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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> he took off from philadelphia northeast new sham shire, head today new hampshire, he didn't make it, crashed near priest breezy point. who is he? where is he from? >> new overnight, double shooting at apartment in norristown, the breaking details, right now. >> and this. >> i didn't do the robbery. i get the description. >> racial pensions building on the main line, man handcuffed for something did he not do. how police are responding. >> hey everybody, we made it to thursday, november the fifth. 2015. >> hi, everybody. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> tough to see you over there because it is fog. >> i is it foggy? >> very foggy, in fact, dense fog advisory. in effect,. >> let's get right to. >> we will give you the number of the day, which isn't as high as yesterday, we had ten,
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it was fabulous, in fact, up to 80 degrees in philadelphia yesterday. today it is a seven with all of the fog out there. couple of showers and sprinkles out there, as well. tempt mostly in the 50's this morning, surrounding counties, mostly east, south of the city of delaware included so visibility around 5 miles at the airport, even lower in lancaster, and really socked in at dover and millville this morning. we've got those showers moving through, delco, chester county, new castle county, very widely scattered, but they're out there. you may need the umbrella, it is 57 degrees at the moment. >> should g mild and very soup. >> i don't think we're crazy, talking about fog, rain, stepping out front door may
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not see either situation. but eventually this morning you will hit some fog, some rain, already the rain starting to roll here. live look at the 30 bypass in chester county. so chester county, the tree line street, the leaves are going to be a factor, for the morning rush hour. northeast philadelphia, we've been dealing with some fog, we're dealing with fog here along i95 in delaware county, already starting to see delays southbound, on 95, from cottman in through girard. probably we will see delays not just through due to the fog but maybe the rain at philadelphia international airport during the morning rush hour. and slower than normal speeds coming in from south jersey, again, all fog-related as you head in toward the city. mike and alex back to you. >> small plane took off from philadelphia, northeast airport. crashed into the waters off of breezy point. that's section of queens in new york. nypd special operations tweeted these photos to us. man's body pulled from the water last night, no word on any survivors, it seems as if he was alone in the plane. the plane was believed to be heading to new hampshire where
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we believe this man lived. we'll have live report from breezy point, coming up in just a little bit. >> and breaking news out of montgomery county this morning, police in norristown are investigating a shooting. >> yes, dave's on this story. dave? >> reporter: 700 block of sandy street norristown. and the coroner's office here in montgomery county arrived on the scene short time ago. two gornies standing by, looks like they'll be bringing two bodies out of the park place and the, two people were killed here, authorities say, they suffered multiple gunshot wounds. this happened around 11:30, last night. going to some video right now, shows police roping off this whole area, crime tape, the works here, as the montgomery county district attorney's office comb through the scene, looking joaquin eye. and we also noticed that as we go to the second piece of video, they roped off car, car
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with crime tame on it, connected to the situation. exact connect not know. call came in around 11:30 last night. two people dead inside the park place and the here on the 700 block every sandy street. suffering from multiple gunshot one, looks like it could be a domestic situation, but as we come back live here the big question, who are these people? what exactly happened, that's under investigation. guys, back to you. >> thanks, dave. 6:04, ten year old boy is in the hospital this morning after being shot by a paint ball gun. police, philadelphia police, say a mask man in a green car shot the boy, he was just walking with his family, to a 7-eleven, in juniata park last night. he is list in the stable condition, at st. christopher's hospital for children. the suspect was last seen near k street and east luzerne before midnight. police looking at surveillance video in the area in hopes of figuring out who shot this boy. >> more on that coming up.
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because there is a related story, as well. >> happening today in harrisburg, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will attends a closed door meeting regarding potential leaks in jerry sandusky child sex abuse kane. kane will answer questions under oath. already told the judge she has no knowledge of any e-mail detailing leaks in the sandusky investigation. lawyers for sandusky maintain leaks were used as investigative tool. >> speaking of court. >> also happening today. day two of jury deliberations in federal fraud trial of chaka fattah junior. prosecutors say fattah bill being hundreds of thousands of dollars from several banks, irs, and the school district of philadelphia. fattah says the charges are just politically motivate. >> the lauren, what else? >> owners of philly three major news publications announce massive cuts. philadelphia media network says it will layoff 50 journalists and other workers from the inquirer, daily news,
6:06 am yesterday employees were given 30 days notice, the layoffs will go into effect on december 4th. the newspaper guild told philly magazine they plan to challenge some of those layoffs. >> and the city's next mayor, jim kenney, tweeted this. kenney wrote my heart goes out to those laid off from, the inquirer and the daily news today our reporters make philly a better place. >> says it will close it lehigh valley plant and six others across the country, company announced yesterday, it is also cutting 2600 jobs. the upper macungie plant one of seven shutdown over the next year, to two years. next story is pretty disturbing. pitbull found dead hanging from a neighbor's fence by it own leash tuesday morning, hours after she and her two puppies went missing from their logan home. the pennsylvania spca is calling the hanging deliberate. but it is unclear who did this and why. as of this morning, the puppies are still missing. >> people living in lower merion are questioning the actions of police, in two
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separate incidents, in one, they arrest add innocent man, because he fit the description after robbery suspect. in the other, two teens were stopped in a wealthy neighborhood while going door-to-door shoveling snow. people there say police protection in the community is all about race, the police superintendent says the department is doing everything to improve that perception. al next. >> all right, thank you, lauren, 6:07. new details what investigators now believe brought down the russian plane in egypt. >> plus, donald trump getting ready for the the saturday night appearance. nbc taking some heat about this. what are the critics saying about his appearance? is this fair? [sfx: bell] [burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it.
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6:10. >> officials in the u.s. andment uk believe a bomb brought down a russian jet. it intercepted isis communication that is suggest affiliate of the terror group planted explosive device on that plane. britain says it is suspends willing flights to and from the sinai peninsula indefinately. says there are no us carriers regularly operating out of that area. >> there is long standing policy, or at least policy related security policy for aviation in and around the sinai peninsula, that's been in place prior to this tragic incident. >> officials say the cockpit
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voice record her significant damage, but information from the flight data recorder, has been copied and handed over to investigators, all 224 people on board were killed. >> air traffic back to normal at the san diego airport, much ditch rink stories for travelers. >> say gunman five hour stand-off with police inside nearby apartment building forced them to turn away all incoming flights. afraid they might shoot at the plane. investigators say 33 year old titus colbert, used a rifle, in a shoot-out with police. he eventually surrendered. and nobody was hurt. the the airport was shut down for quite a while. >> that apartment complex right under the airport flight path. that will meant big problems at that airport. look at this mess. the faa halted all incoming flights, as a precaution, meaning, long lines at the gate. and a lot of frustrated travelers, as you can see right there. some cell phone footage.
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yes, afraid the guy would shoot at the plane. all right, 6:11. >> well, don't mess with serena. >> no. >> the tennis star proves she is force to be reckoned with, on and off the court. what she did, when one guy tried to steel her phone. >> what a racket. >> good morning, everybody. ninety-five, watch for the roving crews out there, after the rush hour, probably going to have some fog delays here at philadelphia international airport. getting to the airport, here is a live look at the platt bridge, as you roll out of southwest philly, down toward the airport. we will grab cup of coffee. meet you back here in two and a half. >> ♪ our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us.
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>> 6:15, on your thursday morning, week sends here. we have a little something something to get through before that happens. visibility less than 1 mile in some areas this morning. we are off to definite foggy start. scattered showers, will move through this morning. some places get them, some places not. two more days in the 70s today and tomorrow. autumn chill returns this weekend, throws your weather headlines, now let's show you what we are talking about, rain moving through, chester county, parts of montgomery and now edging into bucks county, as well. delco getting a little bit of light rain, new castle county, as well. it is not heavy rain but it is around this morning, just enough to use your windshield wipers. seven day forecast, let's get right to it, because we've got chilly changes coming, in time for the weekend. we're in the 70s today and
6:16 am
tomorrow. those showers are around this morning, and then, another round on friday night into saturday. now, that's heavier rain, and it is a cold front. so, it will only be in the lower 60s saturday. and in the 50's, sunday, monday. so that's chilly change. but will start to fell like autumn again. you new the 70s weren't going to last forever. then, into the mid 60s, by the time we get to veterans day on wednesday. there is your seven day forecast, where are you seeing the fog this morning, bob kelly? >> little bit of everywhere. south jersey, dover, along down near the delaware cam pulls of the university there. also, down along the speedway, betsy ross bridge, now, knocking the speeds down to 35 miles an hour. here is a live look at route 100, 113, out there in chester county. so the rain is coming our way. keep in mind, in the neighborhoods, we will have the wet leaves that will play some tricks on us, this morning. here is a live look at the vine expressway. just little bit of haze.
6:17 am
we are starting to move, and there is no problems at all, as far as rain, at least here, in center city, philadelphia. and then there is a live look at i95, in delaware county, where again, definitely dealing with some fog, as you head up through highland avenue, in through delaware county, this morning. mass transit, though, looking good. >> bob, listen to this. lauren, tell us about the little boy this was found. >> reporter: all right, mike, young boy who disappeared in 2002 is found in cleveland, 13 years later. julian hernandez was fifth years old living with his mother in alabama when he disappeared. police always suspected his farther, bobby, sunday the now 18 year old was seen in ohio. police reunited him with his mother. the boy and father living under different names when the 18 year old started applying to colleges, names and social security numbers didn't match up. dad now in custody. >> classes canceled today at california college after police say a student stabbed four people. this happened at the university of california,
6:18 am
investigators say the student stab three student and construction work here tried to help one of the victims. those stabs are expected to be okay, suspect shot and killed by campus police. >> g.i. joe no more. illinois police lieutenant carefully staged his suicide to cover his crimes. last radio transmission, charles said he was pursuing three sus pushes men trying triggering manhunt. investigation revealed the man officers called g.i. joe had been stealing money from the youth mentor program. >> one of the americans who stopped a terrorist attack in france, earlier this summer, james tran, accuse the of attempted homicide after police say he stabbed 23 year old airman first class spencer stone three times last month. investigators say the assault had nothing to do with the european terror plot that happened back in august, stone and two other people, tackled gunman, on passenger train to paris. mike and alex? >> thank you for that. >> 6:18.
6:19 am
day after the election, philadelphia mayor-elect jim kenney talk about improving relationships between police and city communities. he says he wants police to have good relationship with the neighborhood they serve. kenney did not confirm or deny rumors that current first deputy police commission nerve richard ross will be his choice for philly's top cop. overall kenney said his role to remain visible and approachable as player l schedule town hall meetings we now and inauguration day to solicit from the public to how to improve the sit. >> i done al trump will be on saturday night live. taking over this weekend, waste nothing time calling out his fellow gop candidates. >> donald trump is hosting saturday night live this week, with musical guest cia. because every equal time rules for television mr. trump can only speak for four seconds in this promo. >> so let me just say this. ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> i wish there were real men around here, you snow. >> you red my mind. i would kill for a real man.
6:20 am
>> hi, ladies. >> oh, hi, donald trump. oh, nice to meet you. >> donald trump is hosting saturday night live. >> this will be something. going to be hot ticket up in manhattan. and last night protesters showed up outside a 30 rock mid town manhattan ahead of trump's appearance. submitted petition with over 500,000 signatures, to executives at nbc. demand that they dump trump, they held up signs with the hashtag racism isn't funny. most of the organizations there were hispanic american groups who deal with immigration reform. we'll see what happens. 6:20. >> justin timberlake stuns at last night's cma's, we'll give you the big winners and big moments. >> he's not country. don't mess with serena like alex said earlier. the tennis star proves, she's a force to be rec orthopedics with. on and off the court. what she did, when a guy,
6:21 am
stupid guy, tried to steel her cell phone. >> but, if here are your lottery numbers.
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keeps me looking good. hey, i get some looks, i hear the whistles. (vo) beneful healthy weight, a delicious, low-calorie meal your dog will love. with wholesome rice, real chicken, and accents of vegetables and apples. >> coming back from injury this week, kiko alonso, nelson
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agholor, still not barak at this g with jason peters, and damico ryan did not practicement eagles play the cowboys sunday night. quarterback little better last game, eagles lost to carolina but sam bradford needs to be even better and the wide receivers need to catch the ball, too many drops. >> the way we played over the first seven games, there has been a loft good things we've done. i think we've shot ourselves in the foot too many times. and i think said it after several of the game. we have to find a way to eliminate the self-inflicted one. whether we do, that we're pretty good off. >> the sixers trying to win first game of the season. in milwaukee, michael carter williams, who did his hair? are you kidding me? sixers down by one, late in the game. nick south, turn over, oh, no. so what does that lead to with three, milwaukee wins it 91-87, that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> speaking of sports, i've never had my picture on the cover of the daily news. maybe in the column, you know,
6:25 am
little picture. but if i ever get on the daily news, i know it will end up like. >> this here is sam bradford. look at his picture. >> oh, mike judge just like howard says, you got to win this game, rise and shine, now is the time to do it, sam. tomorrow on the show, little mini pep rally, because the game's in dallas. what should we do? couple of years ago we stomp on a star, just had our viewers, people walking by. let's do that again. >> okay, or we can find something different? do you have any ideas to get us pumped up and ready for the cowboys? tweet us alex holley fox 29, mike fox 29. >> serena williams, super woman. proves she is a force to be reckoned with on and off the court. now what happened? >> well, we are showing this pictures, because she posted this on her facebook page. she explained she went out to eat. man next to her grabbed her phone, and just ran off. >> in a restaurant? >> yes. so she said she jumped, weaving in and out of the little restaurant, leaping over chairs, chased him down, and she did get her phone
6:26 am
back. and the guy she says claimed oh, i made a mistake. i don't know how you mistakenly pick up a phone and run out of a restaurant with it, but that's phone. her quote: just because our lady don't be afraid to step up to any challenge and not be a victim but a hero. >> love, set, match. >> and then she post add pick of her dressed up as a superhero. >> also careful chasing people in the streets you. >> never know, he could be packing. >> never know. >> coming up in just a few minute here, nearly 50 philadelphia area journalists have lost their jobs. layoffs this morning. and who is being the hit the hardness when they will have to leave their positions, it is soon, here's steve. >> mike, if you want to get on the front page of the daily news better to it quick. a lot of people are wondering this morning how long longer to will survive. story i'm on, second time this week, little boys, here in the city and out in the south jersey suburbs, hit by paint balls fired from a gun in a car from bullies driving around thinking it is funny,
6:27 am
and little kit here almost lot a -- lost an eye, and we'll explain.
6:28 am
6:29 am
>> deadly plane crash. crashing into new york, we'll take you there. >> plus nearly 50 area journalists they lose their jobs. the layoffs this morning, and who is being hit the hardest. >> and when is going on in center city philadelphia? that is a live look, that's a
6:30 am
line, what is it? >> yep, they are lining up at h and m, because there is highly anticipated collection that they want to get their hand on, and they want it make sure there is they're the first to get it. >> they've been waiting mike since probably two days now. yesterday we were doing stories how they were waiting and how they've been in line for about a day. >> what's the name of this designer? >> now, you know, i'm from texas, i'll say this correctly, french designer spelled balmane. lauren has been kind enough to help me out. she said it different, bellmeh. >> sue? >> boy, that must be some good stuff. >> right? >> all right. well, hopefully somebody will show us what it looks like once they get in there and get it. but, let's get to the number of the day, it is a seven, out of ten today. there you see it, right there. that's because we've got fog, we've got some showers around this morning, bus stop buddy does have the umbrella, you
6:31 am
may need your windshield wipers, driving, and could rain on you just little bit if you're waiting outside. plus, weaver dense fog advisory in effect tore this morning, for most of the area. there you see the showers moving through. they're headed toward us, here in philadelphia. it is dry right now in the city. but delco, has some showers chester county new castle county, delaware as well. at 58 degrees right now, just about at our sunrise time. 6:34, but not seeing sunshine, kind of socked in with clouds, 72 degrees our high temperature today, stray shower around mostly this morning, then tonight down to 62, we'll have fog again, probably after midnight of the that's your weather authority forecast for today. seven day forecast, had some chilly changes in it, we'll have all of those details for you coming up in just a few. bob kelly, what you got? >> sue, we've got the fog, we've got the rain, now accident on the schuylkill expressway. good morning, everybody, 6:31, jammed up on the schuylkill, right here, westbound, headed out toward henderson road. dump truck, couple of cars,
6:32 am
all lined up here, on the westbound side right between gulph mills and approaching henderson road. as you can see, the roads are wet. we're dealing with that spray, we're dealing with the wet leaves in the neighborhoods, and we're dealing with fog, in some of our areas. here is a live look at i95, socked in with fog, down there, highland avenue. that's going to impact the flights in and out of philadelphia international airport. but south jersey, not wet yet. and we had some early morning fog, down near the atlantic city expressway, so little bit of everything depending upon how, you know, where you begin, end your from time to time speeds reduced to 35 on the betsy ross bridge. watch for fog delays, now rain delays, at philadelphia international airport. mike and alex, back to you. >> okay, we continue to follow this investigation to a plane crash, single end jen plane, small plane, there it is, off the waters of breezy point, which is a section every queens, new york. nypd special operations tweeted these special photos, small plane took off from philadelphia, northeast, up in the northeast, and was headed
6:33 am
to new hampshire. man's body recovered last night. now, investigators, of course, got the tail number right away, and they know who the man is. at least his name. and who the plane is registered to. was he actually piloting in his own plane? we don't know that for sure as of yet. but, the plane took off in new hampshire on the third of november, and left early evening last night from philadelphia to go back from northeast airport. no word if anybody else was in the airplane, doesn't look like it. >> well, 6:33, developing out of montgomery county this morning, police in norristown, they are investigating a double shooting. >> dave, what happened? >> well, you know, right now people are just getting up and walking around watching the news, in the very apartment here, park place amounts, where these two bodies were found on the 700 block of sandy street in norristown. the investigation ongoing since about 11:30 last night. two bodies, just hauled away by the coroner's office, few minutes ago, let's go to video right now of the scene.
6:34 am
the police wrapped up their police tape here. we'll show you in the video what it looks like now, cops guarding the building here, where two bodies were found, police say, that the victims suffered multiple gunshot wounds, we're told this could be some casino after domestic situation, but that is not clear. we don't know who exactly died and what the motive may have been in all of. >> this we want to go to second piece of video, as montgomery county detective continue to investigate this scene. and you'll see a car that was parked, and still parked, across the street with police tape on it. apparently, a part of this overall case annex act role of the car not known at this time. we did see some people, some families here, with with a lot of young kids getting up and getting out of this building here, trying to get away from everything here. one woman did say off camera she did not hear anything, she is puzzled as to what exactly happened. a lot of people are.
6:35 am
staying tight-lipped. but two bodies found suffering multiple gunshot wounds at the park place amounts, behind me, the 700 block of sandy street, the investigation continues. guys back to you. >> keep us updated there. playing paint ball is casino of fun, right? this is real dangerous situation, that's going on, little boy was shot if the face, while walking with his family. >> he's very little, only ten years old, the second paint ball attack in the area this week, steve. >> five year old in mount laurel, hit, among four people hit there, with somebody driving around a four door sedan, mt. laurel police looking for them, 56 year old in the driveway, two teens on the sidewalk, luckily, nobody got hurt. as serious as this kid. going to the video there is little kid for some reason, out on the street at 11:30 at night, with his dad and 13 year old brother. why is he walking into 7-eleven on school night that late first of all? because of that, he's vulnerable, on the sidewalk, somebody drives by, in another green four-door sedan, similar to mt. laurel's case, four
6:36 am
door car, somebody in the back rear passenger side fires a paint ball gun, three times, hits little kid right in the face, nearly takes out his eye, his eye all swollen, black eye he'll be okay. but, hopefully there is some surveillance at the 7-eleven to get this license plate on the car, and get these people. alex, mike, this is serious stuff. if these people are caught, they'll be charged just as if they shut this kid with a real gun. aggravated assault. you can do some serious damage, we've seen countless stories every people losing their eyes, when they're hit with un of these paint ball pellets, fire at 250 and 300 feet, a second. so at the can do some serious damage. >> these boys so young. >> that's why when you play paint ball, you wear goggles, helmets. >> and you have pads on. >> yes. all right, let's go to harrisburg. >> yes, because pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will attend a closed door meeting about potential leaks, in the jerry sandusky trial sex abuse case. kane will answer questions under oath, she says, she
6:37 am
already told judge she has no knowledge of any e-mail detailing the leaks, in the sandusky investigation. lawyers for sandusky maintain that leaks were used as an investigative tool to severely prejudice the former football coach. >> also today, day two of jury deliberations in the federal afraid trail. sat a fattah junior, bill being several hundreds of thaws cents from the is. , school district of philadelphia. says the charges are politically motivated, says fattah. >> lauren, what else do you got? >> good morning, mike. phillie's three major news publications announce massive cut. media network says it will layoff some 50 journalists and other workers from the inquirer. the daily news and yesterday, employees were given 30 days notice, the layoffs will go into effect december 4th, newspaper guild told philly magazine they plan to challenge some of those layoffs. and the city next mayor jim kenney tweeted, he wrote my heart goes out to those laid off, today our reporters make
6:38 am
filet better place. >> craft says it will close it lehigh valley plant and six other across the count rip, company announced yesterday. it is also cutting 2600 jobs. the upper macungie plant is one of seven shutdown over the next two years. police are trying to identify the body after hispanic teenage girl found in the delaware river yesterday. this happened in the torresdale section of philadelphia, they also say the body was found in a area where they've been searching for a missing teenage girl. but again, they have not released the person's identity people living in lower merion township questioning the actions every police involving minorities. first arrested innocent man because he fit the description after robbery suspect, the other, involved two teenagers who were stopped in a wealthy neighborhood, going door-to-door, shoveling snow. >> had the description then a white male, in a business suit, walking down the street,
6:39 am
and that person was stopped, would they have been forced to their knees? says work took improve police perception. >> back to 17th and chestnut. let's take you back to 15th and chestnut. let's tack you back to 15th and chestnut. that's how long the line is from 17th to 15th on chestnut. this is a live shot. >> look at that the. >> that's an h and m store. >> do you think there is a new iphone coming out or something? >> it is 15th street. >> okay. that's the corner of 16th and chestnut, right? yes, i see the sign for 16th right there. >> and it goes all the way to 15th. >> okay. so, they're in line, been in line since yesterday afternoon, believe it or not to pick up some fashions from a designer by the name, french dude, his name is bomeh.
6:40 am
partners with h and m to take his runway heat collection, there he is, bold man, no, bo bomeh. kardashian's love these clothes, over a thousand dollars a piece if you buy them from him directly. h and m, how much? >> depend on what you are getting, but 200, around that range. up to 500 is where it goes. just kind of like -- >> that's pretty hoo high for h and m. >> when you think about it, i said it to one of my friend planning on campout. said when you think about it, would you rather pay 500 or a thought? >> i mean, i guess. bh and m known for high fashion stuff at low press, kind of like target, have designers being people campout for. that will but those people have been waiting, the store doesn't open until 10:00 a.m. >> all overnight since yesterday after innocent. >> yes. >> i would not stand in line, well, i wonder what i would stand in line for? i'll decide. that will 6:40. boy, shocking truth. wait until you hear this.
6:41 am
it will make your hair stand on end. see those great celebrations we have like at the linc, and the phyllis do these? >> yes, they are wonderful. did you know that the pentagon pays sport teams millions of dollars for these military tributes? i thought all of this was out of the kindness of the sport organization's hearts. >> surely philadelphia doesn't pay. >> the philadelphia team named in this report, alex. >> oh, no. >> and i mean millions of dollars. >> did you watch cma? >> i was watching end -- empire. country music surprise, justin timberlake? >> he's not country. >> we'll talk about the big winners. and more big ratings.
6:42 am
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6:45 am
>> yes, mcdade boulevard, except the rita's water ice was not in open, it is not in season. >> this is on mcdade boulevard, collingdale, tuesday. so glenolden animal hospital sent staff to help catch it, and having hard time here, foot long iguana, and the vets over there, veterinarians, there, have been looking after it. yesterday police told us the iguana's owner reached out tonight hospital, that's my iguana, is what they said. so the staff is going to check out their home to make sure it is safe and healthy for the iguana to go back in there, reunited and it feels so rough and scaly. hi, knew. >> that doesn't feel so good. feels rep till yan. yes, you know, warm weather animals. they usually need to have the heat light in their cage. been so mild out, no wonder got out to enjoy the sunlight. doing our walk to end, started 9:00 for registration, and we will be there at our fox 29 table, to say hi, but
6:46 am
temperatures will be in the four's, so make sure to have couple of layers on, sunshine, probably want to take off the outer jacket. we've got moisture coming in, from the south, as we told you it would, and the showers are many doing our way. new castle county, chester county, delco, some that far rain edging into philadelphia. so party every montgomery and bucks county get that rain this morning, even spilled over into salem count any new jersey. so, some of us getting some rain, lot of us getting some fog this morning. dense fog, philadelphia, bucks, americans err county, delaware county, here in pennsylvania. and this is why. reduced visibility, just about everywhere. 4 miles, visibility at the airport. really foggy in wilmington, and dover, millville. bob kelly show you some of that, on traffic cameras. yesterday 80 degrees. we will get closer to that
6:47 am
tomorrow, not today. and the big chill happens over the weekend. we will see plenty of sunshine sunday and monday, but high temperatures will only be in the 50's, so two more days tone joy the 70s. >> got to love it. 6:47. slow going on the schuylkill expressway, between city and belmont. delays south on 95. this accident on the schuylkill expressway, it is westbound, on the schuylkill, between henderson and king of prussia. at least one vehicle, you got the dump truck, the box truck, this is all westbound only left lane open on the schuylkill expressway. so already, riding the brakes here from your conshy curve out through 476, again, only one lane open as you head out toward king of prussia yesterday was because of sun glare, this morning, i think it is because of the wet roads, and the fog.
6:48 am
mike and alex, guess what today is? >> thursday. >> and day for entertainment. >> sad news, live this movie. the woman who wrote the classic movie et, extraterrestrial, she died. she died yesterday following illness. she been battling cancer, and she came up with the iconic line: et phone home. was nominated for an oscar, her divorce from harrison ford was one of the most costly celebrity slits in celebrity history back whether it happened. she was six a years old. okay, well, the cma's were last night, so, country music performers were all out for the awards. >> luke brian was there. >> that's right. >> he got entertainer of the year. >> yes. >> go ahead. >> chris stapleton owned the night, he got three awards, best male vocalist, bet.
6:49 am
>> miranda lambert, bet vocalist for the sixth consecutive year. >> there she is. >> for some reason, they asked justin timberlake to show up. cents he's from tennessee, he knows what he's doing. >> alex, you're a ten i see. >> ♪ >> tennessee whiskey with his blues buddy, chris stapleton. by the way, he is a secret writer on a lot of country music songs. >> he wrote miranda lambert, a lot of her songs. >> that's right.
6:50 am
>> yet more than country music songs, beehives, whatever we call ourselves, are you ready for this? justin timberlake also writes some of beyonce's songs. >> did he ever write brittany songs when they were together? >> i don't know, we'll have to ask brittany. you know the song partition, justin timberlake, you know blow, justin timberlake. >> did you know, speaking of miranda lambert, she had a heavy heart last night. blake shelton performed at last night's awards show. and hours before he confirmed he is actually dating gwen stefani. both singers filed divorce over the summer. but their co-host, basically, coast judges and mentors on that show the voice. they sit kind of close to each other. >> again stefany? >> one of the chairs of the judges, right? >> maybe that's how it happened. >> exactly because they are co-workers, alex. again has three children with her ex, who is that, gavin, and of 13 years, married 13 years together.
6:51 am
and blake soon to be ex, miranda lambert, hinted at their break up last night when she accepted her award. >> i appreciate t i needed a bright spot this year. so thank you, i love country music fans, and i'm just going to keep it short, but justin timberlake. >> bright spot this year, so she has been going through a lot. and he's probably sitting in the audience listening to her say this, so, shade, side eye. >> and leaving the cma's and hooking one gwen stefani. >> they were married for four years. >> yes. >> and gwen stefani 13 years. interesting pairing. hi, 6:51. boy, stunning. >> yes, this rare 12 karat blue diamond, it is up for auction. just how much it is expected to sell for. >> i lover girl scout cookies,
6:52 am
thin mints, i put them in the freezer (your favorite box could cost you a bit more this year. i don't care how much. >> ♪
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> we've got new information, the security guards, opening the door when? >> 8:00. normally open at 10:00 a.m. because this is a special occasion, they are going to open the doors at 8:00 a.m. woe hear they'll bring people in in groups. so 20 people at a time so it is not a mad rushing all over the shore, people stomping all over the each other.
6:55 am
>> our photographer tom beck doing good job at 16th and chestnut. >> this line stretches all the way down to sansom and also walnut st. >> you know another h and m store in center sit. >> i couple of blocks away, matter of fact. we all know the answer to this question. what is the girl's best friend? >> diamonds. >> imagine this beauty on your finker? that's blue moon diamond, considered freak of nature among jewels. it is extremely rare. one of the world's largest, as well. it is weighing in as just over 12 karats, and is apparently flawless. the gem hits the auction block november the 11th. 11:11 at sutherby's over in switzer lan, jen eve a expected look at that beauty, it is expected to go for, are you ready? >> okay. >> would it be 55,000, or 55 million? >> oh. i'm hoping 55,000. >> no. of course not. it wouldn't and story. a $5 million. >> my gosh.
6:56 am
and you say diamond are a girl's best friend, for me it is like cubic zirconia is a girl's best friend. >> i'll just take breakfast burito. >> plastic is my best friend. >> plastic fork. see this thing right here? beautiful. well, get this. newspaper report we just fawn yesterday, the pentagon actually pays sports teams millions of dollars for these military tributes. no, the sport teams aren't putting on for free. they are getting paid. and the phillies are one of those teams. >> and did you see this bombshell interview? oh, my gosh. our quincy harris sat down with crews off mack, you know,'s philadelphia boxer who had story about how he was drug and forced to do gay porn, now he is talking and he had a side of a story that we hadn't heard before. we'll hear more about it. for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. my giant.
6:57 am
at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i'm not just a fellow dad,
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fellow mom, fellow saver, i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne ♪ ♪
6:59 am
that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. my giant. >> new overnight, doubling shooting at apartment in norristown. the breaking details, right now. >> and this: >> okay, i'm tired of looking. it is what it is. i live my life. i'm gay. >> what an interview. our quincy harris sits down with yusuf mac, his new side of the story that you haven't heard before.
7:00 am
and this was last night. >> ♪ >> did you watch the country music awards? we'll have all of the big moment, the fashion, and the drama, from the cma awards. we are rocking out on this thursday morning. >> there actually was some drama blake shelton, miranda lambert with in the same room. >> awkward. >> what's the number in seven. >> love it. >> here you go, up the elevator, pop it on floor seven. great job there. we do have some clouds, we have some fog. we have some showers out there this morning, so bus stop buddy has the umbrella, just in case you get rained on. not much out there. but it look like we've lifted our dense fog advisory, that just happened. but the rain is still with us. northeast philadelphia, looks like we are getting little bit of rain, new castle county, delaware, chester county, and good portion of montgomery county. including norristown, we saw dave kinen


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