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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 16, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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next, abuse in a local nursing home. critics say they have pictures to prove it. fox 29 investigates coming. >> what this guy is accused of doing to local mom as she put her child in car seat. your news starts in 30 seconds. right now at teenagers accused of luring food delivery drivers with fake orders to rob them. police say armed with guns, knives even a large stick. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland.
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it's happened in one south jersey commune n more than a dozen times. fox 29's shawnette wilson spoke to the victim. she's life in sicklerville tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: well that victim is shaken up but back on the job tonight. police tell us they have arres arrested five teens juveniles went 13 and 16 years old but tonight they believe that more stick up kids tied to these crimes are out there. >> when i go out to the place, place was pitch black. no lights. >> reporter: one day after he was ambushed by an armed robber. this pizza delivery driver is shaken up and concerned for his safety. he says a man pointed a gun at him during a set up disguised as a food order. we're not showing his face because he's back on the job. >> wept to get the food. i had -- heard boom, get out! gun right in my face. >> the driver says someone
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placed a call for pizza to a bogus address in manor hall place in sicklerville the victim says the suspect approached his car and tried to force open the door. >> so when he did that, i turned around. stuck the gun right in my face. out of fear, i put -- hit the gas. he jumped. >> reporter: suspect took off with nothing just a police showed up he believes the neighbors saw what was happening and called 911. winslow township police say this is just one of about a dozen armed robberies pizza and chinese food delivery drivers in sicklerville in the past month. many were called to the eaton hollow and manor hill neighborhoods. >> two or three come around with either a gun -- there was a gun used on several of them a knife on a couple of them and at one time there was stick they used. >> reporter: michael rue bart delivers for nick' pizza williamstown and says he's extreme many caution. >> just trying to get the job done and anything feel as little shaky or -- i'll call 911 as
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soon as possible. >> reporter: meanwhile the victim from last night says what happened was awake-up call. >> and back here live police tell me they have recovered a replica handgun and they're also looking into older similar cases. lucy? >> thank you very much, shawnette. skyfox over scary scene in philadelphia's fox chase neighborhood. police say three robbers tried to target a man on his front steps but he was armed and he opened fire. police say he hit two of the robbers. 15-year-old and 18-year-old both are at the hospital. both in stable condition. the homeowner is not hurt. three days after the deadly terror attacks in france memorials continue to grow in paris. mourners leaving flowers, candles and messages of peace outside a restaurant that was targeted on friday. 15 people died here when gunmen opened fire. flags in pennsylvania are flying at half staff tonight. governor tom wolf ordering all flags at half -- state facilities lowered until sunset
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on thursday. in new jersey flags will fly at half staff beginning tomorrow. tonight is stepping up its bombing campaign against isis. targets in iraq and syria and french authorities are rounding up suspected terrorist sympathizers. fox's rick leventhal in paris today's developments. >> reporter: eiffel tower has reopened for the first time since friday's terror attacks it will up in the colors of the country's flag tonight. a show of strength and a city struggling through some of its darkest days. security in paris remains tight with thousands of soldiers now joining police and securing tourist attractions, schools and government buildings. while the manhunt for other suspects continues. investigators have identified abdul ham mid abused as a suspected mastermind he's considered belgium's most notorious jihad different. massive raids in it unrough brussels are on going in search for bbboud. his brother was one of the seven who killed him themselves in
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friday's attack. another brothers held by police over the weekend has been released. muhammed abdeslam said he had no idea the pair had been radicalized. saying they are big boys and we don't ask for a timetable when they leave the house. his parents are in shock. >> fight seven people arrested over the weekend have been released. the toddlinged to the paris pl plot. french retaliation began in earnest last night with french fighter jets hitting isis targets in raqqa syria dropping bomb on the strong hod including geed when dee training camp moon anythings dumb wip the em of us intelligence. >> we always understood this would be a long-term campaign. there will be setbacks and there successes. the terrible events in paris were a terrible and sickenin sig setback. >> secretary of state john can
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he rear landed in paris tonight. >> that's our responsibility. that's our duty and we will do our duty side by side and we will prevail. >> reporter: meanwhile the french president plans to ask his parliament to extend this countries state of emergency for another three nos would give the police and military extra powers of search and arrests and allow local governments to impose curfews as this crack down intensifies. in paris, rick left vaughn thal, fox news. >> remember you can find all the newest developments on the attacks on our website head to on your radar, chilly changes ahead. a look at allentown after a 20-degree drop in temperature today. roots going to keep on falling. on the right people out tonight in university city wearing coats and scarves. fox 29's kathy orr is tracking just how cold it will be when you walk out the door in the morning. all right, kathy, give it your best shot. >> luce so, people people are
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prepare. they must have listen to the forecast because it is falling out there already. take a look at some of these numbers. millville down to 39 degrees. it's only going to get colder. in pottstown 42. philadelphia 50 and falling with a back door front sneaking in from the northeast. skies will be clear during the overnight a few clouds sneaking early tomorrow morning but the big story obviously in the northeasterly winds and temperatures falling. northern and western suburbs and lehigh valley you'll wake up temperatures between 34 and 39. for the i-95 corridor and our suburbs, 39 to 45 degrees. as you head closer to the shore little bit milder p45 to 50 for those morning lows. then we have to deal with the rain. we have a big storm that is brewing out west and all of this rain is going to most eastward it's not just rain, it is also some gusty winds that will bring a more solid cool down to the delaware valley for awhile. we'll talk more about that with your seven day forecast coming up. all right, kathy. thank you.
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security concerns at a couple of schools today. one in maryland. the other at cheltenham high school. 19-year-old jacob march we are good left washington college in chester town, maryland where he's a student and went to his pan haass home in cheltenham and he took a gun case. case may have had gun inside according to investigators. cheltenham high was placed on lock out as precaution. some parents chose to remove their kids from school. >> scary. i'm concerned because all the things that happened at other schools. i wish nothing bad on nobody's child but i just want to get mine. >> washington college students were asked to shelter in place. authorities are still trying to find marberger. though consider him missing in endangered. the college will resume normal operations tomorrow. >> in new castle county a man is caught on camera minutes before police say he made a bold and indecent move in an department store parking lot. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in newark. chris, what happened? >> reporter: well, finding a
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parking spot here at the college square shopping center newark, delaware, may be the least of the concerns for holiday shoppers here. police tonight are looking for a man they say fondled a young woman getting into her car outside a k mart store. tonight they need your help in finding him. >> watch your back all the time. got to learn how to defend yourself. >> reporter: women like april yates holiday shopping at newark's college square shopping center are on edge tonight after hearing the creepy news. >> i live like right around here and i shop here all the time. that kind of concerns me that it could happen to anybody. >> reporter: police say a mother of two who just left the k mart store was at her car bent over buckling in her kids when a man in a car next to hers grabbed her from behind. >> suspect was sitting in the driver's seat of the car parked next to hers. leaned her and grabbed her inappropriately. >> reporter: surveillance cameras caught the images of the man moments before the attack.
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it happened friday about noon in broad daylight before the suspect got into his gray ford taurus and took off behind the pep boys store. police say assaults like this on strangers don't happen often. >> extremely air which is good. frightening at the same time. generally people keep their paws to themselves. >> reporter: as shoppers the crime is just another reason to be careful where you are no matter what time of day. >> i would think the same thing they're probably here doing shopping. now you manufacture know. >> reporter: well, please take another look at this photo. police say the suspect is a light skinned black mail, 18 to 25 years ld old as uke he was last seen wearing a white t-shirt an black hat with distinct writing on top of that hat. now, if you know any information or know who this person is, police call newark delaware, police iain. >> to developing story now shaking up hollywood.
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charlie sheen will reportedly an nouns he is hiv positive. tmz says sheen will talk about his hiv status in front of a national audience. sheen is known about it for more than a year, according to mmz but kept it under wraps. sources telling tmz several of sheen's former partners have threatened lawsuits because they didn't know he was hiv positive. tmz says sheen settled several of those cases. there's no word yet on how to actor contracted the virus. woman has died after a car hit her as she was getting off a septa trolley. it happened around 9:30 this morning right near the intersection of 54th street and woodland avenue in southwest philadelphia. medics rushed the 38-year-old woman to presbyterian hospital but she died. authorities say the driver was trying to get around the stopped trolley and neighbors say that's an on-going problem. >> this is a real big problem out here. you know, we out here catching the bus to, the trolley, you know, anything, and when it comes to our stop we go to get
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off the trolley and the bus we have to look right and left to make sure it's not a car coming. people got to be mindful. >> the driver did stop at the scene. police have not said yet if the person faces any charges. a customer walks into this liquor store and just loses it. throws the cash register to the ground. then chunks a mug right at the clerk's head. the one question he asked that started all this chaos. >> and claims of abuse in a local nursing home. tying down a patient. and failing to keep an eye on another. >> piece of hard plastic plant from aquarium was in your dad. >> it was inside it. he had eaten it non one was there to stop him. >> but fox 29 investigates found when we went looking for answe answers. >> and sparks fly during a wild police chase. a witness thought she could help bring it to an end. what she did next to landed her in handcuffs. >> and he ran into a burning building to save a woman's life. but he was left with devastating injuries so bad he says he
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scares his own children. the amazing transformation for a volunteer firefighter after a full face transplant. ♪
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♪ a mom and son arrest the on the mainline accused of selling drugs out of their home and police say local college students were just some of their customers. >> fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in radnor tonight with this pretty big bust. dave. >> reporter: no doubt about it lucy. police say this mother and son sold thousands of dollars in drugs. in fact they got big drug shipments to their house at least twice week. tonight, police say tips to police from neighbors and some
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good undercover work led to the arrests. when it came to dealing drugs in this mainline neighborhood, police say it was truly a family affair. a mother and son now stand charged with possessing and peddling marijuana, heroin and prescription drugs at this home. >> the mother and son of that residence were selling to our officers undercover officers as well as several other residents in that area and local college students. >> reporter: here the drugs and drug paraphernalia confiscated by police friday after they served search warrants on the garrett avenue home in rose montgomery. they busted 53-year-old joanne beatty and her 24-year-old son george. the son and ex-wife of a local democratic party leader and former commissioner. >> if you were going to radnor and try to sell those kind of drugs to our students and our residents you will be arrested regardless of who you are or who uri lated to period. >> reporter: there are boy scout signs outside the home an
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indication that is local cub scout pack met here. police say under officers made several buys from the home. they found pound of marijuana, heroin, $800 in cash and prescription pills. the drug sales here were constant g they got a delivery it was fairly frequent once to twice a week they would become heavy meaning they had a lot of product at the property. >> reporter: neighbors on the block were reluctant to talk monday night. police say the location was apparently well known. >> it wasn't the hardest house to crack. so they were pretty liberal in their trust of selling to peop people. >> reporter: now george beatty wore lesioned on bail. a third person arrested in the home on unrelated drug charges was also released tonight. police are trying to find out where the drugs came from and if any of the drugs may have been peddled to high school students. iain. >> dave, thank you. riders of septa lansdowne doylestown regional line have a brand new train station.
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septa officials and government leaders holding a ribbon cutting today for the ninth street regional rile station in lansdale. septa says there's room for expansion to meet future demand. protesters in city hall voicing their opposition to one companies behind the planned casino for south philadelphia. the company has a history of discrimination they say. fox 29's bill anderson breaks down the controversy. ♪ >> reporter: the live hotel and casino is helping to be the second casino to open in the city of philadelphia. they've already been approved bite state gaming commission and work wig city council on zoning approvals. but today a group of activists said that one their parent companies has a history of discrimination and they shouldn't be allowed in our ci city. >> one statement that i have with me to put in the record that will verify that in fact cordish has practiced a continued and continues to
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practice racial discrimination with their policies. >> city council members heard from people who say that they traveled across the country and heard all sorts of stories about one of the parent companies cordish company and say that they have a history of racist practices. >> if you were to go to kansas city and talk to black and white people in kansas city alike, they will tell you quote if you are black you shouldn't go down there period. >> reporter: the owners and management of the proposed casino sat and listened to hea heated testimony but they sonned by saying, it's simply not based in fact. >> in terms of philadelphia, we've operated here for approximately four years. have not had a single complaint with regarwith regards to racial allegations or discrimination. not a single complaint. i would estimate that we probably have had 8 million visitors to x fin if the life. >> it's an interesting situation because city council doesn't have the authority to deny the gaming license but they can
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impact the zoning process and they made it clear that they will be heard. >> the responses were information not available. information not available, information not available. please explain. >> reporter: as you can see there, at end, there were some moments city council got upset because they were not given answers to their questions as they requested information. but either way, the owners of the casino say that the allegations of discrimination are unfair and untrue. so we'll staton top of us. in the newsroom i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. some strong and courageous women draw a crowd in center city tonight. >> they have been serving up drinks at a local pub for just a great cause. tonight's fundraiser at the irish pub called widows stand strong. the wives of philadelphia police officers killed in the line of duty work as guest brrr tenders the money raised goes to help the families of fallen officer. maureen faulkner spearheaded the event. her husband daniel was killed in
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1981. tonight's event is about much more than money it's about emotional support. >> for the widows of police officers to be able to get together, because we all have the same in common. we lost our husbands in such a tragic way being murdered, and we're all very close. >> 14 philadelphia police officers have died in the line of duty over the past nine yea years. watch this guy. police say robbing a daycare and it's not the only time he hits. what the owner says he stole from little kids that breaks her heart. and sparks fly i mean literal sparks here during a wild police chase. a witness thought she could help bring all of this to an end. what she did next that land her in handcuffs. howard. >> the eagles back at practice tomorrow for next sunday's game against tampa, quarterback sam bradford and running back ryan matthews will not be on the practice field. will they be ready for sunday? i will have what i hear is the
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latest coming up in sports. >> now with tomorrow's traffic ears bob kelly. good evening, everybody. work crews getting out and about all day tomorrow on i-95. they'll be wor working northbout broad, southbound at packer there in south philadelphia. there's also going to be a work crew tomorrow during the day on the blue route southbound right near the ramps to 95 south. so give yourself extra time. if you're going to go to the airport an brand new station on the lansdale line at ninth street an brand new schedule to go along with it. we'll check the schedule and check the jam cams right and early tomorrow beginning at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ >> get inside. >> get inside. >> video captures a tornado tearing through a central california town. this simply doesn't happen. the twister stuck denair yesterday it's close to modesto. tow nard dough whipped homes open, knocked down trees and power lines. the national weather service is on the scene again incredibly unusual. there are no reports of any injuries. >> man under arrest in texas accused of killing six people. there are reports one is a child. 33-year-old william hudson was arrested yesterday. investigator say the bodies of all six victims were found next to his property in anderson county. the victims were related visiting from out of town and
10:25 pm
staying at a trailer belong to go one of the victims. a lone survivor is believed to have hidden during the killings. there's no known motive for the murders. a woman in utah see as crazy scene unfold in front of her as a suspect leads police an a chase. >> stepping in to help earned that good samaritan a mug shot of her own. >> man see all those sparks flying there as police chase the person in stolen truck early yesterday morning. police say the driver at one point turned off his headlights and what did dough next? he drove into oncoming traffic. almost hit an officer. rachel fernandez saw what was happening and tried to drive her truck into the one police were chasing. >> i just wanted to help. i just wanted to do something. i feel like if you can help somebody instead of standing back and watching it or filming it like, you shall. >> she missed but the chase ended soon after. police arrested the 26-year-old driver and they also arrested
10:26 pm
fernandez saying she put herself and officers in danger. fernandez says, you know what, i'm standing by what i d. take a good look at these pictures. critics say they're proof of abuse at an area nursing home watch fox 29 investigates found when we went digging for answe answers. >> kathy? >> it wasn't that long ago that we hit 70 degrees. remember think afternoon? temperatures ares are going to take a major dip. the jet stream drops down and we're talking about a major cool down for your tuesday. we'll look at how fast we warm up with the seven day coming up. >> talk to you soon kathy you may want to rethink what you're going to eat tomorrow morning the danger from our breakfast most of us never saw coming.
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>> memorial is still growing where children discover the bodies of two babies in kensington. police say they solved one big mystery about them. police now confirm the babies were medical specimens but that and of itself opens a flurry of new questions. >> as fox 29's jennifer joyce
10:30 pm
explains the community wants to know why did someone so carelessly toss them away. >> what they looked like doll babies but they smelled. that's what i said, ut-oh, they real. >> reporter: ronnie jackson said his nine-year-old son made the disturbing discovery over the weekend. two babies dumped in kensington. more than 24 hours after police were called in to investigate, a memorial continues to grow. while the medical examiner's office has confirmed that these bodies were medical specimens used for academic research the community says knowing bodies were dumped like trash down a city alleyway is shocking. >> what are they doing here? you know, no regard for human life. you know, respect for those that have passed. i was just horrified. >> theresa, says she wanted to honor these young human bodies with flowers and a written message. >> god's little angels.
10:31 pm
>> police say it's unclear when the specimens were placed here, by whom and why. the city special victims unit is working to answer those questions. >> they're going to have a lot more work in determines of determining when that occurred, who possibly did that, if that is in fact true. just looking a little bit more into this in terms how did those two bodies get to that location? >> reporter: there are surveillance cameras in the area where the bodies were found. investigators are hoping to pull some footage which will hopefully provide some clues. i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> a thief is caught on tape stealing from a daycare center detroit twice in one day. early saturday morning, the owner says the man stole toys, food and clothes belonging to kids. that night she couldn't believe her eyes when she checks surveillance cameras from her home and saw the guy again much this time she says he drank the children's milk and stole more food. cops are little looking for this crook. cooking and consuming extra crispy or burnt foods could have
10:32 pm
serious health risk. it may be linked increase risk of cancer. they measured levels of cancer tox sis in roasted poe at any time toes and chips cook in the home. you can only cook poe at any time toes to a light golden color and toast your bread to the light color possible. consumers need to be aware. >> let's check in with kathy orr. fine out what's on your radar. beautiful day today, kathy. changes are coming. >> i can almost sit on it. >> i was going to say that. take a look at this. the beautiful crescent moon across the delaware valley. and of course or chopper capturing this this evening. it's actually growing or waxing our full moon will come into the delaware valley next week right before thanksgiving. but just a really pretty night with a clear sky. swinging on the moon tonight. temperatures around the he john on the cool side. falling very fast. the temperature is 50. that is 20 degrees cooler than
10:33 pm
our afternoon high. 70 degrees. which is well above normal for this time of year. when we look at the calendar all these pluses are all the days this month that we're above average. one day we were at average which is the eighth and the 14th below average but other than that, above normal. so when you look at the month as a whole, so far halfway through, we are 7.1 degrees above normal. usually for a month if you're 1 degree above normal it's a big deal. seven is huge and we know that in the seven day forecast he have we have several more mild days to come. but right now, we're seeing a big cool down. you can see 40s to the north and west. pottstown already 42. millville clear and cold with a temperature of 39 degrees. a light wind. we have this back door front. backing in to the region from new england where temperatures are in the 30s and ottawa, nan today 27. this air is very cold. that front snaking down toward the delaware valley. you can see the cold air it's bringing and then during the day tomorrow, it will push back
10:34 pm
north as a warm front. so it's not going to last all that long but the cold will be with us in the morning and through the afternoon. so we have a few morning clouds. then sunshine in the afternoon. and by wednesday, we see that front really pushing northward and we warm back up into the 60s. by thursday, the rain moves in. not just rain, but also wind associated with this front and behind it, we're talking about very cool air. so for your thursday periods of rain, gusty winds, still mild for thursday. it's not until friday that the cooler air moves on in. in the city overnight 43. in the suburbs we are in the 3 30s. the high tomorrow 55. as you plan your day, the warmest part of the day will be after school at about 3:00 o'clock. temperatures in the mid 50's. then falling quickly again. on our seven day forecast, you can see cool tuesday, mild wednesday and thursday. after that, turning chilly for friday. 58 still above average, though. 50s for saturday. cool for the birds maybe bring them good luck on sunday and then monday morning lows in the 30s.
10:35 pm
the high only around 50 which will be about average for this time of year. want to give a special shout out to lucy she's been a trooper tonight. going to bring her chicken soup. >> a little under weather. >> i apologize everybody for my really annoying voice right now. >> no. >> i'm so sorry. also i just want you guys to know i've bathed in this. it's hand sanitizer. you wouldn't want to do that. everywhere. i don't want you guys -- i'll go over here. >> i never get sick. >> we'll take care of you. any home remedies. >> hope you feel better. >> they've been giving it to me on facebook. all these home remedies i love it. >> he ran into a burning building to save a woman' life he was left with devastating injuries. so bad he says he even scared his own children. the amazing transformation for a volunteer firefighter after a full tase transplant. >> a customer loses it in alastor. throwing the cash register to the ground and chucking a mug at the clerk's head. the one question he asked that
10:36 pm
the clerk's head. the one question he asked that set off this chaos. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i'm not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne [door bell ringing] ♪ come on-a my house, my house, i'm gonna give you candy. ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house, i'm gonna give you... ♪ ♪ apple and plum and apricot-a too, eh! ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house a come on. ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house... ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give you everything. ♪ complete your thanksgiving table at target. get a $10 gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon.
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♪ come on-a my house
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♪ a liquor store customer went on rampage at the counter just outside los angeles. the guy walked in asked the clerk to use his phone. clerk said no. customer then lost it smash the register even throwing a
10:39 pm
porcelain mug at the clerk's head. the clerk is okay. police are still looking for that guy. in your money tonight, local celebrity chef mark vetri selling his restaurant group to urban outfitters. the deal includes five vetri's popular restaurants you see them listed here. he's keeping his flag staff italian restaurant. nothing will change at the restaurant. philly based urban outfitters incorporated getting into the food game is a natural jump for the company. new start for first responder who suffered a horrific injury in the line of duty. >> doctors in new york performed a successful ground breaking procedure on the mississippi firefighter. 27-year-old patrick hard did you son entered a burning home back in 2001 to save a woman trapped inside. the roof collapsed and he could feel the mask on his face melting. he lost his scalp, nose, ears and eyelids and all the skin on his face. skin grafts left him with pinhole vision in august after a year of planning doctors nyu medical center performed a face
10:40 pm
transplant only a 50% chance it would be success tonight they say patrick is doing well. >> the fact that we were able to perform this and the patient was able to come out of the operating room safely very important historic open. >> for the first time in 14 years, doctors say patrick is growing hair on his scalp and can fully open his eyes and close them when he sleeps. >> god bless him. claims of abuse in a local thursdayinthursdaying home tyina patient and failing to keep an eye on another. >> piece of hard plastic plant from a care yum was in your dad. >> he had eaten and no one was there to stop him. >> fox 29 investigates found when we went looking for answe >> fox 29 investigates found when we went looking for answe answers. on top of ford friends and neighbors pricing. that doesn't happen every day. make black friday hassle-free with low prices ford cars, trucks and suvs. and get $750 dollars black friday
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bonus cash on select ford vehicles, on top of all other offers. it's an inside deal, now for everyone. hurry for a limited time, get $750 dollars black friday bonus cash on select vehicles, on top of all other low ford friends and neighbors offers. it all ends november 30th.
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♪ startling allegations of abuse inside a new jersey home have family members up in arm. fox 29 investigates has the pictures and talks to loved ones. >> jeff cole investigates these serious claims of neglect and a cover up. >> reporter: nicky thompson says the time she spends with her nine-year-old are moments of
10:44 pm
pure joy. >> are there four of them. >> the reason she's home is not thompson a licensed practical nurse said she's been fired force out of her job helping defray the frail elderly. >> did you like the work. >> i loved it. >> reporter: why? >> it meant a lot to me to be a part of their lives. >> reporter: thompson work at the voorhees center nursing home in south jersey. she was a charge nurse on the day shift of a long-term care unit. she says the charge nurse makes sure things run smoothly. thompson claims her eight year career at voorhees unraveled and she got this anonymous threat when she blew the whistle on what she says serious problems which led to this images. >> she just -- excuse me. i'm sorry. when i think about it, i get
10:45 pm
more upset. >> reporter: it's a picture of an elderly woman with dementia tied to her wheelchair. records show it happened inside the nursing home on the evening of august 16th of this year. thompson says the picture was taken by a concerned worker. fox 29 investigates has been told the woman, a hospice patient s tied to the chair with a bed sheet that's noted in the back. the top she was wearing had been pulled down in an apparent attempt to hide the restraint. >> i guess because they felt like they couldn't deal with her they tied her to the wheelchair. >> reporter: thompson says, the woman had fallen during the day and she had ordered one-on-one staff coverage for her in the evening. she says that night at home she got a text from upset nurse's aid. >> the resident was tied up and this person was very worried. she didn't know what to do.
10:46 pm
she was worried and she was upset. >> reporter: her name is eleanor hollow well. she's 85 years old and live at the voorhees center for four years. fox 29 has spoken with her legal guardian betty munroe of south carolina. munroe says she was angry to learn hollow well had been tied down and she's suing to protect her. court documents show hallowell's attorney has moved in superior court in camden to secure all documents and evidence in the case. he writes, hallowell was abused and neglected by being tied to her wheelchair with bed sheets. he also accuses staff and management of engaging in coverup by changing of records. >> some days we come and she's just out of it. >> reporter: peggy miller is hallowell's sister-in-law. we met her and eleanor's brother after they had just visited her at the center. >> she tries get out of bed a lot, and i don't want her to hurt herself.
10:47 pm
but if it's illegal thing without a doctor's note or order, then it's against the l law. >> reporter: legal guardian betty munroe says that was no doctor's approval for restraints at that time. she also says the voorhees center never came clean. >> the family needed to know what happened. >> reporter: did the facility tell the family from what you know? , no they did not. who told the family that their loved one had been tied down? i did. >> reporter: fox television. who are you? >> what are you doing? i hope you're not filming me. >> you haven't told me who you are. i'm mary donaldson i work here. >> she's the head of human resources at the center where we tried to get some answers. we brought along the picture of hallowell. >> this is what we're trying to figure out. >> okay. >> why would a patient be restrained inside a facility like this. >> tell them to stop filming. >> you came out to ursine had my
10:48 pm
camera rolling. ma'am, can you send out the director of nursing? or someone else for us so we can get some answers here? >> this man says he's the director of maintenance and security. >> have you ever seen these. >> nope. >> does this happen in there. >> nope. >> okay. absolutely not. i've been here 30 years. >> it doesn't happen. >> no. it did happen. these were taken inside this place. >> i don't know nothing about that. >> they tied down a patient patient. >> they don't that. >> but state health records tell a different story. according to new jersey department of health and federal inspection records obtained by fox 29 under the open records act, the conditions at the voorhees center were found to constitute immediate jeopardy to residents health and safety. documents show voorhees was cited for restraining eleanor hallowell with a bed sheet. >> hallowell's family is not alone in its concern. >> you're embarrassed for her. >> i was embarrassed. thinking, you know, other people even if his mind is not right other people can see him.
10:49 pm
>> others could see her 73-year-old dad jose medina who has alzheimer's wearing women's pajamas inside the nursing home. again, concerned workers made sure she got the picture. she says he also suffers from a disorder called pica which makes him eat anything he can stuff into his mouth including clothing. she says staff claims the one piece suit was to stop that. but medina believes the center should have purchased clothing specifically designed for people with the eating disorder. health inspection records show the voorhees center was cited for an incident which sent jose medina to the hospital for surgery. >> there was actually a plant for an aquarium that was found in his body. >> reporter: a piece of hard plastic plant from an aquarium was in your dad. >> it was inside of him. it ate it -- he had eaten it non one was there to stop him. >> reporter: voorhees center
10:50 pm
management refused to answer our specific questions about pair. spokesperson wrote we are committed to providing quality care to our patients and residents and take any concerns regarding care very seriously. adding when a concern is raised, we immediately conduct a thorough investigation and when warned report issues to the new jersey department of health. eleanor hollow well's family they'd like to take her out of voorhees but other nursing homes have rejected her. >> she's getting thinner all the time. she's not able to feed herself. and we hear she did but i don't believe it. >> i was told that -- >> as for nicky thompson -- >> i was called into the administrator's office and i was told that he felt as though i was not happy there and they were not happy with me. report roar she's looking for work. >> do you think they fired you because you were aware of the restraint to that patient and you couldn't stacked the family?
10:51 pm
>> yes. >> reporter: you believe this was retribution. >> yes i do. >> reporter: thompson has now sued the voorhees center and its owner genesis health care. that finding of immediate jeopardy of resident safety was lifted the same day it was imposed as quick changes were made. voorhees says the woman that restrained hallowell no longer works there. and eleanor hollow well died last week. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> you know jeff on top of this tracking the fall out from these incidents. >> howard is here with a look what's coming in sports. >> 76ers head coach brett brown put another interesting label on his team's play tonight. why dot eagles problem have so much problems with attention to detail. chip kelly tries to explain. jason kelce brutally honest about his poor play. that's all coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
♪ it's a day after a brutal and ugly loss by the eagles on sunday. you can't lose at home to miami. you just can't. as the eagles get ready for tampa next sunday it looks like sam bradford will be out with a concussion. i'm told he's still not ready in the concussion protocol situation to see the independent neurologist. yesterday he had trouble remembering the first half -- about what happened in the first half. running back ryan matthews is
10:55 pm
not ready either with his concussion. but may still play on sunday. there is clearly a lack of concentration on this team a lack detail on too many plays. eagles cost themselves a win. to the linc and the way things are going, you need to win. all right. bad snap. missed block. blocked punt led to a touchdown. remember the defense only gave up about 13 points and then when the eagles had a chance to take the lead, even with a field goal about 4.5 minutes left mark sanchez had done a nice job until that point. miles austin has to try harder to deflect that ball from the defender. why is there a problem with detail? >> it's a problem with everybo everybody. i mean that's what the nature of the game is. if you're -- one more may better than your opponent you're going to win much that's what it comes to right now in terms of these stretch games very critical for us but you can say the same thing from the games we won. you know, so i think you always say, it's one play away when you lose the a game but it's same thing when you win the game. mistakes are still there when
10:56 pm
you win the game. it's just the team that connects will win on sunday. >> that equals a loss. one player tonight on his 94 wip radio show jason kelce still taking his mistakes very march. he was angry, barely spoke after the game on sunday. tonight on the radio show he took the blame for his offensive line problems. >> offensive line was playing pretty darn well until i started going off the res sorry vagues with the holding penalty and the snaps. all of a sudden lane johnson started to struggle much there's something to be said about that. i've got to do a better better job of making everybody else feel comfortable. >> 76ers so close to actually win ago game in the nba even without being an nba caliber team. i was ready fort celebration. to the wells fargo center. i was ready. celebrate the first time in 21 games they could have won game. going back to last season but not so. first half, isaia cannon the turnover sixers had 27 turnovers in the game. brett brown called this one of the ugliest games he's ever seen.
10:57 pm
fourth quarter the sixers actually had a lead. nice pacing, nerlins knoll the score but dirk nowitsky had 29 points. 92-86. dallas wins it. sixers have now lost 21 in a r row. >> 10, nine, eight, 76ers. >> thanks for watching. have a good night. i don't want to live with
10:58 pm
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: ronda rousey, as she sat in a hospital with a busted-up lip, was on the receiving end of a shocking amount of hatred. >> lady gaga went to instagram and wrote, that's what you get for not touching gloves. >> she was calling the girl a bitch on instagram before the fight. and afterwards she doesn't say congrats to her. >> she can't speak. what is she supposed to do? [laughter] >> kendrick lamar. they crash a wedding. guys get sick of it and they want kendrick and the rest of the guys to leave. >> oh, no. >> it's a white crowd that might have a issue with a random black guy coming in. do they suddenly do an about-face and do an oh, my god, it's kendrick lamar? >> once they know. somebody is like, you know that's kendrick lamar, right? go get him! go get him! get him back here! >> french montana, who is muslim, is saying --


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