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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  November 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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sickening setback. president obama addressing the world today ahead of meeting with fellow world leader what is do we know now and what might the isis planning next. >> france's president says his country is now at war with islamic he can extremism as the investigation into the paris attack that is killed 129 people and injured hundreds more continues. good evening, everybody, i'm joyce evans in for lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. france waisting no time letting isis know it's not take these devastating a tax lying down. >> french president not mincing words in his response to the dead al tacks in paris. >> france is at war. the acts committed 49 day night in paris are acts of war. >> we've already seen the opening sole volley of war. france dropping at least 20 bombs on isis targets over the weekend. closer to home, holland wants to extend the country's state of emergency for another three months. and change the constitution so
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the government can revoke the citizenship of convicted terrorists. >> i want to put all the nation's resources in protect our citizens the nation's power, the police, the army, you two representative the nation, you know well the sense of duty, circumstances call for the spirit of sacrifice. >> some rue queen leaders thinking migrant seem plans. one of the attackers may have traveled to europe posing as a refugee. authorities are still looking for the alleged mastermind of the attacks police raids in belgium that started over the weekend were on going throughout the day on monday. but five of the seven suspects arrested have been released from custody. some residents refusing to believe their neighbors may have played a part in the attacks. >> i've known this kid for years he used to play here with the youth. he's a calm boy. he didn't even smoke cigarettes. he was cool with everybody. >> reporter: isis revealed another video this morning showing one of its fighters in iraq praising attack and promising to tack washington, d.c. in the same way.
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>> flags are flying at half staff in pennsylvania to honor the victims of the terror attacks. following president obama's lead governor tom wolf ordered all photographers at state facilities be lowered until sunset on thursday. the front of the capital building in harrisburg will be lit up in blue, white and red, the colors of the french flag. wolf also says pennsylvania state troopers are taking extra security measures. philadelphia mayor elect jim kenney says the city will continue to work alongside state police and federal agents. >> we're certainly going to follow the advice and instructions of our professional who's do this. i'm not a homeland security expert. we certainly have homeland security here in philadelphia who have an office that collaborates with our police, with our state police, with our local police, and we will do everything we need to do to keep people safe. >> governor chris christie has also ordered that flags be flown at half staff in new jersey. and here's live look at the
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eiffel tower tonight ill loom nader with the colors of the french flag. our coverage this developing story continues online. we'll post latest developments right on the home page on right now the 5:00, security concerns at two schools one in our area and the other almost hundred miles over state lines this is washington college in chester town, maryland. students on that campus were ordered to shelter in place today after one of its students who lives in our area went missing. police say the teenager may have grabbed a weapon at his parent's montgomery county home. >> investigators are still trying to track him down. fox 29's bruce gordon is live in cheltenham police headquarters tonight high school there was also taking precautions. >> reporter: absolutely, iain. safety first in this day and age. police actually believe 19-year-old jacob mar berger may ab threat to himself than to anyone else no one wants to take any chances. the weather was picture perfect
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but outdoor lunch was cancel at cheltenham high on monday. the school was on lock out and some parents were freaked out. >> concerned. very concerned. confused. i'm not sure exactly what's going on. >> reporter: officials at washington college in chester town maryland say 19-year-old sophomore jason march berger returned to his cheltenham home around 3:00 a.m. and retrieved a rifle case. that case may have contained a single bolt action arrival. family member told police jacob had been quote despondent over some recent issues at college. classes at cheltenham high were underway when the word went out. so students were kept indoors for their classes and security had entry and exit points was beefed up. >> we normally check id and obviouobviously we scan people's and buzz people in. but in a lock out, we add an extra layer of precaution and we -- we just make sure everyone is in the know. >> reporter: police stress he has made no threats to harm
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anyone in maryland or in the cheltenham area. but a few parents were taking no chances. sandra hernandez had just dropped her author when you have we spoke to her. >> okay. i think i'm going to turn right back around and get her. >> reporter: the police are describing jacob as 5-foot 6-inches tall, 135 pounds current curly brown hair and he was last seen driving a 1997 dark green range rover vehicle with pennsylvania plates. now, cheltenham adult classes which are normally held at the high school they've been canceled tonight because of the on-going security concerns. iain? >> all right. bruce, thank you. a woman is dead after being hit by a car getting off a step trolley a around 9:30 this morning right here the intersection of 54th street and woodland avenue. that's in southwest philadelphia. medics rushed the woman to presbyterian hospital but she
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died. authorities say the car was trying to get around the stopped trolley the driver did stop at the scene police have not yet said if that driver will face any charges. new tonight, police in radnor township have arrested a mother and son accused of of selling drugs out of their home. cops say 53-year-old joanne beatty and her son 24 year old george beatty sold drugs to undercover officers. investigators found pot, heroin and prescription drugs inside they are home on garrett avenue. they both were taken into custody along with a third woman inside the house. jean bowler loo police say had illegal drugs on her. authorities say the mother and soon duo sold drugs to local college students. happening now new details about a disturbing discovery in ben sink ton. the medical examiner's office says the bodies of two infants found in a lot filled with trash are medical specimens. but there's still a lot of mystery surrounding these babies. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live
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at philadelphia police special victims union. what's going on here? >> reporter: good evening, joyce. police tell us at this point they don't know where these specimens came from or why they were dumb down a city street like trash. investigator as have lot of questions and so does the community. more than 24 hours after police confirm the discovery of two babies bodies found dumped on the 1800 block of palethorpe street a memorial continues to grow. >> here to god little angels. >> people in the kensington neighborhood like theresa, stopped by to send a message of love to the deceased children as the philadelphia medical examiner's office confirms that these babies were medical specimens used for academic purposes. she says regardless, it's horrifying to see how these bodies were dumped down a city alleyway like trash. >> what are they doing here? you know, no regard for human life. you know, respect for those that
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have passed. i was just horrified. >> reporter: it's unclear how hold the specimens are, when they were placed here, by whom and why. two children made the discovery while walking down the street over the weekend. theirs parents called police. now the city special victims unit is leading this investigation. >> they're going to haved to a lot more work in determine hook possibly did that, if that is in fact true. just looking a little bit more into it into terms how did those two bodies get to that location? >> reporter: there are several surveillance cameras in the area where the bodies are found. police are going through that video to try to see if they can get a better sense of who disposed of he's human remains and why. joyce? >> all right, thank you, jennifer. charlie sheen is reporterly going to make a big announcement tomorrow about his health. tmz is reporting sheen will announce that he is hiv positi positive.
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in front of a national audience. sheen has known about this for more than a year, according to tmz but he has kept it under wraps. sources tell tmz several of sheen's former partners have threatened lawsuits because they didn't know about his status. tmz says that sheen settled several of those cases. no word on how the actor contracted the virus. warm start to the week in your fox 29 weeder authority. here's a live look at trenton tonight. we felt temperatures in the upper 60s today. looks like there could be smooth sailing for the neck fadaise days. meteorologist kathy orr in old city with a look at how long this will last. kathy? >> not long enough. beautiful afternoon and evening. a lot of people out on the town and it almost feels like a friday night it's oh mild out here. take a look at the high temperatures. in philadelphia we made it to 70 degrees. last year on this date it was 46 degrees. in wilmington 69. atlantic city 69. 68 in allentown and mt. holly temperatures running 10 to
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15 degrees above normal. 65 right now in philadelphia. 59 in pottstown. millville 54 degrees. we will be cooling fast. clear during the early evening and overnight hours. but we have a back door front that will be cooling things down big time. now this evening, 7:00 o'clock, 62. but look what happens by 9:00. we're in the 50s and then by 11:00 a cool northeasterly breeze will knock temperatures down into the lower 50s. so 50s and 40s to night and the cold air invades from the north with that back door front. just the beginning of changes in the delaware valley. we also have to talk about some rain moving our way later in the week. but i will want to say a quick hell throw these ladies they stopped me to say hello. where you girls from? >> cherry hill, new jersey. >> tell everybody where you're going tonight. >> we are going to see dr. ruth. >> dr. ruth at the national museum of american jewish history. >> this should be a very interesting night. >> we can't wait. we are just so looking forward to some wonderful tips. >> some wonderful tips from
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dr. ruth. >> this could be sassy. we'll hear more about it maybe later much thanks for stopping and have a good night. >> thanks for the good weather. >> you're welcome. >> more to come. >> how about wednesday. >> we'll talk about that later. we'll zen it back to the studio for now. >> spicy out there, kathy. >> ladies from cherry hill heading out tonight. >> thank you, kathy. sparks flying during a wild police chase in utah. a woman watching tried to help but now she's in trouble, too. what she did that got her arrested. >> and will you soon be able to smoke pot for fun in new jersey the plan under discussion right now. and a new video game that's not about fun and games but live and death. who created it and why he's trying to teach your kids a lesson. >> they pop up in your in box telling you have you have to act fast or you'll miss out on amazing deal. to clash sales really deliver what they promise? how to save money. plans for a possible casino in south philadelphia. that could bring a lot of jobs and promising to treat workers
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well so why are protesters so upset some demonstrators want you to know.
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♪ new jersey senate panel is talking about recreational marijuana in the garden state. the panel heard testimony from health professionals and law enforcement officials from democrats say it's time to legalize tax and regulate marijuana. but governor chris christie
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who's said he's strongly opposed it to. new jersey currently has five medical marijuana dispensaries. the state has some of the most strict marijuana laws in the country. new jersey residents who can't prove they're in the us legally could earn a driver's license under legislation being considered by lawmakers. the assembly homeland security committee started debating that measure today. the legislation would authorize the motor vehicle commission to issue a driver's license to a person who satisfies the requirements for a basic driver's license but can't prove lawful presence in the us. governor chris christie however says he would vote tow any such bill that made it to his desk. celebrity philadelphia chef mark vetri is selling his restaurant group to urban outfitters incorporated, and we're waiting to hear the exact terms of that deal. the package includes five of vetri's popular restaurants you see them all right here. that's all but one of them. vetri is keeping his flag staff italian restaurant.
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it is not part of that deal. now he says nothing will change at the restaurants. philly based urban outfitters says getting into the food game is a natural jump for the company. well pennsylvania state senator anthony williams calling again for the resignation of state supreme court justice michael eek kin. this time showing the offensive e-mails that judge is accused of of sharing. the senator showed some of those e-mails allegedly sent from a private account at a news conference at the convention center earlier today. williams says some of those e-mails are racist. homo sew phobic and mow so much this tis. the ethics panel reviewed the e-mails last year and said the message doctors not require a disciplinary action. williams disagrees. this man should not be, cannot be apparently has never been a fair jurist when it comes to all pennsylvanians.
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>> eakin has since apologized for his actions. the scandal started last year when state attorney general kathleen kane there released the names of eight men some of whom were prosecutors or worked in law enforcement. kane says they shared the inappropriate and offensive e-mails on state computers. good news for rider who use septa lansdale doylestown regional rail line. you got new station. in fact septa officials and government leaders held a ribbon cutting today for the ninth street regional rail station in lansdale. it's the first new septa rail station in nearly 20 years. septa says there's room for expansion to meet future deman demands. >> fox 29 investigators tracking allegations of abuse inside an area nursing home. those claims include tying down a patient and trying to consist up. our investigative reporter jeff cole is in the newsroom with a look ahead at his big report coming up tonight at 10:00. >> reporter: allegations are serious and they are backed by inspection records which show
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the nursing home was cited by health inspectors. fox 29 investigates has obtained this image of an elderly woman at the home bound to wheelchair by a bed sheet. we've spoken with a former worker who says the home kept the family in the dark. >> did the facility tell the familiarly from what you know? >> no, they did not. >> reporter: they did not tell the familiarly? >> no, they not. >> reporter: who told the family their loved one had been tied down? >> i did. >> reporter: you certainly hear more from her tonight at 10:00 tying down a patient is not the only allegation here. we will have a full report tonight at 10:00 as fox 29 investigates. this is a report folks may very well like to you. we hope you'll take look. >> absolutely, jeff, looking forward that. thank you. >> this is not good news. eagles loss a terrible game against the dolphins at the linc they led by 13 early in the game but too many mistakes as well as their losing their starterring quarterback. miami comes back and gets the win 20-19. they still loss.
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howard life at chickie's and pete's to talk about really a disaster yesterday, how war. >> you think it was a terrible game? did you actually see that when you watched that football game? yes. it was a terrible loss. to lose game is one thing. to lose it with all the mistake the eagles made is another thing. yes, as far as sam bradford, no word yet. but from what i'm hearing he will not play this sunday at least. shares some reports he'll be out two weeks. they play thanksgiving the next week he couldn't remember -- this is what amazing about a concussion. he couldn't remember what happened in the first half when they talk to him after the game in the locker room. we'll try to clear that up. you mentioned the mistake much the mistakes were brutal. they were up 16-three aft the first quarter. let's take look at some of the mistakes. i'm going to have to torture people again. the blocked punt. it was a high snap. and it was a missed block up the middle. so that is what caused the blocked punt which led to seven miami points. so that is not a good thing. then there's a lack -- it seems
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to me there's a lack of concentration. miles austin, sometimes i wonder why he's on the field, drops the ball that's really should be caught. and then when you talk about the tale at the end of the game, when you are in position to at least take the lead and mark sanchez knows this, he can't make a mistake with an interception. as far as the tail, why the problem with the tail was asked chip kelly today. >> it's problem with everybody. i mean that's what the nature of the game is. if you're a little, f you're one more play better than your opponent you're going to win that's what it comes down to right now in terms of these stretch games that have been very critical for us. you can say the same thing for the games we wouldn't. you know, i think you always say, it's one play away when you lose a game but it's the same thing when you win the game. mistakes are still there when you win the game. it's just the theme connects will win on sunday. >> a lot of times you've got to
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point to the head coach when there's a lack of detail or problem with detail and certainly chip kelly these take a lot of that responsibility although the players have to make plays. coming up at 6:00 o'clock, one player that had a terrible game, one of the worst he said of his career jason kelce talks about it on the radio show today we're at hick keys and pete's, and he was really hard on himself. we'll have that coming up at 6:00. back to you guys. >> all right. howard. thanks. protesters hit the streets in minnesota demanding justice in the police shooting death of unarmed black man. the controversy in the investigation dividing opinions. >> one little boy has a love and a natural talent for dancing but those are not the only reasons he can't stop doing it right now. why he hopes his moves can save his brother's life. there's a new therapist hopping through the halls of a veterans facility. tonight we'll explain kangaroo therapy. the special things these animals from down under can do for our vets.
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♪ hundreds of demonstrators taking to the streets of minneapolis after an unarmed black man is shot by police. jamar clark is reportedly on live support. clark and his girlfriend were at a birthday party saturday night when witnesses say they got into a fight. the girlfriend calls 911 and when police got there, they got into an altercation with clark and an officer shot him. police say clark was not handcuffed. witnesses say he was. >> the guy was pinned down on the ground. he was not moving. he wasn't fighting. he wasn't screaming, nothing. and next thing we know maybe a minute or whatever after watching it, the gun went off. so that's what i saw. the guy was not fighting back. >> two officers are on paid administrative leave while an investigation into that shooting is still on going. a rare tornado hits a central california town leaving behind quite a mess to clean up. the storm tearing through roofs and walls and knocking down all
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kinds of trees and power lines. touched down near de nair california about 13 miles from modesto. hit around 2:00 nest afternoon local time. residents in that area are now getting a good look at the destruction left behind. >> the roof is caved in. barges everywhere. really a mess, but while we believe god is in control and will take care of us. >> we have an above ground pool much that's gone. our trampoline is gone. we had a shed in the back of the house. >> authorities are surveying the damage. no reports of any injuries. sparks flying during a wild police chase in utah. a woman watching it all tried to help but now she's in trouble, too. what cops say she did that got her arrested. all aboard a train that can seemingly take you back in time a short drive away. what one engineer there will toll you about her job that could make your jaw drop. kathy? >> a mild day today. with temperatures running almost 15 degrees above normal but the cool air is coming.
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we'll talk about that plus a wash out of a day in the seven day. details coming up when we come back.
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♪ >> welcome back with a live look at allentown. things warmed up a lot out there today. and could it stay mild for the next few days. but we're track something trouble that could roll in before the end of the week. meteorologist kathy orr will have those details coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. security concerns at two
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schools today. one in maryland. the other cheltenham high school. police say 19-year-old jacob marberger left washington college in chester town, maryland where he is a student and went to his parent's home early this morning in cheltenham and took a gun case. that case may have had begun inside according to his investigators. cheltenham high was placed on lock down as a precaution. washington college students were asked to shelter in place. authorities are still trying to find marberger. >> the medical examiner' office says the bodies of two infants found in an alleyway in kensington were medical specimens used for academic purposes. two children found those bodies over the weekend. their parents called police. it's not clear tonight who put the bodies there or why. the city's special victims unit is investigating. sparks fly in utah as a driver leads police on when i would chase. a woman who saw it all happen jumps in to try and help, but police are not thanking her tonight. >> no, they're not. far from it. that woman is facing charges t
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too. here's fox's robert boyd. >> i just saw like sparks and stuff report roar this what row chelifer nan dez saw on the streets of west valley city around 1:00 o'clock sunday morning. for more than 20 minutes, police chased a stolen red nissan truck. according to police, the suspect reached speeds of 80 miles per hour. at one point, turning off the headlights, driving on the op side of the road and nearly hitting an officer. that's when fernandez stepped in or shall we say drove in. >> pee reaction. i put two and two together i fell like, you know, i got -- i have to do something. >> reporter: fernandez unsuccessfully attempted to ram the stolen vehicle with her open truck at 3200 west 35th south. >> i'm tired on the of of standing on the side lines. i just wanted to help. i wanted to do something. if you can help somebody, instead of standing back and watching it or filming it, you should. >> reporter: fernandez points to her time in combat serving in
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iraq as the reason why she reactioned like she did. >> i feel like that's what they teach you, you know f you be help, if you can be a part of the solution, you shall. i felt like it kind of helped, you know, 30 seconds later the chase was over. >> reporter: city police arrested 26-year-old andre cruz martinez. he face as number of charges including a tempted homicide on a police officer and possession of a stolen vehicle. as for fernandez, police are not giving her any credit for helping with the arrest. in fact, it was quite the opposite. she was also arrested. sometimes people tried to the right thing and it's just wrong. she put herself in danger. she put our officers in danger also. so luckily she didn't hit, you know, she didn't injure herself. she didn't injure in you of us. >> fernandez faces interfering with an arrest and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. she said she in about to apologize for her actions. >> stand by my decision. i stand by what i did. like, i don't care what anybody says. like f you feel like you can
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help, in any way, you should. >> as for that driver, he says he was driving erratically because someone had point add gun at him. police have not said if they found any evidence to support that story. back to your fox 29 weather authority. a fabulous fall day late in the season, too, the start of the streak, kathy? maybe? >> i wish. i wish. it's going to be up and down. >> okay. >> tomorrow we have little bit of fly in the ointment and things looking up again. we have some rain a little bit of everything in this forecast but consider this. last year on this date we were in the 40s. >> can you believe it? >> yeah. >> today's high item which are in the city 70 but look at the 10. we dipped down tuesday. and then we ride it back up on wednesday and thursday. and i think i stowed joyce earlier we were talking about the weather, yeah, this is the end of the warm weather by friday. really this weekend we're going to feel the november chill com coming back u it may not last all that long. in philadelphia 65. in pottstown down to 59.
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55 degrees in the poconos. the cold will be coming from the north tonight. we have a back door front iain likes that term, backing down from new england, and we have 40s and 30s to the north. that is going to sneak in gradually during the overnight into the delaware valley our fox future cast shows this evening just a clear sky. a lovely night. a few clouds moving in early tomorrow. but then some sunshine. that back door front providing some cooler temperatures. it lifts back north on wednesday as a warm front. we have the clouds but ahead of this rain it will be mild. so a mild wednesday and then a wet thursday with rain and wind but still warmth behind this is the cold air for the weekend. so the best chance of seeing rain by far will be thursday. 60% chance we're talking about rain, we're also talking about wind. periods of rain heavy at times moving in thursday for the morning rush. if you have anything to do leaves to rake, get it done before thursday by the weekend it will be pretty much too cold
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to want to go out there. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour on thursday. thursday still will be mild with temperatures riding high in the 60s. so for tonight, in the city 43. suburbs 38. mainly clear. but a little bit of a chill. during the day tomorrow, highs only in the 50s. so 15 degrees below where we were today. a cool breeze out of the east northeast at about 10 miles an hour. as you plan your day tomorrow, morning sun, the temperature around 47. northeasterly breeze by lunch time. still cool. late in the day mid 50's our high and then by the evening, cooling quickly with a mainly clear sky. as we look ahead on the exclusive fox 29 weather authority, seven day forecast, mostly cloudy wednesday. there's your rainy windy day on thursday. friday, a northeasterly wind will be cool for the temple owls saturday 56. for the birds on sunday, a november chill. good football weather. maybe that will be good luck much we'll have to talk to howard about that and then, of course, next monday the high
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only 5 50. check out those morning lows in the 30s. could that weather stick? hmm. we'll talk more about that coming up this week. >> i thought you said last week was the last warm streak. >> did i say that? >> temporary. they're all temporary. the first -- temporary cold snaps. >> we're already almost in december. >> that's right. >> iain is counting down to may. >> i want it to be spring. i'm like iain i want it to be spring. thank you kathy. a man is fighting crime in texas but he doesn't have a weapon or a super hero cape. why he says these signs are speaking volumes. they pop up in your in bock telling you you have to act fast or you'll miss out on amazing deals but those flash sales really give you what they promise? how to save money coming up. >> also coming up all new at 6:00 changing the words people use when talking about sex. the new plan that could force a change of policy on a lot of
5:37 pm
local universities or else suffer the consequences. ♪
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♪ high drama on the high seas for cruise ship passengers. a u.s. coast guard helicopter just airlifted a 64-year-old woman from a carnival cruise ship off the coast of florida. she was reportedly suffering from severe stomach pains schenn needed immediate medical attention. she made it to shore and went to the hospital. we're working to learn how she's doing now. a warning tonight about animals antibiotics and your kids. the america american academy of pediatrics is warning about over using antibiotics in farm animals. the medicine can make for healthier livestock but when young people eat meat or products from those animals they can become resistant to those same antibiotics and that means doctors have a harder time treating them for certain illnesses. doctors say each year more than
5:41 pm
2 million americans develop antibiotic resistant infections and more than 23,000 die from them. retired houston man is filling his yard with powerful messages and changing lives. >> he's using handmade signs to fight crime. isaac long created a garden of hope in front of his house every sign has a unique message on it including bible passages he hopes will inspire people to move away from a life of crime. some neighbors say the messages are making a difference. (inaudible). >> you can see how deteriorated it is. been out there for a long time. >> long has been hanging signs for the past 17 years. and he says, he has no plans to stop. one little boy has a love and natural talent for dancing but those aren't the only reasons he can't stop doing it right now.
5:42 pm
why he hopes his move which is safe his brother's life. and there's a new therapist hopping through the halls of veterans facility. tonight we'll explain kangaroo therapy. special things these animals from down under can do for our vets.
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♪ today we're learning more about five guantonimo bay detainees just transferred to the united arab emerates. they are considered low level detainees from yen men. 107 people still lock up as foreign militant suspects. the defense department will
5:46 pm
reportedly be releasing outline of how the us military prison will be shut down for good. president obama has been intent on shutting down the prison claiming it as a quote damaging symbol of detainee abuse and detention without charge. many in the u.s. senate oppose shutting down guantanimo. colorado boy busting moves for this twin brother whose got severe epilepsy and another special needs. family wants to try new medicine that could stop the seizures but they need at least $500 to get started and doctors say he'll die if those see occurs don't stop. >> fox's ashley michaels has more on his creative way that they're trying to raise money to save his life. report. >> reporter: they say you can't understand where a person is coming from until you've walked a mile in their shoes. >> boy, did dominic bryce's shoes have a story tell. >> dominic is a free spirit. >> reporter: every week the 12-year-old sets up on the 16th street corner and dances. >> he's killing he. >> reporter: just a boom box
5:47 pm
and slick moves. and the crowd loves him. >> when i see these people coming out here, oh, my gosh, i get overwhelmed, and i'm super proud of him. >> reporter: dominic isn't performing for some extra spending money or to try and make it famous on youtube. >> basically i'm just dancing for my brother. report roar his twin brother had a stroke a week after they were born. and now severe seizures mean he can't walk, eat or talk. >> the doctors now have come to the point that there's nothing they can do for him at all. >> the seizures will eventually take his young life if they don't stop. his last hope is to try hash oil. >> researched it and we need it. we need it. that could potentially help save my child's life. >> reporter: not cheap. that's where dominic is hoping his dance moves can pay off. >> if i get a lot of money he'll start getting better. >> reporter: he won't stop dancing until did he mayor yous
5:48 pm
can do it, too. >> i'm very happy. i can't explain it. >> reporter: a dream this family is working for one step at a time. >> we going to be all right. >> we wish them the best. the family set up a gofundme account. so far they've raised close to $6,000. we wish them the best. schools in the chicago area find agnew way to keep kids from her row went a video game. heroin leading the major crime in chicago and now that is spilling over into the suburb. the video game created by the robert crown center for health and education is being used in over a dozen schools in the chicago area. the goal to let kids now just know how addictive that potentially deadly drug is. >> suburban kids now they don't know how addictive it is. when you sit down and interview them they only would have known they would have never tried that first heroin.
5:49 pm
>> 90% of students better understood the affects of heroin on the body and how to avoid using it. >> you know those ads that flood your in box and make you think you can get act fast to get a good deal. >> yeah, but do flash sales really work? fox's dana jay takes a look at the strategy behind them and helps you get the best deal possible. >> reporter: at hoops culture -- >> it's a street wear brand. >> part of the company culture is moving merchandise from shelf to shipment as fast as they sell it. >> we want to be able to compete into that, you know, national retail spot. >> reporter: fort young central florida based company, that often means using a flash sail to grab the attention of online shoppers. >> for us we use flash sales so we can gather new customers. >> reporter: at hoop culture a flash sail might be tease for
5:50 pm
$10. countless companies get to you buy with 90% off, four hours only, limited availability offers. >> it's window where you can buy the product or service for typically is a greatly discounted price. >> reporter: advertising executive larry, encourages his clients to offer flash sales. recent retail stud found 56% of companies have success with flash sales. experts say it's one of the strategies that retailers use to clear out their inventory. while it may seem that these sales pop up out of the blue, most stores do schedule them on weekly or monthly basis. so i wanted to know if you don't buy now, are you really missing out? >> you know, no. i think that there's great deals out there to be had to flash -- through flash sales but i would just caution consumers that if you aren't really in the market for that or even have considered it, don't make an impulse buy on
5:51 pm
just a flash sale. >> reporter: dana jay. fox news. all aboard. a train that can seemingly take you back in time and it's just a short drive away. what one engineer will tell you her about job that will make your jaw drop. >> a casino wants to roll the dice in south philly but not everyone is welcoming it to the neighborhood. bold new claims from protester that is should keep the casino from opening its doors. >> country around the world promise to work together to fight i si. what president obama says he will not do. fact.
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heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. veterans home in salt lake city is really hopping these days. it's therapy pet is a kangaroo as you can see. administrators say the animal is improving the lives of patients. staff members say charlie bright tense up the home and they say he makes residents laugh and the children aren't afraid to come and visit the relatives because they, too, can get to visit with charlie. >> the first time i was i thought i lost my -- i got thinking wait a minute, ooh got
5:56 pm
a diaper on it must belong here. >> he's my friend. he's my friend. >> got a diaper on. he must belong there. that was pretty funny. when kangaroos get older they can become pretty aggressive. so when charlie hits puberty, he's going to be moved to a farm. well a train lover's paradise a short drive away in stroudsburg. >> fox 29's photojournalist bill rohrer found an engineer who would rather be no place else. ♪ >> you arrive at the stroudsburg railroad you should expect to see lots of antique trains. but if you look a little closer you may not expect the engineer to be a girl. her official title is assistant contract administrator. most days she works in the shop as a machinist fixing large steam engines. >> that's the neat thing about
5:57 pm
working at the railroad you get to do stuff the same way they did a hundred years ago. >> ever since she can remember andrea loves all things mechanical. >> growing up we had a lot of mechanical i'll call them toys but they weren't. dirt bikes, four wheelers, motorcycles. that's what dad like for christmas mini bike instead of a barbie doll because dad thought it would be cool. >> after studying machine tool technology in college, she was hired at the stroudsburg railroad. >> you work in the shop they just automatically assume you fix cars and well, rail cars, yes. >> once i tell them that i'm an engineer here and i actually get to run the trains, then their jaw hits the floor and they're like, you mean you drive that figure thing? i'm like, yeah. >> she's also the engine's fireman in her case fire woman. andrea is the very first
5:58 pm
engineer fireman this company ever had on their roster and the company was incorporated in 1832. always been a man's world. >> man's world or not there isn't anything she can't handle. >> high, friends. this is so special. >> thomas the train has a friend named percy. what they don't know, andrea built it. >> it's me, percy. >> i'm percy's mom. i had to make every part from scratch. everybody pitched in with percy. even people that, you know, the wood workers were doing welding and the machinists were trying to we would and the welders were trying to machine and everybody was just on hands on deck kind of. >> typically the ladies aren't known for being mechanical things specially something like this where you get really dirty. >> andrea has no problem getting dirty. it's just part of the job. >> at the stroudsburg railroad, bill rohrer fox 29 news. check out day out of -- check out day out with thomas at
5:59 pm
the stroudsburg railroad this friday through sunday we posted website at >> tonight at 6:00 a strange scary start to the week for students at a local school. worried parents reports of a gun and young people forced to stay inside. what put an entire community on high alert? plus, babies bodies found discarded in north philly. we've got some answers tonight. new unsettled questions. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> first at 6:00-a memorial grows in the spot in north philadelphia where the bodies of two babies were discovered. today one big mystery about them was solve but there are still some troubling questions about where they came from. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm joyce evans in for lucy noland tonight as people in the community more than mourn for those babies they want answers now. let's get straight on out to fox
6:00 pm
29's jennifer joyce live at the special victims unit. jennifer? >> reporter: well, the medical examiner's office determined that these bodies were being used as medical specimens for research but why were they dumped down a city street. investigators have lot of questions and so does the community where this discovery was made. >> i saw what they look like. they look like doll babies but they smelled and that's what i said, ut-oh they real. >> reporter: ronnie jackson says his nine-year-old son made the disturbing discovery over the weekend. two babies bodies were found dumped on the 18 had happen dread block of palethorpe street in kensington. more 24 hours after police were called in to investigate, a memorial continues to grow. while the medical examiner's office has confirmed that these bodies were medical specimens used for academic research, the community says knowing bodies were dumped like trash down a city alleyway is shocking. >> what are they doing here?


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