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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  November 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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details are still coming in right knowledge let's get straight over to fox 29's jeff cole live in our newsroom. what can you tell. >> you're a presidential candidate you get a lot of attention. san francisco international airport tonight tells fox 29 united flight 1108 bound for boston was taxiing on the runway when it turned around and went right on back to the gate. this picture posted to twitter shows the governor and republican presidential candidate in a food court earlier today at that airport. now, united says the flight was delayed because of a disruptive customer on board and in a statement within the last hour governor christie's office said, authorities removed a passenger from that plane at the request of united airlines. the governor's people stressed that christie never interacted think passenger and that contrary to some reports on social media that passenger never threatened christie. the social meter ya reports indicated that that had happened, folks. the flight was delayed for about five hours. five hours. it's due to land in boston by
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about 8:00 o'clock tonight. we are working to learn exactly what happened on that flight. we will certainly keep you updated and i'm jeff cole in the newsroom where chris christie gets a little bit of attention tonight. folks, back to you. >> thank you, jeff. right now at 5:00 another deadly attack islamist extremist claimed responsibility for the attack at a molly hotel killed at least 19 people. >> the attackers armed with guns and grenades stormed the hotel setting off a deadly day long standoff tonight authorities say the standoff is over and two of the attackers are dead. >> but this news is small comfort to many in nations around world are continuing to ramp up security in amaze your way. >> terror at radison blue hotel in the mali capital of bomb company. the body count is staggering all the hostages including americans are now free but special forces are still on the scene. >> i heard bun shots very early in the morning. i thought it was firecrackers and didn't realize it was a
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hostage situation. >> african jihad different group affiliated with al-qaida is claiming responsibility. some experts believe the terror group trying to reclaim the global spotlight as they rhee compete with isis for terror recruits. >> this is justified in what they have to do but the second motivation particularly in regards to the timing is engage wagon i've been calling the jihad olympics. al-qaida is threatened by the rise of the islamic state. >> reporter: islamic state has recently out paced al-qaida in terror attacks at least in terms of scale and public is the. with their recent attack in paris, the french senate voting on extension of the state of emergency as prime minister warns of the possibility of another attack. >> the state of emergency was therefore a powerful and effective immediate response to protect our citizens and stop radicalized people. threat is without precedent a global threat from outside and from within. >> un security council will be calling for renewed efforts to
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fight terror groups in iraq and syria in the wake of the attac attacks. in paris, another victim has died as a result of those dead al tax one week ago. the official death now stands at 130 not including attackers who died. the french senate voting today to extend the state of emergency for the country for another three months. meanwhile the european union deciding today to beef up security within the shank end zone that zone is a passport free zone an louse people to travel freely around europe but after last week's attacks officials say they are adding border security and trying to cut off funding going to extremist groups. france is also calling for an all data about inter european flights including names and credit card information to be kept for up to one year. of course, these stories are changing by the moment. you can stay up to date on all of them by going to we are posting all the latest information on our home page. happening right now, the
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steve brotherly love is getting ready for a huge event this weekend. the philadelphia marathon is expected to bring tens of thousands of people into the city either to participate or of course to catch a glimpse of the runners as they make their way through the 26.2-mile course. but with the terror attack this past week in paris any large gathering in any major city raising all kinds of concerns about security. >> that's top priority for city leaders as well as race organizers. fox 29' bruce gordon live on the ben franklin parkway tonight. bruce, officials say they're ready for successful but i'm assuming more importantly a safe event. >> reporter: absolutely. that's the promise f their goal was to keep the pre race focus on the fun and excitement of this 22nd annual event, well, mission accomplished. convention center was buzzing on this day with the first of 30,000 participants in the marathon, half march-ton and 8k run arriving to pick up their numbered race bibs.
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on tuesday mayor nutter had assured participants and spectators alike that security plans were in place. and so on this date it was all about fun and games. the mayor bragging about his finish line high fives. >> this will be comparable to the nba slam dunk contest in creativity of high fives that will rock the world. >> reporter: in the wake of recent terror attacks overseas, and of course, the 2013 boston marathon bombing, the philly races will feature secure zones along the start and finish lines of the ben franklin parkway. security checkpoints will mean extra time for runners and spectators to get in place. but no one we've talk to sounded at all worried about their safety. >> they were pretty clear in the e-mail they would start the race on time, open security checks at 5:00 a.m. and they would be rigorous. so i'm confident in the steve philadelphia. >> i think it will be a little bit more of a hassle kind of getting up to the start line and probably coming into the city to park.
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but no concerns. >> i'm not one to let them scare me off from doing something i love to do and i love to be a part of running community. >> reporter: of course there's safety and then there's logist logistic. strict parking bans along the route will be enforced starting around 2:00 o'clock sunday morning. so get your car off the rotor if need be. of course, there will be lots of road closures to facilitate those thousands and thousands of runners go to we'll give you the full list. >> thank you bruce. chilly temperatures for the marathon this weekend. here's a live look from old city at the start avenue clear friday night. pretty picture there but temperatures are dropping and they will keep dropping through the weekend. chief meteorologist scott williams all bundled up and outside our studios in old city. hey, scott. >> hi there, dawn. yes, certainly drastic difference from what we were getting yesterday. temperatures were in the 60s. we had the clouds, the showers. the dry right now. you can see folks in and about old city. they have their jackets and sweaters on and you'll need a coat if you're stepping outdoo
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outdoors. let's talk about the temperatures right now. we're checking in at 52 degrees. those winds out of the north northwest at about 6 miles an hour. so much colder air still well to the north and west, but that system will be headed in our direction especially the second half of the weekend. but look at the temperatures right now. low 50s philadelphia. low 40s in pittsburgh and look at the numbers far north and west. 29 degrees minneapolis. 22 degrees in billing. so grab a coat if you're stepping outdoors. clear and chilly, by 11:00 o'clock, we're looking at those temperatures in the low 40s. but take a look at future feels like temperatures by 10:00 o'clock, it's going to feel like upper 30s in philadelphia. when i come indoors we'll talk much more about the chilly changes, preview thanksgiving weather and also talk about what to expect for the marathon. back to you. >> all right. we'll see in you a bit thank you scott. philadelphia funeral director behind bars tonight in connection with three bodies that were found inside a garage over the summer. police arresting janet powell
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daily earlier today. she's the owner of powell funeral home on north 27th street in strawberry mansion. back in august, police were called out to the funeral home to investigate a foul odor. officers discovering three bodies, one in a coffin and two others in cardboard body boxes inside a garage. the funeral had been operating without a license since 2012 according to officials. now on to a developing story out of haddonfield, new jersey. brazen burglars have police on alert tonight. not only are these thieves breaking into cars and homes, police say some of the owners were at home at the time of the crimes. fox 29's karen hepp joins us live from haddonfield police department tonight. karen? >> reporter: well, chris, in all of the cases it turns out that people were home. they were sleeping upstairs in the houses when this happened. here's the big difference. in the houses where he got inside it's because the doors, back doors or the windows were locked and right now, this guy is still on the loose. >> somebody came in. >> reporter: tom mervine is one of the lucky ones.
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a burglar got into his house but not for long. >> i was asleep. my son was up. he scared him out. >> reporter: police say the burglar tried to get into seven homes in haddonfield. if the doors were lock, he moved on. those that weren't, he snuck in through back doors or ground floor windows. in three cases, he made off, well, like a bandit. >> the actor made entry and removed electronic equipment. computer equipment especially. got some handbags as well and a couple occasions credit cards as well. >> reporter: what's so concerning about these thefts l the burglar struck while people were at home and sleeping between midnight and 4:00 a.m. on the 19th. >> it's very upsetting that that would happen in this neighborhood. >> reporter: police say the thief also got into six unlocked cars. they're asking everyone to take precautions like trimming back shrubs, blocking windows. get alarms or at least alarm signs and really lock up. >> you would think it's as simplest thing in the world but
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everyone thinks oh, nothing is going to happen to me. nothing to worry about. so it's just a good lesson. >> reporter: the haddonfield police collected evidence. they're having it tested working with some other towns. interestingly they say that crime does sore around this time of year but not for the reasons you think. we'll have more on that coming up at 6:00 o'clock. from haddonfield, i'm karen hem. chris, back to you. >> thanks, karen. talk to you next hour. pennsylvania schoolbus slams into this building. the end of a wild joy ride but it's not the only destruction left behind. >> and a first for investigators. a local executive who police say had a mounting debt to the mob and the $300,000 bust that landed him behind bars. plus, a class assignment that is dropping jaws across the country. students asked to create a recruitment poster for isis. what the teacher is saying about the controversial assignment next. and the follow holidays are approaching and so scott colder weather. it's been a pretty mild fall but
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that does not mean we're going to escape winter by any means. the fox 29 weather authority winter authority will pre par you. >> coming up at 6:00 a tough decision for a local cop. ignore a skunk stuck in a box or choose the kinder, smellier solution? ♪ >> i'm probably going get skunk. >> he chose option b. we'll show you how all this worked out coming up. ♪
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♪ philadelphia central high school's most famous alum is scrubbed from its hall of fame. bill cosby no longer being honored by the school. central high school's newspaper is reporting the alumni board voted for the removal. the embattled comedian has been the target of sexual assault allegations by dozens of women over the course of decades. >> investigators say it's the first time in the state they've found a casino game rig. man behind it all a former top executive at a local casino. >> state police say it may have been part of a scheme to feed his own gambling habit. fox 29's dave schratwieser breaks down the $300,000 bust. ♪ >> reporter: at the parx casino in bensalem, they're all about attracting new customers to fill up the gaming hall and enjoy a night out gambling.
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no one new that better than john martinelli. he was the casino executive charged with developing new customers and keeping them happy. ♪ basically the conspiracy revolved around what's called e play. casino money that they give as a comp to the patrons. >> reporter: but it was the 43-year-old martinelli's attention one gambler joseph fallacaro of southampton that drew the scrutiny of casino officials and state police. >> fallacaro through multiple cards received an excessive amount of e play which was converted over to actual money. over all we're looking at nearly $300,000 in all, but between he and mr. fallacaro over several accounts, roughly 180,000. >> you want to keep that guy at that slot machine for as long as possible, so what if e play accumulates his wallet dee appreciates and that's what any gaming boss wants. >> reporter: but the alleged scheme quickly resulted in
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martinelli's skit from the executive suite at parx and a laundry list of charges from the state police. the highest ranking casino executive charged in pennsylvania since gaming started here. >> at least in pennsylvania it's unprecedented. >> reporter: have you seen a scheme this big in a casino at this point. >> not me personally, no. when you're in kaseen known you lose you get comnd. when you win you're asked to leave. when you win big, you get fired. >> reporter: martinelli who happens to be the brother-in-law of the casino gm is now charged with using his position as director of player services to funnel e play money to fallacaro and several family members for almost a year. investigators also say martinelli illegally accessed e play accounts of 10 random customers set up duplicate accounts and gave fallacaro access to those new accounts to the tune of 100 grand in e play. >> the casino administrators caught on to it, and took swift
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action mr. martinelli i believe agreed to mutually part ways with the casino. >> reporter: your thoughts bout charges he's now facing. >> look on paper they're serio serious. but its they're only op paper. >> reporter: state police investigators say the scheme didn't end there. they charged that martinelli and fallacaro also conspired to fix the $25,000 dr. martin luther king dream jackpot sweepstakes at parx in january of 2013. >> it's believed that the $25,000 promotion was rigged and mr. fallacaro's favor. mr. martin untilly didn't rig anything and as to whether, a friend of his winning or some other gentleman perhaps winning an event, someone has to win sometimes. >> reporter: why did john martinelli allegedly do all of these things he's been accused of? gentlemen jeopardize his job at the parx and help out front joe fallacaro? well, state and federal law enforcement authorities say it's because he was borrowing money from people including a local organized crime ring specializ
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specializing in sports betting. >> they talk about it daily. that was all bogus. had no substance it to at all. >> mr. martinelli was either gambling in casinos or out illegally. >> the feds say the sports betting operation was run by a group of albanian wise guy who's operated out of the lion bar and grill in mayfair. the organization state police and fbi say was run by yelly jelly and eight others. fox 29 was there when the gambling operation was taken down in 2013. the charges were serious. >> loan sharking, extortion, claim mike client used violence or gave out the perception of violence. >> he says martinelli was allegedly deep in death to his client yellly jelly and his organization. fbi says jelly and his crew used violence threats and intimidation to collect on loans
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to betting customers. fbi agents say the enterprise would threaten customers who didn't pay up with a gun, a hammer or a hatchet. >> the fact of the matter every witness that took the stand on behalf of the government did not any any way testify to any physical harm, any emotional harm. >> reporter: in fact, martinelli was listed as a prosecution witness by the feds. when they tried and convicted yellly jelly and his crew last december. jelly got 14 years behind bars. martinelli was set to testify against jelly but never took the stand. sources say martinelli would have toll the jury about being in debt to the organization. >> martin nel hal borrowed money from yellly many times, and martin nel hal not paid back the money. >> the same group of people the defendants at some .. in time they look the judge in the eye and the jury in the eye and said i'm not guilty of this and we know they were wrong about that. >> reporter: state police say martinelli conspired with
5:20 pm
fallacaro at the parx in order to split the proceeds. investigators believe martinelli planned to use the money to pay back the albanians and others he allegedly borrowed money from. >> does your client have a gambling problem outside of the casino? >> no. >> sports book making, bets on sports, anything like that? >> no. >> reporter: sources also tell fox 29 that when jelly was still on the street, he was barred from the parx casino and put on the state gaming commission's he can clues list. after several run ins with employees at the cass seep kno known. >> he was permanently evicted from the property. not allowed inside the casino. >> reporter: at some point jelly return to the parx despite being banned from the casino by state gaming regulator. >> there's some question who permitted him back in the casi casino. >> reporter: martinelli and parks park casino agreed to part company after the casino uncover his activities. parks park released a statement to us sauce john martinelli has
5:21 pm
not been employed at park park casino for more than two years. in regards to the allegations made against mr. martinelli, parx casino has been cooperating fully with the investigations by both the ps state police and the pa gaming control board ". federal prosecutors refused to talk about john martinelli citing the on-going appeals in the yellly jelly case. the state police say martinelli voluntarily surrendered his casino license. finance gaming control board is now considering whether to revoke that license permanently. dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. it was a spy convict evidence selling american secrets. he's been in prison since the mid '80s but that is change dag. the struck rules he'll have to follow to remain a free man. and few things that get in the way of a craving for hot wings except maybe high prices. that's what apparently sparked this blow up. the raving that landed a woman in jail. plus, he wanted to find a cure for cancer. but now this local doctor is in
5:22 pm
a race against time to save his own life.
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>> breaking news, we want to get to a rally outside of philadelphia city hall that may be affecting your evening commute. if you're in center city this is sky fox over the scene right now where this recall system being held. we are told this a rally and march for unity. this is happening westbound on jfk boulevard. it looks like that group is moving. it may be several dozen of them moving down the street. the group says it is speaking out against war, racism, islam phobia and police repression, of course, we will keep you updated and monitor the situation and bring you back if we need to. a stolen schoolbus taken on joy ride in western pennsylvania. right now, it's in the side of a building ton night the search is on for the person who did this. it happened in monroeville allegheny county 15 miles east of pittsburgh. someone stole the bus from a garage and crashed it through a gate and eventually hit a vitamin shop. fortunately no one was hurt and police are checking out surveillance video to see if they can figure out who did th this. after 30 years of tension
5:26 pm
between the us and israel over the espy i don't know nature case of john nan pollard it is now finally coming to an. the 61-year-old convicted of spying on the us for israel is now out of u.s. prison. pollard a former u.s. navy intelligence analyst spent 30 years in prison convicted of selling u.s. secrets to israel. his case complicating u.s. israeli relations since 1985 arrest after trying to gain asylum at the israelily embassy in washington, d.c. >> someone who raised this case before success u.s. president many times i long for this day. >> pollard wants to move to israel where he is a citizen to live with his wife but under his parole he must remain in the united states for at least five years. he cannot travel outside the us without permission and he must stay off the internet. a road buckles in californ california. the culprit a landslide. but this one is not doing what authorities expected it to. we'll explain.
5:27 pm
scott? >> dawn, right now getting ready for some of the coldest air so far this season. plus your weather authority looking ahead what to expect this upcoming winter.
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♪ south philadelphia detectives are to identify a group of men wanted for attacking a 28-year-old man sending him to the hospital. it all happened back on september 5th on the 900 block of oregon avenue but surveillance video just released today. the video shows the group just
5:30 pm
moments before that attack. police say they are looking for one suspect but they want to talk to the entire group of young men. 28-year-old was taken to jefferson hospital forehead injuries. to your fox 29 weather authority now. live look at the ben franklin parkway tonight. we stayed dry but things are cooler than they've were. pretty picture there. it will get even cooler for the weekend. chief meteorologist scott williams here now. we're wondering how cold especially running in that marathon. >> yeah, we'll have feels like temperatures in the 30s overnight lows to night in the 30s. but there is a warmup in the seven day forecast. but take look at the temperatures right now. only in the 50s philadelphia 40s and pittsburgh yesterday we had highs in the 60s. despite the rain. so noticeably cooler today. but look at some of the even colder air far north and west. 20s right now minneapolis. 30s in chicago. and we are also track something snowfall for some in the midwestern planes. temperatures right now already
5:31 pm
dropping into the low 40s in the pocono mountains. 52 philadelphia. upper 40s right now in millvil millville. so grab a jacket, weather if you're stepping outdoors. clear and cold temperatures by 11:00 o'clock in the low 40s but feels like temperatures will be in the 30s so we're dry, we're quiet but take a look at what's happening in sections of iowa. some reports of over 13-inches. over a foot of snow in the northern part of the state. that system most of the energy will stay well to the west of us. however, as we advance the clock, saturday morning it's going to be dry and cold. a few clouds start to increase late overnight saturday into sunday. and overnight sunday -- overnight saturday into sunday morning maybe an early sprinkle, but take a look. by 7am the sunshine returns. just in time for the philadelphia marathon. it is going to be chilly though temperatures to start in the low 40s. climbing into the mid 40s. let's talk about that weather authority seven day forecast. 53 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow.
5:32 pm
headed to the temple game, grab that jacket or sweater. then look at sunday. high temperatures only in the upper 40s. then as we move toward monday, the coldest yet. 44 degrees. but look at those overnight lows at or below freezing. but, yes, we warm things up thanksgiving temperatures in the upper 50s to near low 60s by friday of next week. so thus far for the month of november, it's been a little mild, but what to expect for the upcoming winter season. the weather authority has been keeping tabs on some of the latest computer models to give you an idea as to what to expect this upcoming season. take a listen. >> ♪ >> winter in philadelphia, we tend to remember the bad ones like this storm in january of 1996. the biggest ever, 30.7-inches. just few years ago the winter of 2009-2010 was the snowiest winter we ever had. 78.7-inches. last winter, our coldest night
5:33 pm
was february the 20th with a low temperature of 2 degrees. felt like it was below zero. but no temperature ever got that low. as for snowfall, hard al flake fell until january 6th when we got an inch and a half. with only three more storms after that, we ended up with a seasonal total of 27-inches. during our winter ahead we have something different in play. ♪ >> here's dave warren. >> thank you sue. we have to talk about el nino for this wint's forecast a near record el nino thousands of miles of ocean water temperature which is very warm and can actually impact our weather. we have these two jet streams polar jet and pacific jet here. with that warmer air to the south it actually works to push that polar jet farther north and get the strong pacific jet. what does that 19 for our weather here? well, typically, we could see warmer temperatures with el nino it's a strong el nino and frequent storms to the south and they may try to work their way up the coast but the air is so warm it's mostly just rain. a number much forecasts for
5:34 pm
winter early to late with the el nino peaking but then dropping towards the end of winter. so we could see more of an impact from el nino for the start of winter as opposed to the end. above average snowfall across siberia not expanding as rapidly as past winters when you get to situations like this, it could lead to colder temperatures here. ♪ for the specific on the temperatures month by month let's go to scott williams. >> thanks, dave. with the presence of a storm he will known know this season, it look like it's going to be a mild start to the winter months. especially december and january. however, it look like that el nino pattern could break down a little bit toward the second half of winter allowing some of that colder air from canada and y, the polar vortex to head in our direction. in particular, during the month of february. also, watching the wild card negative ao, negative atlantic city oscillation that pattern could set up shop and also funnel down some of that cold arctic air linking up with
5:35 pm
moisture to provide some snow. so what does that all of this mean for the temperature outlook for the winter season? 2015 2015-2016? look at the temperatures for the month of december. running about 4 degrees above average for the month. january about 3 degrees above average and then watching for some of that colder air the second half of the winter. so february temperatures on average 3 degrees below the normal. and then for the month of march, about 2 degrees below average. so it does look like we will see some the coldest air of the season and likely snow the second half of the season as well. right, kathy? >> absolutely, scott. but as you mentioned, it will be a mild start to the winter season. that means more rain than anything else in the month of december. even when we have a cold snap. it's not going to stick. so any snow will quickly change to rain. not amounting to much. this means there only be a slight 20% chance of a white christmas. december snowfall below the
5:36 pm
3.5-inch monthly average. in january, get your shovel ready. there will be a better chance of an accumulating snow. but i think the moisture supply will be limited. once again, snow amounts will be below the monthly average of 6.5-incheinches. snow lovers better news for february when the impact of el nino weakens this will be our best chance of seeing one or two significant snowfalls. february snow will be well above the 9-inch average. remember, there is always a chance snow could fall in march. this leads to a fox weather authority forecast of 16 to 22-inches of snow this winter. slightly less than the annual average much 22.4-inches. if you like snow, it's probably not a good forecast. >> yeah. i mean the bottom line out of all of this, don't put away your wint jacket. >> right. >> don't put away your snow shovels. >> all right. >> all right. thanks, scott.
5:37 pm
a woman lands herself in jail. she's hot over hot wings. what spark this outrage inside a restaurant. wait until you see what stood between a woman and her wing. >> coming up all new tonight at 6:00 o'clock a new jersey woman in big trouble for a social media post. what police say she posted to distract them while she allegedly commit add crime. tomorrow morning on fox 29 weekend, thanksgiving just around the corner. the holidays they could be stressful. tips to help you survive that family time. join karen hepp and bill ant son tomorrow morning at 8:00 on fox 29.
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♪ a georgia woman facing charges to night after causing a scene over chicken wings. this is surveillance video from inside a restaurant in fayett fayetteville, north carolina. police say that the 19-year-old katie young threatened store employees over the price of her lemon pepper wings. investigators say she disputed the 50-cent charge while she was at the drive through she was so upset she got out of her car and went inside.
5:41 pm
>> she threatened employees. threatened the manager with bodily harm. cursed at everybody in there. and called everybody in there disparaging names. >> one point young even went into the kitchen. police say young is charged with making terroristic threats among other charges. universal pre k, poverty and job creation some of the issues philadelphia mayor michael nutter tackling at his poverty summit today. all the programs part of city's shared prosperity philadelphia program. the initiative started in 2013 and is designed to get area organizations to work together to help fight poverty. this year they're also increasing access to emergency food aid and providing career counseling to high school students. in addition, they're helping to eliminate housing related health hazards for families with children. and career fair in west philadelphia today aimed at helping 18 to 25 year olds. the enterprise center hosting their next level expo chance for young another difficulties to
5:42 pm
learn more bout options available to them in the working world. the event also offering workshops focused on everything from financial aid to time management. >> tonight a class assignment that is dropping jaws across the country. students asked to create recruitment poster force isis. the teacher defense. >> plus he wanted to find a cure for cancer but now a local doctor is in a race against time to save himself. sean, what do you got. >> chris, a punch of players sitting out sunday for the eagles/bucks game and not just sam bradford. a couple key starters on both sides of the ball. we'll have a full injury update later in sports. come on in pop pop.
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>> we wanted to get you back to
5:46 pm
developing news in center city. a rally outside of philadelphia city hall. skyfox over the scene right now. you see where there's groups of people and police escorting them. this is a rally being held we're told a rally and march for uni unity. right now it's happening near 19th and jfk boulevard. started at city hall. those crowds may be affecting your commute through center city tonight as they're clogging the streets. this group says it's speaking out against war, racism, islam phobia and police repression. and controversy brewing tonight in utah and it's all over a homework assignment. >> wait until you hear this. a mother there says her daughter was given an assignment to draw up a propaganda poster for isis. the mother says her 14-year-old daughter was asked to create the poster for the terrorist organization. the ninth greater even using the internet where she typed how to recruit for isis in the into goggle. her mother think it's an inappropriate topic for her teenaged daughter to be exploring. she wrote a letter to the teacher and to the principal
5:47 pm
asking for an explanation. >> in light of what happened in paris, is that the reason for this assignment? i feel that a different type of assignment or report could have been chosen or a discussion in class on the tragic event. >> the teacher late apologizing saying it was a misunderstanding and inform the mother that the assignment had been cancel. the mother also received a phone call from the principle saying that the school sat down with this particular teacher. as for the assignment the teenager never did turn one in. a local doctor who lost his mom to cancer made it his mission to find a cure only face life threatening disease of his own. >> you've probably never even heard of it fox 29's joyce evans explains how he's making progress in his matter dash to save his own life and that of others. ♪ >> reporter: he is a rock star research assistant professor of
5:48 pm
medicine at penn. >> if you look to your left you see these blood vessels. >> reporter: a former athlete at georgetown and oxford who also has an mba from wharton. he made national headlines as a sophomore. co founding a huge support group for grieving college students after his mom waged a fierce battle with cancer. >> unfortunately she passed away a couple months after this. >> reporter: but doctor david faganbaum promised her he'd find a cure. instead, he found himself racing against time. facing a little known extremely deadly disease that may suddenly take his life. >> it's so frightening it's so epp so sod dick. i can go looking like i do now, healthy feeling great to win couple of days being in the intensive care unit with every organ failing. >> reporter: it's called castleman disease. >> so as deadly as cancer. >> reporter: far more
5:49 pm
mysterious. >> a third of patients die within five years. >> reporter: it's a hidden rare killer. >> i had my last rights read to me. i didn't think i was going to survive. >> reporter: castleman blind sided faganbaum in his third year of med school. he was only 25 years old. >> started experiencing my lymph nodes began to enlarge. high night sweats. i felt flu-like symptoms and tired. couldn't figure out what it was. >> reporter: after four and a half months in intensive care, chemotherapy and recovery -- >> the fluid is definitely painful. >> reporter: it happened all over again. only 15 months later. and that wouldn't be the last time. >> i feel terrified during these episodes, too. i mean i look death in the face and i have five times now, and everyone of them unsure if am i going to make it this time? >> reporter: he did. he got mad. and dr. faganbaum declared war. >> my brain immediately turned to how we're going to take this down.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: he has the perfect specimen. >> so i got out of the hospital i took a picture every week for eight weeks. you can city i go from no hair, huge belly and you can see the hair growing back. you can see i'm start to go look more like a normal person. >> reporter: the scientist faganbaum hit the lab. so what are you showing me here. >> this is a castleman disease lymph node and there's abnormalities inside the lymph nodes. >> reporter: very different from a normal one. >> you see a bunch of immune cells shouldn't be activated they're in the lymph node doing a lot of bad thing. >> reporter: through this he says a major break through has already come. that might change everything. >> what we found out is that it's not tumors that release proteins. the lymph nodes are enlarged because of the protein. and it's the immune system that's the problem. >> reporter: the immune system shifts into overdrive and starts attacking the body instead of protecting it. but they still don't know how or why. >> we're trying to figure out
5:51 pm
what's causing it to go crazy. what are the immune cells that are causing the problems and how do you stop it? >> reporter: so active visits faganbaum formed a volunteer army fanned out around the world and created a castleman disease collect bra tiff network identifying patients everywhere raising funds and awareness and even creating a face for team. >> we're getting blood samples from 79 patients were they're sick and when they're healthy. whatever is in their blood when they're sick and not when they're healthy is causing the disease. >> they're rising funds for what would be a first time extraordinary study that may answer more than the castleman mystery. >> as we're figuring how do you turn castleman off for our patients it will actually help teach us how to you turn it on for cancer patients. >> reporter: meantime, dr. faganbaum is trying a treatment that appears to be extending his life expectancy. >> i'm doing great at 5.5 years
5:52 pm
right now. >> reporter: leading the charge to kick castleman. joyce he havjoyce evans fox 29 . >> there's a gala tonight to help raise money that may present a possible cure. >> the gala is not just for castleman's disease but also for new treatments for cancer and other deadly ailments. for more information go to our website a roadblock -- buckles in california. the culprit a landslide. but this one is not doing what authorities expected it to do. we'll explain. and coming up all new at 6:00 it may look like a normal quiet day on philadelphia street, but there's a lot more going on here than meets the e eye. >> we say this guy just stole something and the sneaky way he did it. >> plus, a solemn tone on the eve of one of the biggest weekends for the city of philadelphia. all hands on deck to protect tens of thousands expected to flock here for the philadelphia marathon.
5:53 pm
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>> landslide in california leaves a canyon and road buckled and crack. the landslide lifted 140-foot section. you can see the pave many crumbling apart. la county officials say the hillside slipped but instead of going over the road it actually went under the pavement. the soil is still moving and will keep cracking. the road of course is closed until further notice.
5:57 pm
it is another big weekend of college football in our area. temple, villanova, penn, and penn state all will be in action. >> but it's the action off the field from the ncaa that has a lot of these fans upset these days including our own howard eskin. as a matter of fact, he's had it. >> are you kidding me? i'm done. i've had it. ♪ >> hypocrisy in sports is many times overwhelming. but what makes it that way is the money that sports generates. maybe the big fest hypocrites would be the inform caa. and i really had it. what i'm driving at is the rankings and now put together by a selection committee in the ncaa. there's a lot of money that the college playoffs and the national championships bring and there's no question that's why notre dame football is even in
5:58 pm
the picture. the top four teams make the playoffs for the national championship. give me one good reason why notre dame is number four? i'm okay with the top three. clemson, alabama and ohio state but as i speak, notre dame has not beaten one top 25, 25 team. temple was but is no longer. why is iowa and oklahoma state with better schedules and more wins not there? one simple reason. notre dame would draw more money because of who they are. the ncaa are money sucking hypocrites. i'm howard eskin and i've had it. >> have you had it with howard? because you know you can let him have it, you know, just record a video. post it on facebook or twitter, instagram. use the hash tag fox 29 weekend. a local family raises money to donate a piano to the children's hospital of philadelphia five years after the hospital saved their little girl. jill annie rielle dee that cutie
5:59 pm
in the pink well she had open heart surgery when she was just two years old. she's now seven and to say thank you her family ran a fundraiser that helped to purchase the steinway concert grand piano from from jacobs music center. it will sit in the hospital lobby for all to use. ♪ >> tonight at 6:00, chaos, fear and death in africa in what appears to be another terrorist attack. how security is tightening around the world and here at home. plus, serving all great and small. >> come here, bud. go get it. >> reporter: local police officer who went the extra mile to save this little guy but did he get skunked? live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. first at 6:00 a march for unity in center city philadelphia. skyfox live over a crowd of peaceful protesters.
6:00 pm
this is all going on near 19th and chestnut. the crowd is headed south. they're marching in the streets with police supervising. we're told this is a rally and march for unity. the group says it's all in an effort to speak out against war, racism islam phobia and police repression. we have not heard any reports of any issues. but there could be traffic slow downs in the area. we'll continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated. grab the jacket, also torque night the coldest weather of the season so far. looking live at the parkway tonight ahead of the busy weekend when temperatures will dip to level we have yet to feel this fall. >> pretty picture though. we have a chilly preview today. people putting on their sweaters and jackets. they were in the mood for little ice skating at dilworth plaza. by sunday, though, you may choose to stay indoors. actually great day to go ice skating. good evening everyoning i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. prepare to bundle up starting tonight. chief meteorologist scott williams feeling the chill for himself outside in old city to


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