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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 28, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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♪ breaking news right now on fox 29 news at 10. a shooting rampage at a planned parenthood in colorado springs leaves three people dead inclu including a police officer. several others are injured. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. the gunman opened fire inside a clinic this afternoon and then engaged in gun battles with police during a standoff that lasted several hours. a short time ago that gunman surrendered. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in our newsroom with new information just released from the scene. shawnette. >> reporter: the police officer killed we can tell you is from the university of colorado at colorado springs
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police department. five other officers shot are in the hospital right now. what isn't clear at this hour why the gunman opened and what if any connection he has to planned parenthood. >> i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: colorado community overcome with grief after police say an armed man hold up inside a colorado springs planned parenthood for several hours before going on a shooting spree. >> we did get an individual in custody at 4:52 p.m. in our time zone here. that individual has been transported away from the scene. >> reporter: in the end, a police officer and two others were killed. several more are hurt. >> we had four civilians transported to local hospitals with gunshot wounds. we had five officers transported to local hospitals with gunshot wounds. the nine individual that is were transported are in good condition at this time. >> reporter: this man says he was on the phone with his sister
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who was there for an appointment when gunfire erupted. >> i heard some shots, you know, people shooting. she was calm. she was of course trying to hide from those people. >> reporter: police have not identified the suspected gunman and still no word on why he was there or a motive for the shootingings. a number of people were evacuated during the standoff wrapped in blankets in the midst of snowy weather conditions. officers communicated with the gunman eventually getting him to surrender. >> my heart is broken. this is a really really tough situation for a lot of people in our community and the community at large. >> reporter: very sad. so planned parenthood released a statement that said, it did not know the full circumstances or motives behind the attacks or whether the organization was the target. dawn? >> shawnette, thank you. a developing story in central jersey now. two men from philadelphia have died after a pontoon boat capsizes off the coast. new jersey state police say it happened this afternoon in
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manasquan inlet. five other people on board were rescued. no one was seriously hurt. the ages to have men who died 66 and 74. police say strong currents may have been a factor in the accident but they are still investigating. on your radar, another beautiful day but changes are a coming. fox 29 meteorologist mike masco is here witness details. mike? >> dawn, when it gets this warm, might as well hit records, right? take look lehigh valley where it was. 65. 65 in reading. these are new records in the books. so we did see some record warmth across the region. not a record here in philadelphia but just as mild. 66 degrees. that's 1 degree warmer than yesterday. 67 millville. 64 as you went down towards wildwood. gorgeous afternoon. beautiful evening out there. 52 degrees as we talk together at 10:00 o'clock some 40s north and west as you get into the pine barrens of new jersey a couple of spots haddonfield 47 degrees. 45 as you get down towards cape may. so there are some chillier spots in parts of the region. just a thin veil of clouds coming across our skyline right
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now. we go out west. that's where we find a couple of scattered showers. i do for see these going into the northern lehigh valley and into the poconos tomorrow morning. but the city will remain dry. 45 for the rest of the overnight hours. mild morning at 52 degrees. the one caveat north and west it is going to be much cooler. so we're advertising 60s again tomorrow, let's say you find yourself reading or even jim thorpe, it is going to be much chillier. it's a cooler blast ahead and it will come with a couple of rain showers unfortunately we'll track those and give you philadelphia accurate seven day forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you mike. big crowds at area shopping malls on this black friday. skyfox over the cherry hill mall earlier today and you can see from this seen it was jam pack packed. but we're asking if black friday may back thing of the past? fox 29's bruce gordon says online shopping is increasingly replacing the in store experience. >> reporter: oh, there were lots of shoppers, boxes and bags
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to be seen at the cherry hill mall on this day after thanksgiving, but for how much longer? research from the national retail foundation shows 46% of this year's holiday shopping will be done online. that's up 2% taj points from last year and highest online rate since the nrf began asking the question 10 years ago. >> it's easier. more convenient. it's not, you know, there's no lines. >> i'll probably look online for 70% of my stuff and probably just order and have it shipped to the house. >> you're at home most of the time. you don't have to deal with the crowds. >> reporter: online shopping is not limit to do that desk top computer in your den. recent survey showed 24% of shoppers have used tablet or smart phone to make a purchase while in their bathroom. 15% say they've shopped online in a restaurant. and 2%, well, they've admitted to making online purchase while at a funeral. ♪ >> reporter: shoppers told us
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they've used the convenience of online buying to put thousands of stores in the palm of their hand. wherever, when ever. >> i didn't want to lose the sale. i better get it online and it was a bus stop. um, the bus is coming i really shouldn't be like trying to type in my card number. i shall get on the bus before i miss it. >> reporter: you made the purchase. >> i did. report roar for some shoppers there will always be a place fort mall experience. they like the immediate see of purchase and the tact tull experience witness product. >> i like holding it in my hand. >> reporter: you want to go to the mall. >> definitely. it's wonderful here. >> reporter: besides when was the last time your smart phone gave your child is a snowman to go. ? in cherry hill, bruce gordon fox 29 news. black friday shopping disrupt dad along chicago's magnificent mile by protesters outraged over the killing of an african-american teenager by a police officer. hundreds of demonstrators marc marched bow and elbow and shot down michigan avenue. they blocked store entrances and some major retailers were force
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to do close. protesters are angry that it took the police department a year to release dash cam video of an officer shooting 17-year-old la quon johnson 16 times. the officer was charged with first degree murder just before the video was made public on tuesday. >> chicago is a tale of two cities. you literally somebody being executed on camera while the whole see covers it up then you have other people shopping like nothing happened. >> protesters are calling for the police superintendent to resign. he says he's not quitting and won't let protests escalate to the level of ferguson or ball baltimore. as france mourns the loss of 130 people in this month's terrorist attacks in paris tensions are rising between russia and turkey after a russian military aircraft shot down this week. thousands turned out in france this morning to honor the lives lost and the 300 other who's were injured. french president fran choice hollande is vowing to defeat isis. the islamic militant group behind the attacks and russian
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president vladimir putin also saying today that his country will continue participating in coalition air strikes against isis even after turkish military jet shot down a russian war plane earlier this week. russia is still retaliating against turkey, though. >> the government of the russian federation has made the decision to suspend the visa free regime currently end forked between russia and the turkish republic. this decision will come into force on the first of januar january 2016. >> today's ceremony in france comes just four days ahead of the united nations climate change conference in paris. more than 140 heads of state including president obama are expected to attend. tonight investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly crash on the atlantic city expressway. skyfox over the scene at the egg harbor toll plaza in hamilton township this morning. you can see that car right there completely charred. police say the car crashed into the plaza and then burst into flames much the person inside that car died. no one else was hurt.
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caught on tape tonight, three men police say robbed a chinese restaurant in philadelphia's spring garden neighborhood. take look. investigators say the men entered the restaurant on the 600 block of north broad street back on november 11th. officers say one of them had a gun. one guy acting as a look out while the other two take cash from the register. then all three take off. police say one of those men is under arrest tonight but they are still looking for the other two. in nicetown the search is on for two men who broke into the wayne food market through the ceiling and then went to work. this happened early wednesday morning on 4300 block of wayne avenue. once inside, police say the men stole cigarettes and cash. so far no arrests. septa police looking to strike a deal tonight. they want a stolen phone returned and there won't be any trouble if whoever has it does the right thing. police say this woman took a phone that had been left at the cecil b. moore station on north broad street this past sunday. they're giving her or whoever has the phone now until
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5:00 o'clock on friday night december 4th to turn that phone in to police. if that happens investigators say whoever hands over the phone will not be arrested. a terrifying near miss is caught on tape. coming was that police say caused a driver to lose control and come within inches of disaster. plus, hidden dangers on a deck that brought thanksgiving celebrations to a sudden and scary end for one family. and the chilling things police say this man left behind before jumping a fence at the white house. next.
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looking live at love park. what a pretty scene here. christmas village will be open to shoppers tomorrow but will the weather cooperate. ? for for taft can you mike masco coming up in minutes. three people inches from disaster on the side of a connecticut highway. a car careens out of control and crashes into their car early this morning.
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it was all caught on a police dash cam. the driver minor injuries. he was arrested at the scene. the 21-year-old was driving 85 miles an hour when he hit the other car. holiday gathering takes scary turn when deck collapses at a home in georgia. 15 people were on the deck when it came crashing down yesterday in gordon county. 10 were taken to the hospital. we're told one person has a serious head injury. tonight investigators believe that poor construction is to blame. they say the deck was not actually bolted to the house and the supporting structure was not anchored in concrete. other homeowners in the same subdivision are being warned about possible construction issues. philadelphia firefighters pounding the pavement today to try to make sure people are safe. they went door to door on and around the 1900 block of north bruner street in nicetown this morning. they went through home fire safety checklists with residents and they installed smoke alarms free of charge. just yesterday a man died in a
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house fire on this very block. firefighters say he did not have working smoke detectors in his home. a first account from someone who saw a man jumpily and and the white house yesterday. jumper is in custody tonight and is expected to face charges. the secret service says the man was immediately arrested and the area was evacuated. we learned today that he is from connecticut and that he left a suicide note with his friends and a will with his mother before heading to the white house. a houston woman who saw it all happen says it was pandemonium. >> it was very chaotic. i mean people -- i mean honestly me and my friends here, we were just like freaking out because we were next to him. it wasn't really serious. we were actually next to this guy. but everyone else didn't -- didn't see what happened. didn't expect it. so people were crying and they were running as fast as they c can. >> the president and his family were at the white house at the time of the incident.
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some people hit the stores today. others hit the ice. blue cross river rink is now open at penn's landing and we saw quite the crowd there. including some storm troopers and owe woks. skating is not the only thing you can do here though. also a winter garden and a forest created using locally sourced recycled shipping containers. hundreds of holiday trees and shrubs and thousands of lights just great. they're also big screens where you can watch your favorite local team play. the ring will be open seven days a week through february 28th. the holidays also arrived in pennsauken. the tree there lit and the skating ring open at cooper river park. a three-day opening ceremony kicking off today. this year in addition to doubling the size of the ring, there are carriage and carousel rides and ice skating lessons to get you out on the ring. it will be open until valentine's day. on your radar tonight, another nice evening out there. but mike, some changes on the way.
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yeah, we needed that ice ring to cool off today. it's pretty wild to get temperatures that are into the 60s not one day but three in a row and it looks like that will be the case. 52 degrees right now. that's actually above average where we shall be during the afternoon for this date. southwest winds at seven. thank the wind direction bringing nice mild conditions. visibility looks good around 10 miles. weather headlines 60s bargain for tomorrow. though there is a caveat. if you're watching reading mike, you blew that forecast. it is going to be cooler north and west. so the 60s confined from philadelphia points south and east that. will lead over to some showers that will develop by saturday night. i'll show that you in one second. 66 this afternoon. nowhere close to average average high is 52 degrees shy of that record of 73 set back in 1800's. so 52 in town. cooler to the north and west we're seeing 49 in pottstown. you get into the pine barrens of new jersey there are a 40s being detected so there are some cooler spots. but these temperatures are running a solid five to 10 degrees warmer in comparison
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where we were last night. that's pretty wild. 52 waking up 7:00 a.m. showers north and west the city will remain dry jersey shore will remain dry easing into the 50's on our way to the low 60s. showers will inch closer and closer starting in the lehigh valley around 3:00 o'clock here in the city around 5:00 o'clock the jersey shore after 7:00 o'clock. so blue h area of high pressure keeping us high and dry slowly eroding out of here and that's why we're seeing the showers. slowly inching their way n so once we get lid rid of high pressure, low pressure roles and we'll get wet. look down to the south tweeted about this oklahoma city, this is an area that could see a half an inch of ice. if you're getting out of here, just know oklahoma city you're under ice storm warnings. really tricky travel issues over the south central united states. warm and balmy across the eve. bitter cold up towards the north and west. rapid city at 15. a taste of that cool air comes in by sunday. going into next week. but with that taste of cool air comes some shower activity.
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so 7:00 a.m. look at these temperatures. 40s. cooler to the north and west even a spot shower forts upper lehigh valley. again around jim thorpe the poconos get into some showers as early as lunch time hour. flirting with 64 degrees. they're flirting with the 40s through here tomorrow night going into sunday setting up a day much cooler than today. 49 degrees in the city. 41 in our suburbs. clear and mild normally we should be into the 30s for this time of the night. 63 degrees tomorrow. rain north and west dry in the city but that will change by saturday night. we'll call for some shower activity saturday night into sunday. much cooler for sunday at 51. limited sunshine on monday at 50 and steadier rains work into the picture by tuesday. so one more day, dawn -- >> all right. >> that's it. >> thank you, mike. sure. >> a pair of baby red pandas at the philadelphia zoo have been named after two of the city's most famous resident betsy and benjamin zoo officials said the
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monikers which pay homage to betsy ross and benjamin franklin received overwhelming support in public naming contest. officials say the cubs birth on june 26th was important for red panda conservation since the species is considered vulnerable in the wild. the brother and sister making their public debut earlier this month. sean bell in the house. >> dawn, college hoops today. villanova in the nit tip off championship against georgia tech. trying to avoid a big big upset and the sixers in action trying to put a stop to a historically bad losing streak. they're in houston and jalill okafor is on
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♪ jahlil okafor is experiencing things he's never experienced before. being a professional athlete under the public eye and all the things that come with it. tmz video surfaced of him punching a heckler outside a boston bar and we found okafor had another incident in october where someone accident actually pulled a gun on him at a club here in philly. no charges have been filed for either incident but he did put out a statement today regarding
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the wednesday night fight in boston he said it was definitely dumb on my part, something i'm embarrassed about, i'm ashamed of what i did and that's not who i am. >> pet brown is backing him up he played and started today. no word on if the nba will give him any type of suspension. the sixers were down by as much as 15 in the game. they fought all the way back. hardin turned the rock over. grant big time slam. sixers with a seven-point lead. the rockets put a stop to that run. james hardin stepped back. hardin was cooking. 48 points right now. the rockets are up 112-110 with a minute left. to hockey the flyers have lost four of their last five. near the bottom of the standings but at least they're competitive right now. tonight they took on the predators. third period flyers up two-one with less than 30 remaining na nashville attackin attacking ane fisher with the rebound and goal pushing this game overtime. in extra action right here,
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giroux finds shane, and he rips one past the goalie. that is the game winner. flyers win, three-two. >> it's a fun ride right now. i don't have any plans getting off it. i never scored that many in my life. it's a real moment but we'll keep going and look forward to new york. >> to college hoops villanova playing all cupcakes early in the season. taking on georgia tech in the nit tip off championship. second half nova up by seven. good ball movement and the ball phil, bucket. part of a 10-zero run. buckets josh heart. villanova wins nit tip off, 59-52. the cowboys one hope is now out for the season. tony romo was sacked by thomas davis last night in their loss
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against the panthers. reinjured the collarbone. cowboys are officially done. it looks like sixers are going to lose again. down with about 30 seconds left. 113-110 after being up. we can't do anything in this town right now. >> give me good news. >> don't have any good news. i'm sorry. i haven't had any good news -- >> you had good news. >> all of november. >> thank you for the good news. >> we need it no team in this city has won besides the flyers in november. think about that. eagles, sixers, or else else. >> it's kind of pathetic. >> hope for the flyers. >> umbrellas, what do we need umbrellas. >> tomorrow night. >> all right. >> thanks for joining us. the fox 29 special children's miracle network is next and don't forget fox 29 weekend begins at a.m. with bill anderson and karen hepp. have great night and thanks for watching. ♪
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hospitals across the country. ♪ good evening. i'm julie, since 1983, children's miracle network has raised more than $5 billion for 170 children's hospitals across the united states and canada. their motto together we safe kids lives. for the next half hour in this special report, i'll introduce to you some of the children touched by children's miracle network hospitals. right now, we begin with a little boy with a big personality. his passion for sports is on ld


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