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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  November 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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also in the home at the time are alive and save tonight. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. shocked neighbors are trying make sense of what's happened. let's get right tout fox 29's sabina kuriakose live in hatfield tonight. >> reporter: report neighbors say there was never any trouble from inside of this house. tonight you can see a bullet hole in the stucco just below where the christmas lights now hang. >> had wonderful thanksgiving. i heard them coming out laughing and talking and everything after thanksgiving. the weekend was quiet. >> reporter: that image of the happy family makes it hard for neighbor catherine to wrap her head around the news the neighbors always so ready to help her around the house were found shot to death just after 11:30 sunday night. in what police say appears to be a double murder and suicide. bullet holes visible in the
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outer wall of the home on diamond street in hatfield borough. >> doesn't make sense. at all. >> reporter: police say two victims died from several bullet wounds. a third person authorities id as 48-year-old paul marshall appears to have shot himself. the prosecutor's office says he had semi-automatic arrival on him when he was found. >> he used to help out my parents a lot. my parents sometimes in need so he would fix their cars. they'd bring food over. shaye dinners. >> the family id'ed the two people as marshall 48-year-old fiance' and her 28-year-old son. both had recently moved into the home. police have not said what led to the shootings. >> bought flowers. my mom would joke sane are they for me today. >> marshall's nine month pregnant daughter and four-year-old grandchild were in the home when the shootings happened. both made it out safely. >> they were in the back room.
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thank heavens. >> reporter: and tonight police are not yet identifying by name the two victims inside of the home coming up at 6:00 we'll tell was the colleagues of the people who lived here are telling us. dawn, back to you. >> all right, sabina, thank you. we are watching rain in your fox 29 weather authority forecast. here's live look at the parkway you'll definitely need a coat if you step outside any time soon. but not a raincoat. not just yet. ultimate doppler radar showing us the rain on the way rain that could create problems for the morning commute and long after. let's get straight over to meteorologist kathy orr talking days of rain, kathy? >> dawn at least a couple days but the good news is you'll get some warmth as well. and i know that makes taking the rain easier. take a look at ultimate doppler. right now you're seeing the rain move east and northward that will buy us some time if you have to run to the store early evening or pick the kids up. you'll have some time before the steadier rain starts. it will come during the early morning hours. ultimate doppler you can sigh all this rain moving toward the
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east. there is a lot of it and we have not one but two systems to think about the first one is a warm front these temperatures will be rising. tears the morning lows. you can see 20s through the lehigh valley in philadelphia waking up to 36. this afternoon getting up to the 40s not so bad. but look what is happening down the shore. in the 50s and this warmth will be working through the delaware valley during the early morning hours. winds out of the northeast they will be becoming southerly and that will change everything come tomorrow. so take a look at this. temperatures right now in the 30s and the 40s. but the warmth will lift to the north with the rain and by tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. it will be 50 degrees and warming throughout the day. as we take a look at the future cast, rain, not on the screen right now but by the time we make it into the late evening hours, 11:00 o'clock, 12:00 o'clock, we start to seat showers in philadelphia. and by the early morning that morning commute will be slow with occasional rain heavy at times. so overnight, lows in the 40s
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and rising and the rain moves in. the bigger storm comes after this. more thon coming up with your seven day later in the broadca broadcast. >> kathy, thank u you can track the rain and be prepared for tomorrow by downloading the fox 29 weather app look at live radar images and get alerts sent right to your phone. just go to apple or google play stores and search fox 29. developing now in southwest philadelphia a shooting investigation near 58th and greenway. skyfox is over the scene police say someone shot a man in the head but the victim was still able to drive himself to the hospital. no word on any arrests yet and of course we'll keep you update. >> jury selection beginning today in the murder trial of marcellis jones. jones is accused of of shooting and killing beau sable back in june of 2008. sable was training to be a teacher in philadelphia and was walking back from his summer job at the starbucks on fourth and south streets when he was shot in the neck during the italian market. investigators say the killer took the 23-year-old's i-pod. jones is already serving a live
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sentence in prison without the possibility of parole for another murder that happened in 2012. now to developing story. school children locked out of a school run by a cyber charter operation in the middle of the school year. folks in charge at the education plus academy are blaming pennsylvania's five month old budget impass but our bruce gordon joins us in the newsroom to say parents are pointing the finger of blame in a different direction. bruce. >> reporter: iain, parents and teachers we talked to today are wondering allowed why other cyber charters in pennsylvania seem to be surviving the budget impass in harrisburg while their schools are shutting down with little advanced notice. they gathered outside the education plus chad me on jackson street one of the learning centers linked to the company's cyber program. they were met by a locked gate. all of the education plus learning centers are now closed and parents like this one are at their wits end. >> i'm definite stater. i just don't know what i'm supposed to do. >> reporter: letter to parents last tuesday said learning
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centers would close the very next day. letter blame the on-going state budget impass and signed by education plus ceo nicholas torres. he spoke to our jeff cole on friday. >> the state can't pay. they haven't paid any of the cyber schools. they can't pay because until a budget is passed they can't release the funds. >> reporter: parents told us they were blind sided by the announcement and asked of torres, why aren't other cyber charters going under? >> this school here was small. 15 kids in the class. hands on with kids. it was great. >> reporter: and now? >> now, nothing. ut have absolutely nothing. >> reporter: teachers at this learning center were assured education plus could survive the budget crisis. only to be told via e-mail last wednesday, they not be receiving a paycheck for their most three weeks work. >> stupid question how does that make you feel at holiday time? >> um, tomorrow the mortgage is due. that's all i got to tell you. >> parents left to find a new
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school three months into the academic year want governor wolf to probe education plus. >> what are we going to do for these children? i can't stay home. i'm a single mom. what are we going to do? >> reporter: i spoke to the governor via satellite a short time later. he promised a closer look at what's happening at the charter operation. >> i think accountability is something that people want throughout education but i think we've been particularly lacked in the specialsly cyber charter schools. >> reporter: education plus officials promised to meet this wednesday to try to find a way forward. governor wolf tells me he expects a budget deal by the end of of the week. one with lots of new money from public education. whether that deal solves this crisis is not clear. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. word tonight personal information for about 5 million people and their kids has been stolen by hackers. children's technology maker v tech based in hong kong says the data breach happened late last week. affected database includes the names, birthdays and genders of
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child users and information including passwords for adult users. v tech makes a variety of tech too toys including tablets and smart watches much the company says no credit card information a s at risk. >> happening now a huge meeting going on in france. president obama climate change policies are facing criticism from some in washington but it's not stopping him from trying to reach an international agreement on combating global warming. >> he's at the meeting in france with talks with leaders around the world tonight. >> climate change an issue with the power to unite 151 heads of state. the world leaders gathering in paris for a summit on global warming. more than 180 countries already putting forth plans to take on greenhouse gas emissions near universal involvement. >> we have never faced such a test, political momentum like this may not come again. >> reporter: president obama taking part in a lie lateral meeting with chinese president pink at the summit. the leaders of the world's two
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largest carbon emitting countries say it's share responsibility to take act. even as smog hung over many places in china today. (inaudible). >> reporter: paris hosting the summit two weeks after islamic extremists staged series of coordinated attacks around the city. conference delegates observing a minute of silence to honor victims. commit many to the gather sag rejection to those who would tear down our world. >> salute the people of paris for insisting this crucial conference go on. an act of defines that proves nothing will deter us from building the future we want for our children. the goal is come up with collective agreement by december 11th. president obama also meet wig russian president vladimir putin on the side lines of the summit.
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the two are discussing both the situation in syria and the unrest in ukraine. a woman and her two dogs stranded in an icy reservoir. emergency crews quickly showing up and jump nap action. how they helped her help herse herself. >> plus a young mom to be in south jersey going ready for her first baby when tragedy hits this holiday. a fire takes everything and she and her family have saved. >> i have my crib, a pack and play, a car seat, tons of diapers, changing table, i mean, stuff that people had given me early for the shower. i had a lot of stuff. >> the incredible way one community is coming together to show this local family they are not alone. it is the one thing most shoppers check before tossing it in their grocery cart but how closely do you really need to follow those expiration dates? the one type of food you could keep for up to five weeks after its expiration. >> something amazing has been cut into the seal but this isn't a crop circle and we know exactly where it came from. why the artist wants to you see
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this. >> coming up all new at 6:00 o'clock, local youth football team needs your help to make an important trip happen. the special girl thon team who has a story you need to hear. ♪
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♪ >> it is one of the great conveniences of the 21st centrism being table buy and sell things online. but there are risks involved like safely he can changing whatever item you are purchasing or trying to sell. >> one police department in delaware county is offering some help to ease those fears. upper darby township police designate their lobby as a safe
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online transaction zone so those who buy things on craigslist or e-bay can choose to meet at the station to ensure their safety. the area is monitored 24 hours day by security cameras. officials say this can prevent robberies or scam that is can sometimes stem from those online transactions. >> it's a preventive proactive program to keep communities safe. not only for the seller but also for the buyer. >> the lobby is open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. authorities say the outside of the station is also monitored 24 hours day if residents would like to make transactions there. >> good idea. a new jersey mom to be is struggling this holiday season. her home catching on fire on thanksgiving and on top of that, her mother was just diagnosed with a devastating illness. but now the community is lending a hand to their neighbors who have fallen on tough times. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose with more. >> reporter: it's supposed to be one of the best times of
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devon cummings live. holiday season marked by the pending birth of her first child. instead, the haddon township expectant mother is in tears and this is why. >> i have my crib, a pack and play, a car seat, tons of diapers, changing table. >> reporter: thanksgiving day fire tour through the emerald avenue home devon shares with her mom sharon. happily no one was hurt, but everything inn clueing the stockpiles of stuff the first time time mom was saving to help care for her newborn totally destroyed. now all the family has left are the clothes on their backs. and as if that wasn't bad enough -- >> my mom has breast cancer. >> reporter: it's a lot for anyone to handle all at once, let alone a soon to be mothe mon her third try semester. devon and sharon say there's one thing keeping them hopeful. >> people are so loving and giving in this community. from the neighbors who took them the night of the fire. >> they had us in there while the firemen were there.
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they had thanksgiving going in at their home. >> the local pub hosting donation drive. >> the friends and family taking to social media to raise money for new baby supplies. people are dropping off clothes, reaching out to my friends to get things to them. offering cribs. >> you might think of the reel recent hardship would leave mom and daughter with little to celebrate. but in fact they say the true meaning of thanksgiving has been stripped bear before them. >> everybody is talking about what they're thankful for. and i guess i really learned that lesson, didn't i? what am i thankful for? my family. >> devon says the big picture the baby inside her belly. a boy she plans to name christian. >> best piece to the puzzle there. >> her mom is said to begin treatment for her cancer very soon. the family is being helped by the red cross right now. for more information on how you can help them head over to our website camden is about to get up grate grade from pse&g to the tune of $55 million.
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pse&g says the up grades will support an influx of new businesses including those moving to the revitalized waterfront in camden. the infrastructure improvements are part of pse and g's plan to provide electric and gas for 30 new companies and organization that is include rutgers university school of nursing, the philadelphia 76ers, subaru and farms just to name future the mayor says with this upgrade the city of camden is moving in the right direction. >> it is an exciting out come that promises significant investments in the city that will mean new jobs for existing and future camden residents and certainly jobs for this entire region as we improve opportunities for our youth to grow and 35 in the city of cam. >> earlier this year the city announce the revitalization of camden's waterfront. 1.7 million square feet of office space. a hotel, retail stores and residential units on 16 acres overlooking the river. it will bring a lot of
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opportunities for those looking for work. the eagles are back to work after an embarrassing loss to the lions. eagles are are four and seven but still only one game behind in the giants and the redskins for the nfc east title. the birds are on the road this sunday to face the new england patriots but they're also rumors spreading a round about chip kelly leaving the team for a chance to coach a college team again. howard eskin live at chickie's and pete's to give us some answers about these rumors. howard, we've heard this before. we hear it all the time. see this is the irresponsibility and let's be honest about it, this is the irresponsibility of the media. now, things happen and obviously the eagles biggest concern is playing the new england patriots next sunday and whether ryan matthews will be back and injured players are going to be back, sam brad for. but it was started over the weekend and actually it's been starting for weeks. whenever there's a college job open and it was the university of southern california chip's name always comes up and then
5:19 pm
the reports start and the reports get exaggerated even more so obviously chip we have to follow up on bad stories and chip was asked the question because it was reported that he talked to somebody from usc on friday. so chip was asked the question, did you talk to usc? >> no. i've never spoken to anybody from usc. i've never e-mailed anybody from u.s. c. never got a phone call from anybody at usc. never had his contact with southern california. same thing. i'm not involved in any college scouts. they say -- the same thing happened a year ago with flor. i have great respect for all those schools. usc just hired a new coach. i haven't involved in any jobs and haven't discussed anything with any colleges. >> two separate reports -- another one saying specifically you met with them on friday in philadelphia. >> i wasn't in philadelphia friday. it's amazing and i know some people close to the program at
5:20 pm
usc. this was never the case. chip kelly was never even considered. now, i don't believe anything that chip kelly always tells us but i believe this because i know what's going out there on the west coast and they hired their head coach today which is fascinating so obviously this stuff never happen. when we come up at 6:00 more from chip kelly about that. about what could be problems in the locker room and kobe bryant announceannounced that he will t the end of the season. we'll hear from kobe as well. iain, back to you. >> howard, thanks. puerto rico struggling with its debt and having trouble making $355 million bond payment. now some leaders in our area are calling on u.s. legislators to help out. state and city leaders gathering in north philadelphia today to talk about a new coalition pennsylvania phoropter company ricoh. joins national effort for federal help to assist the struggling u.s. tower tower. this wednesday the group is sending bus loads of supporters to washington, d.c. to lobby congress. they want puerto rico to have more control over its future. >> as a territory we belong to
5:21 pm
the united states of america. why are we being treated like we don't exist? so we want the territory costs to be removed and let us have self determination. >> island has total public debt of $72 billion. the pennsylvania for puerto rico group demanding congress declare puerto rico bunk runt see. >> several are hurt but they may not have actually had anything to do to worry about. we'll explain. a couple was trying to make over their apartment what they found that look like old sheets of paper behind the wall. turn out this was a chilling peace of history that tells a sad story. it's another wrench of being visually up paired finding a way to and joy art just got a little easier. we'll explain.
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>> trial is underway for one of six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. william porter is the first officer to stand trial in the death that touched off nights of violent protests in baltimore
5:25 pm
last spring. gray died in april after suffering spinal injuries while in the back of a police van. while jury selection was underway in inside the courtroom, protesters gathering outside. porter faces manslaughter, assault and reckless endangerment charges. he has pleaded not guilty in the case. a suspect now in federal custody in the threat in all but shut don the university of chicago today. the the university alerted by the fbi yesterday of an online threat saying there would be a shooting this morning on the campus quad. authorities ordering all students faculty and non-essential staff to stay away from the university's hide park campus all students living thon campus ordered to stay indoors. but as we now know, an attack never did happen. at least three people were hurt one critically during a botched security drill at a university in nairobi kenya today. students at strathmore university heard gunshots and started running. some even climbed out windows weren't hurt in the scramble. the gunshots weren't real. they were all just part of that
5:26 pm
drill. officials are now investigating what happened. los angeles lakers basketball star kobe bryant says he's calling it quits. >> the philadelphia native will be in the wells fargo center tomorrow night believe it or not far the last nba game in philadelphia. bryant announcing he'll retire at the end of the season. he is a five-time nba champion but his performance this year is anything but stellar with a career worst shooting percentage through his first 12 games of the season. despite that kobe says he's at piece with his decision. >> currently i just had to accept the fact that i don't want to do this any more. i'm okay with that. >> kobe bryant will be in philadelphia tomorrow night as the lakers take on the 76ers also tomorrow night at the game bryant's coach from lower merion high school greg downer will receive the sixers three-point community service award. a woman and her two dogs stranded in an icy reservoir. authorities quickly show up and
5:27 pm
jump into action. how they help her help herself. and we were hanging out with the people who are hard at work before you even woke up this morning to make sure your cyber monday goes smoothly. the new high-tech plan that could soon make things even easier. kathy? >> in weather we're talking about rain but also warm air moving our way. most of this not making to the ground just yet but later tonight it will and then another storm brings inches of rain later this week. details coming up with your seven day forecast when we come back.
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is. >> welcome back. live look at camelback mountain from our pocono mountains came camera. cold day but a dry one and cold will stick around but soon rain will be here as well. we will lay out the exact timeline coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. three people are dead in what police are calling a murder suicide. it happened late last night at a home on the 100 block of diamond street in hatfield township. police say they found the bodies of a 48-year-old woman and her 28-year-old son both had multiple gunshot wounds. the body of 48-year-old paul marshall was found nearby holding a semi-automatic rival. after an autopsy his death was ruled suicide. >> jury selection beginning today in the murder trial of marcellis jones he's accused of shootining killing beau sable bk in june of 22008. sable was training to be a teacher in philadelphia. authorities say he was on his way home from his summer job at starbucks at fourth and south streets when he was shot in the
5:31 pm
neck near the italian mark. investigators say the killer took the 23-year-old's i-pod. if it wasn't caught on video you'd have trouble believing this next story. yes, a utah woman is alive to tell the tale of when she and her two dogs were rescued from an icy reservoir. dramatic rescue caught on came camera. >> tonight rescuers are saying they are thankful to have been a part of all. fox's todd tanner way the story. >> just happened to notice out on the lake a pink floating something -- something floating. i didn't know what it was. i seen the dogs running around. obviously i got up here and i seen there was a lady had fallen through the ice. >> to say thomas was in the right place at the right time is putting it lightly. >> she said, yeah, i i fell through the ice and i've been here for while. i need help. >> reporter: he called 911 and officer brad nelson arrived a few moments later. >> there's not a whole lot she can have done to help self at that point. the water freezing obviously, schenn had nothing to grab on
5:32 pm
to. >> reporter: soon utah highway patrol trooper joshua car arrives to assist. video of the rescue water captured by his body camera. >> walking out on to the ice you can hear it cracking. um, be 19 my feet. and so i only women out as far as i needed to obviously to get the device out to her. >> reporter: officer nelson uses something called a rescue disc. it's like a frisbee with a rope attached. to reach the woman and then pull her out of the water. once up on the ice, she is able to crawl on her hands and knees to the shore where warm blanket and both of her dogs are waiti waiting. >> i am super honored to be able to witness officer nelson in act. he did a fabulous job it's nothing short of a miracle and i'll just super happy and honored to have been able to witness that. >> the woman was treated for hypothermia and is already out of the hospital and reunited with her dogs. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now. i know we're looking for that
5:33 pm
rain that will make its way in here the next couple of days. >> warm, kathy. >> warm again. >> that's okay. >> this is the kind of winter we'll keep thinking it will get cold and it's not. it's going to surprise. >> i like that kind of winter. >> i know do you. this is your kind of winter. >> exactly f we'll talk about the month of november which was a record breaker. take look at what change we had from the weekend. thanksgiving 64. black friday 66. dawn and i were here saturday night we were talking about a mild saturday. 62. sunday 51. today 46 degrees much different story as we end the month of november. we knew it would be record breaking but look at this. the second warmest november on record since records began in the 1800's in philadelphia. number one, in 1931. number 22155.6 degrees above normal for the month and the third warmest on record in philadelphia not in long ago in 2001 and we do expect december to be above average as well.
5:34 pm
maybe not a record breaker. right now it's 46 that is the high temperature for the day. we may dip down a few degrees before temperatures rise overnight with a warm front. we have rain moving more eastward than northward if you have to step out this evening you should be able to grab what you need at the grocery store and get home pick up the kids from basketball practice it should be dry. the rain will be coming later on this evening and then it's here for couple of days. right now, philadelphia 46. williamsport 39. so the northeast looking chilly but to the south we have some 50s and some 60s and this is where our weather will be coming from. as we look at the probability of precipitation this week, two chances. 80% chance of rain for tuesday. a slam dunk. wednesday just a rainy day we could be seeing inches of rain then by thursday, just a chance of lingering sprinkle early in the morning friday dry and then we'll see a warmup again over the course of the weekend as we look at the fox future cast you can see mostly cloudy through the early evening. by 10:00 o'clock, at least in philadelphia, we should be
5:35 pm
seeing some showers and then it moves up toward the northeast over the course of the overnig overnight. tuesday a slow go to your morning rush with some light showers. right through the noon hour could catch little bit of a break by the evening rush by five, 6:00 o'clock in the afternoon. and then here comes the heavy rain during the day on wednesday. where you see the yellows and oranges we're talking about pockets of at least moderate to heavy rain and at least one to 2-inches of rain as a result of this next storm. eighths cold front and it will give us a temporary cool down. so overnight, the low in the city 44. we'll see that in couple of hours. in the suburbs 40. and we'll see that rise in temperature overnight. hitting around 50 by the morning hours. then as we look ahead, temperatures will be warming still. temperatures in the lower to mid 50s tomorrow. i think between 51 and 55 and we'll be seeing some skies that will be changing during the afternoon. as we plan your day, wake up to 50 degrees with light rain. periods of rain during the lunch hour, 52. the max temperature 56 in the
5:36 pm
afternoon. and then by the dinner hour still a few scattered showers not as heavy the temperature 54. on your exclusive fox 297 day forecast, you can see a couple days of rain but mild wednesday 60 degrees. then we cool it down in the wake of that front but watch what happens sunday and next monday. sunday near 60. sunny skies. and monday 58. another beautiful day. that is a look at the first week of the month of december. the average high is around 50 for this time of year. >> wow. hard to believe. >> pretty decent. next weekend looks great. >> thanksgiving is over. let's get in the spirit of things. come on, zen to us your picture of your house all deck out. you know you got those lights up. just post it on facebook, twitter or instagram but use the hash tag fox 29 lights so we can find it we'll show you great pictures every day leading up to christmas. here's added fun. we'll pick what we think are the most festive best decorated homes and we'll show up to your
5:37 pm
house life on the air during our 5:00 p.m. news. we'll visit four houses in the next four weeks it's a very kelly christmas. he want you to be a part of it. start posting though pictures today and use the hash tag fox 29 lights. well, he's known as the hot cop in the community he serves but tonight he's in hot water. what allegedly happened outside a nightclub that center two people to the hospital and the officer to jail. >> another challenge of being visually impaired finding a way to enjoy art that just got a little easier. >> we'll explain good comin comp all knew is the 6:00 o'clock a plan to make sure new jersey transit customers have places to sit while waiting. who couldn't get behind that, right? the group of people critics say the plan is being very unfair to.
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♪ deadly flooding causing major problems in parts of texas tonight. flood waters have receded -- submerged cars in the dallas area making matters worse people in the area are getting even more rain. storm also covered parts of the southern plains and ice during thanksgiving weekend. at least 14 people have died from the storms and elderly
5:41 pm
woman from texas is still missing after her car was swept away friday. a chilling piece of history discovered behind a wall in hungary. a couple renovating their apartment when they found stacks of well-preserved documents from the holocaust behind a wall. officials now say those documents are zen cuss papers listing budapest jewish population in 1944. archive say the plaster in the wall along with oxygen formed a coating that preserved the papers leaving them in good condition. officials have not yet said what they plan to do with the documents. they may not be santa's elves but a lot of people before sun advise to make sure the holidays are happy. we check out the amazon fulfillment center in robbin robbinsville, new jersey this morning on good day where employees were hard at work fulfilling those orders on what could turn out to be online retailer's busiest day of the year cyber monday. meanwhile amazon showing off prototypes for the drones it hopes to one day use to make
5:42 pm
differ deliveries much the service will launch once the company gets the green light from the faa. although it's clear when that will happen. san francisco police officer known in the community for his good looks and often referred to as the hot cop probably isn't feeling so hot tonight. >> no. he's under arrest himself in an alleged hit-and-run. police say early yesterday morning dodge charger smashed into two people nightclub much the driver then left the scene. officer chris course was behind the wheel. witness calling 911 after he saw the crash happen. >> they were thrown to about there, you know, about like 20 yards down that way, and they were lying, upping, win like 5 feet of each other. pretty disturbing to begin with. so i was really disturbed to hear there was an off duty cop. he must have gone going really fast for how bad the impact was. >> both victims men in their 40s are in the hospital. their injuries are serious but not life threatening. course is charged with two counts of felony hit-and-run.
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♪ funeral services are held today for a california police officer killed during a botched robbery earlier this month. dozens of law enforcement vehicles following the hearse
5:47 pm
carrying downey police officer ricardo galvez through the streets of los angeles. he was shot and killed while sitting in his personal car on november 19th. police say the suspects were trying to rob someone but did not know that he was a police officer. three people have been arrested and charged with his murder. in your health tonight fda brewing up a new mandate which targets craft breweries. by next december, restaurant chains have to offer full nutritional information for beers on tap and the rule will force breweries to do expensive tests to keep their suds flowing. critics say it's a move that could limit your craft beer selection. >> bigger issue is that the fda goes the next step and starts requiring nutritional panel on the back of all beers, most breweries are not -- most craft breweries are not set up that kind of equipment to produce a back label. >> most craft breweries have a neck and front new label. new equipment costs $100,000 or more. those in the business say small
5:48 pm
craft breweries will be hit the hardest. >> something you check along with the bryce and ingredients when you're grocery shopping, the expiration date. how much attention do you need to pay to it. dr. oz with the surprising answer. ♪ when food is expired, you throw it out. right? not so fast. americans waste $1,500 a years ting out footer that's still good. the expiration date is not a safety date bought food poisoning bugs can get food any at time. what is the expiration date. >> estimation of how long the food's quality will last and food usually lasts beyond it. for example, milk lasts a week beyond the expiration. eggs 35 weeks after the sell by date. yogurt 10 days past the sell by date. tow pate tow sauce are good for 18 months and green beans you have to five years. the next time you're about to toss food out check for a sign of spoil latch like a smell of
5:49 pm
sourness or mold. it will save you time and money at the store. >> you can catch the dr. oz show right here on fox 29 weekdays at 1:00 p.m. it's a challenge that comes with being visually impaired that you might not think of very often. >> how can you appreciate art if you you can't see it? fox's douglas kennedys shows us house that has become possible. >> not allowed to touch it. >> reporter: he had bible went blind when he was 11 years old and for 50 years has missed many things. >> one of the greatest things you personally miss is being able to see pictures and experience art? >> yes, sir. the big thing i'm not able to see the prints or the pictures or the subtles tease at all. when i ask people what is this of they give me their interpretations want they see. >> reporter: it's a loss life magazine photographer john olsen found unbearable. exactly why he invented 3d photo works. >> over the past seven years you've used advances in neuro plasticity to turn some of the
5:50 pm
greatest works of art into these 3d prints? >> our process is designed so the world's blind can enjoy art and photography those who are sight asked enjoy it. >> reporter: the blind for instance can feel the locks on the mona lisa or actually touch the waters of the delaware smashing against george washington's row boat. >> cool. >> reporter: emotional experience for many who previously can to rely on subjective descriptions of art and pictures. >> this is amazing. >> it really made me feel like i was genuinely experiencing something that i'd only heard talked about. >> your hope is that every museum in the world will use this technology to create displays for the blind? >> our prints to the blind represents far more than just art. it represents independence, freedom and equality. >> reporter: equality bible believes will brighten a new world previously in darkness. unfortunately, for the blind,
5:51 pm
human beings often communicate best with images. >> yes, sir. and with this, we have the freedom to do the exploration ourselves without anybody telling us what they see. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: allowing him and others to make their own decisions about what's good art and what's not. in new york, douglas kennedy, fox news. local man has a special gift and how he make these puppets come to life will amaze you. coming up all new tonight at 6:00 it was an historic weekend in philadelphia that will live on in our memories for decades to come. and now you'll see something in the city that will keep the images from the papal visit alive for even longer. we will show you coming up. pennsylvania's budget stalemate continues to create questions about the future of public students and now one-two punch put one local school in danger of closing its doors for good.
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♪ check out thighs site in italy. a land artist plowed an image of christ stretches more than 250,000 square feet. used a tractor trailer plot to create the image in field and
5:56 pm
nylon cloth and white spray paint for the eyes. the work titled suffering christ in honor of the catholic church's jubilee year of mercy which begins december 8th much his inspiration was to show the difficult moment faced by humanity. and now for a royal treat. we are getting our first look at baby princess charlotte. oh, how cute. kensington palace releasing portraits with a cuddly toy dog these pictures were taken by her mother. she snapped them earlier this month as the royals --, at the royal country home. princess charlotte was born may second and she's fourth in line to the british thrown. local man has a gift you don't see much any more. >> he makes mario nets as photojournalist bill rohrer shows us with every string and every tool these puppets real dollar seem to come to life. ♪ >> what i do build as light wait as i can. his hands are made out of paper
5:57 pm
mache. >> reporter: tucked away joe masters the art of life. >> when i first build a puppet and i'm working with it it doesn't get tangled and i stop and i look at the and i trite to understand what happened. adding it this string on here and i want to protrude as little as possible. >> reporter: most of joe's mary nets have 20 strings controlling legs, head and arms. >> if you want this guy to go like that to his chest you'd want a string on his palm and then drill a hole right through the body. >> reporter: joe first started making puppets when he was 11. >> it wasn't very good but every now and then just by accident if it would move just right, in that instant it look like it was alive to me. the star of the show. >> reporter: getting the mario nets to look live like is challenge he differed his own controls. >> i don't know anybody doing it just like this.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: he says controlling them is equal to playing musical instrument. >> i want to make this so i can reach every string that i have to and try to make my hand fit into the control. >> reporter: joe travels around the country performing. this is a typical setup. boxes and boxes filled with puppets. >> the themes in the show are universal. they can connect with anybody. >> reporter: each performance is based from live experience. this story is from watching his open daughter doing her homewo homework. >> so i'm just based on observe. if i see something in my every day live that i think would make a good marionette piece -- >> reporter: joe as all types of marionette. check out this one playing the guitar and how this elephant comes to life. no matter what joe decides to bring to life -- >> i press this one down with my ring finger. >> reporter: the detail is mazing. brill rohrer, fox 29 news.
5:59 pm
♪ tonight at 6:00, what happened inside this local home police say they know how three people died, but there are still a lot of questions. the crime that have rock this neighborhood. but first, deadly severe weather and flooding claiming lives through our west. now, that system is headed our way. how strong the storm will be when it reaches us and the affect that is could last for days. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. right now at 6:00 o'clock, trouble on the horizon. these two life pictures tell the story right now. a clear night but rain is on the way. and once it gets here, the problem cos last for days. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy noland. i'm iain page the rain could start to fall a short time from now. let's get right over to meteorologist kathy orr. we have two different systems impacts ugh over the next couple
6:00 pm
of days. warm front will be bring lifting northward. we have the clouds. these showers will make it after the 8:00 o'clock hour and there's plenty of them it will impact tomorrow morning's rush. right now temperatures are in the 40s and climbing. the high today was 46. now 47. as that warm air begins to work its way up from the south. the rain will as well. right now in the 40s and 30s in 50s but watch what happens overnight. philadelphia in the 40s this evening. by tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., we are at 50 degrees and the temperatures will continue to rise but the rain will continue to fall. future cast has good grip ons were going on with this system. bulk of the rain through baltimore and washington points to the south and west. by about 8:00 p.m., it will be in the area of wilmington and new castle county, delaware. by 9:00 in philadelphia and then the moves toward the north. so everyone in the rain for your morning rush a slow go it continues through at least the first half of the day before our next storm gets ready to move in. so temperatures in the 40s


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