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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 29, 2015 10:00pm-10:37pm EST

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walking alone. one tool they use to make they look legit. get your umbrellas ready. these storms are on the way. when the heavy rain will move in. the news starts in just 30 seconds. ♪ right now tracking down a pair police say are pretending to be cops. threaten to go arrest their victims if they don't hand over
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that you are wallet. they hit twice this morning. i'm iain page. lucy is off tonight. torments night police say there are a few things you can do to protects yourself. fox 29's brad sattin joins us live in south philadelphia near one of the spots the couple hit earlier today. brad? >> reporter: iain, i can tell you police are taking this very seriously. after these two incidents this morning. one of them in a reasonable neighborhood about a mile or so from where i'm at here. the second one here on passyunk avenue happened about an hour and a half later. there are two victims who reaction the very differently. the holidays aren't just busy season for businesses. >> a lot of scams going on right now. it's that time of season. >> reporter: police putting out the warning after two thieves target walkers early sunday morning in south philly by impersonating a police officer. the first at fourth and jackson streets around 4:30 a.m. a man and woman believed to be in silver nissan drove up to a 23-year-old woman the man pulling out a badge, saying he was an officer, and told the
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victim she'd be arrested in she resisted. instead, she ran away. but less than two hours later, on passyunk avenue, police believe the same couple struck again flashing a batched at a 21-year-old man claiming he fit the description of a drug deal dealer. police say the victim gave the man his wallet who then gave it to his female partner while the victim and his backpack were search. when he eventually got his wallet back, the $14 in it was gone and so was the couple. so what would you do if someone in civilian clothes claiming to be an officer flashed a batched at you. >> i'd like to ask for identification but it's hard to same i don't know. >> i think i'd probably walk away at that point. >> just walk away. >> reporter: you'd just walk away from me. >> what if i were a real officer. something about seeing a uniform an badge, you can actually kind of verify the person by a police officer. i don't know. undercover makes it trickier. >> someone flashes a batched at me i think i'm in still all of a sudden even weren't to clear my name, i'm going to hand over my wallet.
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>> reporter: well the question is, what are police advising people to do? weed that asked them about that tonight. ask for the officer's police issued id in addition to double checking their badge. if you are isolated spot, you can ask to move to a well-lit busier location and finally, if you are still uncomfortable you can call 911. give the operator your location and ask for a uniformed officer in a marked car to then respond. police we know spent a good part of the day looking for surveillance video of these two suspects. at this point there's no word if they found any but they did tell me a little while ago they're planning update to this case tomorrow morning. iain? >> all right, brad, thank you. fox 29 cameras along the airport auto mall in southwest philadelphia tonight. that's where power lines were arcing just a few moments ago in the middle of essington avenue. officials tell us a tractor trailer took out some power lines and crashed into the lot of an auto dealership. there are no reports of any injuries.
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peco telling us about five customers are without power right now. it could be a couple of hours until power is restored. there's no word yet on what led that tractor trailer driver to lose control. on your radar tonight, a wet week ahead. live look from wilmington tonight as the holiday weekend officially comes to an end. it's already starting to look like christmas it's now 13th street and tasker in south fill. you definitely need add coat out there. maybe even a hat if you were outside tonight. but dave, we'll need umbrellas this week. >> this week, we will. that rain will come back. but it will not be around tomorrow morning like it was today. that rain has moved out and we had a little sunshine this afternoon. that did little to warm our temperatures up. we have some colder air coming in. the rain has pushed south. the skies are trying clear just a bit. we'll getting that cooler breeze you'll feel that tomorrow. may not feel the rain yet. feel that cooler breeze. ultimate doppler keeping an eye on the rain to the south just a few light showers and southern portions of the delmarva peninsula there the the clouds return tomorrow. to the south but look how they come in off the ocean with that
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northeast wind. so we'll see the increase in clouds tomorrow and the rain gets a little closer. this is by noon tomorrow. so we're still dry. but by tomorrow night, that's when we could be talking about little bit of rain moving in back into the area. it will be cold tomorrow morning. much colder than it's been the past few mornings. tears the current temperatures. 1 degree our low temperature the day so far. we may set our low right before midnight. you'll wake up to the 20s to the north. mid 30s around philadelphia. south and east it will be just a little warmer. thanks to those clouds sticking around and climbs back into the 50s there but we're still into the upper 30s in philadelphia by late morning and then the 20s to the north. you rise and shine tomorrow morning sunrise 7:02. grab the coats. 29 north and western suburbs. 35 in philadelphia. 40 to the south. now we'll talk about this rain moving in complex storm developindeveloping and we're tg about days of rain. look at the period of heaviest rain and see when it will finally move out on the seven day forecast. i'll have that coming up.
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>> dave, thank you. make sure you take the weather authority with you get the fox 29 news app as we take a live look in trenton tonight. check live radar any time. get alerts sent right to your phone. you can fine the app in apple and google play stores. one of the busiest travel days of the year as people head back home after thanksgiving an lot of people landing at philadelphia international airport tonight. aaa predicted about 47 million americans would travel for the holiday. 3.6 million through the air with increased airport security now in the wake of terror attacks overseas. there was some concern about longer wait times for the large crowds but travelers we talked to said for the most part it was smooth sailing back in to philadelphia. quite a different story though when it comes to the south tonight. deadly storms coated areas and rain and ice. the storms blamed for at least 14 deaths across texas and kansas since thursday. hundreds lost power in towns across kansas. you can see trees and their limbs just completely coated in layers of ice. causing them to snap on power
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lines. one of the state's power companies estimating many could stay in the dark until wednesd wednesday. many schools in that state are closed tomorrow. in texas it's flooding that forced many to leave their homes. others needing to be rescued from the rising waters in fort worth the good news tonight officials say rivers have finally started to recede and in oklahoma dangerous ice and freezing rain. utility companies say more than 71,000 homes and businesses were without power this afternoon because of the storms. branches so heavy from that ice officials warning people to say inside to stay safe. >> all night, we could hear the limbs cracking and ice falling and we just didn't know what to expect when we got up this morning. crews are working around the clock to get power back on but say it could be days before everything is restored. the man accused of shooting and killing a police officer in western pennsylvania last night is now charged with criminal homicide. it happened last night in the town of new florence about 60 miles east of pittsburgh.
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according to officers, saint claire township officer lloyd reid respond to do a home after reports some sort of domestic dispute between a man and a woman. >> the responding officer confronted the mail that was believed to be involved in that domestic at that residence. gunfire was exchanged. the officer was struck by that gunfire. he subsequently succumbed to the injuries. >> the accused shooter 31-year-old ray shelter was taken into custody after a six-hour manhunt. he's being treated now for a gunshot wound to the shoulder. governor tom wolf ordering flag at half staff throughout the state. one person is in the hospital after an overnight crash in burlington county. this happened just after 3:00 this morning along i-295 in bordentown, new jersey. police say two cars were involved. one left the road and hit a tr tree. initial reports from the scene indicated someone had died but state police now say that one of the drivers is in cooper
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university hospital with serious injuries. the cause of the that crash is still under investigation. dramatic images now showing a philadelphia fire truck spinning out of control slamming into parked cars. five firefighters on the truck were hurt in the crash in west philadelphia today. fox 29's jennifer joyce spoke to some neighbors who couldn't believe what they saw. >> all i know it was real crazy. >> reporter: this is the aftermath, a ladder 13 philadelphia fire truck stretched and smashed across baltimore avenue with heavy front end damage. >> i was reading the paper and i heard all the noise, and i came out, and saw this. >> reporter: fire officials say the truck what traveling westbound with lights and sirens on responding to a call when it lost control. >> he went sideways and took every car that was there. >> reporter: the truck spun around, struck a pole and hit four parked cars. >> no indication as to what the cause of the accident was, but our safety officer is here. conducting an investigation. >> reporter: local convenience store caught a partial glimpse
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of the multi vehicle crash. here nitts slow motion. >> i seen the fireman get out and laid on the ground. another one was laying on the ground. and he was bleeding from his arm and his leg. >> reporter: fire officials say five firefighters inside the truck were transported to penn presbyterian hospital. they're all in stable condition. no one else was hurt. although surveillance video shows people walking the path of the crash just one minute beforehand. the philadelphia police department's accident investigation division will handle the case from here. in west philadelphia, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. investigators still working to find out what started a fire inside a delaware county home this afternoon. the broomall fire company sent us these pictures showing the home on first avenue. it took crews more than four hours to put out the fire and then check for hot spots. no one was hurt. a mother and her two-year-old child are still in critical condition after being hit by a van last night in west philadelphia. this happened on parkside
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avenue. police say a total of four people were hit by a van that was going around a double parked car. a second adult and child are in stable condition and that driver has not been charged. a mom wakes up to find a stranger breaking into her bedroom window. >> no sooner that i seen his foot go through the window i slam his bleep three times with this bat. >> she says it wasn't the first time. what she thinks the guy was so determined to swipe from her home. even deputes on the job for years say they've never seen this. a guy starts a fire in his fireplace and immediately calls 911. what was stuck inside his fireplace and he never even new. plus a young mom could be in south jersey getting ready for her first baby when tragedy strikes this holiday. a fire takes everything she and her family have saved. >> i have my crib, pack and play, a car seat, tons of diapers, changing table, i mean, stuff that people had given me early for the shower an lot of stuff.
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>> incredible way one community is coming together to show this local family they're not alone.
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♪ would be burglar tries to break into a home through the chimney. deputes in fresno, california say that decision cost him his life. investigators say he got stuck and was discovered when the homeowner lit a fire in the fireplace. he heard the man screaming. he called 911. firefighters tried to rescue him but by the time they were able to pull him out of the chimney it was too late. no word yet on the exact cause of death. community in mourning neighbors paying their respects last night to the police officer and two civilians killed in a shooting rampage at a planned parenthood clinic. the accused killer lee neighbors police custody tonight. as fox's will carr tells us we're learning more about that shooting suspect. >> reporter: investigators still looking into the possible motive for robert lewis dear the man police say carried out friday's deadly shooting rampage at this colorado springs planned parenthood clinic. he's accused of killing three
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including 44-year-old police officer garrett swaszy. nine others were hospitalized. >> this tragedy won't define our community. the heroism of garrett swasey is what defines our community. >> reporter: that was colorado springs gathered sunday to mourn the officer. more being learned about deer. neighbors sea it lived in several remote cabins and trailer in colorado as well as in north and south carolina. many sauce he's reclusive and he had past arrests for animal cruelty pushing his wife out of a window and for being a peeping tom, a charge later dismissed. law enforcement official says after his arrest friday, dear told police "no more baby parts" comment now reigniting the debate over abortion and taxpayer planned parenthood fu funding. panned parenthood blasting rhetoric from critics. >> i can't believe that this isn't contributing to some folks mentally unwell or not thinking that it's okay to target planned
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parenthood. >> reporter: others criticized any link between the shooting and opposition to abortion. >> no, i think he's a sick person, and i think he was probably a person ready to go. >> what i would say to anyone who tries to link this terrible tragedy to anyone who opposes abortion or opposes the sale of body parts is this is typical left quinn whipping tactics. >> reporter: robert lewis deer being without in bon and set to appear in court for the first time on monday n colorado springs, will carr, fox news. police in compton california are looking for the mean buried a baby alive. that baby is okay in the hospital tonight saved from a shallow hole on bike path on friday. officers say the little girl was under the asphalt and some rubble. she was in blanket and cold to the touch according to authorities. police are still trying to figure out who abandoned that baby. they can face itemed murder charges. a group of armed thieves picked the wrong tattoo parlor
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to target this weekend. three gunmen burst into this houston area tattoo parlor early yesterday morning. screaming at a worker inside and customers to get on the ground. the owner says he saw one of the gunmen looking nervous so he tackled him, grabbed his gun. he says the other two guys took off shooting back into the shop. >> when he came out, he was shooting at us. he was shooting at my friend. we had no choice but to shoot back at them with their own gu guns. >> those two suspects got away. the one who was tackled did get shot in the gun fight. he is in the hospital but is expected to survive. ton night customers and fellow employees are calling that owner a hero. a new jersey mom to be is struggling this holiday season. her home caught on fire on thanksgiving and on top of that, her own mom was just diagnosed with a devastating illness but now that family's community is lending a helping hand. their neighbors fallen on tough time. fox 29's sabina kuriakose live in our newsroom now. is a bean narks just a heart-breaking series of events
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for this woman. >> iain, devon is seven months pregnant. her home as you mentioned burn to the ground on thanksgiving. and her mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer. the family is now being forced to start over with just the clothes on their backs two months before the baby is born. >> it's supposed to be one of the best times of devon cummings life. a holiday season marked by the pending birth of her first chi child. instead the haddon township expectant mother is in tears and this is why. >> i have my crib, a pack and play arc car seat, tons of diapers, changing table. >> reporter: thanksgiving day fire tour through the emerald of a home devon there's with her mom sharon. happy no one was hurt. but everything including the stockpiles of stuff, the first time mom was saving, to help care for her newborn, totally destroyed. now all the family has left are the clothes on their backs. and as if that wasn't bad
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enough -- >> my mom has breast cancer. >> reporter: it's a lot for anyone to handle all at once. let alone a soon to be mother in her third trimester. but devon and sharon sea there's one thing keeping them hopeful. >> people are so loving and giving in this community. >> reporter: from the neighbors who took them the night of the fire -- >> they had us in there while the firemen were there. they had thanksgiving going on at their home then opened up their home. >> reporter: the local pub hosting a donation drive. friends and family taking to social media to raise money for new baby supplies. people are dropping off clothes reaching out to my friends to get things to them. they're offering cribs. >> you might think of the recent hardship would leave mom and daughter with little to celebrate. but in fact they say the true meaning of thanksgiving has been stripped bear before them. >> everybody stalk about what they're thankful for and i guess i really learned that lesson, didn't i? what am i thankful for? my family. >> devon says the big picture the baby inside her belly. a boy she plans to name
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christian. >> best piece to the puzzle there. >> her mom is set to begin treatment for her cancer soon. the family is being held by the red cross right now and for more on how you can help them, head to our website fo iain. >> sabina, let's hope they get some more help. thank you. vip screening tonight for a film shot right here in philadelphia. some members of the cast and crew of the movie creed gathering tonight at the movie tavern in exton. film the latest in series of rocky movies ton night's viewing even attended by a lot of crew who worked behind the scenes on the films. >> a lot of us are the background players in the film. who were there for a lot of the shooting of the big finale fight scene. it's a long hard day for these folks and this is a great thank you for all them for what they did. >> the film is now in theaters everywhere and so far it's getting rave reviews. talk about delivery mix up much this box looks innocent enough. police say it's anything but.
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what was sent to the wrong person that had them immediately calling 911. plus a dramatic rescue from this storm drain. a dog stuck inside. why it may actually have been lucky he got stuck in the first place. ♪
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. >> ♪ president obama in paris tonight. his first stop the famed concert hall bataclan to pay tribute to those killed in the terror attacks earlier this month. the president in paris for climate talks with the united nations. the summit sparking marches and protests around the world from england to new zealand and new york city. more than 180 countries have pledged to cut or at least reign in greenhouse gas emissions after the year 2020. prosecutors in ohio
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releasing new evidence in the police shooting death of a 12-year-old. the shooting happened back in november 2014. police got a call about a mail waving a gun and pointing it at people. authorities say tamir rice had an air soft pit pistol looked like a powerful handgun. forensics video company has enhanced surveillance video from that incident. they say it shows rice moving toward the police car five seconds before the car stopped to mere's right arm moved towards his waist. the police passenger door opened and that officer fired the deadly shot. earlier experts had said the shooting was tragic but justified. and now a grand jury will decide if charges should be filed. calls flooding 911 from downtown san diego this weekend as several people get sick from synthetic pot. witnesses say they saw this man on the sidewalk near a trolley stop breathing but not moving. police say they think he od pods on the illegal synthetic pot called spice. police and paramedics got more than two dozen calls over the weekend including a group of
10:26 pm
teens sick near that same trolley stop. >> it doesn't even take lot of spice to get someone to fall. i seen people they take one hit or whatever they do with it, then just hit the floor. >> police say last weekend more than a dozen people overdosed including a 13-year-old. police are hoping to track down where that drug is being sold. a mom wakes up and finds a stranger breaking into her bedroom window. her child asleep down the hall. >> jumped up and got that bat and hit his bleep and ran down the hall and got my baby. >> what she think thinks the gus so determine to take from her home. the delivery mix up that had police on the case watch was zen to the wrong person that had them immediately calling 911. >> dave. >> big travel weekend. not many problems despite rain happening across the southeast a lot of green indicating very little delays. so no major issues there. we do have an issue with our weather. rain comes back. i'll show when you and for how long coming up in the seven day
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♪ get ready for rainy week. here's live look from christmas village now at love park. dave warren is tracking when the rain moves in that's coming your way in just a few minutes. woman wakes up to see a strange guy breaking into her bedroom window. her child asleep just down the hall so this mom was not about to let him in to her home. she grabbed a baseball bat next to her bed. fox's josh land din talked to her about what happened next. >> reporter: i just three times and i did it again and he fell on that branch right there as he was falling i was trying to bleeping to around the house to catch him innocents when my neighbor say he went running up the street. >> andrea doesn't want to give her last name feeling retaliation when the robber tried getting inside her bedroom while she was asleep she quickly grabbed her baseball bat. >> this bat was behind my door over there. he climbed -- he went to climb in my window and no sooner did i seen his foot go through the window i slammed his bleep three times with his bat. i tried to break that leg.
10:31 pm
>> she believes the same guy she scared away broke into her home friday evening and stole everything she bought for christmas. she believes the same guy came back early saturday morning to finish the job. and he wasn't alone. >> i believe there was more than one person because the fact that my room door was locked and my -- whoever did it they broke my daughter's window and there was somebody already coming into this room. so i'm -- i'm just like nine times out of 10 it was two people or more. i'm not sure but i know it wasn't one person because how was they able to break her window and then climb through here. the only reason they was climbing through this window is because they knew my door was lock prior to them coming into this house. >> the single mother says she didn't let fear get in the way of protecting her family. >> yeah, i had the little pitt in my stomach but in the same breath i'm like i ooh imbue to kill this bleep get my baby. i jumped up got that bat told him bleep and ran to the room and got my baby. >> damage was also done to her side door. >> i just assume maybe i didn't
10:32 pm
lock this door because they were able to break this and get through this door. and then i thought about it like maybe they couldn't get through this door and they went and broke the window. >> reporter: bad guys may have gotten away but they left a lot of evidence forge police. >> they got the fingerprints whoever broke in jury going to jail any way. unless somebody kill you for breaking in their how much it looks like big foot was trying tow come kill me. look at those footprints they wanted to get in here that bad. ya'll wandered christmas, get a dam job. good advice. she said she's going to get a gun permit now and buy a gun then she says she wants to move out of that neighborhood. happy ending more than a year in the making for a family in bethesda, maryland. their dog wheaton terrier named cookie went missing in october of 2014. someone walking their dog this weekend heard noise in a storm drain was a dog stuck. so crews came and took them a couple of showers get cookie free. they were able to track down the
10:33 pm
dog's owner and the pup and owner are happily reunited. delivery mix up left one homeowner with a holiday surprise. they wish they had never got. take a look. this box was sent to a home in arlington, texas last week. it was the right address but the name on the package didn't match. turns out, the homeowner just bought the place. they opened up its box. inside 7 pounds of pot. so now police and the u.s. postal service trying to track down just where it came from. here's dave warren with what's on your radar tonight. >> on out our radar is the cold weather. look for cold start tomorrow morning. we're at 43 degrees right now. the afternoon high was 47. our actual high temperature today 51 set that right before midnight. when you get the cold air coming in sometimes you could see that low temperature hit right before midnight tonight. we're close. 42 the low so far. so that colder air is moving in. here's the headlines that we have. first off it's a cold night. there's no more rain. we do more rain coming in this week timing of this looks like
10:34 pm
it will be few a few days and could start as soon as tomorrow night. to the south now, things are dry overnight tonight. so don't worry about waking up to any rain like did you this morning. it's just a little colder temperature here. good 10 to 15 degrees colder. 20s and 30s coldest areas north and western suburb much mid to low 30s around physical. not as quiet as cold to the south thanks to the clouds. chilly start, 35. colder north and west. little warmer to the south. a cool breeze throughout the day. temperatures staying into the fours here come the rain. it comes back by tomorrow night. tune into fox news at 10:00 o'clock see exactly where that rain is and how it look to be developing because this is a checks storm developing here. main storm over the great lakes. another off the coast. these two will try to work their way up and bring in light rain initially by tuesday morning. throughout the day tuesday, often and on rain, and as this really develops this is the heaviest rain by tuesday evening. could be late in the day before the rush hour tuesday night. that will be the heaviest rain.
10:35 pm
it all tries to move out by wednesday. but this storm hangs back a little bit as it swings over on thursday, we could have a lingering shower. so the days of the rain look like it's mostly tuesday and heaviest tuesday night. it will be all night from tomorrow night all the way through wednesday heaviest will be tuesday night. tuesday evening for the evening rush. just a few showers possible by thursday. after that, we start to dry out and get a little cooler. here we go. 49, 55 and 58. so we do warm up as this rain moves in tuesday and wednesday. thursday there's a few showers get a touch cooler. friday a little cooler in the morning only into the 30s. afternoon highs into the mid 50's but we are dry thursday evening, friday, saturday and sunday. so the rain clears out as the first part of the seven day forecast. the send dry just a little cooler right before where we should be this time of year. >> we've been warm in notify. that evens it it. >> evens it out. >> thank you dave. appreciate it. that will do it for to us tonight on the fox 29 news at 10:00. keep it right here for sports
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sunday. ♪ tonight on sports sunday two major stories in the nba. the sixers make more history and all-time nba legend will call eight career. and what do the eagles need to do for the final five games and amazingly they're actually only a game back of the division lead. i know the team is not very good right now but we'll talk about that with dave spadaro tonight on sports sunday.


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