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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 24, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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good morning at 4:00 o'clock the state department issues a worldwide terror alert just days before thanksgiving. what the department wants you to be on guard in particular. plus hunt is on for trigger man in the deadly kensington double homicide, what the latest homicide investigation reveals about violence in our city. plus, how about this police looking for will mr. and mrs. incredible, we will tell you how two super heroes turned out to be villain the. >> good day it is tuesday in 24th, 2015. can you believe we are only two days from thanksgiving. >> get that turkey in the oven, sue serio. >> ahh. >> what. >> how long does it need to bake for. >> i don't know, i have not done the the math yet, 22 pounds. >> yeahy don't know. i don't even have it yet. >> that is a big board.
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>> turf go get it. >> well, we have a lot of people coming. it will be great the though. hopefully yours will be as well and you'll be with somebody you love on thursday. 35 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia a, and it is early so these temperatures will go down before we go backup today. 3 miles an hour wind out of the south, that is different from yesterday because things have calmed down quite a bit with the wind, and our wind chillies 35, so wind obviously not making a difference. 6:56 your sunrise time, looking at mount pocono's current temperature that is in the a wind chill 18 degrees. twenty-five in will a even town. twenty-seven pottstown. thirty-five in philadelphia a a. twenty-six atlantic city. twenty-eight in wildwood. this morning. how muchtive rent from yesterday? just a degree difference in philadelphia a, but go down south, 9 degrees colder in wildwood, 12 degrees colder in millville this is even a colder morning then yesterday, but we should end up a little
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bit milder, so, wind are calm and that is one good thing, winds calmed down so we won't talk about wind chill like that until yesterday. a few cloud. we have spotted a couple snow flurries in berks county. it is not, i repeat, not a big deal. 43 degrees was yesterday's high temperature. we didn't even reach the average high of 44. fifty-three is where we should have been. we should be, a little bit closer to that today with a high of 48 degrees, and sunshine. thirty-three is our overnight low tonight, and now things will start going up, temperature wise, we will talk about that as we give you the holiday forecast just a ahead, bob kelly, how is your tuesday looking. >> much better this morning then we were this time yesterday. good morning everybody. 4:02 on this tuesday morning. live look at i-95 where they just moved barrels off to the left side as you head up north on i-95 passing our camera here at bartram avenue.
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no problems heading up toward the the airport. they are still working downtown on the vine expressway, you know the drill. got news they are only working on the eastbound side so coming off the the schuylkill expressway all lanes are block, you'll use either spring garden, 30th or south street, however, leaving the the city getting over on the westbound side that is opened, again, that is all part of the reconstruction there right near ben franklin parkway. we're in good shape on the majors. no problems coming up 202 they are working here on route 401 in frazier. there was an accident overnight right along route 401 at the 202 interchange that involved a deer and debris in the the roadway there as you get started this morning. we have some good news for gang in port richmond, richmond street reopened yesterday, between lehigh and ann. sue, you will be able to get to stocks bakery easier this week. that stretch of richmond street is opened. >> pound cake. >> ring the bell, pound cake
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for everybody. then later on today heading to the mall either king of prussia mall or out to the outlet where jen was set up yesterday, watch for delays on 422 beginning at 9:00 o'clock. they will fine tune line painting there getting ready for the holiday. later today as well, southbound i-95 watch out for bridge inspections on that girard point double decker. they will kick that off at 9:00 a as well. the chris and lauren, back to you. we are following breaking news. the russian news agencies reporting that the country's defense ministry said russian jet was down over turkey near syrian border. >> ministry said that the plane was on a bombing mission in syria and then crashed after it came under an artillery attack from the ground. ministry says pilots parachuted but added moscow had no further contact with those pilots. >> this comes after a month after russian passenger jet crashed over egypt killing all 224 people on game. russian officials say last week that jet was brought down by a bomb.
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we will follow this latest crash and keep you updated throughout the the morning. a strong, serious warning from the u.s. state department for travelers. >> with that all said u.s. state department issuing a travel alert. dave kinchen joins us from philly international with more on this, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is a major warning issued by the state department with many will travelers, already here the at this early hour at philadelphia international airport. now, this warning is worldwide and that makes it a rare one. security will be much more visible as u.s. state department warns americans to be careful and extra vigilant during this holiday travel season. feds are warning of increased terror threats with intelligence suggests that isis, al qaeda a and a boca a horam continue to plan terror attacks in multiple regions but there are in specific locationness this warning. the the warning also follows the isis terror attacks in paris november 13th but many travelers are taking the the warning in stride. >> it always crosses our mind
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but no more than usual. >> it is world in which we live. you just tribe try to be as careful as you can be. >> it is expect on thanksgiving day weekend. >> reporter: planned attacks could come in a number of ways including conventional and none ton conventional weapons techniques. even though it the is a worldwide terror alert state department says the warning does not include travel within the united states, but still, federal authorities say use extra precautions, give yourself more time and be very, very a alert, guys, back to you. >> a lot of people probably worried ahead of thanksgiving. europe remains on high alert fearing more terror attacks like the ones in paris and mali. schools, businesses and subways are closed for another day in belgium. they are expect to reopen tomorrow. a disturbing discovery in france a explosive suicide vest was found among trash. the it is just like the ones using in the par ace tax from a week and a half ago. investigators say it may have
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been pitched by a terrorist. president obama and france president hollande will meet at the white house. the white house says this will focus on coordinating efforts in the french led investigations. the world leaders have spoken self times since friday november 13th attacks in paris. philadelphia's homicide total for the year is now more than last years totals. >> steve keeley live at police headquarters with details on this, steve. >> reporter: it was just last week when mayor nutter was in washington d.c. and says killing we're reporting here in philadelphia should be considered a terrorism too in its own way. it was a deadly day that put 2015, past 2014, more violence, more victims, more murders. the first here on jasper street where they found doors locked at 3:00 in the afternoon by the killer made sure both young men he shot inside were killed for sure. firing nine times, both shot in the head, medics had to go through a front window.
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the both found face down in the family's dining room where they planned to celebrate thanksgiving, their turkey found thawing in the kitchen sink. >> both victims were on the first floor in the dining room. they were both laying face down. both, a according to medics a appear to have been shot at least one time in the head. we know nine shots were fired because we found nine spent shell casings inside the property near the the bodies. the it was a violent scene. there was a lot of blood. medics were able to tell us preliminarily that both victims were shot at least one time in the head. >> i feel real bad for them because they were a good family. they were both at work when it happened. like i said, the the kid wasn't into nothing bad. he was a great kid. >> reporter: even more violence before the sun went
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down just an hour later on bristol street, murder number 250, a 19 year-old man found shot as many as 15 times, right on the sidewalk. normally this kind of crime happens in the dark in the middle of the night but chris and lauren, we are showing these two cases illustrating how violent 2015 is and how these killers, don't have a watch and worry about what time it is or who is around. >> they don't worry about anything. >> fifteen times, it is an execution. that is horrible. thanks, steve. lets turn to this. we know two fire fighters are okay after being trapped in the house fire in deptford township, new jersey. another person in the home was taken to the hospital, victim's conditions at the this point are unknown. no word what cause that had fire. in philadelphia police are looking for two super heroes but turned out to be villains. >> surveillance video was captured before the the robbery at 7-eleven in ridge avenue. the couple a posing from the incredibles, skipped out on
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their $40 cab fare this happened halloween night in the roxborough area. cabdrivers confronted the man and that is when detectives say he punched the driver in the face and ran away with his side kick. >> very serious crime. if you are stiff the the the cabby and walk away, but when you add component of the assault which he punched him in the side of the head requiring him to go to the assault that is where it upgraded to a robbery. >> reporter: police have several lead including that video. if you have any information call the the philadelphia police department. well, schools are starving for cash the the mayor says is there a way around it what the jim kenney says he learned while in cincinnati about solving this problem. g.o.p. presidential candidate ben carson is taking back comments connect to 9/11. what prompted the 180.
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ringo star. >> i see where you are going. >> you have heard of the beatles. >> do you want me to name them.
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>> yes, name the beatles. >> john. >> paul, ringo. >> and george. >> and george. >> yes. >> and, and we will have two chains music later. today was the day, sue a serio back in i believe it was in 1967 that the beatles embarked on studio session to start recording on this album sergeant pepper lonely heart clubs ban, the greatest rock album of all time. >> according to you or who. >> it was just amazing. >> people that really know what they are talking about. >> you sort of do. lauren sort of does. >> pie in the oven. >> they will be on thursday. why am i talking like this. well, it will be 62 degrees on thursday. isn't that hard to believe walking out the door, it is so cold. it is coldest air of the season so far. i know we said that yesterday but it is colder then yesterday so here we go again with the wind out of the northwest. got news, wind are not as strong as they were yesterday, it is only 18 degrees, in
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mount pocono. 25 degrees in allentown. twenty-seven in pottstown. thirty-one in reading. 35 degrees in philadelphia a. twenty-eight in wildwood, and 26 in atlantic city. a as we said lighter wind then yesterday, so that is a good thing we don't have the wind chill much lower then actual temperatures but we are seeing much more lake effect snow then we saw yesterday in places that usually get it like buffalo, new york and some of those streamers are sprinkling down in our area. they are showing up on radar on berks county. in berks county and you see a flurry or two let us know bit because that is the true test. there is a strong storm moving in the northwestern part of the country, and this one will impede a lot of holiday travel, if you are maybe visiting family in washington orr gone or northern california, winter storm warnings and weather advisory from montana and idaho.
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lots of snow expected there only good thing it is good for california drought they have that snow pack on the ground. look the at how temperatures have plunge, 43 degrees was our high yesterday. today, 49. maybe 250. fifty-three on your get the away day, warm thanks for thursday with a ten ape a high of 62 or 63 degrees. still in the 60's on friday. then on saturday things change with the cold front and a few showers, and a few showers might be in the weather picture on, sunday but we can promise you colder temperatures by sunday and monday next week we are back down in the 40's. that is our roller coaster ride, fun for holiday, bob kelly. >> it is great. how many people do you have coming to your house. >> sixteen. >> do you have the folding chairs. >> little kid table. >> good morning, everybody. 4:16 on tuesday morning.
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we're still shut down on the vine street expressway, 50/50, only eastbound side is closed this morning come off of the schuylkill expressway. so as you come inbound toward philadelphia, you jump off either spring garden, 30th or south street, and otherwise, the opposite side we're opened and they should have things back in business by five or 5:30. ninety-five no problems here working your way out of northeast philadelphia. over in south jersey, 42 and 295 that dell maur interchange again hot bed of construction. there is very lane restrictions working your way in toward walt whitman. coming from the suburbs we're in good shape, no problems on 422 and we are looking good on 476, in problems up and down 202 a and also in good shape on the pennsylvania turp pike. are you ready? it is time to deck the halls. >> i want to see your christmas lights. we will turn this into a very kelly christmas.
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i want to you end is us a picture of your house, all deck out, here's what you do. post it on facebook, twitter, or instagram, just use the hashtag, fox 29 lights, so we can find it. we will show all of the great pictures of all of the houses right here on good day, every day, leading up to christmas. the here's extra added fun, we're going to pick what we think are the best of the best, most festive, decorated homes and we will show up, on your front lawn and broadcast live during our 5:00 o'clock newscast. we will visit four houses over neck four weeks, very kill, and start posting those pictures today. remember you have to use that hashtag fox 29 lights. >> do you want me to read a all this. >> that is like the end of the car commercial when you have to read really fast, employees and families are not he will gibel.
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>> bob kelly, thank you so much. later today philadelphia mayor-elect jim kenney will announce names of a a appointments to his administration and kenney to continues his focus on education. >> the the cities public schools can improve without influx of cash. kenney was just back from a road trip to cincinnati where they reached out to cash strapped schools with offers of help. universities, hospitals and private companies have resources and willingness to provide for local schools. the the key says kenney toys request that help with one clear voice. he says state lawmakers will not solve all of the district's problems. >> we just can't wait for super man, we have to fix this. we're getting this stuff done and let nay sayers stay back and naay, let's move forward. >> kenney would like to see the the local medical community set up dental clinics, and provide free eye glass offices right in the
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school. they want ophthalmologist to do that. he and city council president darryl clark vow to put it in action as soon as kenney is sworn in in january. change of heart and apology from ben carson. he is back ago way from his claim he saw american muslims celebrating 911th a talks. he backup claims from fellow g.o.p. contender donald trum hospital who says news reports of muslims in new jersey cheering the attacks. now both men say carson was recalling videotape while in the mid east, who were celebrating. the his campaign issuing an apology. new polls show carson slipping in third place in both iowa and florida for first time. trump retains the lead nationwide. speaking of the donald he is defending himself after tweeting out an inaccurate graphic. the graphic in question contains racially charged crime numbers from a non-victim agency and attributed vast majority of the homicide to blacks. trump says all it was was a
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retreat, it wasn't from me, it came out of other places. presidential candidate acknowledge that the sourcees were not credible. g.o.p. plan to maintain majority in the senate. david jenner lost his bid for louisiana governor to john bell. here he says he will not seek reelection in the senate. this leaves another seat for republicans to defend to keep their majority in order to win back majority in the senate, democrats need four seats, and if the president is a president, otherwise they will need five. so eagles lose. chip kelly says he doesn't scream at grown men. but they have a game on thanksgiving day. another down day. >> two players are hurt, right, from the starting line up. flyers looking for a win, how did they end up after taking the game to the hurricanes, in over time
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gos air gos hair.
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i'm howard eskin. this thursday eagles are in detroit the for thanksgiving. aim told zach ertz the and ryan matthews will miss the game with concussion. quarterback sam bradford had limited practice, still with the sore machine in throwing shoulder but with practice time it is a long shot he will play. so were the problems on sunday mental or physical. >> it is more mental. i don't think not many times we line up and just getting
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beat, one on one. i think one person here, doesn't do their job or tries to over compensate for somebody else's job and you know, good teams take advantage of that. >> flyers just looking for a win. the to the wells fargo center. they tied with three minutes left, in the game, in overtime, on the power play early in the overtime gostisbehere. the the minnesota had 13-point lead and they had lose. wiggins had had 31. sixers lewd 100-95. if you are counting that is 15 straight losses. the that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. they need wilt the stilt inn though he died in 199. >> on this day in 1960, philadelphia warrior wilt chamberlain set an nba record for most rebound in the philadelphia a game. >> philadelphia a warriors before they became san francisco warriors, chapel will ber lane who was the big dipper had 55 rebound in the game begins the the the
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celtics. standing at 7-foot one, he got his name because he was so tall. yeah. and he had to dip his head to get through doorways, the dipper. chamberlain is still considered one of the best offensive basketball players of his era and of all time n his 14 year career he broke more than 07 nba record. >> nice. >> yes, maybe the the best philadelphia athlete of all time, then he played for sixers later in his career. >> i would say so. >> breaking 70 record. some people can't even break a record. >> thank you. >> you sound like a broken record this morning. >> yes. that was nice. >> i love you. >> atlantic city turning around, new report showing profits at casinos but why that does not mean all good news. these are in special delivery but nothing like this what a delivery driver was trying to do when tossing a package on someone's roof.
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>> what these latest crimes reveal. >> worldwide travel alert underway days before a holiday weekend where state department is telling to you take precautions. >> good day it is tuesday, november 24th. where did november go.
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>> do you know what your assignment is for thanksgiving. >> yeah, show up, have manners. >> is that it. >> yes. >> how about you. >> i have to cook when i get to atlanta. >> so miss trish said you are coming here to cook. >> we always divide it up. sue is telling you when there is 16 people coming to your house you don't expect one person to cook so everybody has to pitch in. >> is what your specialty. >> i will be making, sue serio and chris murphy, greens with kail and cabbage. >> do you braised the greens. >> and the cake. >> two things. >> you are multi tasking. >> you are dealing with saferry and sweet. kind of like her personality. a little bit of both sue serio. >> that is what makes life so interesting. see i'm talking like i'm in atlanta what is going on. you know what it is audio book i'm listening to, another story: 35 degrees. no wind chill. wind are only 3 miles an hour.
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that is good. it will be a colder morning in philadelphia you will notice the the different in the suburbs. 6:56 your sunrise time, and 18 . that is not a wind chill but an actual temperature. twenty-eight in trenton. twenty-seven pottstown. degree below freezing in reading. right at freezing in will wilmington. in the 20's along the jersey shore. this is where we are noticing one of the biggest differences. the it is colder in the poconos mountains and 12 degrees colder in 24 hours ago in millville. most of the wind have calmed down quite a bit from yesterday, and we're still seeing a few clouds and maybe a couple of flurries. it looks like they are showing up on radar in berks county maybe see a flurry or two. yesterday's high was 43 degrees, a full 10 degrees colder with a child monday. tuesday looks a little bit better, 48, 49 degrees with mostly sunny skies, it is still very chilly, 33 overnight but there is a
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warming trend just in time for the holiday. we will talk about it coming up in the seven day forecast. bob kelly, you were very busy yesterday. >> very busy. >> i was trying deserts by the way for thanksgiving. >> i went to stocks for one of mine. >> grab me one of those, that is all i need show up with a stocks pound cake i'm's good for the next year. 4:32. we are good to go this morning. the yesterday was a mess on both side of the river. this morning a nice calm start but again i think we will see unusual patterns beginning today, and certainly, tomorrow, with thanksgiving holiday there on thursday. no problems on the the blue route, looking good coming out of the mid county. crews are still working on the vine street expressway. we have 50/50 going. it is opened westbound toward the schuylkill and 30th street. it is eastbound side that is closed this morning. so coming in on the the schuylkill expressway from either direction, when you get to the vine you'll not be able to come into downtown so exit at spring garden, 30th or south street, same deal we
4:33 am
have been dealing with for the past month or so. they are working on the the pennsylvania turnpike between street road and bensalem interchange. also, another crew over there near delaware valley interchange. coming from new jersey, no problems on the freeway, or 295, we have the work crew is still out there, bright white lights are on there but there is no blockages, maybe a lane restriction or two. for shoppers out here i know jen was at the outlets yesterday if you go into king of prussia today and tomorrow they are working on 422 and 36 there with midday delays expected ash 9:00 o'clock. getting out of town today via philly international keep in mind they are working on the girard point double decker bridge during midday, throw an extra ten or 15 minutes into your trip if you are using i-95 to get to the airport. chris and lauren, back to you. updating breaking news, turkey has confirmed it shot down a russian war plane. turkish officials say it
4:34 am
violated air space and ignored warnings. russia a denied it crossed syrian border. >> there are some reports that the russian defense ministry said that the plane was on a bombing in mission in syria and crashed after it came under artillery a attack from the ground. ministry says pilots have parachuted but moscow had no further contact with those pilots. we will continue to follow this and bring you updates throughout the morning. developing this morning... americans traveling for the holidays, will be extra careful. the state department issuing a worldwide travel a alert due to increased terror threats. u.s. citizens being urged to use extra caution when in public places or using public transportation. they are being warned to avoid large crowds or crowded places. the travel alert remains in effect through february. let's turn our attention to philadelphia where homicide total for this year is now more than last years total. >> steve keeley live, with details on the latest murder investigations, hi there steve. >> reporter: hard to hear you talk about happy thanksgiving plans because you can imagine
4:35 am
thanksgiving will be horrible as family plans turn to funeral plans for a couple of families here on jasper street where thanksgiving turkey was actually found by homicide detectives, that you go out, in the kitchen sink at 3:00 in the afternoon when two young men were found face down dead on the dining room floor right where family planned to celebrate thanksgiving dinner. killer let in by victims so knew them, cash was even left found on the table we don't have a motive. police did not find any forced entry to the property. also, the the property, which was, somewhat, cleaned and orderly inside did not appear to have been ransacked. so it is a good possibility that burglary was also, not a motive. we know that the first responding officers, as well as the paramedics who pronounced the body, entered,
4:36 am
the the property, through a front window because the doors were locked, so there was no forced entry at this time. >> reporter: just an hour later a after that double murder another killing over here on bristol street while still daylight this one outside on the sidewalk, 15 evidence markers indicating so many shots, and so little chance for the 19 year-old hit by so many as he was killed instantly. he murder number 250 this year. chris and lauren, not only more murders then last year but more than 2013 and a chance to go over 300 again which we have in the done since 2012. >> all right, steve keeley, thanks very much. 4:36. sometimes we hear about delivery drivers who slip up on the job and dump packages, and we have seen them on surveillance video, and break things. okay. one worker took failed deliveries to a whole new level. >> one by left a package on the roof. the reason he decided to toss
4:37 am
it there. new report shows atlantic city casinos turning a profit after years of struggling but what sign in the report shows the road is still pretty rocky a ahead. lets see if lauren dawn johnson is rich. here are her winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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ac is a seen owes saw their growth increase by 61 percent. >> a considered to go a report from the state division of gaming enforcement. the eight casinos turn collective operating profit, that is profit the before taxes, at more than 237 million-dollar, between july and september. but keep this in perspective, officials say these numbers say about how bad things were last year then how good they are right now. so it end in september and count at $300 they took from you over weekend. >> let me juxtaposition the the numbers. >> really bad last year, still bad this year. >> but it is a better trend now. we are trending up instead of down. philadelphians will have a mile more of scenic trails to walk, run or bike on. >> that is what philadelphia had a ground breaking for an extension of the schuylkill river trail. 1 mile addition will expand the trail from grays ferry avenue to 56th street. that means it connects southwest philadelphia residents to the schuylkill river trail which led more people enjoy scenery a along the the river. patch that opened by fall of
4:41 am
next year, estimated cost, chris murphy, six million-dollar. one of my favorite shows six million-dollar man, steve austin. ab aware if you are expecting packages this seasons. thieves have sticky fingers. a man was caught stealing packages from an apartment in the 3800 block of spring garden street the in mantua. the philadelphia police say it happened more than once between november 4th and november 11th. surveillance cameras caught that thief stealing delivered packages and even a bike out of a garage. a package deliver any england is getting a whole lot of a attention with that said. >> this is no the the because it was stolen but what was inside, and the the way it was delivered. check it the out, look up, yeah, way up. it is up on the roof. a man tweeted out these photos for his less tech savvy neighbor. delivery left a note saying sorry, on top have of your roof. it turns out the man was trial to throw the the package
4:42 am
through open window since no one answered the door. according to the guy the man return with the ladder to get the package out. >> see that window is open there, so the guy on the ground tries to hoist it the up and throw it through the window. >> that is how they roll over there. >> in england. >> no, that is just weird. >> sometimes if you are not home and you have to come back for a second time and leave a note, tell will to you pick it backup. maybe he was like forget a all that. >> he is down here just going wow and he throws it again and then it is thrown a little harder and land in the gutter. ridiculous. >> yep. >> a husband posted a december spray plea to help his wife the mistake that may end up saving her life.
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4:45 am
the greatest album of all time, they started recording this on this day. we look live at blue mountains in the pocono mountains. sue, they are making snow for the first time. this is exciting stuff. >> it is not real but sort office real. >> cold water that has been
4:46 am
cold and blowing, into mound. >> thanks for the science lesson it is cold enough. >> it is cold enough. >> up there. >> it is 18 degrees in the poconos right now. look, the table is all set. there is the turkey. >> gobble, gobble. >> all we need is thursday to get here. there is an escapee, we have a forecast, we're seeing a happy thanksgiving that is pretty good. 62 degrees our high temperature, with plenty of sunshine. that is for thursday. today is a different story. do you remember yesterday? it is the coldest morning of the season so far. well, now today is the coldest morning of the the season so far because it is chillier, we have temperatures, of 18 as we told new mount pocono. allentown is only 25. twenty-seven in pottstown. little milder here where we're above freezing in philadelphia, 28 in wildwood and 32 in wilmington. wind isn't a factor like yesterday. wind have calmed down quite a bit, so that is a good thing. a few flurries, all this lake
4:47 am
effect snow falling in buffalo right now. some of those streamers are a little will bit of that moisture maybe in the mountains, maybe in berks county, if you are seeing a few flurries up there north and west of us don't be surprised because concerns for holiday travel is northwestern part of the country, strong storms coming in. this actually is good news for the california drought but it will make travel very difficult in places like washington, oregon, northern california, idaho, monday tan, all these places have winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories in effect. the visiting family and friend in that country it could be a challenge over the the next couple of taste. temperatures have been steadily falling since the the weekend. 56 degrees saturday. fifty-three sunday. only 43 yesterday. it was a cold one. forty-nine should be our high today. you are optimistic you can think 50. 53 degrees tomorrow and is there your high of maybe even 63 on turkey day. still in the 60's on friday, and then we will start to take
4:48 am
the plunge again with the cold front coming through on saturday, bringing some you showers and then by sunday and monday high temperatures are only in the 40's, again at least enjoy that holiday forecast, it is looking g those football games on thursday morning. >> looking good. >> all of the high school football games, i remember, north catholic used to always play frankford, frankford high school, big rivalry a lot of high school rivalries in the neighborhood. we have a problem in the neighborhood in delaware county. this is a a nasty accident. this is route one at the the top of the ramps from 476, there is what is left of the vehicle. i'm not the sure if there is another vehicle involved or if this is maybe a deer but take a look at a the tea brings all over the roadway here. this is again the blue route off ramp to route one. so right at that interchange in media, delaware county watch for delays or police are on the scene. otherwise downtown we will go, it looks like vine street
4:49 am
expressway they are just letting traffic coming into center city. that is good. we're opened in both directions on the the schuylkill, and a the vine. no problems at all as you come into downtown philadelphia later on today, they are going to have practice. we got a practice, for the the parade, thanksgiving day parade last night after the rush hour. they shut down the art museum circle so the bands and other folks involved in the parade could do some practice. they are probably going to do that again tonight. hopefully they will wait until 7:00, or 7:30 or so. ben franklin looking good into downtown. good news for gang in the neighborhood richmond street is reopened between lehigh and ann, so that is good news for neighbors there speaking of the neighbors in the neighborhood time to deck the halls we are getting ready to are christmas and i want to see your lights, very kelly christmas and you will either be decorating or getting out there this weekend, i want to see your christmas lights, best, brightest, do you use
4:50 am
big bulb or twinkle lights, lauren what do you use. >> flashing bulbs. >> flashers. >> if you go all out i want to see it. if it is a simple candy in the window i want to see it but send me your christmas lights and lets get in the spirit of things. the send us a picture of your house all decked out. all you have to does post it on facebook, twit error instagram and just use the the hashtag fox 29 lights so we can find it. we will show those great pictures right here on good day every day leading up to christmas. the here's extra fun, we will pick one, the the house with the best of the best, and we will show up on your front lawn and broadcast live during our 5:00 o'clock newscast. we will visit four houses over next four weeks so get cracking, get those lights up, it is a very kelly christmas. we want you to be part of it. post those pictures. use the hashtag fox 29 lights. >> here's the deal so people might have an extraordinary light display now they have to have their yard done, bob bob
4:51 am
showing up with cameras, you just can't have lights. >> you better have the closets all cleaned too because i'm going inside with the camera. i'm going in. >> that is kind of creepy. >> a mistake on craigs list may have saved a woman as life. woman who needed a new kidney will get one. >> this is a no stranger too thanks to a misplaced ad. jennifer joyce has this twist of fate. >> i just can't wait to get there and not to have dialysis. >> reporter: after year and a half after suffering through kidney failure three two-year old nina have of atlantic county is getting a transplant from a stranger. >> i told them i wanted to meet and tell them the the story. >> reporter: glenn, a contractor from south jersey connect with the them on craigs list. he was looking for construction materials last summer when this popped up, an ad posted by her husband, kay, asking for a kidney to save his wife's life. >> it the hits home because i
4:52 am
placed an ad in the newspaper once upon a time. >> reporter: kellerbank said the ad misplaced under construction materials has to be work of his late wife jessica who died of kidney failure in 2011. >> i feel like she has been my angel will showing me the way and i know for sure she showed me their ad. >> reporter: they were stunned out to find out that he was a match and b he was willing to sign up for the surgery. now they are at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania, preparing for next weeks transplant. >> i was very surprised that there was a person, a strange shore would do this for me because, there was no one in my life who would do this to save me. >> reporter: colderbank is self-employed and will be out of work next week. they set up a go fund me to help cover expenses while he is recovering. >> there is no way i can repay glenn, is there no way i can thank him enough for what he is doing.
4:53 am
>> reporter: colderbank and a the family hope this story will send a message. >> i want people to maybe find the courage to help someone whether they know it or not and pass it on. >> reporter: a message that is there a life safer in all of us. we have posted a go fund me page on our web site at fox if you had a's like to check it out. reporting from university city, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. 4:53. and then, there is this, stealing from a man in a wheelchair. how good smart tans came to this person's aid.
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:56 am
a by steals from the guy in the wheelchair. >> but it is what happens next that grabs our attention. it seems everyone knows milton mcknight, a main stay in downtown orlando for 26 years selling drinks and flowers while he deals with cerebral palsy, something he was born w so friday at a nearby store owner looked out her window she saw a man walking up to mcknight. she could tell he was up to no good. >> he has the the bucket. i knew that is what the guy was going for because it has happened before. i just ran out the door and started yelling at him but he did get his money. >> wow. >> she wasn't only one to yum in to help. two others jumped into help and police eventually caught up with that guy. >> good. >> yes. >> throw the the book at him. might be the best time of the year for super shoppers,
4:57 am
black friday is just two days away, chris but we will tell you what things you better not check off your list this week, okay. >> all right.
4:58 am
4:59 am
today is the day. hellmann's and holiday leftovers become irresistibly creamy turkey casserole. real delicious hellmann's. bring out the hellmann's. bring out the best.
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a worldwide travel alert is issued by the state department, where you need to be on guard. plus, as nation's ramp up their fight begins isis, one country is saying they are not making any changes to their terrorism policies. we will tell what you country that is and partly why. police are looking for mr. e will will tell you how super heroes are not the really that but they are villains. it is tuesday, november 24th and it the is cold out there cold in here. >> warm me up. >> not after that rant you just went on in the commercial break. no. >> you cannot say something like that, in one knows what you are talking about. >> they know you went on the rant during the commercial break. >> you rant every morning about something or other. >> that was probably one of his worst, was it the not. >> it was pretty vei brandt. now kids, the holidays are coming and we will have to


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