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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 1, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> chasing a center who has been very naughty. sunday they're was a santa here who was not the official santa. that upset me. also, ever been bothered before? >> not really. >> sixth avenue. the real criminal is the one charging $50. >> striking yet again in the streets of new york wearing a money suita money suit and assigned reading take what you need. >> how now brown cow.
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>> you need new york, unique new york. >> stay classy new york. >> the whales vagina. >> a smelly pirate hooker. >> what does a smelly pirate hooker taste like? bill: you are in front of macy's were people are oddly enough having a problem with the santa. >> chasing a santa who has been very naughty. right in front of macy's at the intersection of 35th street and broadway. there was a santa who was not the official santa that macy's likes to have inside the store. it was another santa sitting right across the street in a chair asking parents and kids to give five bucks for a picture. that upset macy's. the time i got here on monday they're were two cops making sure there was no other santa who would be
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outside the macy's already. some costume characters who also were told they had to move and could not stay here in front of the macy's. >> once a week. >> once a week. >> i am impressed. i don't know anything about what happened. >> do you think it is unfair? >> it is not fair. >> a huge attraction. tons of kids, tons of parents looking at the beautiful window displays. is the perfect spot for a cartoon character. >> the cops were called to macy's to police a runaway santa. that really happened? >> they want to make sure you come inside.
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>> a corporate crackdown. >> my question is when did macy's purchase 6th avenue? the real criminal is the one charging 35 to $50. right in front of the store. the capitalists of the week. >> i think if you go visit a santa anna macy's is not just going in the santa's pocket. it's going out macy's. >> macy stockholders. >> it's a legitimate business. i personally am glad that the santa was taken off the streets. >> i want toi want to see if stabile can get someone to pay or five bucks. >> the macy's mike if you areas. >> you guys are nice and comfortable in the studio.
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here in the cold on the street. it is not easy. >> let's see what you got. >> whoever is willing to hustle out here in the cold and the wind all day long, yeah, i think they deserve our much money they do get. you guys are just nice and comfortable in there. >> high-speed chase ashley. >> on the hunt for man accused of trying to rape a 40 -year-old woman. new line friday. policepolice say when the victim fought back fraser grabbed her purse and ran, last seen wearing a black hoodie and black jeans. >> guys, from the chris christie for president. the biggest newspaper formally endorsed him for president.
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but the endorsement is not necessarily what you think it might be. john mccain, barack obama, newt gingrich or 2012 and picked apart from 1980. you are going to tell us about a grizzly murder of a decorated firefighter on staten island, and there may be a twist. >> on staten island now where much below six -year-old veteran firemen wants to live. he was found dead this monday in his jersey shore house. blunt force trauma to the head, and he was wrapped in a rug in his home. conrad is the victim's friend from what we are hearing. he has been arrested and charged with his murder. that is not all. reporting that they were threatened.
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social media is telling them. people in this town are done. a car wreck. the body was found. here in staten island. >> possibly a, passion? >> it seems like it might have been. the cover-up, in your criminal investigations. it was a, passion. >> is this something a lot
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behind-the-scenes that we don't know. hit to the head. things we don't see everyday. law enforcement about this alleged love affair our love triangle. asking for the public's help? >> an ongoing investigation. >> what they see from the scene and what has been reported, very messy, very bloody, very violent. everyone has a private life. >> expecting a lot of people to come out. a 20 year veteran. >> no doubt.
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>> of people pull it seems like months now. tell us about it. >> it's a myth. that wasn't the only issue. top players on the team have been charged with crime, homecrime, home invasion, salt, and the administration has also tripped up big time. three games and fined $50,000. trying to improve the grade of an athlete that was deemed academically ineligible to play. the president of rockers university announced if you shake down. they move in a different direction. ashley highest-paid state employee in new jersey.
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joining that the school. the students are paying tuition. >> you got that right. this smells like abuse of the public. the situation where these folks are going to get big payout. 1.4 million. going to keep getting paid. so you can argue she might not have done anything wrong she might deserve to be fired. but they found that he actually definitely definitely violated policies and broke rules. >> how to see set up how is he not liable?
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>> i ami am not sure. close to the governor, the governor protects him. at the end of the day's tenure has been marred by a lot of controversy, a lot of really wasteful spending. where exactly was he when he found out that he had been fired? >> on a recruiting trip to long island high school. fluid and out in athe helicopter. >> there we go. >> that doesn't seem like a waste of resources. >> hi,hi, everybody. >> take a look at this epic selfie. two canadian guys rescued a bald eagle. they spotted the bird will they were hunting in ontario. here's a picture of the two smiling with the bird they just rescued. >> i can here what you're saying.
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>> thank you. i love you. check this video out. striking yet again. the streets of new york wearing a money suit and the sign attached reading take what you need. taking exactly what they wanted. >> you really need this? >> yes. i have a nail appointment tomorrow. >> give the rest of people are needed. if i'm 60 bucks. >> the hundredth anniversary of frank sinatra's birthday is right around the corner. >> i thought he was a tremendously complex individual.
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>> these guys are working out. he did some push-ups army style. unbelievable. that some push-ups. rightright above traffic, little bit dangerous. the next up is the brooklyn bridge. >> a casea case of the mondays. it's time to start planning the weekend. come hang out this friday at the hottest new restaurant. great food, awesome drinks and a "chasing news" episode you don't want to miss. teachers and veterans always get a discount. come on out. bill: three, too. >> how much time?
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i love scotch. i love scotch. >> how now brown cow, how now brown cow. unique he new cow. unique new york, unique new york. >> scacchi scotch scotch. >> hey there. ithere. i finally made it to the will ferrell oasis. a place to smell the rich mahogany. friends since they were 14 years old. self-proclaimed. it is there 1st joint venture together. they bonded over their love of will ferrell movies just like the people down here on the lower east side. join crowds, lines around the block the bring people together. they greatest bar in the world. according to the owners and according to me.
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if you're not 1st your last. >> has will ferrell been there? >> not yet because of his traveling schedule. they are in talks to come in december. the owner say when he does command he will have to wait in line. bill: come on. >> cannonball. >> whales vagina. >> smelly pirate hooker. >> what does a smelly pirate hooker taste like? >> is delicious, and i highly recommend it along with the whales vagina. smelly pirate hooker. >> a glass case of a motion. odin's raven, the shake and bake, you're my boy blue, the effingham catalina wine mixer all over its to his
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movies. talladega nights is playing behind me. the jazz flute session command you can see the jazz flute placed on the wall from anchorman. i am wearing a blue blazer to honor his costar veronica corning stone. bill: how long before they get sued? >> that is a good question. the only people that are not in cahoots with yet is saturday night live, but that is in the works. bill: thanks. >> do you know that the hundredth anniversary of frank sinatra's birthday is right around the corner. a man who just finished one of the most comprehensive books on his life that has ever been written. i thoughti thought i knew everything about him until i started researching this book. he is a tremendously complex individual. >> former mayor of his hometown used his love for all blue eyes and
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investigative prowess to write this book jim downey, sinatra legend that 100. i met him to talk all think sinatra. >> as soon as he set up shop at the mgm lot on the door of his dressing room he posted the names of dozens of hollywood starlets. he would cross off each name each time he made a conquest >> he added that most of these happened while he was married. he was not a faithful husband. had sexual relations with miracle on 34th street star natalie wood when she was 15 years15 years old and he vetted all that research in his book. sinatra's affinity for the gangsters. he admired the alpha male culture, the code of silence. he admired the way that they sought revenge whenever they were crossed. one of the most interesting parts was his sympathy for
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the state of israel. an independent state in the us had an embargo from selling them arms to protect themselves from the surrounding country. kelly kallick who have become mayor of jerusalem met frank sinatra and the copacabana restaurant nightclub and confided in him that they needed to get a million dollars in cash to a ship waiting in the new york harbor in order to go to mexico and by arms for israel. sinatra willingly took the million dollars cash to the ship's captain. >> no one found out about it until 1995. >> why he is regaled us such a hero, especially in hoboken. [inaudible conversations] >> can i answer that? too young to realize. i don't know what your musical
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tastes are but if you don't know now you will at some point, the vocal master that frank sinatra was in the people that he worked with were only the best, quincy jones, nelson little. byby the time your done with it you will be a fan. >> standing on an overpass over i 287, size of a deadly car crash that killed a recent graduate froma5]
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>> you are in burners township. >> standing on an overpass over i 287.i 287. the side of a deadly car crash that happened late saturday evening. it killed three people and injured 12 others. a man driving a ford ram in a cattle trailer pulled over to the right shoulder to fix his cattle trailer. it was then that 23 -year-old recent graduate from rutgers hit the cattle trailer.
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hold in front of the truck come i got out of his car to check out damages and that is when a passenger van carrying 12 people 1st struck the right guard rail then struck the cattle truck, then the truck. then taken to a hospital and pronounced dead an hour later. now, two people were also killed immediately in the van. their identities have not been released. it is reported that all of the passengers in the van were coming from work where they work at a chinese restaurant called ling ling restaurant. there were also several cattle killed in the accident. >> anyway this could have been avoided? >> the right-hand shoulder is actually really large. it is interesting to hear what they will have to say about how this accident happened. >> this is something that people need to learn. if you are in an accident you should stay away from the scene. checking out their car. walk away until the police
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get there. >> i mean, sad and tragic as this is, a warning for the rest of us to maybe be a little bit more careful this holiday season. >> a truly great leader. >> talks a big game. >> the truth might be hidden in his body language. >> forget black friday. >> he should be doing all ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> good morning, i'm fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. as we begin the month of december and we look back at november, it was the second warmest in philadelphia of all time. number two we were above average by over 5.5 degrees. we start the month on a cool note but still above average. occasional showers tuesday. a rainy day wednesday. cooling down but then warming up over the weekend. sue has the very l this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand
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