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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> philadelphia mayor michael nutter coming out swinging against donald trump after the candidate called for muslims to be banned from entering the us. >> the white house also taking a step back from the billionaire businessman, trump. why press secretary josh ernest says trump needs to be disqualified from serving as president. >> playing by recent violence, local school getting big change at the top, what the school district of philadelphia says it needs to reset the climate at george washington high school. >> a lot going on, good day, it is wednesday, december 9th, 2015. good morning, lauren don johnson. lauren dawn johnson. >> good morning to you. >> coffee has kick n sue serio, i just realize, coming up on christmas, very mug that alex holley gave me last year for christmas, and i have used all year. >> gentlemen. >> what does it say? >> not the brightest bulb. but i like the mug t holds tons of coffee. and at this hour we need it. >> indeed. always a tough start, no matter what the temperature, or what the weather. but this morning, it is a
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little bill chillier start, but it should and little bit milder of a finish. and a nine out of ten. our sweeps of ultimate doppler radar have nothing to show. so precipitation, 37 degrees, with calm winds, no windchill, feels like 37. your sunrise time is ten after 7:00. and we have been checking visibility this morning, because of records of fog, and seems like the further west go in maryland, and pennsylvania, the more fog you'll find. so reduced visibility in lancaster, there seems to be the fog yes, sir place so far so far in our viewing area, so we've got 32 in allentown, below freezing in reading, and lancaster, 31 atlantic city, 30 in wildwood. these temperatures are as much as six, seven, eight, ten, 11 degrees chillier than they were yesterday at this time. seems like chillier start at the shore, or near the coast than it was yesterday. so, in the 30's throughout the morning, for most of us.
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48 degrees by lunchtime. high temperature, always comes early this time of year, because the days are so short, so about five a degrees for a high. and 51 throughout the evening hours as you're headed home. that's your weather authority forecast, seven day forecast, has even miler temperatures, we have that, bob kelly, coming up. >> sue, good morning, everybody. >> skyfox over the scene of this nasty accident, occurred last night, 202 and three it, up in bucks county, route three it, also, known as river road locally there. so, that's a tough stretch of roadway there, narrow road, we don't have any overhead street lamps. so watch maybe for some left over police activity out there this morning. otherwise, let's go to the live cameras here, the vine street expressway still closed between the schuylkill and broad street, all part of that overnight construction, maybe another 15 minute or so, before we will be rolling there again, live look at i95
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in delaware county, no problems coming up from delco, as you head up toward philly international coming in from south jersey also in good shape here, along the 42 freeway. we've had more action on the bridges, than we've had on the schuylkill expressway this morning. another opening, set right now, for the burlington bristol bridge. that opening number five, if you total them all up in the last hour or so. talcony palmyra open, moving good, burlington bristol stopped for vehicles with a bridge opening. and if you use any of septa's regional rail lines, grab a new schedule today, so you're set, bass as you move close to the weekends, they're putting new timetables, for example, the airport line, no longer going to have weekday service going all the way through to warminster, and the west trenton line. so, grab a timetable so you are good to go. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much being bob. gop presidential frontrunner donald trump on the defense, denying reports he's going to jordan. >> associated press reporting trump was planning trip to the mostly muslim kingdom.
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the denial coming on the heals every his controversial comments, calling for ban on all muslims entering the us. trump saying there should and ban until the federal government better scrutinizes who is coming into america. >> the billionaire businessman now drawing heat from our very own mayor here in philadelphia. >> yes, michael nutter launching his own attack on trump, and this is getting personal. >> yes. >> dave kinchen with more on this from city hall. dave? >> chris, lauren, good morning to you. sometimes mayor nutter simply doesn't hold back. well there is was a case where mayor nutter simply did not hold back, the mayor blasted donald trump's comments, he said, that if he could, he would bandon ailed trump from entering philadelphia, key phrase, if he could. the statement came up in a press conference, that mayor nutter hosed at city hall yesterday. he took donald trump to task, blasting the gop frontrunner for the presidential contest for his call to ban muslims prep erring the us, now,
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nutter called the press conference, to announce new reward for hate crimes following incident where a pigs head was in front after north philadelphia mosque, pressed nutter on trump's comment, nutter blasted trump's remarks. >> he would not -- he would be at the top of the list today. yesterday probably would have been some other folks. >> he's acting as a dangerous person right now. he and his message of hate have no place in philadelphia. should have no place in pennsylvania. should be rejected by the majority of god fearing prayer full, fateful american citizens and many others around the world.
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>> meantime, donald trump did not back down, he red from his own campaign's press release renewing a call for a ban, and in the recent weeks, trump called for surveillance on search in mosks and said he support creating data base for all muslims living in the united states but the latest bland category lick blast from the mayor nutter and the muslim community in philadelphia. guys? >> that's not it, in, there st. petersberg florida mayor rick, he said about candidate trump, earlier this week, he tweet that he's barring trump from st. petersberg until, quote, we fully understand the dangerous threat posed by all trump, well, now the mayor clarified his tweet with just sarcasm. >> i was really responding to comments that i thought were ridiculous, and, you know, i thought the best way to respond to do something equally ridiculous, put something out there that really was silly. >> well, the other
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presidential candidate and the republicans party also calling out trump for his comment about banning all muslims from entering the us. and white house spokesman, josh ernest, says trump's comment about muslims should disqualify him from being prep. it is unusual for white house administration to be weighing so heavily on opposing nominating contest but earn hess harsh word for the gop as a whole saying all republican presidential candidates have signed a pledge to support who ever is the eventual nominee. >> and the fact is that what donald trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as president. and for republican candidates for president, to stands by their pledge to support mr. trump, that in and of itself is disqualifying. >> white house spokesman also called trump a carnival barge err, ernest says republicans have to decide how they're going to respond to trump, moving forward. chris? >> what election cycle it is already. >> taxing -- talking local
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politics, speaking out faces pressure to fire three of his top prosecutors, linked to pornographic and racist emails center received on state computers. williams has now transferred the prosecutors into other roles, they formerly worked for the pennsylvania attorney general's office, and that includes, mark tina, who work on cases such as the sandusky sex abuse, and bonus gates cases, city council pressuring williams to fire them all. well, he is not committing to firing the group. williams did say he made a mistake, in august, after finding out about their connection to those emails. >> things repulse epp, i'm not defending them at all, what you had should have asked for them, what i am asking today. i should have asked for the entire cash of emails. >> calling on attorney general, kathleen kane, to release the thousands of emails she's discovered. >> meanwhile kathleen cane spokesperson indicates if williams had asked to see the emails his prosecute remembers linked to, arrangements could have been made. >> the philadelphia school
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system stepping in after recent wave of violence, george washington high school, the school district saying it needed to reset the climate there, which meant, reassignment for the principal. they made this decision just hours after student attacked a teacher in one of the classrooms, they reassigned him, and replacing him with new co-principals, the move bringing on strong reaction from students and parents. >> police officers, school police, have been attack, no discipline. these fights have been going on, everything has been unreported. >> school district says new safety plans also part of the improvement, being made at that school. police in one local town are calling it the first christmas grinch story of the year. >> so, some person walks into a berlin laudromat comes out with family's entire collection every clothing. steve keeley now, at the berlin police station with more on. >> this steve? >> everybody's favorite christmas cartoon, charlie brown wakes in the stage and yells out is there anyone who knows what christmas is ball? well, by the end of our show
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today, we will likely have a good answer for little charlie brown, besides the one linus had. christmas is all about community, and that's one of the three words you see here, on the berlin police patrol cars, and my guess is that this community, and our larger good day viewing community, sees the berlin's police department's latest facebook post, just put on last night will make it a memorable christmas, who was hit by a grin. , slithered as low as a limbo dancing stealing all of a five year old's wardrobe and the clothes all of them of eight year old brother and the mom too, as the kids and mom's entire wardrobe were in the wash spin and dry cycles, here at the maytag laudromat just up the white horse pike from the police department here in camden county. yes, folks, somebody stole all of a family's used dirty clothes, being cleaned. the police seeing the poor kids faces and worried mother
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have been, as she's been sending her kids to school in the same outfits ever since their only ones, the ones they had on monday when this happened, put out clothe donation bin as you see here in our video, right by their front door. i suspect that may soon fill up, during our show, courtesy of our christmas loving and giving viewers, now, officer pal ma, who investigated this case, started everything out by during the family a gift card with his own money to get the kids something else to start w it is a girl's size five, and a boy's size boys large, the mom told police not to ask for anything for her, but police hope to get the mom some clothes to wear, as well. that, right there, will be charlie brown what christmas is all about when everybody comes through for this young family. >> let's hope. thank you so much, steve keeley. 5:11 the time. down came the rain, so did the asphalt, pacific northwest being pounded with so much rain, that roads are collapsing. that story straight ahead. (woman) you want to eat...
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>> talk about walking on water, right? >> me? >> not you. it is pretty easy to do with completely frozen lake. this video comes out of canada. >> i couldn't resist. just couple of weeks before winter. but mother nature not letting a date keep her from doing what she wants.
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>> but you should never do. that will because that's dangerous, you don't know how thick or thin the ice is. >> exactly. >> if you slip through, the rescue all of that is just too much. >> note to kids out there. >> yes, specially in december. >> sue, you know what's never too much? >> what? >> roses. >> awe. >> yes, roses. >> now, that, i walk downstairs this morning. >> i was going to say, right at the bottom of the steps? >> right at the bottom of the steps. then the card said i love you every day. >> what did you get into a big fight or something or just being super cool? >> right. would you think he was in the doghouse, right? >> it is called just because moment. >> it was, honestly, there was nothing to make up for. it was just one of those. see, that he the thing about life. you wake up in the morning, you never know what the day will bring. high pressure in control. i am the luckiest girl in the world. >> all right, we've got up front and center of the country, then big storm out in the northwest, which we will watch. it will take a week to come across the country. that's what will probably get us mondayment looks like we
5:16 am
will stay dry, throughout the weekend, now, back to this morning, we have visibility issues in lancaster county, looks like wilmington, philadelphia, fog is getting a little thicker there, 4 miles visibility. so, it is reduced, it is not socked in. but we really have to watch it out further out west with this fog. because temperatures that are below freezing, you could get freezing fog. and that could be very, very slippery. so there is an advisory in the center of the state. but even though we don't have an advisory, if you are traveling around, say, lancaster county, places where the temperatures below freezing, just be careful. all right, we've got 36 degrees in the city. thirty-five mount pocono, we are at freezing in allentown, below in reading, right at freezing in lancaster, and it is much chillier at the shore. this morning, but we should end up a little milder than yesterday, what was yesterday's high? 50 degrees. cooler, than monday, but still warmer, than average, 55 today, 60 tomorrow, just taking that jump every day. it looks like we're in the 60s
5:17 am
both days of the weekend. we've got the army navy game on saturday, at the linc, bob kelly, and then the eagles on sunday. so for december football games you won't have to bundle up too much. it is pretty cool. >> sound good, sue. >> 5:17 on this wednesday morning. good morning, everybody, live look at the vine street expressway, open for business. common. turn on the sign, let's go. both directions, good to go, in to and out of center city. so the overnight construction, cleared on/out of there. watch out coming through the ben franklin parkway, work your way around logan circle there, right in front of the cathedral. the construction continues above the vine street expressway. all part of that reconstruction plan there. good morning, to collegeville. route 29, 422, time to make the donut, headed up and out roars forward, king of prussia, no problems there. benny looking good this morning as you come into downtown. we've had a lot of action on the other bridges, talcony palmyra open, traffic moving
5:18 am
again, after earlier opening. burlington bristol traffic still stopped on both sides with another freighter coming our way. and watch the clock today. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, going to go down to one lane at 9:00, right here, at 476. yesterday, we had that metal plate that got knock off of the left lane with it coming back today to make the permanent repairs, so, from 9:00 to 3:00 only one lane east on the schuylkill right at the conshohocken interchange, and then if you use the regional rail lines, make sure to grab new timetable today. all new schedules, some adjustments along the way, like this one here on the airport line, no longer will there be work day service going through to the warminster or west trenton lines. so some minor adjustments along the way, so make sure you're ready with a new timetable. come on, grab the extension cord. plug them in. take your pictures. since i talk about it every five minutes, it's been about five minutes since i mentioned it the last time. >> not quite four and a half.
5:19 am
>> celia, good morning to you. and thank you for lighting up the block there. nice and trimmed out, the rooftop, got the reindeer on the front lawn. looking good. getting in the christmas spirit there. make sure you get your pictures in, keep them coming. i'll show peck pictures all day, every five minute, all the way up through christmas. all do you have do is snap a picture, post it to your facebook, twitter, instagram. use the #fox29lights. that's how i search them up, put them on tv and i'll go to somebody's house this week and broadcast live during the 5:00 and 6:00 news. chris, would you like to come with me? >> i'll put it in the calendar. >> extreme weather in the pacific northwest. it is causing some problems for the quality of life people living there. >> heavy rainfall causing record flood being, even opening up sinkholes. here is the video. so much water pouring down in the portland area, sands bags are even working, sewage overflowing in people's homes. street, they look like rivers.
5:20 am
making travel just about impossible. >> i was driving that road this morning, and i had my daughter in the car. so it is really scary. but it was really nice that people were moving and helping people get out of the way. and letting people know that there was trouble. >> people living there are not getting a break either. today they are getting more rain, and high winds. up to 70 miles per hour expected along the coast there. i have lived in portland. actually twice in my life. and it is so rainy there. i remember 31 straight days of rain living there. i said, you know what? i think it is time to go back to sunny california. it is always sun any philadelphia. how about this? national news for you now. defense begins to plead their case in the manslaughter trial surrounding the death of freddie gray. baltimore police officer porter could take the stand, prosecution resting tuesday, after four days of testimony, from 15 witnesses. porter's one of six officers accused of neglecting their duty when gray suffered a broken neck while in custody.
5:21 am
out facing up to 25 years in prison. >> learning more details about the money trail of last week's san bernardino shooting rampage, investigators say, that trail may have ended at an union bank in san bernardino with what's being described as unusual banking activitiment fox news reports, $28,000 deposit went from web bank. com to syed farook's bank account, then around the 20th withdrew $10,000 in cash. authorities check to go see if the money went to one of his friends who purchased the two assault rifles used in the killings. investigators also looking into deposit into a bank account that could belong to his mother. there are also reports that farook may have plot add attack in 2012. >> seattle police releasing dramatic dash cam video. >> shows police chasing a suspect and carjacker and the whole thing ended in a deadly shoot-out.
5:22 am
>> officials say they saw the man pull gun on business owners down ton before stealing a car and leading them on a chasement you can see an officer trying to stop the man by ramming his car, then the man started shooting at the officers. he died in that shoot-out. no one else was hurt. >> if you're a parent or spend any time around kids, you know this, most of them are addicted to their phones. women, we are breaking the secret code, what kids admit doing when you are not looking. >> you want to look at your winning lottery numbers? >> right now? >> boom.
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one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
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>> ♪ >> the taste of the 90s, coming back. >> ♪ >> i thought it was more coming? there it is. that's the commercial for the new crystal pepsi. the premise is that the crystal pepsi offices are stuck in the 90s, workers have been working on perfecting since the 90s. >> i get it, wait fogger a zip. >> oops there it is. >> waiting more than 20 years, you have to enter the sweepstakes win letters get six paxson christmas eve. >> that's like our office right there, isn't it? >> yes. >> you never know what's going to happen. >> you never know.
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>> is it like a circus or -- >> the conversations are even more fun. parent, listen up. we'll tell you little secret about your kids, and their social media lab glitz so group of kids spilled in this focus group, the must-have app, they say is snatch chap. says it was the fastest growing social app of 2014. it allows kids to send pictures and messages, and then they quickly disappear, but parents should warn their kids, be careful, when you share this casino of stuff on the internet, you think it is gone for good. then there are vault apps it, lets you hide things, whatnot. there is also another app that lets you have a fake calculator where you can have files and pictures. >> like if you want to hide something, in your phone up get the app, you click on the app you want to hide. it looks like a calculator. so that nobody really knows
5:27 am
that you have typing, they think you are doing something for homework. >> average teens spend nine hours a day, checking social media. that was my old co-anchor bussing the kids up down there. >> tom johnson. >> we were johnson & johnson. so let's go to dave kinchen right now. >> philadelphia mayor michael nutter has tough talk for donald trump after trump's comment on banning muslims in the u.s. that after the break.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky,
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telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> bucks county elementary school reopens after being treated by bed bogues. >> septa has major announcement on some upcoming changes, how the new timetable could affect your morning commute. good day everybody, it is wednesday, december 9, 2015. we don't have to row lion septa. you know why? >> why? >> because our morning commute happens in the middle of the night. >> the upside for getting up at 2:00 in the morning, everyone else is asleep. >> no traffic. >> none. >> so great, right, sue serio? >> well, not everyone. because i posted something, as you saw, the picture i posted this morning, it was at ten of 2:00 a.m. that i posted it, and people saw it right away. >> well, i mean, they're not on the road. >> no traffic on the roads. right?
5:31 am
>> nothing. >> well, you said no one was up. >> not the information super highway, just the highway. >> okay. getting specific on me. let's talk about bus stop buddy. most of the temperatures in the 30's, we have couple in the 20's, and there is a little bit of fog in a few places, so, keep that in mind, could slow you down, in the outlying areas, and nine out of ten, though, in your weather by the numbers, as we get started when no precipitation, looking good, very quiet, tran will weather pattern that we're in. 36 degrees, no windchill, ten after 7:00 is the time of sunrise. so, we have been watching lancaster county, in particular, with the fog. 4 miles visibility, getting worse or better as the morning goes along, most of the temperatures as we said are in the 30's, but we've got a 27 degrees temperature in millville. we expect high today of 55 degrees, which is well above the average of 47, mix of clouds and sun, and milder day than yesterday.
5:32 am
high of ooh on tuesday. clouds out there yet still milder temperature, and that's thanks to the southerly wind. so we will talk about how warm it gets over the weekends coming up in just a few minutes, bob kelly? weighings going on? >> 5:32, some leftovers last night, skyfox over the scene of this nasty accident, that occurred up in bucks county along route 202, at route 32. now, anyone in that area of route 32 also known as river road, it is right there, kind of runs parallel so watch for left over police investigating that crash this morning. otherwise, we're in good shape. live look at the blue route, no problems coming out of mid-county headed down toward i-95. nice quiet start, roads are dry, pockets of volume here along the freeway working your way in toward philly and 295. hello delco, live look at i95, southbound between the airport and the state line off to good
5:33 am
start. shutdown of the burlington bristol closed for bridge openingment probably the fifth bridge opening we've had here this morning. talcony palmyra had at least two, everything moving now, just the burlington bristol that stopped temporarily. later today watch for another traffic pattern change here, at that girard avenue interchange. the girard avenue ramp as we know it now to head north on 95 will be shutdown, detour everybody north on richmond street. so newly built detour road they are calling it. which will get everybody up to the castor avenue onramp. so the castor avenue onramp is the way to go to go north on 95 from the fishtown neighborhood beginning today. schuylkill looking good at the moment, at 9:00 working here, one lane open eastbound on the schuylkill will beginning at 6:00. >> travel related of course, later this afternoon, september announcing changes
5:34 am
to the regional rail schedule including new timetable for the airport line. they say airport line trains won't continue, in an effort to improve service reliability. they say, the changes will go into effect this coming sunday. >> bucks county elementary school reopens today, after being treated for bed bugs. the bugs that look like these creepy crawlers, were discovered at mary deafer devine levittown school last friday. bed bug detecting dog sniffed them out two areas of the building ex terminator treated those too sections when classes were dismissed yesterday afternoon. >> heat dollars words in personal attack from philadelphia's city hall to the gop presidential front runner. >> michael nutter hurling insults at donald trump in response to the candidates call do ban muslims entering us. dave kinchen live at city hall with more on. >> this now the rhetoric is really stepping up. >> real circumstances politics and personality, really creating a fiery mix here, philadelphia mayor michael
5:35 am
nutter blasting donald trump, saying that if he, nutter saying, if he could, as mayor, woe bandon ailed trump from entering philadelphia. the key phrase, though, if he could. the remarks came up in a press conference that mayor nutter hosed at city hall yesterday, he took donald trump to task, blasting gop presidential can date for his call to ban all muslims from entering the united states in the wake of the isis inspired terror attack, nutter called the press conference to announce new award for hate controls following incident where a pigs head was thrown in front after north philadelphia mosque, but reporters pressed nutter about trump's comment and nutter went off. >> how can i take seriously any foreign policy idea from someone like him? he has no idea what he is talking becomes if i had the power to ban some people, woe never -- he would be at the
5:36 am
top of the list today. but yesterday, probably would have been some other folks. >> meantime trump did not back down on call for muslims from opt erring the us. trump also called for surveillance on mosks in the country, and said that he supports creating data base for all muslims living in the united states, again there is latest rounds from trump drawing stark criticism, outright condemnation from mayor nutter, and muslim leaders in philadelphia. guys, back to you. >> all right, dave kinchen, thank you so much for the update. university officials are investigating after some racist symbols were found carved into doors after residence hall. >> this happened at rowan university's glassboro campus. >> swastikas and other anti-semetic markings discovered thursdayment the doors have since been repaired. swastikas previously drawn in chalk at a sidewalk at the school during last school year. >> all right, 5:36 this morning. ryan matthews back at practice for the eagles after suffering a concussion, what he said he need to catch up on after
5:37 am
three week hiatus. >> ♪
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>> good morning, eagles running back demarco murray is not a happy guy these days, only eight carries against the patriots, espn reporting murray took his complaint right to the top. as an eagles owner jeffrey lurie, pat cher america, didn't seem phased. murray's back made back tuesday, his first work out
5:40 am
since suffering a concussion against the dolphins on november 15th. a lot to catch up on when you miss three weeks. >> speed, you know, amazing how speed can change, you know, and you know, take few days off, a week off, couple of weeks off, you know, come back, it is fast. so, you know, got to get the timing down. >> flyers hosting new york islanders tuesday night, second period, down two to one. neilson makes it three to one, sends steve mason to the showers, three goals on ten shot. economy to shoot-out. scores. gets the only goal of the shoot-out right there. flyers get point, islanders get two. they win four-three, in the shoot-out. that's sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. >> defending nba champions golden state warriors move onto 23 and zero. >> so good. they defeated the path ers in a 131 to 123 victory, now the warriors, tie the 2012-2013 heat for the second longest winning streak in nba history.
5:41 am
clay thompson and curry with the top score he is, but possibly some bad news, tomorrow many son left after rolling his ankle. hopes to play friday against the celtics. no official word yet. man they're good. >> they are good. they said set curry was sort of upset even though doing so well because his shot was little off before the game. >> he is just always trying to be that good. >> like a perfectionist sort of. >> like he was anchoring the news. >> really? >> every day you get better and better and still not good enough for you. >> i can't wait until tomorrow. >> you'll be even better. please tune in, we will be here 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. every monday through friday. >> empire and creed lead this year's nominations for the naacp, when you can catch the star studded event. >> see, that was a fantastic lead on your part. >> thank you.
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>> member. degree day turning 43 today, the drummer of good day. >> i said the drummer of good day? >> wouldn't that be cool if he sat in our studio every day for good day philadelphia? helped the albumn american american identify yacht, went six times platinum, of course rebuke of the second bush administration, at the time in 2004, and green day from berkley, california, they wanted none of t. >> this is why you're
5:45 am
listening, because it keeps from saying silly things like cool, the drummer of good day, because i was upset not knowing green day. >> green day. that's a good band. >> look it up in the dictionary, there is the picture. >> opposite attract. i never had more fun in my life than anchoring with lauren johnson every morning. >> every day. >> i love just waking up knowing i can be with you. >> you're so sweet. >> sue, the weather just like spring, and love and everything else right now. >> we have the army navy game saturday, at 3:00. it will be 62 degrees, very un-de i shall, when the game begins by the time it is over, 59 degrees, the black nights versus the midshipmen. we have 61 degrees, when the
5:46 am
eagles game begins on sunday at 1:00. eagles v buffalo, 64 degrees, who knows, december, these temperatures crazy, high pressure in control, so this means we're on the side of the jet stream that's not cold, unseasonably warm, by sunday we could be talking record warmth. in fact, each day of the weekend there is chance we could break a high temperature record. no rain to show you, visibility is very poor, in lancaster county, reduced in philadelphia, wilmington, dover, delaware, 4 miles, at the airport, that's the visibility this morning. temperatures below freezing in many places, and as you move a little further out west, center part of the state around harrisburg, 28 degrees, they have fog, there is freezing fog advisory in effect for state college, and many other places around therefore that coating of moisture, frozen, could be dangerous. 36 degrees in the city. thirty-five in mount pocono. only 30 degrees in wildwood. and very cold in millville, new jersey, this morning.
5:47 am
27 degrees. yesterday, we got right where we said we were going to go, 50 degrees was the high, 57 was the high monday, so it was cooler but still above average. and now we have our warming trend. fifty-five today, 60 tomorrow, 62 on friday. which will be just fine. still mild on saturday, and sunday, now, there are all of the people who complained hey it doesn't feel like december out, there doesn't feel like christmas. >> hey, it doesn't feel like december it, doesn't feel like christmas. >> so, but you know what? we're putting up christmas lights, bob kelly. >> that's right. that's why we love the warmer temperatures. because we get all of the christmas lights up. 5:47. good morning shall everybody, on a wednesday, hump day, live look at route 309, right near the ft. washington interchange. no jammo's yet this morning. so off to good start here. starting to see some pocket of volume on the freeway coming in toward philly from south jersey headed in toward 295, so, all of that overnight construction, pretty much gone, and we're ready to get the rush hour started, south on 95, looking good here, from
5:48 am
cottman down through girard, we mention few moments ago, if you use the regional rail lines, grab a new timetable today, so you're set for this new schedule changes, the biggest changes coming to the airport line, where there is going to be no weekday trains, and service, from the airport right through to the warminster and west trenton line. so that will throw you for a loop if you head out toward the suburbs, then later on today, talking about a loop, the northbound 95 ramps at girard avenue, will be closed, as they're going to detour everybody up to the castor avenue ramps. that's all so they can set new beams here on i-95, all part of the reconstruction project. schuylkill, starting to see little bit of volume head in the toward the city but if you are coming into the city after 9:00 on the scug eastbound, down to one lane, with construction, at 476. you loving the great weather because we are putting up christmas lights, tis the season to get europe lights up, snap a picture and get them into us, so we can show it on tv.
5:49 am
thanks to deb hallahan sending us this picture of her house, got the big star on the rooftop. all of the ornament on the front lawn, keep them coming. showing pictures all day every day and then one night this week we will go to somebody's house and broadcast live from your front lawn. so all do you have do is snap a picture of your home, post it to your facebook, twitter, instagram, using #fox29lights. and i could be coming knocking, we will go out friday night to somebody's house. that could be a weaken here. >> oh? >> your wife okay with this? >> she doesn't know. >> i have to run it by her first. >> okay. hope she's wang. colorful, more than $300,000 to chop. it is all going to go toward their injury prevention program, at children's hospital, also going to share safety tips and give out other safety products, and carseats to some local families. carseats aren't cheap. that's a nice give away. >> philadelphia's top lady
5:50 am
leaders get real treated to, jennifer wine err will be the keynote speaker at today's city year philadelphia's women's leadership luncheon. >> say that again? >> mouthful. goodness. city year philadelphia's women's leadership luncheon. >> one more time. >> more than 300 women to talk about her amazing career, and of course ac mother. >> okay, this was awesome if you missed it. mike jerrick he lost the bet. eagles march up to the gillette stadium there if foxboro and beat the patriots, right? no way this was going to happen. it happened. so he lost the bet. so he had to have the eagles logo shaved into the back of his head. and there it was. right there. not only that, bill anderson, our weekend morning anchor, said all right, i'll do it too, only he had good day shaved in the back of his head there. they're still there, by the way. here is the deem. i don't think bill's is going to go away very quickly. >> right.
5:51 am
>> mike's is already starting to fade a little bit. >> okay? >> but bill's is therefore good couple every month. >> maybe couple of weeks. >> all right, so the other part of the bet. mike also went onto same, waist so confident the eagles would lose sunday, woe march right here from fourth and market old city all the way up broad to the nova care center and go visit chip kelly in his office and say hey, great win. so he'll leave our station at 8:30 this morning, why don't you come on down and join them. >> 8:00. >> is it 8:00? >> well, he is probably going warm up half hour. he'll leave at 8:00. it will take him good two hours to fin english 4 miles. >> 4 miles. he has not trained for this. >> he says if you want to walk with him show up wearing any eagles garb and he'll let in you on the entourage. you be down here in the studio to take over for mike. >> i will. empire creed lead this year's nominations for the naacp image award. >> empire up for 12 drove east including best drama lead acting nomination action fourteens howard and taraji.
5:52 am
meanwhile, creed up for six awards, entertainer of the year, awards show will air in february. i cannot stop hearing enough good things about creed. you know, when was in new york over the weaken, even people chatting you're from philadelphia, oh, see the movie creed. >> i saw. >> how is it? >> very good. the first by far the best. i think this one is the second best film. good one. >> impressive. okay. last night was the legendary victoria secret fashion show, and we were not disappointed t featured some of america's favorite super models, like gigi, adrianna lima, kendel jenner, all sharing the stage. the weekend was there performing, did you hear it? >> ♪ >> i like that song. >> so vick door secret showed off the fireworks fantasy bra, piece of loungerie that cost $2 million. you got to bring up bob and mike real quickly. yesterday bob had funny store. >> i oh, funny funny story. >> so we're talking with austin about, you know, christmas and angels.
5:53 am
>> right. >> he sees the promo for the victoria secret fashion show. >> right? >> and it says welcome the angels. and he turns and says that is what angels look like? (laughing). >> listen, that kid is going to be the first kid in the car sunday morning to go to church. >> sign me up. >> can i sit in the first pew? i want to see heaven, please. >> the end of year bonus received by every employee at one company, it will make your jaw drop.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> everyone hopes fosh big holiday bonus, right? >> hill corp., privately owned energy company base in the houston. they'll get $100,000 this holiday season. that means, everyone. from the top executives to the office secretaries. why? they met the goal of the company. nos the first time that's happened. >> 2010, again, we doubled the company in size. it was a five year goal. we met that goal. and we all were able to choose $50,000 car or a $35,000 cash
5:57 am
check. >> wow. hill court named by fortune as one of the top 100 companies to work for, three years in a row. hey, played by recent violence, big change at the top, what the school district of philadelphia says it needs to reset the climate george washington high over. straight ahead. like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my giant.
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everythin[ d[ bark ] ]e. there it is! [ gasps ] oh no! look, the sky's awake! ♪ that. was. epic! [ bark ] i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i say "don't eat me now."
5:59 am
you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my giant.
6:00 am
>> he's take answer page from the play book of hitler. >> controversial comment, hear what else the mayor said that has a lot of people talking this morning. >> prosecutors, new details tonight about the last month deadly terror attacks. what we now know about a third attacker, at that night club. >> big changes being made at a philadelphia high school. what the school district says it needs to do to re-set the climate, at george washington high. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, already, december the ninth, 2015. >> spiking of the climate. >> looks like it is a chilly one, we're in the 30's, probably right around 40 degrees. >> sweater? >> do need a sweater. >> feet warmers. >> i got the whole thing going. >> all right. here's my route. i changed my route. i apologize, people on twitter why are you doing such busy streets in


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