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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  November 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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street expressway yesterday. tonight, investigators are still hard at work. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy noland. that trooper's family feeling extra grateful this thanksgivi thanksgiving. let's get straight tout joanne pileggi at hahnemann hospital where the trooper was being treated. joanne? >> reporter: good evening, dawn. good evening, everyone. here at hahnemann, this is where trooper casey spent the night and this is where he was released earlier today. fortunately, walking out of this hospital after that wild shootout along interstate 676. >> i'm feeling all right. i want to thank everybody for all their prayers and support. >> reporter: state trooper patrick casey is hang full a bullet from a 45 still lodged in his shoulder. the events from a police chase and shootout still very fresh on his mine. >> happy to be going home for thanksgiving. >> reporter: it was early yesterday when a routine traffic stop near university city erupt flood something much bigger. trooper casey and his partner forced to pursue one of the
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suspect who's tried to get away. just a reminder how intense it became. >> trooper casey's car was rammed by the suspect's vehicle, and at some point the suspect car became alongside the trooper's car and the suspect began firing from his car at trooper casey. >> reporter: suspect now ided as 17-year-old jianne knee cato crashed his car into schoolbus and continued to exchange shots with police. that's when casey was hit. the vehicles burst into flames cat tow took off but pick up by cops. >> what goes through your head. >> you know when it happened you're upset but you get over it. >> trooper casey's parents taking him home from hahnemann shaken by the inn her rent consuming danger of their son's profession. >> what are you going to do if your kid wants to be in the army he wants to be in the army. he wants to be a cop. >> we know we we put on the uniform gone to work we could run into anything at any time. >> patrick we're happy you're
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okay. how are you feeling. >> i'm feeling much better. thank you everybody. >> reporter: police are loo looking to talk to this man. his name is cameron lewis, 19-year-old. he was also in the car when it was first stopped. police say state police say he is not under arrest they would just like to talk to camera lewis about the incident. police traced the gun they believe was used in the shooti shooting. we'll have more on that at 6:00 o'clock. and also 17-year-old giovanni cato has been charged as an adult with attempted murder. that is the latest we're live at hahnemann university hospital. joanne phil pileggi -- fox 29 news. back to you in the studio, iain. >> joanne, thank you. hang now, travel delays on one of the busiest days of the year a lot of drivers can expect delays when he they hit the roads tonight tax ick a train may not ab whole lot better. fox 29ss chris oath cot 30th street station in philadelphia where some could feel the effects from 48 train derailme derailment. chris?
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>> reporter: yes, some effects of that just mainly impact holiday travel the lines are long but they are moving here at 30th street station. take look. despite the delays a lot of happy faces here today because people are either coming home or going home for the holidays. yeah, the lines are long. you see this one going down he here. that train actually delayed a little bit going to new york just a few minutes. let's take look at the big board here at 30th street station. that old time amtrak train information. if you see there are some dela delays. 40 minutes coming from boston. another hour and 15 minutes going to or actually from miami. but the big delay is here. let's show was happened earlier today about noon inside, n harrisburg. the city of harrisburg. norfolk southern train derailment happened. delaying cars here on the amtrak tracks here in philadelphia. the amtrak train from harrisburg, we understand, is going to be two hours late.
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one single train is late for this, but we understand that is packed. so the train that should have been coming about right now from harrisburg will be coming in about two hours late. now, let's bring you back out here live. something we've been seeing the past couple of days. you see right in front of me. amtrak police. you're going to be seeing a lot of those guys especially here at 30th street station. you're going to see a lot of police and vapor wake doing. i don't know if we could see any. there's some around here martin if you can see they're basically explosive detection dogs. every passenger that goes on a train, every passenger that comes into 30th street statio station. you will have those dogs be waived right near your bags for explosives. so heightened security, of course, we're still under that worldwide travel alert by the state department but once again, guys, most people happy they are coming home. we're seeing lots of hugs, lots of emotion this holiday travel season. of course, we'll bring you back to 30th street station coming
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up at 6:00 o'clock. iain? >> chris, thanks. check in with it then. well nearly 50 million americans expected to travel over the thanksgiving weekend, the growing threat of terrorism remains in the forefront of a lot of minds. president obama met with his national security team to discuss what measures are being taken as we head into the holiday season. today the president said there's no specific security threat to the country at this time but he also urged americans to be vigilant. in the wake of the heightened security threat around the world prompted by possible terror attacks by isis. >> it's understandable that people worry. something similar could happen here. watching the events in paris made the threat feel closer to home. so as we go into thanksgiving weekend, i want the american people to know is that we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe. >> the president's message to reassure americans comes more than a week after an isis terror attack killed 130 people and
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injured more than 300 others in paris. clear skies and a warmup for your holiday. here's live look right now at philadelphia international airport. we had a cold start today, but things are getting a whole lot better. meteorologist kathy orr with your first look at your holiday forecast. thumbs up, kathy. >> dawn, what a day. 20-degree temperature swing. take a look at the morning lows. philadelphia 33. but in the suburbs the 20's you felt it this morning. 23 in pottstown. 24 in allentown. 28 degrees in wilmington and wrightstown 25 degrees. this afternoon, we jumped up into the 50s. pretty much everywhere. the high today in the city 55. temperature right now is 50. so it will be comfortable this evening. some 40s to the north and west also to the south and east. philadelphia still mild you can see in dover it's 48 and pottstown 44. 47 degrees in allentown. ultimate doppler showing a clear sky tonight. we have the full moon we call it the frosty moon. the night before thanksgiving.
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this evening for last minute preparations mainly clear, 49 at 7:00 p.m. by 9:00 a light wind, 45. and then high clouds by the 11:00 o'clock how and a temperature of 43 degrees. we know it's an important day as everyone comes home for the holidays. coming up we'll have your holiday weekend forecast. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> kathy, thank you. >> fire rips through three homes and now fire officials are trying to figure out what caused it. skyfox over the 900 block of west seltzer street in the fair hill second of philadelphia just after 9:00 this morning. as you can see, smoke was pouring from one of the homes. firefighters attacking the fire from on top of the buildings and on the ground. no one thankfully was hurt. police are investigate a possible abduction that took place in philadelphia's oxford circle neighborhood. this is surveillance video from the wells fargo bank on the 6600 block of castor avenue. police say the man with dread locks punched another guy and forced him inside a silver mini van. witnesses say the victim said "i don't want to go with you" police don't know hoot suspect
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are victim are. effort to remove pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane from office is moving forward. today a state senate committee recommending the full senate hold hearings on whether kane can do her job without her law license. the committee made the recommendation after hearing from district attorneys across the state and from kane's own staff on how her lack of a law license is impacting their cas cases. ag kane was stripped of her license while she awaits trial on charges of perjury and obstruction tied to 11 leaks of grand jury information. now, kane responding today saying "a handful of senators sought to substitute their judgment for that of more than 3 million pennsylvanian who's cast their vote for the duly elected, independent attorney general". kane also pledging that next week she will announce a team of special prosecutors to definitely further into the scandal over pornographic and offensive e-mails that end snared state judges and prosecutors. philadelphia's mayor elect is promising to fix the city's
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badly broken department of license and inspections. for years l and i a source of bitter complaint by philadelphia homeowners. bruce gordon live in the newsroom now. bruce, jim kenney naming a new l and i commissioner. >> he did indeed. the current streets commissioner david perry will take over l and i come january. kenney promises a new l and i will be more responsive, more transparent and most important will keep philadelphians safer. ken he said the infamous botched demolition at 22nd and market that led to a building collapse that killed six people symbolized how the city had quote lost its way regarding license and and inspections. he promised new letter ship in the form of david perry a licensed engineer and veteran of city government will improve what he called a badly performing department. >> first and for most, people need to be safe when they're walking down the street, working in buildings h they're walking by demolition sites, when they're -- it's just safety is it. it's the most important thing. >> reporter: my fox 29 getting result stories so the city is in
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dire need of help in demolishing thousands of long vacant building, commercial and residential, that sit crumbling for years, even as the city describes them as eminently dangerous. and so i asked the mayor-elect. >> is it possible to get thousands of buildings knocked down without --ing. >> probably not. but we'll have to try to fine out what they are, what the co costs are address the problem. >> reporter: among the problems, a patchwork of rules and laws that prevent the city from taking fast action when a vacant building threatens neighboring prompts. and so i asked the new lism commissioner,. >> how do you begin to dig into all of that? >> that's one of the discussions we're going to be having with the law department to figure out how to short circuit that process. and get to the point where we can take effective action and not just wait to try to fine out who the responsible owner is. >> reporter: the city controller's office has put together a list of 100 particularly dangerous buildings. kenney says he'll use that as a starting point to prioritize. as for the current embattled l and i commissioner carlton
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williams, kenney called him a good public servant but said "that job was not a good fit for him" williams will return to the streets department. dawn? >> all right, bruce, thank you. unwelcomed surprise for people in a local neighborhood this morning. car windows destroyed. police say with a special kind of weapon. the clue they hope will lead to break in this case. robbing anyone is bad enough but this couple is accused of of doing it to a little girl for just five bucks. what police say they found on the two could explain a lot. plus, taken too soon. a young woman who worked so hard to help others loses her fight with cancer. how you can help local police and firefighters honor her memory. this cloud has been creeping around a wisconsin neighbor a lot of people aren't too happy about it. some are even scared. but police say they know who is doing this and why. and coming up all new tonight at 6:00 o'clock with every black friday comes exam but this year things are a little different. the new weapon authorities say crooks will be using this time around.
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♪ we're watching the roads for you tonight of the one of the biggest travel days of the year of course. drivers headed out of town for thanksgiving holiday. here' as life look at i-76 and 676 in philadelphia. looks not too bad. we'll keep an eye throughout the evening. unexpected surprise this morning for dozens of people living in fishtown. imagine walking out to your car this morning to go to work or to
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school and you see this. your car windows busted. tonight police need your help tracking down who is responsible for all of this. fox 29's joyce evans joins us live in the studio with more. joyce. >> dawn and iain, it has happened to me before. i got to tell you this is one of those surprises nobody wants to find. at least 20 people now have to go get new car windows because somebody decided to just smash them out. it all happened sometime overnight in the 1800 block of memphis street. police say the car windows were hit with beebee or some type of pellet gun. fox 29 viewer dawn, called to us let us know about it. she has lived in fishtown for several years now, and she can't believe that somebody would do something like that especially around this time of year. >> it was really disappointing to see what had happened, because you know it's right before the holidays a the will of people in this neighborhood are young families that are, you know, have children and it's just such bad timing and it's just unnecessary damage to people who don't deserve it.
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>> reporter: what do the vandals get out of all of that? not much was taken if anything at all. police are currently looking to see whether surveillance video caught whomever did this. if you know anything about it, call police right away. dawn? >> all right, such a shame. thank you, joyce. for so many families police families specifically in our area, the holidays like thanksgiving they can ab reminder of what they've lost and that's why the fraternal order of police hosting a special breakfast this morning. the organization cop wheel serving breakfast to the families of fallen officers at the fop lodge in northeast philadelphia. organizers say their goal is to make thanksgiving as normal as possible for these families and show them they have the love and support of their community. >> we're not going to be able to replace a loved one, but this little, um, display of honor today for them it means a lot. it goes a long way. they get together amongst themselves and they share that common bond that myself, you, nobody else knows about.
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so it helps them to ease the pain during the holidays. brings a little smile to their face, and we're able to provide a dinner and again, we're only a phone call away. >> such a nice effort. group delivering thanksgiving dinners to the families of the fallen officers. a highly regarded paramedic in burlington county put up one courageous fight against breast cancer but now she's gone. she passed away less than a month ago and just this past friday new jersey state ems honored the late rebecca scott as the outstanding paramedic in the state in 2015. >> her family accepted that honor and as fox 29's shawnette wilson shows us now her community is honoring her life in another very special way. >> devastated. really devastated. even from the initial diagnosis, the anxiety was just awful. >> reporter: bill scott describes the heart ache he felt when his daughter rebecca learned she had breast cancer in may of last year. >> shortly after found it was metastatic. it had traveled to her liver. >> reporter: the following 18
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months bill says rebecca got treatment with medications and chemotherapy and fought a tough fight. but at 28 years old, she lost her battle. she died october 27th nearly a year and a half after she was diagnosed. and less than a month before her november wedding to her love matt. >> it was very rapid. it was very aggressive form of breast cancer. >> bill members his daughter for her carrying spirit love of family, the philadelphia eagles and her sense of humor. but what stands out most is the love and dedication she had for saving lives. rebecca was a paramedic from mansfield ems and virtue ya health in burlington county. >> somewhere about 12 days before she passed she went in to go try and cover her shift and made it through half a day. she wanted to work so bad. she was very dedicated. job was very important for her. >> reporter: rebecca's death hit hard for others she came in contact with on emergency calls. >> we work with her in our town
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frequently. she came to lot of our squad calls. um, we know that she was outstanding proud paramedic. >> the reason the burlington city police department is honoring her with no shave november. officers and the fop donated money to participate and their selling these t shirts ahead of a benefit this weekend. money goes into a scholarship fund in rebecca's name. >> to get people who are inspired to be paramedics and future emt's through schooling with that money. we'll do a big photo shoot. celebrate her life and go about all the good things that happened while she was working here in town. >> reporter: for information on how to donate to the fund or to attend the benefit in becky's memory log on to and look under seen on tv. in burlington city, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. a local family says an area builder took their money and ran. he has ties to a music mogil. fox 29 investigates is digging into this one and jeff cole is in our newsroom with a preview of his story coming up tonight
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at 10:00. jeff. >> we reported on many contractor nightmares over the years this one ended with a family home actually becoming a pile of rubble. hueys of north 29th street in the city put down 60 grand as a first installment for builder to repair and remold dell their house after a fire. the work started but city inspectors say no permits were pull. they stopped the work and the hugh huey's claim the contractor took off with their money. now there's no dwelling standing at. >> this is our home. our home, jeff. and now it will be rubble. we have nowhere to go. >> reporter: what went so wrong? who is the music mogil. fox 29 investigates will report it all tonight at 10:00. iain we hope folks will take a look. >> absolutely, jeff. thank you nativity scene comes to life but not in a good way. someone left their baby in manger. the search now on to fine the mother. >> and here's whatnot to do in an implosion. use construction equipment to
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give the building a little nudge. the guy in the excavator survived but his reaction to all of this may surprise you. plus, it's not a fad or a diet to millions of americans it's a daily battle. why some say so much publicity is actually hurting people with celiac disease. ♪
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protesters take to the streets of chicago after a white police officer is charged with first degree murder in the killing of a black teenager. unrest coming after police released a disturbing video showing the final moments of la i don't know mcdonald's live. prosecutors say the 17-year-old was shot 16 times by officer jason van dyke who they say was on the scene for less than 30 seconds before he started shooting. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay says he watched the video and was simply shock shocked. >> it was a bad shooting. clearly the shooting was not justified. it's a very clear video. i don't know what took them a year to arrive at the conclusions to be honest with you, but i think the charges were appropriate in this case, but, again, it's not a reflection on all cops but this
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is clearly an example of an individual who misused his authority and no justification for the use of deadly force in my opinion in this particular case. >> if convicted officer van dyke could spent the rest of his life in prison. the search is on for a mother after a newborn baby was found in a nativity manger at a new york city church. a custodian worker at the church in queens found the newborn monday afternoon lying in the manger wrapped in towels. the baby's umbilical cord still attached. the church is considered a safe haven for drop offs but state law requires that person leaving the baby to leave them with a person or call authorities right away. in the meantime several couples are look to go adopt the child. >> there are some inquiries already want to go adopt this child, and there is a couple young couple in our parish who have been trying to adopt for some time and really feel motivatedmotivated, feel moved,l inspired by this.
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>> investigators say the baby in good at a local hospital but they have not released the gender. pope francis is in kenya to kick off his historic tour of of a forty three casm the pope surrounded by a massive enter tour ratch of security guards as he touched down in nairobi where an elaborate welcoming ceremony and more security personnel awaited him. it is the first time the pope has set foot on african soil. the pope will also visit uganda and the central african republic during his five-day visit. pope francis will reportedly focus on healing the riff between africa's christians and muslim communities. robbing anyone is bad enough but this couple is accused of of doing it to a little girl for just $5. what police say they found on the two that could explain a l lot. and a mother hears for the first time thanks to a special device. what made this possible even though she had trouble paying for it. kathy? >> dawn, we are getting ready for a big warmup across the delaware valley. the jet stream rides high and we get into this warming pattern
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where temperatures will soar and we can be challenging record warmth. we'll talk about the warm wet and the wet weather coming this weekend with your seven day forecast.
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♪ live look at philadelphia international airport tonight. clear night on one of the busiest travel days of the year and things are getting even better. we'll keep warming up throughout the rest of the week. meteorologist kathy orr has your holiday forecast that's coming up. turkey day is just a day away. that means millions of americans are hitting the road to
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celebrate with family and friends. here's a lookup side the airport this morning. according to aaa more than 40 million americans are expected to travel somewhere this holiday season and as a result of heightened security alerts and fears of terror plots by isis the organization is warning travelers to expect long security lines this year. however, president obama said there are no known credible terror threats against the united states. shocking new developments about the death of pro football hall of famer frank gifford. in a statement gifford's family says he suffered from cte progressive brain disease linked to the types of brain injuries and head trauma caused on the football field. the family decided to have his brain studied in hopes of contribute to go medical research to help find a link between football and cte. of course, this topic has sparked several discussions and lawsuits over the past few years. in fact a movie about nfl concussions starring philadelphia native will smith coming out next month. a florida couple under arrest tonight charged with
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robbery and it's who they targeted and what they're accused of of taking that has a lot of people talking to night. police say the man and woman stole $5 from a little girl. fox's michael singleton has the story. >> reporter: as the cliche goes it may be easy to steal candy from a baby. but you better not take five bucks from 11-year-old ari nan joyner. karma she calls the arrests of courtney and nate prater saturday as she rode her grandpa's wheelchair back from the dollar general. >> a girl walked up to me, took $5 out my hasn't. >> reporter: that girl identified by deputes as barter with her boyfriend prater approached ariana and said -- >> "give me everything you have". >> reporter: he roman today then immediately called her grandpa who then called the sheriffs office when depth piece arrived and confronted the couple -- >> he immediately said i didn't do anything. >> reporter: in general telltale sign a suspect in fact may have done something.
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eventually deputes say prat i.e. explained -- >> he didn't take the money from the young girl that it was the female. they pretty much admitted to it before they had to do much investigating. >> reporter: deputes found meth pipe on him and some sort of razor blade duct taped on to pipe 95. her grandfather said they could have killed her. >> she could have hurt her bad. i didn't want that to every happen to another family. >> reporter: sheriffs office return the $5 to ariana. barter and prater were charged with robbery and grandpa is glad they are in jail. >> whatever the law allows them to do time in jail i hope they do it. >> they were both charged with robbery. deputes say they found a meth pipe on prater. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. little bit of a chill to the start of the day but it's feeling a little bet out there already. >> it was cold. >> earlier tway. >> at the bus stop. >> low 30s. >> high 20s. >> at least it's better now. >> yes.
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>> last minute preps one more run to the grocery store, not so bad out there. tomorrow beautiful day. let's take look at the temperature trend because we're on our way up. the high temperature today 55. which is seasonal. next couple of days we ride high and then temperatures fall back over the course of the weekend. we'll be up and down i think right through the end of the month and into next month. right now 47 in allentown. 37 in the pocono mountains. you can see 48 in reading. 46 in millville and ac it is 44 degrees. throughout the northeast it's going to be dry over the holiday weekend for at least the next couple of days. but it will be cold right up that i-95 corridor toward bost boston. temperatures will be in the 40s tonight and into the morning tomorrow. but then we'll all be warping up with this area of high pressure. so high pressure really taking control of our weather for the next couple of days. it slides off the coast. we get more avenue southerly wind so that means for your thursday it's pleasant with a few high clouds moving on in. then friday, a big surge of warmth ahead of this cold front. stopping southerly winds will boost temperatures into some
5:34 pm
record-breaking territory not in philadelphia but in our suburbs we'll see some records. in philadelphia we will be well into the 60s really feeling pleasant for black friday which is very up usual around here. then this front will be moving through saturday. cooling things down and keeping a little bit on the wet side at least a chance of rain both saturday and on sunday. this is a cold front moving through and could be stalling keeping it a little bit dreary through the second half of the holiday weekend. in the city overnight, 40. the suburbs 35. not quiet as cold as it's been. we have a full moon to might much it is called the frosty moon. go to my facebook site to see more about the full moon we'll have through the rest of this year. it's pretty interesting how they name them. thanksgiving travel for tomorrow in philadelphia, heading out of town, partly sunny, 62 degrees will be the high. a light southeasterly wind. so no travel troubles in philly. atlanta little bit cooler at 61. but dry. boston 53. chicago 57 with rain. dallas 72 but rain and stormy in
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the west. here's a look at your holiday forecast as you plan the day, going for a morning walk at 7:00 a.m. fleece jacket perhaps, turkey bowl by noon a sweatshirt. the warmest part of the day will be 3:00 o'clock in the afterno afternoon. by dessert, partly cloudy, 58 degrees. so looking at a nice day. seven day forecast shows that warmup for thursday and for friday. then for the temple owls on saturday, a chance of a few showers not lot of rain. that rain could linger on sund sunday. stays chilly monday and then that front lifts back north as a warm front so we could see a few showers tuesday and wednesday. staying seasonal through that seven day forecast. you know, scott williams and i were talking about when do you typically eat dinner on thanksgiving? we actually looked it up online. >> right. >> yeah. >> what time most americans eat dinner on thanksgiving? >> 1:00 o'clock. >> what time do you think? 4:00. >> it's at 2:00 o'clock. >> is it really? >> see if that bodies well with your family. >> my family usually eats at 2:00 and scott says his usually
5:36 pm
eats at 6:00. in between. >> in between, all right, good. eagles are at 12:30. >> you got to plan accordingly. that will play into the plans. >> that's why you came up with that. >> that's right. >> all right. here's whatnot to do at an implosion. use construction equipment to give the building a little nudge. the guy in the excavator survived and his reaction to all of this may surprise you. plus, sniffing out alzheimer's. the food item doctors may soon be testing your ability to smell. and coming up at 6:00, times up for local artists to pack up and move shop. a fire forced them out of their building. a look at the tough choices ahead over the holidays.
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alabama man lucky to be alive after a planned demolition of a smoke stack goes wrong. the structure won't go down easily the guy in the cabbies fifty eight took a risky dig to complete the job which almost cost him his life came down that smoke stack right on top of him. he described his thought proce process. >> at that point i had brick
5:40 pm
hanging. it's going to have to come down one way or the other. >> stay in the hull. the cab is made over for that thing to turn over on top of it. i was safer inside the cab. >> god bless us. >> wow! >> incredible. the guy is okay as you saw. get this, he says he would do this all over again even after seeing how dangerous his actions were. >> kentucky family can't stop smiling a woman born nearly definite hears her family for the first time in 64 years. >> she's crying. i did it to her. >> can you imagine. this was that magic moment 64-year-old rita crawly's daughter called her name from a different room and for the first time rita could hear her. several years ago she had a coke key lar implant put in her right ear but the electronic hearing device didn't work. recently rita learned a special hearing aid could help her and she qualified tore a state program that provided them for low income residents.
5:41 pm
and the timing is absolutely perfect. >> it's like thanksgiving and christmas rolled all in one. yes, it is. yes, it is. it's just amazing. >> amazing it is. until now receipt to had been relying on reading lips, constant text messages and facebook messages in order to communicate with her loved ones. fifty six crime that make it supposedly uninhabitable for human life here's proof that's not necessarily the case. some people even running a marathon there right now. >> plus it's not a fad or diet for millions of americans. it is a daily battle. why some say so much publicity is actually hurting people with celiac disease. sean? >> dawn, eagles have a short week to get healthy before they came on the lions on thanksgiving. a bunch of players dealing with concussions. we'll tell you what their status is later in sports.
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♪ we're keeping an eye on the roads for you tonight. one of the biggest travel days of the year. drivers of course headed out of town for thanksgiving holiday. here's live look right now at route 73 and cooper road in voorhees, new jersey. things look like slow going there. we'll keep watching the roads for you throughout this newscast n your health tonight a disease that strikes millions of americans. you would think would grab all kinds of headlines. yet most of us who -- most who have it don't even know it. the disease can make eating a simple slice of bread harmful in a dozen different ways. 10 years ago our bruce gordon introduced to us celiac disease through his daughter alexa. tonight a follow up. the good news and the bad. >> reporter: big apple offers a broad menu for a 24-year-old young woman with celiac disease. >> we went there when we were
5:46 pm
coming to look at school. >> reporter: i should know. i'm her father. >> it not something that's on my mind nearly as much as it was. i just kept it to myself, and then i just got -- i was very depressed and it made me feel worse about it. >> reporter: that was alexa a decade ago several years after she was belated diagnosed with celiac. as i reported back then lexi's small intestine was damaged every time she ate anything containing gluten. protein found in wheat, rye and barley. >> happy birthday near lexi! first day cake we happily served her we were unwittingly poi song our own child. the damage had stunned her growth. it became noticeable when she was very young. it made her susceptible to a host of other major health risks. >> in those days grocery shopping was nightmare. mom's palm pilot was put to use to research just about everything that went into the
5:47 pm
cart. >> 20 ounces for $2. lexi's bread is 16-ounces for 4.59. >> reporter: gluten free foods were scarce, expensive and -- >> bad, and it -- the food was never of a particularly high quality. >> reporter: today, gluten free foods are a multi pill billion dollar fifty two industry and growing each year. tasty alternatives using rice flour, tapioka and other wheat substitutes can be found in almost all main stream supermarket. prices have come down and the taste has improved. in a major city like new york, where lexi now lives, there are gluten free options of all kinds. but even in smaller towns, shopping and mealtime are no longer awkward, embarrassing. no longer endangering her health. >> it's a lot easier. >> reporter: but at the ambler based national foundation for celiac awareness, founder alice says there's still a big probl problem. >> what we're hearing from our community is gluten free food is not enough and they need celiac
5:48 pm
disease to be taken seriously. >> reporter: the walls of the foundation are lined with cartoon images depicting the issues facing those with celiac. one of of them caught our eye a restaurant customer asks if a menu item is gluten free. the waiter rolls his eyes and thinks to himself, oh, no, not another one. the cause of the irritation -- >> we call it the celeb saying of the gluten free diet. >> major a list stars like russell crow and gwyneth paltrow, miley cyrus and lady gaga have over the past few years gone gluten free not because they have celiac. for these celebs it's a dietary choice. the result, lots of headlines, google the term gluten free and you'll get 98 million hits. celiac disease generates just 5 million. >> what it does, it takes the emphasis off celiac disease as being a serious genetic ought tote immune system. >> the it puts the focus back on the disease and it offers
5:49 pm
training to those on the front lines of this battle, food service professionals. >> understanding where gluten may be hidden is a real challenge. soy sauce, salad dressings. >> they don't understand celiac or if they believe their customer is simply indulging a fad diet with a request for a gluten free entree, they may not take seriously their responsibility to keep their offerings free of contaminants. >> if you communicate verbally and visually you'll minimize your mistakes. >> one particle of gluten will set off that auto immune reaction and every time we eat out, we put our health into the hands of the food service professionals, and we want them to take our disease seriously. >> reporter: alexa takes her celiac seriously. she's researched her disease and knows what to look for on a label want to ask for at a restaurant. >> no one else is going to look out for that you way. you have to be in control of what you're asking for. you have to be careful and speaking up for yours. whether it's in a restaurant or with a group of friends or your
5:50 pm
family. it's uncomfortable oftentimes, but it's necessary. it's for your health. >> reporter: sure is. the foundation says far more people with celiac are being properly diagnosed these days. but it's still the case that most with the disease remain unaware. go to our website we will link you to the information that could save your health. i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> for many it signals terrifying fate getting diagnosed with alzheimer's but any doctor will tell you the earlier you can catch it, the better. and soon some doctors may be able to help you sniff out some early symptoms of the disease. here's dr. oz to explain. ♪ picture this. you're at the doctors. she asks to you close your eyes and identify the food that she's holding under your nose d that sound sillily? just might be the new way doctors will be detector alzheimer's. new study found that patients
5:51 pm
who experience memory loss also had impaired sense of smell. other cognitive impairment wasn't associated with reduced screens of smell only the memory loss much this study builds on evidence from research last year that found only people with early stage alzheimer's had trouble spelling peanut butter. alzheimer's and parkinson's have shown damage to the area of the brain that controls smell even before the symptoms begin suggesting this could be an early sign of these diseases. while we still need to know more about the smell test and why it might be a good predictor of alzheimer's there are other signs keep an eye out for to detect the disease early on. people tell you you've been asking them the same information repeatedly or having trouble doing familiar things like making a recipe you know or driving to a familiar location, you should see your doctor to make sure it's not an early sign of dementia. >> you can catch the dr. oz show right here on fox 29 weekdays at 1:00 p.m. all day we've been talking about family and friends traveling to see loved ones this thanksgiving holiday, but for those who are less fortunate
5:52 pm
forget traveling just putting food on your table is the number one priority. today about 200 of those families got a little extra help for the holidays. courtesy of philadelphia access center and united health care. today each family got a turkey with all the trimmings to cook up and enjoy tomorrow for thanksgiving. this clown has been creeping around wisconsin neighborhood. a lot of people are not too happy about it. some are even scared but police say they know who is doing this and why. coming up all new tonight at 6:00 surveillance video police want you to see. it looks like this guy is checking out at a local store but officials say that he's committing a crime. how he allegedly got away with hundreds of dollars. plus -- always on the go. no time to even stop and get your hair done but what if all you had to do was come outside your office and go in there? >> ladies and gentlemen, could this be the answer to your hair care woes tonight at 10:00 joyce evans will give you a sneak end of the high end mobile salon making its way across the area.
5:53 pm
will it stop next. tune in tonight at 10:00
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you feeling down? well look at a clown much that's what one wisconsin teen is trying to do dressing up in clown suit to give the community a laugh. his plan is not a big hit. >> some neighbors are saying his efforts are coming off more creep than fun. here's the story. >> reporter: if anyone seen a creepy clown near her main street house, that would be her 15-year-old son.
5:57 pm
>> he's doing it for laughs and to make people smile. i don't think he's intentionings are trying to upset anyone. >> reporter: lindy concedes a strange site this late in november and says police have even had a talk with her about it. >> they were getting a lot of calls and would it help them out if he would give it a rest for a couple of days. so my son gave it a rest for day and went right back at it. >> reporter: one of the first social media posts about the clown a tweet from novembe november 7th send by carol university student marissa beaumont. >> my first reaction was lock of doors because it was really creepy no one had seen or heard of at this point. >> reporter: she saw the clown near the teen's house but recently there have been posts from others saying they saw someone in in a creepy costume on the carol costume. >> i saw him two days later in the same spot. he was walking around few campus a few nights ago. >> if anyone seen a similar costume on campus it must have been somewhere else. she says her son is only allowed
5:58 pm
to perform near the house. >> he doesn't wander off. i've never had trouble with him. if i tell him he's grounded much he's grounded and he knows it. >> reporter: lindy doesn't plan have her son cut it out with the costumes any time soon. >> i'd rather him do this than run the streets, get girls pregnant, do drugs, like other teens are doing now a days. >> lindy says police have characterized her son in other reports as developmentally disable but she says that is not the case. you run the philly marathon last week? running more than 26 miles is a feat in and of itself. imagine doing it one harshest climates on earth much that's what dozen athletes did during the ant arctic ice marathon. temperatures were hovering right around negative 4 degrees. 50 runners across the globe took up this challenge runners say the thrill is worth the chill. >> freezing cold. freezing. excellent.
5:59 pm
>> unbelievable. >> doing marathon on the bottom of the world is just amazing. absolutely amazing but i'm glad it's over. >> i'll bet you are. the winner finish in incredible three hours and 35 minutes. ♪ >> happy to be going home for thanksgiving. >> tonight at 6:00 just 24 hours after getting shot on the vine street expressway, a state trooper walks out of the hospital. what he has to say to fox 29 as we learn more about just what happened to him. look out this black friday as always thieves could be out to steal your information and your money. and this season things are a little different. the new weapon crooks could be using this year. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. first at 6:00 tonight one of the biggest travel days of the year in full swing from the roads to the skies.
6:00 pm
authorities are warning people to be careful and patient. millions of americans are traveling just hours before thanksgiving 2015. good evening, i'm iain page. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in for lucy noland. for people who opted not to fly or drive today taking a train may have been a better option or not. fox 29's chris o'connell at 30th street station tonight. how are things out there, chris? >> reporter: the hustle and bustle of holiday travel season is in full swing, guys here at 30th street station p1 of the busiest if not the busiest day on the rails for the year here for amtrak. thousands of people hitting the rails this holiday. we saw them all day up and down the east coast. many coming or going home for the thanksgiving holiday and with the crowds, of course, come the delays. not too many delays here at 30th street. only a few trains running behind schedule and with the worldwide travel issue issued by the state departmenthe


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