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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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so don't put away the rain gear just yet. take a look at what's happening right now on the satellite/rad satellite/radar. little disturbance off to our west. that's going to be pinwheeling through the area so more lift, more clouds and more showers especially developing north and west of the city. so you can see a little bit of a lull for some. but we still have low clouds, fog, mist and drizzle out there. so allow extra travel time but this energy off to the south will continue to move in our direction. but take a look at the visibility. greatly reduced across the area. in fact, take a look at the airport delays right now at the philadelphia international airport. we're talking two hour airport delays due to the low clouds and showers also new york city, newark being impacted with numerous delays. so take look at the clock. you can see it starts to feel fill back in over the next couple of hours. especially north and west as that disturbance rotates through. temperatures, however, will hold pretty instead deem we'll talk about when this system pulls away and another chance for rain
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with that seven day forecast coming up. back to you. >> all right, scott. thanks. if you're on your way home from work or school and can be can't be by your tv you can watch from your i-pad are, your phone or computer. download the fox 29 news or weather app get up to the minute forecasts. >> breaking news out of the north philadelphia. man has died another injured in a double shooting happened just after 3:30 this afternoon on the 2100 block of west dauphin street. philadelphia police say the man who died was shot several times. he died at temple university hospital. the other victim was shot one time in the foot. no arrests as of yet. a murder in mantua with shots fired right in front of customers. investigators say a man walked into a grocery store this morning and shot and killed a 22-year-old inside. police say surveillance video captured the entire thing and they're looking at it right now. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live outside of police headquarters, and dawn, police are clearly hoping that surveillance video leads them to the man who pulled the trigger.
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>> reporter: absolutely, lucy. i have to tell you it was very very good surveillance so that will be an important part of this police investigation. it was a very busy time at this little grocery store and the owner says that made the whole thing even more horrific. >> scare reach it's scary. >> reporter: ronald jones can't believe a 22-year-old man was pumped with bullets at 8:30 this morning at j and r perez grocery on north 38th and aspen. jones only lives a few doors away. >> the just a travesty. it's very disheartening and disappointing to hear somebody got killed in the corner store. >> reporter: it happened as the vick testimony was sitting by the front door on this stack of soda bottles waiting for some tea. the store owner jose doran was upstairs. her the gunshots and came racing down to fine the vick tip shot several times in the head lying on the floor. he, too, is shaken by the violence. >> a lot of people in the store. >> doran referring to all the young children who come into the
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store in the morning. he says the shooter actually pushed a little girl who was inside out of the way to fire the fourth and final bullet into the victim. >> i see in the tape. i can see what happened in the moment, you know. >> reporter: people who live in this neighborhood are outraged. especially because of the timing of it all. >> it's a sad situation. i mean, kids going to school and everything. um, didn't have to be involved to see anything like that. >> it just made me so sad that they could be put at risk in that way. >> seeing an assassination and that's not good for the neighborhood at all. >> reporter: now police confirm that there's no question in their minds that the victim was targeted. they are not releasing his name tonight. investigators interviewing a number of people customers who were inside the store at the time of that shooting. again, that surveillance video will be key to finding and tracking down the person who killed that 22 year old. back to you iain and lucy in the studio.
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>> all right, thank you very much, dawn. prosecutors in montgomery county say they have charged a man they say broke into a hatfield township apartment and sexually assaulted a six-year-old girl. 11-year-old boy called 911 early yesterday morning telling dispatcher that someone had broken into his home and may have done something to his little sister. police raced to the hatfield village apartments early yesterday morning. they found the children stepfather holding down that man oscar herrara. the 28-year-old is now in jail. >> we wanted to everything we can to protect our most vulnerable and children are our most vulnerable members of society and so when you hear about something like this happening the sanctity of one's home being invaded. the sanctity of one's body being invaded there's no other way to describe it. >> terrible. herrara face as long list of charges including rape. a judge has set his bail at $1 million. police in lansdowne need your help identifying two people
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who they say stole money from a donation jar inside a local business. you can see both the suspects right here in these surveillance pictures. police say four days ago the younger man in the red jacket distracted the owner of christian's grocery on walnut street when an older woman grabbed money from the donation jar and the check out counter. the owner confronted both of them but says they ran off before the cops got there. they got about 60 bucks from the jar all donations are meant to help the needy. pennsylvania's attorney general now says she made an innocent mistake during sworn testimony last year but today it wasn't enough to overturn a perjury charge against kathleen kane. montgomery county judge today upheld charges felony perjury. and misdemeanor false swearing and obstruction. and so kane will have to stand trial on those charges. prosecutors say kane leaked grand jury documents to a newspaper. kane's lawyer says she forgot she had sworn to keep that information secret. prosecutors argue that that doesn't matter and that as attorney general this the type of thing kane should have
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remembered. despite her problems the attorney general's consumer protection bureau is moving against a local gravestone company it's a business fox 29 investigators knows well. jeff cole joins us now from the newsroom. jeff, you've been following this story for awhile. >> reporter: iain, we have we have. we've been reporting oh on live stone by stephan. the attorney general is piling on with a lawsuit on behalf of more than 50 consumers some who have waited almost three years. the suit filed monday in delaware county court accuses the upper darby company of violation of pennsylvania's consumer protect laws. the attorney general writes the company has engaged in widespread deceptive business practices. basil miranda is the chief deputy attorney general. >> it's rep pre men's cybill behavior. they're taking advantage of consumers that are at a vulnerable sad time in their lives, and they're not meeting their obligations. >> reporter: live stone by stefan nose by stefan memorials
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and operates a dozen headstones companies across the region in october fox 29 investigates reported the story of the lavin family when james lavinia father of six live long cop died at 84 his family paid nearly four grand to live stone for his gravestone. that was back in early may 2014. 16 months later, and there was no headstone. despite repeated calls and contacts with live stone and its operator greg stefan, jr. >> why do we have to go through this. how does this man put his head down at night knowing there's people out there chasing after him for stone. >> in early october fox 29 investigates left a message for is he fan asking why the company had failed to place the stone. one day later and it was there. fox 29 investigates has heard from nearly two dozen customers who have had trouble getting services or responses from live stone some eventually got their stones finished but it took a lot of evident. the attorney general's complaint tells similar stories as it lays
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out example after example of consumers who were badly treated by live stone. >> these folks wanted to provide their loved ones with a respectful memorial in traditional sense. they wanted to achieve some closure but they weren't able to do that because the businesses never delivered. >> reporter: greg 4stefan being sued as company president. call to live stone this morning was not immediately returned for comment. the attorney general wants a grand out of the hide of live stone for each violation of the law. three grand if the victim is over 60. jeff cole in the newsroom. iain, back to you. >> nice work, gentlemen. the man known as the gentleman gambler has died in prison. joseph veto mastronardo, jr. died yesterday. he was serving time in federal gambling case he was infamous kingpin of a national sports betting ring much here's video from a 2010 court appearance. in the course of their investigation police found more than a million dollars in cash buried in pvc pipes in his
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backyard. he was married to the daughter of former philly mayor frank rizzo. fox 29 getting results for a south philadelphia family who's home has been taken over by rats. we first told you about the johnson family last night at 10:00. they live in a home provided by the philadelphia housing authority. they were fed up with their rat problem and couldn't seem to get any help so they reach out to us fox 29. the family showed us video of rats on their kitchen counters. holes all over their homemade by the rodents. the family tells us pha officials were out at their home today to patch up all those holes and bait the rats with poison. the johnsons say the health department was supposed to show up earlier today to see if the house was even safe enough to live in. but the family says officials rescheduled that visit for them tomorrow. the largest cable provider in the country has a problem, and needs you to know about it. comcast got hacked and your information was for sale on the black mark. 200,000 customers have to reset their pass poured. comcast itself was not breached. they targeted other companies
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that use the same software as comcast and sold that information on the black-market for a thousand bucks for a list of contained all those customers information. comcast locked their accounts found out what happened. so if you're one of those people, you're going to have to reset your password to access your account. a war veteran facing eviction and she says it's all because of a debit card company. coming up next at six, why paying her bills is now russell simmons problem. charlie brown christmas is not in the making in reading this year. last year's tree didn't get a lot of love. this year's lesson learn. i kind of did like last year's tree. howard? >> the eagles getting back to work to play a game that's not the cowboys. so how do the eagles prepare without one of the most productive players on defense? and one other starter did not practice today. another pro athlete charged with domestic violence all coming up in sports. remember, fox business along with the wall street journal is hosting the next republican presidential debate mere hours away.
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what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. my giant. here's a story only see on fox. s? in time for veterans day. a local veteran getting evict papers because she can't pay her rent. but it's the reason she can't pay that caught our attention she's got the money but just can't get to it. >> the problem is with her debit card. fox 29's brad sat 10 is live in the newsroom to explain all of this. brad? >> reporter: lucy and iain she has a prepaid ken debit card called a rush card. the system crashed a month or owing a and that impacted a lot of customers. most of them are back online, budka sandra freely's account is not and she says she's out of patience and out of time. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. i really don't. >> reporter: today sandra
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friehl system a veteran homeless just a few years ago. trying to get her life back on track with her three kids, she worries this evict notice could soon leave her homeless again. just today her car was booted for not paying a ticket. worried if less unpaid it could be sold at auction. she wants to pay both bills, but says she can't. >> i have no access to my money. i can see my money there, but i have no access. every time i call, i'm hung up on or i'm on hold for hours at a time. >> reporter: cassandra has her monthly va disability check direct deposited into her rush account. it's a visa debit card created by hip hahn mogil russell simmons that allows card holders access to their money a few days earlier than a regular bank would. but back on october 12th, a change in the payment processing crashed the system. leaving many unable to get act cities their own money. >> we're addressing every issue as quickly as possible. >> reporter: it's nearly a month later and the company tells us the vast majority of customers are back up and running, budka van is not.
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she can see the $887 in her account, but despite phone calls after phone calls -- >> no answers. at all. 91. >> reporter: no one has been able to help her get her cash. >> i don't know where my next dollar is going to come from. between now and four to six weeks. report roar despite problems nationally no complaints have been filed with the state attorney general's bureau of consumer protection. but the director says the news is alarming. >> let's hope it is a technological glitch that they can correct. but if not, then there's serious issues. not only with the consumer protection but the banking on both the state and federal level. >> reporter: iain and lucy list zone to this. we just now her from rush card spokesperson just within the last few minutes. they're telling us they have issued an express cash payment to cassandra for the and tire amount so she'll have that money she can pick it up they say at any money gram location so hopefully for the time being her problem is solved. she by the way is no longer
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direct depositing money into that account. >> lucy? >> iain. >> brad, i'll take it that is good news. good news for her on this veterans day tomorrow. thank you brad. a charlie brown christmas will stay on tv this year. in fact we heard from brad sattin. did he the story last year. city of reading caused uproar when its christmas tree reminded them of charlie brown's christmas tree. it will not make that mistake again. the official christmas tree will be a 25-foot white fir lighting ceremony will be held later this month. i always like a charlie brown christmas it suppose. not christmas see outside. it's mild. it's going stay kind of wet da damp. we have two hour airport delays right now the philadelphia international airport. but take a live look outside of our studios. you can see the mist, the fog, 60 degrees so that's a little bit above our average for this time of year. but if you're stepping outdoors,
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more fog, more drizzle and also gusty winds. northwest winds gusting up to 25 miles per hour. yes, temperatures they will be slow to fall. we're looking at lows to night in the 50's but take a look at ultimate doppler a little bit of a lull in the action but off to the west we're going to watch more energy rotate through. but look at some of the totals for earlier today. less a little less than half an inch in philadelphia. but take look at parts of delaware, south jersey, one to 2-inches of rainfall that was just the first part of the day and then this afternoon and evening north and west we'll win out with most of the rain. but take look alt those temperatures right now. 60 atlantic city. 60 millville as well as dover. a little cooler once you move far north and west where they have not seen as much in the way of rain today. but look at the visibility. it's greatly reduced right now. so allow extra travel time out there. wet roads, the wet leaves as well. and take a look at the
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visibility down to 1 mile in parts of reading. so here's what's happening with the satellite/radar. we have kate that's going to move tout sea because of this system. but we're watching two areas of low pressure. the main system right now to our south and off to the west. the upper level low. that's going to pivot toward our area and give us more rainfall especially north and west. but the good news is, for veterans day tomorrow, we start to dry out but we'll keep some lingering clouds. so here's how how everything plays out as we go hour by hour by 8:00 o'clock north and west starting to fill in with more chances of rain. still by 10:00 o'clock, we're looking at some of that rainfall north and west. after about midnight, it finally starts to get out of here. high temperatures tomorrow above average 65 degrees. that weather authority seven day forecast shows mostly cloudy but drier conditions tomorrow for veterans day. then another system moves in on thursday. that front will bring some blustery conditions as well as a couple of scattered showers and
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downpours. but then look at the chillier air by saturday morning. 38 degrees. low 50s for highs. back into the average territory for the birds and then milder conditions into the 60s by early next week. >> okay. i'll take that. >> yeah. howard will take that, too. >> i'm watching for the ponding, too. be careful. >> watch out for that. >> all right. >> the eagles as long as they play without rain that's good. they won game on sunday night. something we all will remember. this touchdown. but the players and that injury, too, but the players have to move on against miami on sunday. we know they can't let themselves have a let down. that and another domestic violence case in pro sports coming up.
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♪ the eagles coming off a gigantic win at dallas. back home this week playing the miami dolphins and the team was brac at practice without two of their players practicing. jason peters still has become issues. he didn't practice. malcolm jenkins didn't practice. but he told me he'll be fine. jordan hick got injured late in the fourth quarter on this play on sunday night. looks simple enough but when he extended his arm to make the tackle, he suffered a torn pectoral tendon and he's now out for the rest of the season. >> it's a shame only made it halfway through the season but in the nfl it's a bad part of
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what we deal with. jordan will get everything fixed we'll move on and back to the guys that we originally started with and they go day to day. >> super bum for him. we got a whole second half of the season left. he was kind of playing his best if the ball. he was obviously making us better on defense. but this is the nfl. these things happen. >> so matter of fact with these guys when guys get hurt. jordan matthews stepped up in the cowboys game. finally played a good game. along with sam bradford who had a good game. touchdown to win. it was the first over time touchdown in both players -- both college and pro careers. >> when there is adversity, there is good times nobody is looking at dud do something different or what happened or how do you feel now? stay the same person. we got a lot of guys like in this locker room. we know once this offense gets going, we can move in the right direction really fast. >> another professional athlete does not know how to keep his
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hands to himself. colorado rockies sort shop jose reyes charged with allegedly assaulting his wife. he was charged with allegedly -- we always have to say allegedly choking his wife and shoving her into a sliding glass door. allegedly. this all happened on halloween night while they were on vacation in hawaii. allegedly. major league baseball is investigating. i'm told these problems happen more than actually perform which is a pathetic. how about the washington nationals new calendar unless they plan to move the picture on the cover is penn way park in boston because the printing company not really baseball fans they don't know history. i wanted that see the cover of the red sox. >> that's a collector's item. >> that's like dewey winning over truman. anyhow. >> i'm just saying. >> dewey didn't win. >> might be a bad omen. >> i'm just saying that. does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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home invasion. here comes granny. >> get the hell out of here. >> and, trump versus starbucks. >> maybe we should boycott starbucks. seriously. >> storm over the new starbucks holiday coffee cup. >> wait until you hear what he says about dr. ben carson. >> if you try to hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up. >> then, hands on head. >> everybody out. >> the passenger at the center of the panic at the airport. >> he is a completely innocent dentist. >> don't move. >> and, flirty gwen and blake return to the voice. >> it makes me so happy. >> plus,


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