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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  November 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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credible evidence that someone was want to do set off bomb. members of the german government including the chancellor have been scheduled to attend that event. all that happening the united front builds in the fight against terror. >> memorial now growing as investigators work to hunt down a second fugitive who was dire directly involved in friday's deadly attacks. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in tonight pour lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. because of all that tight security people in paris still refusing to live afraid. greg palkot has tonight' stories from paris. french police are hunting for a second fugitive directly involved in paris' dead al tack. investigators conduct hundreds of raids in the search for clues. vice-presidenfrench president hg the terrorist have already lost their fight. >> diminish the pride that we have to be a country that exchanges with all cultures. they've already lost that fight as today. >> reporter: investigators are
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searching two residents every residents in city suburbs two brothers believed to be linked to friday's salt may have rent d delts in the days prior to the attack. car found in northern paris also may be a clue to the rampage. despite what's unfold, residents vow the fugitives actions will no not keep them from living their lives. >> this attack want to do pull us apart but only reinforced the links between citizens. everything they did brought us closer. >> interview with fox news secretary of state john kerry says the us will help those regions being threatened. the people need to protect their communities. >> the way to proceed is in a way to empowers the people in the region to fight their fight tom take control of their communities and we're doing an enormous amount to be able to help them. >> reporter: germany's top security official is down playing the arrest of five people in the country's western border and the investigation into the paris terror tax. in paris, greg palkot, fox news. happening now, ramped up
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security fort upcoming philadelphia marathon in just five days. tens to have sands of runners will hit the streets for one of the city's biggest events of the year. in the wake of the paris attac attacks, philadelphia officials say they are not taking any chances. trying to keep everyone safe. today they talk about security measures this year. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live on the parkway tonight with what they reveal. chris? >> reporter: that's right, iain. paris attacks have certainly put the spotlight on security for high-profile events, and perhaps one of the biggest ones we see every year is happening this week andly one hadn't dread thousand people expected to flood the ben franklin parkway district for this weekend's philadelphia marathon. and security up grades have now put in place in light of those paris attacks. now police won't go into operational specifics, but they do say they've been through this before after the boston marathon bombing many security measures went into place for the broad street run and other large runs in the city. more cameras, more undercover
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and uniformed officers are in place. now, this weekend a security zone will be put in place for the start of sunday's race near the start and finish lines. that is at the foot of the art museum. runners and attendees will have to enter those secure zones with baggage screenings through checkpoints all up and down the length of the parkway 18 toth 25th street. mayor michael nutter says out of a bun dance of caution people coming down this weekend should prepare. >> spectators, motorists, runners and patrons all visitors to the parkway district are urged to proceed certainly with caution, be safe, be aware and be alert. arrive promptly and there may be some delays. >> reporter: now, mayor nutter did have a meeting with homeland security secretary johnson to talk about this specific event and they do say there is no threat for this event. once again, out of abundance of
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caution. they are stepping up security. checkpoints here open at 5:00 o'clock a.m. on sunday for a complete listing of road closures and security measures for the philadelphia marathon, just go to fox 29 >> dawn. >> russian security officials are now calling the downing of a russian airliner over egypt an act of terrorism. after analyzing data russian investigators now say it was a bomb which destroyed a civilian aircraft flying out of egypt last month. everyone on board died. most of the passenger passengere russian. head of russia's security services says they found traces of a homemade explosive on personal items and baggage from the wreckage of that plane. >> homemade explosive device equivalent to 1 kilogram of tnt went off on board which caused the plane to break up in the air. i can certainly say that this was a terrorist act. >> russian president vladimir putin says the act will not go
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unpunish. russia's security services offering a $50 million reward for any information leading to the arrest of the bomber who's brought down that plane. developing news tonight out of berks county. increased security at exeter township senior high school in reading after a bomb threat forced an early dismissal this morning. school officials discover the threat saying there was bomb in the school and that it was setting to off at noon today. students were sent home at 11 a.m. all after school activities canceled tonight. officials will be checking students bags tomorrow morning. new information now about a story we first told about yesterday. washington college in maryland will be closed tomorrow. according to a school spokesperson students were asked to shelter in place on campus yesterday after it was discovered a student from montgomery county 19-year-old jacob marberger may have taken a gun from his pan's cheltenham home. he's a student at the school and there's been no sign of him. also learning today there's now a warrant out for marberger's arrest. school officials tell us an
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investigation shows that he brought an antique gun on to campus back in october. tonight we know the names of the woman hit and killed in southwest philadelphia and the driver who police say hit her. this happening yesterday morning at 54th street and woodland avenue. police say 23-year-old mal lakee armstrong passed a septa trolley, ran a red light and hit 38-year-old miriam wilson has crossing the street. wilson died at the scene. she's facing manslaughter and homicide by vehicle. he smelled like marijuana. >> to your fox 29 weather authority now. cooler than yesterday. we did hit 70 yesterday. little cooler as we take a live look in allentown tonight. definitely feeling more like november today. you're probably going need that jacket if you'll step out tonight. but fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr we also may need umbrellas soon. >> yes, we certainly will. we'll have a soaker late this week but not so fast. we are going to be seeing temperatures bouncing back. look at these morning lows. 46 in philadelphia.
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freezing in the poconos in trenton we woke up to 42. so a very nice rebound over the course of the day today in philadelphia making it into the 50s. 52 right now. 40s in allentown and pottstown and lancaster it is 48 degrees. so this evening it's not going to be all that chilly. mainly clear at the 7:00 o'clock hour. 52. then few clouds rolling by 9:00 o'clock with a temperature of 49 and high clouds by 11:00 p.m. with a temperature of 47 degrees. coming up, we to talk about the rain. a line of showers, some heavy rain and severe weather in the deep south. this is all moving toward the delaware valley. we have more clouds, a late week soaking and a chilly change for your weekend. something we have not seen this entire month of november. we'll highlight that in the seven day coming up later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy, thanks. delaware middle school choir director facing charges of child sex abuse and third degree rape tonight. those are just two of the charges 43-year-old gary smith is facing tonight.
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police say he was involved in a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old female student at hb dupont middle school in hoe says kin. that relationship started in april of 2010 and lasted until august of 2012. and several crimes happened on school grounds. smith was arrested today. he's in jail tonight on $815,000 bond. the read clay school district is telling fox smith is on administrative leave and that it is cooperating fully with the investigation. they're planning to meet with parents and students at john dickinson high school auditorium next tuesday night at 6:30 torments night the search is on for a man who took off from a halfway house in berks county. take look at 25-year-old david allen supper lynn, jr., staying at the adapt facility on the 400 block of walnut street in reading under court order. authorities say he left that facility yesterday. sometime between noon and 12:30. no word on where he may be headed or why he was ordered to stay at that halfway house. scary moments for piece people in a deli in philadelph
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philadelphia'. check out this surveillance video at the gomez dilatant north ninth street. two men walked in with guns. one man took money from the register while the other searched the clerk's pockets. police say the men also took cigarettes. if you recognize these guys, give police a call. >> happening now, charlie sheen makes a huge announcement about his health. the actor actually told the world he's got hiv this morning on the today show in the interview posted on their website sheen says he tested positive for the virus about four years ago, but says he's now healthy thanks to med prescribed by his doctor. this morning fox 29's dr. mike spoke about that exact means,, what that means on "good day philadelphia". >> well, he may be one of these folks that actually either responds very well to the medication or his own immune system is keeping it under che check. but there's only been one reported case in decades and
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decades of study of anyone who has actually been cured of the virus. >> sheen says he disclosed his diagnosis to anyone that he became intimate with. he does admit to paying women to keep quiet about his diagnosis. one of sheen's high profile former lover disagrees with that. she'll be on inside edition you can watch it tonight at 6:30 right here on fox 29. a tragic accident leaving a california scout leader dead an community in shock. the object investigators say fell from the sky. plus, paying to park in philly about to get whole lot easier. newt app that's letting you reup far away from the meter. >> claims of abuse in a local nursing home. tying down a patient and failing to keep an eye on another patient? >> piece of hard plastic plant from aquarium was in your dad. >> it was inside of him. he had ate it -- he had eaten it non one was there to stop him. >> what fox 29 investigates found when we went looking for answers.
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a local student came to fox 29 with a simple request. she wanted a teacher. she got what she wanted but still a couple of big problems.
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♪ car burns up this morning in northeast philadelphia. take a look. fox 29 traffic cameras rolling as the car just burst into flames on woodhaven road about 9:00 o'clock this morning. skyfox over the scene as firefighters put out the fire. no word if anyone was injured. right now investigators are trying to determine if a driver avenue pick up that crashed in south philadelphia was under the influence. this was the scene along the
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2600 block of columbus boulevard around 2:30 this morning. officials tell us this truck rolled over. the driver was taken to jefferson hospital with non-life threatening injuries we're waiting to hear from police about any charges that driver may be facing. back to our developing sto story. the paris terror tacks. its impact president obama's plan to accept syrian refugees into the united states. as many as 28 u.s. governors including new jersey's chris christie say they do not want to accept syrian refugees into their states for peer of terrorists slipping in with the crowd. sick other governors including pennsylvania's governor tom wolf and jack markell of delaware say they will welcome the refugees. much of the disagreement breaks down political party lines with republicans mostly against the president's plan and democrats mostly in support. president obama says a robust vetting process will make it safe for the u.s. to allow those refugees tore settle here in our
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country. >> philadelphia's next mayor is on board with that plan but our bruce gordon joins us live in the newsroom tonight and says some heated argument no doubt lies ahead bruce. >> reporter: absolutely. national security were not at stake opening our doors to refugees from the syrian bloodshed well this might be a simple proposition but national security is at stake. so the refugee question is not so simple. if we all work together we can make the park into something for everyone. >> reporter: we caught up with the democrat mayor elect as he read to first graders at the clara barton school. after talking to the kids about newcomers to this country. kenny has made clear he will when he takes office in january roll out the red carpet to properly vetted syrian refugees. >> you have to react to things in a compassionate way. we're americans. we're human beings. and we need -- there's a way to put a process together that will ensure the safety of our citizens but at the same time showing the compassion that's necessary for little children they're being slaughtered. >> reporter: president obama plans to allow roughly 10,000 syrian refugees into the united
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states in the weeks and months ahead. but the news that one of the paris terrorists may have enter the france posing as a refugee has raised red flags for many elected officials in this country most of them research can. they doubt the effectiveness of background checks on those coming from a chaotic haven for terrorists like syria. pennsylvania senator pat toomey. >> i am not comfortable admi admitting large numbers of people that we can't check. we should not admit a single terrorist into this country. until we can be confident that we're to the doing that, we need to suspend the program. >> reporter: in the city of brotherly love even as flags fly at half staff in tribute to the paris victims, folks are debating whether they'd want syrian refugees in their neighborhoods. >> how you going to screen all these people and you don know what's coming in? >> this is the land free. should given an opportunity. yeah, i really don't have a problem with it. not at all. >> i feel we should be able to welcome them in. let them enjoy our city. welcome them with love.
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welcome them in peace. >> i would hope they would send a safe place welcoming place but i would rather it not be in my neighborhood. >> reporter: even those governors who are opposed to the president's plan admit it could be tough to stop refugees from settling in their states. republican leaders in congress are trying to figure out a way to stop the president's refugee plan through legislation much as for kenney's plan to roll out the welcome mat, he says people don't like him for that view, so be it. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. tonight we now know more about the small plain crash that killed a pilot in the waters of new york city. that flight took off from philadelphia and was head to do ports smith. it crashed the night of november 4th near the rock away peninsula in queens. preliminary report from the national transportation safety board said the parachute was found separated from the rest of the aircraft and was partially destroyed. the crash killed the pilot james ma goof new hampshire he had been in philadelphia on business trip. happening now a new app is introduced in philadelphia that could definitely mean fewer parking tickets in the city.
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wouldn't that be nice? philadelphia parking authority making announcement today that music to the ears of those who park in the city and have been slapped with a ticket or two. >> we dope want to talk about that. (laughter). >> we don't want to talk about that. >> too many. >> this guy is laughing now, but he sure wasn't when he got nailed with a bunch of parking tickets. that's why he's all for the idea of meter up a new philadelphia parking app that allows to you pay for your parking right from your smart phone. >> love it. we need to do it. we need to do it. >> reporter: today the philadelphia parking authority announcing the six-month pilot program that will go effect on thursday. just over 300 of the city's 16,000 available spaces will be part of the four zone test area. >> it makes it easier. really moves us into the 21st century so to speak. that way you don't have to be running back to your car. >> it's about convenience. >> parking authority showing a psa demonstrating how it works and how easy it is to use by simply entering your phone number and credit card information.
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>> the great thing about this app it's only going to charge you for the times that you actually park. up to the nearest time increment. >> the app won't let you pay if parking happens to be free. and it will give you a seven minute warning when your meter is about to expire and you can pay for additional time right on your phone. >> it's definitely a pain. that would lake live a lot easier. >> if you park longer than two hours in a two hour zone you will be able to extend but it will cost you double. stay beyond the additional two hours and it's triple. >> just in case something happens, you get a ticket, you always have proof that this is when you paid kind of like having the kiosk receipt in your phone. >> sounds pretty cool. you can sign up for the meter up service beginning on thursday at meter up.xyzf all goes well with the app, the ppa will offer the service citywide. >> let's hope. update to a story getting a lot of attention looks like santa free again. cherry hill mall announced yesterday it was doing away with its requirement that parents pay 35 to 50 bucks for a photo or
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video to see santa. although it is elaborate setup at cherry hill mall. parents were outraged say the high prices pushes away low income families puts a damper on the holiday season. the adventure to season was free last year and now it's free again this year. >> a south philadelphia restaurant receiving honors from city leader today's for its efforts to reduce storm water run off. poppy's restaurant on the 3100 block of south 20th street receiving the storm water pioneer award. award given to businesses or property owners that take the initiative to cut down on storm water run off. poppy's previously received over $90,000 in grant money from philadelphia water to install two rain gardens beaut fuel the neighborhood and they also keep polluted run off out of city sewers. coming up, protesters clashing with police in demanding justice after the deaths of unarmed teen. the controversy in the investigation that's dividing opinions tonight. the year is not over but one dictionary already has its word
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of 2015 and here's the hint. you cannot spell it. familiar image oxford is immortalizing. >> it can do more than just jump many start your day. the new study that shows how good drinking that cup of coffee can be. ♪
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passenger on a british aways flight restrained and arrested after authorities say he tried to open an exit door mid flight. flight 213 was en route from heathrow to boston. british airways says they requested police to meet their flight in boston due to an unruly passenger on board. massachusetts state police say the man is in police custody. witnesses say he was heavily intoxicated. state police do not believe there is any link to terrorism. black man who was shot during apparent scuff with minneapolis police has died. authorities making that announcement today. as protesters want to learn whether federal investigators will eventually get involve. the shooting happened over the weekend when police say officers responded to a report of an assault.
5:25 pm
when they got there police found 2484-year-old jamar neal clark interfering with paramedics trying to help victim. officers say they intervened and another scuffle and a gunshot. clark died at the hospital last night. police have not released the names or races of the officers involved. protesters are calling for the release of video showing the shooting and for the justice department to open an investigation. department has not said whether or not that will happen. a residence in one california community mourning the loss of a boy scott leader. >> authorities say he was killed in what they are calling a freak accident. his church is still trying to come to terms with this death. according to the san bernardino sheriff office 50-year-old michael bentley was watching a friend who launche launched a he rocket. bentley lost sight of the rocket and its direction of travel. it wound up striking him in the face. he was airlifted to nearby hospital but he died from his injuries during surgery. >> our hearts are broken.
5:26 pm
he was very sad and tragic accident, and we just hard to -- to understand we're just -- there's a big hole with mike gone. >> gofundme page has been set up to help his family pay for funeral costs accrued medical expenses. if you're dating online but not getting any hits there's one thing that may be the problem. it's not your profile or your picture. what you may need to change to get more likes and swipes and all that stuff. >> i think you need to watch fox 29. i think that might be the problem. cold air is coming and once it gets here, it's going to stick around for a little while. we are going to see the shift and the dip in the jet stream coming up we'll highlight it in the seven day coming up. tt//www]
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♪ beefed up security measures for this weekend's marathon here in philadelphia. the event is expected to attract tens of thousands of people. mayor michael nutter said today that he has spoken with federal homeland security officials and there's no known threat to the city. but the mayor said local officials are always too cautious and secure zone and extra precautions will be in place for sunday's big race. how do the words fewer parking tickets sound to you.
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>> very good. if you're interested new app introduced right here in philadelphia would give you a hand with that in a big way. philadelphia parking authority unveiling the new meter up app. the easy to use app allows to you pay for parking by using your smart phone and you can extend your time with your phone as well. first though the ppa wants to see how everything goes so on thursday it will start a six-month pilot program in a four zone area right now 300 spaces in the city are part of that test area. let's hope it work. blizzard like conditions causing some major problems for drivers out west. check out this video what's going on in denver. drivers facing heavy snow mixed with fast-moving wind and finally the nearly impossible to drive. it's not any better in the air many flights to and from denner international airport have been canceled or delayed. the denver area getting hit especially hard some areas are seeing get this as many as 19-inches of snow. it's not even thanksgiving. >> wow! >> that is so unusual for denv
5:31 pm
denver. not unusual for the mountain areas but for the city itself, they don't usually get that much snow. >> 19-inch. >> that's a lot. >> yeah. >> that's a lot even for. >> exactly. >> we don't want to see that for awhile. >> not for little while at least. our thoughts with those folks out west. >> absolutely. >> it looks like it will be banner year with el nino if you are skier and head out to the west. that's for sure. our weather is going to get quieter again. we're going to warm up before storminess returns in the form of rain. you know what, we are part of this storm that's out west. so they're getting snow in denver. they're getting severe weather in the deep south and we will see a piece of that storm moving in as early as thursday. the high temperature for the day, 57. right now the temperature 52. winds out of the east at about 13 miles an hour. take a look at this 24 hour temperature change in philadelphia right now it is 13 degrees cooler right now than it was yesterday at this time. remember we were up to 70 degrees. in the poconos, it is 15 degrees cooler right now than it was yesterday at this time. our fox future cast shows a
5:32 pm
clear sky right now but high clouds filtering in from the south and the west ahead of a cold front. during the day tomorrow, the clouds roll up from the south and west. but we see a mild wind and the rain moves through on thursday. so during the morning rush rain will move in, falls heavy at times and behind this much cooler air. the coldest snap we have seen this entire month. now, here's a look what to expect for your thursday. periods of rain beginning after 8:00 a.m. so still during the morning rush. we're expecting about an inch of rain across the region. some higher -- some higher amounts expected. windy with gusts to 30 miles an hour in the afternoon. and mild temperatures temperatures will be soaring in the 60s once again we stay on the warm side of this particular storm. so no snow with this one. rain estimates ranging between close to an inch down the shore to an inch and a half along the i-95 corridor. still uncertain exactly where that banding of heavier rain will be located but at least an inch of rain. so for tonight, in the city 45.
5:33 pm
in the suburbs 37. a few clouds rolling in. and if you are away from the city lights, you may get a spectacular show. it is the annual leonid meteor shower go away from the city lights, no special equipment needed. just lay on the ground, look up to the eastern sky and back, and you could see 20 meteors an ho hour. best viewing after midnight before sunrise. sup rise tomorrow at 6:48. so that will give you something to do overnight. during the day tomorrow, the high 62. mostly cloudy skies and quiet as you plan your day tomorrow, some morning sun high clouds thicken during the afternoon. by lunch time the high 58. by the afternoon we make it to 62 degrees. with south easterly breeze mostly cloudy during the dinner hour. on the exclusive fox 29 weather authority forecast. wednesday mild, thursday warmer but rain and gusty winds. making for a miserable day to be outdoors or get anything done. friday a cool breeze. saturday for temple chilly for the eagles on sunday, got to
5:34 pm
prepare for this one because it's going to be cold. temperatures will be in the 40s. winds could gust to about five, 30 miles an hour just not really comfortable for the fans in the stands. so stay close to your friends at the game. that's the best advice. monday is chilly. the high temperature 47 degrees and even tuesday, morning lows around freezing. and high temperatures in the 40s. so we go from the first half of the month being 7 degrees above normal to, bam, sunday it will change -- >> wake up! >> it all changes. >> it is that time. >> yes. >> i just don't care for it but okay. >> i'll deal with it. a man speeding down the highway with his pregnant wife in the car. police officer pulls them over before they can get to the hospital. why this new dad says that traffic stop actually helped bring his little daughter into the world. and tonight at 6:00 o'clock, the date is set. when you will be able to get one of the best views in the city from the one liberty observation deck. what you will see from 883 feet
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♪ we are following breaking news for you out of burlington county right now. the community house in moorestown is on fire. take look. skyfox live over the scene. this is along main street. you can see flames coming from the top of the building which we're told is real focal point of this community. fire officials couldn't philadelphia international airporting it is now a two alarm fire. the building has been evacuated and we're told there are no injuries. of course we will stay on top of this story and bring you any updates as soon as we get them. >> near atlanta a father forced to be a doctor for one night and a police officer who makes a traffic stop that he'll never forget. it happened early sunday morning expectant mom and dad were in such a rush to get to the hospital to deliver their baby they were speeding and a police officer pulled them over but the officer quickly realized what was going on. held a flashlight in the mom' happened while the dad brought baby memphis into the world.
5:39 pm
>> my husband was my hero that night. he was both our heroes. we're both safe and sound at home now. >> me right here just like i would be a doctor with no medical experience whatsoever. i just had to do what a dad had to do. >> wow! >> mom and baby are doing fine tonight. the family is thankful the officer pulled them over and didn't give them a ticket. by the way memphis got his name for the hometown of his dad's idol elvis press. >> sick children in california are getting the chance to be the doctor. special event helping to ease the strep stress for children under going treatment at a children's hospital in san francisco. about 20 patients getting the chance to diagnose and treat their own teddy bares. they covered all the bases che checking blood pressure and even giving them dental screenings. >> they learn how to care for a patient through medical play, and we feel like that's very therapeutic way for them to be introduced to a medical setting. >> good idea. the hospital hosts this clinic every year for children ages four through eight.
5:40 pm
claims of medical abuse in a local nursing home tying down a patient and failing to keep an eye on another. >> a piece of hard plastic plant from aquarium was in your dad. >> yeah. it was inside of him. he had ate it, he had eaten it and no one was there to stop him. >> what fox 29 investigates found when we went looking for answers. >> and a new addition to the oxford dictionary but it's like nothing that's ever been septembered before. the word of 2015 that's putting a smile on a few faces. howard? >> okay. the eagles were back on the practice field today with the question of which quarterback will start for the eagles on sunday. sam bradford or mark sanchez? and why are the sixers so bad? i know the easy answer but i'll show you coming up in sports.
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♪ startling allegations of abuse inside a new jersey nursing home have family members up in arms. fox 29 investigates has the pictures and talks to loved ones. >> our jeff cole investigates these serious claims of neglect and a coverup. >> reporter: nicky thompson says the time she spends with her nine-year-old are moments of pure joy. >> are there four of them? >> reporter: but the reason she's home is not. thompson, a licensed practical nurse, says she's been fired forced out of her job helping the frail elderly. >> did you like the work? >> i loved it. >> reporter: why? >> it moment a lot to me to be a part of their lives. >> reporter: thompson work at the voorhees center nursing home in south jersey. she was a charge nurse on the
5:45 pm
day shift of a long-term care unit. she says the charge nurse makes sure things run smoothly. thompson claims her eight-year career at voorhees unraveled and she got this anonymous threat when she blew the whistle on what she says serious problems which led to this image. >> she just -- excuse me. i'm sorry. when i think about it, i get little bit more upset. >> reporter: it's a picture of an elderly woman with dementia tied to her wheelchair. records toe show it happened inside the nursing home on the evening of august 16th of this year. thompson says the picture was taken by a concerned worker. fox 29 investigates has been told the woman, a hospice patient s tied to the chair with a bed sheet that's noted in the back. the top she was wearing had been pulled down in an apparent
5:46 pm
attempt to hide the restraint. >> i guess because they felt like they couldn't deal with her they tied her to the wheelchair. >> reporter: thompson says, the woman had fallen during the day, and she had ordered one-on-one staff coverage for her in the evening. she says that night at home she got a text from an upset nurse's aid. >> the resident was tied up and this person was very worried. she didn't know what to do. she was worried schenn was ups upset. >> reporter: her name is eleanor hallowell, she's 85 years old and has lived at the viewer hess center for four years. fox 29 has spoken with her legal guardian, betty munroe, of south carolina. and munroe says she was angry to learn hallowell had been tied down and she's suing to protect her. court documents show hallowell's attorney has moved in superior court in camden to secure all documents and evidence in the
5:47 pm
case. he writes hallowell was abused and neglected by being tied to her wheelchair with bed sheets. he also accuses staff and management of engaging in a coverup by changing of records. >> some days we'd come and she's just out of it. >> reporter: peggy miller is hallowell's sister-in-law. we met her and eleanor's brother after they had just visited her at the center. >> she tries to get out of bed a lot, and i don't want her to hurt herself, but if it's a illegal thing without a doctor's note or order, then it's against the law. >> reporter: legal guardian petty munroe says there was no doctor's approval for restraints at that time. she also says, the voorhees center never came clean. >> the family needed to know what happened. >> reporter: did the facility tell the family from what you know? >> no, they did not. >> reporter: they did not tell the family. >> no, they did not. >> reporter: who told the familiar until their loved one had been tied down? >> i did.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: fox television. who are you? >> what are you doing. >> i hope you're not filming me. >> you haven't told me who you are. >> i'm mary donaldson i work here. >> she's the head of human resources at the center where we tried to get some answers. we brought along the picture of hallowell. >> this is what we're trig to figure out. >> okay. why would a patient be restrained inside a facility like this. >> tell them to stop filming. >> you came to us and i had my camera rolling. ma'am -- can you send out the director of nursing? or someone else for us so we can get some answers here? >> reporter: this man says he's the director of maintenance and security. >> have you ever seen these. >> nope. >> reporter: does this happen in there. >> nope. >> reporter: okay. >> absolutely not. i've been here 30 years. >> reporter: it doesn't happen. >> no. it did happen. these were taken inside this place. >> i don't know nothing about it. >> reporter: they tied down patient. >> they don't do that. >> reporter: but state health records tell a different story. according to new jersey
5:49 pm
department of health and federal inspection records obtained by fox 29 under the open records act the conditions at the voorhees center were found to constitute immediate jeopardy to residents health and safety. documents show voorhees was cited for restraining eleanor hallowell with a bed sheet. hallowell's family is not alone in its concern. >> you're embarrassed for. >> i was embarrassed thinking other people even if his mind is not right other people can see him. >> others could see her 73-year-old dad jose me dean into in a who has alzheimer's wearing women's pajamas inside the nursing home. again, concerned workers made sure she got the picture. she says he also suffers from a disorder called pica which make him eat anything that he can stuff in his mouth including
5:50 pm
clothing. medina believes the center should have purchased clothing circumstance of specifically for the peel with healthy disorder. the voorhees center was cited for an incident which sent jose medina to the hospital for surgery. >> there was actually a plant for an aquarium that was found in his body. >> reporter: a piece of hard plastic plant from aquarium was in your dad. >> yes, it was inside of him. he had ate it -- he had eaten and it no one was there to stop him. >> reporter: voorhees sent management refused to answer our specific questions about pair n a statement it's spokesperson wrote, we are committed to providing quality care to our patients and residents and take any concerns regarding care very seriously. adding when a concern is raised, we are immediately conduct a thorough investigation and when warranted report issues to the new jersey department of health. eleanor hallowell's family says they'd like to take her out of voorhees, but other nursing homes have rejected her. >> she's getting thinner all the
5:51 pm
time. she's not able to feed herself. and, um, we hear she does but i don't believe it. >> i was told that -- >> reporter: as for nicky thompson -- >> i was call into the administrator's office and i was told that he felt as though he was not happy there and they were not happy with me. >> reporter: she's looking for work. >> do you think they fired you because you were aware of the restraint to that patient and you contacted the family? >> yes. >> reporter: you believe this was retribution. >> yes, i do. >> reporter: thompson has sued the voorhees center and its owner genesis health care. that finding of resident safety was lifted the same day it it was imposed. the woman that restrained hallowell no longer works there. and eleanor hallowell died last week. jeff cole, fox 29 news. you know jeff is on top of this one tracking the fallout
5:52 pm
from these incidents. if you tried everything to improve the date you get online from the pictures, the profile, have you given your name a makeover? a new poll by a dating app called the grade is revealing how attractive people's names really are. according to a founder a none of number of factors play into the result including celebrities, past experience and sometimes just the sound of the name and based on the results, shorter names did better. >> what we saw short names on males and females which was very surprising. four, five, six letters really did very well and the longer the name general the the worse it did. >> no word on why shorter names are apparently more appealing. if you've got a longer name dating experts say you shall try not to worry too much. (laughter). >> all right. that morning cup of coffee you get every day when you get out of bed, well, it could lead to a longer life. researchers at harvard university say that while many studies have linked moderate coffee intake to lower risks of developing various diseases,
5:53 pm
it's new study adds another layer of evidence. it finds that coffee drinkers were not only less likely to develop certain diseases. they also tend to do live a lot longer. non smokers who drank three to five cups of coffee a day were 15% less likely to die of any cause versus non drinkers. both regular cough and decaf coffee drinkers were linked to longer survival. all right. call it the great escape. william. the daring group of penguins that thought they could outsmart their zookeeper. >> thieves break into a search causing thousands of dollars of damage. what police think that broke when they were inside that caused so much trouble. >> the community house is moorestown is on fire. skyfox over the scene right now along main street. you can see flames coming from the building. fire officials say it's now a two alarm fire. no one is inside. no one is hurt. we'll of course we stay on top of us and bring you updates as soon as we get them. we'll be right back.
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>> fox 29 news in hd sponsored by x1x9 in the changing the way you experience tv. we all know the feeling it's time to get out of bed but absolutely the last thing you want to do. i fell like that this morning much that's how this little otter feels in a video gone viral. his trainer tried to wake him at san francisco aquarium at the bay but the otter did what most of us wish we can do, well he dove right back under the cove covers. >> not exactly flying the coop
5:58 pm
but these unlikely escape artists tried their best. a group of penguins tried to carry out a daring get away from denmark zoo. the well dressed flight less birds made a dash but their footprints gave them away. the zoo workers caught the pursuit into a video. they walk into a dead end. workers coralled the birds and returned them to their enclosu enclosure. the oxford english dictionary has proclaimed 2015 the year of the emoji. you her right. the dictionary has chosen a text message pick at a graph it's word of the year. it's the emoji formerly known as face with tears of joy. the captures the food of the english language this year hi emoji takes its place last year's word vape and selfie from 2013. >> one of baseball's most storied venues is ready for college football. fenway park will play host to the nader dame boston college game on saturday part of the shamrock series.
5:59 pm
the series has been notre dame's home away from home game series since 2009 in san antonio. ♪ >> to tonight at 6:00 europe on edge. german stadium evacuated after a threat of a bomb. people on guard around the globe while there's a massive plant hunt for another suspect in the deadly paris attacks. now philadelphia taking a hard look at security for this weekend's marathon. ♪ >> plus, a fall chill in the air and that's not all. this week cold air isn't the only thing on the radar. chief meteorologist scott williams is tracking your forecast. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we begin with breaking news tonight at 6:00 o'clock. firefighters are battling a fear fire at the community house in moorestown. skyfox over the scene along main street. it is a gathering place in that area hosting many social functions and meetings for a lot
6:00 pm
of non-profits. it even has a pool in the basement where many children have taken swimming lessons. flames coming from the top of that building. the two alarm fire forcing officials to evacuate the building. right now, there are no reports of any injuries which is the good news here. be sure to stay with fox 29 for the very latest on this breaking news. our other top story tonight at six bomb threats, air strikes and plans to retaliate. all making headlines in europe and across the world. german authorities say they found some concrete evidence that someone want to do set off an explosive device during a soccer match. the evacuated the stadium as it filled for the game between germany and the netherlands. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy noland. that bomb scare comes with europe on heightened alert four days after deadly paris attacks. right now the hunt is on for a second fugitive who investigators say was directly involved in this calculated massacre. french officials say after a massive investigation, one person known to be involved with


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