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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 5, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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>> live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. i'm dave kinchen in norristown, developing story here two, bodies found reportedly and one with multiple gunshot wounds. investigators are here combing through all of this, trying to sort it out. we will bring you the latest as we get it, guys, back to you. >> thank you, young boy hit with a paint ball gun as he walked with his family, coming up where we're looking for this. >> people in one neighborhood asking questions of police after a heart pain sent confused for a bank robber. >> knee due tails into the russian airliner crash, leading investigators to believe a bomb might have been involved in bringing the jet down. >> good day, it is thursday, november 5th, 2015. >> all right, so the sixers lost again. they're zero and four. sue, the good thing is good
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news to report at least on the weather front. this is unseasonably warm, right? >> we got to 08 degrees yesterday in philadelphia. >> wow. >> ironic lip, but it was not a record. the record was 81. so we were near record warmth. it is not often that you get to 08 degrees in november. and we could make it not today, but probably tomorrow, so in the meantime, here is the big news of the morning, dense fog advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. for philadelphia, and many of our surrounding counties. seems like the fog is worse toward the coast, all of delaware, all of south jersey, delaware county, pa, bucks and mercer counties, and half of montgomery county is under that dense fog advisory, and this is why. this is visibility in miles only 1 mile in wrightstown, sock in atlantic city, millville, only mile visibility in dover, delaware, 5 miles in wildwood. reduce visibility, the airport, other thing we're
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watching, few areas. southern chester county, we told but this yesterday, possibility of sprinkle or two, could happen today. maybe not even umbrella worthy, but make sure you're aware of that. there is a look at the system to the south. some of that moisture that's bubble up from there. mild morning, 57 degrees, 6:34 your sunrise time. other temperatures are in the 50's, to the north of us, 48 in millville, but look how mild it is in wildwood this morning, 61 degrees as you get started. these are temperatures that are well above where we were yesterday at this time. as much as 14, six, seven, 16 degrees, in 24 hours. so for today, thinking high of 72, probably not 80. because of the morning fog it, will take a while for the sun to burn that off. then for tonight, down to 62 degrees, with cloudy skies. we will talk about the chilly change that's coming over the weekends coming up. so bob kelly, got you looking at the traffic cameras this
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morning for the fog. >> good morning, everybody, here is a example of the fog, as you have been talking becomes the ben franklin bridge, no problems coming up and over the span, but this is an example of the poor visibility, that you are going to find this morning, depending upon where you begin and end your trip. i came in from the king of prussia schuylkill 202, didn't hit any fog at all. others have hit some fog coming up 95, and of course it start today develop here over the ben franklin bridge. live look at i-95, right near girard avenue. crews working in what would be the left lane in both directions, between girard and center city. so again they're out there until about 5:30 or so. also working on the vine street expressway, vine street expressway closed this morning, until about 5:30, between the schuylkill and broad street. again, if you are coming off the schuylkill expressway, use spring garden, south street, or 30th street, as your alternates. again, that project there until about 9:30, or until about 5:30 or or so. late this morning working on
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the vine street expressway, crews there yesterday, coming back again today with the right lane taken out on the vine. cleaning the drains out. ninety-five, same deal, no problems now, coming up from delaware county, patch of fog as you get close to the airport, but then watch for some roving crews, out there, today. first couple of flight out of the gate at philadelphia international airport, not a problem. but i think we will see some fog delays down at philadelphia international airport today. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thanks so much. breaking news out every montgomery county police in norristown investigating a shooting. >> dave kinchen on this for the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, this is a situation that continues to develop, and very slowly at that. i'll step out of the way, here in norristown, you are look telling park place apartment complex here, with police tape. and yellow posted up here, and police officers from norristown on scene. we know that montgomery county detectives are also working the scene, as women. we do know that there were reports of two bodies found,
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in an apartment, inside this complex here, one person that apparently suffered multiple gunshot wound, according to early reports from investigators, but we do not know exactly how this happened. this could be a domestic situation, tip beingly what happens in these cases montgomery county detective come out, they investigate and they take their time combing through everything. >> we're having little trouble with your microphone. we want to get back to you in a little bit. meantime 4:00 # five, paint ball attack in juniata sends child to the hospital. >> it is the second incident in our area just this month, steve keeley live at police headquarters with key tails on this story. hi, steve. >> when you hear paint ball gun, may not sound as serious as the last case where kinchen is on, but his is super serious, treat it just like being shot with a real gun l anybody gets caught, they will get charged as if they shot somebody with a regular gun and real bullet.
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aggravated assault, very serious crime. this ten year old boy, second little boy in this viewing area, to be hit with a paint ball gun from a dark four door car speeding around. this time in philadelphia, the other time in south jersey. first here at k and luzerne there is little ten year old boy hit in the face as he is leaving his 7-eleven near his howls, crossing the street at k and luzern, with his 13 year old brother, 53 year old father. somebody in the back seat passenger side of green four door honda fires a paint ball gun at this family, from as little as 10 feet away. here is inspector scott small. >> at this point, we don't know why the family was targeted. the father, the brother, they don't know why that this car decided to fire several shots at them. which what's interesting is the shooter, who was described to have been in the rear seat on the passenger side, fired shots from the open window.
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and the family described that shooter as wearing a mask. these paint ball guns can cause some severe injuries specially if used in close proximity to the victims. >> now this little boy's eye could have been lost, if he was hit just another half inch away from where he was, and he's got big swollen black eye right now. and obviously very shaken up, hit in the face. but we've seen reports previously of people losing an eye, these paint ball guns are very powerful, they shoot that little ball of paint hundreds of feet. and so this little kid, even though he got hit in the face; very lucky, he didn't lose his eye. same goes for five year old boy, over in mt. laurel, one of four people shot by people driving through the willow turn development near delancey place, police put this warning out on monday. a five year old hit in the back, a 56 year old man in his driveway hit, then two teenagers walking on the
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sidewalk hit. so these people who think they're just pranksters driving around shooting people with paint ball guns, be forewarned. it is a matter of time with somebody walking around with a real gun, seize the nozzel, and thinks that's a real gun, and think somebody is about to shoot at them so they'll shoot back in self-defense and fire real guns with re bullets into these four door sedans thinking they are joy riding hitting people with paint ball guns. not fun, not smart, real stupid, it will end real tragically eventually. >> good point, steve, thank you. pennsylvania attorney general will attend closed door meeting today. kathleen kane will answer questions under oath about the leaks in the jerry sandusky child sex a bouquets. kane said she has no knowledge of any e-mailing details in leaks in the investigation. but why the ordered kane be questioned under oath. lawyers for sandusky maintain leaks were used as an investigative tool to severely prejudice the former football coach and are appealing his
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conviction. >> this next story is pretty disturbing. pitbull found dead hanging from neighbor's fence by his own leash yesterday morning, hours after she and her two puppies went missing from their logan home. the pennsylvania spca is calling the hanging deliberate, but it is unclear who did this and why. tanya thomas of marvine street says her five year old pitbull named mama and two puppies, sheeba and marvelous, were stole friend her backyard overnight monday into tuesday, then yesterday morning, mama was found dead, the puppies still missing. >> i don't know why you did this to my dog. you know, that's cruel, and it is nothing in it. why would you want to hang, hurt the dog? >> the spca says there were no obvious signs of trauma to the pitbull, mo blood, no bruising, if you have any information on the attack you are asked to call the spca. >> tensions rising in one montgomery count you town. >> some questioning the actions, and two separate
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incident, one, in which they arrested an innocent man, because he fit the description after robbery suspect. the other in which two teens were stopped in a wealthy neighborhood while going door-to-door shoveling snow. people who live in that area fear when it comes to police protection, in that community, it is all about race. >> had the description then, a white male, in a business suit walking down the street and that person was stopped, would they have been fors dollars to their knees. >> the police superintendent says the department is doing everything it can to improve it relationship with that community. >> developing right now, officials in the u.s. and the uk believe that a bomb brought down the russian jet in egypt. all people on board were kicked us officials told asomugha owes ate dollars press, suggesting islamic state groups planted explosive device on that plane.
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britain announced it was suspend willing flights to and from the sinai peninsula indefinately. white house says there are no us carriers regularly operating out of the area. >> there is a long standing policy, or at least policy related to security precautions, for aviation, in and around the sinai peninsula, that's been in place prior to this tragic incident. >> officials say the cops hit voice recorder had significant damage, but information from the flight data recorder had been copied and handed over to investigators. >> 4:11 this morning, jim kenney coast today victory tuesday night in philadelphia mayoral election. now he is getting down to business two month before inauguration. hear his plans for revamping the city's struggling school system. >> woe all know serena williams is a superhero on the court. what she did off the court that has many cheering her on. hear how she went after a phone thief.
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>> this sunday final walk to walk altzheimer's event. some of our fox 29 personalities will be there including our very own sue serio, the walk begins at 11:00 a.m. soap, sue, did you give yourself good weather for this? >> i gave myself sunny weather but will be chilly, a lot chillier than it has been the
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past couple of days. it will not make it to 08 on sunday, but did yesterday. can you believe it? but we didn't break that record. the record still standing for yesterday's date # one setback in 1974. some other high's from yesterday, 77 in allentown, i'll sneeze any minute by the way, just warning you. there it is. i could feel it coming on. usually it is a hat trick for me, so one more is coming. 75 degrees, in trenton, 74 in wilmington, thank you. all right. so yes, it was a warm day yesterday, it was really nice, it felt like spring time. but things will start to change. not going to take away the warmth today or tomorrow. we will wait for the weekend for, that but the storm system we've been watching all week down to the south, some of the moisture starting to move little further northward. seeing a little bit of it in our area. you can see northeastern part of maryland here, into lancaster county and chester county, so as we zoom in, around east nottingham, maybe
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just some light showers. whatever you see today it, won't be real heavy rain. it will just be light sprinkles, or showers, where ever you are. 57 degrees right now in philadelphia. 56 degrees in lancaster, 52 in dover. we've got 54 degrees in allentown. 55 degrees in pottstown, 54 in hazleton. i told you, it is always three. fifty-two in woodbine, 48 in millville. we just -- the show must go on, 63 degrees in lewes. mild morning. shear your # day forecast, we go for 72, 73, for high today. slight chance of shower tomorrow. and on saturday morning, as cold front comes through, that will probably and nighttime shower for friday. i think the ball of the day, things will be dry, 79 is the record for friday. and we're calling for maybe 76, 77, and anyway, here's sunday, with 58 degrees. back to the 60s by the middle of next week. so that's your seven day
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forecast. i'll use some hand sanitizer. >> you have me thinking i have to sneeze now. everybody at home, come on, group sneeze, here we go. 4:17, on a, what's today, thursday morning, live look here, i-95 in the background, construction lights, northbound off ramp to cottman avenue is closed for some construction, overnight work, and also seeing again now the fog, start to develop, up and down the i95 corridor here in northeast philly. here is the fog up and over the benny coming into downtown. but center city, still block here on the vine street expressway, both directions, between the schuylkill and broad street. otherwise, out in the suburbs starting to see some patches of fog along 202, coming in on the 30 bypass. this is also the area you want to look out for the deer h couple of hit yesterday. so we got the deer jumping across the roads, we got the fog knocking down visible, so we've got some obstacles coming our way, and also the fine mist out there, probably
4:18 am
had the wipe verse to get hit once or twice as you roll out of the driveway. schuylkill looking good so far this morning. no problems coming in on 422. the schuylkill expressway, as i mention, no problems between city line and center city. but as we get moving to the day, you will see the boats start to arrive for the dragon boat festival taking place on the schuylkill river, and the kelly drive, over the weekend. so you will start to see the tent were going up, the boats will arrive, and then tomorrow right after the morning rush hour, the kelly drive will be closed to vehicle traffic. they're working today, if you are coming into the city, the vine street expressway will have an extra lane taken out. that will will make things little tight beginning at around 9:00 a.m. so far so good on mass transit. and we will probably see delays at the airport today because of the fog. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much, fog. philadelphia mayor elect jim kenney getting down to bills. former council ill man promising new vision to the nation's poorest big sit. >> i fox 29's bruce gordon talked with kenny about his
4:19 am
priorities. >> jim kenney's signalled his top priority when he visit add kindergarten class at jackson elementary school on the day after election romp. he he want city-wide pre k at cost of $60 million. and he want it in place asap. >> we've been talk wag bunch of different people of organizations and groups to try to put this altogether. we're going to get it done. that's the only thing i can tell you n january we will get started. >> jim kenney got warm send off from his former city council colleagues when he resigned hills seat to run for mayor, even with several newly elected members he believes they'll work well together. something not seen with outgoing mayor michael nutter despite his years in council. >> me relationship with my colleagues i formerly served is excellent, i recognize they are individually elected officials who care about the city, who want the city to move forward. >> did he nothing shoot down rumors current first deputy police commissioner richard ross will be his choice for
4:20 am
philly's next top cop. and he prom ills dollars a better relationship between police and the neighborhoods they serve. he says when he was a kid, his parent told him to find a cop if he was in trouble. >> that's not what every neighborhood parent tells their children, my inspirational goal is for every parent feel comfortable enough to tell their kids to find a police officer when they need help. >> with state budget net limbo, mayor-elect kenny said he will not admit to cutting tax. >> we could have very low tax rate, service provision, it is a balancing act. >> promises to travel by subway as much as possible come january. the goal remain visible, and approachable. >> i think public transit and the reading terminal market and being in a normal person, realizing you put your pant on every day just like everybody else, and everybody has similar problems to you, you can stay connected. >> so jim kenney schedule series of meeting, before
4:21 am
inauguration coming up this january. >> so go to we'll link you to the transition website to offer your suggestions on line. >> coming up next in sports, eagles getting ready for dallas. some players back from injury, one key player may be out on sunday, though. >> oh, boy. plus, just call her a superhero. tennis great serena williams proving she has chops on and off the court. what she did when a guy tried to steel her phone. you'll never have to steel again if you're philly rich from winning the lottery, lauren dawn johnson. >> isn't that true. [gus singing] ♪ dashing through the snow
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>> coming back from injury this week, kiko alonso. still not practicing jason pete heres he don't think will play, damico ryan did not play. eagles play the cowboys sunday night. quarterback little better last week, eagles lost to carolina sam bradford needs to be even better and the wide receivers need to catch the ball. too many drops. >> when you look at the way we played over the first seven gays -- games, you know, there has been a lot of things that we've done, i think we've shot ourselves in the foot too many times. and i think, you know, said that after several of the games. and we have just got to find a way to eliminate the
4:25 am
self-inflicted wounds. when we do that, we're a pretty good offense. >> sixers trying to win their first game of the season n milwaukee, michael carter williams, who did his hair? are you kidding me? sixers down by one, late in the game. nick, the turn over, oh, no. so where what does that lead to with three? milwaukee wins it. that's right sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> tennis superstar serena williams proves she is a force to be reckoned with on and off the court. >> the internet is loving all of it. serena posted picture on her facebook page, there it is there, explaining she was out to eat when a man hovering next to her grabbed her phone and ran off. serena says she jumped, weaver in and out of the chinese food restaurant, leaping over chairs, chased him down, got her phone back. the guy claims he made a mistake. her final message quote just because our lady don't be sprayed to step to up any challenge and not be a victim but a hero. good for her. >> she was having chinese food
4:26 am
at the time. i wonder if she went right back and finished after that? >> she said when she came back she was welcomed back with standing ovation who watched it all unfold. >> and they probably new who she was to begin with when she walked in, right? 4:26. two teen sisters arrested in a bus brawl. okay, they are even accused of attacking cops. who is saying this video does not tell the entire store. >> i plus armed robber targeting residents in west philadelphia, coming up hear what method he is using to go after his victim. for the girl scout meeting...
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>> live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. two bodies found in norristown, now there is a shooting investigation. we will tell you what is happening, chris. >> a search right now for a serial rob nerve west philly. hear how he's going after his targets. good day everyone, it is thursday, november 5th, 2015. guess who is 34 years and one month old today? lawyer un dawn johnson. just exactly a month ago, awed birthday. >> i know, and i can't believe it is already a month. can't believe i am 34. can't believe it is november and in the 70s. >> well, you better start believing t that's reality. >> all of those things are true, right? >> reality snacking us in the
4:30 am
face this morning. and you know what? i'll say smock you with the fog. riding along, minding your own business then wham, no visibility, that's the case. we expect this situation to get worse before it gets better. so the dense fog advisory is mostly for philadelphia east and south. delaware county included, half of montgomery county, bucks, mercer county in new jersey, included, in our dense fog advisory. in effect until 10:00. that's how long this fog could hang around. so we have only 2 miles visibility in trenton, only mile in wrightstown, 4 miles visibility at philadelphia international airport. we'll see what happens with flights in a little while when things get little busier over there, but we're socked in in in miami ville, dover, a little bit of rain, very light showers, moving into southern chester county, part of lancaster county right now, it is southern storm we've been watching all week, some of the moisture bubbling up from there, not big deal, but if you see some raindrops on your windshield, you will know what's going on.
4:31 am
57 degrees right now, 5-mile per hour breeze, so not much of a wind means conditions are good for forming fog. sunrise at 6:34 this morning. other temperatures, were in the mid 50's to the north of us, 51 atlantic city, 61, wildwood, new jersey, and 55 wilmington, delaware. these temperatures as much as 13, 14 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time because of the cloud cover and the fog out there. so the fog is with us through the morning, we should see some sunshine today, to get us to 72 degrees. sixty-two it will be a mild night tonight. but the fog will form all over again, probably, after midnight. and we will talk about the weekend, coming up in that seven day forecast, here's bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, looks like it will be a rough morning here, a combination of the drizzle, some fog, thursday morning, a live look, northeast philadelphia, the fog starts to take over the northeast, and portions of i95, this is a woodhaven road off ramp, from 95, the cornwells heights park and ride, you can barely even
4:32 am
see a lot there in the background, ben franklin, dealing with some fog this morning, so as sue mentioned, hit and miss, depending upon where you begin and end your trip this morning. still closed on the vine street expressway, both directions, between the schuylkill and broad street until about 5:30, some delays along 73, as you head in through mt. laurel, but otherwise, not bad on the major roadway, just be careful, though, the deer are out there this morning, the fog is knocking down the visibility, the vine street expressway closed this morning, but later on, right after the morning rush hour, expect delays into and out of the city. this is a hot mess yesterday. penndot was working on the vine street expressway between eighth street and the schuylkill. and it tide traffic back up in both directions, trying to get into the city. i95 the roving crews will be out there later on today as well after 9:00 between the airport and northeast philly. right now the schuylkill looking good, 14 minute trip, some fog, some construction out along 422 out on the route
4:33 am
724 interchange. otherwise good shape. expect delays this morning, at philadelphia international airport, as that fog is certainly going to impact air travel today. chris, lauren, back to you. >> breaking news out of montgomery county, police in norristown investigating a shooting. >> our dave kinchen on the scene with the latest details this morning, hi, dave. >> reporter: hi, giles. we do know according to reports, two people have been killed here at the park place amounts, but behind me in norristown, you can see, the police standing by right there outside an apartment with crime tape up in this area. and we also know, a vehicle was just taped off, police putting crime tape around a vehicle, park across the street. let's go to video right now of the scene and this, again, is the park place apartments. this call came in around 11:30 last night, two bodies found, one person dying from multiple gunshot wounds, it is unclear if this was a domestic situation, or what exactly took place here. we know the montgomery county district attorney's offers is
4:34 am
investigating, they've detectives who have been combing through the scene, they've been out here looking at cars, and inside looking at various aspect of this apartment building, but again, we know, two people were killed, severe, multiple gunshot wounds on at least one victim, and an overall shooting investigation, the norristown police department here with the heavy police presence, and they recently taped off a police car, across the street, as part of a scene, and that is in addition to the police tape behind me, as we come back live here, and multiple officers out here, even corporal who could not say much about this because of the investigation, typically even the county folks, they don't say much, while they are probing this type of case. we understand we'll learn a little bit more this morning, but we will be out here as this situation continues to develop. right now, we know two people dead, shooting investigation, multiple gunshot wounds, big question, what happened, who were these victims, how did this all happen, still trying
4:35 am
to sort this out, guys. >> dave kinchen, live for us, thank up. >> police need your help identifying armed rob here is targeting people in west philadelphia. >> halloween night. surveillance cameras capture the man at the dragon city restaurant. he hits a man in the head with the gun, steels his wallet. inside 400 bucks and the man's paycheck. then few hours later, the arm man walks into a sunoco mini mart on walnut st. and waits for his next victim to leave. but this time police say the robber had help. >> male goes to reach for cigarettes, pulls out the gun, demand money. second guy tells him shoot him if he doesn't give you what he want. unfortunately the victim complies with giving the cigarettes. >> that time the they got away with 80 bucks and cell phone. police believe the gunman is randomly targeting people. they are urging people near convenience stores in west fill toy use caution. >> as we heard, the philadelphia media network says it will layoff some 50 journalists and other workers from the inquirer. daily news, and yesterday employees were given
4:36 am
30 days notice. will also go into effect december 4th. newspaper guild told philly magazine they plan to challenge some of the layoffs. >> 4:36. caught on camera, two teen sisters attack police, this handed them in handcuffs. why their parent say this video does not tell the whole story. >> look and see if you recognize this man, we will tell you why the fbi wants to track him down. is that an eagles hat? >> old school one. grover cleveland here. yes, the handsome gent on the thousand-dollar bill.
4:37 am
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>> police say the body is of hispanic teenage girl, say the body found in the area where they've been searching for missing teenage girl. but again, they have not released a person's identity. police right now in philadelphia, searching for the person who shot two men sitting in a car last night. investigators are looking for clues near a and eleanor streets in stenton ville. they say those victims somehow drove themselves to einstein medical center. a 30 year old has a gunshot wounds to the back of the head. the 32 year old with him, arrived at the hospital, with a bullet in the back. police say both men, are in stable condition. 4:39. fbi searching for the guy who robbed a bank right in the middle of the afternoon. surveillance cameras caught a real clear shot of this guy. right? investigators say, he walked into the bank on torresdale avenue in talcony just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon. he handed the tell area note, got cash, got out of there. if you know anything, you are
4:40 am
asked to call police. there is a reward for information lead to go an arrest. >> classes are canceled today in a california college campus the scene of multiple stabbing. >> an investigation is ongoing into what led to up that attack. the violence broke out yesterday morning at the university of california. >> newest uc school by the way. the incident began when a college student in his 20's stabbed one person in the classroom, then construction work here rushed inside to check on the commotion, he was also stabbed. the suspect accused of stabbing two others after leaving that classroom, all the victims are expected to survive. but the suspect was shot and killed by campus police. >> school bus brawl lands two teenage sisters in handicuffs, caught on cell phone video attacking police officers. >> but their parents say it is not the whole story. so, florida police say the driver called them when several students started fighting. after one officer got on to the bus, police say a 14 year old girl started attacking him. when he tried to stop her, police say, her 17 year old
4:41 am
sister jumped in. their parents say the two girls were defending themselves. >> when he grabbed her, he was choking her, she could not breathe at all. she came in to protect her sister. >> he attacked her, after that it was self-defense. >> police have not commented on the claims. both girls were arrested for assault. >> quinton tarantino, police hater? hear how he is responding to calls for boycott against him. >> 4:41 also ahead, if you are participating in the government healthcare exchanges, new information for you. new co-op closures could end up costing awe lot of money. we'll explain after the break.
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>> seventy-four years old today for simon and garfunkle, 74. this picture right here with drake, is chris jenner, chris jen is her 06 today. >> she looks great. >> she looks really, really good. >> isn't she amazing? >> that's really sue serio as chris jennifer our halloween show. >> in case you missed it, yes. maybe i'll go brunet for awhile. we have dense fog advisory in effect this morning, until 10:00. we expect this situation with all of this moisture in the air, and little bit of radiational cooling overnight,
4:45 am
to get worse before it get bert. soap, allow yourself little extra time. may run into some poor visibility, 4 miles, at philadelphia international airport. reduced visibility just about everywhere. >> but we're socked in in millville, only mile visibility in dover, reduced visibility at the jersey shore, as well. that's fog situation, and we've got little bit of precipitation situation shaping up here, as well. see little bit of light rain moving in to chester county, and lancaster county this morning, it is not much, but it is there, and may be just enough for swipe or two of the windshield wipers this morning. as we look into our future weather, quite few clouds throughout the rest of the morning, until that fog burns them off. then we get some sunshine, in the afternoon. which is why we won't get as warm as we did yesterday, when we made it to 80 degrees. and then, early tomorrow morning, we could see fog forming once again, in fact, the green you see on the radar here for the future is
4:46 am
probably just the fog. it is friday night that we get the cold front coming through. so probably get well into the 70s on friday. cold front comes through, about eight, 9:00 at night, this one has heavier rain, could last into saturday morning and then a lot chillier than that. 55 degrees in pottstown, reading bees mount pocono, 57 here in philadelphia, 61 in wildwood, 55 in wilmington, it is rather mild morning, for early november, winds are calm which is another reason why there is fog. because we don't have wind to blow the air around, fog just forms, that cloud on the ground there. so, fog, may and stray shower today, little bit of sunshine, 73 degrees, 76 tomorrow, and then we're in the 60s on saturday, maybe a shower or two in the morning, sunday it is chillier for sure, we will be in the four's in the morning, for our walk to end altzheimer's, high temperature every 58 degrees, and then, by sunday, by the middle of next
4:47 am
week, by veterans day, we should be back into the mid six's, so, you were right bob kelly, the deer are everywhere. >> everywhere. >> like a deer highway. >> stand there and look at you. >> yes, what do you mean? >> beautiful animals, yes, just get out of my way. >> love them. but just stay off the roadway. be careful. we had about half dozen accidents alone in the morning, nothing serious, but all it takes is just for one little fender bender, and casino every set your whole week hine. live look here as our censors, 54 on 995, what does that say six an on the pennsylvania turnpike, and here is a example of the fog, that sue has been talking about here, this is 95, up near route 413 bucks county so looks like the 95 corridor starting to get hit with some fog, delaware county, chester county, hit and miss really all over the area, so just be prepared for that this morning, the vine expressway looks like they have traffic moving westbound, between broad street and the schuylkill, still waiting for
4:48 am
the opposite side to come our way. good morning, to cherry hill, right near the cherry hill mall, route 70, and haddonfield road. and mist is out, there as women, and if you are hungry, breakfast this morning, we're going irish style. we're going to load up the news van, head to mckenna's kitchen along darby road, havertown, we will be going there live from 9:00 to 10:00. come on by for breakfast before the kids head to school. we'll meet you over there at 9:00 along darby road. the blue route, not bad at all. starting to see some patches of fog, so be ready for that as you head down to the airport, looking good along 202 as you roll out of chester county, down in to west chester. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. police in oil now say the police lieutenant does g.i. joe given hero's funeral was actually a corrupt cop. >> lieutenant charles' last radio transmission that was september 1st, he indicated he was chasing three suspicious men. the disco covary of his body triggered massive manhunt. officials now say he used his
4:49 am
service involve err to shoot himself. what's more, he had been stealing and laundering money from the department's youth mentorship program. spending thousands on travel, gym memberships, even a adult website. >> extensive investigation, has concluded with a overwhelming amount of evidence that his death was carefully staged suicide. >> the chief says the department left no stone un turned. 150 investigators spent 25,000 hours working on this case alone. they believe at least two other people may have been involved in that money laundering scheme. >> california police have arrest add man for stabbing one of the americans who stopped a terrorist attack in france over the summer. james tran accused of attempted homicide after police say he stabbed 23 year old airman first class spencer stone three times last month. investigators say, the assault had nothing to do with the european terror plot. back in august, stone and two other people, tackled gunman on passenger train to paris. the gunman reportedly had ties
4:50 am
to radical islam. growing police boycott surrounding quinn tan tar and tee owe. >> to avoid focusing on problems, in law enforcement. in a interview with msnbc yesterday, tarantino said he's being demonize dollars police unions across the country including here in philadelphia and the police benevolent association endorsing boycott of tarantino's film asking police not to work off duty security for his films in general. some officers say tarantino is a quote, cop hater, after he appeared in a anti-police brutality protest a mid comments from being controversy saying he's quote on the side of the murdered. but tarantino said he is not anti-police but says citizens have lost trust in police. >> coming up on 45:00; less than a week into the enrollment of the affordable care act. >> no major setback for obama
4:51 am
cape, non-profit healthcare insurance co-ops authorized by democrats to keep premiums down, shutting down at alarming rate despite enormous finance at investment by the federal government, more man half have failed. consumers still have coverage options. >> even two of the co-ops won't remain in business it, will not affect the overall competitive balance in the marketplaces as evidence by the fact that seven in ten american can purchase health insurance for 75 bucks a month. >> critics say the co-ops are failing because many offer artificially low premiums, but administration officials say the closures are due to the fact they want to make sure people who still need coverage have the full range of options. >> staying with politics here, the senate saying now it is investigating four pharmaceutical companies, with recent price hikes, for critical medicines. the senate special committee on aging says in some cases these companies have jacked up the prices by 5000%.
4:52 am
important medicines overall prescription drug price haves been on the rise, for the past several years, in being if a, they'll trace it back to the year 2008. and national pole found that high drug prices are the number one health concern among americans. >> 4:52. clean renewable energy generating as we speak in the nation's capitol and all people are doing is flushing their toilets. quick. we'll explain that for you straight ahead. >> got to flush.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> ♪ >> keep on teaching. 4:55, stevie wonder. musical genius, songs like that. live look, camelback, reading, p pennsylvania you. >> know it is dark out there. >> stop is it. >> hence the lights, right? >> the mystery of missing iguana has been solved in delaware county. police say they found the owner of iguana roaming a rita's parking lot on mcdade boulevard, in collingdale tuesday. glenolden animal hospital sent staff to help catch the 3-foot long liz armed, the vets had been looking that far since then, yesterday, police told us, the iguana's owner reached out to the hospital for the staff going to check out their home, make sure it is safe and healthy for pet egg began and and then reunite the entire family. >> actually caught the iguana,
4:56 am
thinking it would hip me with its tail. >> so they're used to it, right? >> true. >> every time someone flushes the toilet or washes dishes in the nation's capitol, they are helping generate clean and renewable energy. >> this is interesting, right? it is part of new system converting ways watt near electricity and garden soil, so the process called thermal hydrol cyst, dc, water, recently installed, 32 tanks, heat breakdown solid ways. methane gas product then used to power turbines to generate electricity. it powers roughly one third of dc waters power. amazing. incredibly efficient system which engineers say saves the company $22 million each year. >> super clean, and reduces our carbon footprint, the largest single carbon footprint in washington, d.c. >> dc water says it turns that
4:57 am
sanitizing solids and gets the end of the hydrol cyst process into the garden soil, the ends result company plans to sell the soil in the future. they've already grown tomato garden, at that plant, just to test it out. >> would you put those tomatoes in your sandwich? >> sounds gross. >> jim kenney getting down to business even before necessary offers. coming up what he is swaying improving relationships in the city. kenney.
4:58 am
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two bodies found inside after norristown apartment, part of a shooting investigation, we are working on the latest, we'll bring it to you as we have it, chris? >> dave, another kind of shooting there is time young boy hit with paint ball gun as he walked with his family. coming up where police are looking for the person behind this attack. >> new details into a russian airliner crash. what's leading investigators to believe a bomb might have been involved in bringing that jetliner down. >> serious development there. a lot of people pointing to isis, no confirmation on that yet. good day everyone it is thursday, november 5th, it does not feel like early november, lauren dawn johnson. >> i know, yesterday i was walking home philadelphia gym. there was lady outside her dog just like i love this! she was like screaming on the corner. >> everyone's in a good mood. >> i know, keeps everybody happy, sue serio. >> yes, i went to take the dog for a walk, only problem is it got dark so early.


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