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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 13, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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good morning, 4:00 o'clock a white house secret service officer a accuse of sexting on the job with the person that he thought was a teen from delaware what prosecutors admitted to when he was arrested. plus a judge rules in favor of the jerry sandusky in his attempt to get an appeal. what the judge told prosecutors to at least hand over. education should be free. >> that is chants, as, free college, is just one of the things college students across the the country are demanding, why they stormed the streets, good day, everyone it is friday, november 13th, 2015. thanks so much for being with us.
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i'm chris murphy. lauren dawn johnson presumably sleeping in having a a three day weekend, sue serio, good morning. >> what did you say, friday the the 13th. >> you are right. >> yeah. >> are you superstitious. >> yeah, i am kind of superstitious, i would never open an umbrella a indoors, that kind of stuff. >> i broke a mirror here on this set, a couple of weeks ago. >> i remember that. >> so i'm screwed for the next seven years is that right. >> yes, that is it. >> he is a lost cause but maybe you will be okay. here's a look what is going on. we got rid of the rain yesterday a as predicted. it was out of here early. cold front is off shore. the rain you see here around lake erie and into the the the central part of the pennsylvania, that is what we call lake effect rain because colder wind will bring moisture across the lakes at least it is lake effect rain. we could before the morning is through see rain drops in the pocono mountains but otherwise
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we are just mostly cloudy skies, cloudy further north you go. because of the clouds we didn't get quite as cold yet as we thought we would. 52 degrees. 10 miles an hour wind out of the west southwest. 10 miles visibility ace 64:00 three is your sunrise time. we have temperatures in the 50's every where this morning. we have 46 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-five in trenton. fifty-four in reading. fifty atlantic city. fifty-one in wilmington. these temperatures will go down before sunrise, of course, and then we're watching today. i mentioned this yesterday the bigger head line over the rain that we had yesterday which wasn't much is the wind and we have had wind 18 miles an hour in mount pocono, 10 miles an hour in philadelphia, 10 miles an hour in wildwood. those are sustain. we have gusts higher then that. it will be a windy day. 56 degrees is our high temperature but will feel chillier then that. 39 degrees tonight as we have mostly clear skies and gets colder tomorrow. we will talk about that coming up in the seven day forecast,
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and bob kelly, i know you remember the the book winnie the pooh and blustery day. >> you will feel it coming over the bridge, maybe that wind could eventually lead to some delays at philly international today but hopefully, it cleans all of the leaves off of my lawn on to the neighbor's lawn. live look at i-95 where we have been working all night long pulling a lionel richie between vine expressway and girard. they had 15 minute stoppages overnight. they are gone. we are ready to go and we are ready for a morning rush hour no problems on i-95 in or out of the city. vine street expressway, however, still closed in both directions between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. so there is no traffic on coming in either direction. you know the drill. you get off at spring garden, 30th, or south street coming off of i-95 you can use vine street local and they are good at being out of there at 5:30. bennie looking good. northeast philadelphia, early
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morning fatal accident, police still on the scene, torresdale and long shore there, in northeast philadelphia a. your travel times come in from new jersey no problems on the freeway, pennsylvania turnpike, looking good, from philly over to valley forge, work crew in the a area have the of the fort washington so look out there for lane restrictions. they will work later today on 422, both directions, between oaks and trooper. if you are coming in or out of the king of prussia area, 9:00 . it will go down to one lane out there on 422. otherwise mass transit looking g back over to you. you made mention to this accounts let go back to northeast philadelphia where police are investigating that deadly accident in the tacony section. this happened before 2:00 this morning at the intersection of the long shore and torresdale avenues. police say a would map was hit by a car. she later died at the hospital. the the driver stayed at the scene until police got there. in word if she will face charges. a white house secret service member will appear in
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court today facing charges of sexting, whom he thought was a delaware teenager. lee robert moore turn himself into police monday. the the 37 year-old had been unknowingly chatting with a delaware state police officer who was posing as a 14 year-old girl. court documents show on line exchange lasted several months and some took place while moore was on duty at the the white house. prosecutors say that he admitted to those allegations. >> they have seen people get terminated from their position all the way up to the head of the secret service and it is still not doing anything to them. i think that what needs to happies a little better, screening process. >> the incident comes after series of high profile issues from the secret service. you'll remember in march 2 top agents were accused of drinking and driving on the job. there has been several incidents of the intruders making it over the white house fence. another student was arrested in the school sexting
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scandal in the tredyffrin easttown school district. dave has more on this. good morning. >> reporter: chris, good morning to you. investigators are calling this a modern case of bullying and broken hearts in the cyber tech age right now. we're here at the the tredyffrin easttown middle school, one of the top school districts in the state, chester countyes d.a.'s office revealing more details about this case that developed last spring in the tredyffrin easttown school district with the 13 year-old girl being convinced by her then boyfriend to send him sexting pictures only to have that boy send those pictures to his friend after they broke up. d.a. tom hogan say they even harassed her on social media and school, isolating her and making fun of her. investigators say one of the boys actually took a picture of two adults and having sex and posted this girl's face the on the picture and sent it around the school and on line. d.a. says in short they made her life a living hell.
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>> one of those male friends then do, they then push them out to the entire world and now these pictures are out every where. >> it is shock to go me that these kids don't have any sense of how permanent the internet is and they don't realize when they put something out there, it just never goes a away. >> reporter: case prompted tredyffrin township police department to investigate and join with the tredyffrin easttown school district and in asking parents to machine for what children do on line and on their cell phones. the investigators said last week one of the students, one of the young suspects in this case allegedly hid some of these sensitive pictures on a cloud away from their smart phone device so they could not be traced but investigators were able to get to them anyway. back to you. >> something investigators might know but parents certainly wouldn't. 4:07. police announced an award in the september stabbing death of the man a at a septa a bus
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stop in center city. steve keeley is live on this one in center city. hi steve. >> reporter: this was the thursday morning before the pope arrives but middle of the world meeting of families, right outside the convention center on broad street, right inside the daylight. lets go to the video put out yesterday. this is from the septa surveillance system which is great at finding people and our viewers are great at finding them and calling in tips once they see this surveillance this man, now here is the key to the surveillance video, he gets on the broad street subway at tasker and morris stations. so if you get on there every day, be on the look out for this guy. the notice blue backpack and homicide detectives, the the thing that stand out about this guy is he has a protruding lower lip. that day you see him in the tan pants and blue jacket but that blue backpack and what looks like a grocery bag. he may be a homeless man but he may live in that area he took the the subway that morning and got off at the
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race and vine station and then this happened at a bus stop at broad and arch right outside the new doors of the convention center there. right before 7:00 a.m. and in the morning rush. so be on the look out for this guy. if you recognize him or you think you do call in a tip because, in the only will you help get a murderer off the streets who is still walking around with the knife and has no problems stabbing people in the chest you'll get a $20,000 reward. the man that he killed, chris, 47 year-old father of two and sadly that morning on his way to a job interview in center city. >> that is really sad. all right, steve, thank you. 4:09. the list of the troubles just got longer for pennsylvania's attorney general, state prosecutors and investigators are now suing kathleen kane in federal court. they say that she's a abused her office to wage a political feud over high profile investigations. lawsuit filed against kane also names philadelphia daily news and a reporter as
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defendants over articles written about the the dispute. two of the people suing worked as prosecutors in kane's office before her election three years ago. the two others were investigators in the ag's office. the suit accused kane of intimidation, retaliation and attempted black mail. kane spokesmen says that she hasn't reviewed the lawsuit but will vigorously defend her have self. so far no comment from the newspaper. pennsylvania judge has handed a partial victory to convicted sex offender jerry sandusky as he peruses an appeal. yesterday the judge ordered prosecutors to turn over any documents that they have about him about deals between sandusky's victims and their civil lawyers. he want any book contracts, speaking fee deals or other materials that will show whether the the victims that testified begins the form's penn state the assistant football coach had an incentive to do so. judge did reject sandusky's other request including the power to subpoena people as part of his appeal. sandusky's attorney says he is
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gratified by judge's decision and we will wait to see what comes out of it. attorney general's office said it will review and respond accordingly. students across the the country, hit the streets to demand free college but that is not all, what else they say, needs to be done for better future. plus an alleged mob boss accused in the famous 1978 lufthansa heist is acquitted, hear why vincent nazario got off scott free.
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i will miss you by rolling stones. so i was so disappointed when i woke up this morning and saw first thing on my phonies that lauren called in sick today, sue. so i miss her. >> there is stuff going around. we have to take care have of yourself. you feel better. >> all right, pay back. >> all right. >> weekend weather, sue serio. >> it will not rainy can will tell thaw. what to expect, actually this morning, clearing skies, and winds, gusting, up to 30 miles an hour and later on this a afternoon we can see 40-mile an hour wind gusts, temperatures, some of them will fall in the 40's before sunrise, so yes, this winds of change, westerly wind, bringing us those wind gust that is we just told you about. we're transitioning into a
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chillier weather pattern but just for the the weekend, wait until you see seven day forecast, right now, nothing to show you on ultimate doppler. we have to go out to the western part of the state to see any precipitation and that is because of the chillier winds blowing across lake erie, just bring some lake effect rain to the western part of the state. that is rain. when you hear those word lake effect you hear another word after that but that is not happening today. these are temperatures right now. some will go down before they go up these temperatures. fifty-two in philadelphia a. fifty-four al-zawahiri even town and reading. fifty-three in lancaster. fifty-five in trenton. fifty in atlantic city. fifty-one in wilmington. these are sustained wind speeds, 10 miles an hour in philadelphia, 18 miles an hour in mount pocono. ten in wildwood, eight in wilmington. these are wind gusts that we're talking about. we have 33-mile an hour wind gust in mount pocono and that is making it feel chillier then it is. wind gusts in the 20 miles an
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hour range to the north of us and we will probably see all of those wind gusts pick up, after sunrise, this morning. 61 degrees was our high yesterday. we got mid take rain as predicted, today dry, and temperatures in the mid 50's. sunny and windy as we justiced. it will be autumn chill tomorrow because it will be breezy, our high temperature only 51 degrees, wind will make it feel chillier, frosty start on sunday with temps in the 30's but nice recovery in the afternoon with temperature close to 60 degrees. sunshine will do its job for short time it is out on sunday. don't forget that sun screen as the eagles game because even when it is cold you could get a sunburn. >> that happens to me. where was i? i was just out over weekend. >> were you watching the game. >> he must have been drinking, he already forgot. >> i forgot where i was. it is friday, good morning,
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everybody. 4:16. let's reset the clock and we will go for a fly here on the vine street expressway still closed between schuylkill and broad street, in both directions, until about 5:30. here's a live look crews working on the overnight they are good at getting out of of there by 5:30. they are working on the ramps a at bucks county this is street road, the the on and off ramps for i-95, so if you are getting out early this morning just watch for lane restrictions they have been repaving those ramps last couple nights. downtown we will go on the roosevelt boulevard coming into center city in problems from the north east heading down through the the schuylkill expressway. if you use mass transit septa kicks in a new schedule on its lansdale doylestown line. this is a busiest line for regional rail systems. a new schedule starts sunday. so today grab a new schedule so you are good for monday morning's rush hour. northeast philadelphia a, an accident torresdale at
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longshore police are on the scene. as sue mentioned with the winds kicking up today that could lead to some delays at philly international. keep that in mine heading down to the airport this morning. new to this morning the the the pentagon confirmed, the u.s. launched air strike in syria targeting notorious isis militant jihad john mow i'm emwazi who participated in the videos of two american journalist and slayings of several other captives. drone reportedly targeted a vehicle jihad john was believed to be targeted in. it was unclear if he was killed in that strike. university of missouri named a new internal president, mike middleton graduated from the school in 1968 and has work there for more than three decades. he has served as a professor as well as administrator, on monday the university president tim wolf, stepped down, students protesting that he was not doing enough to combat race cyst many on campus. college students are making their voices heard as
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patricia starks reports they are demanding free tuition and forgiveness of student loans. >> education should be free. >> reporter: college students across the the united states taking to the streets to demand free tuition and cancellation of the student loans. known as the million student march the demonstrations taking place at schools from coast to coast. >> because of our schools the raising tuition rates and extreme student debt many work class students do not have a access to the education. education should be free as should housing should be free or be assisted. >> reporter: organizers of the rallies are calling on the wealthiest people in the u.s. to pay for the cost of a college education. >> it is about time we demand something this drastic because if we ask for crumbs we will never get a piece of the the pie. >> 1 percent of people in society who are hording the wealth and really sort of causing a cat trove that i students are facing. we have a relationship right now where 1 percent of the
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population owns more wealth then the 99 percent combined. >> reporter: according to the u.s. consumer financial protection bureau, the the totallal volume of outstanding u.s. consume are debt has doubled from $1.2 trillion in the last decade. but some experts say that is not the real issue. >> to get a degree in sociology or women's studies you will not be able to pay off a hundred thousand dollars loan you took out to go to college in the first place. >> you have to go to the college and afford. if you are a genius use economic grants, academic grants you go do it. that is logical situation. >> reporter: marches targeting cost of college were scheduled before student protests, erupted at mizzou and yale over racial issues. patricia starks, "fox news". 4:20 is at time. the alleged mobster accused in the heist that inspired good fell as was found not guilty in the 1978 lufthansa heist. lufthansa robbery netted crooks six million-dollar in cash and jewels. eighty year-old vincent nazario has been charged with
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racketeering, jury deliberated since tuesday before announcing their decision wednesday. nazario says he was shock by the the not guilty verdict. >> i just want to repeat, i'd like to say with my two lawyers without them i wouldn't be here. i would like to thank the the u.s. marshals service for treating me great. >> he believed the jurors found him not guilty because prosecution's case was quote overkill. the defense accused prosecutors of relying on paid informants including one of the nazario's cousins saying witnesses were only testifying to escape long prison terms for their own crimes. attorneys for former subway spokesmen jared fogle are asking for leniency as's weights sentencing next week. fogle will pleaded guilty to child porn and sex crime charges. defense is asking for five-year prison term while prosecutors requested 12 and a half years. however federal judges have a wide discretion here. he could get upwards of 20 years or more. fogle agreed to pay hundred thousand dollars to each of his 14 victims.
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eagle malcolm jenkins set to get back on the field after suffering a concussion from last weeks game. why he says he wait todd tell doctors about his conditions. plus bills and jets in the field in the green and red jerseys last night the but find out why this sight has been torture for some people around the country.
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. flyers have won only once in the last ten games and steve mason was back in goal last night verse washington. let's go to the wells fargo center. tied at two in the second. justin williams do you remember him. he played for kings, washington and now he scores three-two. with the fight, didn't make any difference. flyers lose the the fight and the game five-two. malcolm jenkins, admits he got a concussion on a play in the second quarter on the tackle of dallas running back darren mcfadden. procedure is player would be check before reentering the the game but jenkins never told anyone. i like a player hoist tough but in the case of the concussion he has to tell the doctors. >> i have never had a concussion before but i figured this is one of them, but, you know, i kind of of
4:26 am
made my own decision to keep it to myself, which probably wasn't a smart decision but luckily nothing really happened from it. >> he will play sunday against miami. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> he is tough and great guy meeting him in the studio, a couple weeks ago with the bow tie event preview. 4:26. small percentage of the population was going nuts watching the the bills/jets game last night. so the bills were wore all red jerseys for the the first time in franchise history while new york they were deck out in the regular green. now for some the game was madness. it had nothing to do with the quality of play because both teams jerseys, naturally look the same if you are color blind. well, that is interesting. see i'm color blind and that was all black and white to me. sports editor explains why with his tweets reading 8 percent of men, about 13 million americans are color brian, usually red and green and 8 percent of the male
4:27 am
population could only tell by the trim of their pants and the bills won that game last night by the game, final score 22-17. red team won. hunt is on foreman exposing himself in delaware, find out where he turned up, twice. plus today marks one month since body of three-year old brendan creato was found in haddon township. now what investigators say a video made by a family member shows.
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victory for a south jersey family after governor allowed weed oil in school but find out what hurdle they are fighting. plus will smith's latest film about concussions in the nfl will soon hit theaters, why it is expect to rock the league, especially in light of what we learned about malcolm jenkins getting a concussion against dallas and staying in the game. good day it is friday november 13th, friday the 13th, sue serio. >> ahh. >> well, you know, sometimes it turns around and it could end up being a lucky day, just don't know because it is only 4:30 in the morning, anything could happen today. lets hope it is good. we are looking a at, rain in the middle of the state here, this is colder air that has moved in and caused
4:31 am
precipitation off lake erie stretching down to the center as we said of the state around williams port. it chance of rain in mount pocono or other areas today but we do not have rain in our forecast for philadelphia 52 degrees. 10-mile an hour wind. sunrise 6:43 and we will see sunshine today. enough included that it didn't get too cold last night, 54 degrees in will allentown and pottstown, we have, 50 in atlantic city 567891 in wilmington. fifty-five in wildwood. wind are the story today, 17 miles an hour in allentown that sustained wind 18 miles an hour in mount pocono, we have 8 miles an hour wind in wildwood and higher gusts which we will will show you later. our high temperature today 56 degrees, with wind gusting as high as 30 or 40 miles an hour, but it will be a mix of sun and clouds all day. so if you just saw on twitter i found cover of the audio book of the winnie the poo
4:32 am
theh and blustery day. there is your forecast, 39 degrees tonight. bob kill which these wind if it is trash day by end of the the day you might be running down the street looking for your trash day. >> i hope that new trash can that my neighbor got blows my way. >> the good one. >> it is an upgrade day. good morning. 4:32. crews have their long johns on the the vine expressway, shut down between broad street and schuylkill expressway. maybe another hour or so but so far we have had light volume this morning. forty-two, no problems at all coming in toward the city, leaves will be blowing all around, yes, trash collection day, some boxes or some trash can lid out there this morning. germantown pike at trooper road watch for an accident, police outside on the scene. northeast philadelphia an overnight crash fatal accident torresdale and long shore with police still on the scene. and then 95 crews repaving on and off ramps here at street road. so maybe another half an hour
4:33 am
with the delay there. if you are heading down to the airport today after 9:00 o'clock heads up southbound i-95 they will be doing bridge inspections from 9:00 to 3:00 on that girard point double decker bridge, that will throw april extra 15 minutes on your trip and if you are heading to the airport with the wind about to kick up we could see some delays at philly international. chris, back over to you. police announced a reward in the september stabbing death of the man at a septa bus stop in center city. steve keeley live outside with the very latest on this case, steve, good morning. >> reporter: chris, lets go right to the surveillance video that was put out just before 3:00 p.m. yesterday, and because it was just found on the septa surveillance system, from witness descriptions and it was found far from the murder scene at broad and arch and even where the killer got off broad street subway at arch and vine. police hope our viewers who get on the subway at the tasker morris station where
4:34 am
this man with the knife got on, the the thursday morning before the pope arrived, september 24th, right where the world meeting of families and right outside the convention center where the meeting was taking place is where murder happened right before 7:00 a a.m. that thursday morning. this man detectives point out in their video and they even put it in their video had a noticeable protruding lower lip. so no matter if he change out of these clothes obviously since then look for a protruding lower lip. he may be home less but he also may live in that neighborhood around the tasker morris station where he got on the subway, rode it into center city and got off right next to center city and city hall and that is where he got in the confrontation with the 47 year-old father of two in line outside of a building, waiting to apply for a job and an altercation happened and 47 year old father of two
4:35 am
witnesses say was just trying to break up a fight between a killer and woman that morning. he steps in, tried to do the the good samaritan deal and he end up if thing stabbed and killed himself. so police are hoping that somebody out there recognized this man, calls in a tip because this guy is still out there, still walking around with a knife and if a little thing sets him off he could kill again if not caught real soon, chris. >> boy, that is scary. steve keeley live with the report and that warning. also at 4:35 today marks one month since k-9 team found body of the lit 38 year-old brendan creato in haddon township. brendan was found in the wood near his father's home just hours after his dad bj reported him missing and police are still no closer to finding out how the kid died. there have have been published reports that a grand jury investigation is underway and a video a maid by brendan's aunt has surface that had shows a movie trailer about the death of the young boy,
4:36 am
played by brendan. the family says it was just a school project. >> it is a red harring and waste of time to focus on that. it is an uncanny coincidence that is the the book that was chosen. >> so as for the case itself brendan's 20 year-old aunt testified in court monday. the family says the the fear of a lack of answers is pressuring police to make an arrest, we will keep an eye on that story for you. residents on edge as police are searching for a man exposing himself. evidently this is what is going on where both incidents happened at the same apartment complex in new castle delaware. young woman lives in the first floor apartment with her father claims, the suspect, first exposed himself on her patio two weeks ago this weeks was back touching himself on the porch. the victim is warning her neighbors to be careful. >> i said don't go out at night i got a little dog but he can wait until morning. >> police are urging residents
4:37 am
to make sure their doors are locked and if they see anything sus fish us or anyone sus fish to us call 911. a victory for south jersey family their daughter will be allowed to use medical marijuana, inside school. why the the battle is not yet over. plus mayor nutter and mayor-elect kenney, come together, hear what they say is for a better future in philadelphia marry electric. >> testing.
4:38 am
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more bad news from bill cosby, drexel university is revoking honorary degree given to cosby in 1992. the university's president a says misconduct revealed in cosby's sworn deposition does not coincide with drexel a's values. cosby has been a target of the sexual al-zawahirigations of dozens of women now. he has acknowledged he obtain quaaludes with the intent to give them to with men before sex. south jersey family celebrating a being very try, for more than a year they have for the their daughter's school so she could use medical marijuana awhile on campus and now they have finally been given the okay. sixteen year-old jane, has epilepsy and autism and now after year of legal battles governor chris christie approved use the of medical mar yawn a a in schools statewide. in this school, in bellmawr, immediately adopted a policy to a approve the use of of that drug on school ground but
4:41 am
family is still fight to go get nurse to administer the the drugs so jenny's mom does not have to be present at the school each and every day. barbers say medical marijuana has had an unbelievable effect on their daughter. >> it is a different light because jenny is a different person. we are getting to know her for the first time. she talks in three word sentences, i love momma. >> the barber's say fight to have a nurse to administer medical mar juan ace not only about their daughter but other children as well. philadelphia mayor michael nutter and mayor-elect jim kenney came together to talk about the future of the city. yesterday mayor nutter received a award from the committee of 70 for his work on transparency as mayor. a at that event both mayor nutter and mayor-elect kenney spoke about the future of philadelphia's voting and the cities poverty rates. >> the most important in the future when i have a little bit more free time next year. would i like to figure out how
4:42 am
to we can make a real campaign about citizenship and responsibility in the first place. >> i continue to work to continue the work of the mayor nutter administration but lie forward to work nothing areas when it comes to poverty in our city, education, incarceration, to make a living wage to raise a family. >> good a accousticness that room. committee of 70 is a machine none partisan government watch dog group in philadelphia a that works to achieve clean, effective government. fair elections and to inform citizens. will smith's latest film concussion will soon hit theaters and promising to rock the nfl, coming up, see new research that has been raising a a new concern about head injuries in sports. plus what a new report says about police involved shooting of tamer wright in cleveland who is saying police were justified in their reactions.
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watching ben franklin parkway with philadelphian will smith, sue serio, you are a busy lady. >> well, i went out for an excellent reason. it was a gala a a to benefit the delaware county veterans memorial. we had 550 people at springfield country club last night and they honored some
4:46 am
amazing people who have have have served our country. i was proud and honor to be the em see of the event last night, it was great, look, we have guys from the veil forge military academy come in. this is how we began the evening and then color guard moved into end the evening as well. it was, meaningful, it was solemn, people laughed, and most importantly we honored people served our country, and you see them standing rate there, so many of them last night, it was great. it was great. if you get a chance when riding along route three in newtown square, you cannot miss it. gorgeous, the monument, pull in, park, they have a parking lot and reflect because it is, breathtaking, the delaware county veterans memorial. look it up. we were proud to raise a lot of money to keep it going. now what to expect this morning. skies will be clearing up. we still have stubborn clouds around from yesterday and wind will be picking up as well especially after sunrise.
4:47 am
we have temperatures that will feel, feel, like they are in the 40's, this morning. here's our satellite and radar picture. in precipitation in our area but we are seeing lake effect rain believe it or not that is in moving into the central part of the state, not expected to rain here, at all, in the through the weekend or anything, but let me show what you will happen here in the future cast, as we get into friday afternoon and friday evening, if your travels are taking you out toward pittsburgh, erie, maybe western new york, there will be some snow tonight, there not here. i thought that was interesting to note but by saturday afternoon it is all gone and it will be chilly and dry. we have temperatures that are in the 50/50's to the north of us, reading, pottstown, 53 in lancaster. fifty-two in the city. fifty-five in wildwood. so the headline is the wind, today, 10 miles an hour sustained in philadelphia, higher to the north of us,
4:48 am
10 miles an hour in millville, 8 miles an hour in atlantic city, 33-mile an hour wind gustness mount pocono right now. so yesterday we have managed to get to 61 degrees with that midday rain, today in rain and chillier temperatures. 56 degrees, the wind makes it feel chillier. this is coldest day for a while, autumn chill, 51 degrees but it will feel like it is in the 40's. we will definitely need to layer it up, bob kelly has some soccer plans, viewing a soccer game, and it will be cold. better when you go to the eagles game on sunday, temperatures in the upper 50's and then warming trend in the middle of next week. through go bob kelly. >> little bit of everything there sueby. 4:48. ten minutes before 5:00 o'clock. here's a live look at route 23 at hallow road in conshohocken, an example oven though leaves may have been blown off the roadway they are here off to the right. just watch yourself, the wind will probably knock them all
4:49 am
off the trees before the day, it is over and give you something to do this weekend. stenton and joshua road down tree at an intersection and that is something we have to keep an eye out too as wind rolls in later on. any of those trees that may be loose from that rain we had that loosened up the soil could be tipping over on us. accident at germantown pike at trooper road, accident in the north east at torresdale and long shore and then i-95 throughout the weekend, crews will be working on the princeton avenue on and off ramps, up here in northeast philadelphia, so be prepared for that through the weekend. if you use septa a's lansdale doylestown line a new schedule starts on sunday, so make sure you grab a new timetable today so you good are to go for monday morning's rush hour, and catching the trains on time. excuse me. possible delays at philly international, because of the wind gusts, they will kick up in the just here but in other cities and then, of course, it will have a come minute necessity effect. the eastbound schuylkill
4:50 am
looking good. no problems on the turnpike. we are looking good on mass transit. we have to see will smith's new film concussion. it looks at the concerns of the connection between football, concussions, and most importantly, brain damage. fox's doctor mark segal says new research is raising more questions. >> head trauma. >> reporter: new film concussion will smith plays a pathologist had discover a degenerative brain disease men as chronic, traumatic, cte. >> scientists here, told the story of doctor bennet am alu, it is such a powerful story. >> reporter: film comes as concerns about the connection between football, concussions and brain damage are on the rise. researchers with the department of the veteran affairs and boston university recently found cte in 96 percent of nfl players they have examined and in 79 percent have of all fat ball players. while most doctors agreed that the disease is debilitating,
4:51 am
afflicting football players and others hoff received repeated blows to the head in sports, not all agree the problem is so common. >> one thing we have to keep in context is going from a concussion or a mild traumatic brain injury to some of the longer term effect that is would include cte, you have to keep in mind what appears to be a very low frequency of that developing. >> reporter: wow like to see changes on the grid iron. he suggest a so-called eye in the sky, independent athletic trainers or neuro consultants on both sidelines during games. pro football hall of famer and sports broadcaster harry carson played linebacker for new york giants in the 70's and 80's struggles with his own problems from repeated concussions sustain on the field. said football is a team sport that build character and comradery but he warns parents need to understand what their kid are getting into when they
4:52 am
suit up. >> unfortunately you cannot really make the game safer. you can put all of the sophisticated helmets that you want on players, but again, the helmet protect the skull, it does in the protect the brain. >> reporter: concussions are not always apparent when they happen. experts say if you have a few bad shots in high school can affect your ability to function for the rest of your life. in new york doctor mark segal "fox news". that will smith will come out christmas day. third expert brought in by police to examine the shooting death of the tamer rice said police were justified. tamer wright had a pellet gun when he was shot and killed by a white patrolman in 2014. release of the the latest report comes as a county grand jury there is hearing evidence to determine whether prosecutors should be filed against officer tim this think low man. this latest expert is a retired florida police officer
4:53 am
tamer ease family says his opinion is bias. it may not look like it but guy in this video is in serious trouble what a bartender does next that saves his life.
4:54 am
4:55 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ a bar customer in trouble in will california. all right. you see him getting up, walking around. he is choking on a hamburger but help isn't far away within second that bartender hps the
4:56 am
the bar and started doing heimlich maneuver. it took four tries but the burger finally is dislodged from his throat, thank goodness. it could have turnout worse if that bartender, if you didn't necessity how to do it. if you don't know it, it is good to know, of course. talk about a lucky case in alaska, professional fell 1600 d survived and this morning we have the the video. this a actually happened in april but video just came out. iain mackintosh says he wasn't prepared for the the terrain and shadow in the mountains in southwest a alaska but most of all he should have studied the trail better beforehand. >> i just didn't do my homework, i was in a rush and i saw this line as this trophy, this crown jewel and i really wanted it and i rushed, pushed my press calls that i normally do to stay safe.
4:57 am
lesson learned. >> never rush or push your protocol, people. despite the big fall, mash cash was in the seriously hurt as you look at this. >> believable, how is he able to talk so clearly about this, again, which happened in april. can't take my eyes off it. this time for sexting scandal will in tredyffrin easttown. they used naked pictures to get back at her x. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane facing more legal trouble why she's being sued in federal court. if you struggle you're certainly not alone.
4:58 am
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white house secret service agent accused of sexting on the job with a person he thought was a teen in delaware what prosecutors say he admitted to when a arrested. plus a judge rules in favor of jerry sandusky in an attempt to get an a will peel what that judge told prosecutors to hand over. plus new details on air strikes in syria, who the the military targeted. good day, everybody. it is friday november 13th: it is friday the the 13th, sue? >> are you feeling lucky, punk. >> go ahead, make my day. >> well, we don't have the 13 in our weather by the numbers, but in fact, it is


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