into downtown. looking good on 422, yes, we have the construction out there, near royersford, but working your way in toward king of prussia we are good to go. so good news for the folks downtown philly, here is a live look, on the vine street expressway, right under the parkway. the westbound lanes of the vine are open. still closed on that eastbound side, and again, usually everything all wrapped up, by
4:48 am
about 5:15, 5:30 or so. ben franklin looking good beginning your trip in south jersey. no problems coming into the city on the 42 freeway, couple of accident though in the neighborhood. chester county, route 100, between 113 and waterloo boulevard. and an accident, crash over here, along 322, it is on the jersey side of the commodore barry bridge, right near stone meeting house road. and up in shamong, some downed wires, this could be with us through the morning, pse&g crew on the scene, route 206 at stokes road. otherwise, mass transit looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much, bob. the government slapped airbag manufacturer tack katow with $70 million lawsuit. >> that lawsuit could grow, should the company fail to keep their end of the bargain. here's fox's robert gray. >> american auto safety regulators are now finds being japanese companies takata, 70 million bucks, in connection to massive airbag recall, which affected nearly all major automakers. >> we are holding takata
4:49 am
available for its actions. we are imposing the largest civil penalty in history. >> government also ordering takata to stop making the airbag inflaters at the heart of the problem, until the company can proof they're safe. regulate verse said the airbags are responsible for seven deaths, and more than 100 injuries world-wide. >> for too many years now, american drivers and indeed vehicle owners all around the world have had to worry about whether their cars airbags might harm them. >> takata airbags are inflated by explosion of amonium night trait. investigators found prolonged exposure to airborne moisture can cause the propellent to burn too fast, causing the inflaters to send shrapnel into drivers and passengers in a crash. >> the combination of takata's delays and denial plus unexplained issues with amonium night trait inflaters,
4:50 am
not already under recall, leave us without confidence in these products going forward. >> the defective airbags, which resulted in the recall of nearly 20 million us vehicles, have also led to calls for change from lawmakers. >> we're trying it change the law. so that parts have to pass inspection, just the way cars do as a whole. >> takata has apologized for the problems with the airbags, and says it will comply with the terms of the settlement. robert gray, fox news. >> 4:50 the time. investigators now think they've identified that micro organism responsible for the e-coli outbreak linked to chipotle restaurant. >> expert say knowing the type of e coal ' sickened nearly two dozen people will help determine the source of the ill nets, food from six chipotle stores connected to the outbreak, luckily none of the 22 people sick friend e-coli have had any serious medical issues so far. >> i'm grateful i wasn't hospitalized, even worse, even dead, because i am not quite sure how bad it could have got
4:51 am
glenn chipotle turned over information about its food supplier, so off kibbles figure out where the outbreak came from, we're expect to go learn today what type of food was contaminated. >> you don't see this every day. an iguana on the lose, wandering around a local parking lot. how did it finds it way to that delaware county hot spot?
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> ♪ >> i'm going to have to john about playing different kind of music. >> you don't big country from the 80s? >> look, chris would say, it is dark outside. >> in reading. >> yes, real dark. hey, kids every all ages recognize that song. that one just playing. >> i guess. >> ♪ >> so after all these years, snoopy gets a walk on the hollywood walk of fame, four motion picture films, one saturday morning tv show, made world-wide debut with the rest
4:55 am
of the peanuts in a come inch strip 65 years ago. there is 3d animated film. peanuts movie opens this friday. so that is why everybody was dressed up as those characters for halloween. days later it, all comes together. >> i'm just getting over you thought snoopy liked big country. >> that's what i was like what, this is the song kids -- >> a lot of hugs going on in delaware county over this one. police there, on the case of reunite ago missing iguana with her owner. >> on the loose yesterday afternoon, police were called, to the rita's on mcdade boulevard, after witnesses saw the iguana in the parking lot, police contacted glenolden animal hospital for little help catching the 3-foot long creature. >> she is very luck shy was found, that they called us, and that we responded dollars as quickly as we did. she could have gotten over when they cool down at night, they slow down, and subject to
4:56 am
pray. >> well, she now being cared for at the animal hospital. doctors say she appears to be well fed and taken care of. if you recognize this iguana, if you recognize those eyes, or scales. >> well, the markings, dead give away. >> look at how fast she gets away, though. like get away from me. >> and just trying trying to drape her with the towel. >> must be terrified. >> that thing belongs in like florida. >> did you ever see the iguanas in florida, all kind of reptiles down there? >> the worst things see like walking through the grass, because there are little lizards everywhere, they'll stop, you won't know they're, there then the big like -- >> freak you out? >> yes, they're green, they blends in with the grass, then you just see like, ya. >> are you so happy to be out of florida? >> yes, and no. >> okay. we let get into that in the next hour of good day philadelphia. >> he's now mayor-elect. jim kenny set to take over
4:57 am
city hall watcher his plans are to improve philadelphia. >> also, surprising turn into an investigation into the death of illinois police officer whose death sparked that massive manhunt you'll remember over the summer, who investigators are now saying shot that police officer. if you struggle you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. imagine what it would be like to love your numbers.
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5:00 am
>> (cheers). >> cheers and celebrations, that because it is a victory for jim kenny. he'll soon be sworn in as philadelphia's next mayor. >> throughout this campaign, i have been asked time and time again what i a.m. going to do to move philadelphia forward. tonight surrounded by all every you, i am remind dollars it the not what i am going to do, it is what we are going to do together. >> coming up what the mayor-elect's top priorities are when he takes office in january. >> plus, a porn scandal at middle school. student as young as 11, accused, the shocking places police say they got the pictures. >> eleven. all i care about at 11 is what kind of candy i got for halloween. >> seriously. >> man that's young. >> it is wednesday, november 4th, 2015, that's for waking up with us. >> so i had my blanket. and i had my heater upstairs, because it is chilly. but i know it will be nice later, right, knew. >> right. we called it california weather earlier. and, that


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