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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  December 3, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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live from philadelphia this is "fox 29 news". >> one thing we do know, we have pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world. >> president obama reacts to news of another mass shooting on us soil. >> this time, in southern california. where at least 14 people are confirmed dead and police have named two suspect. >> tragic ends to days long search for young mother and her three month old baby. man accused of killing them is due in court today huge scare for local mom for local abduction, police are warning parent to be on the look-out. >> it is thursday, november 3rd, i got the day right. just update on the news from
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sandberg dino two, of the suspect have been killed in a shoot-out with police, third person's being questioned. >> left over moisture, will take us little while for the clouds to clear headline there, as a look at radar, is the frozen precipitation. >> still socked with in with clouds, loop over the last hour, shows just tiny bit of rain at the jersey shore, we are at 50 degrees, in philadelphia, temperatures, 11-mile per hour winds, checking other temperatures, chilly 39, in mount pocono. >> ooh here, 49 in trenton,
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still until the 50's to the south of us. >> cold air comes in from the northwest, hasn't quite made it to the southern part of the viewing area. >> in the four's, temperatures will continue to go down, and they we kind of bump right back up to 51. with the winds gust to go 30 miles an hour it, will feel chillier, than it actually is. so, let's go with 51 for our high temperature today. we'll tell you what's going to happen over the weekends coming up in just a little bit. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, sue, 4:02 this thursday morning. we're looking live, the schuylkill expressway in the tunnels, under 30th street station. where sue mentioned, yep, we're drying out here, no rain, no need for wipers there is morning, you still will finds puddle here, there, and maybe that windshield wiper has to be flipped once, twice, to clear off the raindrops,
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but the vine expressway still closed between the schuylkill and broad street. looking good on 95. no problems at all through the construction zone. how much, all of the roads are still little damp, little wet, those wet leaves could cause a problem this morning until the wind kind of blows them off the roadway and dries things out. hey, at least we can see the ben franklin this morning. it was invisible yesterday, because of the fog, but no problems at all up and over in toward philadelphia. looking good up and down 202, 422, again, we're drying out, everything still little damp and wet. could be some slippery spots out there. no problems on 42, or 55. now, if you use 422, pay attention, brand new ramp, all of the new ramps have opened here, 422 at trooper road. we had about half dozen accidents yesterday alone on the first morning rush hour because folks are coming in from the left and the right here on these new ramps, and it is brand spanking new, and there is no overhead street lamps here. so if you use 422, heading in
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to or out of king of prussia, through that trooper road interchange, just be aware, of the new patterns, mass transit, off to good start this morning, but again, the left-over rain could lead for some slippery platforms this morning, and we'll check in with the airport next time around. chris, lauren, back to you. >> such horrible story to start with at 4:04, 14 people dead in connection to the mass shooting in san berdino, california. dave kinchen joins us with the very latest thon developing story, hi, dave. >> good morning to you. we are following the latest details here. we have learned the names of the suspects, who were killed in that shoot-out about police, those two suspects and police say they carried out this horrifying attack, which has been called the deadliest us mass shooting since sandy hook. shooting happened about 11:00 a.m. california time yesterday in san berdino. investigators say the suspect wore tactical gear, used assault rifles to carry out their attack on people at
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luncheon. you can see this many walking out there with their hands up, people who were, there after the massacre, inside the building, the shooters escaped in an s.u.v., three hours later as we go to the video, we saw this scene unfold on san berdino street. heavily armed cops move in on this black suv that contained the suspect, who were shooting at police. they were killed in that shoot-out, we're told, male suspect and female suspect have been identified as sigh 'd far uke antarphone malik, his wife. reports coming in to fox news, far uke was county employee invited to the hundred ton for celebration when an argument took place. >> this was a meeting, christmas party-type event. was taking place with employees at the inland regional center. mr. faruk is a county employee, he works with his title as environmental specialist in the public health department. has been employed therefore five years. he was at the party.
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he did leave the party early, under some circumstances described as angry or something that far nature. authority try to determine if this case is linked to terrorism. guys, this investigation continuing. >> oh, man, such a sad story, dave kinchen, thank you so much. >> breaking news this morning coming out every south after a appeals court convicted olympic athlete oscar pistorius of murder, court overturned earlier manslaughter order. this was back in february of 2013. he shot her four times through locked door, currently un house arrest after spending year of his five year sentence in jail. pistorius will now have to return to court for new send ten to be decided. >> search for vineland mom and her baby daughter ends in a heart break. the suspect accused until the murder due in court today.
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steve keeley live in bridgeton with more on there is hi, steve. >> meaning a confession, affidavits, and autopsy results, to learn, how these two murders happened, when and where we may also finally learn why ricardo santiago felt the need to kill a 12 week old baby girl who obviously would not be any kind of witness to tell police how he killed her mother. through the limited arrest documents out so far, we know, that he killed net i ramirez, and hennessey in their home friday, put their bodies in neti's suv, drove through remote salt marsh shall where he dunned many them, then abandoned her car on route 55. they had five year olson together. he had been arrested we now know mo nine months ago in making terror its i can threats, police looking at him when mom and baby vanished after thanksgiving. >> it appears there was some
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sort every dispute going on. >> he has been charged with two counts of homicide and locked in the jail on $1 million full cash bail. >> my fractures are with everybody that's in that family and everybody that has to go through that. >> and the father of the child who lost now three month old child. >> well, chris, lauren, he won't be walking out of jail likely even watch his arraignment, bail set at 1 million bucks, way more than the bail bonds manna cross the street here usually offer to cover. >> extradition hearing scheduled today foreman police arrested in connection to an amber alert that crossed state lines, from new york into new jersey. police say, arrested tuesday in clifton, new jersey, as he fled with his daughter after stabbing the girl's mother multiple times at apartment in the bronx. she remains in the hospital, but is expected to survive. the little girl is not hurt. according to, a former officer in irving ton.
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>> warning out for par then the morning after report of attempted abduction in southwest philadelphia. >> this case involves 12 year old boy on his way from school. boy just gotten off the bus. he told police a man, who he didn't know, called out to him. the stranger claim to go know his mother ordered the boy to go with him. the boy says he tried to escape by going the opposite direction, but the man followed pursuing him very quickly. the 12 year old approached a woman for help. and the would be kidnapper ran off. the child and his mother spoke to fox 29 about the terrifying ordeal, we're not showing their faces to protect their identity. >> he was just chasing after me, when he started fast walking. >> he was like very scared. he was really scared, crying, you know, toyed calm him down. i couldn't get words out of his mouth. i had to cam him down. >> investigators right now doing surveillance camera foot and from businesses in the area hoping to find that man. >> case of he say she say in the case of freddie gray. what the officers defense team say happened in the van that
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>> ♪ >> how about we rock out the rest of the morning, too? >> that's okay. >> blood all clearing now, we cannot rule out today, a little bit after flurry in the pocono mountains. because of that chilly air, that's rolling in.
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>> west winds will gust throughout the day making it feel chillier than it actually is. temperatures will mainly be in the 40's, or feel like they're in the 40's, probably just be in the 40's all day. so here is a look at radar, you can see, in the center of pennsylvania there is indeed some snow. i shouldn't even say t it is not coming here but indication of the chillier air. by the time the chillier air gets mere, won't have any more moisture what i am saying. range from 39 in the poconos to 50 in the city. things will get chillier northwest to southeast, 52 in dover, 52 wildwood, 49 degrees in wilmington, and we have wind that's still out of the southwest, here, in the sit but you see the direction has changed up in the mountains, with northwesterly wind, that's where the chilly air comes from. so we're getting to the winds
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of change. wind gusts will steak in the 25 to 30-mile per hour range looks like the rest of the day and even through 10:00 tonight. so expect to feel a little chillier than it actually is, we go back before we go ahead, there is the roller coaster ride. went up to 06 degrees yesterday. we won't make it there today. we're thinking 50. then lower 50's tomorrow. mid 50's by saturday. whole weekends looks beautiful with sunshine, next chance every rain is not until tuesday of next week. we can see clearly now, no fog this morning.
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what a crazy morning, rush hour, we had yesterday, but off to good start here, the wind, going to kick up, dry things out today, the vine street expressway, though, still closed here talcony, whitman, commodore barry off to good start, philadelphia international airport should also get back to normal today after rough go yesterday. however, in the neighborhoods, here, hartford road at marne highway closed for the next week or so, all due to some construction, so local detours over there in moorestown, schuylkill expressway, as i showed you, looking good. no problems coming out of northeast philly on i-95, couple of events today, we got the rittenhouse square tree lighting at 5:00. this was rescheduled from, i think it was, tuesday, because of the rain. and they also have, at 6:00, the city hall tree lighting ceremony. so some holiday jam in center city for the evening rush
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hour. speaking of the holidays, did you get your christmas lights up? do it. plug them in. then snap picture. make sure to post the picture to your facebook, twitter or stain gram pages. using that hashtag #fox29lights. every day, all the way up through christmas, i'll be showing different houses, take a look at this one, i remember seeing this yesterday. her name is susi but her nickname is snowflake. >> really? >> i wonder why. look at this column and. oh, we have it all going on there. thank you, snowflake, for sending us a picture there is week, starting tonight, i'm going to start making a visit. i'm jumping in my decorated news van and hitting the road. i could be coming to your house, but do you have sends me a picture in order for me to come to your house. baltimore, arguments began in the freddie gray death trial, what it was like to be officer
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william porter the first officer to go on trial in this case. >> defense dispute whg gray was injured in the back that far police transport van, the defense attorney told jurors officer porter asked gray if he needed medical attention at the fourth stop, the van made, during the 45 minute trip to the police station. but didn't call a medic because gray wasn't quote wincing. but prosecutors told jurors that gray said he needed medical help and he could not breathe. gray died of spinal cord injuries he suffered while in the back that far van. port is her charged with manslaughter, second agree assault, misconduct, and wreckless endangerment. >> hillary clinton is calling for federal investigation into the shooting after black teenager by a white chicago police officer. the recent release of squad car video showing the officer shooting 17 year old will kwon mcdonald in october of 2014 led to days of demonstrations in chicago, and the firing of the city's police superintendent. a spokesman for clinton says
4:19 am
hillary clinton is deeply troubled by the shooting. and the questions surrounding it. the u.s. attorney's office in chicago has said it is actively investigating the case. new jersey governor chris christie as campaign gets little boost after a critical endorsement. christie has been in new hampshire for the past two months, sunday it, paid off. the new hampshire union leader the state's top newspaper endorsed the governor, how much, some are wore worried christie hasn't spent any time in the southern states. jeb bush, marco rubio, jeb bush, all opened campaign offerses in north carolina which holds it. it primary november 20th week after new hampshire's. christie aids say while their effort may not be as visible as the other, they are working behind the scenes in all of the voting states. >> 4:19 the time, lawmakers move to caught back the role the federal government plays in education, house approving a bill that essentially rewrites no child left behind. the legislation would put an end to academic standards such as common core, student would still have to take annual
4:20 am
tests but states would get the control over how the tests are used to scrutinize schools and teachers. the senate is expected to vote on this early next week. president obama is expected to sign it. >> should guns be allowed at nfl games. recent world events have asking the question. one national group asking the league to rethink the rules. >> plus, sixers jahlil okafor suspended just as a second video surfaces from "tmz" sports allegedly showing him in a fight. how long he's been benched while this is all worked out. >> first, check out your winning lottery numbers.
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>> this is fox 289 sports in one minute. >> good morning, the 76ers have more problems than just a terrible basketball team that the organization really wants to see lose. their number one draft pick, okafor suspended for two games, we know about having a gun to his head at a club in
4:24 am
philadelphia, driving 108 miles per hour on the ben franklin bridge, and the fight in boston week ago. oh, there is more. second video came out yesterday, by "tmz" and it is graphic, so get ready, of another fight down the street from the first one a week ago. this was really nasty. screaming, yelling, okafor was about to get in the car, but would not walk away and went after the guy. physical, blood on the streets in this one. i don't think two games is enough, and maybe the nba will also add onto. that will the only win, two nights ago, actually, this is bad. this is just bad. seventeen points, ten rebounds, four blocks, sixers lose it 97 to 85. that's sports in a minute. and i'm howard eskin. >> security protocol at us sporting events is coming under question. the country's top police union now want the nfl to lift its ban on caring guns at games. >> the national fraternal order of police says off duty cops are the best bet for stopping a terrorism attack
4:25 am
inside a stadium. in a letter sent to the league last month, the union said, quote, well attended venues in areas are being deliberately targeted by kill heres do not intend or expect to as the assault, idea needs some tweaking. >> we all recognize we're in dangerous times, in harnessing and leveraging off duty resources from police departments, is a great idea, but it has to be ruled out correctly. >> the decision to ban guns at nfl games was made prior to the 2014 season, the union has also sent letters to both the cleveland browns and the cincinnati bengals. >> 4:25, the time. local woman is accused every stealing more than $100,000 from the helpless victim, the bad habit investigators say she was trying to support. >> take a look at these guys, they had to make a run for it at a local store. well, that's jahlil okafor. >> wrong video. >> not the right video. we'll tell you what had some guys on the move.
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and stayed for all the yummy sausage. feel bad about lying. nap time. i got her. seriously? i feel like i just woke up. ha ha ha! fully cooked johnsonville breakfast sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. we're following develop the out of california this morning, where 14 victims are dead following the mass shooting in san bernardino, what they're saying about the suspect. >> local woman accused every stealing more than $100,000 from a helpless victim, all to support a gambling habit. how investigators say she did it. all right, good day everyone,
4:30 am
it is thursday, december 3rd. someone has a december 4th in the tell prompter there. they are already thinking right ahead to friday. >> rushing right along. >> are you going out every town again this weekend? >> maybe. >> unbelievable. that means yes. this is a bad day to leave the philadelphia area, sue. balls the weather will be down right beautiful. >> it is, but we have winds of change coming, so it might and little shocking how chilly it is outside. now, we're looking at our sweeps of ultimate doppler radar, seeing rain pretty much gotten out of here, but look in the central part of the state. you see some rain changing over to frozen precipitation, some of that could make its way into the pocono mountains. we don't expect anything here to speak of. but, just few left over dribs and drabs around this morning. i don't know what a drab s i agree a dab s and i know i killed it, but anyway, 50 degrees is our current temperature, 11-mile an hour winds, fog is gone, so that's
4:31 am
a good thing, 7:05 is your sunrise time. and we have temperatures that have chilled out a lot. 39 degrees in mount pocono, we're in the 40's to the north of the city. and then 50's are still hanging on to the south. that chilly air hasn't quite reached southern new jersey, and southern delaware, just yet. but, already, it is 5:00, seven, four, one extra layer might be good idea. on our wet wednesday, we managed to get to 60 degrees with the warm air around. not today. it is going to be a high of about 50 with winds, gusting to up 30 miles an hour, at times, but at least we'll see the sunshine, chillier night tonight, skies clear, with a low of 37 degrees. so, that's is your weather authority forecast for thursday. weekend's almost here, first weekend of december. fox forecast is coming up. here's bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, 4:31, we call it almost 4:32, getting up,
4:32 am
getting out, live look at the blue route, 476, up near conshohocken. again, roads drying out, but those wet leaves that are still lingering out there, could be matted down on the road surface, until the wind can kind of do mother nature's job there, and blow them off to the side. no problems on the freeway, coming in from south jersey, working your way in toward philadelphia. speedometer readings looking good in the 50's, little slow going there on the blue route, but that's natural right there near that route one interchange. looks like we will be getting back to normal at philadelphia international airport, it has been rough two days here, with the rain, and yesterday, was really messed up with the fog. but everything's starting off in good shape. no problems up and over the bridges. we can see all of the bridges this morning, at new pattern coming our way to 995. later on today, penndot is going to close the girard avenue slip ramp to go north on 95. this is part of the next phase of construction, so, folks will be pushed over to richmond street, to gain access on 95.
4:33 am
that should happen shortly after lunchtime. so, that's going to impact our evening rush hour. for the gang over here, in moorestown, hartford road shutdown at marne highway, for the next couple of weeks. mass transit looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> at least 14 people are dead in connection to that mass shooting in southern california. >> fbi investigating several possible motives including terrorism. our dave kinchen joins us with the very latest on this developing store. >> i good morning, getting new information coming in as we speak right now. investigate verse released the names of the suspect who were killed in that shoot-out. the husband and wife, and we're told that they actually had a child and left the child with family sometime before this attack took place, this horrifying attack which has been called the deadliest us mass shooting in america since sandy hook. now the shooting happened around 11:00 a.m. california time yesterday in san bernardino. investigators say the suspect wore tactical gear, used assault rifles to carry out attack on people at luncheon
4:34 am
at the inland regional center there, and you can see people walking out with their hands up, now, after the massacre in the building, we're told by investigators the shoot esiason caped in an s.u.v. three hours later we saw this scene unfold on street there in that city, heavily armed cops move in on this black suv that contained the suspect who were shooting at police, police have identified the attackers as syed farook and tashfeen malik, his wife, both killed in that shoot-out. they say farook was a county employee invited to that luncheon at the inland regional center for celebration when an argument took place, farook's brother-in-law shared his reaction to the incident. >> i just cannot express how sad i am for what happened today. i mean, my condolances to the people who lost their life. i am very sad people lost their life, and there are victims out there. i wish speedy recovery to
4:35 am
them. and again, i am in shock that something like this could happen. >> now, you can see police moving in on a neighborhood believed to be where the suspect lived. meantime, authorities have not identified the victims of the shooting at this point. the fbi and the san bernardino police department are conducting a joint investigation with the federal authorities, as they try to determine if this case is linked to terrorism. one quick note, also, we're told, the la times is report that the shooting suspect traveled to saudi arabia, was married as we reported and appeared to be living the american dream according to co-workers. so we're starting to get a little bit more information about the suspect and give it to you as we bring it in this morning. >> the big question is the mother disbelief right. something the federal authority are still working on right now with the local police department. >> so families, loved ones of the 14 victims, they don't even care about motive. loved ones are alive. >> it is awful, horrible. >> dave, coming up on 4:36, new for you this morning,
4:36 am
police in north philly investigating homicide. detective say shortly after 11:00 last night 27 year old man was shot in the face and chest, germantown avenue, west moore lan, the victim rushed to temple, where he died, police do not have any suspect or motive at this time. >> a bucks county accountant, under arrest, accused of embezzling more than $100,000. authority say jean swain wrote unauthorized checks from the account of a 100 year old client. according to investigators, swain had convinced the woman to give her financial power of attorney over three years. she is accused of writing $116,000 worth of checks. the delaware county district attorney's offers says swain used the money to pay for taxes her son's tuition, and to feed her gambling habit. >> she has a habit of betting, betting big, and we were able to document through the records at parx casino that over the last five years she's lost almost $300,000 in gambling funds.
4:37 am
>> wow. the da fears there could be more victims. says the client had no reason to distrust swain because the two had worked together for 22 years. >> he will erray buys charges, as well-being probably. 4:37. free ride happening on nj transit. who is eligible for this perk. >> and what has these guys high-tailing it out after local store. how they got more than what they bargained for. this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer. ♪ this holiday season, my good friend gave to me ♪ ♪ 7 powerball tickets
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>> five, four, three, two, one! >> i love it. doesn't it make it feel like christmas finally? that time of year, chris murphy. christmas arrived in new york city last night with the 83rd annual rockefeller center christmas tree lighting. >> this year's tree boasts more than 30,000 bulbs, and over 5 miles of electrical wire. so, here's an idea, bob asking for lights, right? >> yes. >> let's sends him to up new york. why not? >> there is the mayor, mayor bill de blasio, ya. can't afford the electrical bill on that one. kids, don't get any ideas, our tree won't than big. >> beginning here if philadelphia, the holiday season will kick off with the 22nd annual tree lighting ceremony, at the city hall courtyard. the tree lighting program starts at 7:00. and the countdown is expected to take place just before
4:41 am
8:00 p.m. grammy nominated recording artists in philly's own jasmine sullivan will perform at this event. >> exciting time. >> yes. >> not sure why the police van was in that video. hopefully no one gets arrested at the tree lighting, flight. >> well, there is no snow so they can't pummel santa with snowballs either. >> they want people on their best behavior. light at the end of the tunnel for patco schedules because of track work. >> the delaware river port authority officials now say the work will be finished by the ends of the year. it has been nearly two years since the $103 million rehabilitation project first started. the upgrade to the ben franklin bridge has slowed down new jersey to philadelphia trains. >> 2013, non-union employees lost their right to ride for free as part of move to reduce costs in new jersey. now transit spokesperson says those employees can now use their i.d. cards to travel. in return, the transit system will have more employees of security training, riding the rales, that's because managers are trained to detect
4:42 am
terrorism. back here in philadelphia, police say local convenience store clerk turned the tables, on pair of would be armed robbers. >> all right, so take a look, surveillance cameras rolling at the three brothers market in grays ferry nine days ago, police say two men with guns walked in demanding cash from register when the clerk throwed out his own gun. both men saw it, then took off. no one was hurt, the would be robbers didn't get a thing. but police are still hoping to track them down anyway. >> oh, they got to run away. >> oops, wrong store. your netflix account could be at risk after hackers got ahold of personal information, and see how they're selling that info for bottom dollar. >> everyone will know what you've been watching. >> oh, oh,. >> yikes. plus after recent e-coli outlet at subway, making sure the produce is safe, measures straight ahead at chipotle.
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>> that randy roads playing the guitar, the late great randy roads. >> go on. >> this song called crazy train. >> okay. >> i believe it is from the blizzards of oz albumn. >> you were the conductor of the crazy train. >> and it is ozzie oz born's birthday today, he is 67 years old. he's not from aston, pa, but aston, glands, birmingham,
4:46 am
glands. >> nice. >> now his wife and daughter more famous than. >> very true. is it the view that she's on? no, what's her show? >> the osborne's. >> the talk. >> sharon osborne is on the talk. >> she kind of saved him from himself. >> i love her accent, too. >> she is a strong woman, yes. all right, sue serio. >> yes, pretty much one of the first reality shows like ever where they followed the family around and stuff. it is crazy. anyway, we've got rain changing over to little bit of snow in the central part of the state. we're seeing little bit of frozen precipitation in state college. little bit of rain kind of moving toward hearts burying. this is an indication of the cold air that is coming in behind the cold front that's pretty much cleared the coast. not seeing any more rain at the jersey shore. we had some little while ago. as we look into the future, though, look up to the north of us. i'm going to go over here, so we can see. as you see, that area kind of sneaking into the poconos, by the ends of the morning, maybe by 8:00, 9:00 we could see
4:47 am
some flurries, light snow showers, only in carbon, monroe county is this computer model indicating that will happen. and it won't last for very long, because drier air is blasting in, and that's going to get rid of the moisture. but that's going to be interesting, and maybe some actual snowfall. we will check the pocono cameras as the morning goes along. so we will keep looking at. that will otherwise, we expect to be rain free, finally, after two days of rain. 50 degrees in philadelphia, 38 mount pocono, 43 in reading. we are still in the 50's to the south of us, but we've gone down to 49 degrees in wilmington, delaware. winds are picking up. we've got southerly wind, or southwesterly at 12 miles per hour, but some of the winds are now starting to shift to the northwest, and that is where the chilly air comes from. we could see wind gusts looking through the future of the day, 30, 32, 35 miles an hour, and down to about 25 miles an hour wind gusts by this evening, and overnight tonight. things will calm down a bit. but it will be a bit of a blustery day, after yesterday's high of
4:48 am
60 degrees, we will lose at least 10 degrees, and with the winds it, will feel even chillier. 52 degrees tomorrow. and 53 on saturday. but then we get little milder for sunday and monday, here comes another cold front, though, by tuesday of next week. with a shower or two. and slightly chillier temperatures. but all-in-all, after today, and during today, daytime highs in the 50's, nighttime lowe's in the 30's for december, that's just about right, bob kelly. >> sounds good. we will take t good morning, 4:48 on this thursday morning. things are drying out. looking live here at i95, right near the ramps for the commodore barry bridge. leftovers, road are damp, those wet leaves could make things little slippery. we got some construction still going on here, the vine street expressway closed both directions, between the schuylkill and broad street. no problems on 95 out of the northeast, the schuylkill, and the blue route, behaving so far on this early thursday morning. however, 422 heading eastbound, just watch for the
4:49 am
new ramps that opened up yesterday. a lot of confusion. you got folks coming in from the right off of that that new ramp to enter heading eastbound, that caused couple of accidents yesterday. hartford road over in south jersey, shutdown at marne highway through next week with construction. couple of events that are going to cause some jammos later on tonight. we got the tree lighting ceremonies at rittenhouse square at 5:00, east passyunk, that crew will set up their operation from 5:00 to 8:00. always good time there in east passyunk. then at city hall from 6:00 to 8:00. and tonight is the first night where we hit the road and check out the christmas lights. i've been asking you all the last couple of weeks to snap a picture of your christmas lights, post it onto either facebook, twitter or stain gram. using that #fox29lights. we will show pictures every day, all the way up through christmas, but i have pick one house, hint, we are going to
4:50 am
northeast philadelphia. >> oh,. >> northeast philly tonight. i'm going to be broadcasting live during the 5:00 and 6:00 news right here on fox 29 from the front lawn of somebody's house, that is decked out, wait until you see this one. see you later on tonight in the northeast. all right, bob kelly, thanks so much. customer may soon finds fewer selection action at chipotle next call grill. >> will cut back on produce in the aftermath of the e.coli outbreak. chipotle says soon will have stricter guidelines for suppliers using local produce less often. the company plans to release more details in the next few days. the owe e.coli outbreak sickens dozens of customers, forks dollars closing of more than 40 restaurants nationwide last month. the golden arches is hoping big changes will turn into global los angeles business journal said it is testing out having employees actually serve you at your table, and rolling out new menu called taste crafted.
4:51 am
so, you get to craft your own burger, from new tops such as pico guacamole, hole squawl pino. trying everything. >> hackers are selling life team access to stolen netflix accounts for only 50 cents. and get there is netflix isn't the only subscription being offered. according to labs, stolen hbo and hbo go accounts as well as other cable streaming services are on the market for less than $10. premium pro sports service also run but 15 bucks. the report says the accounts are more than likely based off of stolen credit card and account information. so do you notice weakness in the strength of your wifi signal? >> uk agency is suggesting it might be linked to your holiday light display. communications regulator oscome launched an app, allows use nerves whales to test the strength of their wifi signal. the agency note several factors can hurt your wifi
4:52 am
including christmas lights. that's because lights can cause electrical interference that interrupts wifi signal strength. before you rush to unplug your tree, or those outdoor lights, before bob kelly arrives tonight, keep in mind, electrical interferance can come from multiple sources including lamps and even your microwave oven. >> baby cookie, what about a little newborn called boo-boo kitty? empire characters names now showing up on real birth certificates. >> oh, goodness. and don't forget about our very kelly christmas, make sure to send us your pictures, use the hashtag fox 29 light. >> boo-boo kitty.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> ♪ >> (laughing). >> let me gave you a hint. okay? >> okay. >> now, this is the hint that will give you the answer to the singer, okay? he once was in a band, with
4:56 am
john, ringo, george and -- >> oh, paul. >> paul mccartney, good job. now, he left the beatles. he started a bands called wings. this is when he was with wings. >> so he said what did he beginning? >> ♪ someone knocking at the door ♪ >> (laughing). >> we're educating lauren and i get weirder every day, thanks to her. just putting fuel on this crazy fire. >> oh, i just love it, because you got into it quick, and then were you bobbing, and then it was knocking at the do. >> and put linda in the band because he was in love with linda mccartney, she played tambourine i think. >> i could do that, just shaking -- >> i'll start my own band, and you can be in the band? >> shaking the cam bore even. new parents are talking to fox's mega shit show for inspirations for their newborn's name. >> so baby center. com. looked at the hottest baby names this year, among the hot hottest new names, dray,
4:57 am
hakeem, and lion. all growing up to 70% of popularity, yes, the name lucious is also on the list. that's a great name. lucious. well, not lucious murphy. what do you think? >> no. >> eddie van halen named his son wolf gang. that's a great name. now he plays drums with the bands, or not drums, base sometimes in the band. so, for the first time in three years, quincy is hanging out at the finale watch party for empire. last night i guess he went to this. was he there? >> i think did he. >> who else went? >> alex, sue, i saw some pictures. >> sue, you went? >> i did. >> you're so dedicated. >> well, it was fun. >> i went to different event or maybe i would have gone. guess who i was hanging out with? connor barwin. >> he is such a nice guy. always involved in the community. >> sky partners community incorporated awarded him person of the year. >> oh, he is great, great guy. met him couple of times in
4:58 am
stories and the studio here, and great player. >> okay, from good guy to maybe not so good guy based on this video, jahlil okafor benched after video surfaces of him fighting, and we will tell you what other steps the sixers are take to go keep the athlete out of trouble in the future. >> he is the hope of our future. we need to kind of cod l him, bring him along, raise him up from the age of 19. >> calm him down. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer.
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