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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 27, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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up in a bit. bob kelly is off, roadways are showing us, volume picking up, we have that fog, that haze, that sun, so watch for that, visibility down, roosevelt boulevard nice and clear 422 west looking clear this morning and mass transit, on some holiday and weekend schedules for regional rail patco and nj transit, mike and alex. steve keeley, with shoppers in mount laurel in front of the target. >> they have been coming out there all morning, steve. >> guess what, we have good news. we have returned with a rental car, big enough to keep both cars and they fit and we have shut the hatch. you cap see they got them both in. what a relief. >> very relieved, yes. >> did they rent the car for this. >> yes, we had to get something big enough to carry
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these, owe family car did not fit and it didn't work so we had to get a special vehicle, you smartly measured beforehand or did you just estimate. >> i estimated which luckily was correct. >> the the question is where will you store these and hide these until christmas. >> storage room. >> a storage room. >> a storage room at the house. >> yes. >> do they fit in the doorway. >> yes. >> i noticed while were you away getting the second vehicle the the toy here mercedes benz is exact same size as that little toyota a over the sign there. >> you are right. >> you've got coffee and you are done shopping. >> i'm done. >> thanks for being patient and thanks for having fun. >> thanks for helping out. >> merry christmas. >> what we don't have for you new viewers just joining us is video of her and her sister trying to jam these in the acura which we will show you at 8:00 o'clock. we will find the video within an hour i hope but let me give you a weather report for you
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people just joining us. total thick fog. maybe that is fogging judgment and clouding judgment of shoppers because we have seen people buy big tv's, one couple with a broken tv after trying to jam it in its trunk and then, other people buying big toys they cannot fit in. a lot of people are coming here with stuffed trunks and cars, already from previous shopping excursions in other stores that have been opened all night. they are coming here all right with the cars loaded and reload witt big things that they think they have room for while they are in the car and in the store and when they get out here with the cart they realize why did i buy this i cannot fit it in the the car and get it home. very interesting black friday. >> it is. i have never seen someone rent a minivan to take two fake cars home. >> i said it,. >> here's something we have seen around olde city. you know is what fun bye target, it looks like the pope is coming here as well because crowds were crazy here on thanksgiving.
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they put same kind of barricade in olde city for all of the big event we have had already. i have seen so many of these steel barricade. is the pope coming to target? is he shopping here as well? they just took them down because the lines gone. it is getting busy. be careful. the road is wet. it is a slick surface. people are slipping around as well. be careful if you are driving. everybody is rushing from store to store to store and they realize the that the car does not have the the breaking power it normally has. >> there aren't many people because yesterday was black thursday. >> i'm calling it the brown thursday. >> yes. >> there aren't as many people out there as there have been in the years past because we dit all yesterday. everybody talks about the the great deal you can get, you know, on a television on a day like today. >> check out some of these non-traditional gift ideas though. >> so theme parks passes, sea world is offering season passes on buy one get one base fridays now until cyber monday. and cars, keeping an eye out
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for deals, experts are predicting this will be a record breaking day for car sales. >> you see hotels there as well, cheap is offering 25 percent off to the first five hundred customers, between seven and 10:00 this morning. four minutes ago that started. you better hurry up, it is probably already gone. >> airfare, this is a big one, spirit airlines had their one day only, 99 percent off sale. 99 percent off. 1 percenters. >> air travel web site says to expect a lot of cheap flights between now and cyber monday. >> i haven't heard of hoppery have been on the hopper but i have never used >> maybe that is their plan, to go out and go to hospitaller okay. >> last skiing, lifttopia is offering a voucher for people who sign up this weekend. that voucher will be worse to ten to $150. problem is if you wanting to to the the poconos they don't
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have the the know just yet. >> no, they didn't. national retail federation estimates, i know i just told you this three minutes ago but i'm telling you again, the national retail federation estimates that 135 million consumers will be shopping out there today. you know almost a hundred million people will plan to shop today. a whooping $630 billion will be spend this holiday season. but the economy has been improving, many shoppers remain, fight fist ted unless you are renting vehicle tolls buy little cars for your kids. some people got some cash. >> um-hmm. >> um-hmm. >> consumer advocates are reminding you, that the holiday season is a prime time for scammers and hackers. >> take advantage of you. credit experts have this advice about taking precautions. >> what i recommend is trying to keep shopping to one or two credit card only because if something is wrong with those card you can lift the damage
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plus you have your other car in reserve while waiting for card to be lost and stole tone come to you. sometimes it can take five business days or more. you can still operate. so that is important. >> he looks like a good time doesn't he. >> he also recommend contacting your bank about virtual credit card which used randomly generated card numbers associated with your credit account. you can set a max charge of virtual credit card which, further protect you from fraudulent transactions. hey, chris murphy, is what going on 59 credit 06. police in burlington county your looking forgo a man they say murdered a convenient store clerk at quick and go in willingboro. police still don't know exactly what happened, wednesday night but they do say that the shooting happened around 8:20. the shooter came in, pulled out a gun, demanding cash. the victim three two-year old matthew moysing, handed money out but followed the guy outside. that is when the the guy turnout and shot moysing and left him. he later indict at the hospital. those who knew him are really shocked.
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>> unaudible. >> i came to work knowing that he came and died with the gunshot wound. he was a good person. very hard working guy. >> police are urging anyone with any information to give police a call, if they recognize this man. police say they found a second teen they wanted to talk to in connection with the shooting of the trooper earlier this week. nineteen year-old lewis was riding in the car driven by 17 year-old giovanni cotto when it was stopped by troopers tuesday morning for an expired tag. police say lewis then ran off but cotto jump back in the car and a wild police chase followed. it ended with cotto crashing in the school bus and both cars catching fire right there on the vine street expressway in center city. police say as he tried to get away he shot the trooper patrick casey. casey had has been released from the hospital and cocoa released on three million-dollar bail. police had been looking for lose is to question him about what happened that morning. they say they will in the information pursue any charges against him for anything that happened on tuesday. if you drive-in new jersey
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you may start seeing fewer signs of state contracting work. the fund are drying up real fast. for governor christie the the democratically controlled legislature, june 30th, it is all coming up, real quickly. that is the deadline for authorization of new borrowing, and they just can't seem to agree on how to move forward. so in the meantime the department of transportation is slowing down, any work that needs to be done. this includes, concrete repair projects in both north and south new jersey, guys. try cooking 2800 meals, 300 volunteers joined manna staff on thanksgiving to cook up a storm of food. they started at 5:00 o'clock in the morning to feed all of the critically ill people of manna that it serves. they were delivered to people who need it the most. manna is a non-profit that provides air delivers healthy meals and counseling to people battling life threatening diseases. thanks, guys. >> they do a great job there. americans living there, in france are celebrating thanksgiving. >> holiday took on a extra
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special meaning in that country, of course, yesterday in the wake of the terror attacks earlier this this month. u.s. theme cafe right there in paris says it has seen more foot traffic then ever before. in fact, a young man from the stay of pennsylvania says it almost felt like home yesterday. >> i go to american university here in paris and a group of my friend all come together and we make turkies and a tradition, we go to the apartment and just eat together and have a good time. >> good for him, that is nice. it the is 7:09. well, let's talk eagles. >> in a way we're talking eagles. do you notice a couple of animal rights activist stormed on to the field during the fourth quarter. >> yeah, we were watching. we were like what is going on. what are they trying to protest. >> the the director, then send the camera away. >> they are trying to get them off the field, security wise, we didn't get a good glimpse
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of the the banner that they had but it wases to promote an end to animal cruelty. given it was thanksgiving, i guess it was an appropriate thing to promote. interesting moment in the game. but that clock did you notice it just kept running n1 seemed to complain. we just wanted this game over with. >> people are talking about mostly though because we're there, where is the security, you know, in this day and age. they got on the field pretty easily. 7:10. one thing philadelphians are known for dedication to our teams, that is for sure but even the the players. >> well, they seem fed up. look at jahlil okafor he knocked out a heckler in boston. tmz really got the in to it there look at them running over to him. knocks him down. reportedly the guy was, kind of saying how bass the sixers were and it. >> it comes from their 16th straight loss this year to the boston he celtics n fact what have they lost now 26 straight games if you go back to last
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year. >> yes. >> a representative says the the assault was self-defense. but that video tells a different story. >> he pushed that guy for sure. >> hey chris what else is going on at 7:11. demonstrators in chicago are planning to disrupt black friday shopping in chicago to bring attention to police brutality. this comes after an officer was charged, this week for 2014, shooting death of laquan mcdonald. the 17 year-old. protesters will hold the demonstration in the famed shopping district along michigan avenue knew. the reverend jesse jackson will also attend that march. jackson and others say they hope their presence will discourage shoppers from going in to those stores. several protests have been held since authorities released video of the shooting this week. pope francis heads to uganda for second part of the six day trip in africa. this comes after visit in kenya where thousands turned out for a mass. >> ♪ >> the pope visited a kenya
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slum and u.n. headquarters there. he pressed for better housing, saying quote, dignified living conditions are a basic human right just like it is is here in the u.s. in september. this is the first time the pope has been to africa. the the meaning is not lost on the faithful. >> i'm feeling blessed and i feel this is a good opportunity for us ken yas. >> because we are a receiving a blessing from god. >> meanwhile while the the pope was in uganda, the country's gay rights community is hoping for a private meeting. they will ask for catholic church to promote human rights to promote gays and lesbian wright. the pope head to central african republic the the most dangerous leg of the tour giving conflict between christians and muslims there the pope's caravan must travel through a notoriously unlawful area causing some security concerns, and now the road is being patrolled by u.n. peace keepers, in the areas being cleaned up for the pope's visit. that is a look the your on top
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stories, now back to you. rescuing a home less dog or cat this could be your chance. >> here's the deal, animal care and control team of philadelphia is holding their own holiday special. it is starting to day, through sunday, they are offering free adoptions, and the the move comes after the shelter was forced to out nice dozens of dogs due to overcrowding. >> what? >> according to workers, they noticed a surge in the number of pets being surrendered over thanksgiving holiday. the goal, it is to make room and find forever homes as possible. animal advocates urge people looking for a dog or cat to rescue, to rescue from a shelter. do not, purchase them. they also remind you of the importance of spaying and neutering your pets, to prevent, over population. be careful. coming up on 7:14.
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on thanksgiving area volunteers spent the holiday saying thank to you some true american here's owes. >> volunteers cooked up and served up a complete thanksgiving day dinner to active duty officers, soldiers. this is from fort dix, maguire. aboard the battleship new jersey. it gave the soldiers a break and chance to spent time with loved ones on this holiday. >> it is good to be together. the it gives ace chance to get out of the home and just be family and friend, and everybody is here with us. >> at the the philadelphia veterans home volunteers served a holiday feast to about 100 people in need. okay. a little piece of pennsylvania is heading to the white house. >> a local christmas tree farm, won a contest to provide the the white house with its christmas tree. >> um-hmm. >> so thinks buster's christmas tree from lansdale. every year since 966, the national christmas tree
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association has chosen one lucky tree to decorate the the president's house. so they will be unveiling the the tree at the white house, later this morning, where it will stay in the blue room until after christmas. >> so this isn't the the big, white house, out front christmas tree. this is going in the blue room. >> but still an honor. >> president obama will see it inside. >> it is just a gigantic trees, dave. >> last year i went to see d.c. the at christmastime. they had one for every state. you can go and they have different rent other than also from the different states. >> by the white house. >> in the back. it is the back of the white house. >> their backyard, south lawn we call it. >> yes. >> i didn't get on the actual south lawn. >> it is apparently easy to do. jump the fence. >> i have a fake tree. >> there it is. >> the the bottom third is empty, broken ornament. >> come on, dave, get it together. >> i got the to work on these kids. >> we're working on the weather here. the the sunshine is trying to burn the fog off and doing a
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fairly good job but it will take a while. we're dense in some areas. the dense fog advisory continues until the a.m. the the sunnies up already and it is burning off the fog but it will take a while. slow down on the roadways especially across new jersey, and delaware, visibility is quickly dropping to about a quarter of mile. a few more clouds today, still fairly warm. weekend rain coming in from all of this don't worry about the snow. it will be warm by the time it gets here. temperatures are climbing a bit but that rain gets closer and closer, not here today, we will continue to track this over the next few days, a next few hours here. by this morning there's the clouds, clearing up, fog is gone, sunshine is warming tell temperatures up in the 60es a. clouds increase tonight. that keeps temperatures from dropping too much. here comes that rain, late the saturday. so it is dropping to saturday where the rain developed and it could continue through sunday. it starts fairly light, and it will stay on the light side but it is fairly steady especially overnight saturday
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through early sunday. temperatures in the upper 50's today thanks to the sunshine that we will have, and then try to climb above 60 degrees. it may be peaking peaking about. dropping in the upper 40's. wake up tomorrow to a mild start, 40's and 50's. the and then climbing into the 60's again. but here's that cooler air moving n so long as the rain is developing, we will see those temperatures drop quite a bit, and mainly, through sunday night, and monday. so, these are the temperatures here, sat the day afternoon, into the the 50's and 60's, so the rain developing, brings in that warm air and then it drops, once the the rain clears out. fifty-eight with some sunshine. sixty-two. down to 53. the clouds and a mix of fog, dense fog in some areas, as that continues until at nine or 10:00 o'clock this morning. the showers tomorrow and sunday. a break on monday. it will get cooler. sixty's down to the 50's, the showers will return for a day on tuesday and then we will have weather for thursday.
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we're 40's to five's off today for the holiday but traffic is looking g no major issues out there. there is some fog along 491 freeway, it is cobbs creek. roadway is fairly clear. volume picking up a bit. 202 northbound allendale road, there is a minor traffic here. the it is right here near the king of prussia mall. volume increases a bit there. take a little extra time. it is not all that heavy just yet. travel times along the schuylkill, and i-95, looking pretty good, all green, there, a lot of the roadways except for near those malls, mike and alex. >> if you have nothing else to do and the kid want to get out, why don't you go to citizens bank park today. they will be opened. >> they are hosting red friday. >> families are invited to come out and take hole day photos on the field and meet phillies ball girls. you might be able to catch a snapshot while hanging out with the phillies fanatic. fans can shop in the majestic clubhouse store and get their hand on the newest phillies
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gear. nice christmas presents maybe. there will be plenty of free items and discounts. the runs from ten to 6:00 this message is brought to you by the philadelphia phillies. 7:19. santa claus is coming to town. >> he is trading his sleigh for a ride on the market frankford line. >> what. >> the septa santa a express will be pulling into dilworth park later this morning. at 10:30 you can meet him and his helpers. young riders will get a goody bag filled with christmas treats and they will get to ice skate with santa on the ice win k there. >> 10:30 this morning. >> yes. >> fun thing to do with the kids. that is great. >> i would stay away from those helpers though. the eagles really stink. so, let's talk bit with sean brace. is sean here today. >> yes. >> later in the show, too busy, too tired or too impatient to stand in long lines. you don't to have if the price is right.
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>> what? >> friday friday line. >> somebody stand in line for me. lottery numbers. (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient?
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corn? wheat?
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in new purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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there is a i live shot. i don't see pope francis but a lot of people are out to see him. as he takes off, for uganda. >> yes, this this is a celebrated african trip that he has been making. there were some concerns because of unrest happening there but you know pope francis he believes going out and wants to see the the people and deliver his message. >> okay. we will keep an eye on that. >> sean brace is here to talk about the eagles. somebody had to talk bit. he got the short straw. >> is it a good morning. >> well, you know, it is thanksgiving. spent sometime with the family. today is a good day. >> look at you being positive.
7:24 am
>> it is a positive moment. >> now, watch this. watch this. i felt a lot better right there in that second effort, fly eagles fly. >> yes. >> fly eagles fly on the road to victory. >> yes. >> unbelievable. >> somebody should have laid him out and got a penalty, golden tait walking in the end zone. lay him out. >> that would call a little fight. >> just a little bit. >> broken a ankle. >> yes, not good for eagles secondary but what difference does it make. this team is a sad outfit. i am sorry it is black friday, day after thanksgiving but a change has to be made right now or if you don't make a change you are telling us that the previous two weeks and everything is happening is okay. it is unacceptable. this is two straight weeks, only word i can put up to describe the play on the field is embarrassing. billy davis need to go today. jeffery lurie if you have a
7:25 am
backbone you tell, yes you are the general manager but i'm still the man that runs everything that has to do with the philadelphia eagles organization. billy davis has to go today. >> defensive coordinator. >> yes. >> historically bad. back to back performances, five touchdowns, zero interceptions, it is second time in nfl history, first time in franchise history. something has to be done today. >> a 110 points scored against them in three games. >> disgusting. >> diehard, my brother, every family member, sitting around the table, be in cared about the game in the third quarter. nobody cared. >> we were over it. >> that is the whole city. this is an embarrassing display. chip kelly, this is his ship. he is in control. he will in the fire himself. billy davis, yes. >> i say this every time but the people there, starting to up rise, they are saying fire chip, they are ready for him to go.
7:26 am
it the is just too much. chip wreck. >> guys, does he not look deflated. >> yes, look at the this video. i took a picture of this. look at that face. what do you think he is thinking there. what have i done? >> his voice was even different in the press conference after the game. >> this is first time. >> seven losses in his collegiate career. look at how many loss these year. in one season seven losses. >> his whole college career he only lost seven. >> at oregon. >> seven losses. >> he is not used to this right now. >> he is just dismantled this team letting go of play makers bringing in his oregon guys that he claimed would step up. >> hold, after the game, somebody put on twitter, all of the people, all of the players that have been injured this year and there have been a lot. only team that has more injuries, the new england patriots and they seem to keep winning. >> yeah, yeah. >> we have them next.
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>> can we talk about jahlil okafor. >> did you see the video. >> creed two. >> yes. >> he is upset. >> yes, this is not good. >> we will talk about jahlil okafor. >> this is nelsonnal who will or. >> they are getting blended in. >> troy aikman came out with the right hook. speaking of right hook. the that is jahlil okafor right now. >> there is in the good. it is obvious. first thing, he is 19 years old. if he is coming out of the club, sixers then will have have a comment further today but he is reports that he is coming out of the club. kiddies 19 years old. we will not, start guessing what happened but bottom line is you cannot be swinging on people and claim self-defense when you shove a guy in the middle of the street. >> here's the thing, because reportedly tmz is reporting someone said the sixers they
7:28 am
stink. shouldn't he be used to hearing that. no offense. >> yes yes. >> i'm glad he pushed that little will creep. >> yes. >> you know, shoved him. >> he is 19. he has just got to learn. >> i'm till making them. >> were you out last night. >> but that kid probably hasn't lost 16 games in his life. >> that is correct. >> through high school. >> yes. >> it will happen. it will happen december 1st begins lakers. we will get first victory begins lakers. >> how a new credit card technology aims to make you safe as you check out. but you know what a lot of businesses don't like it. we will explain.
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too impatient to stand in long lines to make that black friday deal? well, you don't have have to if you are willing to pay up. as shoppers snag those black friday deals new technology is protecting them from thieves. >> you may have noticed these
7:32 am
little square chips on your credit cards, we have talked about a couple weeks ago. every time your card is swiped the chip creates a transaction code that cannot be used, again. that is what that is for. >> it provides another layer of security, but some small business owners say it is a hassle. as of october 1st businesses they were required to upgrade their payment machines in order to read the new credit cards, we did stories on this. >> the the cost is adding up to millions of dollars though. >> so for those businesses that have have not upgraded their machines, the liability for fraud shifts from the bank, to them. that is why they hate this. >> yes. >> but it is good for the the consumer. >> i like it. >> there is that. >> a little chip on my card you don't like anything that is chip related at this point. >> no. >> back in the daily news, chip wreck, with him bending over. he looks like he is in pain,
7:33 am
doesn't he. >> it is painful. >> it looks like, we will find out what steve is doing. he is at the mount laurel at target, hi, steve we will go a toy i had last year and regift it. it is called mr. wonderful. you push it and he says these statements that with men like to hear. we edited statement together so you can hear it. here it is. >> you take the remote, as long as i'm with you, i don't care what we watch. let's just cuddle tonight. um, you look so beautiful in the morning. no, you do not look at all sad in that dress, how could anything make lou sad. a hh, do this every week, you are going shopping by yourself? how about if i tag along and carry your bags. the the ballgame really isn't that important.
7:34 am
i'd rather spend time with you. >> my goodness, i love this. >> yes. >> you never had any man say all of the the right things for you. mike, in the only an uncanny resemblance to you, but that face, look, look at the the the slogan, just like you, live on the show every day, he always necessity just what to say. you have never saying anything wrong or inappropriate or anything like that. >> absolutely not. >> the guy has great short legs though. >> mike, he is well dressed too do you like button down shirt with the t-shirt underneath. i got the that last year. i guess i don't say right things all the time. my favorite was here, you take the remote honey, as long as i'm with you, i don't care what to watch. >> you go the this last year. >> someone gave that to you. >> a woman gave this to you, steve. >> reporter: yes, yes. i haven't taken it the out of the box. i did in the plan on keeping it. chris fox will wrap this and give it to his wife so we are regifting it, another sign
7:35 am
felt reference, regift that. >> i really want that. >> steve, we will check back in a second. i will put on the sweater in the next segment. we will go to dave. >> i would get my wife one but she already has one. >> mr. wonderful. visibility is a quarter mile or less. patchy fog, slow it down to the roadways, because it reduces quickly. 43 degrees. south/southeast at the 3 miles an hour. quarter mile in wrightstown, millville, atlantic city. very, very dense fog. the it is slowly starting to clear a little bit. now that we have sunshine it will take a while. between now and 9:00 a.m. slowing down on the roadways. thirty's now just above the freezing mark. so cold but not quite as cold as it has been. the just dew as opposed to
7:36 am
frost. our buddy is ready to go shopping. temperatures 35 to 70, or 35 to 42, and say that right there and just patchy fog will start to clear out. now we will go to the traffic. bob kelly is off today, so with an update the here i'll get you started, not much happening on the ben franklin bridge, is sunshine is there all clear heading in to philadelphia on the blue route southbound approaching the the schuylkill expressway, all clear here on north and southbound lanes. and the the traveling speeds, looking good, that little yellow there that is right around king of prussia mall, just a little slow down as you get off schuylkill on to 202. alex. >> thanks, so much dave. 7:36. new technology is giving blind a privilege they didn't have before, bringing art to their world, in an unexpect way. we will explain how coming up next.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ new technology is bringing light to the blind. >> "fox news"'s douglass
7:40 am
kennedy explains just how. >> i'm not allowed to touch it or feel it ed bible went blind when he was 11 years old and for 50 years has missed many things. >> one of the greatest things you have personally miss is being able to see pictures, and experience art. >> yes, sir. the big thing i'm not able to see the print of the picture or subtleties at all and when i ask people what is this? they give me their interpretation of what they see. >> it is a loss life magazine photographer john olson found unbearable and why he invented 3-d photo works. >> so for the past seven years you have used advances in neuro plastics to turn some of the greatest works of art, into these 3-d prints. >> our process is designed so the world's blind can enjoy art photography the the way those who have sight can enjoy it. >> reporter: blind, for instance can feel locks on the mona lisa or actually touch waters of the delaware.
7:41 am
smashing against george washington's row boat. and emotionally experience, for many who previously had to rely on subjective descriptions of art and pictures. >> it really made me feel like i was, genuinely experiencing something that i had only heard talked about. >> reporter: if your hope is that every museum in the world, will use this technology, to create this displays for the brian. >> our work for blind represent far more than just art it represents independent, freedom and equality. >> reporter: an equality bible believes will brighten a new world previously in darkness. unfortunately for the blind human beings often communicate best with images. >> yes, sir. and with this we had the freedom to do, the exploration ourselves, without anybody telling us what they see. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: allowing him and others to make their own
7:42 am
decision about what is good art and what is not. in new york, douglass kennedy "fox news". >> that is so cool. >> let's punch up the shot of africa, in kenya. is there pope francis after his visit to kenya he is getting ready to move on to uganda. >> they is saying his final good byes. >> yes. >> it is late afternoon in kenya right now. >> okay. >> come on back.
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you see the the sunburning off that fog. the visibility is down. dense fog advisory remains in effect until 9:00 o'clock this morning. it is confined to new jersey and delaware. visibility is dropping now but will increase, but much of southern new jersey is socked in with this fog. less than quarter mile it is zero. that is what we have in wildwood. improved in dover and slightly improving here close to the philadelphia area. thanks to the sunshine. thirty's and 40's. it is not as cold as it has been. we are heading to the 60's. once we have sunshine and still cool this morning.
7:46 am
here is the rain impacting our weekend saturday and sunday. late in the day saturday and then sunday pretty much all day, just light rain, it is heavy now but this storm causing this will go well to the north, stretching this area of rain out, weakens, falls apart, we will call for light rain, snow in the western suburbs, west of the area by saturday night. overnight saturday and sunday that rain coming down and continues throughout the day sunday. it will be warming, temperatures above 60 degrees, warm rain, heaviest on sunday. once rain clears out late sunday filled by cool breeze and temperatures drop on monday, see that chill, monday morning and much cooler monday afternoon. fifty-eight to 62 degrees, between 10:00 and 2:00, there is that sunshine warming things up dropping in the 50 ease overnight tonight. very mild night. low of 49 tomorrow. during the the day those showers will get closer, late showers saturday through sunday and that cool breeze on monday, rain comes back on
7:47 am
tuesday. the rain is back, dry on wednesday and thursday but cooler, right where we should be this time of the year 40's and lower 50's for a low and high temperatures. bob kelly off, traffic update, it is pretty much clear. we have issues around the malls here but we will start on vine street expressway this looks clear this morning. seventy-six, west conshohocken, volume increasing just a little bit, but it still looks to be moving nicely. just slower around king of prussia mall and black friday, traffic there, that green to yellow indicates slow down getting off schuylkill expressway and turnpike near king of prussia mall. 7:47. we are getting in the spirit. send us your hicks pures of your house all decked out but use the hashtag fox 29 lights so we can find it. we will show those great pictures right here on good day and every day leading up to christmas. the here's the big part. we will take what we think are most festive, best decorated homes and then show up at your
7:48 am
house live on the air during our 5:00 p.m. news. we will visit four houses, very kelly christmas and we want you to be part of it. use the hashtag fox 29 lights. >> you know what, i think i got it now. >> you have told me enough. >> 7:48. have you ever wondered what it takes to get the the best spot at a parade let's say, or be in line first over at the the target store in mount laurel. you know, so you don't wait in these lines. >> some people wait for hours. >> true. >> but others they pay someone to hold their spots. >> a spot filler. so fox's matt king explains how this works. >> today i have four spots. i'm here, until 9:00 a.m. >> reporter: twenty-nine year-old a adonis porch has not spent a night indoors since monday. >> i have been up the the last couple days because i had other lines too. >> reporter: he is a professional line sitter this morning a family from long island, paid him and couple co-workers 25 bucks an hour
7:49 am
pursuit to save them spots against the the barricade on sixth avenue from which to watch macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> brooklyn's robert samuel found same old line dude a name forms acronym soul three years ago. >> i lost my job in the winter of 2012, i was on unemployment and depressed most of the year. >> reporter: robert posted an ad on craigs list and made more than $300. today he oversees 30 same old line dudes who it was in an average a line a day. >> christmas is most popular and consistent. >> reporter: the dudes offered to purchase the the ticket, sandwich or device for them but you in many lines the customer must arrive to claim his spot from the same old line cute, which is making others waiting for himself, grumpy. >> if you don't talk to them about it, we do passports. >> reporter: they do in all kind of weather.
7:50 am
>> garbage bag, line the inside with the blanket. >> reporter: we have waited in line for santa claus portraits. >> reporter: to pass the hours five have of them for adon his the dudes rely on their smart phones. >> netflix, pandora. >> reporter: after many episode of many shows and for some, a long nap, out here in this the the dwindling darkness on sixth avenue the burger family arrives just before 9:00 a.m. to pay the dude, claim their seats and watch the parade. >> we just got up an hour ago. >> but, with black friday a line up of holiday shows and influx of out of towner looming, same old line dudes look forward to a lot of lines the months ahead. >> thinks a perfect storm for line sitting. >> reporter: from midtown, i'm waiting for matt king. >> thanks very much. >> reporter: i'm matt king, fox five news. >> that is cute. >> all right. >> everything you like for them to wait for, for you. >> i have a an idea. >> you know when we have made in america, that concert,
7:51 am
people get in the front row of the concert. >> there are people for beyonce, they waited hours, they came in the morning and beyonce didn't perform in will ten or 11. if someone could wait in that front row, come up, 9:45 and stand up there and go beyonce. >> $25 an hour, that would be $250. >> this isn't a perfect world. >> of course it relates back to the seinfeld episode. crammer was a seat filler, for the tony awards. >> i have been a seat filler before. >> for an award show. >> what was it. >> it was a tell-a-thon type thing. >> when somebody got up to do something. >> they were like the rich fans. >> i had tickets but i was around the the seats, so i felt like one. >> reason they do that because when they take shots of the audience they don't want holes in the audience, empty seats if someone gets up to go to the bathroom they bring in a seat filler so you won't see any empty seats.
7:52 am
>> so when they pea. >> i have some friend who do seat fillers all the time living in al and they get to sit in front of the kim kardashian, kanye west. if you are lucky you sit next to cool people. >> they lost their jobs and now they are making some money. in the next hour of good day philadelphia, one fed up mother takes to facebook to post that photo, in her underwear. why with she do that. what she said a personal trainer said to her that sparked this picture. thanksgiving table has been cleared but we have those left overs, so how do you transform your scraps into delicious meals you can eat all day? we will bring you new ideas that will be great, to keep eating that thanksgiving dinner. >> we do this every year but it its almost mandatory on morning shows on friday after thanksgiving but these are new ideas. ttp://>[a5d]
7:53 am
7:54 am
this is black friday. oh my god. does anybody want to be part of this? nooooo.
7:55 am
well, chevy has a better way, with black friday deals all month long. that's a great idea. what if you could get up to twenty percent cash back when you bought it? bam. twenty percent back? that's awesome. it's black friday. find your tag and get cash back for 20% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get zero percent financing for seventy-two months on 2015 silverado light duty models. cool time to go shopping.
7:56 am
how was your thanksgiving. >> it was great. >> how far dogs a sneeze blast a room. >> it can fill a room. >> in fact, mit researchers studied this and they have looked at high speed video. i don't know, do we have this. >> we have it. >> look at that there are people who spend their entire day looks at is not and people sneezing and what they have found was this was a high propulsion cloud of is not, going through the room. >> it has to do with the particle size. we used to think that all of the particles were the same as they left your nose. >> right. >> but that is in the true. >> big ones, small once and then can form cloud and they can go up to the ceiling. >> cloud of is not. >> we don't see it.
7:57 am
>> they are microscopic and they contain virus particles. so if we're in a room say in a thanksgiving dinner and i do this, i could infect the entire room. >> there is a proper way, some people put their hand over mouth but that is not the good way. some people put their hand in their little dab. >> yes. >> it is called sneeze etiquette and you must follow proper sneeze etiquette. >> what is it. >> if you have tissues available use tissue. if you don't awe reply the upper arm and go like that. >> doctor mike, you realize you just did the the dab. >> you just did the dab. >> you dabbed on us. >> do it grand. >> like that. >> that should go viral. >> what you should do is you have to wash your hand. you have to wash your hand. you get viruses on like this table, lord knows what is on this table. you touch that and then you get them and then i touch my lip or my nose and then there
7:58 am
you go. i have what you have. >> i have a virus. >> we will show you footage from last sunday's game when zach ertz tried to leap over offender and lended up with a tough concussion. so hard to see good tell me about the the new things to talk about when it comes to concussions. >> right here at the university of penn, they have done a study and this is a amazing stuff. >> concussions are a major problem in sports and high school sports. >> every where. there is a new blood test, sn tf, it is a protein and it is elevated when someone has a fairly significant concussion. there will come a day very shortly where if someone has an injury like that, they will then go and get a blood test and if this protein is elevated, then that can be a prediction of one, significant brain injury and two, whether that person will have severe
7:59 am
long lasting post concussion syndrome. >> one of the hardest things to determine is if somebody is conn cussed, this would be simple, a draw of blood. >> this whole concept couple down to ct e and it shows this and it is only able to be known from autopsies of boxes and football players who donated their brain for science this blood test will a allow to us make a diagnosis, if someone is playing hockey or something and they get hit in the head. go to the side line. get a blood test. that will predict whether or not they have had significant brain injury. >> how soon could we have this. >> well, it is, it is probably will come to the forefront very quickly because this is such a big problem. >> yeah. >> hey doctor mike say hello tour family. >> i love you, guys. >> i love you guys too. >> we have so much to be thankful for. >> good day, it is friday,
8:00 am
november 27th, 2015, the day after. they are off and running. >> it is official. the holiday shopping season has begun. we will show what you black friday looks like in our area before you head out the door. >> and the fcc requires to us do this every morning show in america, after thanksgiving, you have to do a left overs segment. but this time, we have found a dude, he is making stuff i have never heard of with left overs. it will be good. a local fire fighter tackles a philadelphia marathon in full gear. and it is not his first race, dressed like this why he packs on all of the extra weight before every run. >> plus chris, you are at winter fest. >> in three hours winter fest opens for the season. this is so exciting. you know the ice ring but look what is new, fire pits, cottages, and how about the the franklin fountain.
8:01 am
they will feed me, ice cream and sundays, coming up. this is so much fun, mike and alex. >> i love winter fess, one of my favorite things. the it is like spruce street harbor park is the cold cousin it is off to the side. >> it is similar idea where they have a little garden, you can go, do activities, roast marshmallows. >> i took my family there last year, so much fun. >> simple pleasures. >> it is simple things in life it really is. >> hi dave. >> we have a eight out of ten as far as weather is concern. >> we have an eight. eight is on the scale. but let's talk eagles. this was yesterday, that is a bald eagle. >> yeah. >> yes. >> this is in spring city. it is in chester, montgomery county. >> eagles are up a tree too. >> standing proud. >> quarter mile visibility.
8:02 am
that is still in effect across the area then still in effect until 9:00 o'clock. these visability are pretty low, less than a quarter mile in wrightstown and increasing a bit in millville and atlantic city. we will see that later, improving and another warm day above 60 degrees. right now temperatures have dropped down in the 30's but above freezing. forty-four in philadelphia 40 in millville and atlantic city. ultimate doppler is clear but look at this rain impacting our weather, tomorrow, and sunday. that is in the seven day coming up. traffic right now. we really don't have bob kelly but i'll take it from here. the it looks good. pretty much all over. i-95 southbound at girard all clear, just a little bit of added volume this friday morning. blue route is still foggy. roadway is clear but the fog is trying to burn off just a bit across many parts of the area and mass transit is on holiday or weekend schedule so check it before you head out if you had are taking regional
8:03 am
rail. patco or new jersey transit. >> mike and alex. >> okay. i don't need to tell you the game was in the good yesterday. we lost to the buccaneers, last sunday, and, they lost by 35 points. and we got stuffed again. >> another 45 points, stacked up on the the eagles. the the final score, 45-14. what is going to happen over the weekend? is somebody going to lose their job. i mean chip will be around? sean brace was just talking about, you know, defensive coordinator has probably got to go. >> billy. >> the the defense was playing well early on in the season but 45 back to back. the first time that has happened in franchise history. the it is only the second time in the history of the nfl that team has lost by a 45 score back to back. >> just too much.
8:04 am
>> it the is so i lost my appetite. i don't want to eat anymore. >> i blew it off. i stuffed my face. >> i had an extra piece of pie. >> look at you. >> real fancy is that why you are wearing a sweater this morning. >> yep, i'm bloated. flyers aren't playing well. sixers have not won at all and now eagles season is over. >> people keep saying though what about temple, they are still doing pretty well. we should be grateful. >> hey dave, temple gave tomorrow. >> houston? >> i think they are playing houston. >> they are an under dog, right. >> they are a good team. >> i will put all my even judge any to temple. >> and penn is playing good bass cut ball. villanova spoke somebody last night. check this out a couple of animal rights activist as the game was winding down. i don't know why i was still watching but this was the the most interesting thing to the game when these people came on the field there.
8:05 am
animal rights. the the fact that they got on the field is something. >> that is what they are talking about. high security, with terrorist attacks and all that and on high alert. how do they get on the field. >> all right. bad news for, more sixers fans . tmz shorts got this cell phone footage of our rookie out of duke university, jahlil okafor who has been playing real well, shoving a fan and he threw a punch too. it looks like a mall but it is a bar. inside of that building. maybe even a club. misbehaving. what will happen to him. somebody came up and say you know the sixers suck. he is a celtics fan. he overreacted. he shoved him. >> yes, tmz is saying they
8:06 am
have been bothering him all night. they said one thing all night. he was fed up. i was looking at this video a couple times, where are his friend. your friend need to be helping you out. look man it is not worth your time. >> this is after they lost to the celtics. >> where are your friend, jahlil. >> lets go harass, shoppers in mount laurel what do you say. >> let's do it. >> steve keeley is doing harassing. >> he is the number one harasser. >> reporter: amazing coincidence as you talk about how bad eagles are, every store here in centerton square announced a new 100 percent off eagles merchandise sale but you cannot get it in the store. you have to go to their trash bins to get it because it is all in the trash. that is a joke. it is not on sale but i'm sure it will start getting discounted real soon. target has a announced, they are so happy with what they did thanksgiving day they are results and they are phenomenal over last year.
8:07 am
35 percent increase in store pick ups over last year and the number one seller in the stores, apple he will ipad. apple he will doesn't let any of the stores that sell their stuff discount it at all. target, sells them and gets discount in there to give you the give card if you buy it. so everybody was coming in for hundred dollars gift card and that is why apple ipad biggest seller inside the stores and top selling tv the one we showed getting smashed into the trunk of the dodge challenger, 55-inch westinghouse they have sold them out and hopefully people that bought them didn't try to get it in the small car. with us is our financial expert and moorestown minor dan, who necessary everything financial and puts tonight plane speak english. here's part of the the newspaper. if you have a newspaper this week and still one of the people that boost newspapers, thicker then a sunday paper with the ads. dan has some ads. is what your black friday highlight. highlight for me was here is our video we will show you. we used to go to best buy. we used to have you there at best buy, only four years ago
8:08 am
where it would be a mob scene. here's the scene at 3:00 a.m. no one there one car left over probably because it broke down from yesterday because they went and got opened up on thanksgiving and everybody else and is there no black crash there there was nobody in line for 8:00 o'clock opening. >> we were in parking lots six years in a row and this is different this year because what you just said. mike said it earlier. reality is for the first time on line sales have gone up by 11 percent over the last couple of days. in store sales are down about 11 percent overall. the here's is what interesting, last night i was in target doing work for today. what i found was the the first time ever a sales clerk was, waiting on someone ahead of me. the person didn't have the particular ipad that they wanted in stock. she said you can get it on line for the exact same price. the that is the the story this year. many retailers, more and more retailers offering the same deals, inside the store as they are on line.
8:09 am
that has never been done before. that is the story this year. >> you have an ad that says you have to be in store. >> there is still some hold out. bed, badh and beyond only in store. many more retailers are saying you are shopping at home in your foot pajamas you will get a big deal. >> we will leave them on this number one shopping day in the black friday but it is super sat the day what is different, saturday before christmas falls so early. >> so saturday falls early. look for a super weekend saturday, sunday will be big ones this year before christmas. >> there you go. >> you have a whole weekend and whole week to recover before the friday christmas. mike you were right the on the money. you are an economic professor as dan, knowing about super sat the day. difficult not know that. >> thank you. you watch the philadelphia marathon. if you you did, saw santa rubbing by, right? then you saw a fire fighter in full gear run the marathon. >> it is not first time he has
8:10 am
done it. he is inside that fire truck. we will meet him after the break. plus one fed up mother takes to facebook to post this photo in her underwear. what she says a personal trainer told her that is sparking a social media movement. >> what are you up to today? robert a says i have never been lesson board with something, he is not a fan. accepted us more tweets and photos, are you shopping? are you taking on black friday? use the hashtag fox 29 good day.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
we have visibility quickly dropping down to a quarter mile or less. driving is clear and then that visibility can drop. take extra time, mainly across new jersey, and delaware, although, some places in southeastern, pennsylvania seeing that visibility drop. weekend rain after the warm up, there it is right new there chicago and memphis, there is winter weather to the north of it.
8:14 am
it has a way to go before it gets here but it will. timing looks lake we will get sunshine and warm day, more low clouds and fog tonight, showers begin to develop, tomorrow and then this is throughout the morning. clouds increase and a few light rain drops coming down in the afternoon, mainly tomorrow night and then again early sunday where we have this rain, fairly study and light but we will even weekend with rain and warming temperatures this is temperatures throughout today, climbing in the 50's and 60's and then slowly drops. only in the upper 40's by sunday morning. temperatures climb again. here's cooler air that is approaching. it is a warm day, today and tomorrow but as the cooler air tries to work its way in sunday the temperatures will drop once that rain end. the rain is coming down. once rain clears out it gets cooler. here are temperatures tomorrow in the 60's. warm days ahead. fifty-eight to 62 today, that is dry with a little bit of
8:15 am
sunshine through these cloud, nice day once fog burns off and 54 tonight dropping down in the upper 40's. rain develops tomorrow and then on sunday that rain continues, a break with the cool breeze on monday, a few showers on tuesday and then by wednesday and thursday we are cooler, with bright sunshine and right around 40 degrees in the morning, 50's in the afternoon. that is your weather. we will have traffic updates for you, bob kelly is off so this traffic update is on 422 west approaching 29. there is an accident off to the shoulder, 42 freeway at crime crime, and some fog but mostly clear. seventy-six, 95 looking good there with the traffic times, all green across the board, alex. >> 8:15. if you spot a run inner full fire fighter gear at philadelphia marathon last weekend, well, you were not seeing things. it wasn't the first year marathon was completed and it certainly won't be his last.
8:16 am
the idea came to steven bend inner 2010, volunteer firemen saw a picture of himself, once a fit, healthy, active guy now weighing 235-pound and that was a spark that he needed. next thing he was hitting the pavement 1 mile at a time and three years later and multiple marathons behind him he was down 60-pound and ready to help others. that is where the fire fighter, foundation begins which helps emergency responders live healthier lifestyles by becoming more active. he is outside our studio helping mike become active. >> well, i do need to be more active. great to meet you. congratulations. >> good morning you. >> how long dit take you or mostly three years. >> i got the down there in five years. it wasn't overnight. >> it is best way to do it. >> absolutely, for sure. >> in the meeting, about three days ago, well, after i saw you in the racy said wonder what that feels like. i never should have said. that lets find out what it
8:17 am
feels like. dawn come help us, you will have to hold the microphone as i get the my clothes, these are your friend. >> which fire department is it. >> okay. >> here we go. >> keep this close to us. >> take my shoes off. >> do you run in boots. >> no, sneakers. >> boy, somebody has big feet. >> what do you do. >> pull these up. >> all right. >> i'll tell you, the building would be burned down by the time i get this on. >> real quick. >> hold on, i'm in a pocket.
8:18 am
where is the hole. never mind. >> this is already heavy. >> are you going to put a tank on me too. >> if we're going to do it right. >> that is velcro. >> all right, ready. >> this is just some air. an air tank. this is such a bad idea. how do i clip it. >> you have seat belts right there. >> do you see it. >> yes. >> this is really not going to be good. >> how many pound do you have. >> about 40. >> about 40. >> okay good helmet too. >> that is the heaviest part. >> we can just use this one. >> you can hold that.
8:19 am
>> you ran the whole 26 miles like this. >> twenty-six like this 13 the day before, 40 miles in two days. >> how long dit take, five hours and 30 minutes. >> run do to third street. >> okay. >> you have running shoes on. >> i'm's not doing very well. >> this looks really, really interesting. >> he has a good pace though. >> okay. >> i'll see you later. >> can you imagine doing a marathon 26 miles with all that gear on. >> wow. >> mike is having trouble making it to the end of the street. >> that is great what he is doing. 8:19.
8:20 am
thanksgiving table has been cleared but we have left overs, so how you can transform those scraps of delicious meals you can eat on all day and yes, we do this every year but we need new ideas for our left overs. but first some celebrity couples put their difference's side like gwyneth paltrow and chris martin. >> this is cheating. he is taking the bus, really, this is hard to imagine.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at we are taking a live look at times square right now. new york will look different as the holiday ramp up, as we see decorations and everything, quite beautiful gwyneth paltrow and chris martin spent thanksgiving together with their kid.
8:24 am
friendly x's spent the holiday together with apple who is now 11 and moses now nine. she captioned this picture she posted with happy thanksgiving from frustrates, to you, this is first time paltrow and chris martin have shared a photo of themselves together. the thinks following the announcement of their split in march of 2014. not long after mariah carry performed all i want for christmas is you at macy's thanksgiving day parade she shared this adorable photo on instagram. she seems to be getting a long just fine with the nick cannon as they posed with their kid. cannon shared a similar photo the owe as well and they both used the hashtag family first because that is what matters. also going with the blended family holiday tradition, jenner/kardashian fan. kylie jenner gave a look inside her turkey day celebration including the extensive invite list. the the kid spent the holiday with both parents, caitlin jenner and chris jenner and chris was accompanied by her boyfriend and chloe was the host this year.
8:25 am
they go on shifts and they go around each year. plus, okay, moving ahead one fed up mother takes to facebook to post a photo in her underwear. what he says a personal trainer told her that is sparking a social media movement. and then chris is having fun at winter fest, he is on the on the ice. >> guys, thinks at the at 11:00 we are at winter fest on penns landing. the thinks wissohickon skate club. they think they can teach me how to do this; before i do that though i will give a little food, new food, here at winter fest, coming up we will tell you about it when we eat, skate and have fun, guys, after the break.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
time to lays up those skates because winter fess is back. one of the favorite things to
8:29 am
do in the philadelphia area so the lodge is back. of course, fire pits are back. you can make smores. this year they have cozy extras and brand new menu, chris. where is there food, of course, is there chris murphy. >> you will love it even more, this year, alex. thinks so much fun. first of all, isis down and you you can hit this ice at 11:00 this morning. this is wissohickon skate club. the wissohickon girls will teach me how to skate in the 9:00 o'clock hour. but first i have to calorie up. here's the thing. you will remember, alex, last year you you had this enclosure here. they still have rocking chairs, blankets if you get cold. remember how cold it was last winter. the food is being prepared, and brought by garces. >> what do you have there. >> a chicago dog. >> i love it. >> you have a burger coming too. >> fries. >> all kind of crazy stuff. >> chicken finger, gravy fries with dining.
8:30 am
>> so, thank you for the food. >> yes. >> this is in the only thing they have. new this year, come over here, this is awesome. the the franklin fountain. the the best eye cream in the world. you know them at second and market street. for the first time ever they have pared up with winter fest and they have got something special for me. i ordered this about five minutes ago. taylor, what did you make for me. >> we have browny and vanilla a ice cream and thomas jefferson night cap with homemade marshmallows. >> now why is it thomas jefferson would this be something wow drink before bed. >> based on something thomas jefferson would drink at night and spike his with brandy. >> so would i. >> here's the deal, once you get your food, taylor, thanks very much and thanks to the garces family, you can go to these new, check this out these new cottages. how cute are these, guys? are you kidding me. alex, this is the the perfect date. you go over there, you hang
8:31 am
out, you have your food, you put it down on a trunk. look at how adorable. >> how does this work, anybody can go in or do you need to reserve it. >> say that again, alex. >> can anyone go in these cottages or do you have to reserve it. >> no, you don't to have reserve these, do you. >> no, first come, first serve. >> i know where alex will be today. >> yes, mom and dad if you are watching, we're going here. i love it. last time the fire pit -- >> i'm putting on the skates next hour. >> is there a heat inner there because i want to make sure it is warm. i'm just saying. >> totally warm. totally warm. it is awesome. >> heat lamp right there. >> i'm starting to feel christmasy, so what we want to you do, maybe today is a good day to put on the lights because the weather will be
8:32 am
nice. >> true. >> we are getting ready for a very kelly christmas. take a picture of your house, put it on facebook, twitter, instagram use the hashtag fox 29 lights. >> we will show these pictures every day, of the season but we will pick what we think are the the most festive ape best decorated home and we will show up at your house during the 5:00 p.m. news. we will vice hit houses over next four weeks. very kelly christmas. if you want bob kelly showing up at your place? use the hashtag fox 29 lights. >> we will give you plenty of warning to get ready for bob kelly. >> how depressed is the delaware valley after that game yesterday. >> pretty depressed. >> other teams have scored 110 points on us over the last three games. someone will lose their job today? to try to make themselves feel better, i brought in a friend, geno v isconnty. >> man, we go way back. we are so tight.
8:33 am
>> i met him three minutes ago. >> yes. >> stay away from alex, it is weird. >> oh, no. >> vineland new jersey's own, geno, how have you been. >> i have been fantastic. thanks for having me. i stayed sober for this. >> that is big, we appreciate that. >> thanks, alex. >> i don't believe it for a second. >> i called you a sports comedian, what do you call your self. >> i call myself just a guy that is pass nate about sports inn life to jam in a few jokes to make it bearable. the in the nfl, greatest product in the world, not coke, not wal-mart it is nfl. look at the eagles. thinks the worst product we have seen in how long and we will absolutely watched that entire game. it is a nightmare. because, chip kelly is exactly who i blame. i'm sorry, but you don't sit there and try to package all these guys in the off season.
8:34 am
why -- let me ask you a question, you sound like an intelligent guy, why would you go out and get two running backs demarco murray and ryan matthews who don't both work in that offense unless you deal with evan mathis and sam bradford whom you don't like to get marcus mariota, and then suddenly that falls through and two weeks, a rumor surfaces where maybe chip will just go to him and take vacant tennessee job and what have we done in the past two weeks, they have been out scored 45 points. i'm just saying. i'm just saying a guy with a drinking problem. that is all do i well. >> well, i watched the whole stinking game. >> i know. >> why do we do that. >> why do we watch the whole game. >> because is there nothing better than football. it is perfect game for tv. i wanting to to the eagles game and sit down and watch guys watching during a time out.
8:35 am
i want to sit there watching the game. watching the eagles games. in between fumble, turn over. he didn't butt fumble. i lost money on. that between every play during commercials talk to the friend and talk about what the eagles did wrong and that is why foot the ball translates so much better get on twitter, ask him questions. we have one, basically. >> here's one, no, no pants, not wearing pants. >> they agree, talent, coaching, scheme, culture all lack nothing philly. thanks, chip. can we blame any but chip. >> it is your job. you have a job as a football player to show up, try, care. nelson agholor ripping his helmet off, i would have respected him more if he took that helmet off to hit that other player. if you are saying look at the me i'm angry, i get it, i would be angry with two receptionness 18 attempts. >> they were lackluster. >> then watch jahlil okafor on
8:36 am
tmz. >> coming up next on the program, couple shares their most petty, their petty arguments on thanksgiving. we will argue over anything. by the way kim kardashian is involved in this story. huge issue in her relationship right now. and then lets talk thanksgiving left overs, we will trans form our left overs into delicious meals, ready mike. >> we do this every year but we are taking it up a notch. how can you make a pizza out of left overs. how do you make a pizza out of thanksgiving left overs.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
it is nothing like last black friday, it is because the stores are opened on thanksgiving. >> also because some people
8:40 am
are doing this from home. they are in their py's, on their computer, getting all of the deals. >> maybe it will never be the same again. >> that sound very dramatic. >> it will never be the same, ever, ever again. >> all right. about three or four months ago there was a term, the term dad bod was brought up, once you become a father, you kind of let yourself go, you have the the belly going and all that. >> now moms are embracing it. after new mom mel rhino's personal trainer told her she must obviously want to lose her baby weight she stairs a story with her photo in her underwear. others followed and they are taking social media by storm. really obviously i want to lose weight. here's the original post which starts with mel saying about comment about losing body weight, it made her mad but got her thinking. she values health overlooking like what she calls magazine
8:41 am
ready. then she challenges others to do the same. they d other moms have all shapes and sizes they have posted their photos on instagram in solidarity with the photos a lot of them talked about how child birth changed their bodies but it also made them stronger. >> so, all right. what is the back story, she went to the gym. >> she went to the gym and trainer said well, obviously you want to lose this baby weight. why do i to have lose baby weight maybe she wanted to stay fit, active, or not lose all this weight. you didn't ask me if i wanted to you just assume. >> she struck a cord because there are thousands of those pictures out there. >> they are proud. they are saying i brought the a life into this world, what have you done today. >> that is true. >> go pick up a bar bell. >> what do they call them, kettle bells now. >> yes. >> i have them, you swing it. >> yes, i did one. >> do you see this all the time, you can make delicious
8:42 am
meals, side dishes and all that in the turning i and always, we have left overs. it is a couple of things about america. we over eat. >> yes, that pizza looks good. >> we waste food. >> so i no, we do left over segments every year on a friday after. >> absolutely. >> but chris, chef chris from davio's and i love it. >> yes. >> left over pizza, we will taste it after the break. daf ohio.
8:43 am
8:44 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
8:45 am
dave warren in for sue serio. we cannot make snow. they had a chance over weekend, cold morning temperatures. we have fog trying to burp off a, we are getting progress there thanks to the sunshine. dense fog advisory remains in effect until 9:00 this morning. so just about one more hour, seeing some improvement. 46 degrees, that temperature climbs today, little colder in the surrounding suburbs. fog has to clear out first, but still a quarter mile, less than a quarter mile in wilmington. just below and above the freezing mark in the northern suburbs. forty-six in the city, 40 in
8:46 am
millville. it will continue to climb in the 60's later today. grab the coat. before you head out. patchy fog. cool start. 60 degrees later this afternoon with sunshine, and light breeze. mike and alex. >> left overtime. we asked chris, chef chris from davio's at 17th and sansom. basically right on the corner of the sansom and chestnut. >> yes. >> right above the rite aide. >> great italian restaurant, northern italian. >> yes. >> good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> how was your holiday. >> good. >> we both have a lot of left overs. >> you man a pancake. >> yes, sweet potato pancakes, easy to do if you have sweet potato left over, little pancake batter, add sweet potato, great for the the kid, pecan, mapel syrup, served with bacon always good. >> you are saying, sweet potato, mashed potato sweet potato with the pancake mix.
8:47 am
>> stir it up. >> you have to be careful not to cook it too high because the sweet potato have that residual sugar so they will get darker. >> they will get crusty on you. >> you have a great dish. >> it is one of our stand by's, always give it. we do a turkey after the who will take just because we have some turkey left over, turkey gravy left over, the the pass taste all under there. >> it is mixed with the tomatoes. traditionally it is items like carrots, celery, onions, turkey, tomatoes, and pasta or what we use. >> yes, different types of pasta. >> i have never seen turkey. >> just technically it is a protein. >> i have never seen this. >> this is a pizza. it the is a conduit for all of your left overs. >> yes. >> big one. >> this is sweet potato, once again, pure ray them up, make
8:48 am
them. >> this is the base. >> it is mar nature a. >> i like this idea though. >> it gives it a different flavor. >> you are putting it on thick. >> that it is great for the kid at lunchtime. >> this will be anger or for the left overs that will stick. >> like the glue. >> yes. >> i do cheese in the beginning and at the end. >> yes good i love it. >> turkey, dark meat, white meat and tuscan chicken. >> i know which one you pick. >> um-hmm. >> all of the cheeses you cannot go wrong with that. >> look at that. >> you have sweet potato. >> yes. >> dark meat. >> you don't mind if you use your hand, it will take way too long. >> i trust you. >> we only have another hour. >> you can have the kids to
8:49 am
this and put the left over vegetables. >> we need more color. >> what is that purple stuff. >> purple cauliflower. >> that is davio's purple and wild mushrooms and just, bake it in 350-degree oven. >> put some more sweet potatoes on there. >> could you put. >> can before you. >> sure. >> you bet. top witt cranberries. >> how long would you put tonight the the oven. >> eight minutes. >> 350. >> 350. >> yes. look at how colorful. >> beautiful. >> it is great for having the kid do something to do in the middle of the afternoon and it is great. >> davio's opened tonight. >> we are opened for lunch and dinner, right through. >> it makes me hungry. >> thanks very much. >> thank you for coming. >> i like this pizza. 8:49. coming up fox 29 viewer put together a hilarious
8:50 am
thanksgiving theme parity they pick on adele hello but this time it is pumpkin pie calling. >> hello pumpkin pie it is repeating on me. >> lottery numbers. ♪ i'm ginger breadington with your 10 day deal forecast. every day for ten days, expect new deals with historic low prices across target and hey! ginger! yes, ken? great forecast! are coffee makers on sale? yes! yes they will be... ginger! what about cameras? oh yeah, yeah. cameras-- ginger! how about christmas lights? yeah! lights, cameras, it's all in on the action. [ laughs ] see what i did there? ♪
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8:53 am
we have a slow down along the schuylkill and 202. other issues along, route one and blue route there and, along schuylkill expressway. everything else is green and clear. mass transit we have regional rails on the weekday schedule and septa city buses, trolleys, on a modified holiday schedule for patco and new jersey transit.
8:54 am
so take a look at those schedules taking mass transit, today. >> mike and alex y got to take this chair. >> well, local team of very creative people, they have created the camera is following you. >> there are five balls on these chairs, and for some reason we constantly bang everything together. so then you cannot get close to each other. >> it constantly moves. >> yes,. >> there are the balls. >> yes. >> so you pill put one in and you go in front of me. >> it is one of the biggest problems we have here every day. >> little behind the scenes action. >> a local team of fairly creative people created a funny thanksgiving parity of the adele song. >> hello. >> hello. >> ♪
8:55 am
she is lives in phoenixville, and she sent thus video, hello, from the pumpkin pie. >> thinks a all shot locally in wayne by her friend. >> we should get her in. >> look at her. >> she's loving that pumpkin pie. >> listen, i have done it. >> have you ever eaten and drive. >> no. >> come on, everybody does. >> she's having a whole pie, i may have a fry here or there. >> try to eat pie driving. little boy is angry at his mother so he gives her a ticket like a police officer and a fine for a whole lot of
8:56 am
money. why he says she's not spending enough time with him. >> um-hmmy betty know what is to blame.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
it is friday, the day after thanksgiving, the day after. >> the day after. >> yes. >> but are you still thankful this morning. >> very much so. by the the way i made a stupid mistake when i said it was my grand son jack's birthday because he was born on thanksgiving. that wouldn't mean every thanksgiving is his birthday, the 27th is his birthday, today. >> did you tell him happy birthday yesterday. >> no, i caught it, just in time. and it almost came out of my mouth. it is the 27th.
9:00 am
>> i'm sure jill gave you the clue too. >> couples share their most petty arguments when you get it together and they are pretty funny. why one user says kim kardashian's engagement caused a huge issue in her own relationship. while out shopping today why not help others, at the same time, coming up the gifts that give back. >> what? >> let's check on chris. >> this could be dangerous, chris. >> mike, this will be dangerous because i'm not good on these skates. unlike these ladies with the wissohickon skating clown. they range from eight all the way up to 14, and girls, lets get a preview. what will you teach me. lets see move you got. this is what they will do. skating backward can be trouble. that spin there to the left, that can be trouble. >> that will in the happen. >> wish me luck, mike and alex. >> good luck with


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