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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 23, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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all right. the so it was worse day in history, call that rake leaves, listen to merrill reese tell me about this, what an ugly loss. and then they have to gear up for a game in a few days in thanksgiving. >> when everyone is watching. >> are we done? have these players given up? we will take a look. >> what about the fans. one of the biggest who will will day event just days away we're talking about macy's thanksgiving day parade. we will show you how new yorkers are getting ready hoping for the best and preparing for the the the worst in light of the recent terror attacks. it the is november, it is fall but boy it is cold out there this morning. hey just in time for thanksgiving. sue will track that for us. >> good day, it is monday, november 23rd, 2015. >> how much did you win. >> 300 you went to the ac.
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>> when your friend coming up from florida they see florida, they love city hall and beauty and then they are like atlantic city is close, right. >> they want to gamble. >> what did you play. >> i played spanish 21. >> as opposed to european 21. >> as opposed to blackjack. >> i love blackjack. >> sue, blackjack, and, you look like you are ready for an evening out. you look delightful this morning. i love your outfit. >> i'm a slot machine girl myself. >> yes. >> well, maybe poker at least i have a little control. anyway, boy, that was funny. well, lets take a look at our ultimate doppler radar, and, clear skies, here which means it is very cold but one indication that is very cold air, lake effect snow coming into western new york. cleveland area getting snow this morning and stretches all the way in the the middle of the state, i don't think we will see any even the in the mountains today.
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we will catch temperatures closely because it could end up, well, it already is the the the coldest morning of the season so far, the the previous low of the fall, is 37 degrees back on november 15th, i just looked that up, 8 miles an hour wind right now and it feels like 30. 6:55 is your sunrise time. we will see plenty of sunshine today, but it will be that deceiving sunshine, 25 degrees is our current temperature. that is real temperature in mount pocono. twenty-nine, pottstown, as we showed you, 36 in the city, 34 in trenton, 35 atlantic city and just a degree above freezing in wilmington, delaware. so this is a chill had one. make sure you have enough on and make sure you have enough on the kid to this morning. wind coming from the northwest and may make it feel as we told you colder then it is. fox cast for today, temperatures are down, 44 degrees is our high temperature for today and the wind will make it feel like it
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is in the 30's, all day long. 31-degree overnight low in the city, 20's again in the suburbs, and so, tomorrow morning, could be even colder then this morning, but then a turn in temperatures. we will tell you which way it goes, when we bring you the seven day forecast which includes the holiday, turkey day almost here. >> gobble he will, gobble. >> good morning everybody. 4:03. definitely a chill the the it will put a chill in your stepping out of the front door no problems on 202, schuylkill expressway. the big problem is an accident on i-95, that involves a philadelphia police car. let go to some video from our news van, shot on i-95. here's the story. police had stopped the vehicle, or maybe a disable on i-95, southbound, while that police vehicle was tending to the disabled, an alleged drunk driver came up from behind, and slammed into the the back of the police car.
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look at the police car. there is nothing left of the trunk and the driver's side of that vehicle there. so, everybody coming south on i-95, the the three left lanes are blocked, there is only one far right lane that is opened, so we can go outside and come back to one of my live traffic cameras. the here's the scene. so again the the police vehicle has stopped behind the disabled, luckily, the the police officer was not in the car, at the time, no injuries to the police officer. we don't know status of the alleged drunk driver but southbound i-95 right now as you can see all three lanes are block. it looks like only that far right shoulder is opened as they investigate the situation as you head out of northeast philadelphia, be ready to hit brakes heading southbound between cottman avenue at bridge street. it is on that straight a away there between cottman and bridge heading in toward
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center city. otherwise center city vine street expressway still closed between the schuylkill and broad street and as part of the overnight construction. otherwise blue route looking good. no problems inbound on the schuylkill expressway, left over work crew north on i-95 right here near, between the blue route and philly international, right here near bartram avenue is the the scene and should be picking up cones there any minute now. no problems on, septa, they have a new station, of course, on the ninth street station on the lansdale line and mass transit running with no delays. chris and lauren, back to you. you said it to say eagles lost yesterday was an under statement. >> it was worst home game, ever played, under coach chip kelly. the final score, 45-17. forty-five-17. now, that is not against patriots who we play later in the season. that is against the buccaneers. >> tampa bay.
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>> forty-five-17. dave kinchen from south philadelphia where fans are likely to, are they giving up, like the the season is officially over. >> reporter: it is over but it is also like watching a slow death. there was absolutely, terrible. i mean, forget about highlights. in fact, you know what, the bad news is coming here to the wawa, and in south philadelphia on columbus day. inquirer and daily news, a lot of people will be getting the bad news if they are not seeing this. forget about highlights, but we are dealing with low lights. eagles down 21-seven. trying to dig out of the massive hole and as you know, to no avail, of course, and many describing it as a slow death that could not be just said for the the duration of last night's game but the end of it as well bringing the the birds to four and six. fans impressed well, that is an under statement. >> defense. >> it is the coach. >> definitely the coach.
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doug martin can't have hundred yard in the first half. >> it is typical season. >> i grew up in philadelphia township my whole life and eagles fan my whole life, i almost wore my warren sap. given up on the whole team. >> reporter: it is bad. you know chickie and pete's cleared out before the game was even over. you know, you were looking for an afternoon bite to eat and worried about a line and not getting to your favorite table, forget bit, you could have had any seat the in the house because it cleared out there. as we come back live here we know eagles have an early practice 8:00 o'clock i'm told today and that is because they have a thanksgiving day game. they are practicing because that game is just, abysmal last night. eagles will head up thursday to take on my lions. my mommies not watching she's a big lions fan. the she's probably not watching because of her schedule. i'm not worried against my
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lions but eagles, come on, you have to take the lions. if you can't take the the lions right now, you have to take the lions. you have to get this done. let's get fans excited. for four days, and then let's give thanks for other things if the the game doesn't work out well on thursday. >> you know i thought you were going with that with your mom not watching you were going to say a swear word, that is how bad it is. >> reporter: i don't want to becoming home for thanksgiving, that is okay, mom i have to work anyway. >> dave, thanks very much. we will check back. turning now, of course, serious development from over the weekend the latest otter or attacks in paris. uk prime minister james conn ron and france seven president hollande are agreeing cooperation. >> cameron will join syria bombing. authorities are asking the public to stop commenting on social media about ongoing police operations. >> a director david cameron.
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the those operations targeting terror suspects in belgium. thirty lisa rested 16 suspects in 22 raid but they are looking for salah abdeslam, who they say, took part in the paris attacks. the brussels remains under the highest terror alert fearing a attack like the one in par fridays a week and a half ago. schools and universities are closed. subway has been shut down and public buildings are off limits. france has extended its state of emergency allowing police raid and searches without permission from the judge. state of emergency continues in mali as security beefs up we are getting a look inside the the hoe to tell in mali where jihad i groups killed at least 19 people during a shooting spree. footage showing us bullet holes and carnage left behind at radisson blue hotel. security rescued 170 people who took cover inside their room on friday. two militants were kill. groups including al qaeda are claiming responsibility.
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hundreds of emergency responders, fearing a subway terror attack on sunday this comes the the day before one of the cities largest public events. the macy's thanksgiving day parade this drill was planned more than a year ago but the the attacks in mali and paris bring more urgency to the city's preparedness. they held two active shooter exercises in an abandon subway station yesterday. one of the scenario a simulation of a terrorist with a suicide vest, this is added to the drill after the the paris attacks. >> we're concerned about the the type of attacks have we have seen, by a so-called, loment in e wolf. this type of exercise is something that we will use to address that. >> home land security says it has no specific credible threats to the u.s., authorities add, americans should go about their normal local holiday but be vigilant and if you see something say something. there was increased security at wwe wrestling match in at the plant a after a reported terror threat from isis as well.
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>> on rine group anonymous uncovered a threat to attack phillips arena during that event. local and state law enforcement got involved and so did fbi. they said there was in specific or credible threat. officials increased security measures and banned bags of any sort. the survivor series went on as planned, without incident. drivers, who travel along columbus boulevard will have more options to turn off starting to day. road crews will begin making two, one way streets into two-way streets. the authorities have choice even spruce and callowhill streets for the change. thinks part of the 1.3 million-dollar project, being funded by the the what the are front corporation. non-profit and school leaders in harrisburg will hold a news conference at capitol to talk about how the budget impasse is affecting their operations. pennsylvania is in the fifth month without a budget. many school districts and non-profits who depend on state fund have had to resort to borrowing money to keep operating during the stalemate.
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budget negotiations. the house democratic leaders say republican leaders told tom wolf is there not enough g.o.p. support for a state sales tax increase to off set rebates for local school property taxes. of course, mayor-elect jim kenney will focus on education and community investment today. kenney and darryl clark will discuss, their trip last week to cincinnati where they met with leaders at the community learning center institute. kenney was studying at the community school model used in cincinnati which integrates public services with education. kenney has pledged 25 schools in philadelphia by the end of his first term. race to city council president gets underway in wilmington delaware. the council woman hanifa
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shabazz will kick off her am campaign today. she will make a few campaign stops ending with the fund raising reception later tonight. a medical student, is shot trying to save a woman from the kidnapper all caught on camera. who police are looking for in connection with the incident. it has been one year since police shot and killed a 12 year-old t wright and no decisions on whether they will be charged with anything, what protest are are demanding from police.
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take a look at broad street in center city from overnight. the the song says it all, it is officially cold outside. you know, sue schooled us last week, but this is not a christmas song. >> there is no mention of santa. >> no, baby jesus. >> no but this is when we hear it during christmas. >> we can play it anytime it is cold. >> yes, it doesn't have to be the holiday. i tweeted yesterday, i was in the grocery store and they were not playing christmas music. >> i saw, i retweet had you because i thought that was fabulous. >> i thought yah, because i'm not ready until the day after thanksgiving. i'm old school. so, then you can play all those songs you think are christmas songs that are winter songs plus the the ones that really are. cold air is blowing in. coldest air of the season so far. we are in the northern side of the jet stream. we had our mild temperatures a couple of those days last week and now our weather pattern changed, undoubt thely, you
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felt the the difference. low temperatures so far this morning has been 36 degrees. the it is coldest since november 15th. 37 degrees. so we expect this to, the temperature to continue to drop because sunrise isn't until five of 7:00 this morning. right now we have 36 degrees in philadelphia. twenty-five in mount pocono. the that is right, that is actual temperature 25 degrees. twenty-nine pottstown. thirty in reading. thirty-five in millville. 37 degrees in wildwood. it is a frosty morning in a lot of places. the wind speed make it feel colder. 13 miles an hour sustained in wilmington. no notable wind gusts except for wildwood, new jersey where we have 20 miles an hour wind gusts at this hour. satellite radar showing you lake effect snow from lake erie through western new york into northwestern pennsylvania, and that is just a product of the cold air that is rolling across the lakes. it happens every year. a freeze warning though are in effect and this is notable for
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folks in the deep south the in lou san, mississippi,al bam, frost in northern florida and caroline air under freeze warnings as well so there is in other evidence that it is coldest morning of the season so far. we saw temperatures plunge, friday's high ended up being 64 with 56 on saturday and 53 yesterday after a cold start. forty-four is all we will manage today and with the breezes, it will feel like it is in the 30's all day long. definitely a wintry feeling kind of day. put winter coat on the kid for sure but nice warming trend as we get closer to the holiday, by turkey day, we should be up to 63 degrees and black friday will be even milder. temperatures plunge after that but at least holiday weekend is off to a mild start. >> that is good, sue, good morning. not off to a mild start on i-95, 4:18, ab accident on i-95 here's a live penndot camera, showing all of the police activity on i-95.
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let's roll video, this all started earlier this morning when police were tending to a disabled vehicle, on i-95, southbound approaching bridge street. police car was in the left lane here behind what was a disabled vehicle when it was struck from behind by an alleged drunk driver. i know our steve he keeley is live on the scene here. see they have, can you tell us anymore from what you found out from the officers there? first of all, how is the the officer. >> reporter: let me give you the answer that the viewers need to know first, as they will be cleared. here's the flatbed that just pulled up. is there the range rover that rear ended the police car which did not have an officer in it so no officer was hurt. we don't know the condition of the driver of that range rover. that is a pretty big vehicle and damage doesn't look real severe like we have seen in real other accidents. here's the backups since it is
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real early, it is not real bad. this is still down to the right shoulder just getting around this we were wondering if we arrived here why they hadn't removed this whether it was a fatal accident. sometimes they need accident reconstruction team before they remove vehicles. the perhaps it just took that long. that is an official police vehicle flatbed taking the the police car and they will take that first and then range rover, bob. so they have got the flares out, as you can sianni one, two, police car and people are going slow so no more police cars will get hit in the middle of the night this shows you dangers of the driving out here, between cottman and bridge street. hopefully by the the majority of the rush hour, bob, southbound i-95 will be back to normal. i sees another cop car coming in the distance all the way down as we look further north here, so some more police cars coming to help to assist the tow trucks so they can get out safely as well. bob, look for i-95 to be completely shut down for a little bit when they try to get these cars out of the
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traffic and then slowly tea them off i-95 at the next exit. >> well, it is not shut down home that far right lane is opened as you can see here shaking from the wind out there this morning. this is that straight away between cottman avenue and bridge street. right now they have the three travel lanes, block but that far right shoulder is opened. leaving northeast philadelphia, as steve mentioned be ready to hit the brakes, stay over to the right side and hopefully we will get those lanes opened before we get in the height of the rush hour, the the good news is that the officer was not injured this morning. it could have been worse as we start our monday morning. we are starting here with the closure of the vine street expressway between broad street and the schuylkill, all lanes are block in both directions, that is part of the overnight construction. they will be out there until 5:15, 5:30 or so. you can use anyone of the other numbered cross streets coming in off have of i-95, of course, vine street local would be your best bet. for the the most part overnight construction is
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gone. we're only dealing with that construction zone down near girard avenue, want to look out there. there is the scene the of the accident, again, approaching bridge street, looking good the on the schuylkill expressway, no problems on the the blue route, 476 and mass transit, looking good, stay right there will we will be right back.
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search continues foreman wanted in the shooting of the good samaritan who stopped a kidnapping.
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>> whole thing caught by surveillance camera friday night. you can see in the video, the man dragging a woman, who was intoxicated along the sidewalk to tulane university medical student. peter gold drove by and stopped to help her. instead he became victim. would be abductor pulling the gun on him demanding money and shooting him in the stomach. witness told "fox news" that the gun mast man was intent on killing that good samaritan. >> i saw, the the guy with the gun shoot the the guy in the stomach, the the other guy fall and i saw him stand over him in an attempt to be in the face a couple times. >> police identified the us is peck as this man 21 year-old urrick kane have of new orleans wanted on armed robbery, second degree kidnapping and attempted first degree murder. gold remains in the hospital in guarded condition but his family says he is making progress. >> that is good news. police looking for gunman who started shooting in a crowd in the playground. sixteen people were hurt
4:26 am
sunday night. nearly 500 people gathered at that playground for recording of a music video. none of the injuries are life threatening. dozens of people in cleveland held a rally one year after 12 girls tamer wright was shot by police this was among several to honor preteen over the weekend. last september he was waving around an air soft gun. officers say an orange safety indicater had been removed from the gun making it look real. surveillance showed an officer shooting tamir within two seconds after that patrol kara arriving on the scene. seconds remain whether the the officer told him to raise his hands before firing. a number of police involved shootings involving unarmed citizens has led to many demanding better treatment from police. >> we want our relationship to improve and we have to make sure everybody has the same respect from our community. >> right now, grand jury is hearing testimony to determine whether criminal charges should be filed.
4:27 am
family of the jameer clark prior to lay him to rest. investigators arrived to look in the the shooting death of clark by two police officer. key issue during the visit will be whether to release video from the shooting. minnesota's governor has asked for clark's family and demonstrators with black lives matter to meet with federal attorneys. the the 24 year-old clark died a week ago. the his funeral is set for this wednesday. and police glad to get this guy off the the streets, whom they say he was pretending to be that landed him in big trouble.
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good morning. right off the top we have breaking news for you. >> lets get out to steve keeley on the scene of the the police involved accident on i-95. >> reporter: it sound worse then it was, and believe it the or not, nobody was hurt in this despite the the collision probably at 60 miles an hour. what you are looking at is a range rover, one of the most safe cars likely on the road and the the driver not even hurt but charged with drunk driving and that is getting put on the flatbed. the patrol car, marked philadelphia police car with the lights on that was hit the from behind. it the has just been towed out of here. what happened was the police were here to assist, a disabled driver, vehicle and
4:31 am
police car was stopped in the left shoulder of i-95 along the the median. the the officer was out of car when his patrol car was not hit. behind the range rover driver can thank air bags and seat belt and safety of that big suv being put on the flatbed for the the the reason he is not the hurt. but arrested for drunk driving, according to the police who took him to the hospital and could not believe he wasn't hurt. and, talking about hurt, not even, a hurt rush hour, really because the backup isn't so bad as you would expect since 95 southbound for the most part has been shut down, between cottman and bridge, except for the the right shoulder, squeaking by. there is a lot of glass and debris, in the the middle lanes still, so it probably won't reopen right away even though it looks like they will get this range rover out of here but you can see three marked patrol car, road flares out and good thing nobody is going fast here is safety of these officers isn't at wrist
4:32 am
being with people slowing down to get by, and just one right lane. mix have of tractor trailer and cars but bob kelly, the good news, things are running smoothly f you look up northbound between cottman and bridge, as you look up toward cottman, you can still see cars moving, up until they hit this backup a and backup is so early, it isn't so bad, bob. >> good morning. 4:32. here's a live look from our penndot cameras which is atop one of the light poles here just above the the accident scene. here's all of the lanes block, with that activity, that far right shoulder, is what is getting on by and quickly in the last 15 minutes, we went from just a trickle will of some vehicles as you can see here all of the whitehead lights, all starting to stack up here as folks, slowly, go past the accident scene. the let's roll video from the news van that arrived on the scene right after the accident happened. again, as steve mentioned an officer tending to a disabled in the left lane have of i-95,
4:33 am
approaching bridge street, when he was struck from behind by that black range rover. that is the scene when we showed up there. look at the back of the police vehicle that is just, it is just gone. the the trunk, thank goodness it didn't puncture the gas tank there but, a few folks, even dianne our floor director who came past that accident this morning says there is debris on the roadway, and that is going to have to be cleaned up, before we can get those lanes opened. coming back to my maps again here, southbound i-95 be ready to hit the brakes as we are slow go from cottman into bridge street with only that far right shoulder, getting on by. another problem is a shut down of the northeast extension, all southbound lanes are closed between lehigh valley, allentown interchange and quakertown, that is because of a vehicle fire all traffic pushed off here in to allentown and over in new jersey, route 38, there is a manhole cover that is kind of collapsed, or i should say, drainage great the that
4:34 am
collapsed at route 7o anyone using 38 to come in the city that left lane is block as you approach the ramp for the admiral wilson boulevard. so sue, it is cold outside there this morning. >> it sure is, bob. the the coldest morning of the season, so far, one piece of evidence, the lake effect snow that is coming across those not yet frozen great lakes, and bringing snow to the many of the usual places in western new york, cleveland, ohio, northwestern, pennsylvania he have. we have a bit of the breeze. 36 degrees feels like 30, and this is the coldest morning we have had so far this season. 8 miles an hour wind. 6:55 is your sunrise time. other places, it is in the 20's. 25 degrees mount pocono. twenty-nine in pottstown. twenty-seven in lancaster. 34 degrees in trenton. we're just a degree above freezing in wilmington but with the breezes out there and the wind, it the feels colder then it is. so 8 miles an hour wind in philadelphia, 14 miles an hour mount pocono. 13 miles an hour in
4:35 am
wilmington, delaware. so plan on the sunny day but we will call it deceiving sunshine because of how cold it will be even as temperatures arrive in the 40's which is much below average for this time of the year. it will feel like the the 30's all day, sunset time 4:40 p.m. that is your planner for monday, chris and lauren, burr. >> yeah, lets get to this this right away. fire destroys a home in the philadelphia's tioga nicetown section. now a family is out on have their home just before the the thanks giving day holiday. >> cell phone video shows flames erupting at 21st and venango streets sunday evening. family members found out from a picture on instagram. fortunately no one was hurt but family says the priceless momentoes were lost. >> my grandmother passed away and all of the memories in the the house. pictures. i don't have anything really to remember her by, so that is where i'm more sad about. >> and the the cause of the fire is now under
4:36 am
investigation. lets go to delaware where new castle county police say they have nabbed a guy posing as an real officer, who pulled over bill ward, saturday along route 40 after they have learn that the vehicle will he was driving had a registered own shore had a suspended license. authorities say that ward was wearing a shirt that had police printed on the front of it. officer found handcuffs a hand held radio and a blank gun with live ammunition inside. this car ward was charged with impersonating an officer and in jail unable to make bail. extra security was brought out to the philadelphia marathon following recent terror threats but things were, well, they went off without a hitch. this is a good news here. participants say it was crucial despite any of those safety concerns to come out right after the break.
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extra security was brought out in the philadelphia marathon in the wake of the recent terror attacks. but that did not stop people to both run and cheer people on. >> it was cold too, standing around to to 26.2 miles. fox 29's jenny joyce was there to stay warm as the race got underway. >> reporter: horn sounded 7:15 o hours, 17 minutes and 44 seconds, this man from arizona was the the first to complete the 26.2-mile race. before sunrise, tens of thousands of people converged on the parkway. >> nervous was so excited. >> reporter: eager to tackle the philadelphia marathon and
4:40 am
half marathon. >> i never done more than 20 miles in training, so the last part will be the most difficult i think. >> reporter: for many, it is personal. >> i had knee surgery a few years ago and my doctors told me i would never run again and i'm he so excited. >> ♪ >> reporter: french national anthem and moment of the silence for people of paris, recent world events have security on the mind of many. matt lodgees and lauren lamply came from cleveland to compete but that there was hesitation. >> i felt anticipation, to come. >> reporter: mayor nutter says security was heightened for the the race with extra screening stations, heightened police patrols and extra eye in the sky to protect 30,000 runners and 60,000 spectators who were here throughout the weekend. at the finish line, we witnessed a marriage proposal, a man who powered through the half marathon to find a cure for type one diabetes.
4:41 am
>> reason why i pulled my body through 13.1. >> reporter: and jessica with the bad news. >> she pushed herself. >> my legs are killing me but i finish. that finish line was amazing. >> reporter: and the race success. report ago long the parkway, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> i saw everyone draped in their tin foil blankets to keep them warm. >> yes. >> they stayed warm by wearing a santa outfit while he ran. >> yes. >> in fact, let's show you tweet, if we can. on friday i wore a reindeer costume. >> yes. >> we started, you know, down at starting line at ben franklin parkway. and made it to the fourth and market. and here it is, and he dit. new world record for fastest marathon wearing a santa suit. yeah, they keep that record in the guinness book. it now long to philadelphia, and marathon santa he did it in two hours, 54 minutes, and
4:42 am
two seconds. missed you out there. >> where were you? you you ran friday during like the the fake race, and failed to show up for real race. >> when y'all have have kids. >> y'all. >> who is y'all. >> me and you. >> no. >> you are my tv wife. when you may be have children, some day here's what you do you wake up, put on coffee, try to listen to music you like and make french toast with the kid. the you cannot be out there in the coldy saw kids bundled up with the big signs say go dad go, way to go aunt, whoever. i'm just saying. you could have been out there. >> i could have offered my kids a million-dollar and they would not have gone out in the cold. the the american muse ache ward were last tonight the but this is the one j lo hosted. >> yeah. >> she had nine different outfits. >> she did have a lot of wardrobe directions. one direction won big as artist of the year, we have highlights plus, the other
4:43 am
recent terror attacks.
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monday morning, time to take a look what is happening on thursday. well, what is it thanksgiving day. if you are going out early, maybe to catch a football game it will be in the mid 40's but look at how mild it gets by lunchtime. 55 degrees. by 1:00 o'clock maybe if you are watching the eagles game 62 degrees is our high temperature which will happen just before sunrise. that is a preview of a nice
4:46 am
mild thanksgiving: the cold air has moved in. it will be a difference between today and thursday when it feels like wintertime. that high pressure system coming down from the north and giving us the coldest air of the season, so far. right now, in philadelphia, we have 36 degrees. but look to the north, 29 in pottstown. below freezing in reading and allentown. only 5 degrees in mount pocono. twenty-seven in lancaster. thirty-seven in wildwood. three, wilmington delaware. millville 35. wind are coming out of the chilly northeast, making it feel colder then it is and we have had decent wind out there. 14 miles an hour mount pocono. and 14 miles an hour sustained wind, in atlantic city, new jersey. so that will make you cold. wind gusts 21 miles an hour will make it feel colder. that is what it is in mount pocono and close to wildwood as well. there is a look at the precipitation, it is lake
4:47 am
effect snow coming off of the lake erie, phenomenon happening at the beginning of every season when lakes are not frozen yet, warm air comes over the the lakes and causes snow, western new york, cleveland, ohio getting decent snow, today. for us though it is just cold. it will be colder then yesterday when it only got to 53 degrees. saturday's high was 56. today we will be lucky to manage 44? that is the right temperature but it will feel like the the 30's all day and it is pretty cold tomorrow. colder start on tuesday morning and then today, with a low, even in the city that could be, below freezing, now, then the warm up begins by thursday we told you that high will be in the 60's and back in the 60's black friday. then a cold front comes in and ruins everything saturday. chance of the shower with a high of 52. high of only 48 on sunday. at least these temperatures through the the holiday bob kelly have going in the right direction.
4:48 am
>> if you go in the direction of i-95 south here's a live look at what was an accident scene overnight here involving a philadelphia police vehicle. it looks like they have got everything cleared up, and gone, so headlights are heading southbound, between cottman avenue and bridge street, an officer was not injured. it looks like they have got that cleared out of there. if you are getting held toy step out the front door that accident cleared and we are good to go. we have a delay but they only had shoulder opened for last half an hour or so but heading south on i-95 we will be good to go. problem now though in south jersey, getting word of a nasty accident, officers are telling me it is a head on crash so that means one vehicle, crossed over into the the other side. the accident is all taking place north bound on 295 at exit number 20 that thoroughfare and that there is a medical helicopter on stand by which will land on the southbound side of the
4:49 am
roadway. so 295 right now, ab active accident scene your best bet between the 42 freeway and say the delaware memorial bridge would be to use the new jersey turnpike and avoid 295 at all costs there. again that information just coming in we will continue to pass that along. another problem, a closure of the northeast extension, all southbound lanes between lehigh valley exit, that is allentown and quakertown all because of a vehicle will fire. so all southbound traffic, coming back from the poconos early this morning, coming right into the office you will be pushed off at allentown for the moment and then work your way down to quakertown, and coming in from new jersey, route 38 that left lane is block right approaching the airport circle. it looks like a sewage great collapsed over the weekend. that left lane is blocked and that will slow things down for the morning rush hour, chris and lauren back over to you. music's biggest stars turned out to celebrate each other at american music award
4:50 am
hosted by jessica lopez. >> boy band one direction one top award for artist of the year. >> they won the award last year too but this is first one without zane, remember he left the boy ban. group won for best favorite pop rock duo or group and the award for best new artist of the year went to country singer sam hunt. he is first artist in 22 years to top three country charts at the same time. billy ray cyrus was the the last artist to do that. speaking of billy ray he miley has a birthday today. >> she's 23. believe it or not she's only 23. her birthday is on 11/23. i asked you at home does she act more like an 11 year-old or a 23 year-old. because with that said justin beiber had a big night at the awards. he closed the night with his hits. lets take a look. >> ♪
4:51 am
>> okay. justin beiber. >> beiber won best collaboration for his sopping with who is this. >> diplo and skril ex. >> his new album purpose will debut at number 1a lot of peep don't like justin beiber but i have heard from a lot on have have people that his album is nice. >> yes. >> give him a chance. >> the the one thing that, i guess, is raising eyebrows is what he wore there on the red carpet. he wore a shirt. nothing like curt cobain and these guys. >> beiber's performance wasn't the only favorite. celine dion delivered a moving tribute to the victims of the paris attacks.
4:52 am
>> ♪ >> in her native song, and jared led owe introduced 30 seconds of mars, and celine earned a standing ovation for his performance, which moved many in the crowd to tears. she could hit those high notes. with paris as a backdrop a lot of people's motional still. singing national anthem is a big honor but one boy had his big day ruined by something that happened, to all of us. >> ♪ >> blast
4:53 am
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4:55 am
i love van halen. >> thinks off the first album in 1978 with david lee rot on the vocals this morning. earlier this morning we had dave kinchen, our reporter.
4:56 am
>> and covering the eagles lost jab. >> and dave, any song you want this morning what do you want to hear? he goes i don't know, something by van halen. kinchen rocks my world. i love having him on our show. we played van halen. endangered species made for an usual guest at a resort in aspen. a owl found its way in the hallway of the ritz carlton. >> wow it took a few tries for an expert office tore capture the owl with the net and towel. he was in, released back into the wild. expensive taste for that owl. >> who? >> just kidding. >> yes. >> you don't see them fly very often. >> young boy catches a fit of hiccups while singing australia's national anthem at a baseball game. >> ♪
4:57 am
my goodness. >> yes. >> it is summer time there. right. this poor kid. >> what is my advice. >> never sing the national anthem. >> never throw out the the first pitch. you never take a naked picture of yourself. >> man. >> this little boy had to learn the hard way. >> at least he is hitting all of the notes with a few hiccups in between. >> as did david lee rot, dave kinchen saying seeing van halen four times. great choice. how about the eagles? >> no, no. >> you did not watch the game. >> i am not giving three hours of my sunday to the eagles anymore until i see some changes. >> much more on the ugly loss straight ahead.
4:58 am
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we're talking about the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we will show you how new york city is preparing for the worst, of course in, light of the recent terror attacks. an ugly loss at home for eagles. they are back to the practice field today gearing up for thanksgiving day game in a few days. is


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