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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  December 8, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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civil rights case, this morning, and is there a new video of another shooting. plus, we're back in the game, the eagles now tied for first place, thank you, cowboys for that win last night. and, thank you desean jackson he helped with that. >> he sure did. >> we will look ahead to sunday. >> yeah. >> look at how fast he is running. >> we cannot get enough of that footage from sunday. >> yes. >> good day, it is tuesday, december the the eighth, 205. >> well, we have a number that is higher than eight. >> what sit, a nine or ten i'm guessing. >> you are too brilliant for me. it is a nine out of ten. it will be a little bit milder then average even though it will be cooler then yesterday. does that make sense? of course, it does. the bus stop buddy still wearing eagles cap, he haddon yesterday too, celebrating for two whole days, chilly start with temperatures in the 30's, a few 40's, in rain on the
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radar, 37 degrees but feels like 32. ten after 7:00 is your sunrise time, plan on sunshine today, 47 degrees by lunchtime and a high temperature of around 50. normal high is 47. we're still above average with that 50 degrees but wait until you see weekend temperatures coming up in a few moments when we have to merge here, bob kelly. >> you know, merging on i-95. 7:01. this is a live look at i-95 southbound. on ramp from allegheny a avenue aspen dot crews try to put cones up here. everybody is pushed over to the two left lanes this disabled truck we have to get tow truck to do a u turn laverne to give the guy a jump start. bottom line anyone heading south on i-95 from the northeast we are stacked and packed into allegheny avenue where that far right lane and on ramp from allegheny avenue sits that disabled truck. water main break happened last
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night. lets go to video of sky fox when we pulled up to cayuga street looking like a river there. 12-inch main burst, pouring thousands and thousands of gallons of water, into the neighborhood. good news the water is turned off and as we come back to the maps the the the only bad news right now is the clean up, that is a ahead of us here for rest of the the day and repairs. throughout the day detoured traffic of cayuga street and we will use bristol or hunting park avenue and even kid on the school bus will go for a defor this morning. two other water main breaks, one in blue bell at yost ape whit wood and at township line and white hall road in norristown. otherwise we are looking at delays on both tacony and burlington bristol bridgees from earlier openings. otherwise we're in good shape. mike and alex, back to you. police are investigating an act of harassment they are calling it after a severed pigs head is found out side a area mosque. >> steve keeley is live in north philadelphia with the details this morning.
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why they have a clue into who did it. >> yes. >> reporter: that clue courtesy of the surveillance camera that he they put up for a reason, because they have had ethnic intimidation before and cameras captured this red pickup truck tossing a a roasted pigs head outside the front door just before 11:00 sunday night. >> we have reported it to the police. we have reported it to the fbi. we have reported it to the human relations commission. i hope they catch the guy. we just want to find out the what the reason was. second we tell everybody that no matter what you you do, we didn't do it. no matter what hatred you have, we didn't do it. >> i hope you people are happen bye what you did, in paris. >> i said a prayer for the the by and may god put him in the straight path. if he was in his right mind, he wouldn't be doing this. >> reporter: we heard between his comment was a clip of the angry hate filled, curse filled voice mail and it mentioned, pigs twice. that is why mosque caretaker think it is same guy behind
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both acts of what he calls ethnic intimidation and probably hate crimes. >> yeah, probably so. steve, thank you. 704:67:89 philadelphia mayor-elect jim kenney is reacting to the incident with a statement that reads, well, in part. >> the bigotry that desecrated al-aqsa mosque has in place in philadelphia i ask all philadelphians to join me in rejecting this despicable act and supporting our muslim neighbors. new this morning, philadelphia fire fighters are on the scene of the row home fire in the cities frankford section. >> it the looks like they have knock it down nicely but some people taken to the hospital, dave kenchin we have new live picture. we got closer to the scene in the 4600 block of oakland street and we have new information the house where this fire started i'm tell by a man who says that he was in the back of the house when two children jumped from the top floor children between four and seven years old. said the the mom jumped out first and then called for her kids to jump.
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he said one jumped but fell on the radiator. the other fell into his arms. he says those children were taken to the hospital for observation and we're also told when the fire spread to the second house here that fire fighters went in and grabbed a child at this location as well. the fire spread to a third house. we are told. we do not know the exact to extent of the injuries. we know everyone was home at the time when this fire started. here in frankford. and that some people have been hospitalized, including children. i wanting to to a woman who lives in this last house here and here's what she had to say about that fire and getting her kids out. >> when i woke up i smelled the fumes and then i said i smell fire. get up, get up. is there a fire. i don't know if it is here but is there a fire. when i opened up the the front door the fire was at my front and i had to close the the door so the the fire wouldn't come inside and then we went
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through the the back and i don't know how it started. i just know that there was a fire. >> reporter: very scary situation. two children jumping from the back second floor window according to a witness or person who said he caught one of those kids. possibly three kid taken to the hospital for observation. no word on other injuries. the fire is under investigation underway. new this morning at philadelphia's lawncrest session a home invader was shot and killed when he busted in the home late last night. the it happened in the 6100 block of reese street. a 35 year-old male was shot twice by the the home owner. police say the man entered the front door with the gun and announce aid robbery. five people were in the home just before midnight when this happened. no one else was hurt. meanwhile police say they are also found what they have believed to be marijuana in the basement of this home. and in word if anyone in the home will be facing charges just yet. and a woman's housekeeper and handy man are arrested and
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charged with her murder. fifty-four year-old the catherine wilson was found beaten to death in perfect earl street home in fishtown yesterday morning. and police arrested a couple, jane johnson, who cleaned wilson's home several times a week and james cleaver who did hand i work for the victim. the pair split about $25,000 and that is money that they stole from wilson. and a police officer will be at radnor high school, when students arrived, this morning. probably more than one police officer. a student found a bullet, in a hallway yesterday, which forced the school into lock down. but police never found anything, school leaders, say that the officer, will be on hand today to reassure students and staff that the building, is safe. lets get to lauren for more headlines. hi lauren. >> hello both of you. new this morning out of south africa a judge granted bail for oscar pistorius. on the he rim pick athlete is back on house arrest. they found him guilty of in murder in the the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. that ruling threw out of an
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earlier conviction of manslaughter by a less court. he was released in october. pistorius could now go to prison for as long as 15 years. the pistorius shot and killed stein cam in 2013 says he thought she was an intrude inner his home. uj justice department is investigating chicago police department. agency will look at patterns of racial disparity and use of on force in the the department. this comes two weeks after the the release of dash cam video, showing the police involved shooting death of 17 year-old laquan mcdonald. he was shot 16 times, in october of 204, and by this man, officer james van dyke, hoist now being charged in first degree murder in the case. newly released very ohio of another police shooting sparking more controversy in the city. twenty-five year-old ronald johnson was shot as he ran away from police. the this shooting happened eight days before the laquan mcdonald incident but unlike the the mcdonald case authorities are not charging the officer. prosecutors think that johnson was armed, and many continue to alleged a cover up over
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police misconduct and, continue to resignation, of mayor rahm emmanuel and county prosecutor. we will have more on those stories at 7:30 when our legal analyst weigh in on these cases in chicago, alex. thanks, lauren. 7:09. fbi is talking about what it found inside the home behind the couple in the shooting rampage in san bernardino, california. at a news conference agents discover 19 pipes, that could have have been made into bombs. we are getting a first look at syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik as they entered the u.s. in 2014 at chicago's o'hare airport. agents say the couple was radicalized and had been for some time. investigators are still trying to establish when, where, and by whom, they were influenced. the the couple shot and killed, 14 people last week at a holiday gathering, but both of farouk's co-workers. chilling fact reveals, yesterday, workers at the the center they underwent active shooter training, last year, in the same room. >> yeah. >> where the attack happened. >> very same room.
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>> wow. >> eagles of death medal the band whose concert was going on during last month's paris terror attacks, is showing the world on the power of music. >> our chris murphy joins with us more on this special performance. >> special, powerful, guys. the band you two, one of the biggest band in the whole world, they were in paris last night and they had canceled concerts in paris in the wake of those attacks. now just weeks later, bono and boys are proving that indeed the show must go on. >> yes, two band, brought the crowd to their feet, concert goers were both surprised and touched by the appearance of the band that had witnessed so much tragedy. >> it was a very emotional moment. >> lots of emotion. >> during both of u2's performance in paris the band paid tribute to those who died in the terror attacks. each of the victims name were
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displayed on the large screen in what else their colors, blue, white, and red. >> red, white and blue you. >> pretty much like us too. >> yeah. >> that man is from palm springs, california. >> i have been there. >> yes. >> my mom lives there. >> exactly. >> but it is nice of u2 to to do that to bring together that band. >> u2 were always done. that they were political initially. >> good to have that band back there. donald trump is not backing away from his controversial proposal, to temporarily, ban all muslims, from entering the united states. >> the idea is in response to last weeks terror attacks in california. >> doug luzader, explain this toe my. >> reporter: well look, there will be political fall out from this, obviously and it will just be a bridge too far for donald trump or appealing to americans who are, concerns, in the aftermath of the attack in california last week. by the time donald trump
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walked up on stage in south carolina he knew he had ignited a firearm. his proposal in response to last weeks terrorist attack in california, temporarily shut down the the nation's borders to muslims. >> we can't live like this. it will get worse and worse. you will have more world trade centers, it will get worse and worse, folks. >> trump arguing there were warning signs that tashfeen malik an inside side, seen here entering the you had, were up to no good. we need a better handle on the flow of immigrants. that got a quick response from democratic front runner, hillary clinton who tweeted this is reprehensible, prejudice and divisive but trump's fellow republican candidates were largely unfairing as well. >> he is mobilizing anti muslim sentiment, he is praying on the fears of the american people, and it is called rebel rousing. >> reporter: mr. a political standpoint listen to the applause trump received last night when he spoke about his plan. >> we have no choice.
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>> reporter: he clearly resonates with many of his supporters. >> i think it is a good idea with everything that is going on in the world right now, the sound harsh but it is something we have to do. >> reporter: this raises whole host of legal questions, this proposal does but there is a political reality a as well. trump thinks he will get mileage out of this. the the interesting thing is this is not just one of the things that came off the top of his head during a rally, this was a written statement put out by campaign yesterday and trump double down last night at that appearance. >> he certainly did double down, and it was a written statement. >> has it in writing. >> doug, we will see you tomorrow. 6:00 -- 7:13. >> of course, with our daily news, cover, he is on there. >> let me show it the to you. >> people asked him are you bother by the fact thaw are being compared to hitler. >> he says no, he doesn't care. >> there are a lot of stupid
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people in this country. >> she's in the one of them. that would be sue serio. >> there is a transition, for you, really. we have got a look at radar, but there isn't much on it. everything east of the mississippi, no precipitation at all. we do have, a one exception and that is coastal storm brushing by jersey shore with a little bit of rain yesterday but today, it is, a new problem. cape cod will get some rain in other parts of massachusetts. from that. now, oddly enough there is an air quality warning in effect for delaware and southeastern, pennsylvania, throughout the the day-to-day, and because we're expecting high concentrations, of air pollution today. so, that is an air quality issue. here is an air quality issue, it is cold, 37 in philadelphia. twenty-seven in mount pocono. thirty-three reading. in lancaster we have 30 degrees, 31 in wilmington and you factor in the wind, and you will get slightly
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chillier wind chills. it is not dramatic difference but it feels like freezing in philadelphia, 20 is wind chill in mount pocono. feels like 33 in wildwood. seven day forecast has quite it warming trend from 50 today which is cooler then yesterday but still above average, 55 tomorrow, 59 on thursday, and 61 degrees on friday, then we will stay in the 60's, both days of the week. you thought last weekend was nice with temperatures in the 50's for december? rain does not arrive until monday, bob kelly. >> hi sue, good morning everybody. 7:15 on this tuesday morning. an accident on the the commodore barry bridge, it is eastbound, leaving pennsylvania, on the upside heading in to new jersey. you can see sensors picking up delays here instantly coming a across the span. so anyone leaving pennsylvania, heading into new jersey, again, that accident on the commodore barry on the pennsylvania side. maybe you you use delaware memorial bridge or walt whitman bridge. we have had opening at the
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burlington and tacony pennsylvania palmyra, two opening, on both bridges this morning. so things are tough for anyone crossing the bridge this morning. the right now getting southbound i-95 difficult heavy from wood have men to allegheny. we had an earlier disable truck sitting here at that allegheny avenue on ramp. we will hit breaks down to 12 miles april hour heading south in toward the city. we have that the water main break along cayuga street in k in the juniata park section of the city. local detours throughout the the day as they make repairs and the kid will go for a detour as well on the skew bus this morning, mike and alex, back over to you. eagles are back on top. >> yes, we're in a three way tie for first place in the nfc east, after last night's monday night football game. >> kentucky, cowboys/redskins, final minute of the game. well, not much exciting happened until at the end here. game was tied at nine for a
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long time. watch this. look at desean. he will make the the the big play here. oops. he fumbles. >> he lost the football. >> cowboys were a able to recover and kick the field goal. they win the game. so, with that win, there is a three way tie now. >> there is. >> cowboys are in last place and rest have of us are in first. so somebody at espn who broadcast the game, what does that say. >> redksins. it wasn't the only time on the score there. look at that. >> you know, in the control room, the game was so boring they weren't even watching their own broadcast. >> they didn't care to fix it. >> as far as eagles fans, matt lombard owe, we were cowboys fans last night. >> desean jackson could not help himself but help eagles get back into first place in the division. >> how sweet. >> i know mike, you have a
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special haircut yesterday. >> yes. >> if i would have told thaw sam brad forward would out play tom brady and chip kelly would out coach bill belichick and we would wake up with tuesday morning with the eagles in first place you would not have me on here. here we are eagles are in first place and mike and alex they control their own destiny in the playoffs thanks in large part to desean. >> you know, matt lombard owe you predict that the patriots would crush our eagles. >> it didn't work out for me. >> no, do you want your head shaved too. >> i didn't but maybe i should get patriots logo back there. >> i would think, okay. now, i know it is a mess, we all stink, we are five-seven the three teams. >> yes. >> so let's win out. >> well, it is just it, i say win out, i think if you win eight games you will certainly win the division, you might sneak in with seven because nobody seems to want the the nfc east but big one is the return are of lesean mccoy, you said it, alex, lesean
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mccoy's return to philadelphia i bet him and rex ryan and coach of the bills will have something special for the eagles but chip kelly and eagles defense will be motivated as well. >> he has a chip kelly on his shoulder, shady mccoy. >> yes, he does, he is ready for it too. >> by the the way, i know philadelphia 76ers, stink. but what is the the deal with this move. >> they brought in jerry, and, pat gillick higher, in the gm, and and in the receiving end of the charles barkley trade with sixers trading, barkcally to the the suns in the early 90's. the he has been around a while. he has ties to the superstar players. he worked with the olympic basketball team through the the years. >> he has a ton of money, why is is he doing this. >> josh harris, owner --
7:20 am
>> no, co angelo. >> he is a competitive guy. josh harris is getting impatient, maybe co angelo, will make all of the moves. >> speed up the rebuilding process. >> how about lebron james last night, locked him up. >> yes, a lifetime contract. >> lifetime. >> i wonder how much he is getting a paid for a lifetime. >> i believe i have those figures for you, alex. >> oh, yeah. >> but first donald trump and caitlin jenner are finalist for time magazine's person of the year. >> have they lost their mind. >> there are some other names on the list that have a lot of people talking because that is what we are talking about. >> hitler actually was, times person of the year one time. i'm in the kidding. blank
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. lebron james, man did he make some money. >> adam shapiro, how much do
7:24 am
you think a lifetime contract is worth. >> is that with nike or not with the cavilers it is with nike. >> with nike. >> not with the cavilers, in my lifetime contract is, you know, priceless. >> sure. >> here's the deal, it is unofficial but lebron james has allegedly struck a deal, lifetime deal, that has been valued at close to half billion dollars. >> wow. >> 500 million-dollar. >> thinks coming from someone, you should know, michael jordan's former negotiator, lawyer/agent, lifetime deal and first of its kind no sports deal has done a lifetime deal. the some analyst are piping in assaying that nike will in the make any money on this but if you you look at what they are making on selling air jordans, that brought in 2.6 billion in revenue last year. i think that mike will probably make money but lebron james will make money. they first sign him playing high school ball in ohio in 2003. it is a lifetime, and --
7:25 am
>> you sound like you are from cleveland. >> and, it was very exciting. he was on the cover of sports illustrated. a lot of people glad to see him back with the cavilers. real money is in the endorsements. >> one of the strangest footage of lebron james ever. >> yes. >> wetent to see him on the court, mike. >> look at him. >> here's you are upset is. >> you're darn right i'm upset. >> who wouldn't want that. >> put on some shoes, 500 million-dollar to put on some shoes. >> chipotle, we are now included, now in pennsylvania certainly with this recall, but what is happening in boston. >> they closed down a chipotle restaurant near boston college in the cleveland circle neighborhood and apparently 30 students from boston college, including eight basketball players from bc ate at this place with gastrointestinal problems which is a fancy way
7:26 am
to say they were throwing up and had diarrhea. it sound like e-coli but they have not said that is what it is. chipotle a said there is no indication that thins dentist tied to the incident out west were 43 restaurants to be closed. >> chipotle, this is serious. >> very. >> it could shut down this company if it keeps spreading. >> well, i wouldn't go that far yet, they have 1900 stores and their stock price has fallen 20 percent. >> i bet. >> but it will hurt sales. >> it has hurt sales, that they have put out, analyst are putting out warnings that their sales when they put out this quarter will not be terrific but chipotle stock has been down 20 percent. they have got the a lot of catching up to do. but it will not put them out of business. they are down 20 percent. it is something they have to realize. >> kim and kanye are celebrating the birth of their baby boy. >> yes. >> but she's talking about her
7:27 am
tough delivery, reality star's scary condition. >> oh, please. >> hi, jen. >> hi guys we are back with the brow whisperer and there are some things you are not telling her. but first, here's a question post wax does she want you using a paper towel or towel, towel. we will talk about the difference between these two things and again, it is time to be honest with your lash person.
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who michael vick is meeting with to push law protecting pets. social issues dominate the year on social media. find out which hashtag made twitter's list of the most tweetable moments of 2015. good morning, it is 7:30. i hear it will keep warming up out there. i'm glad you are back to bring good news. >> it is good to come back when news is this good. look at this seven day forecast, 50 degrees today. fifty-five tomorrow. but the warming trend ace amazing as we get into the the weekend. so for today we have a cooler pleas then it was yesterday but temperatures are still above average and as we get into saturday and sunday, it is 63 saturday. sixty-four sunday. the the record high for sunday
7:31 am
is 65 degrees. we could tie or maybe even break that record. rain will arrive, on, monday, of next week, that is really our next chance of rain, so enjoy good weather, while it is here bob kelly. >> love it. 7:31. we have an accident on the roosevelt boulevard, roosevelt boulevard off ramp here to fox street, a van took down the light pole. this whole intersection here is in shut down mode heading south on the roosevelt boulevard expect delays and you are not able to exit right now at fox street ramp. your best bet using hunting park avenue to get down toward the kelly drive. we have an accident on the commodore barry bridge, eastbound heading into new jersey and when leaving pennsylvania, stacked and pack. another opening, a third one this morning underway right now at burlington bristol bridge so head for that tacony pennsylvania palmyra or betsy ross an alternate. the mass transit looking g alex, back to you.
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7:32. u.s. justice department is investigating the chicago police department. it wants to find out if there is a pattern of discrimination or signs of other misconduct in the department. this comes two weeks after the release of dash cam video showing police involved shooting death of the 17 year-old laquan mcdonald, as he was shot 16 times and this was shot in october 2013. officer james van dyke is charged with first degree murder in the case. new is there another police involve shooting video released just yesterday in chicago a and sparking more controversy, here it is, 25 year-old ronald johnson was shot and killed by police just eight days before laquan mcdonald. but prosecutors are declining to press charges in the johnson shooting. claiming he had had a gun. but many continue to alleged a cover up over police misconduct in chicago and they continue to push for resignation of the the mayor rahm emmanuel but the the mayor says he now welcomes the probe by the the just advertise department. >> we will examine a number of issues related to the chicago police department's use of
7:33 am
force, including its use of deadly force, racial, ethnic and other disparities in the use of of force, and its accountability mechanism. >> you have my commitment and every fiber of my body to not only work with the justice department and as a cooperative efforts but then use all of my energy to bring that level of reform and change. >> both cases, officers claim that police lives were threatened. they a mcdonald lunged at officers with a knife but video shows something different. johnson in this video they say he had a gun but neither video supports the police and what they are saying. let's bring in attorney chaka johnson and ken rottweiler to see what is going on in chicago. ken, let's start with you. yesterday chicago officials had an hour long press conference. they showed 911 tapes. they showed all of the evidence. do you agree that the officer should not be charged in this death for ronald johnson. >> key is if you believe the police department and sometimes it is in doubt because this is chicago and
7:34 am
chicago has been criticized before. if you believe the prosecutor's office then yeah i do believe there was every indication not to indict him. let me tell you why. you talk about the gun. they said a gun was found on him. he had a gun when he was running away from police. they have dna to prove that. they say he shot, shots previously. they say he had an altercation with police previously. they say he was running not to a populated a area if all that is true, he had a gun, police if the threatened because all he had to do was turn around and shoot at them. then police had every justification for shooting him. but let me say again and i started out this way, everything that happens in chicago is suspect, and as we can see from the past experiences. the family of this, man was saying that, they planted the gun and there is all kind of of accusations as to what the the police did in this case. if you believe the police it was justified, if you don't, then there a civil lawsuit and we will see what cops out of
7:35 am
the civil lawsuit. >> the question is do you believe the police. some are say chaka, they are concerned that you to not actually see ronald johnson getting shot on camera and there is no audio on this video. >> i think question is, alex, if you believe the police. the that is not the only question. if you believe the police i still think this is in the a just filed shooting. it is very interesting that just like in the laquan mcdonald video we see with our own two eyes, something that the police quite frankly their version contradicts. the powe have gotten to a point now where they are willing to tell the the viewing public that the things that we see with our eyes are in fact not true. just like in laquan mcdonald they say he was lunging at them with the knife and knife was we will add above the chest when we all the viewing public saw that wasn't true. the here with ronald johnson we see a young man in the head long stride running away from authorities, and even if he does have a gun, let's say that he has a weapon he is
7:36 am
running away from police and it appears that there were other officers, not officer hernandez but other officers who may have been able to take a shot but he was running away from that group. >> here's the thing, chaka let's just say he did have that gun and running into a populated area, and, their lives felt threatened should that be a concern if he is running into a populated area. >> that is a very subjective contention when officers get a chance, to paint way broad throat our lives felt threaten. now that we have dash cams, society cams and pedestrians using cell phones, we're able to call some of those accusations into question. >> the thing is though, the the video doesn't show the the whole story. if we had a broad brush video showing exactly what happened before, if you saw that he used the gun and he shot out of the window of the car and you saw he had an altercation with an under cover police officer and then running away with the gun in his hand it might lead to a different
7:37 am
conclusion. the the problem is we have a snip it of the dash cam video and i don't think it tells the whole story. >> chaka and ken we will run out of time. you make a good point there other thing too is problem is people say with the chicago police department. we will see how this goes on this will be a federal investigation as to what is going on there and mayor rahm emmanuel has pointed a new leader of the police review advisory committee. we will keep you up to date. thank you so much, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> 7:37. donald trump is one of the finalist for time magazine person of the year. up next we will tell you holes is on the list, and it has some people shocked, person of the year, really. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. time magazine person of the year will be announced tomorrow morning but the finalists, that list has been released already. >> so, you you see presidential front runner
7:41 am
donald trump is on the list dominating the the news and kate len jenner is also a possibility. olympian becoming face of the lgbt community announcing this year that she is a a transgender woman. then is there black lives matter movement, activist and protest across the country drawing attention to lingering racial injustices. >> so, let's see, vladamire putin is also on the list. oh, how about the the dude that created the uber car service, his name is trav is kaepernick, that is a big deal. >> he has changed transportation for a lot of people in different cities all over the u.s. >> i have an idea why don't you weigh in on twitter, facebook, and instagram. >> yes, you can go to instagram. >> yes. >> who do you think should be the person of the year. is it a thing? an idea? or is it actually a human being. >> for all of them use the hashtag fox 29 good day
7:42 am
whether on facebook, twit error instagram. let's have this discussion. i want to know what you think. >> maybe it should be a hashtag. >> the hashtag. >> yes. >> as a person of the year. >> because we have to hashtag every dam thing you don't like hashtag. >> not a big fan you don't tweet or use that kind of stuff you just retweet. >> that is in the the true. >> i'm talking about twitter. >> you sound like bill clinton all of a sudden. >> how about that gwyneth paltrow. >> that is pretty good. >> she's good looking. >> better than your sammy davis junior impression. >> i don't think so. >> targeting gwyneth here, burglars, in new york city, hit a pop up store belonging to gwyneth paltrow, the pricey products they stole. they got a blue dress. >> okay. lets talk about beauty with jen. i can't deal with you, mike.
7:43 am
>> you can use the the fox 29 good day hashtag if you want to answer this question, what do you have to tell your waxer about, the store products, or stuff like clinical exfoliate or. is this clinical stuff or store stuff you tell us and use that hashtag.
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7:46 am
zoo candicans on our christmas tree. we are looking for ornament, by the way, just bring them to fourth and market and get your family picture on it. that is very first ornament going on the tree. look at that. >> it is a very kelly christmas. >> people are loving that kelly christmas. >> yes. >> you know, this is very special because my father, loves sammy davis junior. you listen to sammy davis junior. drop off or mail the ornament to us a at 330 market street, philadelphia pennsylvania, 19106. >> i was just driving by. >> and, show it, and, that is, the the candy man can. >> my gosh. >> i think your e-mail and so in my house, i think. >> your daddy. >> he loves sammy davis junior. >> your dad loves sammy davis junior. >> we had a statue of sammy davis junior in our house growing up. >> say that again.
7:47 am
>> we have a statue of sammy davis junior in our home. >> say it again. >> sammy would have been 90. i hope my dad knows this. i will to have text him. >> don't say it is a life sized statue. >> it is like this big. >> no, it is not life sized but it is pretty big. >> there is sammy. >> sammy was like my older brother growing up. would i walk by, talk to him, sing to him. >> no wonder, well, you are both the same size. >> stop. >> i love it. >> yes. >> i just can't. >> here's bus stop buddy, he is bundled up because it is december and cold outside. it is a nine out of ten in weather by the numbers and there is nothing on radar, and it is a, day where you can plan on plenty of sunshine,
7:48 am
40's in the morning. by lunchtime is is 47. high temperature of 50 degrees. great weather, even eating candy, bob kelly, plenty of candy. >> plenty of candy when the candy man is around. good morning. we have an accident on the roosevelt boulevard here, roosevelt boulevard, southbound off ramp here, to fox street, and no traffic, permitted to exit here at fox. so really getting over into the the neighborhood you will want to use wissohickon avenue causing a a big backup for folks between broad and fox. heading down towards the schuylkill expressway, and a accident on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound approaching valley forge. we have tree outside on the patio looking for decorations and i'm looking for your christmas lights. very kelly christmas continues. big thank to you phil murphy, all decorated with the blow ups on the top line, white light, colored light, all i need to you do is snap a picture of your house all
7:49 am
decorated for christmas and post picture tour facebook, twitter, or instagram and use that hashtag fox 29 lights, and we will show those pictures on tv, all day every day up to christmas and then we will hit the road and show up at somebody's front door this week at broadcast live during five and 6:00 o'clock news. mike and alex, back to you good hey bob kelly. >> yes good do yourself a favor and google john stamos. >> look at this. >> look at that. >> that has been out a while. >> yes. >> yes. >> had has anyone else seen it. we if the a wax but are you being truthful. i was a woman waxing my back. it is that hairy. >> not that bad at all. why are you getting a wax. >> it is tough over here.
7:50 am
speaking of john staple a owes he had his butt wax it has been around for a while but, it is very special. >> yes, obviously, waxing, brows and everything there are some things that people are not telling you, and, they are ready to come clean. >> exactly. >> we will begin with this. we will ask this question when you are done with the wax, do they want you using a towel from your gym bag or paper towels when you wash your face. >> i got to guess this one, the towel. >> no. >> why not. >> just think about it. sometimes you're washing shall, using detergent and fabric softener, you get hair follicles opened and now you are rubbing it all over your face, okay.
7:51 am
>> yeah. >> people break out. >> people are super sensitive if you just waxed them. >> you want me to use this. >> i do, i will show you another thing i want people to think of. after you leave after you get waxed and get to work out. >> yes. >> they break out. >> this is, sitting where. it is clean but where is it sitting. >> it has all of the sweaty clothes you put in and take in and take out. >> i would rather you take the paper towel and dab it over your face. >> okay. >> here's another thing you said, people are not coming clean am i supposed to tell but what i'm buying from the drugstore. >> absolutely. >> why? >> so let's just say first of all, and it comes in, and, are you using anything at dermatologist, topical, boiling. >> use a face wash. the red flag. huge red flag. i cannot do anything but tweezer them. >> why. >> you need to stop that for four or five days. that is the other thing. they don't seem to understand because it is over the counter
7:52 am
that they think it is not going to do anything to their skin. >> yes. >> exactly. >> this has to be it. >> it is so dashing. >> yes. >> all these things, go on to the skin, and sometimes we get lazy, wash the whole face, make up remover, take the the eye make up off and now it is on the eye lid. people tend to think if they take something they only put right here or right over here it spread to the whole face. the it still matters. >> i love it. we will be here all morning long, picking your brain, not picking our face, and we will use the hashtag fox 29 good day. thinks your chance to ask her some questions not just about waxing. we will have a expert here as well, all kind of good make up and beauty tips this morning. thank you, and mike, i know you you never go to the gym but when you get sweaty, just don't use this go right to the ladies room and get yourself a paper towel. you will be much better. >> it is rougher but better. i will make sure i tell him.
7:53 am
>> yes it is cool. >> come up on 7:53. are you getting ready for a christmas road trip? sorry, we want to steer clear of the driver's seat, what you may want your man behind the wheel instead. >> apparently they can get there faster easier. but kim and kanye is celebrating the birth of their baby boy but now she's talking about her delivery, it was a tough one, we will tell but her scary condition. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
7:54 am
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7:56 am
it is the placenta, where all of the blood and nutrients go and oxygen to the baby.
7:57 am
it grows too far into, the lining of the uterus. you can see it right there, beautiful picture. >> yes. >> it goes rate through. >> it can grow right through and cause major problems, like bleeding and life threatening bleeding. >> we are looking at the second one. >> second one, and to the left. >> correct. >> so what she had, on the first child is that she had this same condition. and, if you have previous children, then this increases the risk, age, increased the risk, number of reasons why, even position, even down near cervix that can increase your risk if the placenta implant is down there. >> waswasn't there a concern about the amount of bleeding. >> many times you have to have a c-section done, and then even, you remove partial hysterectomy sometimes if it is very serious. i have not found or read anything about kim kardashian having problems with this
7:58 am
presenting a nantz see other than she had a baby boy. so i haven't heard anything. god bless her. i think it all work out. >> they were talking about how difficult and how long labor was and that is why they named the boy saint because they felt like it was a fact that he was able to come and be healthy and everything, because for a while baby was breached and there was all this concern. >> yes. >> well, yeah, he must be a saint in order to be here and be healthy. >> i have an interest in something, can you transplant a people us. >> you can. this is a very, very, very important story. we have tremendous number of servicemen who are coming back who have suffered major trauma a to their bodies, all over their bodies, including down to their genital area. in fact over a thousand. now what they are going to do at johns-hopkins university, for the the first time in this country is they are going to take over a thousand, there are over a thousand of these
7:59 am
patients and they are going to work on, transplanting, their people us. i have a very tasteful picture here, just to show you how complex, this is. what they are going to have to do. they will have to attach blood vessels and everything and they believe that they can have these men, be able to father children, and to have a normal life. >> wow. >> could you -- >> would there be rejection. >> this will be from donor cadavers and they will, and all of these things, just like any other organ transplant. it is miraculous. and these are young men, who have suffered, tremendous trauma from serving our country a and this would be such an amazing break through. >> yes, so you have to have the people us of somebody donated, their organs. >> yes, they have died.
8:00 am
>> once you attach it, you you still have sensitivity. >> oh, sure, they have believed to do it properly with micro surgery with blood vessels and nerves. though have normal function. and they will be able to father children. that is what they predict. >> be able to bring life into this world. >> unreal. >> fantastic. >> i love you. >> good to see you, my man. >> i love you right back. >> good day, tuesday, december . here we go. donald j trump is calling for total ape complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. >> donald trump's comments and local muslim community harassed at their place of worship. highs and lows of 2015 twitter reveals top tweet
8:01 am
worthy moments. the store that is grabbed your tension and got you talking on social media. >> an entire weeks worth of meals in, 30 minutes. the cooking method that will save you the hours and stress that come with dinner time, prep. magazine editors rave about cremes but one expert say why they may be more trouble then you realize. >> what do you think we tweeted about the most over this past year 2015. >> it could be kate len jenner. >> that is true. >> donald trump maybe. >> sometimes you have to think all the way back to the beginning of the year. >> yes it is hard to remember. >> what were we even doing back then. >> start guessing on twitter and facebook. >> 8:01. >> meanwhile lets check the number of the day ande what we got. how about a nine out of ten for december, high of 50 degrees, is above average, so that is nine worthy to us.
8:02 am
not much on radar there to show you, so that is not a problem. the plenty of sunshine today, mixed with cloud, a wind chill of 31 degrees. the the actual tell your is 38. it ace pope eighth thely chilly but bus stop buddy is ready with his, eagles gear on, still happen bye what happened last week even. and 43 degrees by 9:00. forty-seven by lunchtime. high of 50. it is still above average today. we like it, bob kelly, when we're above average. >> we will take it. 8:02. good morning everybody on this tuesday. unfortunately an accident turned fatal. this is a live look from sky fox over the the scene of that accident i have been talking about a along the roosevelt boulevard, the off ram seven to fox street. thinks top of the intersection. we have word that the vehicle involved in the crash struck a light pole which you can see it is down at the intersection but tarp over the vehicle, all of the police, and fire activity, so this is fox street overpass, of the
8:03 am
roosevelt boulevard and then as we go to the maps anyone coming south on the boulevard, there is no exit here at fox street with all of that police activity. you have to go back down one more to ridge and work your way back again. that is not only up in the neighborhood but also on the boulevard itself. another accident eastbound on the turnpike, approaching the valley forge interchange, that is causing delays back to downingtown, and then another water main break this morning, this is the the fourth one this morning, temperatures are in the even below freezing but this would be is happening in mount laurel winding way at godfrey court. and then delays on the freeway coming in toward philadelphia, northbound 42 we have any to 295. mike and alex, back to you. >> did you hear about this at least one police officer will be at radnor high school. >> when students arrive this morning, because a student found a bullet in a hall will way yesterday which forced the school into lock down but police they never found anything else. school leaders say that
8:04 am
officer will be on hand to reassure students and staff that the building is safe. michael vick will be in harrisburg to support legislation to protect, animals. >> pa house bill 1516, give police officers authority authority to rescue dogs and cats from cars with unsafe temperatures. vick says he want something good to come from his past. he pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges in 2007 for his role in the dog fighting ring and served two years in prison. >> levin worth, kansas. we are following two big stories this morning regarding the muslim community. first one is on the a national level. >> presidential candidate donald trump critical of the president a's response to the attacks in san bernardino and he had this to say yesterday at a rally in south carolina. >> donald j trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the the united states, until our country's representatives can figure out what the the hell
8:05 am
is going on. >> more than just comment. he sent out a release, that had it in writing this is what he wants to do. this comes after president obama delivered a tell visaed dress to the the nation sunday night and where the president suggested among other things putting in place better screening for hose who come to the u.s. without a vees a. >> well, second story hits closer to home. it is an offensive, somewhat frightening symbol a severed pigs head found outside of a north philadelphia a mosque. >> this comes after the mosque, al-aqsa a islamic society received a harassing phone message asking if the members are happen bye what happened in france. >> see how the the car went by the the mosque there someone threw a severed pigs head out on the window of the red pickup truck. >> it was circling the monthsing two months ago when they threw out that pigs head out of the side window. they found the pig head the next morning. the muslim community is calling this an act of discrimination. police and fbi are looking into these incident.
8:06 am
>> well, the national spokesperson, for you have to say this. >> am day as muslim community. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> you are here on an appropriate morning i guess so to speak, look at the cover of the daily news. donald trump, after his comments yesterday, saying just ban all muslims, from coming into the country until everything simmers down a little bit. your response. >> this is not only unconstitutional but it wreaks of bigotry and racism. the muslim community is been here since 1920. we are all americans. and we step foot in philadelphia first. so, having spread throughout the united states, peacefully for a century my brother is a u.s. marine, we have doctors, i am will's a lawyer myself, and it sound to me like this is a man, desperate for attention, desperate for votes and what is scary is he is
8:07 am
getting them with this kind of rhetoric. this is a place where americans, and people of philadelphia, around the country, we need to stand united against this kind of intolerance because if we don't we will enable him to continue to promote a level of hatred that we have in the seen in a long time. >> isis has hijacked your religion. >> i mean they are trying to, all right. i think part of the problem is, you know, we need to look at the leader ship in the muslim community. there has been a failure of muslim leadership, in organizations. it is easy to blame western interventionism and is there no doubt that the iraq war killed countless innocent civilians and there are lots of grievances there but muslim leadership needs to stand up and say we will not respond with injustice with more injustice. head of the muslim community, and islam has been adamant that regardless of how we have been treated, we cannot respond with violence. true islam condemns all forms
8:08 am
of terrorism, it condemns violent jihad, it the condemns bureaucracy. separation of mosque and state. it is narrative we need to have. >> so many people are saying this is not true islam. what you are looking at and what people are assaying thinks a all muslim, it is not the same thing. >> it is not. the isis represents a minute number of muslims. their idea is draconian, it is self-destructive. for mr. trump to want to seized muslim immigration what he is doggies giving isis more propaganda, and more power to radicalized youth, to convince us that america is somehow anti muslim. in my message to those young muslims out there is america is not anti muslim. >> leslie graham is so far down on the poles but he is getting a tension. but, why don't muslims, take
8:09 am
down isis. >> we have to understand that extremism is not an islamic issue but humanitarian issue. we wouldn't expect white americans to go take out, planned parenthood terrorist or take out the kkk. we must all stand united against all. >> why don't those countries over there that surround syria, and iraq, why don't they go in and take care of this problem why do we have have to do it. >> i agree 100 percent. the muslim community has been adamant on this that rather that the the united states playing world police, rather than us continue to spend billions of dollars in our own resources we need to empower local government to have a local coalition and go take the lead on this. the other question to ask is how is isis continuing to get its funding? we can bring iran to the negotiation table through sanctions but we cannot stop these thugs and terrorist from making millions and millions of dollars a day, something is not right there. >> when you walk around the the streets of philadelphia, and you say your name, do you
8:10 am
feel peoples eyes looking at you funny and what is this by up to. >> philadelphia is the the city of brotherly love. you know, having been here for as long as i have, the muslim community has been here for decade and decade, we are internationally involved as a community. we do 150 soup kitchens a year. we are building a new 21,000 square foot mosque at broad and glennwood. we see our fellow philadelphians as our neighbors, as our brothers and sisters and we are asking them to join us, join us in this campaign for tolerance, for peace, compassion. >> even if you see them that way do you feel like they see you differently, are you ever concerned. >> i only worry about what is within my control, and what is with my control is treating people with love, with humanity, with compassion and hopefully if somebody has ill will toward me, by getting to know me it will help heel that ill will. >> good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you. social issues dominate year on social media, it the
8:11 am
only makes sense. what twitter says, mattered most to you in 2015. what did we tweet about the the most over the last 12 months.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
it is 8:14. by the end of this week it will feel more like october, then december because we are on the southeastern side of the jet stream. if we were to the north and west a little further, midwest we would be having snow in the forecast be really cold but we're expecting temperatures by the weekend to be ten to 20 . is there our coastal storm, so not a bother anymore but we have an air quality, and, and, high air pollution out there 38 degrees in philadelphia 29 mount pocono. thirty-two reading. thirty lancaster. thirty-nine wildwood. factor in those wind which aren't very high but we have a 10-mile an hour breeze in philadelphia a. that makes it feel, like 31 outside and those wind chills are in the 20's this morning.
8:15 am
here is your average high as of today, 47 degrees but we have been well above average for the past seven days with temperatures in the 50's and 60's and that is where we are heading, even higher in the 60's by the weekend. by sunday we could have a a new record high temperature, so it won't be so uncomfortable sitting out this watching eagles hopefully beat the bills, bob kelly. >> it will be a nice afternoon 1:00 he clock kick off there 8:15. not a nice start to the morning and a live look at the accident, a fatal accident, on the roosevelt boulevard, off ramp to fox street. this is southbound roosevelt boulevard, your off ramp at fox, traffic light knocked down all as a result of the accident, fox street is also blocked here and as we hit south on the boulevard instead of exiting at fox we have to go to the next one ridge avenue and kelly drive and work your way back. that is throwing extra volume and folks on a detour. southbound northeast extension, an accident, south of lansdale so between
8:16 am
lansdale and mid county, otherwise, delays south on i-95 with the rush hour, schuylkill, sun glare around your curve and we are a stacked up on the blue route from route one down to i-95. do you like white lights? colored lights. blow ups on the front lawn. put them together and we have a very kelly christmas. thanks to this lady here for sending us her picture. that looks like it is straight out of the bethlehem, that is like a managain scene there and yes, you have enough lights there. post to it facebook, twitter, instagram and use the hashtag fox 29 lights so i can pull it up, show your house on television, all day, every day all the way up to christmas and then we will hit the road later on this week, we will broadcast live from somebody's front lawn, during our five low. clock newscast. >> friday? >> probably, sue thinks friday will be better day. >> friday. >> as you know about a week ago, you know, a week ago, like a put a eagles logo in
8:17 am
the back of my head if the eagles beat the patriots. but i also said this in that same statement f we win that game in foxboro i will shave an e into the back of my head. >> really. >> and walk live on the air from here to chip kelly's office at know of care center will you kiss his feet. >> no. >> so tommy will do that. i will have to walk from fourth and market to the novacare complex which is on patison. >> i thought how nice, you will make good on all of your promises but then a apparently you getting your head shaved made national news. so everyone is watching to make sure you are following. >> what are you talking about national news. >> sports illustrated pick up the story of you getting your head shaved. >> is that right. >> look at that, beautiful back of your head. >> now, bill anderson. >> bill anderson has good day logo shaved into his head. will that be in the magazine.
8:18 am
>> i want to see what the head line says, philadelphia a newscasters lose bet. >> that is exactly what it says. >> so tomorrow, there it is, yes. >> tomorrow. >> yes, philly newscaster lose bed, shave their head after eagles win. sam bradford looking on there. >> made national news. >> so tomorrow at 8:30 you'd like to join me on this walk we can make a parade out of it. we will leave from fourth and market. we will go down market street to the city hall. should i go around city hall. >> yes, vehicle can follow me, around city hall and broad street southbound, down to paterson, take a quick right, boom, novacare center right there. >> live on the show tomorrow you are to go this. >> milky way, have we contacted, coach chip kelly? >> i'm sure he will be waiting with open arms. >> at 9:45 i should ab arriving at his office, it
8:19 am
would be nice if he came out and hugged me. >> do you think he gives hugs. >> probably not. >> hi chris. >> hey, how are you. >> what is going on. >> what are you here to talk about. >> we're here to talk about direction is chris and i have talk about this. who has the best directions, when you have to get to grand mom's house or something. we have a sense of direction as men. >> really. >> really. >> really. >> it is proved. >> scientifically, alex. ready for this, it turns out, we do. proof is in the brain. testosterone is the big deal here. >> sure it is. >> check this out. researchers from norway scanned brains of the men and women and they drove through a maze and they found men are better at finding their way around 50 percent of the time. >> that means 50 percent of the time we're wrong. >> no, no, no. we are more accurate 50 percent of the time then women. >> wow. >> it turns out men use separate part of their brains to navigate. i can hear the woman at homilies evening to this saying yeah, that is only part of the brain you have as men.
8:20 am
they have cardinal direction. >> north, south, east, west. when women were given testosterone they found they did a better job getting around then with the testosterone. it is all in the testosterone. what do you think about that. >> i feel like a man to this study and that is how this happened. >> i can tell you this the biggest argument i have ever had with women is when we're driving and we're late, this is back before gps. that changed everything. you take the the map out of the glove box. >> yes. >> or even you printout map quest directions before you leave the the the house and take them with you in the car. >> yes. >> she's looking at the the map, driving and we're late and i don't know where we're going. we start screaming at each other. that stopped now with gps. >> yes. >> for instance, my wife would say we need to go to san francisco and visit my brother. san francisco is due north, by a hundred miles.
8:21 am
we will go up to see my brother. people say i will go down to new york. no, new york it is up. >> correct. >> that does irritate people and people will correct you. >> yes. >> good to see you. >> thanks, chris. >> we knew this all along. >> you know, men we're the best, right, jen. >> no, jen, girl power. >> mike, you lie women are the best. you you lie. hey, another thing that is one of my favorite experts say, maybe magazine editors, they might not be feeling this when it comes to the product that is hot this year. what is the product? is it a lie or not. we will come back and talk. it will be pretty cool.
8:22 am
introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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8:24 am
that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ ♪ >> wow. imagine, hard to imagine. well, 35 years ago tonight,
8:25 am
john lenon was shot, killed outside of his new york city apartment. when mark david chapman shot and killed the ex-beetle will. john was rushed to the hospital but died shortly after arriving at that hospital. mark david chapman was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for john's murder. he was last denied parole back in just last year as a matter of fact, just last august. he is not getting out of jail. horrible. horrible. do you remember you were we were all watching monday night football, monday night football was so popular back then years ago, they broke in. >> was shot twice in the back outside his apartment building on the west side of new york. he is at the roosevelt hospital, dead on arrival. unbelievable traj difficult. >> they broke into broadcast
8:26 am
of monday night football, word of the howard cosell, an unthinkable tragedy. >> wow. thirty-five years ago. >> thirty-five years ago. >> in three weeks, we will welcome a new year so it is a perfect time to look back on 2015, reflect on the year, that was. >> so twitter has released its hashtag year on twitter recap including years most memorable moments. >> what did we tweet about most. >> we will see. all of the things that
8:27 am
have happened so far this year. as far as most retweeted in 2015 there was a whole lot of one direction going on. >> young woman, right. >> yep. >> so, one of the late -- >> leonard nimoy, his final tweet, also garnered more than 200,000 retweets. >> kate len jenner's historic twitter interest deduction, remember when vanity fair, her twitter account was up and running. >> i have to admit i started following her that day. >> yes. >> what will she tweet next. >> pull together an entire weeks worth of meals in 30 minutes, that sound impossible. >> it is possible, but cooking meals that will save you hours and stress that comes with din are time preps. >> i am glad you got out of jail to join us.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
jeffery tambor is on our show. >> yes says his role on transparent has given him a great responsibility. >> do you remember larry sanders show? he was great on that. >> what does this say. >> also at 9:00, ladies, when you were choosing your career and you considered your future plans, did you think about a future family? was that in your decision? what a new study says about the way we select our pathness life. >> you wouldn't ask that of a man though, would you. >> no. >> imagine being able to make a weeks worth of meals in a crock pot? well, continue to imagine that because that is a virtual possibility. >> but a apparently you can do something that will help you out when it comes to making it easy. let's face it, you don't have time. >> this time of the year with the holidays. roberta, seriously. >> yes. >> we're busy right now,
8:32 am
entertaining family, friend. >> yes. >> so on the weekend what you can do busy during that week, use your crock pot, put your food in there, prep it up, after it is done put it in the freezer, mark the date, write it down, you have a a weeks worth of meal. this is a soup that we prep. >> did you say soup. >> everybody has different flavors and different varieties and recipes for their soup. >> well, good for you. we call it minest rone and then i moved to the east cozy realized. this you cooked in this crock pot. >> yes. >> get it ready, put tonight this bag. could i freeze it. >> you freeze it. >> freeze it for the whole week. >> we get it rookie, cook it, and then put it in the bag. >> stack up your freezer with that stuff, that week you want to have soup, if you put it in the microwave. >> through have it. take it out, boom. >> you are done. >> entertaining for family and friend.
8:33 am
>> crock pots are great, the the smell in the house, you put everything in there and let it go. >> throw tonight and leave it. >> what is this a crock pot. >> yes. >> what else do we have here. >> been around for years. >> we have a pull pork, this was cooked for about eight hours. say on a sunday, you do it, put it in a crock pot, let it go for eight hours marks shred it up, put it in your freezer. >> you can freeze pulled pork sandwiches. >> no, the actual meat. >> yes. >> if you are doing it for that week, it is fine. you don't wanting to longer then that. prepepped and have it preprepped like not cook, you can leave it up to four months. say you want to do something like this not cooked leave it there for four months without being cooked. >> i'm so into this now. >> what is this next one. >> beef stew. >> okay. >> this is a white chicken chile. >> so lets say it is in the freezer, do i let it set,
8:34 am
fridge for a day or two. >> you defrost it. >> just how cold is this. >> i don't know. maybe room temperature. this is probably best one on the table good did you make that. >> difficult. >> are you married. >> yes. >> it is all homemade. >> yes. >> there we go. >> not a bad eye de. >> that whole week when you are busy, you are entertaining, crock pots are a big deal. >> a a lot of people do meal preps on the sundays, sitting at home. >> that right there next to you is jump bleigh a. >> in a crock pot it smells amazing. >> seinfeld. >> i wish i could show you guys. >> there we go. >> look at that. >> you can leave the shrimp out, like with this chicken chile you cap make it a vegetarian version. >> i wish you were my mom.
8:35 am
>> go ahead. >> my goodness. >> not a problem. >> thanks for having me guys. >> can you freeze your hamburgerlar. >> trying to be funny. >> 8:35. >> this justin beiber moved on from selena gomez. we talk about how he wanted her back. new girl he is trying to track down on social media. >> what do you mean. lets take another look at our dumbpy tree on the back patio, we have one stinking ornament and it it was one we already had here. >> i thought our viewers loved us, i thought they would send in ornament. >> thinks our jailhouse tree do you see jail bars behind it. >> send us an ornament we will stick it on that tree. you know what would be great, took pictures of the family and put it on the ornament and then come back and look at it at fourth and market.
8:36 am
drop it off at fourth and market or mail it the at 330 market street, philadelphia pennsylvania, 19106. we are running out of time.
8:37 am
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8:39 am
well, it is a pop up store. >> it is the goo pop up store. >> yes, police are looking for three crooks who got away with $173,000, mike, and jewelry and watches. >> my goodness, it happened when the store was very busy, this is over weekend, one thief distracted employees while another kept a look out, the the the third person, using something to pry open a cabinet and swipe the jewelry. a among stolen items a 1940's,
8:40 am
bullgary bracelet worth more than $100,000. an 18 carat david white bracelet worth $44,000. and $20,000, in rolex watches. >> wow, that is a lot. >> that is a lot. >> yes. >> justin beiber, justin beiber fans, are no doubt, desperate to figure out how to capture his attention and his heart. >> it seems like all you need to do is take a selfie. justin beiber demanded to know identity of the mystery girl he spotted on instagram on monday. singer up loaded image of the unknown beauty. hopefully we will see it. there we go. >> oh, yeah. >> look at that. >> here's the thing, she's kind of selena gomezish. >> yes. >> he up loaded this image and tweeted this fan, please help me track her down. my gosh, she's almost like modern day cinderella a story
8:41 am
instead of the black slipper you have a selfie. >> selfie. >> well, you know, that is us creepy people, let the me admit something. you ever on instagram and you see some person come on -- never mind. >> maybe you shouldn't. >> scroll past. >> somebody will contact me on twitter, and then ask me to follow them. there is an attraction factor there if you decide to follow or not. >> is that what it takes. >> he was probably just scanning instagram, a saw this real pretty picture and said now i need to get to know her. >> is that how you determine who you follow mike. >> no, no. >> right, right. >> i follow people with good hearts. >> okay. that is fine. >> how many people are you following, probably not many. >> they say, like the pope, he doesn't follow anybody.
8:42 am
>> some people don't need to follow people. >> if you are really cool you don't follow anybody. >> number of people you follow should be lower. >> yes, please. >> i follow probably about five or 600 people. >> let me pull it up. >> don't even look. >> less than that you you are following 163. >> a lot of people ask you to follow them. >> you better be good looking. >> i'm just kidding. >> he is not the kidding, and you know it. >> yes, of course, i don't follow him. i'm just kidding, of course, i do. i follow the rules of the experts and one of the things that she has to say will surprise you, and it has to do with scrubbing all this stuff off. we will tell what you she says about scrubbing, is it a do or don't.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
it is 8:45. here's bush kill falls, still stream nicely, still too warm for anything to freeze up. the at least not yet. we will see what happens january and february. we have bright sunshine, chilly temperatures. we have plenty of december sunshine for as long as it is out there early afternoon we have a mix of sun and cloud and for evening commute cooler but still above average. that is cooler then yesterday,
8:46 am
but we have quite the warm up in the seven day forecast, alex, and that is coming up in a few. >> thanks, sue. 8:46. magazine editors have been raving about bb cream saying they are a great way to save time when getting beautiful. one skin expert says it might be a bad choice? so jen, you will tell us about bb cream and cc cremes and all a kind of cremes out there. >> one of the things thaw said off camera, bb cremes, cc cremes they all get a double f, is that correct. >> they are not for everyone. >> we have before we begin i want to show everyone what has been happening behind the scenes. mike the camera guy has been asking questions about everything and he has tried all of the different cremes. we have a picture on my instagram. that is part of it. the getting to know your stylist and figuring out what is right for people. >> lets get back to the bb cream. first, what is a bb cream. >> bb cream first came out to
8:47 am
be a blemish baum. all in one thing thaw could use in a hurry, on the go, would you you look good, be polish, you would be exfoliated and have your antioxidants but that is not the way it goes. you have to pick what you want to do. do you want to exfoliate, do you want to get rid of the wrinkles, fine lines, do you want to be tighter, firmer, or hydrate. you cannot wear spf, exfoliate and do all these things in ones. >> you equate it to a shampoo and condition inner one a lot of women would in the do that. >> i'm not an all in one kind of thing. you cannot clean your hair and condition it. >> okay. >> for skin care you need to focus on what you want to do. when we're younger there is a lot of forgiveness. the as we get older, we need to focus on what you want to do. >> to be serious on the whole thing, this is something you would seeing and you think it was because of these bb cremes. >> yes, it is exactly because of that. because when you are using
8:48 am
product, that have so many things in them, let's just use the bb cream. everybody is different but it has vitamin c in it. it has an anti oxidant. it has sun screen. zinc, titanium. molecular structure is large. when you put it on your skin it is staying on your skin. but to have that look all the time if you are not exfoliating starts to build up. your pours is like a funnel and it goes in and starts to grow and then it comes over your skin and your skin grows and you have a hard thump but thaw cannot get out you said exfoliating. we have said give it to us in english. so, you don't want people scrubbing their skin. >> i do not. >> why not. >> i want you to be nice tour skin. >> how do you we get yuck i off. >> you exfoliate through serum, retinals, a lot have of people don't want to use them because they are misused, over
8:49 am
used, not done properly. but if they are they are good. >> so first of all, if you are going to use retinal only that much for your whole face. >> a pea sized thaw dot, dot, dot, over your space and spread it out. everyone tend to think if i'm doing something good for my skin, let me use it all over and too much. we will find retinal after two or three days you are irritated and old and people will give up really fast. >> we will be here in the next hour. >> no scruby scrub, just these lotion things to put on overnight. >> find a serum, resurface your skin with the retinal, so as you are sleeping it is doing work for you, you are not doing it. >> you will put more lotions on mike the the photographer's head. >> i am, mike. >> just to be clear he is a lotion addict, okay. >> he is a cream junkie. so back to you guys. >> yes, you are okay with that.
8:50 am
>> i'm okay with that. >> that is mike's head. >> you know, that sea salt, jen fred, sea salt you rub on your face and exfoliate you is that not good. >> yep, that is what she's saying. the you don't want sea salt scruby physical thing you want people with the lotion. >> technology has changed. i don't want you using micro bead to scrub your skin. you are beating your skin up. it is harsh and abrasive. you polish your teeth with something or polish them night to be bright sparkling and white. you want to advance with technology. >> i got it, i got it. >> i couldn't fess i like little stuff that i'm doing. >> sand paper right off your face. >> i will put up a picture of a cat here, okay. all this cat wants is some attention from that little girl, right there. apparently this kitten felt neglected, what it did next to get it message to the little
8:51 am
girl. lottery numbers.
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sorry. get a free quote at good morning, 8:54. southbound lanes of the roosevelt boulevard, that accident still blocking the off ramp, to fox street, and therefore, everybody is going further south jumping off at ridge and doing the old u turn laverne coming back. the southbound on the extension an accident between lansdale and quakertown, lansdale and mid county. southbound i-95 delays from the betsy down through allegheny. we are dealing with sun glare eastbound on the schuylkill coming around your conshohocken curve and delays between belmont and city limits, even blue route heavy from route one on down to i-95, we still have that clean up as a result of the last night's water main break there in juniata along k and cayuga
8:55 am
street. mike and alex, back to you. let me set this up before we roll footage. there is this little girl down in the show with her little parka on. the she has a kitten that is her pet. kit up is feeling neglected so trying to get the attention of this toddler, basically. >> to i say kitty, you said kitty but that works. >> yes, it is not actually like something weird. >> yes. >> it is actually a a cat. >> can we just see the video. >> kitty, kitty, kitty. >> one strong kitty. >> you didn't see that coming. >> kitty super fly. >> body slam. >> the kitty's name rhonda
8:56 am
rousey. >> well, not rhonda, holy holmes. >> just playing. >> yes, that is so cute. >> then the kid started crying and they had to accept is rate the too. >> baby is okay. >> little girl's name is fresh, down goes frazier. >> ladies, when you were choosing your career did you actually consider your future plans for a family as part of the decision. i better not the take that job in omaha or whatever you know what i mean. what a new study says about the selection of paths in our life. snap on the main sails!
8:57 am
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wasn't this something. >> yes, you remember when they performed santa baby yes. >> some people are calling this song and other christmas songs, sex is. we're talking about the classic christmas songs. >> really. >> yeah. >> i can see that, i guess. >> good day, it is tuesday, december 8th, 2015. this is lauren johnson. >> hello. >> hi lauren. >> hey. >> i like it. >> all of the talk than my twitter time line yesterday. >> yes. >> was it. >> i had people stop me on the street, let me look at the back of your head. >> i love it. >> now you are more popular then ever. >> i can the not see it the though. >> someone asked you how does your hair look. >> i have no eye tea. >> did you try to dot mirror thing and look in the back of the mirror. >> i have not. >> you should try that. >> you know what i noticed in the new york city apartment of my fiance, in her -- hi kathy. >> in her bathroom, her vanity, whatever it is called.


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