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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 20, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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now on chasing news. >> it's a story about a guy that was in paris, he has not been found. >> 's friends and family are desperately searching for him. when i heard of the paris attacks that's when a panic. >> that's when we were worried again. >> is there anything he was running away from? this seems very bizarre. >> working out on the streets of your own neighborhood at the gym. >> i met a trainer. >> keeping it simple. >> see how quickly i learn. >> does he ever get in trouble, like does he ever think there is a creeper hanging around when kids were playing at the park. >> i attended a march of dimes
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fundraiser recently, when i when i was there carl gentry was performing. he said he plays piano for jon bon jovi, today he brought his guitar. >> your chasing a story at princeton university where kids are process protesting a city and upset about the fact that woodrow wilson is the name of one of the colleges within the university. >> so when set princeton university members of the black justice league walked out of class to protest racism that they believe that the school. they showed up to the office of the university president to demand woodrow wilson be stripped up every building and a mural in the dining hall be removed. >> well icebound found a big one. it says the wilcox dining hall is right inside. i peeked through the windows and guess what i found? nice, big, woodrow wilson
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merrill. >> as they put it, woodrow wilson was a races racist. >> our country dealing with racist history which include slaveholding and the activists solution of black people on this campus. secondly it is cultural for professors who are not trained in racial identity. >> they have a place for african-american students can feel safe and love. wilson has long history here, he was a president of princeton university from 1902 until 1910. he served as new jersey governor , and then became president of the united states. he was a democrat and was seen as progressive at the time. he also heavily supported segregation and slaveholding even. today there are about 20 members
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were still in the presence off as you slept there overnight. they refuse to leave until their demands are met. the atrium is full of students. i want to add that the group is very vocal. behind closed doors they actually agreed that woodrow wilson was a racist but he wanted students to also understand just how much he did for the university, new jersey, jersey, and the united states. but is it appropriate just to erase history even if it is ugly question of. >> what i interesting was the fight against segregation because wilson was absolutely a segregationist. i think it is somewhat interesting and ironic that on one hand they want to fight segregation but on the other hand they want to desegregate. having said that he was a racist, he was a bigot and the kids have a good point. >> he's the one who created the league of nations that became the united nations. it is thanks to that president that we have a venue where nations can meet not for war but to find ways to have more peace.
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>> how's that working so far. >> can we blame him for that. >> this is an argument going on all over the country. you know it's a healthy one if you cannot get up and yell into a megaphone in college, where else can you do a? >> the school has very white traditions in their clubs and dining clubs, eating clubs that are very white only. >> but none of those are segregated, they don't disclose certain members of minority groups. >> the eating clubs. >> the show obama went to princeton. >> the eating club in princeton are elite and people from all races get ejected rejected. >> high-speed chase. >> philadelphia police are seeking the public's help in finding a serial engagement ring thing. on on november 10 hit two jewelry stores.
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in morristown and kay jewelers and philadelphia mill. he he has to see a diamond ring and when it's in his hand he bolts. he is 35 or 40 years old, black, short hair, and a gray goatee. and a gray goatee. if anyone sees this guy call the police. >> surveillance videos capture the store owner depending often attacked by an alleged armed robber on monday. it happened around 6:30 p.m. at the superspeed he mart. the intruder appeared to be armed with semi automatic weapon. after they are arrested the teen they found he was carrying a pellet gun. so, all is right. >> you are on a chase, this is a bizarre story about a guy that was in paris, we think a couple couple of weeks before the terrorist attacks. he has not been found. what he
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got. >> austin taylor has gone missing and his friends and family are desperately searching for him. his mother has been using the # and he has also been posting on facebook asking him if you see this to contact us and let us know you are okay. i chase this to new york, met up with one of his friends, she showed me a facebook post, on that post it says he was last seen on monday, november 2, at 10:00 p.m. on east fifth street. right now i am in the east village standing in the last spot austin taylor was seen. on monday november second, around ten around 10:00 p.m. >> okay we thought it could be possible that he couldn't use his american phone so we were all a little less worried. >> when i heard of the paris attack a couple of days later that is when they panic. >> i believe it was the next air the day after we heard the news about the paris attack and that is when we were worried again. >> fortunate luisa found out
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that 129 people killed in the attack have been accounted for. he is not among the dead. >> i'm concerned about a couple of things. a has of things. a has he done this before? be, was there any concern that there is something he was running away from? >> it was bizarre. his resume is very magnetic, he's good-looking, he's good-looking, he's the kind of person that everybody likes. >> hey all you friday rich kids hop off your hover board to give them to me because they are now illegal in new york city. the 2626 precinct has tweeted that a city code for kids on to we'll be goals if you are seen riding around making confiscate them. really all that that aside, i'm just waiting for a hover board. >> america has a new commercial for governor christie. it shows images of the recent
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terrorist attack on paris. he speaks about president obama and hillary clinton. >> america is tired of weakness in the oval office, we better not turn it over to a second hillary clinton. we have to stop worrying about beloved and start caring about being respected again. >> working out on the streets of the old neighborhood is at the gym. i met a local new york thinnest trainer at thompkins square park. he took he took working out to a whole new level. maximizing your body to the full potential. >> i started working out more the big box gym atmosphere but then i gradually left over several years and have transferred positioned using minimal equipment. i'm about keeping it super simple, focusing on calisthenics. >> i believe it doesn't matter where you work out it is like
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you have determination and are willing to do it. i agree with him. we start off with some basic squats, he see how quickly i learned so he started with one like it squats. that was a little more tough. then we did some push-ups. >> 's i'm going to do a push-up here we go. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ double mocha. >> that i went to the monkey bars. when i was a kid i fell at the monkey bars and broke my arm into places. i was in a cast for two years. >> did you really? >> he is a master at his craft he is a training magazine which is here,. >> there is more than just what this guy is doing. >> look at this guy.
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>> i mean what is the? >> he didn't lamont talk about what he eats. >> what, why not? >> i'm just kidding. [laughter] you don't have to change your whole and tired diet. >> i'm thinking there are no cheesesteaks, no pizza. >> i can't do that. he is going to burn more calories than you eat, do push-ups to get stronger arms, it's not that complex. he just. he just doesn't we don't. >> does he ever get in trouble like does his parents ever think there's a creeper playing around when their kids are plain in the parkwest mark. >> no man. i asked him about that as well. he said it's new york city. people see everything. >> everything i do is all for bodyweight here at the park, minimal equipment you don't need anything but a polyp are. >> pull up bar. >> there's contractors all over the state.
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>> i'm
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>> the philadelphia marathon is coming up on sunday and brian lange, he is trying to break the record for fastest time while wearing a santa claus outfit.
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current time is it two hours and 55 minutes and 50 seconds, brian has a has work cut out for them. win or lose, he is doing something nice for the community, he is raising funds for the nonprofit organization mighty writers. >> while you may remember i hosted a march of dimes fundraiser and when i was there carl gentry was performing on the piano. he was excellent so i brought him into the studio we talked a little bit. he. he told me he plays piano for jon bon jovi, but today he brought his guitar and will play some music for. >> i'm going to play song that i wrote called second street. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause]. well the annual convention is in full swing, mirrors, commission chairs, elected officials and all sorts of people from elected politicians in new jersey all converge on atlanta. i went out yesterday to the mint pahlavi minutes a polity to see what it was about. people say it's about networking and hearing from the panel speakers
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inside the of an accident convention center. i would like to differ. the first thing i noticed when i got there was the massive floor display of everything from trucks to streetlights, insurance companies, consulting firms. all hawking their firms. all hawking their wares on the convention floor. [inaudible] so this is the daylight hours of the league but a lot of the action happened after dark, at some of the many parties that take place at a number of casinos and nightclubs in the area. we were able to get an invite through county executive joe d. he was the guest of honor and he said it was a good time. >> it was a great event, a lot of people had fun. >> for you, and about and about like that, what is the main purpose? >> come down and show what were about. we want people to know who we are.
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we talk about politics, talk but the future. >> people who come down here are not just elected officials. in fact some of the parties themselves are thrown by people who want to do business with municipalities, school boards, or omissions. >> there's contractors all over the state. i'm sure there are more. >> what is your feeling on it. >> what is my feeling? >> the leading missive tallassee is not just a it's a 350 day operation. they do introductory work, but i have to say this is the biggest convention of its kind in the entire country. >> i don't even know what to say. i look at this convention and i say that's my tax dollars to go by all that stuff. >> this may be one of the most honest stories anyone has done on the show. this is new jersey politics, everybody accuses new jersey being dirty handed but this is american politics at work. no one should be that surprised.
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>> your chasing the story, we heard about it last week about the army officer, he went went to korea, got married and had a wife and kid at home. >> we have new details free from the army themselves. they said that any further action on sergeant scott fullers case would be subject to sofa, that was the status of forces agreement between the united states and korea. in sergeant fuller's case they allow the korean government to have jurisdiction over his case. they are not doing anything right now so the u.s. army, because of that agreement it is also not stepping up. it turns out, this is not the only case of the bigamy of the u.s. army. there is a big case and 2012 and i got an got an exclusive interview with chris johnson. >> i just want to check, i never had any reason not to trust him.
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>> her husband, colonel james johnson, the son of a three star general very high raking in the army was convicted of bigamy, fraud, and conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman. she sent me these pictures showing his iraq he wife. he met this this iraq he woman in 2005, he came back from iraq and exchange sexy text and messages from her. >> her family left iraq and was living in the netherlands. >> he actually use government resources. note terry vehicles, government money for his mistress at the time. >> i met his mistress, he was having a holiday party and asked if we could host her and her holiday family and it was then one epic and i was going on. >> he married this iraq women in 2011. >> i devoted my time and energy and life to supporting his
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career military family. i don't regret that but it was the most devastating thing. i gave him my own chance of having a career. i raise our children. we. >> he only got a reprimand and a fine for $3000. >> this is a recognized problem. servicemembers get servicemembers get away with this conduct. >> about the military was the strictest court in the land. stricter than our courts. if if you're reprimanded by the military, i'm really just a pointed that he got grandfathered in. >> what chris is trying to do now is trying to get past that would separate the spouses from the crime. >> which would be happier if he was sitting in a prison and she was of all that money? >> that's rough.
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>> ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> hi, i'm iain page from fox 29 with a look at what's making headlines. police say they have a suspect in custody just hours after a robbery of a northeast philadelphia post office. they have not said much about that man except that he's at the federal detention center tonight with a court appearance set for tomorrow. investigator reviewed surveillance video after they say a masked gunman stormed into this post office in oxford circle. police say he threatened employees and demanded cash as terrified customers looked on. the second time robbers have targeted the post office in the past three months. it's a little easier to park in some parts of the city. meter up launched today. we told you earlier this week that's the app that lets you pay for parkway smartphone and add more time while you're away from your car. now a look at your weather forecast, here's meteorologist kathy orr. >> the rain is finally moving out iain. that's the good news. skies will clear during thelily morning hours and we'll be seeing sunshine for the morning for your friday. that means some colder temperatures. the cold air moves in with
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high pressure. it really peaks over the area and we are talking about the coldest air of the entire season settling in by sunday morning temperatures will be in the 30's. tomorrow the temperature 55 as you plan your day, the high temperature will be reached at 3 o'clock in the afternoon with a temperature of 55. but gusty winds will make it feel cooler and then looking ahead it will be mainly clear by the dinner hour for if you're going out 50 degrees for friday evening with temperatures falling. on the seven-day forecast, look ahead, 52 degrees for the temple game on saturday, below average. the coldest day will be monday but cold for the birds on sunday. a game day temperature of 49 degrees. for your monday, the morning low 32. the high temperature 45. that is the coldest air we've seen since last spring and as we look ahead to tuesday, still dry with a temperature of 51 degrees but a morning low of 32 degrees. so, the cold air will continue right into next week. we do see the warmup on
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wednesday. a bit milder, 53 degrees for the high, the morning low 35 and by thanksgiving day, looking good. temperatures will be in the 50's, easy travel up and down the eastern seaboard with plenty of sunshine so at least we have that to be thankful for. that is a look at the seven-day forecast. at least the cold snap is not going to last that long. he so far so good in the weather department. that's the very latest from here iain. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, before i let you go kathy let's talk about maybe the winter. just a quick update of what we can expect this winter. >> this winter is going to be a cold one but it's going start off on the quiet side. more rain than snow for the beginning of the winter and then conditions are going to deteriorate as we get towards the end of winter. >> thanks so much. that's it for tonight's fox 29 news update. remember to watch the fox 29 morning news beginning at 4 a.m. followed by "good day" philadelphia. we'll see you
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