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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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live from our newsroom. brad, more information being released about these shooters minute by minute. >> reporter: for sure, jeff. that is the case. lots of new information what was now the second full day of this investigation. what is new here the fbi has taken over the case from local officials. it is also now official they're investigating wednesday's mass murder as case of terrorism. >> number of pieces of evidence that has -- has essentially push us off the cliff to say we're not investigating this as an act of terrorism. >> reporter: fbi announcing the killing of 14 people in southern california wednesday was an act of terrorism. though still being investigated, the specific motivation of the accused killers 28-year-old syed farook born in chicago and 27-year-old wife tashfeen malik who grew up in saudi arabia and living in the us on aves s neither had been on the radar of u.s. laurel and so far they haven't been connected to any terrorist organizations or people either worldwide or on the us watch list. >> are there others and are they
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based in the us? are they outside the us? we don't note answers. >> reporter: but the woman malik will reportedly create a facebook page using an alias that has since been taken down where she allegedly wrote that she was inspired by islamic radicals. >> the investigation so far has developed indications of radicalization by the killers and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. >> reporter: in an unusual move journalists were given permission by a landlord to enter the townhouse where the couple lived after the fbi completed its search. inside a quran in the living room, a crib and a box of diapers in the upstairs bedroom. they had a child together. already removed according to authorities. 12 pipe bombs, tools to make more explosives and over 4500 rounds of ammunition. law enforcement across the world are now involved and the key investigators say is on the couple's digital fingerprints. two smashed cell phones that were found in the trash near their home. >> this is electronic evidence
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that these killers tried to destroy and tried to conceal from us. that we now have in exploring to try to understand them. >> reporter: so far there's no indication the couple was any part of terrorist network or cell within the united states. lots of unanswered questions with all that ammunitio am mew e might they have been planning and why wasn't law enforcement on to them by now. hopefully questions answered in the coming days, dawn. >> brad, thank you. >> for updated information 24/7 go to our website you'll see the story on the home page. >> a middle schoolteacher from bucks county under arrest for child sex abuse. authorities say he had inappropriate communications with teach aged student. 30-year-old joseph becker was are a ripped today. karen hepp was there and tells us what the accused accuser had to say to the judge. >> this all broke yesterday when the 14-year-old girl's parents found out. they went to police detectives moved very quickly on this one. just this morning, they arrested
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that math teacher right there at the middle school. 30-year-old joseph becker confessed to detectives according to court documents that he'd asked a 14-year-old student for sexual explicit photos and videos. and that the inappropriate relationship had been going on for months. yesterday her parents found out. and detectives leapt into action arresting becker at penn ridge north middle school this morni morning. >> he was a teacher. he was a math teacher, and he clearly took advantage of a 14-year-old student violated his duty as teacher and the public had put trust in him as teacher he violated that to his own advantage. >> reporter: becker is a married father of two-year-old little girl. he said in court today, i made a mistake. i'm a good person i know i'm a good penn. i care about my students and my family. i'm sorry. parents of other students at penn ridge north middle are outraged. >> obviously, inappropriate to be doing stuff like that and
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honestly, you know, it does scare you these days, you know, in school because you're trusting these teachers, you know, to bring up your children in a way um, they're spending a lot of time, majority of their time at school so, yeah, it's very shocking. >> reporter: math teacher facing very serious charges about 10 years in jail. he's being held in lieu of $250,000. there could be other victims out there. he was a long-term sub at some other middle schools specifically prosecutors say the conestoga middle school and also central bucks so anything please call police. from warrington, i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. another week, another incident of violence at the troubled george washington high school in philadelphia's bustleton neighborhood much this time a student allegedly sucker punched boy a fellow student as he waited for the schoolbus. the victim and his father are talking to fox 29 tonight saying they have simply had enough and our bruce gordon joining us in the studio with more. bruce.
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terrible. >> reporter: absolutely. the violence is bad enough. the dad says the attack that landed his son in the hospital this week seemed to barely rate the attention of the school's principal. >> that was where you got hit right near the eye area? >> yes. >> reporter: george washington freshman sonny thomas describes it as an ambush. >> i didn't know what was happening at all. i didn't recognize his face or anything. >> reporter: you just got punched. >> yeah. sucker punched delivered by a fellow george washington freshmans he waited for the bus home from school wednesday landed him in the hospital. his dad said when he asked to speak to principal gene jones to voice's concern over the incident he got the brush off. >> i mean he sighed i was audibly. leak this was too much. didn't have time to deal with such silly things like a kid being beaten outside of his school. >> jones getting an earful from angry parents just last month after a video surfaced of a calf fear ya brawl at the school he made sure thomas got immediate medical care. jones says his school has made improve manies and is safe students. parents are frustrated but says
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safety staffing has been increased and the safety manager will report to george washington within the n few weeks. >> we regret the incident that occurred, the assault that occurred outside of the school, and we are working to make sure that we have everything in place so this does not happen again. >> reporter: but it's already happened so sonny thomas. he hadn't his dad have had enough of george washington. >> there's probably at least i'd say two fights every week. >> just at the point the violence at this particular school is just ridiculous. you know, and administration is doing nothing at all to keep our kids safe. >> reporter: do you feel safe going back? >> no. >> reporter: do you have any plans to go back? >> no. >> reporter: school police officer was on the scene in seconds back on wednesday. ironically, in that area after being tipped off to a different incident brewing 94 by. caught the attacker. that student has been suspended from school and will be prosecuted. dawn. >> bruce, thank you. it is december. but it sure doesn't feel like it.
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a live look right now through the lense of our parkway camera as folks make their way home or maybe heading out on this friday night. if you have not made weekend plans yet you may want to think about doing something outside. fox 29 meteorologist scott williams here. scott, we're in for a beautiful weekend i know it will be a little chilly but the sun will be out. perfect forgetting your tree or putting up decorations. >> absolutely. the whether will be spectacular. we're talking about high pressure in control but it will be chilly for the overnights but the afternoons with a lot of sunshine temperatures will be above average. pretty festive root now as we take look at market street and look at the temperatures still 50 in center city but once you move into the suburbs it drops pretty rapidly. look at millville. down to 36 degrees already. 43 in wilmington. 41 right now in reading. so in the city, grab the jackets and sweaters. if you're stepping on the town, your friday evening plans, it will be clear, but it will a little chilly. 40 degrees by 11:00 o'clock tonight. then overnight low temperatures in the city dipping to around
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35 degrees. upper 20s in the bushes. so a cold overnight but here's saturday snapshot as we look at your planner sunshine high temperature tomorrow 53 degrees. coming was that he will tieback even warmer conditions in that seven day and if you'll need the rainbow pretty soon. >> jeff, scott, philadelphia police need your help they're searching foreman wanted for a robbery in harrowgate in philadelphia community. it happened last week at the wells fargo on the 3400 block of aramingo avenue. a man tried to make a deposit atm when a man with a gun approached him from behind demanding money. the suspect took the cash and took off. if you have any information call police right away. >> now to north philadelphia where surveillance cameras were rolling as philadelphia police say two men robbed a corner grocery store. it happened wednesday night on the 1800 block of north 19th street. you can see the two men armed with guns running into the store and demanding cash. the video also shows the moment a worker hands over the money. if you know who these two guys are, give police a call.
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philadelphia sports teams aren't so hot this season. we know that, right? but there is one team that is undefeated. fox 29 cameras were there as the blackhawks philadelphia's undoo feeted junior midget american youth football team boarded a bus for the national. they're on their way to kissimmee florida. the blackhawks needed about $10,000 to attend. the team of 11 to 13-year-olds raising that money through a gofundme page and other generous donations. best of luck to the team. >> absolutely. incredible show of support for delaware county teacher and his family. students at sun valley high school hitting the track for very good cause. seniors helped organize today's walk-a-thon. helping to raise money for english teacher mike, his daughter willow diagnosed with leukemia just five months after being born and then after chemo treatments the cancer went into remission but two years later, the leukemia returned and is now spread. that's why his students are walking it out and showing their support for willow and her dad.
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>> and the medical bills are just going to be outrageous. so for the first time i saw there was something i can do to help. and i joined my friends over there and we started the walk for willa campaign. >> we're hearing 500 students came out to participate in today's walk-a-thon. altogether they helped raise more than 2,000 bucks all of it going to help the family. protesters hit the streets issuing strong demands towards wilmington's police department. >> it all has to do with a controversial police involved shooting. next at 6:00, how the protests in chicago had an impact in our area. sean? >> dawn, temple getting ready to take on houston for the american conference crown. talk around matt ruhle looking for better coaching job. the response to the rumors later holiday season's just like football season...
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you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my giant. ♪ police investigate a fast food restaurant robbery in south
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philadelphia. it happened at the burger king in the 1500 block of south christopher columbus boulevard. police say a worker was taking out the trash when three men approach him. they forced him back inside and that's when police say one of suspects hit the manager with baseball bat. while the other two stole money from the safe. if you know who these guys are give police call. happening now a local community divided over its police department. four months after the police involved shooting death of a man wheelchair. some residents in will mention ton are still demanding justice. >> they want big changes within the city's police depth starting right at the top. fox 29's bill anderson joining us from the newsroom. bill the group is going after the man in charge of it all, correct. >> they are. they're going absolutely to the top to the police chief. now, police say it was a justified shooting. activists believe it was murder and it's another situation where available video still can't get people to agree. friends and familiar of a man killed in a standoff with police say they've got no justice so the police chief has to go. ♪ >> reporter:.
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in september, wilmington police responded to a 911 call of a gun wielding man in a wheelchair with a possibly self inflicted wound. cell phone video of the incident went viral. >> drop the begun! >> reporter: after 28-year-old jeremy mcdole was shot and killed by police. now police report recovering a gun but the video doesn't appear to show one and friends and family members of jeremy mcdole say he didn't have one. today supporters called for wilmington police chief bobby cummings to resign. >> there was no way that you can give a decision and allow these officers to work off of our tax dollars. they shall be suspended without pay until a full investigation. report roar mcdole's mother phyllis told me that the family has been given no information about the promised investigation even though in her opinion the video clearly shows that there are questions that need to be answered. >> it's been going on two months
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now. no one has come to us with information. the video speaks for itself. >> mcdole's sister followed up that the community should be asking questions about police policy on using deadly force on man already alleged to be suicidal. >> i want to know the protocol so when you get a 911 call stating that somebody has self inflicted wound or somebody that is suicidal, i need to know the protocol for that. >> as for the requested resignation of police chief bobby cummings wilmington mayor dennis williams sent me a comment saying that he has full confidence in police chief bobby cummings and he will remain the police chief in wilmington, delaware. >> chief cummings himself wasn't available fortune but he's maintain that the officers actually appropriately. active visits said following the exposure of the the case in chicago, if the chief doesn't resign, then hundreds will march to city hall next weekend and continue what they believe is an on-going national demand for justice. dawn, we'll keep you posted. >> please do, thank you bill.
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back now to your fox 29 weather authority. little on the chilly side outside right now. >> yeah, but he says it's going to be nice weekend, right, scott? >> yeah, average high this time of year, geysers 49. today 52. we will flirt with 60 degrees by sunday and monday. but take a look at your headlines. it's going to be a great overall december weekend. chilly overnights though. but those mild afternoons with above average temperatures. look at ultimate doppler it's dry, it's quiet. high pressure simply in full control for much of the lower 48. you really have to head into the sunshine date state to see clouds and showers right now in south florida. so that activity will stay well to our south. but look at this big bubble of no trouble. this area this dome of high pressure that will keep us dry throughout the entire weekend. but with those clear skies we're looking at a rapid warmup in the afternoon but those temperatures drop pretty rapidly for the overnight. so chilly overnight lows in the 30s. but that high pressure stays in
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control and then by monday it shifts out to sea. so we get that clockwise wind flow around it. winds more out of the south and west and that will really allow those temperatures to climb. 50 degrees right now. so not that bad. we're looking at today's high temperature. 52. once again the normal 49 degrees. hey, we'll take it. it's december, right? as far as what's happening right now across the area, look at the urban heat island effect keeping philadelphia at 50 degrees but once you move into the suburbs, it's already 36 degrees in millville. 43 right now in atlantic city. upper 30s in pottstown. low 40s in allentown as well as reading. so chilly overnights but the overall pattern, yeah, blame el nino we'll be talking about high temperatures in the 50s pretty much the and tire seven day forecast. look at the temperature trend today. 52. a little bit of an up tick as we move toward the second half of the weekend and then peaking on monday, monday high temperatures
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flirt with that 60-degree mark. but temperatures to night it's chilly, 20s, mid 30s in the city and then tomorrow, 53 degrees. mostly sunny. a nice day and a light northerly wind. the weather authority seven day forecast shows you mild conditions looking good 57 degrees on sunday. hanukkah begins and then as we move toward monday, 58 degrees. not that bad tuesday and then look at thursday and friday. maybe a couple of showers around but temperatures will be in the upper 50s still and then kick off weather looking pretty good up the road. temperatures will be above average so not bad at gillette stadium. >> all right. >> it will be a tough game, though. >> yes, sir. >> definitely going to be tough game. i pretty much assume we won't do very well. >> wow. >> tom brady will be really angry. >> a lot of people are angry around the sixers. >> one win you're still terrible now you have all this off the court drama. the sixers had to deal with
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jahlil okafor stuff and he refuses to talk still. which puts brett brown -- his comments coming up next in sports. winter is hard on your nose.
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still no word from sam hinkie. still nothing from scott o'nei o'neill. but don't need to hear anything
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to know things need to change asap. somebody has to get a hold of jahlil okafor and teach hem to be to be pro before things really go wrong. luckily we've got new video today of something surfacing of more fighting. so that's the positive. today okafor practiced with the team he's in the middle of serving a two game suspension. he'll miss tomorrow's game against the nuggets he didn't talk about the incident so once again that left brett brown with the responsibility to think. brown thinks this could be a great learning period for him. >> this is a turning point for him to get hit on such a repetitive basis maybe it's just that much more dramatic where the point is made even more violent. more verbally. it's like this is right now a situation that we've got to talk through and help. you know, he will come out just fine. >> sam hinkie hob you get veteran on the team to teach the kid how to be a pro instead of getting all these young guys out there? any way, next temple getting ready for the american
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conference championship game against houston. coach matt ruhle has led the owls to their best season ever. which means a lot of big-time schools had their eye on him today he was asked if that distraction to tomorrow's big game. >> this is like unique wonderful week at temple football history. like the fans to everybody don't waste it thinking about me. this is i was m it's championship week. don't worry about me. don't be like, oh, no, like -- i'm right here. go enjoy the week. enjoy championship week. these kids have earned this. >> that's great but it wasn't really an answer, was it? >> eagles getting ready for an angry tom brady and crew. sam bradford and zach ertz will play this sunday ryan matthews still out with a concussion. jason peters questionable again. rolled his ankle in thanksgiving day against the lions. you can catch the game right here on fox four at 4:25. check out "game day live" at 10:00 a.m. how war eskin, gary cobb, dave spadaro and myself will give you
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the keys for eagles upset. the lions on their way to upset over the packers but questionable face mask pennel team hail mary rodgers to rodgers how do you let that happen. the hearts break in detroit. look at that matt stafford. calvin johnson drops to his knees. lions fans in absolute shock. i mean what more -- worst way that can happen. that team is just sad right now. oh, my goodness. omg is all i can say. >> omg. >> i was in shock when i saw that. >> quite the ending. >> that does it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> dawn will see you back here at 10:00v a great night. inside edition is up next. >> i'll see you back here.
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>> inside the home of the california terrorists. >> the place is a complete mess in here. >> the baby's room. >> inside the baby room, you have good night stories. >> the photos. >> mother and child. mother and child. >> the mysterious crawl space in the closet and the meal left half uneaten. >> and the killer's wife. >> she was pledging allegiance to isis. >> as the shooter's sister breaks her silence. >> i don't even know if i would forgive him. >> what will happen to the baby they left behind. >> basically abandoned the child and go on a killing spree. >> and prayers for the fallen. >> a candle light vigil to honor those lost in a senseless act of violence. then affluenza outrage. the richie rich teen that mowed down four people


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