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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 22, 2015 10:00pm-10:37pm EST

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local family for generations destroyed by fire. how family members found it it was up in flames. >> the hot toy parents say is a big problem. how it's ruining hair. your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ right now city of football fans demanding answers. ugly loss today at home. may ab sign just how much trouble the birds are in for the rest of the season. good evening, i'm iain page.
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>> i'm lucy noland. today just simply hard to watch. fox 29's brad sattin talked to fans many so upset they left before the game ended. we start with howard, though, and how today's game went down. howard? >> demanding answers, huh? i don't know if there are any answers. i think we answered it when we watched it. all right, the eagles had a horrible game. many of the players called the 45-17 loss to tampa an embarrassment. it's the worst loss at home under chip kelly for the eagles and this loss was to a losing team. it may have been a game that could define a season of disappointment. a game where there were many mistakes and ones that are different than the other bad losses. all right. let's go to the linc and take look. eagles actually had a lead in this game. down 21-seven and look at this nice pass to darrin sproles. that makes it 21-14. so in the first half, in the second quarter it looks like the
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eagles are still in the game. but jameis winston they made him look like joe montana. five touchdown passes, i mean this is a joke. 14-yard pass, break downs on defense. 28-14. and this was a defining moment. interception by mark sanchez throwing to sproles. the guys weren't on the same page. they kind of argued about it on the field afterward afterwards. 45-17 and chip kelly told the players they better move on quickly from this game. >> toll the guys they better have a short hem reach we have to train tomorrow. we're on the field tomorrow which we're not on the field on monday. a day off for us. but we'll be on the day tomorr tomorrow. tuesday is 24 hours before the game. we play on thursday. we take ownership and responsibility. every single person crib to do that loss and contributed to the out come of that fooled football game. get some sleep and we'll see you tomorrow morning at 8:00. >> have good night's sleep. we'll break down the game on sports sunday with jon runyan.
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there's so much to talk about. have the flares quit on chip kelly. i asked chip kell until question and the latest. >> will keep another eagle out on thursday against detroit. this is fun. real fun. all coming on sports sunday. >> all right. >> back to you guys. >> can't wait for that howard. with the birds losing three of their last four, some eagles fans lot of hope for the rest of the season. ting twine's brad sattin live outside the linc tonight. brad, these fans they were not happy leaving the stadium tonight. >> reporter: they were not. this stretch of games last week, this week, these are supposed to be the easy ones to winnable ones that really helped the eagles make run fort playoffs. instead it seems a lot of fans off the band wagon and now making a run from the team. >> defense had a terrible day. >> reporter: yup, so did eagles fans having to witness a 45-17 loss at home to another sub par deem. festive atmosphere at chickie's
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and pete's didn't last long. >> it was packed when we got here. now it's pretty dead. >> reporter: it's turning into a long hard day when a year makes up one seventh of your life. >> do you still have hope for them. >> no. >> no more hope. >> no. >> the season is over. you're calling it quits. >> yeah. >> reporter: fans calling it quits but the sarcasm was just getting started. >> at least we got the flyers and sixers. >> go, eagles! take the sixers with you. >> four-six the fact the eagles unbelievably are still very much alive and in a lousy nfc east. >> it's like a slow death. >> reporter: these women thrilled that the eagles play again in just four days from now for the sake of their husbands. >> my husband will be in like silent mode for the rest of the day. as if it was his team on the field. >> as if he played end won't talk to anybody. >> reporter: from this leaving the game -- >> defense -- >> defense it's the coach. >> the game itself i didn't
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enjoy but i got to run on the field because my son is one of the trainers. yea for me. >> reporter: that's about the only running on the field we'll see any time soon. still there is a band wagon faith among some that's not too late to wake up out of this bad dream. >> let's go, chip. i believe in you. let's go. i'm out. >> reporter: well, he's out. hopefully the eagles aren't out. they got to take on the three-seven detroit lions again as howard mentioned that's on thanksgiving and fougasse days from now. we can be a fickle bunch maybe a win and we're back on the band wagon. but safe to say tonight a lot of frustrated eagles fans. lucy? >> and the weather reflecting that. you feeling cold out there, brad? >> reporter: there's a little chill in the air, yes. >> yeah. might nippy i'd say. on your radar the cold is indeed setting in. many places will be below freezing when you wake up. live look at reading to night. could be the coldest morning since march. people already bundled up tonight in center city. this is 18th and chestnut.
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kathy, this is definitely winter coat weather. brad, appropriately dressed. ness his cold out there. we had clouds earlier today with a system that passed offshore but the cold is here. you can even see snow on the east side of the great lakes. this air cold enough for snow but we won't see any just a clear couldn't made yann air mass sitting over us. the temperature 43. the wind chill 36 with winds out of the north northwest at 13 miles an hour. this is the first time we've talked about wind chill. take a look at these temperatures. 31 in the pocono mountains. philadelphia 43. millville 41 and falling fast into the 30s and 20s overnight. current winds out of the north at about 10 to 20 miles an hour. and that wind will persist overnight. which is unusual even for this time of year. so in the city 32. in the suburbs 27 overnight but winds gusting to 25 and look what we'll wake up to. these are the future wind chills. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. it will feel like 24 in philadelphia. it will feel like 22 in allentown. it will feel like 23 in
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wilmington. by noon, wind chills in the 30s around freezing and by the afternoon, still feeling like it is in the 30s across the delaware valley. it will be the coldest air since last spring. we'll talk about how long this lasts in your thanksgiving day forecast that's coming up later in the broadcast. >> all right, talk soon, kathy. as you finalize your holiday plans make sure you stay ahead of the weather with fox 29 news app. taking live look here at south philly you can see the winds bouncing cameras around a little two you can get live radar and alerts zen to your phone with our app search in the apple and google play stores. temperatures plunging across the midwest one day after that same storm system dumped a foot or more snow. we're talking 20 degrees or lower in half dozen states those temperatures turning snow into ice on streets throughout the area. more than 175 flights were canceled today at hoe hair international airport in chicago. the city getting more snow than any november in 130 years. towns in southern wisconsin getting up to 20-inches of snow.
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what could throw a wrench in travel plans. another storm expected in the midwest wednesday and thursday. firefightefirefighters on te line in tioga nicetown neighborhood. you can see the intensity there. the families who lived there have to stay elsewhere tonight. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in the neighborhood. sabina, this fire had a couple of engine companies responding before crews could get things under control. >> reporter: that's right, lucy. the fire spread relatively quickly so firefighters had taluka in little bit of extra manpower to help them get it under control. now, nobody was home at the time of the fires but the people who lived there tell us it didn't take long for them to find out what was going on. dramatic cell phone video shows the flames erupting from two row homes on the 3600 block of north 21st street sunday evening. it wasn't this video but a picture on instagram that a family found the home they've loved for generations was up in flames. >> at first i thought it was a joke. >> reporter: george hill got call from his cousin christina
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who told him what she saw. >> social network really helped because i really was on the work and i can't be around my phone. i contac contacted him my cousie aunt. >> george soon learned it was true. he'd one of 10 people now out of their homes. >> i'm just grateful nobody was in the house. >> reporter: george and his mom live here. nobody was hurt. but the family says, priceless momentos are now gone. >> my grandmother passed away and all the memories is in the house. every last single thing. pictures. i don't have anything to really remember of her. so that's where i'm really more sad about. >> reporter: flames and speed with which the fire spread prompted responding crews to call for more manpower. firefighters quickly knocked out the two alarm blaze. >> everybody got out. and the firemen did a good job put the fire out stopped from it spreading to other row homes. >> reporter: families sad about what they lost but thankful for what they still have. >> no one is hurt.
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at least we can still be together for thanksgiving. >> reporter: unfortunately, that family now out of their home just before the holiday. but as you've heard there the silver lining lucy everybody is okay. >> back to you. >> that is most important thing. thank saw bean in a. we still don't know the identity of the teenager killed in a crash along roosevelt boulevard last night. police tell us the 19-year-old was speeding in the inner lanes near woodward street when he lost control and hit another car before slamming into a traffic light. that impact ejected him. he died at the scene. the driver of the other car is at the hospital in critical condition. developing to night belgium's terror threat remains at highest level for third day. officials in that country say police have detained 16 people and 22 raids. salah abdeslam suspect in the paris attacks was not among the suspects arrested. increased security comes after serious and eminent threat of terrorist attack. prime minister says schools and universities in brussels will be
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closed monday. subways are still shut down. several of the attackers behind the recent attacks and paris lived in brussels. increased security in wwe wrestling match in atlanta after reported terror threat from is isis. anonymous claims they uncovered a threat to attack the phillips arena during the event local and state law enforcement got involved zone did the fbi. they say there was no specific or credible threat. officials with arena increased security measures tonight and banned bags of any kind. the event the wwe survivors series went on as planned without incident two-year-old snatched from her bed in the middle of the night missing for hours. until a couple of good samaritans stumbled upon her. >> i could see the child sitting there in the leaves. >> who police say broke into the family's home and kidnapped their little girl. and angry mod takes over this gas station blocking any cars from getting in or out.
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what the clerk did inside that could get him arrested. >> named toy of the year. why parents say it's got them pulling their children's hair out. >> she's still -- stole hearts around the world when the pope kissed her head in philadelphia. tonight what baby gianna's family says about her pope inspiring -- condition that's inspiring hope around the world. [door knocking]
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♪ heavy response in new york city. what you are looking at was just a drill today planned more than a year ago. but attacks recently in mali and paris bring more urgency to the city's preparedness. nypd held two active shooter exercises at an ban donned subway station. one of the scenarios a simulation every terrorists with suicide vests. detail added to the drill after the paris attacks. >> we're concerned about the type of attack we've seen by a so-called lone wolf. this type of exercise is something to address that. >> homeland security says it has no specific credible threat to the us. authorities add that americans should go about their normal holiday travel plans but be vigilant and you know the routine these days, if you see something, say something. here in philadelphia, the city was not taking any chances adding security to keep nearly 100,000 people safe at this
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morning pog's marathon. they didn't stop people from packing into center city to run and to cheer on the race. jennifer joyce was there as the race got underway. >> reporter: horns sounded 7:15 a.m. and win two hours, 17 minutes and 44 seconds, runner of razz airs was the first to complete the 26.2-mile race. before sunrise, tens of thousands of people converged on the parkway. >> nervous but so excited. >> reporter: eager to tackle the philadelphia marathon and half marathon. >> i've never done more than 20 miles in training so the last part will be the most difficult i think. >> reporter: for many, it's personal. >> i had knee surgery a few years ago and my doctor told me i probable woman never run again and i'm so excited. >> reporter: the french national anthem and a moment of silence for the people of paris recent world events have security on the minds of many. matt hod muchs and laura came
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from cleveland to compete although there was hesitation. >> i thought twice about coming. not strong enough to really think about not coming. >> reporter: mayor nutter says security was heightened for the race with extra screening stations, heightened police patrols and extra eyes in the sky, to protect the 30,000 runners and 60,000 spectators here throughout the weekend. at the finish line, we witnessed a marriage proposal. a man who powered through the half marathon to find a cure for type one diabetes. >> the entire reason i decided to put my body through 13.1. >> reporter: jessica with the bad knee. >> so proud of you. >> who pushed herself. >> my legs are killing me but i finish that finish line looked amaze. >> and achieved great success. >> reporting along the parkway, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> plane originally scheduled to fly from indianapolis to los angeles di very dad because of what airline officials call suspicious behavior from passengers.
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the southwest crew decided to divert flight 5929 out of caution after at least three passengers became quote unruly. fbi detained and questioned them. the rest of the passengers were deplaned while k9 teams surveyed the plane. >> once we land the police come on board to ask everyone to stay seated. police come on board. escorted people off without any incident. >> authorities haven't shared any more details about what those passengers were doing that resulted in that plane being diverted. officials say detained passengers were rebooked on other flights non charges filed against them. >> protesters lined up in force outside a michigan gas station after the clerk point add gun at a couple of kids. >> the protesters blocked both the entrance and the skit of the gas station in detroit. group parents say their sons in middle school walked into the gas station to buy something. they told their parents the clerk came out asked if they
10:18 pm
were stealing then pulled a gun from his hip saying don't come back. well, that gun was a toy but those parents say it doesn't matter. the gas station owner has now apologized. >> your son is welcome in my store any time. >> is public apology enough? >> i don't believe so. i do want the man to be um arrested. i am going to press charges. >> the owner says she might fire the clerk. the protest ended peacefully with no arrests. camden county restaurant is making sure their community has a hot meal this thanksgiving season. tasty's soul food restaurant on haddon avenue in camden serving up free lunch to hundreds earlier today. the owner says it's just their way of spreading some love, thankfulness and holiday cheer to their neighborhood. if you were mak making your way through septa' jefferson station the amazing smells of a thanksgiving police probably caught your attention. hosting annual thanksgiving dinner for philadelphia's low income seniors.
10:19 pm
it's the 11th year for the event and this year about 300 people were served. organizers say this is one way to make sure those in need don't celebrate the holiday alone. >> seniors can become isolated in they live alone and this gets them out to a nice thanksgiving dinner treat all the food is donated by the reading terminal merchants. >> guests enjoyed turkey and all the fixings and for desert, how about pumpkin pie? >> nice. >> pca is a non-profit that provides social services to seniors or those with disabilities in the city. dozens of once homeless dogs and cats are tonight home for the holidays. >> all thanks to you stepping up big time this weekend. take a look at these lines at philadelphia animal care and control shelter much folks started lining up one hour before acct philly even opened. they waited hours to meet their new family members then brought them home for the holidays. now that's tangy she got a new home and this is spike the dog whose deadline was 6:00 tonight.
10:20 pm
now has a super happy new fami family. acct adopted 68 dogs this weekend, 31 kitties. they saved 31 animals. fostered even more. volunteers say they have never ever seen a weekend like this. philadelphia, you stepped up, you saved lives, but 44 animals did get dropped off today alone. acct live saving department needs all the help it can get. head to click on the scene on tv tab and you'll find a link to help for money to to toys. a guy with a big night runs into this party store. he's after cash. but police say he had a helper. who they say admitted casing the place before this guy hit. plus, bags left on front lawns across one neighborhood. there's no drugs in there but what was in those baggies left homeowners furious.
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♪ with the name trusted for nearly 80 years, you have the courage to enjoy the ride. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. >> ♪ man marched into this party store with a big 95 and ran behind the counter got into the
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cash register. grabbed cash and took off. detroit police say a tip led to the guy and his wife. officers say he confessed to robbing the store she admitted casing the place before her husband went in to rob it. they are both in jail tonight. new questions tonight about whether smoke alarms were working in iconic chicago building that caught fire. several people posted videos online of flames shooting from the 50th floor of the john hancock center yesterday. five people were hurt including a police officer who suffered from smoke inhalation as he tried to warn neighbors some of the residents say they didn't hear any alarm go off after the fire started. fire investigators believe the alarms were working but the builder's owners are looking into it. still a mystery tonight surrounding the kidnapping of a toddler snatched from her bed. >> her former babysitter is accused of breaking into the family's home of the middle of the night and taking the two-year-old. her parents caused police near boston report herring missing. six hour later a couple driving down a back road saw what they
10:25 pm
thought was a doll sitting in a pile of leaves. but they new something wasn't right. they turned around. it was little lyndon a life but naked with half of her head shaved. >> she was shivering, shaking and -- and um i tried not to start her, approached her slowly i just noticed she was cold and -- and um, i went over to her. >> by the grace of god they drove by and stopped. they called 911. doctors released her from the hospital. police arrested 21-year-old abigail hannah at another hospital in er. she was in it. no bail for her. she faces several charges including kidnapping and assau assault. hannah is due in court tomorrow. they will release more details in due time. next it's been named toy of the year. why parents say it's got them pulling their children's hair out. >> kathy? >> oh, boy.
10:26 pm
in weather we are talking about the coldest air of the season not just for us but most of the country. this jet stream goes all the way down to the deep south. jackson mississippi in the 30s already with freeze warnings in atlanta. how cold will it be? we'll take a look at that coming up. >> this will warm your heart. she stole hearts around the world when the pope kissed her right here in philadelphia. what baby gianna's family says about her life-threatening condition that will inspire.
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breaking news at least 10 people hurt in shoot out in a park in new orleans ninth ward. police son the to the area to break up a big crowd. gunfire started erupting. investigators still do not know how serious the injuries are or what started this shooting. in delaware new castle county police say they've nabbed guy posing as cop. officers pulled over 34-year-old ward yesterday along route 40 after they learn that the vehicle he was driving had a registered owner who had a suspended license much authorities say ward was wearing a shirt that had police printed
10:30 pm
on the front of it. officers also found handcuffs, a hand-held radio an blank gun with live ammunition inside his car. ward is now charged with impersonating an officer. niece jail tonight unable to make bail. residents in one florida town are shocked. they found their lawns littered with kkk flyers. little plastic bags were found on lawns and on the streets around one section of jackso jacksonville. the message inside is what's making people so angry it reads in part join the kk. i'm not going to read the rest of it because i don't care. it does say to give them a call and lists the website. >> they were in front of every single door. we picked a few of them up and we through most of them away. i tossed them away because i didn't want children to see th them. >> one resident says they saw truck driving through the neighborhood throwing the bags out the window and on to the lawn. it's one of the hottest toys on kids wish lists this holiday season but parents have had enough. they say they are sick of spending hours getting them out
10:31 pm
of their kids hair. >> social media sites are filled with parents going off on bunch ems. fox's lisa evers shows us why. ♪ >> reporter: one of the hottest new toys this holiday season. so innovative bunchems nominated for the coveted toy of the year award. but they were the cause of a real hair emergency during pretend snowball fight at opinion inner loop lop pee's slumber party. we talk to her mom bonnie. >> first i sat down with comb and one of the little girls and started working on it and it took me 20 minutes to get one out and i decided i need help. >> reporter: bonnie wasn't the only parent in distress. pictures of bunchem hair scrunches are flooding social med 82 with the ouch index soaring. the manufacturers posted it's own response a dee tank link video. >> if bump ems get caught in
10:32 pm
your hair follow these simple steps for removal. >> reporter: the packs inside contain warnings in small print to avoid contact with hair. just look what could happen if you don't. but who has time for that when the kids are in a present opening frenzy. >> i would say always read the caution statements no matter how little they are and how chaotic the gift giving situation is. just look at those warnings and have fun. be safe. >> mega pack of bunch ems will cost you less than 20 bucks. we found they're out of stock at a few area stores. be careful if you get them stuck in your hair. >> local family is calling their baby's health improvement a miracle. >> they say they have the pope to thank. we introduced to you one cereal gianna in september when pope francis kissed her during his visit to philadelphia. doctors diagnosed her with an inn op feral brain tumor. they told her parents she only had months to live live.
10:33 pm
on the left you can see her tumor in august. on the right a new mri this month her first since the pope's visit. you cannot see the tumor any longer. her family also tells us giann gianna's vocal cords are mack us willy no longer paralyzed. gianna and her parents will be here tomorrow morning on "good day philadelphia". now that is amazing. >> it's a miracle. >> um-hmm. >> all right. kathy i think i'd like to warm up my car. >> you have that automatic sta start. >> before i drive home. >> we'll need it tomorrow. take a look at these temperatures. whole eastern city board and mid atlantic really in the deep freeze already. philadelphia at 43. so the coastal plane okay but look what's coming. pittsburgh 26. detroit 22. marquette, michigan 20 degrees. international falls 25. so very cold to the north and west and this is where our weather is coming from. it will be the coldest morning
10:34 pm
yet. this entire fall season. we're forecasting 32 degrees. the coldest since march 29th when it was 26 degrees. tomorrow morning, waking up to 32 in philadelphia. 30 in pottstown. 30 in allentown. 32 in wilmington and through the day temperatures warming very very slowly. the good news is, we have high pressure over us which means a clear air mass. but we do see very cold air. it will take some time to warm that up. so high pressure takes care of us right through the thanksgiving day holiday. that's got news. it will be warming up bought low pressure system out west brings terrible weather if you'll be traveling through the midwest or the west you can see wind and rain in chicago for our travel days over thanksgiving. wednesday and thursday. heavy rain in dallas, minneapolis a mix of rain and snow. denver some heavy snow and out to the west in san francisco and la looking at rainy conditions but we stay dry in the east. so that's the good news. the high today 53. we bottom out tomorrow big time and then we go on a slow rise thanksgiving day looking pretty good.
10:35 pm
cruelty in the seven day. so in the city overnight 32. the suburbs 27. clear skies, whipped chills in the 20s much this is something that we haven't seen in a very long time. not used to this. so 44 for the afternoon high. a cool breeze winds gusting to 25 miles an hour. winter coat weather tomorrow morning as you head out the door, 37. wind chills in the 20s. by noon, still windy in the 40s but feeling like it is in the 30s. and looking at cold temperatures continue through the afternoon. by tuesday it's 48. wednesday 51. thanksgiving looks unbelievable. 61. black friday usually freezing. it's going to be 64. 58 with some showers on saturday. and sunday looking good. but of course we will see cooler temperatures around 50 degrees. good for the birds hopefully it will be good luck for them on thanksgiving. >> we need the pope back here much that's all i can say. because that's -- we were doing well then. >> yeah. >> big game we wouldn't. >> maybe it's the weather. i'll have to ask howard. >> howard has got a lot to say.
10:36 pm
>> maybe not. >> i don't have if they have answers for us. >> that does it for us tonight at 10:00. >> keep it right here for sports sunday. ♪ well, i don't think the pope could help this team right now. (laughter). >> let's leave the pope out of this one. 'cause i don't think he wants any parts of it. coming up on sports sunday this will not be pretty. if there's kids still awake in the room get them out of the room. not nice for the eagles today. the defense may be as bad as any for this team. but so many mistakes. bad plays. interceptions. defensive break downs. jon runyan here to break it down coming up next on sports sunday. ♪


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