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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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well, france is fighting back. the major operation launched overnight against ice is in syria. they are pounding, rock a a town in northern syria after friday's devastating terror a attacks. french officials and police raiding over 200 locations, right now in and around paris. knocked down and knocked out, a tough loss at home for the eagles, as an easy win slips away. >> that gave stunk. >> a jail break well, for some inmate, dressed in stripes, zebras in west philadelphia a
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during the game. how they got out, how they got caught, and what are they doing now so people are saying maybe those are some of the referees from the game. >> i was at the game. the zoo cam. >> it is monday, november 16th, 2015, we will have lots to get to, what is weather, it is going to be ideal is what it will be. >> in problems from the weather at all. we will go with a nine out of ten. we are continuing to follow this story yesterday when it was a mild afternoon. we are off to a quiet start. mostly in the 40's. the bus stop buddy has a nice warm sweat shirt on, pope eighthly chilly with 48 degrees and 9 miles an hour out of the west southwest. the not excessively windy. maybe big daddy graham got caught in the up draft. sunrise at 6:47. 65 degrees our high temperature today. a mild afternoon. normal high is 56. so, 44 degrees is our overnight low with mostly clear sky. we have seven day forecast
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just ahead, monday morning, bob kelly, how are they doing. >> we have been dealing with a couple issues. big one continues to be overturn tractor trailer that has tied us up here all morning long. here's a live look at northbound lanes of the 42 freeway, coming in towards philadelphia, you can see there is still cones and new jersey dot arrow truck blocking the ramp from 42 to 295. so anyone coming in towards philadelphia, be ready to hit the the brakes but if you are trying to go north on 295 use black horse pike, that will connect you with 295. if you every coming from say swedesboro, paulsboro a area and heading north, it is that same ramp through that funky construction zone there in bellmawr, you will want to stick with the new jersey turnpike. another problem, an accident here north bound lanes of the the blue route, 476, right here at the conshohocken interchange before mid county. a live look downtown here vine street expressway seeing beginning of the morning rush hour and mass transit has no
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delays. mike and alex, back to you. we are following breaking news of the of the frankford section this morning. >> lets get to dave kinchen what happened overnight, what is going on. >> well, this is a home invasion and robbery of some kind what police are telling us in the 2,000 block of bucki theus here in frankford and we have video of police on the scene here. they have been looking through this house behind us or in front of the us looking to the upstairs and downstairs after a woman was shot by one or two masked men who entered the house earlier this morning. that woman was taken to temple university hospital. she's in stable condition right now. we know that something was stole up in this case. we don't know exactly what. we know police are looking for at least two men wearing masks, and a lot of neighbors are pretty shaken up about this. they tell us they heard a big bang but that was bit. we are waiting for more to get
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on the scene here. details have been slow going this morning but latest we know one woman shot in the home invasion and robbery of the 2,000 block of bucki theus street as we come back here live. neighbors say they have not heard anything happening like this before. the family that was attacked here just moved in around halloween, neighbors don't know them too well but this case continues to develop as we bring you latest as we get it. >> boy, just two days after french air jets following up series of ice is sites in syria. air strikes come after terror attacks on friday as you well know by now. french official assay a air strikes destroyed a training camp, recruitment the center and ammunition storage base for isis. the isis claims those sites were already abandoned but that has yet to be confirmed.
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hard to listen to, that is what it sounded like inside the bataclan theater when terrorist started shooting concert goers. overnight french police have rated more than 150 locations, france prime minister saying quote that we are at war. meanwhile presidents barack obama has extended his support. >> we stand in solidarity with them in hunting down the perpetrators of this crime and bringing them to justice. >> french officials now say three teams of suspects have carried out, six separate attacks. it was very coordinated. tributes to paris and victims pouring in a a across the world including right here in philadelphia. >> ♪ >> the french national anthem before yesterday's performance at the the kimmel center. meanwhile parents, students, teachers gather for a vigil at
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french international school in bala cynwyd. vigil and remembrances taking place all across u.s. in the wakes of the the friday deadly attacks in paris. hundreds made their way to the french consul in atlanta for a moment of silence, followed by the french national anthem. residents of pittsburgh rallied for a rally of solidarity with the people of france n san francisco, a sister city of paris, mourners gathered in city hall for a day of remembrance. president obama has ordered flags on all governmental buildings and embassies to be flown at half staff until thursday, guys. >> president in turkey, the g20 summit. >> meeting with vladamire putin. >> yes. >> would be person, of course, missing there and that is the head of the france. 6:06. a wild search foresee bras turning heads in west philadelphia how animals got there in the first place. >> zebras on the lose. and rhonda routed, one of the biggest upsets in ufc
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history, this is painful to watch. what they are saying about her loss this morning and why lady gaga is jumping in saying she deserves to lose. >> lady gaga. >> i have to admit he is a very attractive man and he will be on "good day philadelphia". >> yes, hot british guy with an accent you know him from the hit show revenge, barry sloan, is stopping by good day this morning. >> why are we promoting him three hours before his appearance. >> because we are that excited about the fact that he is coming do you see him there. >> the the guy with the beard. >> one that is talking. >> not him. >> not him. >> his profile. >> we will just talk to him i have no idea who this guy is. >> i do though. >> of course, do. >> help us out with the project. the send us your best and most bizarre tweets that you want him to read live on the air, something you can read on air because we want to see if the british can make anything sound sexy. use the the hashtag fox 29
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good day.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ a couple buildings of the the red, white and blue not of the you had, but france, paying tribute to the people of the france. it is monday morning. >> investigators are trying to figure out who shot four people in the east germantown neighborhood. it happened just before 8:00 on the 1100 block of east woodlawn street. police say four men were all
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shot once. three are in stable condition, and a 15 year-old is in critical condition at einstein medical center. police did not find a weapon and they are not sure of the motive just yet. lets get back to the zebras from yesterday. >> police are trying to figure out how zebras ended up running down streets of the west philadelphia yesterday afternoon. >> all right. they escaped from a gate just before one of the final shows of the universe soul circus, universe soul circus, outside of the man enter for the the performing arts. several people caught the zebras on the run and took videos and snapped pictures. the the circus has been in town for three weeks and wrapped up performances last night the but zebras on the loose caught people by surprise. >> we were buying tickets and we heard boom, we turned around and zebras running out and seven people chasing zebras. they didn't catch it at all. >> they were safely carol yesterday afternoon. the pet a, which is, against
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the the use of animal at this issuing is us, is asking that the department of agriculture to investigate, this case. a lot of people were tweeting bit, saying it is a a game of jumanji. >> and bringing up referees at the game because it was all happening during that stinking game. what a stinking, stupid, okay. >> we are not talk about it right now. looking to light up in the garden state. big push for recreational marijuana use in new jersey. >> zebras took off as soon as sanchez threw that interception. southbound i-95, good morning, crews working nothing south philadelphia today near broad and packer so keep that in mind heading down to the airport. we will have update on the overturn tractor trail other the freeway. you know what gotham is a big hit on fox, it is on again tonight, so to celebrate the big hit we will give away whoever board.
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>> what? >> now this is an update we are giving away two of them, is that true. >> no, just one. >> what? >> okay. you have to watch gotham tonight at 8:00. >> then you get a chance to win by logging on to fox 29 good to a announce the winner tomorrow live on good day. [door knocking]
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france has launched a a lot of air strikes in syriaing following those deadly terror attacks on friday night in paris. french police have also been raiding more than 150 locations throughout and around paris to track down remaining suspects from the a a attack. the they have named two of these guys already now. they have identified a man from syria and a a frenchman wanted in connection with their investigation. joe walton joins us with the latest from the the attacks, hi there, joe. >> they have just come out and identified master mind behind these attacks, fox able to independently confirm that, this gentlemen, identified asbell gum ab dell abaud the the master mind behind this attack and more than 150 locations, raided overnight. right now, 104 people are
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reportedly under house arrest, throughout france which is unprecedented. meanwhile, an international manhunt is continuing, for 26 year-old belgium born but french national, abdeslam salah, and he is believed to be the soul survivor and suspect who helped carry out, one of these attacks. he was reportedly the head of one of these three terror cells. he was also reportedly pulled over, by police after the the attacks but for some reason he was let go and new authorities believe he has escaped into belgium. >> these names sound familiar is one of these guys involve with the train attack, remember the three american heroes stopped that train attacks. >> reporter: you know mike, i'm not familiar with that, have you heard that good one of those names sounds really familiar. we will check it out but it seems like he was connected to the train attack. >> a while back where american
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heroes were able to stop that. i have not heard any correlation and i'll go back and check on my report as well. >> france is really hitting them back with bombing going on right now in the city of rocca. >> reporter: that is correct, alex, france wasted no time returning fire, attacking syria there. they are hitting their tea facto capitol, isis defacto capitol in syria. they are working in conjunction with the u.s. command there but they reportedly sent out the a bunch of sortees yesterday with these air force pilots and jets dropping about 20 bombs. french minister says among their target a command pose a jihad recruiting center as well as a weapons warehouse. meanwhile president obama is at the g20 summit right now in turkey and he reportedly had a side meeting with vladamire putin. president obama resolving to
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help france go after isis but really no term plan. >> g20 in is stan bull, turningy joel, thank. we will check back with you next hour. of course, isis has said bombing sites, the french hit last night, they were abandoned, their training camp was abandoned. we will see f we knew there was a training camp there why didn't we bomb it. >> yes. nineteen minutes after 6:00. >> here's what is going on with our weather. we had beautiful weather yesterday. we will continue to see that with high pressure in control. that will bring us plenty of sunshine and decent temperatures. we are watching a front to the north because that is going to move southward tonight and bring us slightly cooler temperatures tomorrow. now this is not the midwest system that we're concerned about. it is this western system that will bring us, next chance of rain on thursday. it will take all week for it to kind of march across the country and it should be here by thursday. it is 48 degrees walking on it the door in philadelphia, here
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in lancaster it is only 39. forty in allentown. forty-six in hazelton and coatsville has 46 degrees. in new jersey washington township 45, medford lakes, 44 s well. 46 degrees in dover down in longneck delaware it is 47. future cast, has had plenty of unbehind for us today but as we mentioned next chance of rain is on thursday. so we are mild today. back to seasonal temperatures with that weak cold front coming through tonight. then by wednesday we have mostly cloudy skies but we are back in the 60's. rainy day with that cold front on thursday and that cools us back down in the 50's for friday, sat the day and for sunday as well. temple plays memphis at the lincoln saturday. >> oh, temple. >> eagles are back at the lincoln sunday, another 1:00 o'clock game. lets hope this one bob kelly turns out better. >> yes. 6:20. >> good morning everybody.
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live look at 42 freeway though north bound. it looks like we are ready to pull cones away, so hopefully that is a sign that they will open up that ramp all morning long that has been shut down from 42 to 295 north with that overturned tractor trailer in that bellmawr interchange. leaving the house right now best bet 168 to 295, or new jersey turnpike to stay away from that clean up. is there an accident west on the pennsylvania turnpike on the on ramp to head west out towards downingtown interchange. the here's a live look at i-95 headlights southbound through construction zone just be careful you see all of the new lines painted here over weekend, both directions on i-95 between girard and allegheny. we have pointed out last week the different configurations out there. they have put new paint down over weekend and on the blue route heading down toward the airport southbound lanes of 476 watch out for construction
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crews setting up on the ramps to i-95 south. keep in mind at the the a airport give yourself some extra time and speaking of the airport no delays right now but later today they are working on i-95 to the ramps to the double decker bridge, back over to you. lets get to chris with more this morning. >> 6:22. a man hits the streets demanding the the shooting of the unarmed black man. witnesses a say man and his girlfriend were at a birthday party in minneapolis sat take night. girlfriend called 911. clark confronted paramedics. when police got there they got in the scuffle with him. an office are shot clark during that fight. witnesses say clark was handcuffed when he was shot. >> the guy was headfirst down on the ground he was not moving, fighting, screaming, nothing. next thing we know, maybe, maybe a minor whatever after watching it, the gun went off. that is what i saw.
6:23 am
the guy was not fighting back. >> that wasn't a fight last night. >> black lives matter, minneapolis naacp led the march. mayor hopes to have an independent investigation. we will keep an eye on that. protests ensued on the opening day of the g20 sum tonight turkey two. day gathering which is expected to focus otter wrist attacks, rounded up five protesters. they marched through the the street holding out cardboard cut outs of the president obama condemning u.s. involvement in the middle east. dozens were arrested after a few threw fire works at police. authorities are searching for military weapons stolen from a massachusetts army reserve training facility since the burglary and the attacks in paris. security has been ramped up around the state. fbi says. it is unclear as to what type were taken. they say it does not appear to be terrorism related, mike and alex, back to you. i am afraid we have to talk about that eagles game. >> do we have to.
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>> stupid. >> eagles stumble at home what the team is saying about the win that went away. you no he who beat philadelphia eagles yesterday? the philadelphia eagles.
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good morning i'm sean bell. eagles at times look good. others are really bad. you already know which one the eagles were against the the dolphins. the eagles had their best start, all season, sam bradford, gets outside the pocket and throws it all the way back, and, that is a touchdown. the the eagles go up seven-three. still in the first, eagles get it done walter thurmond drills ryan tannehill in the back. that is a safety. eagles are up 16- 36789 eagles just say tipped in the air and yes, dolphins come down witt. dolphins get every bounce. they are still in the nfc race but they have to fix some things. >> we're worried about ourselves. we have to fix mistakes we have made n all have of these games we have lost it is us just beating ourselves and
6:28 am
until we get ourselves fixed, nothing else matters. >> that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> the only thing was that nasty loss to the giants yesterday. >> that has got to hurt. >> thank goodness for ufc former world boxing champion holy holl scores one of the biggest up sets in sports history. i'm over stating that. >> still, it was pretty incredible. in the champion ship fight, holl knocked out rhonda rousey with the crushing kick to the neck. she was a 20 to one favorite. the upset makes holl first woman have of boxing and mma title at the same time and even criticized rousey for not touching gloves with holl. >> lady gaga got involved and what did you tweet. >> that is what you get for not touching gloves. >> you have to touch gloves.
6:29 am
>> apparently randa will need plastic surgery. she was taken the two hospital for evaluation but in a instagram post she thank fans for the concerns over her health and promised she will be back but you there are reports she will need plastic surgery on her face. >> i wouldn't want to be her next opponent because i have a feeling she will let it out. >> place i'm afraid of her. >> lighting up in the garden state big push for recreational marijuana a use in new jersey, and then dave has this.
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bodies of two new borns near a vacant lot what police say may have happened to them. boy, that one got away, didn't it. eagles fall to the dolphins. we had such a good start a up 16 to three. we lose 20-19. who is to blame. the major setback doctors say lemar odom is facing as he tries to recover. we are trying to make a positive day out of this darn thing what a stinking weekend. >> what is positive? the weather, sue. >> one thing we can say we had a really nice weather day ahead. the bus stop buddy, we have to put sunglasses on him soon. we are off to a quiet start, tranquil morning, temperatures in the 40's. we will give you out of ten a big old nine today because it will be temperatures above average.
6:33 am
it is 48 degrees right now, sunrise isn't official until 6:47. we are just seeing a little breeze at 9 miles an hour out of the west southwest. today's high will be at least 65 degrees. some places will get warmer. nice mild have afternoon with the light wind and tonight we are down to the 40's in the city. a few 30's in the suburbs with mostly clear skies. talking about the the next chance of rain in the seven day forecast, and right now time to take a look at traffic. i know we have had a problem in new jersey a around route 42, right bob. >> good news, that has cleared up and that is opened but we had problems on septa this morning. they told me they were resolved. somebody tripped over extension cord and we are backup to 15 minute delays on the the airport, wilmington and median elwyn regional rail lines right out of the gate for our monday morning. here's a live look at the freeway ramp from 42 to 295 back opened. we are seeing beginning of the rush hour but ramp is open.
6:34 am
somebody had a bright idea to put the wide load in the motion here, wide load, sitting on i-95 for about an hour and a half and they have just started to roll south on i-95 during the the middle of our rush hour. so south bound jammed up from cottman all the way into center city. 422 heavy toward king of prussia, even though that ramp is opened 42 freeway toward the city still heavy approaching 295, back over to you. we are getting back to the developing news out of the frankford section of the city this morning. >> exactly, in frankford. we have a home invasion to tell but. dave, what is going on. >> reporter: here in the 2,000 block of buckius street in frankford police investigating that is home invasion and shoot helping that happened inside the house here. we are told a woman was shot inside and she's in stable condition at temple university hospital. we have video of police on the scene here. they were checking out this property, patrolman looking
6:35 am
inside the house upstairs and downstairs. police on the scene tell us that at least two, possibly three men wearing masks broke in the home in the 2,000 block of bucki theus and that there was some sort of a robbery that went down. police cannot say what was taken and woman was shot, taken to temple university hospital in stable condition, neighbors heard a big bang and neighbors spoke to us about the scene. >> unaudible. >> reporter: a very scary scene as you just heard there it is not clear if this family was targeted by the suspect. neighbors say family is new to the block they moved in around halloween. latest we know is inside this
6:36 am
house, shot inside in stable condition at temple university hospital. something was taken from the home. cops cannot the say what it was. they are looking for two, possibly three men wearing masks and it is not clear if they struck in this area before. up investigators are working hard on this guys, back to you. 6:36. >> lets get to chris for more this morning. french air jets have bombed a series of ice is sites in syria. the air strikes come after a series of terror attacks in paris on friday. hear gunshots there. it is hard to listen to that is what it sounded like inside the bataclan theater when terrorist started shooting concert goers. french police raided 150 locations. france president fran is some holland said we are at work. president obama has extended his support. >> we stand in sol tart with them, in hunting down the perpetrators of this crime and bringing them to justice.
6:37 am
>> reporter: french official assay three teams of suspects carried out six separate attacks. police are trying to figure out how bodies of two new born babies ended up in a used car lot in kensington. a nine year-old boy made the discovery yesterday afternoon. the medical examiner says someone performed autopsies on these tiny bodies identifies as one boy and one girl before they were found. detectives do know, however did the autopsies, had some sort of a medical training, police are searching for a black pick up seen unloading trash nearby. one man is dead and another is on the the loose after the pair tried to rob an off-duty federal officer. this all went down in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. the the philadelphia housing authority officer was walk ago long 4900 block of west schoolhouse lane when two men approached him. police say they had a gun and they tried to rob that officer. that is when the officer pulled out his weapon and the two sides exchanged gunfire. neighbors say things like this rarely happen in their neighborhood. >> we live in the the peaceful, quiet neighborhood. there is a guy feels one of
6:38 am
the names that lives in this block for 21 year and there has never been a gunshot, never. >> one suspect was shot several times abe then later pronounced dead at temple hospital. mike and alex, back to you. new jersey lawmakers will hear testimony, today, about legalizing, recreational marijuana in new jersey. judiciary committee will hear from health professionals and law enforcement authorities about the issue. new jersey medical marijuana laws air monk the most strict in the nation. the patients a and doctors are both required to register with the state and each has to pay a 200 dollars fee. the current liz there are five medical marijuana dispensariness new jersey. >> this is recreation aal use. another sunday, another disappointment for us, eagles fans here. steve, what can you say, just go. >> reporter: well, i think new jersey, eagles fans, could have used that recreational marijuana yesterday during the game, that is what i say. eagles fans have that deflated
6:39 am
feeling both psychologically and realistically to make it a miserable monday with flat tires after watching such a flat team. who do you blame most for this debacle. >> in three years i can say chip the new guy. >> i'm hoping they get better. i'm hoping chip kelly picks up, maybe does something with the team more than what he was supposed to give thus year. it didn't turnout that way. >> reporter: do you still have faith in chip kelly. >> i bleed green. >> reporter: they have two games in the next 11 days, testimony pennsylvania bay and detroit. on the schedule they looked like two easy wins. detroit beat green bay in green bay and tampa bay won. so what do you think will happen in the next few days. >> i will not bet on them games i can tell thaw. >> you will keep your money next couple days.
6:40 am
bet the bet the other team to win. >> we are saying he is not betting on the eagles next two games what do you think. >> i bet on the eagles i bleed green. >> reporter: will you win green by betting on them. >> i hope so. >> reporter: management here in brideberg figuring out how to make green off this team. they are considering marketing this special differently for the the rest of the season. they have greenback ground. they are going to call this the eagles melt down combo, a change of the drink name from big gulp to big choke, the the eagles melt and the the big choke. >> melt down combo is a a big joke. >> i love it, you made me laugh and i needed it this morning. thanks, steve keeley. we will check back with you. 6:40. i don't want to be inappropriate but you know sometimes after the show i'll leave here and to do certain things, i will go over to the omni hotel. everybody has known this for 15 years.
6:41 am
they have fantastic bathrooms on the first floor and second floor but i cannot say i'm going to the omni anymore. >> why not. >> omni hotel right there at fourth and chestnut, changing its name. >> so starting thursday the omni hotel will be known as the franklin hotel at independent park. >> what is it called. >> the franklin hotel. >> okay good hotel is under new owner ship and management and the the hotel says it will honor all of the reservations it already made just have a new name. >> it is the the franklin hotel at independent mall park. so wand fur our friend aj will still work there. he is the the manager. great guy. >> he always welcomes me when i run over after the the show. >> if he is in the the through will find a new way to get a friend. >> if you don't was to take care of business, the daily constitution is that what it is called, your daily constitution, it is so appropriate here in philadelphia. >> it is. >> would i suggest the second floor bathroom by the
6:42 am
restaurant. >> anyway, new name. new details this morning about lemar odom's recovery what is going on. >> it is a major setback that doctors says he is facing right now. >> tell me who this guy barry sloan is. every woman in the building is a twitter. he is one of the guys in the vast sea of men, who is he. >> he is the the one, no, that guy. >> no, that guy. >> he is the profile the one on the left. >> why don't we just get a still of this dufuss. >> watch it now, it is worth it. >> barry sloan is on good day to talk about a new role because he is from revenge. we want you to help us out with the project. >> thinks so stupid, woman of "good day philadelphia" want him to come here because he is hot and has an accent. >> yes. >> read different things to make it sound got. send us your best and bizarre tweet is appropriate for tv and a he will do a live reading of the tweet. >> who is he in this sea of hugh maps,.
6:43 am
>> in the far right. >> one in the middle will sitting down, no, that is in the him. >> for the love of god get a still. >> the one on the left. >> he is a woman. find barry sloan new game on good day philadelphia
6:44 am
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it is so tough to get started on a monday morning but we are here's to help at bush kill falls in the pocono mountains. couple more months that water won't be flowing so free hi. it will be frozen. anyway, we've got late week rain on the way, not today, high pressure is in control and we have a front to the north a very weak front that will come through tonight and not bring us any rain. we're not concerned about this, midwest area of precipitation, that is expect to move to the north east, and it is a western front that will get us, a little later on in the week. so for tomorrow, probably just a few cloud overnight with the frontal a passage. it will be cooler then the
6:47 am
clouds roll in on wednesday and we are just kind of socked in with cloud cover you see wednesday afternoon around 2:00 plenty of cloud looking out to the west, it is thursday that we will start to see that rain moving in from the cold front that will be here by morning rush hour on thursday. right now walking out the door it is 40 degrees in allentown. forty-eight in the city. forty-four in the mountains. only 38 degrees in millville. fifty in wildwood new jersey. 9-mile an hour breeze in the the southwest. heading to the high today milder then yesterday. yesterday was nice. 65 degrees. our cool day is tuesday, then we are back in the 60's on wednesday, our rainy day on thursday after the cold front comes through. we're in the 50's on friday, saturday and sunday. that takes care of the next seven days, one rainy day, out of the seven, i think we're okay with that bob kelly. one of the seven we will take it. an accident shutting down the
6:48 am
pennsylvania turnpike all westbound lanes closed west of the downingtown. so between downingtown and morgan town. everybody is pushed off at route one hundred right now. septa's regional rail lines signal delays every back with us. fifteen minute out of the gate on the era port, wilmington and media elwyn regional rail line. here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway this fellow right here. i am think he is car one of the two car accident but westbound right here near city. eastbound seeing delays towards i-95 southbound and with the man into girard. we had a wide load that pulled out 15 minutes go aheading south down toward center city. forty-two is heavy from the black horse pike into 295 but at least that off ramp is opened and a new schedule at a new station, septa's lansdale line opened up a at ninth street station and also kicked in a new timetable over the weekend, mike and alex, back to you. lets give you a an update on lemar odom. >> lemar is in rough shape.
6:49 am
they say a he is struggling to recognize family and friend and doctors believe his brain suffered major damage. he was found conscious in the nevada a brothel in october after he went on a drug and alcohol bender. >> not doing well. how about the box office? how you did james bond do? >> well, charlie brown, again dominating the the theaters over the weekend. spector took in 35 million in its second weekend, chris murphy says he took his sons peanuts movie nulling 24 million. love love the cooper took in 8 million. the the martian is still going strong holding fourth place, under seven million-dollar. i need to see that. the 33, starring antonio banderas and lou diamond phillips earned 5.8 million. >> speaking of spector, daniel craig is on "good day philadelphia" today. it is a people, guys with british accents on "good day philadelphia" today. >> it is man crush monday.
6:50 am
>> well, perfect. >> all of the man crushes. >> some of the guys i have never heard of barry sloan. most powerful tv series in tv history is the simpson's, according to tv guide magazine. it is featured, tv guide still puts out a magazine. who the the heck would buy tv guide? >> mike. >> we do it for articles like that. >> hold on, i think our company owns that never mind. >> take it back. >> i love tv guide. >> simpson's start ad in 1987, it is currently the longest running american sitcom, longest running a animated program and longest running animated scripted prime time television series. fox officially renewed the show foresees opposite 27 and 28, taking the show into the year 2017. i'm not so sure i have seen a full episode of the sim sons ever. >> simpson is on sunday night right here on fox. new this... >> a delaware county boy is
6:51 am
continuing his mission to help, a local k-9 officer. >> fox 29 was at the ridley ymca for a photo shoot to help his cause. so cute. we first introduced you to five-year old logan mass in october. for his birth the day he told his parents he wanted his present to be money so he he could help k-9 officers. >> good for him. >> he used his birth the day money to buy gift baskets with tricks, toys and gift card for vet visits. then he created a go fund me page to help and it took off. yesterday logan and friend they took some pictures for a calendar, featuring officers and k-9 companions from several local police departments. >> i think we have 13 officers all over delaware county to help and they are bringing their dogs and we are doing a shoot with logan and turn it into a calendar and it will be a success. >> what makes a k-9 so special. >> because they can help us with the bad guys. >> what a great thing logan is doing. proceed will help the four legged officers. >> you know, i'll be quiet.
6:52 am
patty, go. listen to this woman. she's all over the place. love her. seriously. >> patty. ♪ >> yes, my goodness he got everybody talking about patty's pies. what patty labelle launched that has got everybody singing and going viral and i want to find one but i can't find any. >> because of him.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
i have been trying to find, patty a's pies. they are sole out, mike. >> which patty. >> patty labelle. >> i had no eye tea she had a line of pies at wal-mart but you cannot get them because they have been sold out. you know why? it is because of this guy on the internet who went viral. >> patty. >> ♪ yeah, james wright is his name, he reviewed patty's sweet potato pie from wal-mart. he loved it. he bought the path i pie and is singing reviews bit. it went viral. 8 million people watched this on facebook and on twitter, since thursday afternoon. >> our sister station in chicago talked to him this weekend and he says miss patty called to thank him for the review, and he said he was
6:56 am
crying like a baby. >> i bet she did call because i hear that, i mean everybody is buying these pies now and i want to try one. >> let's do it. >> we need a pie. we need to talk to james. >> anybody has have one that they want to send our way fourth and market. >> they can make more pies. >> the one decision parents can make that will boost their mental health, for years to come. one simple thing that you can do to help your kid. dear fellow citizen, i get that it's hard to say no when your kids want toys,
6:57 am
because you're saving for shoes. and shoes. and shoes. but i can help you figure out how to save a little with one deposit checking. so ask me, i can help you avoid fees. sincerely, elizabeth trackler. fellow working mom and fellow citizen.
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6:59 am
france is fight back. many, many attacks overnight. pounding isis targets in syria. they are also in and around paris. they have conducted 165 raids while were you sleeping in the city of paris. and knock down, and knocked out, we're not talking about rhonda rouse y but the eagles. tough loss at home as what should have been an easy win just out of our fingers. >> while that was going on, wow, who is this guy. >> that is daniel craig. >> daniel craig is on our show today, another handsome man, another handsome brit with the great accent. we have barry sloan from the show revenge on today. >> look at how close, is he go to go kiss her. >> is he. >> oh, no i hate when that happens. >> so close.
7:00 am
>> and yet, it will be a fantastic weather day. nine out of ten. >> good thing about today is the number. there is bus stop budd which his sweat shirt on. temperatures in the appropriate thely cool 40's. we have a nine out of ten and our current temperature is in the 40's this morning. the it will zoom up quickly. 47 degrees right now and we're heading to a high of 65, plenty of sunshine later on, bob kelly. >> good morning, couple things going on right now, 7:00 o'clock on a monday morning getting up and out. westbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike are closed, at downingtown, all because of an accident just west of that downingtown interchange. all traffic forced off at route 100 we're looking at 15 minute delays on the regional rail airport, wilmington and media line because of some signal problems. eastbound on the schuylkill about 23 minutes into downtown. blue route okay at the moment we had an earlier accident, heavy on the bypass,


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