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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 19, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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>> she wakes up every day in fear of coming to school. >> emotions running hyatt a philadelphia high school. why are parent so worried about their kids when they're on campus. >> plus new video from isis target new york city. why the mayor is telling people not to be alarmed. >> a local woman being called a hero by police. how her quick actions stopped what could have been a major disaster. good day, it is thursday, november 19th, 2015. hope everyone is doing well. >> how are you doing? >> fantastic. the weather is to die for, for november, right? >> not bad. but boy, sue, big change headed our way? >> there is a trade off for those mild temperatures, miss lauren, and that is the rain. now, we see it on our doorstep.
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here we are in philadelphia, where it is not raining quite yet. but look out to the west in berks county, up in the lehigh valley, around allentown, some light showers, they've crept into chester county. so it won't be long. i think by the time it is 6:00 we will be seeing some rain here in the city. in the meantime, if you are going way out to pennsylvania turnpike, once you get out toward berks county you'll see some rain. that's where we are right now. 57 degrees at the moment with just 3-mile per hour wind out of the east northeast. 10 miles visibility, at the moment. that will change once the rain comes. 6:50 is your sunrise time. but don't expect to see sunshine today. temperatures, yes, very mild right now, in the 50's, 57 degrees in philadelphia, lancaster, trenton, 58 in allentown, down in atlantic city it is 61, we have 63 degrees in wildwood and millville. so, that is comfortable temperature out there. these temperatures are anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees or more warmer than they were
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yesterday at this time. so, get ready for the rain, have the umbrella with you, it is going to be wind driven rain at times this afternoon, high temperature will probably be around 67 degrees, before we start dropping tonight after the rain tapers off. we'll have an over night low in the 40's. and we'll have a seven day forecast for you coming right up. hi, bob kelly. >> good morning, sue. good morning, everybody, 4:02, yes, yucky day, ahead of this. starting off with a accident here shall along route 100, right at the 30 bypass, all here at the top of your screen here. so watch it, local detours in effect, 100 at route 113 chester county. downtown we go, live look at the vine street expressway blocked in both directions between the schuylkill, usually out there until maybe 5:30 or so. curbside on freeway, light volume at the moment, working on the ramps from 295 to 202.
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coming in on the schuylkill expressway so far so good. watch for a loft activity as they're setting up the barricades for the philadelphia marathon that's taking place sunday. and around the art museum circle. been setting up the bleachers for next thursday's thanksgiving day parade. so there is a lot of prep work being done for both the events over the next couple of -- the neck week here. now over in south jersey, 38 at 295-6789 you will find road work through the day, coming in from the suburbs, royersford, still working on 422, out near the collegeville interchange, south on 295, no problems at the moment. from moorestown, all the way down to moorestown all the way down to the black horse pike. if you are headed out of town via philadelphia international airport, expect some weather delays, as that nasty storm will make a mess for our thursday morning. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. new this morning, authorities launch six raids in the brussels region linked to one of the par soup side bombers.
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>> french officials say they're unclear if the mastermind of last week's attacks is dead. hunt for 27 year old abhud took bloody turn to an apartment in the suburb. gun battle left two people dead, five wounded, police officers, eight people arrested. paris officials say abhud and the other wanted terrorist salon were not taken into custody, but still trying to determine if in fact they were killed in the attack. authorities say the group at that apartment looked to be prepared for a new attack calling them a new team of terrorists. >> a police swat dog was also killed in that gunfire. >> meanwhile, back here in the u.s., mayor of the big apple bill diables yo do not be intimidated by isis showing videos of times square. >> people should continue to go about their lives as usual. >> the people of new york sitly not be intimidated. we understand it is the goal of terrorists to intimidate
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and disrupt our democratic society. we will not smith to their wishes. it is important to note that there is no credible and specific threat against new york city. >> however, police say the video just proves new york remains a top terrorist target. in the video isis threatens far worse than paris, what comes next will be far worse and more bitter. >> scary stuff. >> airport workers across the country including here in philadelphia going on strike today. >> steve keeley live at philadelphia international airport with the latest on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: they picked a time to have some impact. you have the busiest time of day first of all the busiest week of the year on top of all of that all of the worries about security, and lot of reports last week about airport workers themselves, not even being screened in all of these airports, as they worry about airliners being downed by bombs. so, all of this is going on at a backdrop. the last thing this airport
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and all of the other airports around the country where this is happening this morning need is upheaval, delays, and not enough of those people who handle luggage, clean the airplanes and all of the over worked and under paid staffers who keep the plane traffic and the people traffic moving. and the difference between this job action today from all of the previous protests we've covered recently over low pay is that the airport workers here in philly are joining their colleagues at major airports across the country. three up in new york city, boston, chicago, fort lauderdale. so big national job action today. >> contract and airport workers going on strike, on strike, terrible working conditions, working under other airport. here in philly, city council works very hard to get these workers a raise over the summertime. many of the workers didn't get the raise. some of the workers entitled did not get the raise. all of them have been talking about for the past month the terrible working conditions that they're under.
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they're on strike under unfair labor practices today. that strike is starting tonight, will go through tomorrow, and will not stop fighting until they are finally table get treated when some dig knit. >> i so they walk off little last night, walking off again at 6:30 this morning. and this union, 145,000 member strong, they are employed not by the airports but by airlines who have not shared big profits from all of their new high fees and low fuel costs recently, for those past years, as they have souring profits up to nice cruising altitude, but in the in the sharing mood according to these workers, especially christmas time as we see the snowflakes lit up here at the airport. >> can you imagine if they decided to have this strike next week, thanksgiving week? it would be a real mess. steve, thank youment. >> carly fiorina will be in philadelphia today, will speak at the keystone conference on business and policy at the university of pennsylvania. fiorina is former hewett
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packard ceo. >> forcing parents, teachers, and the school district to take comings. >> violence has gotten so bad student are afraid even to go to class sometimes. dave kitchen inch live from north washington high school with more on this. >> good morning to you, that's exactly right. student tell us they are afraid to go to school here with fights breaking out every day at george washington high school. and they gave school leaders quite an earful. a meeting between school administrators, students and parents got heated at times with student bringing a crystal clear message that things are getting chaotic after smart phone video documented several fights that broke out just last week, and scuffles that even left blood in the hauls. some students say it happens every day both parent and student spoke with passion. >> she may not make it through your school. she wakes up every day in fear of coming to school. you have future doctors, future lawyers, future
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presidents in the school. they're afraid to come to school. >> it hits you at the core. you want to provide a safe learning environment for children. >> principal jean jones who said he saw increase in serious issues at the school since he arrived three years ago. he said help is on the way. school district of philadelphia says they will have more school support staff here. remember, it was just last creek, in fact, i covered it, we were here, a school safety officer died of apparent heart attack while responding to a fight at the school here. these problems have been going on for quite some time. but again, the school district says they are working on it, guys? >> dave kinchen, thank you. s and police are looking for two men involved in a violent attack and robbery inside local grocery store. >> those two robbers enter the all the a grass ya grocery store, guns out, pair quickly in the store, they went right behind the counter, they smashed the store owner in the head. they even turned a 30-inch michetti the store own her hiding behind the counter for
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his protection against him. >> small business, people inside, you have kids inside the store, come walking in, these guys armed with handguns. >> detective believe the two are part of a heavily armed crews that also held up the diaz grocery store just few blocks away in october. they, too, wore masks and had distinctive tatoos on their hands. at least investigate verse something to go on with those tattoos. >> man makes threats that he's going to go after local mosque. hear how a woman's quick thick stopped the plot. >> being called deadlier than isis for the terror they commit.
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>> this dance is called the dab. am i really behind the times? go like that. >> yes. >> so that's a dab? >> yes. >> all right, i want to dab it. so excited. >> dab. >> all right, so, this happened yesterday, right? >> the dab? >> apparent lip, sue, alex and mike have gone viral this morning. >> for doing that? >> for doing the dab. >> all right? >> it is all over social media. i have friends in atlanta, south carolina, memphis, california, is this your station? yep, this is my station. this is what we do in the mornings, the dab. >> and if they only new. i mean there is was toned down from what we normally do, sue. >> right. >> doing that, that's nothing. >> it all came out of the cam newton story of course,
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because he did it in the end zone during the game. >> right. >> and i didn't even know what it was, then i learned what it was. >> hey, you are not alone. >> so basically i learned that dance, then we destroyed it as the dance craze all in one day. >> now you're viral, sue serio. >> we're so uncool, nobody want to do it any more. >> i showed this morning, she is mean, they put a song to it, she's doing it over and over. >> so your life is now complete. >> you're right. there is absolutely nothing left to achieve. i'm done. >> how is that foreign guagement? >> oh, all right. >> quote of the month. >> right now, we have the radar, lehigh valley, berks county, it is not here in the city yet, but starting to sneak into chester county in the turnpike there is getting a little bit of rain. so what to expect? the rain moves inbetween 6:00 and 9:00 this morning.
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it will be windy with gusts up to 30 miles an hour rat times this afternoon. that wind driven rain makes it even more fun to travel around in. so the lesson is not necessarily right now, but later on, allow yourself a lot of extra time. by the end of the day it, looks like we'll have close to inch of rain for most of us, half inch for some, little over an inch for others. but there will be times of heavy downpours. so just have to be on the alert. there will be mild temperatures today, say good-bye after today, to these real mild temperatures, all of the numbers you're seeing here, mid to up ear anxious, those are high temperatures tomorrow. it is 63 degrees right now in wildwood. we will keep the mild air around. we have 14-mile an hour wind, you see the direction has changed, from northeasterly to southeasterly, that's warmer air moving in from the south. that's why it is milder today than it was yesterday. so for our high yesterday, we are not going to make it back to the 70 degrees any time soon. but we may get close in some places today.
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sixty-three was yesterday's high. seven day forecast has 66 for today, 50's for tomorrow, and saturday, 40's for sunday and monday. keep that in mind if you are headed to the marathon, philadelphia marathon is early sunday morning, and then of course we have that eagles game, in the afternoon, at the linc, and it is going to be a lot colder this week than it was for you, bob kelly, last week. >> yes, definitely. a loft outdoor activities, this weekend. good morning, everybody, 4:16. live look at the vine street expressway. still closed to vehicle traffic between the schuylkill and broad street. for maybe another hour or so. you know the drill if you are coming in not city vehicle via the schuylkill, jump off at spring garden, 30th or south. if you are coming off of 95, you're push off at broad. and then you can use vine st. local to work your way back around it. good morning to the airport. this is i95, right near philadelphia international airport. northbound, some lane restrictions, you got the
4:17 am
cones down here between the airport and bartrum avenue. as you are headed down, headed down to the airport, no problems at the moment. it has been light volume so far. but at the airport today, probably going to have the weather delays as the storm gets closer and closer, and as steve just monitored down there possible strike delays, may not be smooth sailing if you are expected to fly out of philadelphia international airport. give yourself extra time. take a look at the first appointment, where you are supposed to be at 8:00. probably late for t careful on all of the work zones, this will be one of those active morning rush hours, where we are getting hit hard with the rain. and you know the drill. all of the drainage greats in the construction zones are actually in the travel lanes that we are driving through. the last time we had heavy rain during rush hour, had multiple accidents in all of the work zones. 202, between 29 and 401.
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that's another hot spot that you want to watch. because that watt letter quickly pond up, if those drains are clogged from all of the leaves. septa, looking good this morning, that new questioned newell play on the lansdale line. they got the new station open for you there in lansdale. and watch for some construction on 495, at the terminal avenue interchange, in wilmington. chris, lauren, back to you. >> mr. kill, thank you. former subway spokesman jerry fogle today, petition for five year prison term. prosecute remembers seeking 12 and a half years. how much, this is a federal case, meaning, the judge has a wide range every discretion. jared fogle could actually get to up 50 years in prison, we'll wait and see. meantime coming up on 4:18, several officers hurt during protest over the shooting of un arm black man in minneapolis. >> happened last night, people started throwing water bottles and rocks at police. protesters continue to gather outside police headquarters. this is near where 24 year old jamar clark was shot sunday.
4:19 am
he scuffle with officers called to the scene of domestic assault. they say clark, suspect in that assault, was interfering with the emergency workers and tried reaching for one of the officers weapons. >> maryland column ledge stay closed through thanksgiving in the wake of a scare that involved a young man from our area, washington college, and chester town maryland, lockdown monday after police say 19 year old jake on marburger lefter the school, went to his parent cheltenham home, took a gun case. the case may have a gun inside but they aren't sure. cheltenham high was also lockdown monday as a precaution. authorities are still looking for him. washington college announced yesterday it will be closed through next week. the college president said the decision was made based on continuing consultations with law enforcement. >> 4:19 the time. call it intuition or inch stirring. woman in our area may have prevent add terrorist attack. on line threats came from
4:20 am
alexander who lives in texas. woman alerted posts made by him threatening to quote shoot up a mosque here in our area. along with the post, pictures of assault rifle and ammunition. now, police here are calling this woman a hero for tipping them off. >> this is exactly how the system is supposed to work. we ask our community members if they see something suspicious, to report it, give it to us, that's exactly what this woman did. she reported to us. we followed up on it. >> so he is behind bars, arrested at his job. where do you think he works? at an airport in texas. when asked why he wanted to do these violent act, police say, he cited 9/11 and the deadly paris attacks, as well, from last friday. >> while the world is focused on isis, another group captured the title deadliest terror group boca who are and. >> tortured nigerian and other african countries responsible for more than 6600 deaths last
4:21 am
years, that's according to the global terrorism index. expected to be behind bombing that killed at least 34 people in a nigerian marketplace yesterday. later in the day, two more suicide bombers killed at least 15 people, that was in northern nigeria. explosions came as nigerian's president continued his campaign against the country's corruption blamed for hampering the fight against the insurgents. >> 4:21, real life story of dying from a broken heart. a famous football player loses both of his parent just an hour apart. hear how doug fluteie is dealing with this tremendous loss of both of his parent? plus the eagles back to practice yesterday. some players not on the field. what the team is now saying about sunday night's rosser. >> and are you rich? well, you will be if you have these numbers, lauren dawn johnson. flutie
4:22 am
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>> good morning, eagles get into sunday ' game with questions that may be sorted out by the ends of the week, brad forwards, matthews did not practice. barwin, not on the practice field. sunday mark sanchez will start as quarter bake. evening else can't make mistakes, when you speed up your offense do you have make decision. >> use the analogy to fast break-in basketball. just because you have a fast
4:25 am
break doesn't mean you can throw the ball out of bound or lead the guy on a lob for a dunk, and he is not thinking. that will you know, you got to be on the same page as these guys. that's most important thing. then understanded where you're at. >> the sixers are a disgrace. to the wells fargo center last night, brett can't look. how do you watch this team? they're just horrible. they can't shoot. that's new orleans noel two-point last night, that's great. so besides that, they can't handle the ball well. twenty-nine turnovers. twenty-seven the last game. that's nba record. and their defense is just awful, awful. they lose to indianna 112-8a 12 straight for the season. a joke. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> i think joke is the only way to say t it is embarrassing that they're this bad. they don't even try on defense. >> so we know at least our world champion poker player went to the game yesterday, initially we thought oh, you have your jersey on, going to the game tonight, won $7 million. >> not just any jersey.
4:26 am
he wears the iverson jersey. that will reminds people when things were fun there at the arena. >> when they were good, when they were winning. >> when ai was dominating. not any more. it is a joke. >> sad story. chris told me this morning. former nfl quarterback doug fluter i lost had i parents on the same day just one hour apart. >> this is hard to believe. okay? no less it happened to famous person's parents, okay, so of course flutie, now 53, best remembered of course for his 1984 hail mary pass against miami that helped him win the heisman for boston college. he said his farther died first after suffering a heart attack, listen to this, just an hour later his mom died of a sudden heart attack. unbelievable. so flutie posted this tribute on facebook, he said, quote, they say you can die after broken heart and i believe it. his parents were married, there they are, for 56 years. now, her father -- i should say his father had been ill, and that's what triggered his
4:27 am
heart attack. but for his mother, who was in good health, to just drop dead an hour later, of the same thing, heart attack. un believable. >> hard to believe. but like he said, it is true, you hear so many times that people can't live without each other. that's kinds of the perfect exam job so your thoughts go to doug flutie, great guy. 4:27 the time. delaware, workers aren't safe on the job. hear why earning a living is putting them at risk? plus why police say an officer did nothing wrong when hand cuffing an innocent man and tossing him to the ground. we'll tell you more about that.
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>> fed up, some say their children are not safe at local schools. what's happening that has them completely worried? plus, victim, turned the tables on would be robber watch allowed him to gain control after being pistol whipped. >> good day everyone. and happy birthday to larry king. >> really? >> eighty-two years old. >> no idea. >> a lot of famous birthdays today. calvin klein. >> didn't you first, when you look up your birthday, look up february 19th? >> yes, i'm all messed up. can you believe that, sue? >> i do. >> right? >> totally believe it. >> calvin klein today, famous design earn, 73 years old. we will go on and on later in the morning. >> how are you, sue?
4:31 am
>> keep us posted. >> how are you on this nice february day? >> ya, feels very un february-ish out there right nowment at least what we're dealing with is only rain f this were february, there might and whole different color on this radar. but it is green, and the rain is moving in, starting to sprinkle into the western suburbs, western counties, so reading getting light rain, allentown, little bit of the pocono mountains, not too much else. over the next couple of hours from west to east see the rain roll n so you may be seeing a sprinkle or two if you're driving around in chester county this morning. it is 57 degrees, very mild, for this time of year, that is warmer than the average high for mid-november. 3-mile per hour winds, and 10:07 our sunrise time. so temperatures mid to upper 50's, just about everywhere this morning, except to the south of us where it is in the 60s in millville, in wildwood, in atlantic city. much warmer than yesterday. so, you don't have to bundle
4:32 am
up as much since it is 22 degrees warm nerve some cases, than it was at this time 24 hours ago. but you do need the rain gear, because even though it is not raining now, it is coming. so it is a mild start, with upper 50's, 59 by lunchtime, should be about 67 degrees with messy commute, actually, on both ends. once this rain rolls in, it will slow everything down. your sunset time is 4:42. so we're still in the anticipation mode, bob kelly, because the rain isn't here. >> ♪ anticipation ♪ >> catch up song. >> yep, get your behind catsup and let's do it. fifty-one, 55, coming down i95 as sue mentioned, you may see drizzle start to pop on your windshield. right now coming into the city we are good to go from a the rain stand point. construction still underway. live look at the vine street expressway. still closed between the schuylkill and broad street for maybe another hour or so. if you are coming in on the
4:33 am
schuylkill, live look, at spring garden street. no delays at the moment. again, for the schuylkill, you exit at spring garden, 30th or south, if you are coming off of 95, you'll exit at broad street and use vine st. local. rainy rush hour on the way. give yourselves some extra time. be extra careful in the work zones like 95 and route 202, where the drainage greats are moved around. weather delays are possible for two different reasons at the airport. the weather, and the strike down at the airport, steve keeley have more on that coming up in the next hour or so. so, do check with the airline, airport is open, so far so good down there, and an accident on the new jersey turnpike, southbound, exit number 7a. they're also doing some construction in that interchange. work zone in q town, up and down the northeast extension, in the area of quakertown, and they're working on 495 at the terminal avenue change there in wilmington. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much, bob.
4:34 am
emotions running high after series every violence at one school in northeast philadelphia. >> it has gotten so bad that the parent fear sending their kids to school could be dangerous. now, school leaders of course are compelled to takings. dave kinchen looking into this now, you're at george washington high school with reaction, and the concern, dave? >> reporter: that's right there. was a big meeting yesterday. and parents, they say they've had enough, here at george washington high school. they say fights have been breaking out here often, almost every day, some tills, and they gave school leaders an earful, a meeting between school administrators, students and parent got heated at times yesterday with student bringing a crystal clear message things are getting chaotic, and change is demanded after smart phone video documented several fights broke out just last week, and scuffles that left blood on the hallway floors. some student say it happens every day. both parent and student spoke
4:35 am
with a lot of passion. one woman talk about her son's troubles. >> he's afraid to wear his glasses because he said mom, i'm fighting back, they won't have me on the gown. mom, it won't be my mine that they're stepping over. >> everyone experienced high schools, probably the best years of your life, and it is all positive. that's what you want to create. that's what we are trying to create here. and we have some unfortunate instances and we're work to go move forward so children can have those experiences that are all positive. >> reporter: principal jean jones said he saw increase in serious issues at the school since he arrived just three years ago. now, as we come back live here, the school district of philadelphia says they will provide more support, more security for the school to address issues of violence, and remember, it was just last year when a security guard died of a heart attack, while responding to a fight. so, these issues have been going on as parent and student event said for quite a long
4:36 am
time now. guys, back to you. >> man, scary to go to school. >> and the principal put it perfect lip, these kids are robbed of great great wonderful years of their lives, where they should be creating memories in high school. >> absolutely. >> 4:36. series of deliver driver robberies have police on alert. >> anyone who delivers food specially at night please watch out. they've had five armed robberies recently, all of them targeting delivery men. police say in each case drivers are called to address, when they get, there they are robbed by three to six men. police say it is the time of year when robberies jump and they are asking everyone not just delivery drivers to be on alert. anyone with information on the robberies is asked to call new castle detective. >> philadelphia police want to track down arsonist who set carson fire watch clue they say would be a dead give away to help find that suspect. >> plus, local police departments say an overside nothing wrong when arrest ago innocent man watch led them to that conclusion. we'll explain.
4:37 am
4:38 am
4:39 am
>> on november 6, video cameras catch the suspect, but on his way out, he accidentally set his left lands on fire. witnesses toll investigators they saw him running from the tow yard. anyone with information should call philadelphia police. >> restoration underway at the community house in burlington county after fire rips through
4:40 am
the building on tuesday. the historic moorestown building dates back to 1926. it is home to quite a few non-profit organizations and clubs. yesterday restoration crews were already out starting their repairs. it is still unclear what started that fire. the lower merion police department has cleared officers after arrest sparked outrage in the community. we told but this earlier this month. police arrested 58 year old net and yan williams after bank robbery because he fit the description of the suspect. turns out, he was innocent. he says, police put him on the grounds, they handcuffed him before he was let go. but last night police announce after an investigation police now say the arrest was appropriate, according to policy. >> a burlington city clerk fights back against an armed robber and guess what she wins. >> here is the video, take a look for your sufficient, surveillance video 17 year old mask robber barge intoed store on route 130, holding what appeared to be semiautomatic weapon. now we blurred their face toss protect the clerk, and because the suspect is under age.
4:41 am
when he couldn't get the register open, he repeatedly hit the man with the gun. the gun fell apart, because it was a fake. that's when the tables turned, though. >> i grab him, too, i call on my friend call the police to help me out. >> police say the suspect actually had a pellet gun. he's at the county juvenile detention center, teen charged with robbery, criminal mischief, simple assault. >> women on sex strike holding out on the men refusing to go to bed until their demands are met. why it is the only way to help their entire community. >> that's a crime. plus, new way for babies and moms to get health in philadelphia. children's hospital opened the first milk bank, special types of babe thinks will help.
4:42 am
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>> ♪ >> the legendary guitar player, influencing some of the greats like the late stevie ray van. >> ♪ >> just played in town. >> did he. >> just here. he is in his 70s, now, great guitar player. >> i like this song.
4:45 am
>> well, and appropriately enough, looking at the ben franklin parkway, from the camera atop, we do have some rain in our forecast. >> we've been warning you about it every day this week. maybe we will gave you a kind of bluesy feel to the day. but it will be a one-day special. so, as we look at ultimate doppler radar, right now, we see that the rain that's moving in ahead after cold front is mostly to our north and west, around the lehigh valley, pocono mountains, and berks county, not too much in chester county, just yet. but it is coming, because it is all moving in from west to east. so here is some of the timing in our future foxcast. we've got rain moving into the philadelphia area, between, say, 6:00 and 7:00. we'll see it. start to get wet in our neighborhood. by 8:00 it is raining, it is raining pretty steadily. see heavy downpours rolling in, late morning, early afternoon. here's 11:00 and there are pockets of heavy downpours all over the area.
4:46 am
>> this thing moving slowly l take all day to get through. so lunchtime will be kind of yucky. so will 2:00 in the afternoon, so will the evening commute. that could be slow and messy one. there is 4:00 with heavy downpours around. you see, by about 9:00, we're seeing the beginning of the end, everything has cleared the coast by 10:00, 11:00 tonight. that's your timing, just plan on rainy day, that's the way it goes sometimes. but again, confining it all to one day, so i think we can deal with that. 52 degrees in mount pocono, 56 pottstown, 57 here in the city. sixty-three in wildwood. and millville, very mild morning out there because of the direction of the winds, winds moving in from the south-southwest, brinking in milder air off the ocean, and we've got a look back before we look ahead, so remember monday 70 degrees, we won't get there. sixty-three yesterday. may get close with 67 for high. but don't get used to it, because it will be in the 50's on friday, and on saturday, so
4:47 am
the temple game at the linc should be pretty decent football weather. the eagles game at the linc on sunday will be a lot chillier. even if the sunshine. it will be little blustery there, with high only in the 40's, and that lasts until monday. then we inch back into the 50's by tuesday and wednesday of next week. bob kelly? >> down at the eagles game last week, nice, sun was out, then bamm, once that sun kind of set on the other side of the stadium, and were you sitting in the shade it, got chilly, it got chilly quick. forty-two up and down 202, sue mentioned, roads starting to get little wet up in berks county up in the poconos area, but so far so good, no problems up and down 476, coming up, and here is a live look at i95, northbound, headed up toward the airport, no problems on the blue route. 476, where it takes you up and over the schuylkill expressway. but, downtown, still closed on the vine expressway. both directions, between the
4:48 am
schuylkill and broad. there goes the truck that could be the first of the vehicles, as they roll westbound, out of town there, an accident, south, on the new jersey turnpike, all centered around exit 7a. there is also construction in that same area there. and later on this morning, anything you want for breakfast, you can have it. as long as it is on top of the pizza. >> oh, ya. >> collegeville, italian bakery and restaurant, they have breakfast pizza. bacon, egg and cheese on a pizza. pancakes on a pizza. >> eggs and surracca sauce. >> you got it. meet you over there, there will be some good eating today. >> you're bringing some back? you. >> know i always do. listen, i put it in the news van, whether it makes it back here or not -- >> happening today, final program will begin for new parking apps it, means you won't have to run book your car to re-fill your meter in philadelphia. so this is called meter up.
4:49 am
users can refill their meter through their mart phones by using a credit card. now, the app will give you a seven-minute warning, when your meet is her about to expire, and you can pay for additional time. the pilot program will last for six month over 316,000 spaces available part of this four-zone test area. >> so, you know we're right outside the test area right here t start at four, goes over to 20th. so all of us that park between third and fourth, whawhawha. >> oh, you know they drew the line right there because of all of the smack we've been talk about, yes, we'll get murphy. turning to your health, if i of its kinds for our region. >> officially launched it new mother milk bank. mothers can donate breast milk have it be available on site. it will open in three phases, first donations being accepted for mother of chop patients, then start accepting donation frost chop employees, and finally, mothers in our community will be allowed to donate their milk.
4:50 am
>> in the past five years alone, all mothers at chop have donated over 120,000 ounces of milk to another milk bank. we have facilitated mothers and shipping mill took ohio, the closest milk bank to us, and then in ohio they pasturize the milk then we had to buy it back. doesn't make a lot of sense. so -- >> the milk bank is the 18th of its kinds in the u.s. you're off camera, look at that. >> looking at you. is that okay? >> making sure all of the babies at chop have breast fill being available. wow, getting it only from ohio, or iowa? >> ohio. >> ohio, that's a far trip for milk to travel. >> absolutely. >> specially by car. so the us government is retiring the last of its reserve i am ships. using them for research despite ongoing protests from
4:51 am
animal rights activists, they decided to phase out the program saying it will come it a close this year. the 50 chimps that are left will now be released to animal sanctuaries. >> a chicago woman says sex can solve the rash around her sit. >> i april started petition on asking the women of chicago to go on sex strike until the shootings stop. actually the theme of director spike lee's new movie. the tag line, no place no peace after the murder after child by stray bullet, women banned together withholding sex from men in their community to get them to stop killing each other. believes it can really work. >> well, then, i'm just not going to have sex. i'll go on a sex strike. i really was doing that just to be a catalyst for change and just to be able to open up some dialogue with people, especially, you know, the men in our neighborhood need to take on more accountability.
4:52 am
>>, quote, we're on strike, let the lockdown begin. nearly 50 women have signed the petition so far. so i got that wrong. i said no place no peace. i was supposed to say no peace, no piece. >> get a piece of -- >> got it, no peace, no piece. >> perfect time of year to start seeing turkeys. some south jersey towns, they've seen enough of the birds. see how the turkeys taking over towns straight ahead.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> ♪ >> in is new song, sore. >> i bob tells us breaking news, tickets go on sale tomorrow, two shows in philly, may seventh and eighth at the wells fargo center you listen to that music, can we list nenna little more? if you listen to his voice. >> ♪ >> to me, i don't know, they all sounds the same, these artists any more, the way they sing. i think it is an effect. you don't hear like real singing. >> i love this song. >> whatever. many of us are getting ready
4:56 am
for thanksgiving. if that didn't make you want to throw up. some local families in need getting support for the holidays. >> donated more than 7,000 pounds of turkeys to philabundance food bank in south philadelphia. annual holiday tradition for shoprite. philabundance will now distribute the turkeys to local food pantries and charitable organizations, shoprite has donated more than million pounds every turkeys, over the last 16 years, to food banks, including ones in new jersey, delaware, and in pennsylvania. meanwhile, some residents in burlington county say they've already had their fair share of turk us. >> here is the dial, dozen every wild turkeys are running a foul taking over local neighborhoods. so we took a trip out to cinnaminson to see what all of the commotion was b we found birds strolling the streets. residents say even more early in the morning, as many as 06 strut their stuff in the streets, also like to hang out in the trees, make themselves at homes roosting on rooftops. who ever wrote this script is brilliant.
4:57 am
neighbors in pal my, a riverton, are seeing the troublesome turkeys, as women. off initials palmyra say they plan to try to trap the turkeys next month, and then return them to the wild. >> are you done? >> i think so. coming up at 5:00 the penguins ruined the holidays. the stunt he pulled that puts miley cyrus to shame. >> plus, burst into local convenience store waiving around guns, where they found a michetti to help in their heist. i'll try to go easier on the bieber in the future.
4:58 am
4:59 am
♪ this holiday season, my good friend gave to me ♪ ♪ 7 powerball tickets ♪ 6 match 6 chances ♪ 5 cash 5s ♪ 4 cash4lifes ♪ 3 pick 3s ♪ 2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new holiday millionaire. (joe) happy holidays! ♪ and best wishes from the lottery ♪
5:00 am
>> she wakes up in fear every day coming to school. >> how sad is that? parents, why they're worried their kids are not safe. >> plus, new video from isis targets new york city, why the mayor is telling people not to be alarmed. >> why chop is being ordered to pay $10 million to one family. how a mother says her son has never been the same. >> good day everyone, it is november 19th, 2015. thank you so much for waking up with us, at 5:00 a.m. >> so it has been real good weather, seems like we started off the 70s monday. >> monday, 70s. >> now we get rained on all day,. >> and it will be cold for the eagle game on sunday at the linc, sue serio


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