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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  December 9, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. it has taken a page from the play book of hitler. >> this morning on the fox 29 morning news, philadelphia mayor michael nutter comes out swinging against republican president hopeful donald trump after the candidate called for muslims to be banned from entering the us. >> a new jersey high school changing the way kids go to the bathroom. now, transgender students can stop using the nurse's rest room. we'll explain how a petition made this happen. >> played by recent violence, school getting a big change at the top, what the school district of philadelphia says it needs to reset the climate. at george washington high cool. >> i'm going to test your make up knowledge. >> oh, no. make up knowledge? >> so if you're at home you
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might know there is something weirds about my make up. chris murphy, what looks different? >> your eyes? >> which one? >> your right eye. >> what about it? >> it doesn't have mascara. >> he's good, sue serio. but not really. it is the left eye without mascara, but he knew it was something with my eye, no mascara. >> i'm kind of -- >> i'm work in progress. >> i'm embarrased to say i figured it out. do i hands in my man card now? >> no, i think you should get an award, plaque adder, something. let's start with our number today. we will go with another nine out of ten, base will you if you liked yesterday you will enjoy today weather wise, nothing to show you on radar there. it is 37 degrees, and a calm wind makes it feel like 37 degrees, ten after 7:00 is still our sunrise time. visibility could be an issue for you this morning, we have a little bit of fog in dover, lancaster, pa, reduced visibility in pottstown, reading.
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keep an eye out for that this morning, temperatures are in the 30's, as we showed you, 37 in philadelphia, 32 lancaster, 35 up in mount pocono, 29 in atlantic city and millville. and these are temperatures that are slightly chillier than they were yesterday. but, we also expect to be slightly warmer than we were yesterday. soap, planning your day, it is a cold start, as we just showed. mostly cloudy skies, by lunchtime, up to 48 degrees, probably top off with 54-degree temperature for high today. and in the lower 50's, through the evening, and that is your hump day forecast, so, bob kelly, let's get over the hump. >> yeah. we have a lot of hum manies' to get over this morning, a loft action, good morning, northeast philadelphia, this is live look at torresdale avenue between rhawn and de cater. deli there, right on the corner. so this is torresdale and rhawn. looking north up toward saint hubert's high school up there in the background.
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so, police have this stretch blocked, not quite sure what's going on. but with torresdale avenue blocked, frandford would probably be your best alternate. downtown we go. live look at the vine street expressway. quiet, shutdown both directions, all due to the over night construction between the schuylkill and broad street. you know the deal. you use either spring garden, south, or 30th coming into the city. some construction here on the pennsylvania turnpike, right near the route 29 slip ramp, that's in charlestown. and a lot of action, more action on the river than we do on 95. both the talcony palmyra and the burlington bridges are open at the moment. stop for vehicle traffic. we've already had two openings in the last hour. so, there is a loft early morning freight activity out there. if you use the regional rail lines, especially the airport line, make sure to grab new schedule today. septa announced some changes in its timetables for the airport line as well as all of the regional rail lines.
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that kicks into gear this upcoming weekend. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thanks so much. breaking news this morning, officials have identified a third attack here targeted the concert venue during the november 13th terror attacks in paris. the man's name has not been released but french legal official say the third attack fresh northeastern france, left for syria in 2013. >> so the latest information released this morning means that all of the attackers identified so far were french or belgium. and then all native french speakers were involved in this. all three attackers at that per ocean concert are dead. the most people were killed at the concert hall during those attacks. >> all right, sharp condemnation from city hall in response to trump's ban muslims from entering the us. >> his own words, he got personal. dave kinchen at city hall with more on this, dave, good morning. >> good morning to you, michael nut end known for sometimes firing off at the hip when it comes to some
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comment, taken off the cuff remarks, regarding lie profile cases, like donald trump's comments bang muslims from entering the us. mayor nutter said that he would, in fact, bandon ailed trump from from entering philadelphia if he could. those were the key words, if he could. of course a lot of lawyers want to go open up the philadelphia city chartreuse if the mayor has those powers. the mayor does not. the mayor made the remarks in a press conference at city hall. he took donald trump to task blasting the gop presidential frontrunner for his call to ban all muslims from entering the us in the wake of the isis inspired attack from san bernardino california. he called the press conference to reward new for hate crimes where a pigs thrown was head in front after north philadelphia mosque. when reporters asked nutter about trump's comments, nutter went off. >> i take seriously, any foreign policy idea from
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someone like him. i mean, it is impossible. so he has no idea what he is talking b if i had the power to ban some people, i mean, he would not -- he would be at the top of the list today. but yesterday probably would have been some other folks. >> mayor nutter was a little bit stronger his words when speaking with an ap reporter about this manner. in the meantime donald trump doubled down on his comment, even reading his own press release at a campaign event saying that the ban should only be in place until we could figure out what is going on in relation to these attacks, various plots that happened, but again, mayor nutter and several members of the faith community really interfaith community in philadelphia condemning donald trump's remarks, guys. >> dave, we're not done there. then there is what saint peters berk florida mayor said about candidate trump. earlier this week he tweeted he's barred trump from st. petersberg until quote we
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fully understand the dangerous threat posed by all trump's. the mayor seen here, clarified his tweet of sarcasm. >> i was just really responding to comment that i thought were ridiculous, and i thought the best way to respond to do something equally ridiculous, put something out there that really was silly. >> the other presidential candidates and the republican party are also calling out trump for his comment about bang all muslims from entering the us. >> wait house spokesman says trump's comment about muslims to disqualify him from being prep. this is unusual from anyone from a white howls administration that were to be weighing in so heavily on opposing party. but ernest had harsh words for the bop as a whole saying all republican presidential canned date have pledged to support who ever is the eventual nominee. >> the fact is that would donald trump said yesterday disqualifies him as serving as
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president. and for republican candidate for president, to stand by their pledge to support mr. trump? that in a n of it self is disqualifying. >> ernest went on to say that trump is a, quote, carnival barber. says republicans have to decide how they're going respond it trump moving forward. >> only on fox, philadelphia district attorney seth williams speaks out as he faces pressure to fire three of his top prosecutors linked to pornographic and racist emails center received on state computers. williams has transformed the prosecute nears other roles, formerly worked for the pennsylvania attorney general's office, that includes frank fina worked on cases such as the sandusky sex abuse and bonus gate cases. pressuring williams to fire them all, while not committed to firing the group, williams said he made a mistake in august after finding out about their connection to the e-mail. >> seems that we're repulsive, things not defending them at all. what i should have asked for
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them, what i am asking for today. i should have asked for the entire cash of emails. >> he's calling on attorney general kathleen kane to release the thousands of emails she's discovered, meanwhile, kathleen kane spokesperson indicate philadelphia williams had asked to see the emails his prosecute remembers linked to, arraignments could have been made. >> the philadelphia school system stepped in after recent wave of violence at george washington high school. the school district saying it needed to reset the climate. which meant replacing the principal himself. so it happened just hours after student attacked a teacher in one of the classrooms. they reassigned him, replacing him with new co--principalas bridging strong reaction frost student and par against police officers, school police, have been attacked. there is no discipline. these fights have been going on. everything has been unreported. >> says the new safety plan also part of the improvement at the school. >> police in one local town are calling it the first christmas grinch story of the year.
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>> yep, a thief stealing family's clothing right out of a berlin laudromat. steve keeley now live at the berlin police station with more on there is hi, steve. >> reporter: not that we needed proof but this case for sure proves that people will just steel anything that isn't theirs, even little kids' used dirty clothe, as they're being washed and dried in a local laudromat. yes, it happened here in berlin, down the white horse pike in camden county, and lock at the police facebook page where the cops even tell us like the cops up in philly this week, they called it their first christmas grinch story of the year a mom, washing all her five year old daughter's and eight year old son's clothes, and all of her own clothe, everything but what they were wearing on monday, was stolen as the machine's ran here in the maytag laundry. the laudromat right on the same side of the white horse pike as the police department, just little further up the road, the glinch, story, you remember, had a happy ending,
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and the berlin police department hoping for the same here, look at our third video here, they've set up a donation box, right by their front door, if anyone wants to give clothes, buy clothes, or just donate gift cards, the mother police says, only interested in police and community generosity for two kids help. she doesn't want anything for herself. but police of course say the mom could certainly use more things to wear than the shirt and pant he has, and the officer, in fact, who handled this case, lauren, chris, officer pal ma, used his own money to buy the family a gift card already to get them something to wear. the girl has a size five, and the boy, a boy size large, if you are interested. we have that information on our website. and if you live down here in camden county, or happen to be driving by, when this is what christmas is all about if you can help this family out. >> good point. please help out. steve, thank up, zip. >> case continues in the manslaughter trial surrounding the case of freddie gray, the
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oops. nana's got the kids til 9... but it's only 2. guess you'll just have to see a movie... ...then get some dinner. what a pity. the sound of russian submarine launching missiles at isis tarring nets syria. the russian defense ministry saying it is the first time the missiles have been
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launched, from a submerged position. >> sue, on much different note, you woke up, please, yes, get away from that. good news, because you had some good news this morning, yes? >> still is some love left in the world. >> what happened? >> my husband, there were roses when i came downstairs this morning. >> just because roses, right? >> yes, just because, yes, just a card that said i love you every day. >> oh, my goodness. >> i know. really sweet. here i go again. >> you better not. >> i know. >> see who will be crying on saturday. will it be army or navy? that's coming up this weekend, december 12th, is the big game at the lincoln financial field there, with 62 degrees temperature for a december football game. how crazy is that? but it is something that is
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such a huge event every year. then we have super sunday, at lincoln financial field. with the eagles and the bills, and we think it will be in the 60s again, for that 1:00 kick off. so again, more like october, with high pressure in control today. and we're going to see more clouds than sun at some point today. but, unseasonably warm, even record warmth, by the time we get to sunday. it is a possibility, anyway. right now, nothing to look at on ultimate doppler radar. visibility is not great in a lot of places out there. lancaster, only a little over a mile visibility, and some reduced visibility in other places, check this out, freezing fog advisory in the center of the state, around state college, and other counties around there. something you don't see very often where it is so cold, and there is fog, so all of that moisture could just put that dangerous coating on the roads there. so that's for the center of the state. and as we look at some of the temperatures, they are in the 20's and 30's, below freezing, we're at 37 degrees in philadelphia right now.
4:17 am
we go to the north, we're at 35 mount pocono, 33 in reading, there we are below freezing in lancaster. so just a little warning for some extra caution. calm winds, helps the fog to form, because there is no wind to blow the air around, so that's what's going on with that. how did we ends up yesterday with a high temperature as advertised at 50 degrees, today we hope to beat that with 55. and then it is 60s all the way, the super 60s, thursday, friday, saturday, by sunday, it will be cloudy, so see get to the 56 degrees temperature, if we do we'll tie the record for sunday's date setback in the 1920's. that's a look at your forecast through the weekend and beyond. >> good morning, everybody, 4:17. while we were all sleeping on the overnight there is accident occurred up in bucks county along route 202 and route 32. which is also known as river road. right on the border there of the delaware river,
4:18 am
pennsylvania and new jersey side. so police have been out there on the overnight, just watch for some left over police activity, and investigation there, up there in bucks county. going to the live traffic camera now, this is northeast philadelphia, and an accident, involving a police vehicle here. no one was seriously hurt, but torresdale avenue is blocked between rhawn and decatur. give you idea the deli right there on the corner of torresdale and rhawn, saint hubert's high school up there in the back gown, so, real east any northeast fill ill, just use some of the side streets, frandford avenue would be the other best alternate. still shut down here in center city, the vine street expressway closed both directions, between the schuylkill and broad, for maybe another 15, 20 minute or so. the talcony palmyra bridge in the middle of a opening, both the talcony and the burlington bristol in the middle of openings at the moment. come on, get those light up. if you have them up, i want to see them. snap a picture, and send it to us via facebook, twitter or
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instagram. big thanks to, look at this fellow here, jet plane boyson got the lazer lights, that's the big thing there, the lazer lights, real easy way to decorate for christmas, but whether you take the easy way or the hard way, make sure you snap a picture, post it to your facebook, twitter, instagram, use the #fox29lights so we can show them on television and pick a house to go broadcast live during our five and 6:00 newscast. chris, lauren, back to you. >> some fun ones in, bob. >> good stuff. >> time now 4:19 on this wednesday morning. and thank you for waking up with us. let's turn to your national headlines, defense will begin to plead their case in the manslaughter trial surrounding the death of freddie gray. baltimore police officer william porter could take the stand, prosecution resting tuesday, after four days of testimony from 15 witnesses. porter's one of the six officers accused of neglecting their duty when gray suffered broken neck while in custody.
4:20 am
he's facing as much as 25 years in prison. and we're lurk more details about the money trail of last week's san bernardino shooting rampage. investigators say that trail may have ended at union bank in san bernardino with what's being described as unusual banking activity. >> fox news reports that a $28,000 deposit went from web bank. com to say ad farook's bank account, then november 20th he withdrew $10,000 in cash. authorities are checking it that money went to one of farook's friends who purchased two assault rivals used in the killings. investigators are also looking into de possible night bank account that could belong to his mother. there are also reports that farook may have plot add attack back in 2012. >> pennsylvania judge has set date for ex pro wrestler star jimmy super fly snook a homicide trial. the lehigh county judge saying it will start in march. snooka charged earlier this year in the death of his girlfriend more than three decades ago. he pleaded not guilt which his
4:21 am
lawyering calling the 1983 death and fortunate accident. he is now 72 years old, living in camden county, new jersey. >> the u.s. senate needs more differs tip. >> newspaper survey finds few minorities hold top senate staff positions. according to the joint center for political and economic studies, 7% of the top positions are held by minorities, that comes to only 24 jokes, calling on senators, internships, fellowships for minority employees. >> some sources say demarco murray is not real happy these days. >> here are winning lottery numbers, can't blade it on bad weather.
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are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep! >> at five and seven, eagles are in three way tie for first place in the nfc east. the cowboys only a game back. demarco murray isn't real happy these days, according to a report from espn. after caring just eight times against the patriots, murray met with eagles owner jeffrey lurie on the flight home to complain about not being used enough.
4:25 am
listen between the lines yesterday offensive coordinator pat cher america not exactly amused. >> i think what you got to look at, we won a football game last night against real fine opponent. he contributed in the game. and i think that's the reality of it. so there should be some joy in that at least for a few hours until we get back to philly. >> flyers hosting new york islanders last night at the center, for a second period, already down two to one, make it three to one, and give steve mason a trip to the showers. goes to over time. then shoot-out, tied at three, islanders get the only goal in the shoot-out. they win it, final score five to three. that's sports in a minute. aim tom sredenschek. >> defending nba champions, the golden state warriors, they move onto 23 and zero. >> they just keep winning. for get the off season, just keep going. warriors defeated the paths ers in a 131 to 123 victory, now the warriors tie for the second longest winning streak in nba history.
4:26 am
clay thompson, clay, top scorers as always, possibly some bad news, final period, after rolling ankle, he hopes to play friday against the celtics, but no official word yet. what a shooter, look at this. >> so awesome. he had a baby in the off season, cute picture of his caughter. >> right. >> i remember she is a big sister now. so he has growing family. his career is sky-rocketing. >> guess what? can he have a 700 children and afford everyone of them. >> true. >> so rich now. >> all right, temple look to go capitalize success of his football program this year, the push to build stadium on campus, and fighting the plan, why a key vote was put to the test last night. >> ♪
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>> how a bathroom flack could create safety for everyone. >> we've all seen the videos. first responders breaking windows, rescuing pets from hot cars, now have an unlikely supporter. >> good day everyone, it is wednesday, december 9th, 2015. december 9th, we're getting so close to santa coming.
4:30 am
>> we are. that elf that was here, watching over you? >> where is that? >> i don't know, we have to find him. >> he moved again? >> have you done any christmas shopping though? still none, sue serio, what is he thinking? >> oh, listen, i'm no better. i have one gift. >> and it better be for your daughter because she coming home soon. >> , no it is for my mother. >> what about your husband? he left you flowers this morning to wake up tonight what about billy? >> i'm going have to step it up, really. chris, your a going have to help me again. i have a little something-something going on here, but we'll get it together. thanks, well, i'm getting done, let's look at the number of the day. thank you, chris. it is a nine out of ten, again, basically, if you liked yesterday, probably like today even more. because it will be slightly warmer, now it, as little chillier to start, with 37 degrees, but we don't have enough after breeze to gave you a windchill. sunrise 7:10. checking visibilities, real quick, looks like the worse of the fog out in lancaster county reduced visibility in dover, delaware.
4:31 am
and few other places, further west you go, the worst the fog is this morning. thirty-four in allentown, 31 degrees in lancaster, 32 in wildwood, to get you started again about two, four, 6 degrees, chillier, than it was yesterday at this time, especially, along the shore, it is chillier than tuesday was. so plan on 30's to start, 40's by lunchtime, probably upper 40's, high temperature today, 55 degrees. even with the short day. and 51 degrees throughout the evening. so, that is a look at your weather authority forecast for today. it is going to be about 55 degrees. and i think we can't complain about that, bob kelly, in december. >> sue, good morning, yes, 4:00 # one, on this -- we found the elf. >> okay. >> found him. he is looking straight at you, chris murphy. look. >> chris, look straight down below right below the catch camera. over here. >> oh, ya. >> he is sitting right here,
4:32 am
looking. >> bob, sitting with his legs crossed, just like i got you. >> i got you. >> the whole time trying to read the teleprompter it, and he's watching. >> he's watching you. >> of course you know how this works, now, gang, right in the. >> yes. >> the elf -- >> again? >> the elf watches everything that's going on, takes notes, keeps track of everybody, then at night, flies back to the north pole, and report to santa claus. >> you know what that means? >> then comes back in the morning and checks everything out again. >> that means i'll get nary gift. >> nary? >> were you already on the naughty list to begin with. >> true. >> so hasn't been gaining any points this week here. we got the elf, though, on the shelf, in the studio, and a shutdown in northeast philly. this is torresdale avenue between rhawn and decator, police taking care of an accident investigation, want to use frankford avenue as the alternate, the vine street expressway, still closed both directions, between the schuylkill and broad street here with construction, until
4:33 am
about 5:15, 5:30 or so, talcony palmyra moving again after a couple of quick bridge openings. we've had openings at both the talcony and the burlington bristol here, in the last hour. so, a lot of action on the river. right now, the schuylkill looking good. heads up. only one lane today on the schuylkill beginning at 9:00 a.m., eastbound, remember the other day, they had that metal plate that got knocked off near the blue route, coming back today to make final repairs, so eastbound schuylkill right at conshy, they'll go down to one lane beginning at 9:00 a.m., they said, will probably take until 3:00. that's the time to beat. be passed conshy by 9:00 a.m. if you are coming into philly during the day. otherwise, mass transit looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> em it be university board of trustees met to discuss whether they'll go forward with plans to build stadium on campus, but the vote was tabled.
4:34 am
>> as you can see, couple of dozen protesters gathered outside the meeting yesterday evening, most temple student, against the proposed $100 million project, and they say, the school is not consulting those who live nearby. university officials did not vote on the proposal, they say, they are he ' still important discussions to be had moving forward. keep an eye on. that will unlikely allies fight to go help protect pets, found in hot cars. >> nfl quarterback michael vick went to the pennsylvania state house in harrisburg, calling for state law makers to support a bill allowing first responders to break into cars to rescue pets. it would prevent them from being held liable for damages, the former eagles quarterback acknowledged his past problems with animal abuse, but now he's using his stat us to bring about change. >> animal rights advocates who dedicate their lives to helping animals, and they helped me find the right path. i have learned animal welfare bales nationwide do not get enough attention, and i am
4:35 am
hoping this bill gets enough attention. there is no opposition to this bill. i think we just have to care. >> vick was convicted of operating a illegal interstate dog fighting ring back in 2007. he went to prison. he has been working with animal welfare causes since his release back in 2009. >> talk about turning your life around. how can you not be a fan of what he's done? >> absolutely. >> after coming to the realization how horrific his actions were. what a good guy. >> trending yesterday on social media. >> good for mike vick. >> south jersey police department want to help a family. >> the family washing their clothing at local laundramat, when a thief took all of it, all of it, including two young kids clothes. now collecting donations, they need clothing for five year old girl, so, she is size five, she has shoes which are size ten, and for the eight year old boy, size large kids clothing and a size four and a half shoe.
4:36 am
you can drop off donations inside the berlin police department. and we posted information on our website, just like under the seen on tv tab. you talk about the season of giving. >> right. >> what's more important than giving to this cause? let's hope some of our viewers come forward, if they can, and them this boy and this girl. >> you know sometimes times, you have kids, you know kids outgrow clothes so fast, then just sitting there either in boxes because you want to donate them or still hanging in the closet. so so many families right now can say, hey, my once five year old now seven, let me pack this up. >> and they're hard on their clothing, too. >> shoes are beat up after a week. >> seriously. >> cookie lion just named the most influencial actor on tv who she beat out for this new honor. want your milk and cookies? >> uh-huh. >> ♪
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and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on.
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>> this new sign now hangs inside the halls of a camden county high school is for gender neutral bathroom. it is the result after petition created by a cherry hill east senior. >> so that senior want add bathroom where student of all genders could feel safe. now the school has just that. >> shawnette wilson has more on how the teen's hard work has really paid off. >> it is great, sort of just like my work finally coming to, you know, an actual physical accomplishment. >> eighteen year old senior
4:40 am
jay kerr shall man got news today when he walked into cherry hill east. >> everyone all very excepting of the bathroom. i just think, you know, overall, it was very positive. >> jake, who is co-president of the gay straight alliance, led the cause to get a gender neutral bathroom. for certain groups of student who said they had experienced problems using the regular bathrooms at school. >> in our alliance we have a lot of gender non-conforming, gender people who have had issues, spoken about issues they had in the bathroom, such as harrassment. >> so three weeks ago, he started this petition, to gain support for single bathroom with a lock that student of all joined coaster use without fear or concern. he says about 300 of the school's 2,000 plus student signed it, and school administrators finally gave it the okay. >> a lot of teams poo people associate lgbt community with gay and lesbian community, but
4:41 am
a community has been ignored for so long. >> jake's mom says it has been a learning experience for her and proud of what her son has done for himself and fellow student. >> i didn't understand it, so for me, i needed to be educated about how do people feel, because i just thought who you are is just dictated by the skin that we're in. so where you go to the bathroom, okay, i go to a ladies room, and jake goes to a men's room. i didn't think there was this inbetween, and so i'm glad i know now. >> shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news". >> spotify toying with new idea to make free users open your wallets. what the music streaming giant is doing hoping you'll upgrade for $10 a month. really?
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>> 1964, john reported a love supreme, englewood cliff, new jersey, what an all time great. he died so young, at the age of 40, in 1967. >> wow. >> of course, when he paired up with miles davis, 1959, it put all of them on the map.
4:45 am
still the greatest jazz albumn of all time. there you go. multiple connections there. >> oh, how about thaty? learned something. but don't i ever day? right now, as we look at ultimate doppler, we don't have anything to look at. it is all about the temperature, and the visibility this morning. because there is some fog out there. reduced visibility in lancaster, down in dover, delaware seems the further west, the foggier it gets, philadelphia international airport, we look at some of the temperatures, below freezing, in some places, out to our west, and seems like along the coast here, though, starting the day above freezing, but out in the state capitol of harrisburg, only 28 degrees, and that's why we have this freezing fog advisory, something you don't see very often, right, there in the center of the state until 10:00 this morning, could make for slippery conditions, in precipitation, but the fog is freezing, so it just creates that very dangerous coating right there on the surface of the roads
4:46 am
and the cars and whatever. 33 degrees in reading, there we are below freezing in lancaster, right at freezing in pottstown, below freezing in millville, atlantic city, starting the day with those temperatures, but it is what it feels like, or, it feels like what it is, because, we have windchill to show you, calm wind out there this morning, so, average high is 47 degrees, we haven't been at 47 degrees for a high temperature in well over a week, even yesterday much cooler than monday, we still topped off at 50 degrees, and now going up, up, up, getting into the seven day forecast, 55 degrees today, in the 60s tomorrow, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, but that's when the rain arrives with a cold front. and by tuesday, it is cooling off. but still, above average. so that is a look at your seven day forecast. bob kelly, will be here with traffic, as soon as i exit. >> get on out of here. good morning, everybody, 4:46. on this tuesday morning,
4:47 am
skyfox over a nasty accident, last night, looks like head-on crash here. this is along route 202 and route 32, up there in bucks county just on the pennsylvania side of the river there. so, watch for some police activity there this morning through the rush hour. and then, as we go to our maps, we will take live look, what are we going to look at? take a look at the schuylkill expressway with the city skyline in the background, this is the schuylkill at 30th street. they still have the vine street expressway blocked, between the schuylkill and broad street until about 5:15 or soap, all with the overnight construction, so exit at spring garden south or at 30th. ninety-five, not bad at all out of northeast philly, looking good as you head on down between woodhaven road in center city. no major problems on the blue route, the schuylkill looking good, at the moment, we will zoom on into some construction here, along the turnpike, right near the slip ramp there, route 29, that's the
4:48 am
e-zpass only interchange for malvern, charlestown, chester county, and north on 95, if you are headed up toward the airport, some left over penndot crews out here right before you get to the airport interchange. and then in south jersey kinds of quiet. no major delays. we don't have any fog along 42, or 295, this morning, so visibility looks pretty good at least in this area. and we are good to go across all of the area bridges, we did have some problems on the talcony and the burlington, but everything wrapped up and they're flying nicely. common, plug in the lights. what do you like? the white light, twinkle light. the multi colored light. the lazers. we got them all for up. keep the pictures coming. thanks to this is amy sent us the mickey mouse wonder lands musical light show. i bet these all bling to the beat of the music. >> nice. >> where do folks finds time? >> that's what i want to know. >> to put all of this together to the beat of the music? >> and everyone i know is retired is more busy than
4:49 am
ever. >> ya. >> all of the things they could never do in their work. >> i'm going to hire aim toy come to my house and put my light up. snap a picture, keep them coming and use that hashtag fox 29 light. when you post a facebook instagram and twitter, and one house per week is going to get the opportunity to host us. >> broadcast live from the front lawn during our five and 6:00 newscast. >> and bob you mention amy ' music, spot a few, a paying only proposal. >> would allow musician toss, free version, to upgrade to 10-dollar a month subscription, artists and record labels have pressured spotify to pay more for the music it streams, a paid-only window might also increase albumn sales if it led fans to purchase music rather than wait for it to become available for free. artists like taylor swift have said the free service devalues the work that they do, so she pulled her music from spotify. so just the other day -- >> she can, by the way, she
4:50 am
can afford to, though, right? she is out there, people know her, they'll buy her music anyway. >> i think it is more for underground artists trying get in heavier rotations. >> not someone like taylor swift. >> like my friend said you pay 11 bucks a month, and listen to whatever you want. >> right. >> well, spotify, if you say i want to hear justin bieber's albumn, go to it, might not be able to pick your song it, will shuffle throughout the songs, but you can still hear the entire albumn for free. >> speaking of the bieber, he's got number two and three in what apple itunes top ten of the week? >> songs of the week. >> we'll play some of the songs from the top ten throughout the morning. kind of fun, right? >> i like it. >> what's the second one though? i like sorry. the next one drove me crazy. let's talk entertainment. there is a lot, there are a lot, empire's break out star cookie lions. now, she's got new title. she is now times most influencial character of 2015. she beat out the minions, taylor swift bad blood
4:51 am
character and christian grey from "50 shades of grey" n addition to spawning countless means, and catch phrases, cookie also helped inspire a clothing line, sacks fifth avenue. >> interesting. >> if you missed this, mike jerrick made a bet last night, say the eagle beat the pay tree the he'll shave something into his head. bill anderson heard about it, he said woe get good day shaved on his head. the birds won. both had to make good on their promises. so they're both sporting these new little hairdos. very interesting one. >> here is the thing he said, too, he should have stopped, there and he said and all march down to the nova care center from here at fourth and market, right to chip kelly's office. well, that's going to happen this morning, at 8:00 when he leaves the station. >> it will be fun. see if he can make it. that's like 4 miles. some very big changes coming to a local boy. he puts up brave fight against bone cancer. the touching tail still ahead.
4:52 am
to the used car buyer who's worried about getting taken for a ride...
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don't worry. the only rides you'll get taken on at carmax are the ones you take yourself. but just in case that absolutely 100 percent perfect choice... ...turns out to be... less than perfect... we give you five days to change your mind. sorry.
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>> doctors are going to amputate this 11 year old's boy, but his family, says the best option. jennifer joyce spoke with family members in bensalem. >> this is where my biopsy was. this is where they did it. >> they're big wounds, for a
4:55 am
11 year old boy. >> i can hop, but that's no fun. >> jack of bensalem hasn't been able to walk since last summer. he had bone cancer in 2014, underwent ten month of chemotherapy, and surgery, but a complication has limited him to a wheelchair. for at least the next couple of weeks. >> the doctors either said to me either stay with this and stay in a wheelchair forever or get a prosthetic leg. >> jack and his family opted for the prosthetic. his leg scheduled for amputation, september 30th, 5 days after one of his favorite holidays. >> i have two choices and both of them stink. >> but this bright, budding musician, big smile, thinking positive. lots of hope. i will be able to run again. >> to see him go through such a battle and still with a smile on his face, and still and child, you know, that
4:56 am
makes you proud. >> it is difficult, you know, part of my son won't be there any more. >> mom and dade always said they would never do this, and they kept telling me i'm the bravest and all of that good stuff. >> recent advice wits eagles players and dj's preston and steve also helped to boost this young boy's spirits ahead of what will be a very challenging ride. yet, he is still focused on feeling healthy again, and inspiring others. >> just keep on fighting, no matter what. >> jennifer joyce, "fox 29 news". talk about a good attitude. he said i only had two choices and they both stink, but i want to walk and run again, so he opted for the surgery and he'll get a prosthetic leg. >> having two kids, a 11 and eight year old it, touches a parent, for them to see their strength, at such a young age, really inspiring. 4:56. seattle police dash cam video showing fatal shoot-out with a carjacker, what happened right before the deadly confrontation. >> and don't forget about very
4:57 am
kelly christmas #fox29lights. >> how can we forget about it? he tells us every five minutes about it.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> philadelphia mayor michael nutter coming out swinging against donald trump after the candidate called for muslims to be banned from entering the us. >> the white house also taking a step back from the billionaire businessman, trump. why press secretary josh ernest says trump needs to be disqualified from serving as president. >> playing by recent violence, local school getting big change at the top, what the school district of philadelphia says it needs to reset the climate at george washington high school. >> a lot going on, good day, it is wednesday, december 9th, 2015. good morning, lauren don johnson. lauren dawn johnson. >> good morning to you. >> coffee has kick n sue serio, i just realize, coming up on christmas, very mug that alex holley gave me last year for christmas, and i have used all year. >> gentlemen. >> what does it say? >> not the brightest bulb. but i like the mug t holds tons of coffee. and at this hour we need it. >> indeed. always a tough start, no matter what the temperature, or what the weather.


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