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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 9, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EST

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♪ right now we are following breaking news. philadelphia highway patrol officer rushed to the hospital after their suv crashed with a fire truck. skyfox over the scene in juniata at cottman and erie short time ago. you can see the front of that suv kind of smashed up. we do know the officer was taken to temple hospital. but we do know their condition right now. >> wild scene played out at philadelphia' holmesburg neighborhood. police say a driver slammed into several squad cars. you can see what happened there. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. thanks for joining us. let's get right out to fox 29's dave schratwieser life at the scene at rhawn and torresdale tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, wild scene out here in holmesburg tonight on torresdale avenue. this starts at torresdale and cottman where a mercury marquis was being pulled over by
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narcotics officers from the 15th police district. as they approach the vehicle, the vehicle rammed into a car behind them. then allegedly tried to run into one of those plane clothes narcotics officers and took off. the car blew out front tire as you can see at the front end of this. as they were chasing it down torresdale avenue past bleigh street. here towards rhawn street. collided with a philadelphia police car here 1512 and another car behind that. took off a second time. officers finally slowed the car down. they pulled over as if they were going to get out as they got out the car took off again and hit this 1512 car yet a second time. police were able to stop the car here at torresdale and rhawn street. both suspects got out a 51-year-old driver and 30-year-old passenger. during this pursuit police tell us the suspects were tossing drugs out of the vehicles. according to chief inspector scott small, they were pills and what they believe to be crack cocaine being tossed from the
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vehicle. they allegedly found drugs inside the car and on the suspects as well when they grabbed both suspects one of those suspects the driver was taken to aerators dale for injuries sustained when the car crash. there will be charges for aggravated assault for attemp attempting to hit to plain clothes narcotics detective much this last the about a minute and a half to two minutes according to chief inspector small. and he tells us fortunately no one seriously hurt. no police officers hurt, again, two men under arrest. narcotics confiscated thrown out of the vehicle during this pursuit and again two police cars were crashed into and one civilian car but again no one injured. one of the suspects slightly taken to the hospital for precautions at this point. to arrests to report. iain and lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. also breaking tonight, busy night. deadly crash on route 202 in bucks county. skyfox over the scene minutes ago in solebury near the intersection of route 202 and route 32. now police have confirmed that
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two people did die in this crash. we don't know the circumstances surrounding this. but police say 202 is closed in both directions as of now. north of the route 202 spur. donald trump making headlines across the country just look at the daily news cover calling him the new fewer roar. all over his proposal last night to ban all muslims from entering the u.s. mayor nutter says the presidential candidate's think asking not sit here in philadelphia. he's making it perfectly clear neither does trump. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose was there for the mayor's announcement. >> he's a bleep. >> reporter: mayor michael nutter mince nothing words cree rhee you can'ting to republican presidential donald trump's call to ban muslims tender the country. >> donald j trump is calling for a total and complete shut down muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.
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>> he's taken a page from the playbook of hitler. demonize a group. blame that group for country's problems. >> nutter making his comments at a press conference at city hall. surrounded by local religious leaders. including the iman of a mosque in north philadelphia where police say somebody threw a pig's head just this week in what officials call an ignorant thoughtless act. the mosque also houses a school and members say they fear trump's rhetoric is fueling acts of hate against their faith. >> do you not want to turn on the news and see your child's school. >> we never thought that's going happen here in philadelphia actually because brotherly love. >> i know sisters right now who are scared. >> we certainly stepped up our presence around all religious institutions. >> reporter: because he was add today montgomery in his comparisons of trauma top hitler
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echoing tuesday's daily news cover. >> he clearly is not qualified to lead the great united states of america. (applause). >> reporter: earlier today, mayor nutter told ap reporter that if he had the power, he would ban donald trump from the city of philadelphia. he seemed to back off of those comments at today's press conference inform philadelphia sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. sabina, there's what saint peter's burg florida said about candidate trump. tweeted he's barring trauma from that st. petersburg until quote we fully understand the dangerous threat posed by all trumps. today the mayor clarified his tweet was just car sam. >> i was just really responding to comments that i thought what ridiculous and i thought the best way to respond is to do something equally ridiculous put something out there that, you know, really was silly. >> the other presidential candidates and republican party are also calling out trump for
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his comment about banning all muslims from entering the united states. news to night learning more details about the money trail last week's san bernardino shooting rampage. investigators say that trail may have ended at a union bank in san bernardino what's being described as unusual banging activity. fox news is reporting that $28,000 deposit went from web to syed farook's bank account. around november 20 he withdrew $10,000 in cash. authorities are checking in that money were enter to one of his friends who purchased the two assault rifles used in the killings. investigators are also looking into the deposits to a bank account that could belong to his mother. also reports farook may have plotted attack back in 2012. >> two days after someones toed a severed pig's steps on to a mosque the mayor's office has put up $2,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of anyone accused of a hate crime in philadelphia. police are investigating this as
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harassment right now. they are looking at surveillance video to find the people inside a pick up that tossed something at the mosque and they're looking into harassing phone messages in recent weeks. >> on your radar temperatures falling fast right now. here's live look from reading as we dip back in the 30s tonight. you definitely need that winter coat if you're outside tonight. we found these people bundled up in win feel at st. joe's tonig tonight. these chilly item less will be cheer when you wake up tomorrow. kathy they won't stick around that long. >> no way, iain. but for tomorrow morning as you mentioned skies will be partly cloudy and it will be cold a few clouds moving through the radar screen right now all is dry, the wind is cam and right now in philadelphia it's 40. 27 already in millville where the wind is calm. 29 degrees in allentown. 31 in atlantic city and the poconos it is 24. come tomorrow morning here are the numbers we expect by 8:00 a.m. 38 in the city. 35 in allentown. 41 in millville. and in trenton it will be 36. temperatures warming quickly with record breaking warmth expected in that seven day
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forecast. i'll show when you coming up later in the broadcast. we'll see you then. >> all right. talk to you soon, kathy. this new sign now hangs inside the hall of the camden county high school for a gender neutral bathroom. it's the result of petition created by a cherry hill east senior. he want add bathroom where students of all gender cos feel safe. now the school has just that. fox 29's shawnette wilson live in cherry hill and shawnette, that teen's hard work certainly paid off. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, it was his work along with the work of other members of the gay straight alliance they say that some students had been using the nurses' bathroom to avoid harassment but now they have a better place. >> great. it serves as like my work finally coming to an actual physical accomplishment. >> reporter: 18-year-old senior jake kirsh man got good news today when he walked into cherry hill east. >> everyone sonned really well. they seemed accepting of the bathroom overall it was positi
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positive. >> jake co president of the gay straight alliance led the dues get a gender neutral bathroom for certain groups of students who said they experienced problems using the regular bathrooms at school. >> in our alliance we have a lot of gender nonconforming and transgender people who have issues in the bathroom such as harassment. >> so three weeks ago, he started this petition to gauge support for a single stall bathroom with a lock that students of all genders could use without fear or concern. he says about 300 of the school's 2000 sand plus students signed it and school administrators finally gave it the okay. >> a lot of times people just associate lgbt commune account with gay and lesbian people but it's bringing attention to the transgender community that has been ignored for so long. >> his mom says it's been a learning experience for her and she's proud of what her son has done for himself and fellow students. >> i didn't understand it. i mean so for me i needed to be
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educated about how do people feel because i just thought who you are is just dictated by the skin that we're in. so where you go to the bathroom, okay, i go to a lady's room and jake goes to a men's room. i didn't think there was this in between and so i'm glad i know now. >> reporter: and spokesperson for the school district tells me this particular bathroom was previously being used as a faculty bathroom but the district says now it can be used by all students including those who identify with a different gender than which they were born. it is reportedly the first type of bathroom in a school in this district. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. a frankford man's neighbors are calling him a hero because he helped save two little girls a burning home. fire investigators are still trying to figure out what started this morning's fire on the 4600 block of oakland street. it broke out around 5:30. the flames spread to three homes before firefighters could get things under control.
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the neighbor who helped save the four and seven-year-old girls say they were trapped. >> when i went out back i seen the girls jump out the window and when i look her two kids on the window so they jumped down. i had to go over there and help her i had to catch them from hitting the air-conditioner. >> medics brought those two girls to a hospital. no one is seriously injured. ♪ >> check out this grinch. caught on camera stealing from this local home but what he swiped definitely not worth going to jail over. not that anything is. what he took right from the front stoop. >> owls run from police but something else found him first. discovered mysteriously murder wad killer got to him before the cops could. also, secret codes, hid dense maps, disappearing photos you know kids they got ways to keep thing there's hidden. >> battling bone cancer. a local ledge-year-old is abo
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♪ >> philadelphia police are on the look out for a real life grinch in the city's fairmount neighborhood. police say this guy stole christmas wreath right off the door of someone's home sunday night. on the 2400 block of aspen street. home security camera was rolling and caught the crime. if you recognize this guy give police a call. very big changes are coming for a local boy putting up a brave fight against bone cancer. doctors are going to amputate the 11-year-old bucks county boy's leg later this month. >> despite the life-changing procedure his family says ultimately it's the best option. fox 29's jennifer joyce spoke with family members in bensalem
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tonight. jennifer arc mazing to hear they are staying positive through all of this. >> reporter: yeah, iain. this family has certainly had its ups and downs but this little boy's spirit is absolutely remarkable. , and the family says it's thankful for the support of his elementary school here belmont hills as well as the entire bensalem community helping this family as they're going through so much. >> this is where my biopsy was and this is where they did it. >> reporter: big wounds for an 11-year-old boy. >> i can hop but that's no fun. >> reporter: jack issue bit son of bensalem has been able to walk since last summer. he had bone cancer in 2014. underwent 10 months of chemotherapy and surgery but a complication has limited him to wheelchair for at least the next couple of weeks. >> the doctors either said to me either stay with this and stay in wheelchair forever or get a prosthetic leg. >> jack and his family opted to are the prosthetic his leg is scheduled for amputation
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december 30th. five days after one of his favorite holidays. >> i either have two choices both of them stink. ♪ >> reporter: somehow this bright, funny, budding musician with a big smile stays positive. >> it gives you some hope? >> yes. lots of hope. i will be able to run again. >> to see him go through such a battle and still with a smile on his face and still be a child, you know, that makes you proud. >> it's difficult to think that, you know, part of my son isn't going to be there any any more. >> mom and dad always said they would never do this and they kept telling me i'm the bravest and thaw good stuff. >> recent visits with eagles players and dj's preston and steve helped to boost his spirits ahead of what will be a very challenging ride. yet he's still focused on feeling healthy again. and inspiring others. >> just keep on fighting. no matter what. >> he sure is inspiring. you can follow jack's journey.
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we're posting a link to his facebook page on our website as well as link to the family's gofundme page to troy to help this family emotionally and fmly as they're going through such a tough time. iain. >> absolutely jennifer. we wish them the best. thank you. temple university board of trustees met tonight to discuss whether to go forward with plans to build a stadium on campus. but that vote was tabled. >> a couple of dozen protesters gathered outside the meeting most were temple students. they are against the proposed 100 million project. the school is not consulting nearby residents. university officials did not vote on the proposal today. they say there are still important discussions to be had before moving forward. only op fox, philadelphia's district attorney under pressure to fire three of his top prosecutors. they're linked to pornographic and racist e-mails found on state computers ton night seth
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williams speaks to fox 29's jeff cole exclusively. jeff asked the da about a little trouble of his own. >> you are the subject of a federal investigation for allegations that you have improperly used campaign money. >> in our interview we asked district attorney certainly williams about the federal probe first reported by the inquirer into his campaign spending. >> have you used your campaign funds in any way that you think may have been a mistake. >> i have not. i will cooperate and share whatever information anyone asks me to share with them. >> reporter: his message tuesday was not about the probe. but it was focused on the porn gate e-mail exam raging in pennsylvania state government. em balanced attorney general kathleen kane has filed what she calls a racist and pornographic e-mails on state servers. williams has transferred three his top prosecutors linked to the e-mails when they were assistant attorneys general. he says he made a mistake back in august when he learned of those nasty e-mails. >> things that will repulsive.
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things i'm not defending them at all. what i should have asked for then what i'm asking for today. i should have asked for the entire cash of e-mails. >> reporter: he's calling on attorney general kathleen kane to release the thousands of e-mails she's discovered. the top city prosecutor caught up in the e-mail scandal is frank fena. he has a long track record of success while a state prosecutor, williams admits he shared and received the e-mails. >> why not fire fena in august when you first looked at those e-mails. >> at the time again it was things that had been shared prior to his employment here. basically information i had he had been model employee. >> but you demoted him now based on that. >> transferred him as a result though i've listened. i make a lot of my decisions as a lawyer would. but i take myself out of that role somewhat. and listen to city council. >> reporter: jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> south jersey police department wants to help a local family targeted by crooks at the
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worst time. >> police in berlin camden county say the family was washing their clothes in a local clown dough mat when a thief took everything includes all of the clothes for their two young children. today the police department gave the family a gift card and it's now collecting donations they need clothes for five-year-old girl, size five and shoe size 10 and for eight-year-old boy a size large kids clothes and a size 4.5 shoe. you can drop off donations inside the berlin county police department. please if you can help this would be very big for the fami family. we have posted all this information on our website just look under seen on tv. a man gets in gun fight when he surprises guys robbing his house. his car riddled with bullet holes. what he saw on his front lawn that he knew something wasn't right. >> talk about incentive to meet your goals at work. the end of your bonus given to every single employee at one company that made our jaws dropped really. trust us. you might start looking for job
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openings here. >> and cookie lyon named the most influential character on tv. who she beat out for that new honor. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. if you use septa's regional rail lines particularly the airport line get ready for a new schedule. they'll stop weekday service all the way through to the warminster and west trenton li lines. grab a new schedule for the airport and all the regional rails so you're ready to go for the weekend and tomorrow heads up. eastbound schuylkill expressway down to one lane beginning at 9:00 a.m. right here at 476. they'll make permanent repairs to that metal plate over the expansion joints so the time to beat tomorrow is 9:00 a.m. on that eastbound schuylkill expressway. what you need to know before you get on the go.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ we still do not know why hundreds of bricks rained down along a manhattan street this morning. investigators say the bricks fell from the top of a 35-story upper east side high rise currently under construction. no one is hurt. but police are diverting traffic
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keeping parts of first of a closed in fact. inspectors gave tenants okay to stay and side the building because only the facade crumbled. tonight the building department is working to figure out what went wrong. newly released dash cam video shows us how a standoff comes to a tragic end in missouri. we want to warn you parts of this video may be tough to wat watch. >> bleep. >> (gunfire). >> police in st. louis county had no choice but to shoot 61-year-old sheila huck. investigators say she barricaded herself inside her home and then opened fire when officers tried going in. huck died in the gun battle. no officers are hurt. police say the four officers, b officers got there she shot her neighbor three times on her way to the mailbox. that victim though is expected to be okay. a georgia man is in the hospital tonight. >> he surprised three men by showing up back at his home right when they were hauling away his stuff so they shot him. chris guthrie was only gone from
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his home for about 20 minutes sunday when he arrived back he found front door kicked in, 2tv' in the front yard and three guys coming out the door. he reached for his gun in his glove compartment but couldn't get it in time. robbers shot him three times much his wife thankful her husband is still alive but still upset. >> you know you feel helpless because i tell uh-uh feel like you want to choke somebody but you can choke anybody. >> she says robbers targeted them a year ago as well and that's when her husband bought a gun. the parents of most kids know most are kind of a dick to do their phones but do you really know what they're doing? we are breaking the secret code what is kids admit doing when you're not looking, kathy. >> can't wait to hear that, lu lucy. since i have a teenager, yeah. dramatic swing in temperature across the delaware valley. that is what we're talking about. it will be cold tonight, but guess what? we are in for some record
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>> kathy orr tracking possible record warmth coming up. >> local high school playinged by recent violence getting a big change at the top. school district of philadelphia needed to reset the climate at george washington high school. >> that meant removing the man in charge. fox 29's dave schratwieser has more on the violence at george washington and the district's vision for that school. >> reporter: just hours after several students attacked a teacher in a classroom here, school district officials moved to reassign principal gene jones at george washington high school. replacing him with new co principles. >> we felt it was needed given the incident that occurred yesterday and also given prior incidents. >> reporter: jones had been on the hot seat after recent cafeteria brawl and attack on freshman outside the school. he claimed the school was safe for students. then monday, at least two students entered a classroom and
3:30 am
tried to take a cell phone from another student. then they allegedly attacked the teacher punching him in the fa face. >> pretty brazen attack. they went in there to try to get a cell phone from another student. we do not know why. >> police officers, school police have been attacked. >> reporter: news of jones reassignment to school district headquarters brought some strong reactions from students and parents like fran kaminsky who has two daughters here. >> there's been no discipline. these fights have been going on. everything has been unreported. >> they still fight. they don't care about anybody. >> reporter: coach principals fran deal and christine black took over tuesday morning. they will be supported by more personnel and a new safety plan as they try to make improvements at the school. >> add more security. little more security. >> their task is going to be to bring the community together, the school community together. bring students, parents, staff together. >> i feel totally confident and safe for my kids.
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>> our dave schratwieser reports at least two students are facing criminal charges for the attack on the teacher. they're suspended. they can face expulsion. police are investigate a third student. the new co principles plan to meet with parents and students very soon. unlikely ally fighting to help protect pets found in hot cars. nfl quarterback michael vick went to the pennsylvania state house in harrisburg today calling for state lawmakers to support a bill allowing first responders to break into cars to rescue pets. it would prevent them from being held libel for damages. the former eagles quarterback acknowledge his past problems with animal abuse but now is using his status to bring about change. >> i'm here with animal rights advocates who dedicated their lives to helping animals and they helped me the right path. animal welfare does not get enough attention and i'm this bill gets enough attention. there's no opposition to this bill. we just have to care.
3:32 am
>> vick was convicted of oping a dog fighting ring back in 2007 and went to prison. he's been working with animal welfare causes since his release in 2009. >> fox 29 weather authority now. kathy orr pretty soon we'll break out the tank tops again. the shorts. am i going overboard on this? >> well, no, perhaps not. i hope you've been lifting some weights. i better before we get those tank tops out again, lucy. >> i try. >> we're talking about warmer temperatures. short sleeved shirts, light jackets, maybe some shorts. by the end of the seven day forecast it will be feeling much more like early fall than mid december. take a look at the temperatures right now. in old city, philadelphia, 39 degrees. the high today 50 which is still a few degrees above the normal high of 47 degrees. right now it is 24 degrees in the poconos. cold enough to make some packed powder. hope they have the snow guns rolling in allentown it's 29. 27 in millville. even down the shore temperatures close to freezing to the north we have some cloudiness but
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still cold temperatures in the 20s and 30s and that will be the rule overnight tonight throughout the delaware valley but we will be rebounding during the day tomorrow. with more of southeasterly win. no rain in sight just a few clouds passing through during your wednesday. and wednesday afternoon a few more clouds as well expected on thursday. but that will not keep the temperatures down. this graph shows how many degrees above normal we'll be for the rest of the this week. tomorrow some 8 degrees above normal. by thursday, 14 degrees above normal. by friday, it jumps to 16 degrees above normal. and by saturday, 18 degrees above normal and believe it or not it goes even higher for sunday and that is when we'll be challenging some record. records that gait date back into the 19 20's. huge ridge building in the east over the course of the weekend. high pressure building off the coast mirror bermuda. summer like pattern with this bermuda high pumping up southwesterly winds and record
3:34 am
warmth for the delaware valley in time for eagles game on sunday. so overnight in the city 36. the suburbs 29. with some clouds. the high tomorrow 55. mild for december. as you plan your day it will be a cold start but warming up throughout the afternoon. with light jacket required about 3:00 o'clock, 54 degrees. 51 and mostly cloudy by dinnertime. on the seven day forecast you can see this warmup. the it really kicks in over the weekend. 64 saturday. 66 on sunday. that would beat the old record of 65 set back in 1923. a chance of rain by monday. and then tuesday the high 53. still well above average for this time of year. after a record november look like december could be one for the record books as well. stay on this track of temperatures well above the average. average by the end of that seven day is only around 44, 45 degrees. >> you're going to play tennis this weekend. you'll go golfing this weekend. what am i going to do. >> gardening. >> gardening mulching what i usually do.
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so true. all right. >> caught on surveillance camera this woman is taking a package right off someone's front steps. really interesting part though who police say this woman is marid to and who she's stealing from. >> on the run from police but something else found him first. discovered mysteriously murdered what killer got to him before the cops could. talk about incentive to meet your goals at work. the end of your bonus given to every single employee at one company that made our jaws drop. you guys are going to love this one. trust us.
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♪ check out this video out of polk county florida. that authorities say is a police officer's wife snatching presents from a home. the kicker, that home belongs to another cop and his wife posted pictures on facebook for all to see. investigators believe the accu accused thief had a change of heart after seeing those pictures and return the stole let me items. she's on probation after convict evidence stealing in from a store. contract like no other in your money tonight. it's one only fit for a king. babb star lebron james signed a lifetime sponsorship contract with nike. espn reports the agreement easily surpassed the 10 year,
3:39 am
thee hundred million dollars oklahoma city thunder star kevin duran signed last summer. sports giants michael jordan and tiger woods have been promoting products with the swoosh for years now. king james has the honor of scoring the first lifetime deal with nicky. >> chris cal pepsi may have fizzled out but the taste of the '90's is coming back. >> ♪ >> there it is. that's commercial for the new crystal pepsi. the premise the crystal pepsi offices are stuck in the '90's and employees have been working on perfecting the project ever since. if you've been waiting for a sip for more than 20 years, there is a catch. you have to enter a sweepstakes and winners will get six packs on christmas eve. >> there you go. all right. everybody hopes for holiday bonus. actually i stopped hoping a long time ago. >> probably never have dreamed
3:40 am
of what some texas workers got from their employer. >> i know. >> out of houston. houston is a good city. >> it is. >> about 1400 employees of hill corp. a privately owned energy company based in houston are getting one hadn't dread thousand dollars bonus. >> everybody. >> this holiday season. >> that means everyone from top executives to the office seconds. because they met their five-year goal of doubling the size of the company. it's not the first time it's happened. >> in 2002, again, we doubled the company in size. it was five-year goal and we met that goal and we all were able to choose $50,000 car or a $35,000 cash check. >> look at her spool. >> talk about incentive hill corp. was named by fortune as one of the top 100 companies to work for three years in a row. >> we can understand why. yeah. >> all right. making a run to pizza hut that investigators say it wasn't for food. deputes say they were getting
3:41 am
heroin. who they say was in the back seat. >> plus secret codes hidden apps disappearing photos kids got a million ways to keep their stuff private. until now.
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♪ one couple's run to pizza hut lands them in jail. deputes say they were looking for a pie. they were looking for drugs. unlucky tore them investigators knew what was happening. indiana authorities say undercover deputes met up with troy little and jennifer ails to go buy heroin together. their dealer work at a nearby pizza hut. the group drove there where ails went inside to get the drugs with her the whole time her six-year-old son. investigators say they waited for ails to get the heroin and arrest all three. the little boy watching it all go down. >> sirens, they're lights so it was just a horrible scene for the little guy. she was tearful but i think she was tearful because she got caught. not because her child was involved in this. >> the boy was so shaken up they let him sit with his mom for a little while in squad car. all three charged with possessing and dealing drugs and that boy is with a family member. >> massive haul for couple of these. they stole this tract trailer
3:45 am
from restaurant parking lot south of orlando. inside, $92,000 worth of merchandise from sears. police say the thieves stole it saturday and no one has seen it since. they hope to find the truck but think everything inside is probable gone. you know your kids passwords, check that are news feeds on social media but do you really know what they're doing when they're on their phones. >> most spend hours glued to their phone. fox's tim johnson sat down with a group of kids and what he found surprised their parents. ♪ >> reporter: technology isn't just modern convenience much it's an a necessity and taking a away one phone -- >> i'd die. >> does not mean game over. >> probably go back to like fall back electronics. use one of two tablets or those two old phones i told you about earlier. >> reporter: average teenager spends nine hours day consuming media most of that is checking social media we invited three
3:46 am
families who say they're open and honest about social mode ya. we wanted to know who knows what on both sides of the parent kid equation and are there any secrets. >> who thinks they know more than their parents about social immediate gentleman? raise your hand. >> know it all. so here's how we did it. i hung out with the parents. my daughter can't download app without knowing me about. >> melissa medley chatted with their kids and by the way, wild she did, we eavesdrop on the whole thing. >> first topic, the must have app. >> i think it's probably snap chat. yeah. >> instagram or snap chat. >> snap chat the hottest social media app there is. it's how majority of young people communicate, global web index says it was the fast fest growing social app of 2014. faster growing ton facebook, twitter and instagram it allows towsend pictures and messages that disappear quickly. >> hold the it down and you see it after 10 seconds it just goes away.
3:47 am
>> it disappears? >> yeah. >> it deletes. >> reporter: what are they posting? >> selfies. >> but it's not just selfies and this group told us they know it's not all innocent out there either. >> like nudes. saying bad things about each other. >> tech whiz kids but still kids and they don't know everything. watch their reactions to this little dose of reality. >> what if i told you that they really -- snaps aren't deleted? >> ut-oh. >> moms and dads already new. >> they're not gone. internet is forever. >> but we found something they did not know. >> have you ever heard of vault apps. >> apps like this cal could you later. >> no. >> that let you hide files and pictures. >> you open it up, put in the code and get this. and these are hidden files and you can hide files of any sort there. and then this is what's probably going to capture attention. look in the top left corner you
3:48 am
see in exclamation mark. ut-oh, somebody is coming i don't want them to see what i'm doing. you're back to calculator. >> i didn't know that. >> but their kids new even the youngest of the bunch 11-year-old imani. >> like if you want to hide something in your phone, you get the app and like you click on apps you want to hide. it look like a calculator that nobody really knows that you're typing in password. they're just thinking you're doing something for homework. >> i was shocked. >> surprising moment from three families who really are on the same page and open and honest about social media. so even if you think your family is, too -- >> communication is number one. as long as you're communicating, then they know to come to you when something not right. >> there may be secrets you don't know about. tom johnson, fox news. >> alleged burglar in florida did his best to escape from police but investigators say he probably didn't see the killer lurking near his hiding spot.
3:49 am
deputes in brevard county loft matt riggins near florida near orlando an friend during a chase last month. 10 days later depth piece returned to pull his body out of a nearby upon much police say he was floating near an 11-foot alligator that same animal that killed him neighbor who's heard about it say it's not something they expected there. >> i think it's unfortunate that a young fella has to lose his life that way. nobody ever comes in here unless you're visiting someone. >> trappers caught and euthanized the aggressive 11-foot gator. police found the man accused of of burglarizing several homes with riggins but so far they say he's not cooperating. >> a lot of ways to describe empire break out star cookie lion. she's now times most influential character of 2015. she beat out the hip i don't know, taylor swift bad blood character and christian gray for 50 grades of gray in addition to
3:50 am
memes and catch phrases. she helped inspire a clothing line at saks fifth avenue. you can catch khaki and the empire cast on tare and terrence's white hot holidays a special right here on fox 29 tomorrow starting at 9:00. some video of new castle county police officers getting a lot of attention online. >> it's bringing smiles to the faces of most all who watch it. new castle county police department share the video on its facebook page. county resident took it a couple of officers who stopped to play game of football with neighborhood children. the person who took the video says with all the negative press surrounding law enforcement she want to do share the actions of her local officer. >> tom srendenschek with sports. >> a lot going on tonight guys. the flyers yank steve mason in their game with the islanders to night and we'll tell you why it was a short night for steve. the eagles win but one player not in the festive holiday spirit about it. who is complaining and about
3:51 am
what is coming up next to sports.
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> not time to call the flyers good just yet. won four of their last five game. tonight hosting the i atlantics. not a good night in goal for steve mason. down two-one in the second. he gives up his third goal in 10 shots and misery war is the night on the bench for the rest
3:54 am
of the evening. flyers actually force overtime and then the shootout. tied at three. kyle, the only goal of the shootout right there. flyers get the point. islands get the win four-three in the shootout. >> check this out sunday night in calgary. this is the calgary hit man junior league team they're doing their annual teddy bares to aft the first goal scored in the game with the i love the name of this team the swift current broncos. all the teddy bears located to local charities for the holida holidays. eagles tied for first place in the nfc east despite that miserable five-seven records the cowboys lurking a game back at four and eight. lesean mccoy and buffalo bills sunday afternoon. running back demarco murray isn't happy these days according to report from espn after carrying just eight times against the patriots murray met with owner jeff frue lure oh on the flight home. didn't even wait until you landed. he complained about not being
3:55 am
used enough. doesn't sound like offensive pat shower summer was real appreciative. >> i think when you got to look at we won a football game the other night against a really fine opponent. and he cribbed in the game. and i think that's the reality of it, and so there should be some joy in that attelet for few hours till we get back to phil philly. >> how about college basketball tonight. st. joseph's you know what, let's get a quick check on the teddy bares to again. i want to you see what's happening because they're still throwing them. >> are they really. >> they're coming from every direct. every corner. you can barely see the ice. we haven't stopped the tape from rolling. all for a good cause at the holidays the music underneath. dead teddy bare toss. >> let's get to the st. joesly faking on the princeton. andre, the floater and soft toss it goes. 12 points on the night. including two right here. st. joe's impress to six-two.
3:56 am
62-50 your final tonight. this is the last time. >> again? >> we'll do it again. >> teddy bear throws. 28,815 bears the players even jumping in on the end all for good cause. i don't think they played the rest of the game at that point. >> hard to zamboni. >> have you ever seen that much fur on the ice at one time. 28,815 bears. >> all going to the children. >> right here in the calgary area. >> we need to do that. >> bring tomorrow night. >> sounds good. >> teddy bear toss. >> sounds good. >> teddy bear toss. [gus singing] ♪ dashing through the snow ♪ careful on the ice ♪ keep scratchin', cousin joe. ♪
3:57 am
[cousin joe singing] ♪ oh gus, you're much too nice! [gus singing] ♪ a gift for uncle dave, and 1 for auntie jane ♪ ♪ mom and dad and grandpa zack all get a scratching game ♪ [everyone singing] ♪ oh, instant games! ♪ instant games! instant games for me! ♪ ♪ 6 new holiday instant games from the p.a. lottery ♪ keep on scratchin'!
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3:59 am
4:00 am
live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. it has taken a page from the play book of hitler. >> this morning on the fox 29 morning news, philadelphia mayor michael nutter comes out swinging against republican president hopeful donald trump after the candidate called for muslims to be banned from entering the us. >> a new jersey high school changing the way kids go to the bathroom. now, transgender students can stop using the nurse's rest room. we'll explain how a petition made this happen. >> played by recent violence, school getting a big change at the top, what the school district of philadelphia says it needs to reset the climate. at george washington high cool. >> i'm going to test your make up knowledge. >> oh, no. make up knowledge? >> so if you're at home


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