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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 25, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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>> it is 4:00 in the morning, flew overnight, a teen suspect going to jail in connection with the shooting of a pennsylvania trooper. how a tiny sticker was a big break-in this case. >> also, flew overnight, one man is dead, after a police involved shooting in camden watch sparked gunfire between officers and that suspect. >> it is one of the busiest travel days of the year, headed to grandma's over the holidays, what you need to take to the skies,. >> it is wednesday, november 25th. >> it is wednesday, it says the teleprompter, thursday. >> it does. >> but see the last thursday of november would be thanksgiving. and today's not thanksgivings, not quite yet. >> thanksgiving eve as we call it around here.
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>> someone had wishful thinking, because they're already thinking about turkey day. so we have to get there first, nice weather for it. >> we got to get there. if you are going anywhere, looks all clear here. not many major travel troubles here today. tomorrow could be little different here across parts of the country. but we all clear here, just cold, not quite as coal stepping outside. 34 degrees right now, relative humidity at 73%. radar is clear, in fact, much of the country is clearment not many travel problems today. there is a storm developing in the west, than could impact the center part of the country tomorrow. not today. little cold out there, and we will call it a seven out of ten. we're going up on the scale though. because our temperatures are climbing. right now, it is 20's in the suburbs, so do you have scrape some frost off your windshield likely. had some frost developing around the surrounding suburbs, dropping below freeze interesting philadelphia to doylestown, a lot of 20's here in the north and western suburbs, to the south, we're into the mid to low 20's, but going up today, we will easily
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climb close to 50 degrees, on our way up. so cold start for budd think morning. twenty-five to 35 degrees from the 30's to the 40's, by noon, almost at 50, and we climb just a degree or two above that this morning. i was detour dave this morning, around some road closures? >> good morning, 4:02, get away day as we say, we are still dealing with some leftovers, left overs on the vine street expressway, shutdown, not because of the police situation, yesterday, but the overnight construction, the eastbound side of the vine, coming off the schuylkill, still closed here, with the overnight construction, as we go for a ride, if you are coming in on the schuylkill expressway, again, without the vine, you can use either spring garden, south or the 30th street interchange. getting ready for the big parade. parade preps tomorrow, art museum, parkway, going outside, live look at the ben franklin parkway, our camera right there next to the
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cathedral. here is the parkway all lit up, ready to go, and right up here at the circle right in front of the art museum it will be open for the morning rush hour, they're going to do some practice later on throughout the midday, and then tonight at around, i would say, 6:30 or so, they'll shut it down again all the way through the duration of the parade tomorrow. as we go back to the maps, a lot of folks on the move here. not just on the roads, but also in the air. so give yourself extra time if you are going to be headed down to the airport, no problems on the tote board at philadelphia international airport. at least for the moment. coming in from new jersey, kind of quiet, left over work crew on 295, right where it meets up with the 42 freeway, and looking good, coming out of northeast philly on i-95. mass transit, no delays, chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank you so much. safety and security on the minds of millions of travelers as they get ready for the holiday. >> so busiest travel week of the year gets into full swing as nationwide and world-wide
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travel alert goes into effect. dave kinchen at 30th street station talking about this. dave, whenever it is a busy travel day, we go to 30th street station. world-wide warning. >> yes there is one little different, it is a little quiet here right now at 30th street station, but his will change in just a few hours, as peel get out of town if they haven't already. let me step out of the way right now. we will show you the big board, of course, everything is on time right now. and security is also on time because of this world-wide travel warning. along with the trains, thousands of travelers, there is a larger security presence here at 30th street station, amtrak, police are typically visible, but they're more visible this time around with k9 unit trained to detect explosives. and this coming as the travel warning issued by the us state department on monday is rare because it is world-wide. but the thanksgiving weekend, travelers who spoke with fox 29's chris o'connell last night, they say it is not stopping them. >> i am concerned. but i need to take -- i need
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to be careful, take precautions, but i mean i want to go home and see family. >> it wouldn't delay you from going, right? >> no, no. >> i think given the nature of the things in the world today, it is on your mind, it didn't deter us from traveling down here today, nor will it change our plans, and try to continue on as you would normally. but it is in the back of your mind. >> we travel so much, used to traveling for the holidays, you already think about the extra two hour window of stuff, maybe later, stuff might go wrong. so not too much but me and my sister both traveled for the holiday. so just hoping to get home on time. >> and from the trains to the airport, security also much more visible at philadelphia international airport. airlines are actually expected to fly more than 2 million people this holiday weekends, and that's the most since 2007. so, clearly, despite the increased threat, people are not stopping or changing their travel plans drastically, guys, back to you. >> got to keep some things
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normalcy in our lives. dave, thanks so much. >> coming up 4:06. chaotic atlantic city yesterday live during good day philadelphia pennsylvania state trooper shot during routine traffic stop. >> shooter now in custody but police are still looking for one other suspect, the trooper recovering this morning at hahnemann hospital. that's where steve keeley is live on this story, hi, steve. >> well we shouldn't be calling it a routine traffic stop any more. this proves there is nothing routine about traffic stops. and that's the first thing police will tell you when go out on a call with them or go on a ride along. there are no such things as routine traffic stops, proof again, patrick casey the trooper here kept overnight just to be sure for observation. he'll be getting out today, and a ride home to bucks county, the bullet still in his shoulder, where doctors believe it is receiver to stay rather than taking it out. not going home for a long time likely, the 17 year old here charged with about 20 different count, including three accounts of attempted murder, three counts of assault on law enforcement
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officer. knows charges just short of murder. that's how serious they are, and what casino every lengthy jail terms they carry. you see him in olive green clothing, the reason the clothes he was wearing confiscated as evidence with a warrant for gun powder residue. now, again, video of the trooper casey's patrol car, you see those eight bullet holes from the trooper's gun, he was firing through his windshield, firing back through the glass, in self-defense, also close to those bullet holes you may notice through the windshield his dash camera that captured the gun fight and chase and crash just before on the expressway. >> we do have a dashboard cam of the whole scenario. >> has it been viewed? >> i have viewed the video. >> your thoughts, what you you? >> was very heroic, he put himself in harms way for the protection of other. can't have asked him to do a better jonathan he did. those shots came again from our trooper out of the car. >> oh, trying to defend himself? >> through the windshield, so he responded immediately to
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the gunfire that he was taking. >> well the three other in the car that we've reported being taken in throughout the day yesterday, not charged, and were all released last night after first being taken into custody. one of them turned himself in when he saw his picture on tv. again this all started when two troopers, not involving trooper casey by the way but one trooper training another, they pulled the call over for expired license plates. the trooper in training coincidentally, chris, lauren, ended up being the one who pick up trooper casey and returned him to the hospital. what a day in training he had. i'm sure he learned a lot they'll never forget. >> absolutely. >> oh, that's an understatement. steve, thank you. >> new this morning, one man is dead after deadly police involved shooting in camden city. >> this happened just after 7:00 last night 3200 block of rutledge walk now, officers responded to domestic dispute call, when they arrived, gunshots were exchange dollars between a man and the officers.
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the shooter was taken to cooper university hospital where he later died. the officers are on administrative leave pending full investigation. >> authorities in massachusetts issued warrant foreman they say killed a new jersey woman. investigators say, that man left her burning body along the side of some railroad tracks. she was gagged and tied up. now, police say, fernando owens killed 29 year old ashley board nerve paulsboro earlier this month, in bridgewater, massachusetts. officers responding to report of something on fire, then discovered her body. they've already arrest add new hampshire couple for lying to them. prosecutors think that the two helped dump that body. as for a motive, prosecutors think they know why. >> mr. owens' son, dominick, was murdered in a shooting in suffolk county november 2nd of this year. we have determined at part of our investigation that mr. owens was acquainted with miss boardner and he believed that miss boardner somehow had
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a hand in the shooting death of his son. >> investigators are still trying to track down owens and they are asking for the public's help. >> happening today, a pennsylvania senate panel is expected to release a report that floored potential means of removing kathleen kane from office. meanwhile republican representative garth everett wants a house committee to investigate whether kane should be removed from office. he says about dozen lawmakers have sign onto start some type of investigation. kane's law license is under temporary indefinite suspension as she fights criminal charges. she leaked secret grand jury material to a newspaper and then lied about it. an impeachment process will begin only with a house vote followed by a senate trial. >> let's stay with state politics. this morning pennsylvania state law make letters continue to hash out the budget. it is now five months late. negotiations moving forward, after senate republicans called off plans to over veto of stop gang budget plan. members planning to vote next week at this point. the budget framework is in
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place would include changes to the state pension and liquor systems. >> brand new video released showing the moment chicago police officer shoots plaque teenager multiple times. prosecutors calling this first degree murder. >> and then three people arrested after a shooting near a demonstration involving a police involved shooting in minneapolis. so we'll talk about the resulting injuries from the violence coming up straight after the break. this is black friday. oh my god. does anybody want to be part of this? nooooo. well, chevy has a better way, with black friday deals all month long. that's a great idea. what if you could get up to twenty percent cash back when you bought it? bam. twenty percent back? that's awesome. it's black friday. find your tag and get cash back for 20% of the msrp
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(movie clip). >> it is science. >> i will have you know, that i have more talent, and more intelligence, in my little finger than you do in your entire body. sir. >> happy birthday christina applegate. the actress turns 43 today, one of her funniest roles, includes playing veronica corningstone in the movie anchorman. one of your favorites, right? >> oh,. >> a lot of people love that movie. are you in charger? >> i think i was in san diego, class stay classy san diego. >> dave warren's in for sue serio. here is the thing, she needs a head start on hosting. she has 79 people coming to her house tomorrow. >> you change that number every day. >> make it 80 and i'm there.
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actually 84, i got to bring the kids with me, too. >> according to sue's house, it won't and problem weather wise? >> no problems weather wise. look at the travel headlines. first, there is the airport, nice shot this morning, and real now major issues today. the problem will be tomorrow, as that storm develops over the center part of the country, some winter weather there, just one little sliver of some winter weather across parts of the country. so, no major issues today. all clear on ultimate doppler. in fact, a wide view shows not much happening here across much of the eastern us, and even out west. high pressure in control, we will get little warmer, as that wind shifts little bit plenty of sunshine today, temperatures climbing above 50. could be closer to 60 tomorrow. >> low clouds, wake to up patchy fog around, as temperatures climb from the 40's into the 60s tomorrow. >> area of winter weather tomorrow, little sliver from chicago south through parts of
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iowa, into february as a, the only issue woe would have tomorrow. holiday forecast looking pretty good there. 62 degrees, mostly sunny skies tomorrow, just maybe some fog when you wake up in the morning. >> temperatures climbing could be close to 50 by noon, mid to low 50's after sunset tonight. >> little warmer today, over night tonight, into tomorrow. maybe not quite as cool, could wake up to patchy fog. thirty's, 40's, mid to low 40's there to the south, seven day forecast warmer weather coming in. six off degrees there tomorrow. >> little cooler few showers coming in both saturday, sunday, temperatures will be cool again monday still cool weather around with few showers by early next week, big weekends coming up. off to great start. >> can that temple logo get any bigger?
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sue set me up for that one. no problem ... 4:17 we call it on a wednesday morning. >> crazy morning down here on the vine street expressway. still block, the vine expressway still closed, on the eastbound side, all due to construction, between the schuylkill and broad street. they have the westbound side open. that means anybody coming in on on the schuylkill this morning, either direction, exit at either spring garden, 30th or at south street to gain access to center city. parade preps underway for the big thanksgiving day parade tomorrow. they'll be practicing, big lights all set up, out there putting up all of the tents and everything around the art museum portions of the parkway. it will be open for the morning rush hour. it will be a mess getting out of town for the the evening rush hour, just watch your time, if you're going to be in
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center city later on today. 295 southbound, crews are still working, as you approach that route 42 freeway. and with thanksgiving tomorrow, it is time to get in the spirit. get those holiday light up, decorate for christmas, because it will be a very chilly christmas, and we are going to look for pictures of your house all decorated. all i need to you do is post a picture on facebook, twitter or instagram. use the hashtag fox 29 lights so we can find t show all of the great pictures here on "good day" every day leading up to christmas. actually here is one now. you ready? let's take a look, can we see it? bamm from brandon chef, eastman andment in langhorne. >> geese management. so trying to keep the geese off the property? >> exactly, got all of the lights all lit up. that's what i want you to do, take a picture of your house, post it on facebook, twitter, instagram, but do you have use the hashtag fox 29 lights. here is where the fun comes
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in, pick the best of the best, one house each week, we go live during the 5:00 news setting up on somebody's front lawn. so post those pictures, and use the hashtag fox29lights. maybe i'll see you at your house in the next couple of weeks. >> (chanting let them go). >> scene in chicago last night as crowds took to the streets after the release of a video showing a white officer shooting and killing a black teenager, at least one person was detained during last night's protest, creating these tense moments of protesters, trying to prevent him from being taken away. it sounded like they were chanting let him go. most protesters cleared the streets by midnight. meanwhile video dash cam was released 13 month after the october 2014 shooting.
4:20 am
>> so we are not going to show you the moment. shooting. but investigators say, a officer fired 16 rounds at 17 year old kid named will kwon mcdonald. police were responding to complaints about someone breaking into cars and say the teen had a knife. prosecutors say a 3-inch knife with its blade folded into the handle was recovered from that scene. office ever jason vandike was charged yesterday with first degree murder, prosecutors say vandike started shooting just six seconds after he got out of his car. his attorneys say he feared for his life. vandike was the only one out of eight officers on scene to fire any shots. >> police in minneapolis arrest three men who opened fire on group of protesters, five protesters shot monday while at black live matter rally for 24 year old jamar clark. clark was fatally shot by police over a week ago. a 23 year old white man is in custody, 32 year old hispanic man later released, and yesterday two, more men, both white, turned themselves all in.
4:21 am
all five victims expected to be okay. >> 4:22, rams wide receiver bailey remains in the hospital in critical condition after being shot. the shooting happened late last night while he was in miami. we're still learning details on. >> this sources say bailey was sitting in a car with a family member when someone shot him. the gunman has not been identified and remains at large. the rams wide out currently serving a four game suspension by the way for violating the nfl substance abuse policy. >> eagles versus the lions in a turkey day game. but who could have quarterback this thing? made up his mind. will both of the quarterbacks speaking out. >> chip's birthday today, by the way. >> oh, ya. >> should we throw him a little party? i mean, what should we get chip? >> tweet us @chrisfox29 at lauren dawn fox 29. and here are your winning lottery numbers.
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seeing else need wins, they need a win. fans going nuts after two brutal losses tomorrow in detroit, thanksgiving will be a lot better for the pans in this town, if the eagles could win a game. lots of questions about this team. but right now who is the quarterback, is the number one question. sam bradford or mark sanchez? yesterday practice for the eagles just walk through, mark sanchez took most of whatever those snaps were, as i've mentioned earlier this week, sake ertz, ryan matthews will be out with concussions, it will be official today, but who starts at quarterback?
4:25 am
first bradford on sore left shoulder. >> you know, real hard to put a person, you know, i know it feels better today than it did yesterday. i was able to do some things out there yesterday. so hopefully it continues to get better. you know in the next 48 hours. >> you have to take the rems, take it seriously, and be ready to go thursday. >> every opportunity can help. you get more and more comfortable, you know, we'll justin to build. >> and that's sports in a minute. i'm howards eskin. >> do we want to hear from these guys any more? just don't talk, just don't throw interceptions. >> it is chip kelly's birthday today. do you want me to tell you some fun facts about chip kelly? >> likes cheese steaks. >> his full name is charles kelly.
4:26 am
>> okay. >> we shortened it to chip. he was born in dover, new hampshire. >> whatever. >> and he has been with the philadelphia eagles since 2013. >> i was looking on twitter, because you said for people to have some ideas what we should get him for his birthday. not a single person responded. >> everybody is upset with him. how do you get blown out at home with the buccaneers. he is what three years into five year deal? making about 7 million a year. >> can we like shorten that and send him away if we get somebody else? >> look, if he had good play calling, that would be great. or if he made good decisions off the field as the gm for the first year, that would be great. but neither one -- >> or a good attitude, that would be even better. >> if you got the chill off of his chip kelly shoulder, that would be great too. are we done? >> ya. >> okay, let's do this. >> also, another birthday today, donovan mcnabb. >> same birthday? >> same birthday. he turns 38. he is the team's all time leader in every major passing category. >> i'll bet he can still throw
4:27 am
at age 38. >> i bet he can, too. he led the eagles to 91 regular season wins and nine trade off wins in his 11 year stint in fill. >> i look at that, battling for yards. >> my favorite number, too. >> number five. >> five. >> joe dimaggio wore number five. >> look at that. >> busiest travel day of the year, right? busy travel season for you, with so many terror threats though security remains at all time high. more of the travel concerns live from 30th street station with dave kinchen straight ahead. >> and, he hit up homes, cars, stealing wallet, more. who in haddonfield is responsible for the recent rash of break-in's. [bark]
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wait up! c'mon! turkey! whoaaaa. who made all of this? let's go! pea! [screams] whoaaaa! weeeee. whoaaaa! ♪ peas are the worst. [laugh]
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teenager in custody charged with shooting a trooper during a traffic symptom yesterday. why investigators believe the teenager turned violent. >> plus if you are headed home for the holiday, by plane, treanor automobile, we've got you covered as you head out the door on one of the busiest travel days of the year, plus what concern security officials this season. if you haven't seen trains, planes and automobiles, one of the greatest movies ever made, john candy, steve martin, i've seen t you haven't seen it?
4:31 am
>> one of the greatest movies ever made? >> it is fantastic. you haven't seen it? >> yes. >> you don't like it? >> ya. >> chip kelly? >> what they should get chip kelly, this is kind of funny. what should we get chip? we should get him outta here. >> boom. >> that's what jay said. then val said give chip a football shaped turkey because that's what the eagles r. >> oh, being hard on him. if he wins, and go on a great winning streak, everyone will love chip kelly. >> love him. keep him. doing great here this morning, weather certainly great specially for traveling today. no major issues, just little cold this morning, not quite as cold as it has been. 34 degrees in the city, get to the surrounding suburbs, into the 20's, scrape the frost off your windshield likely this morning specially in the suburbs to the north. twenty-six pottstown, allentown, mount pocono at 25. dropping to the freezing mark in wilmington. down into the mid 20's there in millville. so that chill is in the air this morning. it will quickly warm up. our temperature trends is going up. things are all clear on
4:32 am
ultimate doppler. watching the center part of the country, really tomorrow, as the storm will develop there, could bring some winner weather to parts of the area. no major travel issues there today. just little chill in the air. so we'll keep it right at a seven. but maybe going up on the scale here tomorrow. and even for friday. because the temperatures are getting warmer. buddy is bundle up, 25 to 35, depending where you are, suburbs little cooler, mid to low 30's here in the city. up to 53, sunshine, north and west, cold start at 47 degrees, just few clouds, south and east could see some patchy fog developing overnight tonight. that's really the only issue that we have this morning. maybe not many issues on the roads this morning, but for that we go over to bob kelly. good morning. >> hey, dave, good morning, everybody, no issues right now, but will be one of those crazy days, 4:32 on a wednesday, here's where it will all go down tomorrow. santa claus coming to town on the parkway for the big thanksgiving day parade. parade preps are underway. parkway is open. it is right here in front of the art museum circle that we
4:33 am
have to be watching. going to the maps because as we move through the day, the set up and the closures that far art museum circumstance little start to un fowl here there is afternoon's rush hour, is going to be a mess, leaving the city, again, a big travel day for everyone, and once they shut that art museum circle down, and the drives there, that's going to make travel a mess for the evening rush hour. right now, though, the vine street expressway, got the 50-50. we're open on the westbound side. but we're still closed on the eastbound side coming off of the schuylkill expressway. that's all due to construction, the overnight work, so you want to use spring garden, 30th, or south street, if you are coming into the city, on the this early hour. over in south jersey, in glassboro, get being words of overturned truck on the ramps here from 55 to route 322. so look out there. and they are still working on 295, southbound, right near the 42 freeway there in bellmawr. live look at the blue route. 476, offer to quiet start,
4:34 am
roads are dry. the earlier the better. if you can get out there and get into work and then again a lot of folks i think will scoot out of the office a little early as we get ready for the busy travel weekends. chris and lauren, back to you. >> pick me up, bob. >> let's do it. >> i did see the movie. >> right? >> pillows, those aren't pillows. one of the best scenes ever. 4:34, millions of course headed somewhere, right? and we've got you covered by way of travel. >> travelers preparing for tighter secure tip in the wake of world wide travel warning, world-wide travel alert through february, thousands in the philadelphia area will notice heavy presence of security officers, as the 30th street station amtrak police are using the help of dogs to detect explosives. jittery travelers tell fox 29 while they are well aware of the state department's travel alert being it is not keeping them from changing their plans. >> i am concerned, but i need to take -- i need to be careful, take precautions, but, i mean, i want to go home and see family.
4:35 am
>> travel so much, traveling for the holidays, you already think about that extra two hour window. >> passengers will also notice tighter security at philadelphia international airport. airlines are expected to fly more than 2 million people this holiday weekend, it is the most since 2007. >> it was a chaotic scene yesterday. live during good day, a pennsylvania state trooper was shot on the vine street expressway. >> when you see the footage of the aftermath of this there is could have turned out a lot worse. the shooter right now is in custody. police are still looking for one other suspect. that troop is her expected to be released later today. let's go to steve keeley with the latest on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: patrick casey 31, will be among all of those people you talk about, traveling home for thanksgiving, he will get nicer ride, nicest court by fellow troopers coming down from the trevose barracks to drive him back home where he lives up in bucks county. he'll be getting out. strangely the bullet left in his shoulder at least for now since the surgeons here at manhattan believe it is safe
4:36 am
just to leave it where it is rather than do more harm than good digging it out right now. and in the video we have, the 17 year old facing about 20 charges for the shooting, and he won't be going home likely for the next 25 thanksgivings at least, put in the olive green scrubs you see here, because his clothes he had on during this have been taken as evidence by warrant for gun powder residue they may have on him. and he shot the trooper through the trooper's side window. now when you look at the troopers car, on the expressway, you can see the but the holes through the windshield. the side window blown out, where the bullet hit trooper casey in the shoulder. eight bullet holes in the windshield from trooper casey firing back through the glass over his steering wheel and dashboard in self-defense. his dashboard camera right next to those bullet holes captured the chase, the crash and the gun fight.
4:37 am
>> those shots came from our trooper out of the car. >> trying to defend himself. >> through the win shield, so he responds dollars immediately to the gunfire that he was taken. >> we have a dashboard cam of the whole scenario. >> has it been viewed at this point? >> i have viewed the video. >> your thoughts you what saw. >> again, he was very heroic. he put himself in harms way for the protection of others. i can't ask him to have done a better jonathan he did. >> well the three other who were in the car with the 17 year old all released and not charged at least not yet for now. not known yet, chris, lauren, why the 17 year old would return maybe just a ticket if he could keep that gun hid then he had, just a ticket and a small fine for expired plates into alikely decades long prison term for trying to kill a cop. >> just like that. his life changed. local paramedics who lot a -- lost a battle with breast cancer being remembered in a special way for the lives she as helped save. next we will tell you what you can do in connection to this
4:38 am
new project. >> plus, at just five years old, a pennsylvania boy is doing his part to help a local police department. what doggy treats have to do with this sweet boy's little
4:39 am
4:40 am
>> she died a month before she was set to marry.
4:41 am
last month her family accepted a reward, outstanding paramedic. now burlington city police are holding several fundraise nerves honor of her memory. money raised will go toward scholarship fun in her name. her father said he's grateful for all of the support. >> i think it was probably about 12 days before she passed she went in to go try and cover her shift and made it through half a day. she wanted to work so bad. she is very dedicated. job was very important for her. >> to find out how you can donate to the fund or attend the benefit, they are hosting this weekends go, to look under the seen on tv tab. >> ask most kids what they want for their birthday, they will tell you clothes, toys, video games, maybe even money. not one little boy from aston, pennsylvania, instead of presents for his birthday, five year old logan requested gift cards and money, not for himself, but for the wilmington police department's k9's. he wanted to buy treats for
4:42 am
the dogs. so to say thank if you, the police chief gave logan a special certificate of appreciation, and that's not all, logan got to spend some time with the officers, and also got to watch the dogs in action, on a local training course. >> fantastic kid. >> so cute. what a big heart. >> 4:42, a landing activity in nativity scene. a real baby watch police say they saw on surveillance camera connect today this case. >> new tool could cut down on the rate of deadly police involved shoot something. where a sheriff's department is becoming the first in the nation to use the non-lethal weapon. [gus singing] ♪ dashing through the snow ♪ careful on the ice
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home starting the thanksgiving turkey, and we know you have questions. wife achieve here all morning, he'll answer your questions. sends them in. use the #fox29goodday. >> only thing i know we discussed yesterday, dave warren is that correct you cook the bird now 20 minute per pounds in a 350 degrees oven. that's all i know. >> but i heard that jenn fred's going to be with someone who can teach you how to cut the time in half. >> really? that's fantastic.
4:46 am
>> you're cooking? >> going to mom's house, mother in lawn. just as much fun. can't wait. perfect weather, yep, nice, perfect weather for today. no travel issues today, in fact, there is real now issues across the country. all clear. sunny but cool. looking at warmer thanksgiving. our temperature trends going up. the temperatures not quite as cold this morning. and it will be even high they are afternoon. little chill in the morning, though. some frost on your windshield. might have to take little extra time, do some scraping this morning, especially in the surrounding suburbs, ten to 20's, just above freezing, in philadelphia. but back into the mid to low 20's through the south. ultimate doppler all clear. that's the clear travel weather we're talking about, no major airport delays expected weather wise at least. that's just today. because things could be changing tomorrow in the center part of the country.
4:47 am
here is the close up view, future weather computer shows we have bright sunshine today, maybe few low clouds developing overnight tonight, could you wake up to some patchy fog specially to the south tomorrow. but it will be getting warmer, and our highs tomorrow, climbing even above 60 degrees. there we are starting into the 30's tomorrow, 50's and 60s, just above 60, that's by tomorrow afternoon. right, getting ready for dinnertime there. close to 62, 63 degrees, then only dropping into the mid to low 50's to the north. these temperatures at night, fairly mild, mid 50's tort north, mid 50's to the south, this is by tomorrow evening. so here's what to expect. see some sunshine maybe just few clouds, up to about 62, 63 degrees, could wake up to some patchy fog. that will quickly burn off. be nice afternoon and evening. seven day forecast, there it is, turkey time, seven day forecast, 606 on thursday. friday, 65 degrees. there is the warming trend, but it stops over the
4:48 am
weekends, temple game, few showers, getting little cooler, cool breeze sunday. and we will keep it fairly cool on monday and tuesday, bob kelly, with sunshine, just above 50 degrees. >> yes, looking good. already for it to be the big turkey trot, 4:48. good morning, everybody, on a wednesday, live look at the schuylkill, casino of quiet this morning, no problems or delays at all into or out of the city. if you are going to be headed down to the airport, want to make sure you arrive early. any a parking spot. parking will be at premium down at the airport. give yourself extra time to go through security. make sure you know the deal on the car i on items, what you can and cannot take. so that you move through that security check point quickly. no problems at the moment, at philadelphia international airport. all of the bridges, talcony, pat whitman, commodore barry all looking good. got overturned truck, though, this is northbound 55 on the ramps to 322 here in glassboro. and as you are traveling over the holiday weekend, you are not going to see any of the construction crews out there
4:49 am
working. but the new traffic patterns are certainly going to be out there, maybe little different from the last time you went to visit your mother-in-law or grandmom, like 202, and 422, they shuffled the lanes around, and it is very difficult, too, if you are traveling on the overnight, without those overhead street lamps. so make sure to give yourself some extra time, pay attention there. getting ready for the parade? of course tomorrow the art museum, parkway, see the set up go underway today for the big parade tomorrow. and with this holiday weekends, maybe you are going to take that time to put up your christmas light. well, we want to see what it looks like when you are all done. i would like to you take a picture of your house, all decorated, then post it to either facebook, twitter, or instagram. you got to use the hashtag fox 29 light just like this person did. they sent us a picture yesterday of their house all decorated. there is rob, he's all up and ready to go. he has the reindeer on the front lawn. so if you put a picture up on social media, i'm going to
4:50 am
pick the best of the best. one house every week all the way up through christmas, we'll visit your front lawn, broadcast live during the 5:00 news. four homes over the next four weeks, all you got to do once you get your light up, plug them in, snap a pick and make sure to use the #fox29lights. you know what? chris, lauren, maybe you could come along with me on one of those trips? >> you're pulling double duty. that would be my bed time. >> that's all right, bring your sleeping bag. >> bring my jammies in. >> we're going to stay overnight. >> ya, that's not going to happen. >> oh, thanks. >> 4:50 the time. hey, a mother leaves her newborn son in a nativity scene inside a new york city church. at least it was in the church, flight. >> yes, custodian says that he found the boy laying in the manger wrapped in towels. the babe he's umbilical cord still attached. the boy later taken to a nearby hospital. surveillance video shows the mother walks inside, with her son, and leaves without him. church leaders say several
4:51 am
parishioners are asking to adopt the little baby. >> there is a couple of, young couple in our parish, who have been trying to adopt for some time. and really feel motivated, feel moved, feel inspired by this. >> churches are considered safe haven for drops office, how much a person requires a person to leave the person with a person or to notify authority. investigators are now looking for the mother of the child. >> looks like he's going to be in good hands, though, thank goodness. 4:51, a mid a rash of police involved shootings, police officers in arizona are being armed with a new weapon, hoping to prevent future death. >> yes, this is interesting. so this is called the defendant mo9. here it is. >> non-lethal handgun, shoots rubber bullets. think of it as a set up or step up from a stun gun. and a step below a traditional handgun. the county sheriff's offers first agency in the u.s. to adopt the weapon, manufacturer says it won't kill a suspect but it will leave a heck of a
4:52 am
mark. >> stopping power of the round. so it would be similar to, say, a baseball bat, if you will, impact. >> man, each weapon costs about 1100 becomes, the sheriff's offers plans to buy more than 100 of them hoping it will stop crime and also save some lives. >> back here at home, police hope this new surveillance video will help catch the person who shot and beat a man riding a bike. philadelphia police say the man stopped to answer his phone when he was shot several times by a man riding by in a gray camry. the man was able to get away on a bike, but it did not stop the gunman. police say he then hunted the man down, and then along with three other people beat the man with a shotgun. luckily, he's expected to recover from those injuries. >> 4:52, police in haddonfield say they've caught the man behind more than half dozen burglaries in their town, they say, 18 year old tyree taylor, of camden, broke into cars and even homes, some of them were people were still inside.
4:53 am
investigators say taylor targeted seven haddonfield homes, and got into six unlocked cars. he grabbed phones, electronics, handbags, wallet, you name it. taylor's in jail. looking at charges of burglary and conspiracy. >> next, what one city finds so offensive about this holiday display. they're trying to force the family to now take it down. >> and speaking of holidays, don't forget about our very kelly christmas. make sure you sends us your pictures, do you have use the hashtag you see it right there fox 29 lights.
4:54 am
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we are throwing a finale party, head to to rsvp for the party. fox 29 and i heart media party will be wednesday, december 2nd, at harrah's casino. it will be from 7:00 to 11:00 at night. you have to be 21 or over. >> and chris will be there. if you want to see chris, live, and in action. >> i'll be there. >> you're going to the empire party. >> from 7:00 to 11:00 at night? >> don't have to stay the whole time. just make appearance. >> did i say i'm going to be there?
4:57 am
>> man takes it to a whole new level. not everyone in the neighborhood is feeling this, lauren dawn johnson. >> let's go town to florida while some of his neighbors don't mind all of the holiday cheer, the city says this is way too much. officials call it a nuisance, and that it causes excessive traffic the homeowners say it collect money for the food bank and other societies for soldiers. they'll decide the fate of the light display. so there is some good going none there. >> absolutely. so it will be a rush to hit the road right to hit the train station, the airport, a lot of people across the country headed home for thanksgiving. what you need to know before you travel coming up next. at 5:00 hour of good day philadelphia and fox 29 morning news.
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or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands. and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life. >> new video overnight of teen suspect going to jail. how a tiny sticker was a big break in the case. >> also, new from overnight, one man is dead after a police involved shooting in camden. what sparked gunfire between officers and that suspect. plus it is one of the busiest travel days of the entire year. travelers across the us head today grandma's for the holidays. we have what you need to know about the roads and the skies to make it where you want to go. >> good day everyone it is thanksgiving eve wednesday, november 25th, thanks for waking up with us, on a very


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