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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 5, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EST

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our first look at the woman behind wednesday's massacre in san bernardino, california. investigators say 27-year-old tashfeen malik pledged her allegiance to the head of the islamic state in a facebook post just as the deadly shoo shootinp page started g evening, i'm dawn timmeney. authorities are calling the attack that killed 14 people an
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act of terrorism and there are many new developments in this story tonight. let's get right over to to fox 29's brad sattin joining us here in the studio. brad? >> reporter: almost seems minute by minute at this point. new information tonight. the attorneys for the families of the dead suspects speaking out saying people should not rush to judgment as to what a motive may have been. but the fbi is mak making clears is more than caves workplace violence. >> now investigating this as anight of terrorism. >> reporter: two days into the investigation and the fbi now believes it was terrorism. the motivation still unclear for the accused killers. 28-year-old is a united far rook born in chicago and 27-year-old wife tashfeen malik who grew up in saudi arabia and was living in the u.s. on a visa. reports say she create created a facebook page no longer up she allegedly wrote she was inspired by islamic radicals. >> the investigation so far has developed indications of radicalization by the killers. >> but the attorneys for the suspects families say not so
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fast. >> anyone of us may have looked at something on facebook. it doesn't mean we believe in it. i've check out a britney spears post and i hate britney spears music. >> the landlord where the couple lived let cameras inside where a quran was found along with the crib and a box of diapers. the couple had a baby who is now in protective custody. but authorities say what was already removed may show the couple had much bigger plans. allegedly finding a pipe bomb factory along with 4500 rounds of ammunition. which the family's attorneys say was news to them. >> we're not finding any evidence of any behavior that would show us that this would be the alleged shooter. >> reporter: the couple was not on the government's radar. >> there are more than 900 active probes of isis related individuals in all 50 states. >> reporter: this wasn't one of them? no, it wasn't. >> reporter: anti-terrorism expert ed tersanski says many
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americans are afraid to report suspicious activity for fear of being labeled a profiler. >> see something say something unless of course what you say strikes someone as being in politic or inappropriate. in which case you're in trouble. >> reporter: for now the fbi has not found the suspects to be connected to any terrorist network or cell or even had any communication with anyone else. they did find two destroyed cell phones in the trash near their home. their hoping of course that might provide valuable information but of course the fbi is reminding folk at this point this investigation is just two days old. dawn? >> all right, brad. tonight we also know that a pennsylvania native was among those killed in wednesday's violence. earlier today, pennsylvania governor tom wolf sending out this tweet recognizing 46-year-old harry bowman. he says in part, quote on behalf of all pennsylvanians frances and i extend our deepest condolences to the bowman fami family. la times says bowman grew up in york county and moved to
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california more than 15 years ago. the paper says bowman's mother still lives in york township. bowman died with 13 others on wednesday including former cape may county health inspector nicholas. our coverage of this developing story continues on we are posting all the breaking details on our home page. on your radar, a chilly night. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> yeah, eighths chilly night after a pretty comfortable afternoon. take look at the chem rears note in center city, dawn. 44 degrees. the high item which are this afternoon above average. 52 degrees. the normal high this time of year is 49. once you move outside of the city those temperatures dropping. pretty rapidly. in fact already upper 20s in millville. we have 37 degrees right now in wilmington. 31 currently in pottstown. and 36 degrees in allentown. so here's the bottom line for tonight. it's mostly clear. it is going to be cold. mid 30s in the city. right now i wasn't 27 degrees in the outlying suburbs.
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and take look at your saturday snapshot. temperatures to start in the 30s. but with a lot of sunshine, high pressure in control, what about a high temperature of 53 degre 53 degrees. another above average day. so coming up we'll talk much more about the great weekend ahead. chilly overnights and milder afternoons. we could flirt with 60 degrees, dawn, with that seven day forecast, and we'll talk about any rainfall brewing in that seven day. back to you. >> all right. see in you a bit. thank you scott. young man is dead and his killers are on the loose tonig tonight. philadelphia police say they are armed and dangerous and they need your help getting them off the streets. fox 29's jennifer joyce brings us this story with newly relea released surveillance images of the suspect. >> reporter: do you recognize these two men? take close look. police tell us they're armed, dangerous and on the loose tonight. investigators say they're accused of of committing multiple robberies in the port richmond section of the city and involved in the heinous thanksgiving morning murder of 21-year-old ryan kelly.
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friends say this memory card was given out at kelly's viewing. police tell us the young man was shot in cold blood as he was walking along the 3500 block of almond street just one block away from his home. >> don't know if this was an tempted robbery or not but at this point it seems that he was approached and shot by these males. >> reporter: police and the entire community want kelly's killers caught immediately. >> i mean i was shocked. you know, just could never imagine him of all people who would never have a bad word to say about anybody. >> reporter: jamie miller has known the 21 victim for almost decade. she works in the neighborhood at samuel recreation center. where she says kelly played ball with his friends every single week. he was a huge flyers fan and a good person with a close group of friends. >> just a very nice genuine kid, always came in to say hello, very polite. >> reporter: police say these surveillance images captured the suspects trying to use a stolen atm card at a td bank sometime
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before kelly was killed. investigators say the vehicle in the background was likely stolen and may have been connected to the homicide. the white mazza six was later found abandoned in a port richmond neighbor. as for any homicide case there is $20,000 reward being offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. you can call it in, you can text it, you can tweet it if you want to do it anonymous call 215 215-686-tips. reporting from police headquarters, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. funeral services today for the western pennsylvania police officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty last week. hundreds of police officers gathering at the cambria county war memorial to remember 54-year-old officer lloyd reid of the saint claire township police department. authorities say reid was gunned down on saturday night while responding to a domestic dispute call in new florence. he was shot in the chest and died at a local hospital. reid had been a police officer
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for a total of 25 years. a philadelphia police officer ending up in the hospital after her cruiser is rear ended by another car. she was stopped on i-76 near passyunk avenue around 1:00 o'clock this morning. that's when the other car slammed into hers. investigators suspect that driver was drinking. the officer suffered head and neck injuries from the impact and was taken to presbyterian hospital. we're toll she is expected to be just fine. no word yet on any potential charges again the other driver. happening right now, in camden county, current military members, their families and veterans taking a hike this weekend with a lot on their shoulders. they're taking on a very serious issue, veteran suicide. fox 29' is that so bean in a cure cure rows is live at haddonfield memorial high school where dozens are taking part in the carry the fallen event. sabina? >> reporter: that's right, dawn much as you can see behind me we're going on hour six and these guys are still going very very strong as you mentioned they are walking to prevent veteran suicide.
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>> ♪ >> name was terrence warren. he was from ohio. he was from akron, ohio. >> ♪ >> we trained together. we partied together. i knew his life. he knew my life. >> reporter: pain iraq war veteran jonathan chang has felt every since his fellow marine took his own live not long after the two returned from active duty in 2009. tonight chang is walking to carry the fallen raising money to prevent veteran suicide. 22 hours straight on haddonfield memorial high's track. for every 22 vets who take their own lives, each day. >> we have raised over $75,000 for our group alone. the money is raised to build a retreat in schep padsville, kentucky, just outside of louisville. there's 144 acres in this
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retreat. it's open for veterans free of charge. michael collins a navy seal he lost his fight post traumatic stress disorder. >> reporter: several dozen veterans marching with weights on their backs symbolizing the heavy burdens many soldiers carry on their hearts after returning from war. the event organized locally by active heroes. >> it's our job to help these veterans, you know, acclimate back. ♪ >> reporter: cool night and a small but determined couldn't tin jenn. flags and rock sacks over their shoulders, hearts heavy, but the goal in site. >> to see how the people that care about you like myself feel and how we're left behind and that we would tried to anything to help you overcome whatever your difficulties are. >> reporter: and back here live again, we're going into
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hour six out of 22. these feet veterans are not going to stop marching through the night. not even stopping to take a sleeping break. they're going to be doing this right up until 2:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. they are walking anybody -- welcoming any who wants to come out and join them and show support. >> dawn. >> thank you. terrifying close call caught on camera. what happens when this white car and pitch pickup truck meet. it's something like out of an action movie but it's real. you have to see it to believe it. plus a student is assault at a philadelphia high school. next, hear from teenager who says he's had enough and what the district is doing about the violent. a police officer responds to a shoplifting call and what he did next is getting attention around the country. how he saved a child's birthday. plus where does your food come from? we'll take you behind the scenes of wholefoods for a look at an elaborate operation that might surprise you. operation that might surprise you. ♪
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♪ instant games! instant games for me! ♪ ♪ 6 new holiday instant games from the p.a. lottery ♪ keep on scratchin'! ♪ police are investigating a fast food restaurant robbery in south philadelphia. it happened at the burger king in the 1500 block of south christopher columbus boulevard. police say worker was taking out the trash when all of a sudden three men approached him. they forced him back inside and that's when police say one of the suspects hit the manager with a baseball bat while the other two stole money from a safe. if you know who these men are, give police a call. a community shocked in bucks county tonight. a middle schoolteacher under arrest charged with child sex
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abuse. authorities say he had inappropriate communications with a teenaged student. 30-year-old joseph becker arraigned in warrington court earlier today. fox 29's karen hepp was there and tells us what the accused abuser had to say to the judge. >> reporter: this all broke yesterday when the 14-year-old girl's parents found out. they went to police. detectives moved very quickly on this one just this morning they arrested that math teacher right there at the middle school. 30-year-old joseph becker confessed to detectives according to court documents that he asked a 14-year-old student for sexual explicit photos and videos, and that the inappropriate relationship had been going on for months. yesterday, her parents found o out. and detectives leapt into action arresting becker at penn ridge north middle school this morni morning. >> he was teacher. he was a math teacher, and he clearly took advantage of a 14-year-old student violated his duty as a teacher, and the public had put trust in him as
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teacher. he violate violated to his own advantage. >> reporter: becker is a married father of a two-year-old little girl. he said in court today, i made a mistake. i'm a good person, i know i'm a good person. i care about my students and my family. i'm sorry. parents of other students at penn ridge north middle are outraged. >> obviously inappropriate to be doing stuff like that and honestly, you know, it does scare you these days, you know, in school because you're trusting these teachers, you know, to bring up your children in a way, um, there's spending a lot of time, majority of their time at school. so, yeah, it's very shocking. >> reporter: math teacher facing very serious charges about 10 years in jail. he's being held in lieu of $250,000. there could be other victims out there. he was a long-term sub at some other middle schools specifically prosecutors say the conestoga middle school and also central bucks. so if you know anything, please call police. from warrington, i'm karen hepp
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fox 29 news. a pair of imposters accused of impersonating police officers last month are facing the music tonight dealing with the real authorities. you're looking at the mug shots of 48-year-old terrence jacob is and kelly rowan. the pair stopped several people in south philadelphia on sunday. the victims say they called themselves police officers and even flashed badges. one woman ran away but when another man they stopped turned over his wallet they stole all his cash. real detectives tracked down the duo. they are looking at charges of impersonating police and robbe robbery. a small amount of cocaine is found in the tour bus where rock star scott we'll land was found dead according to police. we'll land was the former front man of stone temple pilot. his manager says he died in his sleep while on tour bus with his current band in suburban minneapolis much the exact cause of his death has not been released. he had a long string of drug and alcohol related arrests and stints in rehab.
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he was 48 years old. charlie sheen's ex fiance' is suing the actor after learning he has hiv. brett rossi suing sheen for assault, negligence and emotional distress. this is the first known legal case against the actor since he announced he was hiv positive. saying he was diagnosed four years ago. the lawsuit also accuses shallly sheen of kic kicking and choking rossi on a number of occasions. sheen's lawyers say he plans to vigorously defense the lawsuit. a student assaulted at a philadelphia high school already making headlines for violent incidents. school officials insist that all is district says improvements are in place. as fox 29's bruce gordon shows us the most recent victim says he has had enough. >> reporter: that was where you got hit right near the eye area? >> yes. >> reporter: george washington freshman sonny thomas describes it as an ambush. >> i didn't know what was happening at all. i didn't recognize his face or anything. >> reporter: you just got punch idea. >> yeah. >> reporter: sucker punch delivered by a fellow george
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washington freshman as thomas waited for the bus home from school wednesday landed him in the hospital. his dad says when he asked to speak to principal gene joins to voice his concern over the incident he got the brush off. >> i mean he sighed audibly. he said like this was too much. he didn't have time to deal with such silly things like a kid being beaten outside his school. >> reporter: jones scene here getting earful from angry parents just last month after a video surfaced of cafeteria brawl at the school, insists he made sure thomas got immediately medical care. jones says his school has made improvements and safe for students. district spokesman admits parents are frustrated. but says safety staffing has been increased and the safety manager will report to george washington within the next few weeks. >> we regret the incident that occurred, the assault that occurred outside of the school, and we are working to make sure that we have everything in place so this does not happen again. >> reporter: but it's already happened to sonny thomas. he and his dad have had enough of george washington. >> there's probably at least i'd
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say two fights every week. just at the point the violence at this particular school is just ridiculous. you know, administration is doing nothing at all to keep our kids safe. >> reporter: do you feel safe going back? >> no. >> reporter: do you have any plans to go back? >> no. >> reporter: school police officer was on the scene win seconds. ironically in that area after being tipped off to a different violent incident brewing nearby. the attacker was quickly caught. he's been suspended from school. and will be prosecutor. in the newsroom bruce gordon fox 29 news. a kindergarten teacher learns a lesson of own watch she reported did to discipline a student had landed her in a whole different kind of trouble. local youth football team is heading to florida for a shot at a championship. the kindness that helped getting them to the big game. a story that will make you smile. and live from your living room? what facebook is planning that will take your posts to a whole new level.
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>> now, with tomorrow's traffic. here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. tgif. you'll be doing shopping this weekend in and out of king of prussia, watch for the new ramp that is are opened here along 422 right near trooper road. and a new construction pattern on 95 coming off of girard avenue. they put a new ramp in here. you have to use richmond street to gain access to 95. through the weekend septa will be using shuttle buses on the airport line, and who is ready for parade? we got one for you. tomorrow down in west cape may. it kicks off at 5:00 o'clock. had a have a good rest of the evening. i'll sit you bright and early tomorrow morning on "good day
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ >> life is returning to normal somewhat in paris aft those deadly attacks shook that city last month. the sidewalk cafe that was attacked by terrorists on friday the 13th has reopened. five customers inside died the night of the attack. pains of glass shattered by bullets were replaced and bloodstained walls painted over. but there are still reminders of the horror there. around the city these posters are common sight. they include instructions on how
3:25 am
to survive a terror tack. last month's shooting rampage left 130 people dead and hundreds more injured. but the resolve is still strong in paris. thanks to legendary rock ban the show will still go on. the eagles of death metal never got to finish their concert inside the bataclan on november 13th. but with the help of you two they will take to the stage for one final song sunday night to keep the music going. eagles of death metal members say they will resume their european tour again in february. a north carolina kindergarten teacher learning a lesson herself about taking discipline in her classroom a little bit too far. according to a pta member the parent of another child saw the greensboro teacher wash one of her student's mouths out with soap. spokesperson for the county school district released a statement calling the incident unacceptable. as you can imagine, the news is not sitting well within the community. >> it's sad it's dishearten. it's disappointing.
3:26 am
it's vexing. when you take your child to school, you trust they're in the best of care. and you don't want anything done to them that you don't do. >> the teacher resigned shortly after the incident. meanwhile, the school district and local police are investigating. a mall santa claus has the nation talking. the simple act of kindsness that left parents of a special little boy speechless coming up. scott? >> dawn, your weather authority is tracking some temperature changes for the first full weekend of december. find out about chilly overnig
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right now at 10:30, the christmas tree at love park looking beautiful on a chilly friday night. but changes are coming that are going to make those outdoor venues like this one even more appealing. your forecast coming up in just a minute. santa claus has been bringing children happiness for hundreds of years, but it's how santa helped one child in north carolina that's gaining national attention and lighting up social media. fox's jenna, talk to couple who says the way he inter acted with
3:30 am
their son is nothing short of a miracle. >> reporter: braid den dealey is skeptical when it comes to meeting and interacting with strangers because he's autistic. >> once in a blue moon i'll actually see him engage like that. >> his end count at santa claus at south park mall maybe changed his mind. >> no one was yelling smile or look at camera. they just let it happen. >> typical santa that never would have happened. >> but then santa did the unthinkable. a simple act that not only made brayden feel at ease, but also melted the hearts of his parents and everyone there. >> santa inched his way down slowly until he's on his stomach and started playing with brayden as well. >> interacting with autistic children takes a special touch but the dealey's say this santa did exactly what he should have done to help calm brayden's fears. >> this man new exactly how to interact with him to make that moment happen. >> starting to understand what christmas is and it's special
3:31 am
time of year and decorations and all that stuff and santa now is kind of the key part of it for him. >> photo of brayden and santa lying on the ground has gone viral. not only among families of autistic children but people of all ages. a concept that thinking and acting like a child can solve so many jitters. >> something so simple can make such a big difference for one child imagine, you know, if other santa clauses across the country start emulating that. it could be huge. he's a hero to us. >> he is a hero. the dealeys say they've seen brayden as engage as he was with santa quote once in a blue moon quote. phillies sports teams are not so hot this season but here's one that's undefeated. they can choice out. fox 29 cameras were there as the blackhawks philadelphia's undefeated junior midget american youth football team board add bus for the national. their oh on their way to florida. blackhawks needed about $10,000 to attend the team of 11 to
3:32 am
13-year-olds raising the money through gofundme page and other generous donations and, yes, they are very thankful. >> i would like to say thank you so much to making, um, get this money because if we didn't have this money we wouldn't make this trip. >> by the way that's nadirah abdullah the only female player in the entire league. best of luck to the blackhawks. tonight more than four dozen police graduates are ready to begin their careers in law enforcement. the philadelphia police department celebrating the graduation of its newest class of officers today. the department had 53 recruits in class 373. the philadelphia housing authority and false township police department each had one recruit complete the eight-month training program. on your radar tonight, a chilly one out there. but the weekend looking good. a warm up in store, scott. >> we'll have chilly overnights dawn because of high pressure just kind of right overhead with the clear skies. take a look the ultimate doppler. it's dry, it's quiet.
3:33 am
it's going to stay that way for quite sometime. in fact, scan the view, most of the lower 48 simply dry. you really have to head into the sunshine state before you find a wet scenario right now especially in central and southern portions of florida. but for us the high temperature today 52 degrees. that's several degrees above the average high this time of year which is 49. a little bit of up tick as we head toward the upcoming weeke weekend. we'll likely peak around monday with highs getting close to 60 degrees before we drop a few degrees by the middle of next week. but dry for days as we take look at the seven up you can see high pressure will be in full contr control. not only for your saturday maybe you'll be out shopping, parades, festivities. putting up some decorations beautiful weather for that a lot of sunshine and dry conditions. take look at sunday. the high pressure it's still in control. so chilly conditions to start, but milder conditions by the afternoon. then as we move toward your
3:34 am
monday, that high pressure it's still in control. the closest showers will be to our south. as we move toward monday night. what about temperatures in the 50s for much of next week? i mean they can week is typically or average for snowfall across parts of the area. but blame el nino as we continue to talk about temperatures above average. so a mild start to the month of december. so the bottom line for tonight, we're looking at mid 30s in the city. temperatures colder once you moved toward the outlying suburbs into the 20s. so here's a look at that saturday planner. once again a chilly start out there tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 30s. then upper 40s by noon. low 50s for the high temperature tomorrow. we'll go about 53 degrees. that weather authority seven day forecast showing i was mild upcoming weekend. you can see beautiful weather. sunday the pick day of the upcoming weekend. high temperature of 57 degrees. looking good for hanukkah starting sunday evening and as
3:35 am
we move toward monday, it stays mild. 58 degrees. and look at early next week. not that bad. more clouds moving it look like the coastal storm will stay out to sea tuesday into wednesday but maybe a spotty shower and then better chances for showers by the latter part of next week. big game right here on fox 29 sunday. up at gillette stadium we're talking temperatures well above average for this time of year. looking pretty good there in new england. but york, we need a win. >> we definitely need a win. but the weekend weather is fantastic. that's a win. >> great for december. >> all right. terrifying close call caught on tape. it looks like something out of an action movie. the video you have to see to believe. and a '90's favorite making a come back when this highly sought after drink will hit store shelves again. a police officer responds to a shoplifting call and what he did next is getting attention all around the country. how he saved a child's birthday. >> tomorrow morning 8:00 o'clock "good day philadelphia" goes to
3:36 am
seven days week. "good day philadelphia" weekend. so it's time to switch situations. >> okay. >> moving over. >> rotate. >> there we go. >> bill you finally get your own chair. >> i love this. make sure you're watching tomorrow morning
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♪ you probable already stay on top of what your friends and family are doing, checking on facebook from time to time. well now you'll be able to watch them live. facebook is testing a feature that will enable users to use their phones to shoot and share live videos. text experts say it's in response to apps like periscope but for now the social network will test the service with a small number of users in california. in your money tonight, a drink craze from the '90's could be making a come back. remember high c he can tow coolers. developed quite a following. it was discontinued back in 2001. to give you an idea how popular it is unopened carton is going for $199 on e-bay. coca-cola filed for trademark. it looks like it will be back on the market just in time for the 2016 remake of ghost busters. you may recall the green colored
3:40 am
orange tangerine beverage was first introduced when ghost busters carton launched in the late '80s. chip potty system tightening its food safety standards this after its restaurants were linked to dozens of cases of e. coli. the mexican food chain says the new procedures will include testing of all produce before they are shipped to restaurants and testing to insure quality throughout shelf live. an act of kindness and compassion by a new hampshire police officer is getting global attention trending on social media. a new hampshire officer was called out to local store for someone who was shoplifting. before long, he was able to identify the female suspect, track her down at her home where he interviewed her and recovered the items. but police say what the woman stole was a little unusual. a number of baking supplies from crisco to vanilla frosting. the officer quickly learned the suspect was a desperate mom. >> she admitted to the theft, and stated the only reason she took it was what she took
3:41 am
because she couldn't afford. the ingredients we found out she took were for birthday cake for her daughter. >> instead of making an arrest the officer opted to talk with the woman about the theft and pay for the stolen items out of his own pocket. police certainly are not condoning the theft but the female suspect at the center of it all was not charged. interrogating darth vader while police are interviewing the star wars super villain. wholefoods like you've never seen it before. behind the scenes look that seen it before. behind the scenes look that includes some sur
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♪ talk about a close call. this is pretty unbelievable. two drivers are lucky to be alive after this near collision on a minnesota highway. let's take another look. pickup truck was cruising down highway sketch when a white car speeds through a stop sign. it happened back in september but police just releasing this dash cam video now. the driver of the car was char charged with drunk driving. speaking of drunk driving, a florida lawyer says he prided himself on helping people avoid dui convictions. well, tonight he's facing a charge of his own. you may be able to guess what it is. attorney tom hudson literally wrote the book on dui including
3:45 am
how to avoid conviction but on sunday the self described expert got busted for drunk driving in sarasota. in the arrest report he told officers he had a drink but both of his breathalyzer tests came back with hudson well over the legal limit. the lawyer even quested an additional blood test which experts say actually may have been a wise move. >> none of the breath samples he gave whether it be blood or breath are going to be able to determine whahat his blood alcol level was when he was actually driving his vehicle. obviously that happened hour -- two hours before him actually giving the breath or the blood. >> hudson did not comment on his case but he did tell a local newspaper that it's been eye opening to experience what his clients go through. where does your food come from? it's a question more and more consumers are asking, and fox's crisic mur rah goes behind the scenes at wholefoods to look for some answers. >> at 4am the aisles and check outs are empty. but the bakery is beginning to
3:46 am
bustle. >> this doesn't make itself or bake itself. >> reporter: as the sun rises outside this wholefoods market, today's dough rises inside. >> put little love into it. it makes all the difference. it does. >> reporter: this slice of the food chain is wide open. for all to seem really nothing new for consumers. >> we pan them and we make them in our oven. >> reporter: there's another ingredient in this recipe. for a school, terry recommend as visit to the back stage bake house. >> no one really sees the bake house team members they're just like the rest of us. >> reporter: this -- >> a lot of machinery and hands on. >> reporter: is the bake hous house. >> pies going on. cake decorating. cookies being processed. >> reporter: it's 275 miles from the store. at home inside this nondescript warehouse. >> 29,000. >> reporter: 22 hours day this unique centralized bakery
3:47 am
supplies two dozen whole food stores with search baked goods. >> bread we're doing 12,000 pounds of bread a day. >> reporter: the scale of everything is tall. >> where are we now. >> flower room. >> reporter: that's knauer? >> yes. >> reporter: full three stories of it. >> it gets pumped into the silo by a tanker truck. >> reporter: that flower mixed with eggs sugar and such ultimately begins piping hot goodness. some ships ready to eat. >> we use all natural products there's no preservatives in there so we have to time to time perfectly. >> reporter: other items are half baked and flash frozen so the store can sell them fresh from the oven. >> a lot of planning. >> reporter: i'm captivated and so are some bake house veterans like alexandra. >> wow! >> reporter: that's a lot of dough. >> it is. you're still mesmerized. >> um-hmm. >> reporter: aft eight years. >> yes. >> reporter: five regional bake houses supply wholefoods
3:48 am
nationwide. this mechanized marvel is the chain's newest. they're all machines but they're powered by people. lots of people. >> it's about 60 to 70 people every day. >> reporter: here's prime example of the bake house blend of man and machine. that oven is particle auto mat mated, but before each loaf goes in, a baker checks it to make sure it meets whole foods specifications and they do that by hand. >> measure the length of the baguette so they're the same size. old school. old school very old school. >> reporter: quality control with a modified ruler and a tap of a human hand. wholefoods believes this old school formula improves quality and sets it apart from its competitorcompetitors. whose bakeries are also auto mated. >> experienced bakers can feel if the dough is right. >> reporter: that human touch also helps explain why wholefoods shoppers pay higher prices in the whole foods bake bakery. >> these artisan breads are hand done.
3:49 am
you can get this from a machine. >> reporter: this successful chain has grown rapidly to more than 400 locations. another expansion will triple its footprint to 1200 stores. >> like a freshly made bread every day. >> reporter: wholefoods secret is no secret at all. it's keeping pace with more consumer hunger for less processed food. >> they want the real deal. >> serving millions who eagerly pay a premium for quality. that's bread. and butter. >> i think the future is here and i think people are starting to see it. >> reporter: chris chmura, fox news. >> police in fort worth, texas are using the force to try and recruit new police officers. the department posting a video on its facebook page featuring darth vader in a mock interview. the dark lord of assist says his rule over the imperial force qualifies him to be police officer. officials made the video to serve as recruitment tool and it is getting awful lot of attention. it's been shared thousands of times.
3:50 am
here's a little bit of the vid video. >> what is this about a death star blowing up under your command? >> i was cleared of that. not my fault. you can see per my resume i'm quite pro tissue at using the force. >> police posting the video with the headline "breaking news darth vader fails fwpd police interview, maybe we should have interviewed yoda". sean bell? >> yeah, dawn, no worries today. no new videos came out of jahlil okafor. his head coach brett brown did talk about how okafor can actually learn from all of this crazy stuff and temple getting ready to play houston for the american conference crown. coach matt ruhle talk about ma
3:51 am
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3:53 am
♪ the flyers are the only pro team in philly with a winning streak. winners of three in row. it looks like they're finally starting to click under new head coach dave hex stole tonight they went up knife to take on the devils. third period, flyers up three-two. under a minute left. devils six on four power play. mike breaks through. and gets the goal. sending this 192 overtime. now, in extra periods, matt reid
3:54 am
probing the defense and finally shoots the rocket past the goalie. the flyers within four-three. their fourth straight goal. -- fourth straight win. sixers at this point are just hoping tmz doesn't have any more video. jahlil okafor fighting outside of bars and doing over 100 miles an hour on the ben franklin got him a two game suspended allegedly the sixers now have a bodyguard around okafor 24/7 to keep him out of trouble. today he practiced. kobe bryant's advice to okafor was to stay on the court and focus on the game. jal was at practice even though he was one more game for suspension. he joked around with teammates and work on his game but did not talk after practice. that left brett brown to speak on his behalf. brown looks at this whole circus as a learning experience. >> this is a turning point for him to get hit on such a repetitive basis maybe it's just
3:55 am
that much more dramatic where the point is made even more violently, more viciously. it's like this is right now a situation that we've got to talk through and help him, you know, he will come out just fine. >> temple getting ready for the biggest game in school history. it's like that every week now. they're in unchartered territo territory. they can win their first conference championship and get to a major bowl right now temple the only winner philly has and company. coach matt ruhle wants to make us proud. >> i want the city of philadelphia to feel really good about temple football that we're hard, tough, blue collar kids that do things right. i'm proud of the fact i say it all the time when we go to the bowl game whenever it is we'll have 26 college graduates on the team i think eight or nine of whom will come back neck year and play. >> check this out. this is the best video coming from the, h their team scores they have made up dances to celebrate on the side lines. that's the first down. i love this one. give the guy live.
3:56 am
there he goes back up. look at these more guys on the side line they call this the human scissors. (laughter). >> okay. in ba doesn't allow this much fun but i love it. this love. omg. make that face. unbelievable. i it. love it. guys on the bench going crazy. >> i like that enthusiasm quite the moves, too. >> exactly. that's creativity. that put that school brain to. >> all right. >> well, thanks for watching to night. stay tuned for chasing new jersey and the simpsons and be sure to join us "good day philadelphia" weekend starting at 8:00 a.m. philadelphia" weekend starting at 8:00 a.m. have a great night, have a great night,
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>> judge judy: you went over there. there was a big ruckus and a big fuss. >> announcer: a tense situation was defused. >> judge judy: none of you took into consideration your 3-year-old child, who was with you on that day. >> announcer: then... >> judge judy: what does this genius do? she goes back there -- with the baby in the car. >> announcer: did she spark more anger? >> all of a sudden, he just come out of nowhere, trying to hit me, and he just kicked my car. >> judge judy: what do you think i'm gonna do about that? >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution 24-year-old tiara holland is suing her friend's mother, crystal lakey, and her son, 15-year-old rashad daniels, for damage to her camaro as a result of rashad kicking it. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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