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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 10, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> pun pulled over by local police, that had them calling the cops. >> community looking over their shoulders, little girl attacked in bed, your news in 30 seconds. >> this man broke into montd gum are you county apartment, attacked a six year old girl in bed, all while her brother
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was just feet away. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iaian padge, what authorities did next, so brave it, helped catch the man, assaulting his sister. >> fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live at the montgomery county d.a.'s office in moorestown tonight. dave? >> iaian there is suspect was a total stranger, who broke into the family's home, and attacked that little girl. tonight the district attorney is praising her 11 year old brother, for helping save her life and her father for helping nab the suspects. i seen him walking up and down past my house before. many a times, . >> home invasion took part
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sprawling complex monday. police say herrera broke in just after 4:00 a.m. the little girl, six year old girl, was in her bed, when she was awoken by a stranger by a strange here was sexually assaulting. >> i feel bad for her family. >> as herrera attacked the six year old girl, her 11 year old brother sleeping in the bunk bed below ran to his parents room, then called 911. >> great credit to the 11 year old boy who had courage to step up, help the sister. >> girl's father ran to his daughter's aid held the naked suspect at knife point until police arrived. herrera told the father, quote, kill me, kill me, or let me go. >> no signs, no reason for him to do this that we know of. it just really highlights the dangers. >> dick say herrera admitted to the break-in and it actually broke mean the
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apartment two months earlier but no one was help. >> you hear about something like this happening. the sanctity of one's home being invaded the sanctity of one's body being invaded, deeply dis pushing. >> now, herrera is being held on million dollars bail. >> police still trying to find out more about his background, and trying to determine why he broke into this family's home. >> just so heart breaking, all right, dave. >> you can see fog out thereafter hours of rain, still falling from dave schratwieser's live shots in certain spots, raincoats, un bream as, tonight, folks trying to stay dry, as they walk near 21st and market, a live radar, it shows the system that is very slowly moving out of the area, so kathy, we could use a little bit of drying out by this point. so is it going to be gone by the morning? >> yes, it will be, that is the good news, ventured out, you know it was just
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miserable, dreary, misty, rainy, cool side. but temperatures aren't going to fall all that much overnight tonight. this is the last batch of rain, rotating through the delaware valley, and it is going to take its time. temperatures still in the 50's, in most spots, still 60 in millville, atlantic city it is 61 degrees. now, this is our hrrr model. you don't really need to know the name, do you need to know very specific, getting good grip on where the heavy rain is falling right now. it does very well in the next 12-hour period. and it will lift the rain toward the north, and you can see it in counter clockwise fashion, still few showers through mercer county bucks county by the 7:00 a.m. hour for the rest of us, it is just going to be cloudy. overnight, the rain and mist will ends, some fog, continues to linger, the winds will be diminishing, and temperatures will stay in the 50's, which is real mild for overnight temperature. >> one storm that's impacting us, the next one, brewing over the mountains, in colorado,
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blizzard warnings out here, and this impact our weather, by thursday. we'll talk more about that coming one your seven day. >> talk to you then. >> crews still digging through the wreckage after plane slammed into an ohio apartment building. investigators say, the small business jet may have been caring as many as ten people. when it hit the apartment this afternoon shaking homes, that were blocks away. tonight, at least two people are confirmed dead. video shows the flames. >> it disagreement integrated in the crash. firefighters say no one inside the brick building or another build that caught fire. >> it took off with plans to land at the akron airport about 2 miles from the crash site. ntsb investigators on the scene right now. philadelphia police after the man they say sucker punched woman in the middle of the afternoon surveillance cameras caught this guy walking away moments after the assault near the 2700 block of pennsylvania avenue.
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a woman told investigators that a man she did not recognize came up, punched her in the face, and then ran off. she was left with a gash over her eye. police are working to try and track him down. >> body ended up on the new jersey turnpike in mt. laurel, new jersey, tonight all we've got is a whole lot of questions. there are reports it is a man, but new jersey state police will not confirm how did the body get, there we do not know. body on the northbound side right before interchange four discovered just before 3:30 this afternoon, state police promised to have more information to us by the morning. the search still on tonight for the gunman who opened fire. inside a local grocery store, killing a man inside, in front of customers and whole thing was caught on surveillance videoment fox 29's dawn timoney spoke to the owner of the store in mantua. >> the guy, got me inside, older guy he wait, and the older guy still, you snow. >> owner. j and r perez grocery on the corner of north 38th and aspen says he was upstairs when he
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heard gunshots 8:30 this morning, came running down to find a 22 year old victim on the floor near stacks of soda by the front door where he had been sitting apparently waiting for tea. >> still a lot in the store, you know. >> as a matter of fact, jose says, a little girl was inside the store, and witnessed the horror. he says the shooter pushed her out of the way, to fire a fourth and final shot at the 22 year old. >> i see. >> police getting up close look at the gunman said to be from the neighborhood. people who live here are outraged that this could happen as young children are walking to school, many of them stopping at the corner store on their way. >> routine thing, i mean, that's where they go to get the little breakfast and smacks, i am really at lost for words. >> not right for them to who ever did this here. early in the morning, kids, like i say, going to school, and assassination, you know
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what i mean? and that's not good for neighborhood at all. >> police say there is no question, that the victim was targeted. they are not yet releasing his name. they have questions several people who were inside the store at the time, and again, they say, that surveillance video is key in tracking down the killer. dawn timoney, "fox 29 news". >> minimum wage workers again making their voices heard loud and clear, in center city, today's protest, one of 500 nationwide, in the fight for 15. >> cashiers, fast-food employees and other low wage workers ended their march in front of city hall. they say they'll keep on demonstrating and demanding minimum wage increase in pennsylvania, protesters also picketed outside mcdonald in north philadelphia, and the comcast headquarters building in center city. >> local veteran getting eviction papers, she cannot pay her rent. she has the money just can't get to it. that is until fox 29 stepped in. >> her problems all tied to her debit card from russell
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simmons. >> brad satin spoke to story in a story you'll see only on fox. >> germantown section for couple of weeks now. >> they had me on hold for one time, it was six hours, another day it was four hours. >> on hold, only to be told, there is nothing that can be done right now. cast and are gets monthly disability check from the va, it is direct deposited into her rush account. it is a debit card account that russell simmons created 12 years ago allowing customers access to their money couple of days earlier than regular bank does. but, right now, while she can see her $887 in her account, she can't get to it. which has led to eviction notice for not paying rent, and just this morning, her car was booted, for failing to pay a ticket.
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>> i have other bills, that need to be taken care of. i need food for my children. i just -- it is just a bad situation to be in. and not have any control over it when you can see your money from, not be able to touch it. >> the problem started for customers october 12th, as a result of what the company called a transition to a new payment processor, acknowledged by simmons himself. >> correcting account balances. as fast as we can, this may take up to few days for the affected customers. >> that message though delivered on facebook 27 days ago. rush card telling us today everyone's money is safe, they are working around the clock to fix the problem and only fraction of fraction every customers are still having problems. >> she can now pick up her cash at any money gram location. she will be able to pay those bills. in the news room, brad satin, "fox 29 news". pair of criminals caught on camera, stealing cash, from
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a donation jar. lansdale police want you to see these photos from four days ago inside christian grocery on walnut st. they say the younger man in the red hoodie distract dollars the owner, that's when older woman snatched the money signed donation jaron the counter. >> owner confronted both of them but says they ran off before police could arrive, got about $60 in donations meant to help the needy. >> going viral, fast-food worker lures homeless man to the drive-thru window only to douse him with water. why that worker says he deserved it. >> and. >> this was not the end of wild scene. what police had to finally do, to stop the woman behind the wheel. >> and these pictures had us doing a double take. is that a nun walk ago line for local cops? what witnesses say she did minutes earlier, that had other drivers calling 911.
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>> and local woman attacked and raped, just feet from her home. >> no way coy get out of the situation. >> one piece of jewelry may have changed everything. what's hidden inside that can hip protect the woman in your life from preditors. >> (movie clip).
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>> there is another one planned for philadelphia. if you would like to help donate, go to our website, for more information, and of course, to all of the military who serves, thanks for your service, on this veterans day. >> chris, thank you. great story. you decide 2016, republican presidential candidates taking to the debate stage. tonight's debate co-hosted by fox business network and the wall street journal. the fourth debate primary race was split into two part. governor chris christie was joined by governor bobby gentle, of louisianna, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum, and mike huckabee in the early round of the debates. they pulled too low to qualify for the prime time debate.
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the remaining candidates took the stage in wisconsin at 9:00 tonight. tonight's questions focused on the economy. candidates were asked about raising the minimum wage, and the affected i am garage identifies on the us economy. lindsay gram, george poe at that time i pulled too low to appear in either debate. >> fox 29 getting results. for south philadelphia family, whose home has been taken over by rats. the johnson family says this is what they had been living with in their philadelphia housing authority home. it is rats, everywhere. they were fed up with their problem, couldn't seem to get any help. so, they reached out to fox 29. last night. the family showed us video of rats on their kitchen counter, and holes all over their home, made by the rodents. our cameras were back today while pha staff were at the johnson home, patching up all of the homes, bathing the rats with poison. the family says the health department was supposed to show up earlier today to see if the house was even safe enough to live in, but the family says, it rescheduled for tomorrow. >> update now to a fox 29
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investigation. a local gray stone company now the target of lawsuit by the pennsylvania attorney general's office. >> it says this is on behalf of 50 customers, fox 29's jeff cole explains. >> the suit accuses upper darby company of violation of pennsylvania consumer proking it sean laws. the attorney general. >> basil, the chief deputy attorney general. >> reprehensible behavior, taking advantage of consumers, that are at a vulnerable sad time in their lives, they are not meeting their obligation. >> goes by stephen memorials, operates well over dozen headstone companies across the region, in october, fox 29 investigation reported the story of the levin family, when james levin, father of six, life-long cop died at 84, his family paid nearly four grand to life stone for his
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gravestone. that will was back in early may 2014. sixteen months later and it was no headstone. despite repeated calls, and contact with life stone, and its operator, greg stephen, jr. >> why do we have to go through this? why does a man put his head down at night knowing there is people out there chasing after him for a stone? >> in early october, fox 29 investigation left message for stefan, asking why the company had failed to place the stone. one day later, and it was there. fox 29 investigation has heard from nearly two dozen customers, who have had trouble getting services or responses from life stone, some eventually got their stones finished, but it took a lot of effort. the attorney general's complaint tells similar stories, as it lays out example, after example of consumers, who were badly treated by life stone. >> these folks wanted to provide their loved ones with a respectful memorial, in a
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traditional set. wanted closure. but they weren't able to do that because the businesses never delivered. >> greg, senior, being sued as president for a company, call to life stone this morning, was not returned for comment, the attorney general wants a thousand dollars out of the hide of life stone for every violation of the law, three grand if the victim watts over 60. jeff cole, "fox 29 news". >> twerking sex assault, for the first time we're hearing from the victim. why he says he was too terrified to defend himself. >> plus school bus engulfed in smoke that drives down, more than dozen students on board. who just happened to see it to help get those kids off safely. >> and take a look at this. shirtless inside local 7-eleven, 2:00 a.m. what he wanted to so badly, he can now go to jail. >> now, with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. >> hey, good evening, everybody, everything's a little wet and look out, all
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of the construction zones, like rear here, 202 in chester county, where all of those drainage greats are located in a lot of the travel lanes prone for hydroplaning, and then tomorrow, during the day, watch for big delays on 95. they're going to be doing bridge inspection southbound at the girard point double decker bridge beginning 9:00 a.m. things could be a little wet and slippery, a lot of leftovers for the morning rush hour. we will see you bright and earl when we kick it off at 4:00.
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dramatic body cam video shows the moment police say a speeding driver took aim at a cop. that officer's okay. but this all started when he spot add stolen suv. he was outside his squad car, laying down, when this went down. >> that force knocked officer matt stacey offer his seat. amazingly he's not hurt. he got right back up, started running. other officers showed up, surrounded the suv. you can see the driver pop up from the sun roof laughing and cursing at officers. they tazed her. then had to go in through the sun roof to get her. she now faces several charges, you can imagine, including dui and assault with a deadly weapon. >> new york's attorney general is ordering two major fantasy
10:25 pm
sports companies to stop taking bets in the state. eric sneiderman's office says the daily contest offered by draft kings and fan dual amount to illegal gambling. the attorney general says that they differ from other fantasy sites, which require skill, and long-term strategy. fox sports is one of the leading investors in draft kings. well, police in d.c. say they've arrested one woman once become known as the twerking assault. >> tonight the victim is explaining how he felt trapped. we showed this video last night from inside dc convenience store. you can see one woman right there twerking right up against the man. the other woman started grabbing him. they would not leave him alone. he said he asked the cashier for help who then asked him, quote, what do you want me to do? the man says he was concerned, very concerned, about a group of men outside. >> i thought they -- pointing them to be prostitutes, could have been, another watching, witnessing, could have been with guns to come and shoot me. did i not want to be shot that day.
10:26 pm
>> makes sense. the victim is a teacher in the dc area doesn't want people to know his name. he says he had to head to a nearby car wash to call 911. police say they've arrested one of the woman, they're still looking for the other. >> these pictures had us doing, well, a double take. is that a nun walking the line for a local cop? what witnesses say she did minutes earlier that had other drivers calling 911. >> and lightning slammed into a tree. it exploded, just flew into nearby homes. why one woman says her little dog saved her life. >> catty? >> we have rain slowly moving out of the delaware valley. but another storm to keep an eye on, this one out west, right now, packing mountain snow. but look at all of the watches and warnings associated with it. it all moves our way later this week. coming up.
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[gus singing] ♪ dashing through the snow ♪ careful on the ice ♪ keep scratchin', cousin joe. ♪ [cousin joe singing] ♪ oh gus, you're much too nice! [gus singing] ♪ a gift for uncle dave, and 1 for auntie jane ♪ ♪ mom and dad and grandpa zack all get a scratching game ♪ [everyone singing] ♪ oh, instant games! ♪ instant games! instant games for me! ♪ ♪ 6 new holiday instant games from the p.a. lottery ♪ keep on scratchin'! >> right now at 10:30, the rain is finally moving out of hire. live look at trenton tonight. rain should be gone for your morning drive. katie is tracking what you should expect. >> witnesses shocked. take a close look, see what's
10:30 pm
unique about the person facing tough questions from police. turned out the woman behind the wheel is a nun from philadelphia. >> and it is what other drivers say she did in the moments leading to up that traffic stop that had them calling 911. fox 29's shawnette wilson live in turnersville, new jersey, where police say that woman damaged an auto repair shop. >> yes, iaian, lucy, this is the mine key where we're told the nun, now charged with dui, actually pulled into the parking lot, and crashed into this front door, police say, before backing off and pulling off, tonight she is out of police custody, but not talking. >> shocked witnesses captured pictures of this, a nun, appearing to take a field sobriety test, moments after washington township police pulled her over early saturday morning. police say moment before a woman they identify as a philadelphia nun pulled into the parking lot of this mine key auto shop in turnersville, backed into the door before pulling out. >> the door was smashed, there
10:31 pm
was a pile of broken glass sitting there, and it was just weird. >> manager peter de-george arrived to work the next day to find the damage and police back on the scene to explain what happened. to his surprise? >> said somebody hit your building was a nun who happened to be drunk and they arrested her down the road. >> couple spotted the driver and called police, so stunned to see nun appear from behind the wheel, they posted the entire ordeal on facebook. >> just gave details and said stopped on the shoulder couple of times, and the police, she called the police and said that you know we're following a drunk driver, pretty dangerous, all over the road. they said stay at safe distance and follow it. >> she was reportedly driving a f150 when she pull over down the road from the muffler shop. de-george still can't believe what happened. >> randomly someone hits your building then you find out it was a nun who happened to be drunk almost 3:00 in the morning on a friday night. not something you expect to walk into on a saturday night. >> and back here live, police have identified the nun as kimberly miller.
10:32 pm
we called her at the convent tonight to ask her about the dui. she simply said no comment and hung up. lewesy? >> all right, shawnette, thank you very much. >> we've got quite a tail tonight about a kit how lost part of his but man is he lucky. a volunteer for philadelphia's animal care and control team was on her way to the health hershey got a call about an injured cat. she raised back home, found the kitty, now named johnny boy, with the night getting colder at philly, he crawled into a karen gin looking for a warm place to sleep. but the next morning, someone started up their karen gin and, well, this happened. >> we have a scratch under his chin. >> a lags ration to his upper lip and part of his tail was tramatically amputated, and little wound thereon his bumm. but he is a very lucky cat, because all of his injuries are healing pretty uneventfully. >> in the morning when you go out to your car, make sure to tap on the hood couple of
10:33 pm
times. and then leave for few minute, give the cat some time to get out of there, then you can go start your car and go on your way. >> great advice. johnny boy needs to get nursed back to health before he is ready for adoption, so if you would like to help, find a link at under the seen on tv section. they say he is the sweetest kitty they've got. >> and on your radar tonight, rain moving out of there, but shawnette looks like rain in turnersville. >> still falling out, there will take couple of more hours to get it out of the delaware valley. roads are wet, so driving late tonight, falling leaves it, can be slick. please be aware of. that will still stays mild into the overnight. 58 degrees right now, the high today, 62, winds out of the north at about 15 miles an hour, becoming northwest overnight tonight. so the high today, 62, a little milder tomorrow, and then look at that trend, falling fast, into the weekend. first, we have to get rid of the rain. this last batch moving through south jersey, where shawnette is, and that will be moving
10:34 pm
off the coastal plane toward new york within the next two, three hours. we have no chance of rain tomorrow. that is the good news. and then more rain on thursday, then we dry it out friday and saturday, but it turns much cooler. so as our storm system moves off shore and it kicks tropical storm kate well out to sea, we will see drying conditions tomorrow, but it will be on the cloudy side, even though high pressure is to our south. then, waiting in the wings, a potent area of low pressure, i showed you those watches and warnings out west for tomorrow, this is the same storm, snow on the back side, with blizzard warnings out west, severe weather threat on the east side, and this will be moving toward us. the target time is late thursday morning into thursday afternoon. we will keep you updated. meantime overnight, 53, and in the suburbs, 48 periods of rain coming to ends with areas of fog, before we dry it out. tomorrow's high temperature, 65, mostly cloudy, but mild, and on your seven day forecast, thursday we have rain, some winds, friday, gusty winds, saturday a chill, stays chilly sunday, and then
10:35 pm
look what happens monday and tuesday, temperatures actually bouncing back. let's take a look beyond the seven day, this is the eight to 14 day outlook november 18th through the 24th. look at that, above average temperatures, for us, beyond the seven day, precipitation, above average, as well. so it will be warm, but it will be a little wet. >> okay, i'm take it, exactly. >> thank you, kathy. >> the cruel prank going viral, a fast-food worker lures a homeless man to the drive-thru window, only to douse him with water. why that worker says he deserved it. >> take a look at this guy here, inside local 7-eleven, the sweep he apparently so incredibly badly can he now go to jail. just press clean and let roomba help with your everyday messes.
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you and roomba from irobot®. better together™. >> hoping you can bring honey bun thief to justice. these pictures from four days ago inside the 7-eleven on south main street, investigators say this guy grabbed ten packages of honey buns, and walk out and didn't pay. but he wasn't finished. probably wasn't satisfied with his sugar fix. comes say he came back in, pushed a lottery ticket machine right off the counter. >> we have no idea why. >> in your money tonight,
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warning for comcast customers. comcast got hacked, and customers information was for sale on the black market. 200,000 people have to reset their past words now. comcast itself was not breached. hackers targeted other software as comcast, and sold the information on the black market for a thousand bucks, for a list that contained all of those customers information. comcast locked those accounts when it found out about what happened. so, if you are one of those people, you are going to have to reset your password to access your account. >> pizza hut banking on the idea to kick the habit to the curb this season when with new triple layer pizza box. pizza chain unveiled new triple treat box, and it is enough to feed a household. holiday theme box includes two, medium, one-topping pizza, in order of bread sticks, or flavor sticks, and a hershey chocolate chip cookie. okay, so good luck keeping the weight off all of that.
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>> the way one tree in california disappeared from the skyline, that has got neighbors in one town thankful they're all okay. this is what's left of 100-foot tree. pieces strewn all about the neighborhood, like big old toothpicks. so what happened? >> it exploded, dog woke her up, to go out and once outside saw lightning, then heard huge explosion, wood went flying. but the homeowner said thank goodness she was outside, because one of the pieces of the tree went right through her bedroom window, landed on her bed. >> i also feel very lucky. that i am alive. >> because puppy won't -- flew beyond her yard, neighbors had lotion as long as 8 feet fly into there. >> school bus engulfed in smoke, drives down the street, more than dozen student on that bus. just happened to see it. help get the kids off safely. >> local woman attacked and
10:41 pm
raped, feet from her home. changed everything. what inside to help her catch the woman in your life from preditors.
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10:44 pm
>> individual joe going viral tonight, cost this mcdonald's employee his job. he lures homeless man to the drive-thru window with the promise of food then just throws cup of water on him, in detroit. customer waiting at the window is rolling and says that homeless man was already with a customer earlier in the day, and the employee did this as pay back. well, tonight the franchise owner says that employee is fired. >> local woman wants women to live their lives boldly without fear. that is the motto of the company she start today launch a product she hopes will help protect women from sexual assault. >> fox 29's shawnette wilson shows us the wearable technology that could help women and girls in your family >> makes like your voice isn't
10:45 pm
enough. >> hunting -- haunting memories of date gone wrong. this one woman says at the end of the night, just as she was about to get out of the car, the guy she was with raped her. >> i felt defenseless, like there was no way that coy get out of the situation because even though i said no, it still happened to me. >> we're concealing her identity because she is still dealing with what happened. >> the victim says at the time she was a college student, in her 20's. it was late night, but even worse, she says, it happened right in front of her off-campus apartment. and not far from emergency help. >> i was in close proximity to a police station, i'm in close proximity to a fire department that's down the street, like my roommate was right inside of the house. if i could have just done something. >> trapped and assaulted inside a car on a quiet night. the victim said she had nothing to protect her.
10:46 pm
>> i thought guns, tasers, maps, all of those things, but those things are scary to me. i felt like when you have those things, they can harm you. and usually by the time you get to those event you're nervous. >> the viacheslav tim said after the attack she realized she needed something to protect herself if this ever happened again. she found that something of interest when she met a business woman in women's advocate at take-back the night event on her college campus. >> information center we are. >> a social impact, all about diminishing attacks against women. using wearable technology, education. >> jasmine, the ceo of company called roar for good base in the university sit. >> i mid your life boldly without fear. there are no restrictions to what you can do, that our goal one day is that women don't have to think of these things when they go outside.
10:47 pm
>> yasmine co-founder anthony gold created self-defense device disguised as fashionable jewelry. >> press the button, light comes on it, does that. >> it is called at tina. >> at tina our first line of jewelry, what we are calling it, it is named after the greek goddess of courage and freedom. we thought was very appropriate. >> it is the charm that will have changeable pieces that can be worn as a necklace, or clipped onto your clothing, a belt, bag or key chain. it is alarm but also has a silent option. both will activate a mobile phone app that comes along with it. and will send messages to an emergency contact list you set up if you feel threatened or unsafe. >> and sends europe location to your friends and family, also working on a way to also call 911. >> the idea was born when yasmine returned from a six month solo trek across south america a few years ago. it was eye-opening. she said she met lots of different women, all with one thing in common. >> i kept hearing from women
10:48 pm
about times they had been assaulted. and it was just a recurring thing that kept happening. again and again. no matter where i was. >> then, an epiphany. after returning home to philadelphia to disturbing news in her neighborhood. >> there was a really a rape a block, a woman out feeding her heater with she was grabbed from behind, dragged into an alley, severely beaten and sexually assaulted. and when i read the news story the next day, the idea was born. i knew i wanted to do something about it. >> it happened a block away from where yays lynn was staying. >> i met her while covering a community air wear necessary meeting. yasmine told me then about her desire to do something, create alternative to existing self-defense devices like pepper spray and rape whistles. >> what's wrong with them? >> you won't be attacked when they're right there in your hand. you have to pull them out of your pocket, out of your purse. >> society first idea was taking self-defense tools,
10:49 pm
making them wearable. >> a year later, yasmine and anthony are testing out their inch zone sean with on line pre sales through the end of this month. before sending it do you have manufacturing. >> women in urban environment, runners, real estate agent, anybody doing something in a environment where they might be concerned about their situation, and they like to have immediate access to their friends, or to the authorities. >> along with the device, anthony says, they want to educate men, too. he says, sexual assaults are a society al issue, not a women's issue. >> we didn't want to just put a bands ate on the problem. >> the idea for everyone of the devices we sell, taking percent of the proceeds, investing them in non-profit, teaching young boys and young girls about empathy, about respect, about healthy relationships. >> she feels the at tina device would have helped her
10:50 pm
more than pepper spray, which she had, but never really carried with her. >> it handled it without you ever having to reach for anything, you know, in someone's face. so automatically, regardless if they retaliate, if they hit you, harm you, help is already on the way. >> shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news". for more information on roar for good, the device or to pre order help to our website look under seen on tv. >> flames and smoke getting the attention of police officers on a georgia highway. >> turns out what they saw coming from the back after school bus, was all of that, dash cam video shows us just how much smoke poured out of the tail pipe. police say it was enough to cause problems for other drivers on the road. officers say the drivers pulled over after finding the safe place to stop. everyone inside was just fine, cops were there to see the student off the bus safely. the students on their way to a debate competition, and with no way to get there, milton police officers stepped in and drove them the rest of the
10:51 pm
way. >> here's how a a howard with a look at what's coming up in sports. >> eagles sure do know they have to be careful after that big win against the cowboys, but will be without one of their better players on defense, we'll hear from the eagles. flyers have another one of those nights where it was a struggle to put the puck in the net. i'll show you the issues against the last place colorado avalanch coming up in sports. >> is this the most notorious mcdonald's in the worlds. >> mcdonald's is constantly full of drugs. >> some say haven for junk east, criminals, and tourists. >> the dark truth. >> the selling of drugs, the selling of dope, the selling of heroin. >> tonight at midnight on fox 29. [door knocking]
10:52 pm
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oh, those flyers, having problems scoring goals. with that, although they won the last game, that's only one win in their last seven games. now, tonight they play colorado, last in their division. and the avalanch have lost eight of ten, let's go to the wells fargo center mount 57 seconds into the game. would you believe this? jerome scores between the pipes, and the gold tender, not good. one-nothing after 57 seconds. all right, start of the second period. twenty-five seconds into the period. mark matthew shane, colorado wins it four-nothing, the boys not happy. they had a hard time with the
10:55 pm
outcome of this one. >> we didn't play well at all. i mean, we didn't play our game and i mean they were all over us. >> the eagles, they won a game against dallas, lost line back err jordan hicks for the season. today the eagles were back at practice, but jason peters and malcolm jenkins did not practice, peters still has back issues, jenkins told me he'll be fine. but hicks was playing great in his rookie season with the eagles. suffered torn pectoral tendon, it happened on the play late in the fourth quarter. just trying to make attack he will. but the coaches and the players always say move on from the injuries. >> it is a shame, only made it halfway through the season, but in the nfl, it is a bad part whatever we deal with, jordan will get everything fixed then we will move on, we're back to the guys that we originally started with, and they go day-to-day. it is a shame for jordan because he really was coming along strong, i think he would
10:56 pm
have been a rookie of the year candidate without question. >> college football playoff rankings came out tonight. no surprise at number one with clemson, i think the best team in the country followed by alabama, ohio state three, and the committee dying to get notre dame in the playoffs, all about money and advertisers with the ncaa the frauds they are. notre dame beat only one top, 25 team, that was temple, and another domestic violence arrest, by pro athlete. colorado rocky shortstop jose reyes arrested for allegedly choking his wife, i have to say allegedly, and throwing her up against a sliding glass door. the arrest took place in hawaii when he and his wife were on vacation halloween night. these players just don't get it. major league baseball is investigating. >> and buffalo head coach rex ryan always looking foray tension, came out with his news conference today with a clemson helmet on, actually may look bert they are way. by the way his son plays for clemson. has to win games all the way all every these shenanagans
10:57 pm
won't care. >> full hour of entertainment news coming up next. "tmz" followed by dish nation. then it is chasing news and the simpsons' back here at 4:00 a.m. with good day philadelphia. sue serio, bob kelly, have got you covered all morning long. >> your mega millions lottery numbers are next. just press clean and let roomba help with your everyday messes.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so some guys minding their own business in vegas, at a 24-hour fitness in a sauna and r. kelly walks in and serenades them. >> ♪ my body's telling me yes >> oh, my gosh, are you r. kelly? >> i'm in a sauna and a guy comes in singing "bump and grind." [laughter] gary: azealia banks is at the center of an lapd assault investigation after allegedly jumping a security guard at a club. we got security footage from break room 86. azealia and her friends turn on the security guard and beat the crap out of him. kim: break room 86, the bouncers are -- gary: you'll love this video,


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