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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  November 24, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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a worldwide travel alert is issued by the state department, where you need to be on guard. plus, as nation's ramp up their fight begins isis, one country is saying they are not making any changes to their terrorism policies. we will tell what you country that is and partly why. police are looking for mr. e will will tell you how super heroes are not the really that but they are villains. it is tuesday, november 24th and it the is cold out there cold in here. >> warm me up. >> not after that rant you just went on in the commercial break. no. >> you cannot say something like that, in one knows what you are talking about. >> they know you went on the rant during the commercial break. >> you rant every morning about something or other. >> that was probably one of his worst, was it the not. >> it was pretty vei brandt. now kids, the holidays are coming and we will have to put
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you both at the kids table. 36 degrees right now in philadelphia. little bit of the the breeze makes it feel like 31. we are 1 degree milder then yesterday at this time. but most places are colder, so, in general, we will call this a colder morning then it was yesterday. 28 degrees in trenton. thirty-one in a atlantic city. twenty-eight in pottstown. twenty-four in mount pocono. twenty-five in atlantic city. we have cloud that have rolled in overnight the but in general you can see here wright town 12 degrees colder. 9 degrees colder at the shore. make sure you have enough layers on this morning. may see a flurry or two. lake effect snow, falling in buffalo this morning. some of that moisture is making it all the way down to the pocono mountains and lehigh valley. it was a child monday, a full 10 degrees colder then it was supposed to be, average high is 53, it was 43, today, 48,
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maybe 49, and maybe 50 in a few places. we will see plenty of sunshine. thirty-three is our low temperature tonight so it will be a cold one, once again but things are warming up just in time for turkey day, warming up just like your oven, 5:02, bob kelly. >> you got it, set the temperature, 50:00 two we have seat warmers red think morning you will need them. it is definitely cold. we have an accident in media, delaware county, it is right at the off ramp from the blue route to route one, nasty crash here, even in the air bag was activated here, this fellow right at that intersection at the top of the ramp from the blue route, to route one, so they are in the process of cleaning it up. they have the flares down. be ready, that is an area in delaware county without the overhead street lamps. live look northeast philadelphia a, i-95 looking good southbound leaving woodhaven, cottman into center city. in problems or delays at the moment. we are looking good on the
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boulevard as well out of the northeast down through to the schuylkill expressway. work crew is still out there trying to wrap things up for the holiday. they are working on the pennsylvania turnpike, between the philly/bensalem interchange over through delaware valley. they will be traveling over next couple days, keep in mind if you have have in the been to visit grand mom since last thanksgiving or last couple months all major roadways have different traffic patterns in the construction zones like the the turnpike here, 202, i-95, they are not working, from like tomorrow night through the weekend but the new traffic patterns will be in play. 422 looking good working your way out of royersford no problems on 55, coming from south jersey but later on today for shoppers in and out of the king of prussia watch for delays on 422, beginning at around 9:00 a.m. chris and lauren, back over to you. we have breaking news, turkey has confirmed it shot down a russian war plane today. turkish officials say plane
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violated turkish air space and ignored warnings. the russia a denied it cross border in to turkish skies. >> russian defense ministry says plane was on a bombing mission in syria and crashed after it came under artillery a attacks from the ground. it said pilots parachuted but added moscow had no further contact with those pilots. we will follow this latest crash and bring you updates throughout the morning. >> developing this morning serious warning for americans traveling for the the holidays. >> federal government urging them will to he look main vigilant in the wake of the terror threats. dave kinchen live from philly international with more on this, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. big warning going out to the travelers here in philadelphia a, international airport getting up early before the crack of dawn to get out of town or meet people who are coming in town and they are also dealing with this warning that is worldwide and that makes it a rare one, a rare warning, security is a bit the more visible here at philadelphia international airport. u.s. state department, wants americans to be careful, extra
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vigilant during this travel season and the feds warned of the up creased terror threats with intelligence suggests that isis, al qaeda a, boca horam and other groups plan terror a attacks in multiple regions. locations not the disclosed. the warning was following the isis terror attacks in paris on november 13th and many travelers we have just spoken to knew sound from them and they say they are taking the warning in stride. >> status quo for an expectation for what is going on in the world right now, just like anyone else these things concern us but, here we are at the a airport. >> we have been to chicago when 9/11 hit. i came with like military with guns and everything. now it is starting all over again. it is scary. >> i think that we cannot let people in the world who wish to do us harm control our actions. i think it is a big travel weekend. the lots of people have plans. people want to do something
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they are going to but i don't think that can cause us fear. >> reporter: the leather says planned attacks could come in a number of ways including conventional and non-conventional weapons. certainly the intelligence community is working very hard so as we enjoy thanksgiving with our family and friend and we give thanks we should keep in mind men and women who keep us safe every day in the intelligence community, military and folks handling global security because they are quite busy a at the this time. >> they are like umpires you don't notice anything that they are doing unless something goes wrong, is that right. >> that is right. they always say there is seen and unseen. things that you will see in terms of the security and more importantly things that you will in the see. >> absolutely, all right dave, thank you. we remain on high alert fearing more terror attacks like the ones in paris and mali. >> schools and businesses have been closed for another day in belgium expecting to reopen
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tomorrow. disturbing discovery on a street in france on monday. explosive suicide vest was found kind of among some trash. vest just like the the ones using in the par ace tax. investigators believe it may have been ditched by one of those terrorist. president obama and french president frances hollande will meet at the white house to discuss terror around the world. white house says this will focus on coordinating efforts in the french led investigation. they have spoken several times since that friday november 13th attack in paris. the the white house is calling onal toys do more in the fight against isis, however, one country is saying we are fine with our current plan. >> australia's prime minister says is there in support a among world leaders for u.s. led arm any iraq and syria. its government does not the intend to change military commitment despite at tax in paris, africa and lebanon. the prime minister's stance says he is not being naive about isis. >> i want australians to be a
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aware that a terrorist incident on our soil remains likely, but also that australians should be reassured that our security agencies are working diligently abe expertly to prevent that from happening. >> right now australia contributes fighter jets in syria and iraq and military trainers in iraq as well. philadelphia's homicide numbers in 2015 are now more than last years total. >> steve keeley is on this story for us, steve, good morning. >> reporter: it was a double killing on jasper street that put that number a above last year. no signs of the struggle, forced entry or burglary just a cold quick calculated double killing, nine shots into two young men and killer calmy walked out locking the door behind him. the two found face down in the dining room where family planned thank giving dinner. their thank giving turkey found that you go out in the kitchen sink, cash found in the open on the counter.
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>> both victims were on the first floor in the dining room. they were both laying face down, both according to medics appear to have been shot at least one time in the head. now we know nine shot were fired because we found nine spent shell casings inside the properties near the bodies. it was a a violent scene and a lot of blood, so, medics were able to tell us preliminarily that both victims were shot at least one time in the head. >> i am feeling real bad for them. they are a good family. they work every day this he were both at work when it happened. the the kid was not the in to nothing bad. he was a great kid. >> reporter: violent didn't end there for homicide detective. a third murder on bristol street an hour later before the sun went down. a 19 year-old shot 15 times
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right here close-up on the sidewalk outside. this was murder number 250, on november 23rd, philadelphia did not record 250 murders in either 2014 or 2013, and there is still 40 days to go to try to reach 300, something this city has in the seen since 2012, chris and lauren. >> so sad. >> this morning we know two fire fighters are okay after getting trapped in the house fire in deptford township, new jersey. another person in the home was taken to the hospital but victim's condition at this point is unknown. in word what cause that had fire. macungie man is charge with repeatedly sexually assaulting a a 13 year-old girl in 2,000. up investigators say danielle was a coach for catholic youth basketball team at the time. lehigh county d.a. says victim recently came forward, and he is facing several charges and is currently out on $40,000.01. philadelphia police are looking for two super heroes who turned out to be villains. >> this he were captured before a robbery at a 7-eleven
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on ridge avenue. the couple posing as mr. incredible ande list particular girl from disney's pixar film the incredibles, skipped out on their $40 cab fair on halloween night in the roxborough area. the the cabdriver confronted the man and that is when detective say he punch the the driver in the face, and ran away with his side kick. >> it is a very serious crime. if he just stiffed the cabby and walk away that would have been one thing but when you punch someone in the side of the head and he has to go to the hospital that is where it is upgraded to a robbery. >> reporter: surveillance video is helping. but if you have any other information call philadelphia police. philadelphia mayor-elect jim kenney not waiting to get into office before he gets into work. one of his major priorities, reforming education. up next what he is planning to do to get around low funding from harrisburg to achieve had. plus millions of americans getting ready to spend big for black friday but there are four things that you should
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day in the life off the
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beatles album. in 1966, on this day, john, paul, george and ringo set on to embark for recording for five full months the greatest rock album of all time according to rolling stone magazine, sergeant pepper lonely heart clubs band. >> day in the life. i wand fur anybody ever has had a day in the life of chris murphy. >> you can, come down to fourth and market. we will hang out all day. we will bring mike jerrick. >> tell everybody what is the best part of your day here at work or back at home. >> come here, come here. >> i knew it. >> i knew it. >> he has been bugging me all day. >> and then when he goes home and his wife asked the same question he will say come here, come here. >> anyway, it is a preview of thursday, i think we have gotten you ready but in case you missed it maybe catching a high school football games in the morning it will be in the mid 40's on thursday. 55 degrees by lunchtime, a lot
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of folks, well, maybe a few folks watching the eagles at the 1:00 o'clock. where are they detroit on thursday? >> yeah. >> in detroit. 62 degrees is the high temperature by 4:00 in the a afternoon. this morning in contrast we have the coldest air of the season so far, that is what we said yesterday, i know but now it is colder in some places. we had a few clouds overnight. it is chillier morning but should be slightly milder afternoon. temperatures in the 20's to the north of us, 24 mount pocono. twenty-seven allentown. twenty-eight pottstown. we are at 36 in philadelphia a we didn't cool off quite as bit as we could have. 28 degrees in wildwood. calm wind. that is a difference as well, we also have gusty breezes making it feel colder. talking about lake effect snow up by buffalo this morning just a couple of flurries possible, a lot of people are out and it is dark and all
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that but in the rehigh valley. we will look back before a ahead and definitely a lowering of the temperatures. we were in the 60's late last week. we were in the the 50's over the weekend. forty-three was our high yesterday. we will improve on that today. little bit more tomorrow. and even more on thursday. we will give that a ten out of ten. we are grateful, of course, that is the holiday. sixty-three on friday. then cold front comes through on saturday, and then chill us out for sunday and monday back down in the 40's which is wintry feel. but we are close to the end of the the month anyway. hi there bob kelly. >> good morning, sue it is 5:17 on a tuesday morning on this short workweek, for a lot of folks with the holiday. so already an accident out here this morning. folks are going. this is a live look at delaware county route one off ramp, to head south, on 467 at that traffic signal there.
5:18 am
this fellow off to i bad start getting put up on the the flatbed. there is a a the lot of police activity and flares. again, route one off ramp to go south on the blue route 476. starting to see volume pop, headlights coming toward city on 42 freeway, crews are still working on 42 and 295. here's one of them, messy spots we had to deal with yesterday, i-95 we had a couple different accidents in the morning but we are good to go in delco on i-95, this morning. however, heading to the airport trying to get out of town earlier for the holiday, penndot will be ahead of you, work together girard point double decker bridge, all through the day using i-95 to get down to the airport give yourself some extra time. plug in that extension cord, come on, let's light up the light, here we go, tradition i have been doing for last ten years or so. we have been heading out and looking for the the best decorated houses, it will be a very kelly christmas, no
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doubt, people have been decorating, taking advantage of the nice wet are over next couple days. i want to see your light, best, brightest, do you use little bulbs or big bulbs. do you use blow ups? the blow ups. the the festive blow ups on the front lawn. it is a simple candle and the window. i want to see it all, christmas, lets get in the spirit, send us a picture all decked out just post that picture on facebook, twitter, or instant gram or just use the hashtag fox 29 lights so we can find it. we will show pictures right here on good day every day leading up to chris mass but we will throw in some extra fun. we are going to pick what we think is the best of the best, one house each week, i will decorate news van and i'm coming to your house and broadcast live on the front lawn during our 5:00 o'clock newscast. we will visit the houses, again over next four weeks, a very kelly christmas and i'd love to be part of it.
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start posting your pictures, just use the the the hashtag fox 29 lights and i could be... knocking at your front door. >> bob kelly, i send you a picture your first one, it is representative of chris murphy. >> okay, check that out. jim kenney fresh off a trip from cincinnati to bail out philadelphia schools. >> why wait on the state when businesses can step up and help fun schools. bruce gordon looks at how this could work sixth grade math class at duckry school in north philadelphia when this school day end, nearly two thirds of the kids at duckry will stay after for extra help, extra help provided by their neighbors at temple university. temple has been in a way adopted this school, combining everything from a fresh coat of paint on the walls to the flat screen tv that hang from them. the the university has donated computers for students, and they are not only ones that are helping out. local company, esd, donate
5:21 am
$3.00 turkies to the parents of the duckry kid to make their thanksgiving brighter. principal david cohen said it was a simple matter of asking right people for the help his school needs. he says, more of his k through eighth graders show up each day ready to learn. >> they want to come because they feel safe, they know it is a clean place, their community cares, their school sayers, and it is excellent. >> reporter: mayor-elect kenney and city council president darryl clark came to the gym to talk about their visit to cincinnati, where local companies, non-profits and universities partner with public schools to provide extra educational materials, social services, even dental care and eye doctors. clark says cincinnati model can be replicated there. >> we met with drexel, we met with penn, we met with temple university, they are on board. >> reporter: kenney says begging for money from harrisburg is a small part to the solution to failing schools. >> we cannot wait for super man, we have to fix this.
5:22 am
we are getting this done and let nay sayers stand back because they will do it anyway, let's move forward. >> reporter: there is a cost to all this in the cincinnati schools a winning is set aside for social services and medical care provided. each philadelphia school would have to figure out their logistics. kenney and clark want to to move in this plan fast. in the news room, i'm bruce gordon for fox 29 news. okay. are you one of the millions of americans set to hit the malls object black friday? oh, yeah. you need to check your list. what things you will want to skip buying this week. >> okay.
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now there are four things that you should not buy if it is on your list for black friday. >> let's start with number one. electronics. thanksgiving day is better day to score a bargain. >> leave table to go buy electronics. >> does that. >> that is rude. >> toys, buy them before thanksgiving if you wait until black friday or cyber monday the popular stuff will be gone. >> kid will be crying. >> fellows, jewelry. >> if you want to pop the question. >> there you go. >> or just stay in good graces. the thanksgiving day is best day to buy jewelry. don't wait until december because you won't find better
5:26 am
deals then. >> finally, your clothes. the best savings will be on thanksgiving day, but prices will drop even more, in december. >> so for clothing, wait. >> wait or get it on thanksgiving day is what we're telling everybody to do. >> okay. >> i'm not leaving the table. >> how are you doing. >> nice to see you what is happening? >> domino's has been cooking up ways for customers to order their pizza a. >> you can customized pads on your ipad and tweet your order with an emoji but latest delivery innovation and it is all about this part. >> easy order button is one step step to getting hot cheesy goodness. it comes in the miniature domino's box and it uses blue tooth to pair with the app. it will launch in the uk next month. no word if and when we will see it here in the you had. just pick up your phone and keep calling to order your pizza. music fans all over the world were eagerly awaiting adele's album just days after it release. it has set a major record.
5:27 am
we will tell you about huge numbers. >> a bra that does double duty, it is allowing women to fight back. when under attack, this is really interesting.
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a worldwide travel alert just taste before the holiday weekend what the state department is saying. two new homicide investigations are and way in philadelphia what this reveals about violence in our city. good day everybody. the it is tuesday, november 24th. >> correct. >> 2015. >> how are you. >> what were you just googling. >> sue serio is having 93 people. you have a big bird to cook. rule of thumb is, sue, 20 minutes per pound for 350-degree oven. >> okay. >> so you need about six ovens. >> a lot of people will be hungry with 93 people coming. >> we will dot best we can. can do you the math the how long. >> you have a 22-pound bird. >> that is seven hours and 40 minutes. >> boom. >> diana. >> yes. i will be basting while watching this program at home tomorrow.
5:31 am
that is right the. >> that is exciting. >> yeah, i won't be here. >> but i will be in spirit. >> wait, who is in for you. >> dave warren is coming in on wednesday, thursday, friday. >> he is a a fine bast eras well. >> basting up a storm here. >> bus stop buddy is bundled up, temperatures in the tease and 30's. we will give you a six out of ten in your weather by the numbers. the it is still really cold to start the day. not necessarily in the city but we're in the 30's. that is very cold but in the suburbs where it is very cold. twenty-four in mount pocono. they have gotten down in the teens the last hour i should say and 27 degrees in allentown. thirty-one in reading. thirty-eight pottstown. twenty-five in at atlantic city. only 28 in wildwood. these are temperatures as much as 12 degrees colder then they were yesterday at this time. so now this becomes the the coldest morning of the season so far, a few cloud around, if
5:32 am
the cloud weren't here it would be even colder this morning thanks to radiational cooling but just a couple of flurries are possible in the pocono mountains. planning your day, winter wear at the bus stop for sure with temperatures in the 30's. sunny, chilly 5 degrees. probably topping off at 49 degrees for a high. sunset time 4:38 and 47 degrees by 7:00 o'clock in the evening. so plenty of sunshine but once again deceiving because of how chilly it is. the it went stay this way. weak talk about that in the seven day forecast coming up. good morning. 5:32. we are off to a good start. in problems on 202 looking good on the turnpike from morgan town heading into king of prussia. lets go out to 422 where an example of one of the work zones you will encounter traveling over the holiday weekend here for some thanksgiving dinner. you will not see the the crews actively out there blocking lanes but there is new traffic patterns all over the place.
5:33 am
if you have been visiting grand mom in the last couple months or so be ready. 422, turnpike, i-95, 202, even over here in new jersey, 42, 295, all new traffic patterns, so pay attention if you are traveling on the overnight. headlights toward the city starting to see volume there on the freeway. delco looking good. i-95 brake lights heading up toward airport we're in good shape there. still a work crew outside on the turnpike between philly bensalem over to the delaware valley interchange, coming from the suburbs, royersford we're looking good. in problems coming up 55. but 95, later on today, if you are getting an early start out of town for airport here they will work on the girard point double decker bridge at 9:00 a.m. chris and lauren back to you. if you are planning to travel this holiday listen up to this alert. >> state department issued a serious warning because of terror threats. dave kinchen live from philly international with more, dave? >> reporter: good morning
5:34 am
chris and lauren. a a lot of travelers getting up before the crack of dawn and heading over to philadelphia international airport. you can see them behind me right the now getting out the of town and maybe even beating the last minute rush, and they are dealing with the state department worldwide travel warning which is a rare one that they have got on their smart phones and other devicees and something that they expect in the current tensions in the world. security is a bit more visible at phl international as u.s. state department warns americans to be careful and vigilant during this holiday travel season. federal warning of increased terror threats with intelligence suggesting that isis anal cade, boca who are ram and other groups plan terror attacks, and locations not disclosed. warning follow isis terror attacks in paris november 13th. many travelers that we just spoke with at phl international are taking the warnings seriously but won't stop living their lives.
5:35 am
>> i'm sure it will make security less fun to get through, but hopefully they do their jobs and stop attempted attacks, i'm always nervous, but we have to go see our family and go on with our lives. >> i think they are hyping it up, too much but maybe not, but i don't know. you have to be on your guard. >> i saw it briefly at the end of the night last night but i was than the surprised bit. i think that part of what i saw was status quo for an expectation for all that is going on the in the world right now. >> reporter: the alert from the state department says planned attacks could come in a number of ways including quote conventional and non-conventional method and weapons. the as we give thanks with our family and friend this week, it is also important to keep in mind people in the intelligence community, military and global security personnel around the world will be working, certainly through not just holidays coming up thanksgiving but throughout the holiday season
5:36 am
to keep everybody safe, guys, back to you. thanks, dave kinchen. police are looking for a suspect after two men were found dead in the cities kensington neighborhood this happened yesterday in the 3600 block of jasper street. investigators say someone shot two inside a home there. identities of the the two men are unknown at this time but police tell us that one lives at the home, other was just visiting. >> based on ballistics evidence, we know that at least nine shot were fired from the semiautomatic weapon. we found nine spent shell casings on the scene. >> shooter got away, they have not found the weapon involved. police are questioning several family members and they are working on a motive. at the same time, double homicide police were called to the scene of another shooting that turned deadly. sky fox over 4200 block of bristol street where a gunman shot a man several times. he later died at temple university hospital. police are looking for the shooter in this case as well. philadelphia homicide rate has
5:37 am
reached 249 this year and that is higher then 2014. >> not a trend we want to see. we now know more about this ugly crash we told but yesterday morning. a wrong way drunk driver jammed up i295 in gloucester, new jersey. state the police hit another car head on, so they say both drivers will be okay. the accused wrong way driver is facing dui charges. 5:37. the flyers looking for a win on the ice, how they end up after taking their game against the hurricanes into overtime. plus after that horrible loss at home on sunday the eagles will be playing thursday, in detroit, and chip kelly has talk about the chances, and now that we're missing two key players on thursday, how is it looking for us? horrible lions team.
5:38 am
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that's a great idea. what if you could get up to twenty percent cash back when you bought it? bam. twenty percent back? that's awesome. it's black friday. find your tag and get cash back for 20% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get zero percent financing for seventy-two months on 2015 silverado light duty models. cool time to go shopping. good morning, i'm howard eskin. the thursday eagles are in detroit for thanksgiving. zach earth and ryan matthews will miss the game with concussions. quarterback sam brad ford did little practice. it is a licensing shot he will play thursday. chip kelly states obvious with the problems. >> we get out played, out coached, they do a good job, you know, coaching in that football game and that is what it is. that is all it is. we need to move forward. we do not need to change how we set up our day.
5:41 am
we lost a game to a better team, we were out coached. >> flyers just looking for a win to the wells fargo center. they are tied up with three minutes left by carolina but in the overtime, early in the overtime power play shane gos peer, they were up by 13 in the game to minnesota a who has not won at home, kevin martin puts them up five. andrew wiggins had 32. sixers lose their 15th straight 100-95. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. on this day in 1960. >> go on. >> philadelphia warrior wilt chamberlain set an nba record for most rebound in the single game. >> chamberlain, was often called the big dipper. he had 55 rebound in the game with the boston celtics. standing at 7-foot one he got the the nickname. he was so tall he could dip his head under the doorways to get through. chamberlain is still considered one of the best offensive basketball players
5:42 am
of his another a the in his 14 year career he broke more than 70 nba record including scoring 100 points in the game. >> what? >> a hundred points in a game. >> really. >> how old was he, was he in his prime when that happened. >> you are in your prime right now, we're not asking how old you are. >> it is no secret, i'm 34. >> say no more. >> what did you put in your coffee is what i want to know. >> well will we talk about bras doing double duty. >> this is serious stuff. it is interesting. >> it is taking the phrase booby trap to a whole new level. >> yeah. >> also, adele setting record just four days after her latest album release what previous album it beat out. >> even if you had these winning lottery numbers a adele is still richer then you. son, the holiday season's just like football season...
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...and the holiday season is won. that's my boy! fill your cart with everything you need this season, all at one place. my giant. on this day in 1966, the beatles started recording the greatest album of all time sergeant pepper and its lonely
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heart club band. this is the fifth beetle will two chains. >> we declared him this at the the very beginning of the year in january. >> beginning when we started working together, here. we said john, paul, george, ringo and two chains. >> you just learned about two chains back then. >> can we play more because that was rocking. >> in the poconos, they are starting to make snow for the first time. the it is cold up there in the teens. >> yes. >> when we get in the 60's on thursday will it all melt? it is always chillier in the pocono mountains then it will be here. thinks your forecast for the holiday for philadelphia and we are calling for a high of 62 degrees. partly sunny and mild. it looks like a perfect weather day traveling to grand moms house by car you should be just fine. we have cold air of the season in some places, this morning. yesterday was coldest up until then, now it is the coldest, but we will end up milder. lets check the temperatures.
5:47 am
walking out the the door it is 36 degrees. twenty-eight in pot town. twenty-seven allentown. twenty-four mount pocono. do you see 20's down in millville, new jersey. very cold there. twenty-seven in wildwood, and right at freezing in wilmington, delaware. the wind are not as much of an issue as yesterday. wind made it feel colder then it was. so that is a good thing. the right now we have a look at ultimate doppler radar. a lot of lake effect snow in buffalo, new york, rochester getting some of that, lake effect snow falling just east of lake ontario, some of that moisture is spreading into central pennsylvania. if you see a snow flurry or two, you are up in the lehigh valley, maybe around easton, don't be surprised. it will be light out soon but not yet. we have temperatures that have plunged in the past couple of days from the 50's over the weekend to 43 degrees, yesterday, so we have 49 for today, an average high is
5:48 am
around 52, 53. we will be good tomorrow. great getaway day. i might up that from an eight to a nine. and then ten on thursday with a high of 62 degrees. we're still in the 60's on black friday. a as you get ready to go home or travel again it will be colder by sunday. rain we will get will be confined to sat take but there will be a chill on sunday and monday of next week, bob kelly. good morning, 5:48 on this tuesday morning. we are off to a good quiet start no problems on the blue route we had an earlier accident near route one. that is gone. we are back to normal there looking good around the schuylkill and curve, lets go to south philadelphia yo26 and pen rose at the base of the platt bridge. in problems or delays in or out of south philadelphia at the moment. northeast philadelphia waking up getting out no problems on i-95 heading south in toward the city. we have construction zones there at cottman and then again at girard.
5:49 am
in problems in center city here on the vine expressway. we are looking good from end to end. it is practice. we have to practice for the parade, the marching band to have practice. tonight at 7:00 they will shut down art museum circle will and that will impact everyone leaving the city, on the parkway trying to get to the kelly drive. so tonight the time to beat if you are leaving center city get out past the art museum by 7:00 otherwise you'll be stuck in the practice delay on the pennsylvania turnpike, left over work crew right there near philly bensalem interchange. ready, set, decorate. here we go. plug in your light and let's go, this year it is a very kelly christmas. no doubt, you will either be decorating your home or maybe you already decorated i want to see your christmas lights, best, brightest, it is simple just snap a picture and post it on facebook, twit error instagram and just use the
5:50 am
hashtag fox 29 lights. oops, hold on we have our first picture. >> let see it. >> we have our first one. >> lights, camera, action. >> no. >> chris murphy's coffee mug. not the brightest bulb. >> i believe this was a gift from alex last year. >> that is chris murphy's coffee cup. >> a gift that keeps giving. >> that is an example of what you will do, take a picture not of your coffee mug but take a picture of your house and post to it facebook, twitter, instagram, just use the the the hashtag fox 29 lights, that is all you have to do we will pick best of the best, we will go to one house each week over next four weeks and we will broadcast live, during the 5:00 o'clock newscast and decorate news van and go. all you have to do is post pictures again just using the hashtag fox 29 lights. mr. murphy. >> you can have the handle it is upside down.
5:51 am
women are fighting back. >> they are fighting back with their bras month. man in austin texas has come up with a new way to fight back against their attackers. it involves a sports bra and a knife. she's calling it booby trap bra. it heights hides a small blade in your bra while you run. >> basically, to look inside it, it would look at what you would carry on your belt, carrying a knife. the knife fits in there. there is a magnet also attached so this does not fall out if you want to do ten cart wheels it is nice and secure. >> knife concealing bra isn't the only option available. she has a model that holds pepper spray. >> we knew adele's album would be huge but no one predict how bigot was going to get. this is friday's release, the the album 25 has sold nearly two and a half million copies. that is just in the u.s. alone. that makes it biggest selling
5:52 am
album 069 year so far although finals are not the out until next week. twenty-five easily on track to beat the record breaking sales of n'synx no strings attached album that album sold 2.4 million copies in the the first week back in 2,000. speaking out after being discriminate add against by a new york cap i. >> so rooker says he and his 13 year-old son were trying to hail a cab. when the the driver passed them to pick up a white man, instead. he filed a report with the taxi and limousine commission. the driver will to have pay, a 500-dollar fine or have have a hearing in which his license could be suspended for 30 days. this is the cabdriver. a apparently he was find back in may for refusing to pick up another person. >> you saw al rooker said at the end of the tweet. he said see why uber wins? because uber when you request your ride you have your profile picture up so they will say we will pick you up or whatever. >> uber is facing all kind of
5:53 am
fines in california and other places. >> because cabbies are mad because they don't have to have go through the same regulation. >> not all cabbies are bad. >> no, mad. and the uber driver is not mad. they are mad at uber drivers. >> so different. one criminal is sinking to a new low by stealing from a man in the wheelchair. how good smart tans come to his rescue that made me mad because it is so bad.
5:54 am
introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with new kisses deluxe.
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♪ >> well, meet lucky california turkey tom one, the one on the right. oh, yeah. they send two in case. bird was chose friend a dozen finalist to receive a presidential pardon. yesterday tom one boarded turkey one to the white house after tom one special pardon ceremony it will head to virginia, on a farm there to live out the rest of its life. robber steals money from a man in the wheelchair. this happened next to a place orlando, florida where they know the guy very well and store owner runs into help save, this guy. it seems everyone knows milton mcknight, he has been a main stay there for 26 years
5:57 am
selling drinks, flowers but he deals with a condition called cerebral palsy, something he was born w but friday, nearby store owner looked on she saw a man walk up to mcknight and she could tell that the guy was just up to no good. >> i just knew that is what the guy was going for because it happened before. i just ran out the door and started yelling at him but he did get, his money. >> and that owner wasn't the only one to jump in to help. two other men ran after the the guy. he got the a away for a little while, eventually police caught him. they is. state department issued a worldwide travel alert days before thanksgiving where the department wants you to be on guard in particular next on "good day philadelphia".
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well, the world is on high alert, the world, the state department of the united states issued a worldwide travel alert days before thanksgiving. will you now adjust your who will take travel plans? 250 dead, in philadelphia, this year. the hunt is on for the the trigger man in the deadly kensington double homicide, but the the total number for murders this year has gone up. >> up by 40 from last year, even without harrisburg philadelphia mayor-elect jim kenney, they is, says cities public schools can get better. how his


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