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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 6, 2015 10:00pm-10:37pm EST

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well, put her there, bub. thank you, friend. bub, this was a wonderful transaction. thank you. i love how secret santa puts together the oddest pairs!est p! all right, tandy, you're next-- who'd you draw? carol, i drew myself. what do you get the person who has everything already, huh? i can only think of one thing. a friggin' yacht! (all exclaiming) i'd like to take a moment to thank the previous owner, the late pitbull. rest in peace, my literal dog. boom. so, we can have parties on there? well, it's gonna be kind of hard to do that after i do this. (all gasp) (laughing) merry christmas! ho! ho! ho! ho! ho! (laughing) wait, where are you guys going? the nba is ♪oh-oh iback on twitter.. ♪ porzingis, wow! [bell] ♪
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cricket wireless. something to smile about.
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melissa, i had you. (squeals) aw! (singsongy): i wonder what these are. (laughs) you don't like them? you know what, it's fine, because i got you the regular pair, too, so... no, no, i-i want these! you do? i love them. thank you, carol. i love you. and i love these... (laughing): crazy-ass boots. i huffed so much glue to make those. thank you.
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you're welcome. well, i guess i'll go next then. todd, i had your name. oh. i'll never forget the story you told about your high school prom. and how mean they were to you. so i wanted you to get a do-over. because if anyone deserves to be prom king, it's you. oh. (chuckling) when did...? right? go... yeah. it fits. scepter and crown. that's great. that's... ah. merry christmas. no, yeah, merry christmas. thank-thanks, melissa. thank you. carol: wow, that is a tough act to follow! but if anyone can top it, it's gail. oh, uh, i drew phil. carol: amazing.
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let's see that gift! um, let's see. i... got you a wicker ball. merry christmas. thank you. carol: well, you know, sometimes the greatest gifts are right under our noses the whole time. phil, you're up. and i don't mean the continent! (laughing) (sighs) well, i guess it's no mystery who i got. erica, i drew your name. hope this one's not a bust. that's a pre-boom. you'll get it on the flippity. well, my gift is in the solar house, so... i'd really like it if you guys came and took a look. this gift is a real gem. uh... never mind.
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well, i thought you might want to see your baby. gail? will you help me? yeah, sure. (machine beeping) oh, man, this is so exciting. well, there's your baby. yeah. there it is. merry christmas.
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todd: do they know if it's a boy or girl? gail: mm-mm. (indistinct chatter) (sighs) it was pretty amazing, huh? well, i mean, it's no hope diamond. (laughs): what? i gave him the friggin' hope diamond to give to her! that's a $350 million diamond, carol. he gives her this stupid piece of medical equipment? it's so cold and impersonal. and i'll tell you this much. i am done trying to help this turd. i set him up for the victory and he just tinkles on it. i'm so done with him. just done, d...
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hey, tandy? you want to go get a drink? i'd love to! (chuckles) oh, let's get out of here. okay, yes, yes. (chuckles) ♪ heedless of the wind and weather ♪ ♪ fa la la la la ♪ ♪ la la la la. ♪ hey, guys. sorry to interrupt. i have something i want to say.
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you know, all this secret santa stuff has really kind of worked on me. i'm like, i don't know, feeling things. todd? i know things haven't been great between us. we broke up because we're different. you're warm. and caring. and you see the world through rose-colored glasses. and me, i'm... i know i can be cold. and negative. and my glasses are basically crap-colored. but that's what made me fall in love with you. you know, the first thing we ever bonded over was the shawshank redemption. "get busy living or get busy dying." busy dying, yeah. and i've come to realize that the only time i ever really feel like i'm living is when i'm with you. so... i'm just gonna come right out and do this.
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carol: oh, my "g"! todd, will you marry me? (groaning) oh, my god! phil?! phil? phil? tandy: phil? oh, my god! phil? oh, phil, phil, what is it? captain mike miller, signing off. female voice: air lock engaging in ten, nine, eight, seven,
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six, five, four... oh, my god! ...three, oh, my god. two, one. abort. abort failed. captioning sponsored by 20th century fox television and toyota. (horn honking) captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>> prom hitting back to critics who say he's notes tough enough. in a rare address to the nation on the heals of wednesday mass shooting president obama says taking out isis is a priority. lucy noland. >> ian page. us must make an order for. with the story. >> reporter: prom giving a rare prime time address from the oaf val office just the third during his time in office. and to reassure americans in the wake of mash shooting in california the nations biggest terror attack since 911. >> first our military will continue to hunt down terror in any country where it is necessary. second we will continue to provide training and equipment to tens of thousand dollars of iraqi forces.
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>> reporter: called isis a jv team before the terror attacks in paris he claimed isis had been contained. the white house continues to down play the aisle threat and must do more to might militants. >> i think the american people deserve to know what the truth really is. and we also want to hear from him and on military strategy to file defeat destroy isis. >> reporter: san bernardino attacks are row igniting debate over gun control with the president calling on congress to take action. >> no one on a no fly list is able to buy a gun. what could be the argument or allowing a terror suspect to buy a semi-automatic weapon? >> matter of national security. we also need to make it harder for people to buy powerful assault weapons like the ones used in san bernardino. >> reporter: republicans say there's no evidence that closing any of those gun loopholes would
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have stopped that awful terror attack in california. at the white house ed henry fox news. >> dramatic video relieved of confronting a man investigators are treating it as a terrorists incident. the man wheeled ding a 95 before being david by police officers and arrested. people injured in its attack one seriously. attack are yelled this is for 0 yay. passengers who saw it happen say it was terrifying. >> i called the police. and then he took knife he was using his knife. >> brit tans, authorities believe an attack is likely. you can head to for latest developments inure center
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terror attacks the story is on the home page. on your radar another cold night. canceling key or is here. all right cathy what's going on. we have clouds. a few high clouds nevertheless the winds have gone calm pretty much every where temperatures are falling fast. pottstown 33. 36 right now in allentown. philadelphia still holding on to 43 degrees after highs in the 50s. a calm wind in pottstown. 6 mile an hour wind out of the southwest in philadelphia. but overnight tonight we are going to blanch. lehigh valley poconos 27 to 32 that will be the overnight range in temperature. philadelphia waking up to freezing temperatures in many location between 30 and 35. down the shore delaware beaches between 35 and 38 degrees. coming up we will see a huge swing in temperature this workweek. certainly not feeling like december in that 7 day. plus the chance of rain this week coming up with 7-day forecast. >> all right.
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cathy thanks. eagles fans i have a big reason to celebrate tonight. the eagles were the clear under dog and tonight's game against patriots in new england they beat them in their house. win breathing new life into this disappointing season. sean bell you predicted eagles loss? >> yes, i do not even the most die hard eagles fan was going to predict new england to lose. you were rooting for them but you didn't think this would happen no one thought the eagles were going to win. they loss 3 in a row against last place teals teams that they were supposed to beat. heading into new england angry tom brady wasn't supposed to be possible i guess this is why they play. in third quarter tie game. red zone.
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jenkins, he talks about accountability all week. he made sure you can count on him. 99 yards. eagles up 21, 14. up to touch town intrad out join matthews for 10 yard td. at one point the eagles scored 35 straight points. they hold on to win 35, 28 not even the biggest eagles fans were going to predict this one. a big win for chip already looking ahead. >> we won what's the next game? >> you spend too much time patting yourself on the back, going to play a good buffalo team. there's always the next challenge and next step. i think i'm really proud of how our players played. >> fly eagles fly. college temple went from possibility of playing in peach bowl against a major program to playing in boca raton bowl in toledo december 22nd.
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first bowl in matt rhule era. still something to add on to a record breaking season for temple who had more than, eagles in probable wins later on sports sunday. >> all right shawn delaware county man was sick and tired of seeing hate filled graffiti he painted over it. the delco man took matter into his own hands grabbed a paint began can and grabbed a roller. what he did next has a whole lot of folks talking. >> reporter: he got tired of driving by it every day on his way to work he got rid of it thousands of people are weighing in. >> graffiti for the city of chester. >> with a few stokes pat wide out words of hate on an under pass under i95 in chester.
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>> i drove buy on monday i saw it. >> cop killing season the tag was still there when pat drove by again later in the week. landscaper and basketball coach decided it had hung there long nudge. i had time to think. i thought i'm going to respond with my own message little bit more height hard dead now snow men appear out from the concrete. even posted this message the video pat shared of his efforts on the underpass have traveled at light speed on the information super highway over 80 thousand likes in less than one day. >> reflection of the climate in the country. we know that this type of feeling exists. >> chester mayor says the city encourages dialogue with people unhappy. threats are not tolerated. >> i had messages from western
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virginia, new jersey, new york, and thank you from police officers i think that's a big deal because people should stand up. i'm going to stand up for us. >> now the mayor says the streets department would have eventually painted over it but as you saw pat decided not to wait. you can watch the full video at ian. >> thank you. a man is in the hospital tonight after being shot while driving his car in the city's germantown section. the shooting victim driving along the knock street 3 this morning when he heard gunfire. shot once in the back and twice in the arm. police say somehow that guy was able to drive himself to albert einstein medical center. no word yet on his condition. police have not made any arrests. search is on for 3 money involved in a police chase in south philadelphia. state police say they tried to pull over a car with expired plates 2:30 this morning. the driver took off the car
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ended passyunk suspect got outran away no one was injured. no information about abode found on banks of schuylkill river someone out walking found it yesterday in southwest philadelphia. medical examiner says its the body of a woman with no obvious signs of trauma. wearing brown pants, no shirt and brown socks described as hospital socks. authorities have no idea who she was. police in montgomery county looking for your help tracking down the man they say robbed a wawa happened before 8 at the store on bethlehem pike in lower. police say this man here on surveillance images walked up to a woman who was working the register and handed her a note demand ding money claiming he had a gun. investigators say she saw something inside the man's coat thought it was a gun the guy got a way with cash. he may have driven off in silver suv. university of houston fan
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goes viral the university of houston said it fired security contract tore. take a lack at the video shot after the ky guesser beat the temple owls. one guard man handling a guy second guard comes up punches the guy in the head. then punches him another time when he hits the ground. another fan flown to the gun. the university vice president relieved a statement saying i'm extremely disappointed and angered by the actions taken by individuals cfc. we are working with the university of houston police to review today's activity take appropriate action including termination of contract and any legal action deemed necessary. in a horror movie 5 bodies stolen from a cemetery why suspected thief told police he had to do it.
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former president jimmy carter causes a church congregation to gasp the shocking news he shared. the billboard stirring up controversy and what's behind it jam. watch special ladies take the stage tonight in south injury he see. we'll take to you a pageant that delivers a powerful message that will make you talk. this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing
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>> the patch subsequent in south jersey bought tiers to some of the audience and the biggest smiles you'll ever see on stage the miss amazing pageant celebrates abilities of women and girls with disabilities. >> reporter: what a main attraction it was. new jersey pageant 21 girls ages 10 to 51, obstacle no match. >> in this means the world today transform when you think the minute you put this outfit on: a pageant was short on gowns for
10:30 pm
contestants interviewed by bruce good or dan. >> i want to look fab by lust. >> reporter: hundreds of viewers responded with gowns. >> here it is and i'm awesome. >> reporter: the event was awesome all crowned aspirins and queens smiles and fists in the air say it all teaching us a thing tore two about going after our dreams. >> i don't know what other passion includes all people with disabilities cause we rock this. >> reporter: yes, they did. >> one of the greatest things i want to ever experience. in my dream its everything. >> reporter: from the interview portion to the talent magic song and dance it was all there. >> it was so fun. >> i'm very excited to be new miss amazing. >> reporter: offering so much pride on stage and in the crowd.
10:31 pm
>> someone inspires you. >> my family. >> your whole family is your family here today. >> yeah. >> these girls light up your day just by saying hello. >> reporter: today they did a lot more than that in lawrenceville new jersey fox 29 news. >> house that for a feel good story. former president jimmy carter says his prayers have been answered latest brain scan shows no signs of his cancer. 4 months ago he told the congregation mel nome ma spread to his brain. he got radiation and taking a new auto immune drug to help fight the cancer. he's remained active continuing humanitarian work. jeep hundreds gathering at the new york trade center for first responders who got sick after working at the attack after attacks september 11th
10:32 pm
2001. new york state officials turning out along with first responders and other surveyors, they say they want congress tory authorize and extends health and compensation row analyzation act by the end of the year otherwise it will expire if that happens the people sick kenned would stop getting the healthcare and compensation that's provided by legislation. we have to hon. >> we have to honor people who are here to support advocate for to represent, we have to honor the people who went into harms way. >> officials say he can stepped ding the act will come at 7 billion dollars. >> first night of hanukkah independence hall is shining brightly. take a look. you can't miss this. first cancel is now shining candle is shining. hanukkah last eight days and nights ends monday december 14.
10:33 pm
and more holiday cheer this is head house square along south street tonight it hosted christmas tree lighting. dancing and playing music. soon at a stopped by big night. what's in a name quite a lot so much so one counsel one quit ever a time. upset about what her counsel members voted to call city's annual tree lighting. story un folding voted to change it from holiday tree lighting to christmas tree lighting. her story voted against the name non christians will feel excluded and then she quit. >> i don't mean to offend anybody in any way, shape or form. but it is a christmas tree it's not a holiday tree. it's not a pair tree. it's a christmas tree. and this is the season. >> i think particularly at this time in our country and in our world, it's important to be
10:34 pm
inclusive. >> after meeting with the mayor story rescinded resignation but says she will not attend tree lying. >> this marks 150 of has been bow listen of slavery. michael nutter was at the national constitution center to read part of the 13th amendment which ended it. united states ratified 13th amendment on this day in 1865, mayor nutter also viewed a rare copy of the amendment signed by abraham lincoln that is on display at the center of all to see. elsewhere in the city saint paul's elkins park church wrapped up a two day celebration on monumental universe. celebrated week of activities recognizing event of slavery rein america. 14-year-old girl is kidnapped held captive how she got away and why police believe her abductee may have a scary
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