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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> he's take answer page from the play book of hitler. >> controversial comment, hear what else the mayor said that has a lot of people talking this morning. >> prosecutors, new details tonight about the last month deadly terror attacks. what we now know about a third attacker, at that night club. >> big changes being made at a philadelphia high school. what the school district says it needs to do to re-set the climate, at george washington high. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, already, december the ninth, 2015. >> spiking of the climate. >> looks like it is a chilly one, we're in the 30's, probably right around 40 degrees. >> sweater? >> do need a sweater. >> feet warmers. >> i got the whole thing going. >> all right. here's my route. i changed my route. i apologize, people on twitter why are you doing such busy streets in walk through the
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neighborhoods. meet with the people so we're going fourth down to jackson jump over to myomessing, only because i like to say the word myomessing, then broad, then to paterson, boom, that's t starting 8:00. >> look at you taking shortcuts through the neighborhoods. >> this will be fantastic weaken, i'll have to go to the bills game sunday, it will be 656 degrees. >> yes, the army navy game saturday. it will be 56 degrees. >> beautiful. >> yesterday was a nine, gee to the nine again. bus top study, different jacket on, but has hat, winter coat, gloves, temperatures are in 30's, chilly start. in some areas seeing fog, no precipitation but some fog. 36 degrees, calm winds, so feels like 36, and it is ten after 7:00 for that sunrise time.
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high today of around 55 degrees, so that's little bit miler than yesterday. we will have quite a few clouds around. and some sunshine. >> good morning, last night, fate at accident in buck county. skyfox over 202 at route 32, which in that area also known as river road. that road was block for most of the overnight. traffic is getting by this morning. but probably see some investigators back out there. once we see the sunrise. going to the live jam cams now this morning, live look at the schuylkill expressway pockets of volume from cottman into girard avenue. same deal on the 42 freeway, coming in toward the city but changes coming our way, to 95, today, they're going to close to girard avenue onramp, to head north on 95. folks in the neighborhood, will be detoured up to castor avenue, in order to gain
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access to 95. otherwise, mass transit, looking good, mike and alex, back over to you. >> thank you. 6:03 now. two people killed in a crash 202 souls bore i near 202 and route 32. as bob told you, there it is right there, horrible, horrible accident. >> 6:03. new information this morning, about the paris terror attacks. officials have identified a third attacker who targeted the concert hall where most of the victims were killed. they say he was a frenchman who left for syria in 2013, this means that all the attackers identified so far were french or belgium. investigators have much more work to do. but this provides more evidence that the plot was entirely home-grown in europe. all three terrorist who is targeted the concert hall are dead and in all 130 people were killed across the city on november 13th. >> well, donald trump is sticking to his guns.
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he says the federal government needs to have a better plan plaintiff melting -- letting muslims into the country. others are criticizing his come dents. democrats weighing in, too. >> including the mayor of philadelphia. mayor michael nutter launching his own attack on trump and getting personal, dave. >> yes. there is dave. >> yes, tough talk from mayor michael nutter, who essentially blasted donald trump's comments, the mayor said that, in fact, if he could, he would bandon ailed trump from entering philadelphia. the key phrase, if he could. the remarks came at press conference mayor nutter hosed at city hall. he took donald trump to task, blasting the gop frontrunner for presidential, to ban muslims from he erring the usn wake of the isis inspired attacks in california. nutter called the press conference to announce new reward for hate crimes following incident where a
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pig's head was thrown in front after north philadelphia mosque. but when reporters pressed nutter about trump's comment, he blasted trump's comment. >> i mean, if i had the power to ban some people, woe not -- he would be at the top of list today. but yesterday, probably would have been some other folks. >> he is acting as a dangerous person, right now, and he and his message of hate have no place in philadelphia, should have no place in pennsylvania, and should be rejected by the majority of god-fearing, prayer full, fateful american citizens and many other around the world. >> in recent weeks trump called for surveillance on certain mosks, and said he supports creating data base for muslims around the country, again, mayor nutter and the muslim community in
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philadelphia blasting trump's con ertz. >> and real person and call him an a hole. >> pretty much. pretty dramatic. >> we'll show that later on, absolutely. >> 6:06. >> to lauren. >> good morning, officials at rowan university's glassboro campus investigating after some racist symbols were found carved into the doors of a residence hall. swastikas and other anti-sim set i can marks cents, the doors since repaired, swastikas were previously drawn in chalk in sidewalk at the school last year. philadelphia school system stepping in after recent wave of violence at george washington high school. school district saying it needed to reset the climate there. which meant replacing the principal, this happened, just hours after students attacked a teacher in one of the classrooms. they reassigned him, replacing him woman two new co-principals. the pennsylvania senate could begin to vote today on whether to begin a process that would remove attorney general, kathleen keen from office. cane's legal license was suspended, after she was charged with perjury and related offenses for allegedly
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leaking grand jury information. ultimately, two thirds senate majority vote would be necessary to remove kane. >> philadelphia highway patrol officer suffered only minor injuries after their suv crashed with a firetruck. this happened in juniata at cottman and erie. this was the scene last night, skyfox, you can see, high above the scene, the front end of that police suv ended smashed up, the cause of the crash still unknown, mike and alex. >> thank you, lauren. 6:07. one of the most successful seasons ever. the plans for football stadium on temple campus have been side lined for now. find out who was leading the opposition to the 100 million-dollar plan. >> first, south jersey high school making a big change, a petition lead to go a bathroom that accommodates all student next. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> one south jersey high school set breaking a first. >> first in the district to have a general, no, gender neutral, gender neutral bathroom store students? so, a sign went up in cherry hill east yesterday, and it is good news for 18 year old senior jake hersh man, co-president of the gay straight alliance, he led the cause to get the bathroom, for student who say they were being harassed using the regular bathrooms at school.
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>> really bringing attention to the transgender and community has been ignored for so long. >> jake got hundreds of signature on a petition, school administrators gave the go ahead for sting he will stall bathroom for lock and special sign and. >> there go. >> hey, white house officials now weighing in on donald trump's comment about banning muslims from the united states, why they say it should disqualify him from the presidential race. >> good morning, everybody, 6:11, booking good on the schuylkill expressway. we will play beat the clock. cents asking going down to one lane this morning, all of the details when we come right back.
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>> lump day, still high and dry, high pressure in control, and it will stay in control, keep not only this cold front, but colder air. very strong storm moving into the west coast. that could arrive after the weaken, but nothing to show you on radar. let's talk about visibility, though, we've had some fog issues this morning, lancaster county, seeing some fog, seems like it is creeping a little eastward, but it is very foggy out to the west of us. reading, has only two and a half miles visibility here. temperatures are little bit chillier than yesterday, 20's in pottstown, allentown, 33 mount pocono, 36 in the city.
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only 28 degrees in millville. as you get your day started. and further west you go, the more you see those below freezing temperatures, so out in harrisburg, it is 29, williamsport at 30, and these are the areas where there could be some freezing fog this morning. quite an issue out there. so, average hi, 47. we haven't seen 47 for high temperature in a while. it was 57 on monday, 50 yesterday. today, 55. and 60 tomorrow, and 62 on fine friday. still mild on saturday, in the mid 60s. and possible record warmth on sunday, the record is 65, and we could at least tie that, during the eagles game bob kelly, sunday. >> sounds good, sue. 6:15, good morning, everybody, getting up, getting out on a wednesday, live look at i95. hello bridesburg, headlights southbound out of northeast philadelphia. starting to see the beginning of some volume. we'll play beat the clock on the schuylkill expressway. eastbound, going to go down to one lane, right here, at 476.
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beginning at 9:00 a.m. remember about two days ago, one of the metal plates got knocked out of wack there. well, they'll make the final repairs today. so beginning at 9:00 penndot will take the eastbound lansdowne to one, right at conshohocken. so be prepared. be passed that spot by 9:00 a.m. also, if you use the regional rail lines, grab new schedule. one of the changes that goes into play is along that airport line where they are trimming the weekday service. come on, speaking of trimming, how about we trim the tree. trim those light around the rooftop there. good morning, everybody, keep those pictures coming, as we're showing you your christmas decorations, all day, every day. look at this one, in riverside, new jersey. the kareem decorated? wow. that looks professionally done. good job, there. got the big red bo on the front of the car. that's what we're looking for, snap a picture, then post it to your facebook, twitter,
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stain gram pages, just use the #fox29lights. we will show the pictures all day every day all the way up through christmas, then later this week, i'll broadcast live from somebody's front lawn during our 5:00 and 6:00 newscast. mike and alex being back over to you. >> lauren? >> mike, seattle police releasing dramatic dash cam video of carjacking that ended in a deadly shoot-out. >> this happened sunday, officials say they saw the man pull gun on zombies owners downtown before stealing a car and leading police on chase, you can see, an officer even trying to stop the man by ramming, the man started shooting at officer he died in the shoot-out. no one else was hurt. >> george and man coulnt strict dollars of forging checks, has been put to death. authorities say the 47 year old man was executed just before 1:00 this morning, prosecutors say the man brian keith terrell stole ten checks, back in 1992. then killed the man he stole
6:18 am
them from. defense attorneys always argue that he was innocent. >> the defense will begin to plead her case in the manslaughter trial surrounding the death of freddie gray. baltimore police officer william porter could take the stand. the prosecution resting on tuesday after four days of testimony, from 15 different witnesses. port is her one of six officers accused of neglecting duty when gray suffered a broken neck while in custody. he facing up to 25 years in prison. and investigators are looking into whether sigh ad farook one of the suspect in the san bernardino shoot hadding been plotting a earlier attack in california with someone else. according to cnn, apparently, the two conspired back in 2012 and specific target was considered, but the pair got spooked and decided not to go through with it. meanwhile, sources also say investigators believe tashfeen malik farook's wife was radicalized at least two years, investigators still trying to piece together profiles of the cup hole killed 14, died in gun battle
6:19 am
with police last week. >> coming up on 6:19. number of high profile people are going after donald trump after he said muslims should be banned from coming into the us for now. >> so here is a quick sound bite coming from the white house press secretary jed. >> -- yesterday. >> what donald trump said yesterday disqualifies him as serving as president. and for republican candidates for president, to stand by their pledge to support mr. trump? that in and of itself is disqualifying. >> so, the white house spokesperson also called donald trump a carnival barber. says republicans have decide how they'll respond to trump moving forward. >> speaking of response, i mean, we saw number of republican candidates, that were coming out yesterday, all denouncing what trump was saying, saying it is wrong, and they don't agree, doesn't agree with the policy. >> including governor chris christie had some pretty strong words. but no words stronger than the mayor of philadelphia. >> that's true. the mayor said, you know what,
6:20 am
if i could ban him, i would ban him from philadelphia. >> yes, did you hear that doug luzader in dc? >> i'm sorry, i did not. >> yes, our mayor, called him an a hole actually. >> well, you know, i mean, the name calling has gun. the white house yesterday making fun of donald trump's hair. so all bets are off at this point. but, this is something that is generating a lot of attention for donald trump. that may ultimately be all he want out of this. it certainly is not hurting him until the polls at least sofas we've seen. now we have to see what the next set of polls indicate after he made this to ban muslims from opt erring the country. >> so i'm sure we'll hear from the donald today. we will check back with you next hour, too as this thing heats up for sure. did you see this in the paper? the protest yesterday? there is about oh, 25 people out protesting in north broad street, up near temple. we say no to a new stadium. >> wasn't big crowd, but, the
6:21 am
stadium, i guess, will be put on hold. >> it is. so find out what led to temple university trustees table a vote on plans to bring a football stadium to the campus. >> lottery numbers.
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>> eagles getting ready for sunday at the linc. cowboys only a game back, demarco murray isn't happy these days, according to report from espn, after caring just eight times against the patriots, murray met with eagles owner jeffrey lurie on the flight home to complain about not being used enough. listen between the lines yesterday offensive coordinator pat not exactly amused. >> i think what you got to look at, we won an if the ballgame the other night against real fine opponent. and he contributed in the game. and i think that's the reality of it. so there should be some joy in, that at least for few hours, until we get back to philly. >> flyers hosting the new york islanders last night at the center, make it three to one, give steve mason a trip to the showers for the night. goes to over timement then shoot-out tied at three. islanders get the only goal in
6:25 am
the shoot-out. they twin final scour four to three. that's sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. >> tough time with those shootouts. >> we do. 6:00 interest, temple university board of trustees have table a vote on plans to build a stadium on campus due to some opposition. >> probably couple of dozen protesters out there gathered outside the meeting last night. yesterday afternoon, early evening. most were temple student. they are against the proposed 100 million-dollar project. they say the school is not consulting nearby residents. university officials say, they're still important discussions to be had before moving forward with this plan. so, the talk will continue. >> i'm sure it will, you know, with the season they had, everyone talking about we want a new stadium. but you have to think about the people it will affect. >> that's right. young boy battling cancer about to go under the knife. why he says he's actually
6:26 am
excited for his surgery, even if it will cost him his leg. >> but first, heave? >> reporter: at christmas time, in the camden county town of berlin, a lot like the who ville of the dr. seuss christmas story. real life little cindy lou hoo just five years old, had a grin. steel all of her clothes, not her new clothes under the treat, but all her clothes, her brother, and mom, as mom left them wash nag local laudromat to do another chore.
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>> grin of strikes south jersey family. police are now rallying around them to deliver a holiday miracle. and you can help by dropping stuff into that box. >> and dirty dancing is coming to tv. find out who is starring in the upcoming tv series based on the 80s hit film. let me start guessing, who would be the male and female? >> tatum chang. >> i would pick him. >> good choice. >> the woman? >> selena gomez. >> jennifer lopez. >> kit cat kline says we're wrong. already know who it is?
6:30 am
>> know who the female s it is not selena gomez, in town tonight at the wells fargo arena. >> okay, i'm keep thinking. >> sin irwin, just won dancing with the stars. >> you know the answer? >> , no i don't, but they did that dance. >> that's right. >> i know, my guilty pleasure. >> somebody is watching it, and it is me. for this saturday, at the linc, it is the tradition continuing, army navy game, it start at 3:00. we have 62 degrees, when the game begins. 59 degrees at the end of the game. amazing for december, right? and then on sunday of course is the eagles, well, could be, the temperature, december, look at these temperatures. sixty-one when the eagles game starts. 64 degrees ten of the game. we could if we hit 65 reach a record. so high pressure is in control, pretty much, through the weekend, as we see here.
6:31 am
and temperatures get miler and milder each day, rain arrives by monday. so really that's casino of right on time with increasing clouds on sunday, i think we will be okay, bob kelly? >> sound good. 6:31, good morning, everybody, starting to see slow downs on the schuylkill expressway. already down to 29 miles an hour here between sit line and conshy. slow going 9a we zoom on in, to the roosevelt boulevard, southbound, at adams avenue, right where the old sears building used to sit. inner drive, accident on that southbound side. bick jam later today, 9:00, eastbound, 76 down to one lane at conshohocken all day long, that's the time to beat. grab schedule if you use any of the regional rail lines for today. septa kicking in new schedule, one of the big changes, going to come to the airport regional rail line. and then, i-95, they're going to shut down the onramp, to
6:32 am
northbound, at girard avenue, later on today. pushing everybody over to the castor avenue ramp. that's all part of that girard avenue construction. mike mentioned salina gomez in town, q102 jingle ball tonight. septa has added extra trains on the broad street subway for all of the concert fans tonight. mike and alex, back to you. >> thanks, bob. new information this morning, about the paris terror attacks, officials identified a third attack here targeted the concert hall where most of the victims were killed. they say he was a frenchman who left for syria in 2013. this means all of the attackers identified so far were french or belgium. but investigators have more work to do. but this provides more evidence the plot was entirely home-grown in europe. >> all three terrorist who is targeted the concert hall are dead, in all 130 people killed across the city on november 13th. well, donald trump on the defense, sticking to his guns yesterday afternoon, the gop presidential frontrunner, drawing a lot of heat over his call to ban all muslims from
6:33 am
injuring the united state. he says the federal government needs to have a better plan before letting muslims into the country. rival presidential candidate, and other republicans, criticized his comment, big time yesterday. >> and democrats, also getting into the mix. including the mayor of philadelphia. >> tell us what happened. >> well, sometimes mayor michael nutter goes off, and this time he went off essentially, he said, if he could, he was banned donald drum from coming into philadelphia. the key phrase, if he could. remarks came at press conference mayor, took donald trump task blasting gop presidential candidate for his call to ban all muslims from entering the us after the attack in california. the isis inspired attack, in san bernardino, nutter called the press conference actually to talk about new reward for hate crimes after incident happened where a pig's head was thrown in front after north philadelphia mosque. but when reporters pressed nutter about trump's comments, nutter went off.
6:34 am
>> i mean, how can i take seriously any foreign policy idea from someone like him? i mean, just is impossible. soy he has no idea what he is talking b if i had the power to ban some people, i mean, woe not -- he would be at the top of the list today. but yesterday, probably would have been some other folks. >> welshing meantime, trump double down on his comment, and in recent weeks trump has said that he supports surveillance at certain muslim mosks, and also said that he supports crow ate ago data base to track muslims in the united state. mike anal next. >> hey, what's the latest on the pig's head at the mosque? >> there is a $2,000 reward that his office is now, the mayor's offers, now posting for information that leads to arrest and conviction on hate crimes. >> i got you. >> i mean, we know red truck, trying to zoom in on the license plate, hopefully that will help.
6:35 am
lauren, what else? >> two people arrested after wild police chase in the holmesburg neighborhood there is was last night, police say they had pulled over a driver when he backed up into a car, then tried to run over an officer. the driver didn't hit two police cars before being stopped. police arrested 51 year old driver, and 30 year old passenger, no officers were hurt during this ordeal. >> pennsylvania judge has set date for ex pro wrestling star jimmy super fly snooka homicide trial. lehigh county judge saying it all start in the march, snooka charged earlier this year, in the death of his girlfriend, more than three decades ago. he pleaded not guilt which his lawyer calling the 1983 death an unfortunate accident. snooka now 72 years old lives in camden county new jersey. >> philadelphia police on the look-out for a real life grinch in the city fairmount neighborhood. police say this man stole christmas wreath right off the door of someone's home sunday night, 2400 block of aspen street. a home security camera was rolling, caught the entire crime on camera, if you happen to recognize this grinch, give
6:36 am
police a call. mike anal next. >> we have more grinch stories. >> yes, what about this one? shirt, sweaters, jeans, all stole friend a local family. >> yes, police say, the family was washing all of their clothing, at a laudromat, so steve what can we do about this? >> do you remember years ago we proved i think you told dirty sock on the air, people will buy anything, you proved that by selling one of your dirty socks? this proves people will steel anything. hard to believe, but what you just said is true. someone went into this laudromat, as this family's dirty clothes were in the washing machine. and stole them out of there. so, people, yep, will steel anything, even little kids' used dirty clothes being washed and dried, in the local laudromat. yes, it happened here in berlin, right down the white horse pike, camden county where the berlin police facebook page told the community they got what they called their first christmas grinch story of the year. and the story is a young mom,
6:37 am
washing all her five year old daughter, eight year old son's clothe, and all of her own, everything but what they were wearing on monday, and then it was stolen, as a washing machine machine's ran here, in the maytag laundry, which is right up on the same side of the white horse pike, cents the police department, just a little further up the road. now, you will recall, from your childhood, or maybe you watch it every year like dishes the original grinch story had a happy ending, and berlin police hope for the same here. they have set up this donation box, we got video of in the lobby, if anyone wants to give clothes, buy clothes, or just donate gift cards, the mother police said she is only interested in only police generosity for her two kids help, she doesn't want anything herself, but police of course said the mother for sure could use something to wear herself. and the officer who handled this case originally, officer pal ma here in berlin used his own money to start the christmas gift giving by buying the family a gift card, so they won't have to keep wearing the same clothe over and over. the kids going to school
6:38 am
getting made fun of wearing the same clothes day after day. if you are interested, the girl has a size five and little girl's clothing, the boy, a size large, in boys large clothing. and the mom we don't know her size, because again, she didn't want anything for herself, but you got to wonder, if somebody was hard off enough to steel used dirty clothes, how bad is that family if they are stealing clothe for their kids, so maybe two needy families out here. unfortunately, that's not the way to go about it, hopefully we have follow up sometime later today, with a happy ending, and i bet our viewers will feel that -- fill that donation box by the end of the show certainly by the end of the day. >> i know they will will for sure. >> in fact, why don't go to steve and talk about it too, drop off some clothe. that will would be great. >> very big changes coming for local boy putting up brave fight against bone cancer? yes, tough, doctors are going to amputate this 11 year old boy's leg, he lives up in bucks county. they're going to do that surgery mob bridge just after christmas. >> despite the life changing provide your, family says, it
6:39 am
is ultimately the best option. jack inch it son of bensalem hasn't been able to walk since last summer. he had bone cancer in 2014. he underwent ten month of chemo and surgery, but complication has limited him to wheelchair for at least the next couple of weeks. >> the doctor either said to me either stay with this and stay in a wheelchair forever or get a prosthetic leg. >> jack says his favorite holiday is christmas, and his leg scheduled for amputation december 30, making way for the pros at the time glike that that was his choice, probably a good one. 6:39. well, dirty mouth could be good for you. not talking about cussing. why a new study says the occasional f bomb may not and bad thing. i guess i am talking about cussing. >> plus, angels on the runway. we have the highlight of the victoria secret fashion show which include newcomber kendel jenner. how did she do?
6:40 am
>> welshing it is pretty tough work. hope she did okay.
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>> it is 6:43. >> heavy rains in the northwest, they are affecting normal operations in the region. and amtrak, is having, to plan alternate routes because of the downpour. heavy rainfall has caused sue tears back up, has opened up sinkholes in several major roads. even more rain is expected to fall today in the portland area, and western washington. oregon officials are also warning people to stay away from the beach, because of high wind and waves. >> what a mess, sue. won't stop rain interesting. >> yes, with oregon, if you are talking about the rain making the news, then you know it has got to be bad. because it rains a lot there anyway. for us, it is the exact opposite. we haven't had a lot of rain, and what we have comes after days and days of dry weather. whereby this weekend, we will feel little more like october, than december, with the possibility of record warmth, especially, as we get into saturday and sunday, so there is our high pressure system in
6:44 am
control. here is a cold front that probably won't give us any precipitation, and there is the system we are talking about, that's kind of stalled here, in the pacific northwest, with just inches and inches and inches of rain. nothing on ultimate doppler radar here, right now, and nothing expected. but we do have moisture in the air, causing some fog. so, reduced visibility, in wilmington, delaware, lancaster looks like they've been socked in for awhile, and it is a little foggy around berks county, around reading, pa. we still have this freezing fog, advisory, very unusual, don't see it very much. middle of the state, not here, but if you are traveling say out toward state college, this is in effect until 10:00 this morning, with temperatures below freezing, and the fog out there it, could create some slippery conditions for walking and driving out there. now, we do have chilly weather out here, 29 degrees, pottstown, allentown, 37 in philadelphia, 30 in wildwood, 29 degrees in lancaster, so little chillier than it was
6:45 am
yesterday at this time. and the temperatures get little colder as you move toward harrisburg, where it is 29 degrees. yesterday was cooler than monday, all right? but the average high is 47. so, it was still above average. and we're only going up from there. 55 degrees today, clouds, quite a few clouds out there, some sunshine, miler day on thursday, friday looks fine, with a high of 62 degrees, we will give that one a ten, and then in the mid 60s both saturday and sunday, very un december-ish weather both days, and if you do have tickets to one of the football games, we got army navy saturday, as well as the eagles sunday. then you won't have to layer it up too much. >> for all of those weekends, looks like it would be great to be outdoors. septa is adding extra trains and service on both the market frankford and the subway, for all of the football fans. another opening this morning. 6:45, the burlington bristol traffic stopped on both sides
6:46 am
of the river at the moment. so grab that jumbo coffee and wait it out. slow going south on 95, through the betsy, roosevelt boulevard southbound, right at adams avenue, in the inner drive, an accident. and good morning to 422, eastbound, right near trooper road, little fog, little haze there in the back gown, as you head on in toward king of prussia. but starting to see that jam heading into kop, stack up here on the vine street expressway, folks crossing town, trying to get over in toward 30th street station. and we're heavy here on the freeway, as women, coming in from south jersey. so rush hour underway. if you use the regional rails, grab new schedule, because there is new timetable that they're kicking in, the big changes, coming to the airport line, so make sure you're ready to go when they change it up. this coming weekend, change it up. plug in those lights. and let's hit those pictures and get going. good morning, amanda, check out this house from west chester, pennsylvania, all lit up there. it is definitely in the running here, for our best of
6:47 am
the best category. here's what we're doingment pictures all day every day, all the way up through christmas, how do we get your pictures? all do you have do, snap one of the front of your house like amanda did there, then post it to your facebook, twitter, stain gram, and use the hashtag fox 29 light. so we can show it on tv and one night this week, i'm going hit the road and come to somebody's house and broadcast live during the 5:00 and 6:00 newscast. mike and alex being back over to you. >> i sent you picture last night did you get it? >> did i get it. >> put it up next. >> thank you. women, last night i was doing my homework. and watching a special that airs every year, and i think it is really well done. the legendary victoria secret fashion show. >> well, no wonder why you didn't respond to my text. >> yes, i was busy. i was busy. now, here is the thing. sharing the stage of this year with the super models were some a list performers. the weekend thing. >> i can't feel my face when i'm with you.
6:48 am
>> but i love it. >> yes, and salina gomez have she was there. >> she just wants to look good for you. >> uh-huh. >> ♪ >> there is my favorite right there, adrianna lima, she is the best. >> he is drooling right now, folks, if you can't see it. >> hey, gee gee was there. >> that's right. >> she made her victoria secret fashion show debut. kendel jenner, too. >> oh, lord. >> now victoria secret also showed their fantasy bra, a piece of loungerie costing 2 million bucks. >> yes, it is called the fireworks brawl. now i don't know if it actually shoots fireworks out of it. but they call it the fireworks brawl. >> were you watching last night d it? >> i didn't see any fireworks coming out of it. >> you weren't paying attention? >> oh, there were some fireworks, though. it is a beautifully done show, you have to admit. >> you have been there in person?
6:49 am
>> i have been there in person. >> is it as magical in person? >> it is even better. it was taped about a month ago, selena on the show last night will be in south philly tonight. >> that's right. well, what about this? nobody put babe nay concern, but apparently you can put her on tv. because dirty dancing is the latest move that i will be re imagined for television. the tv movie will air on abc, they haven't said this one yet. >> so they've announced screen queens, abigail, yes, will play the part of babe. >> i i'll n darn. >> and the part of johnny castle has yet to be filled, but representatives of abc say long list of high profile talent. you remember -- >> your he ' trying to sell me that thing airs on abc, because it was in the copy three times. when it probably shouldn't be in there at all. >> but you know what's going on on fox? greece live special, that will be coming. >> when is that? >> jan. cook key palmer will be in it. >> i like that. >> empire's not on the
6:50 am
tonight? >> no, but will be a nice christmas special going on. they're calling it white hot holidays. >> what is it? >> well, they're going to sit down, have all of these performances, for all of these different singers so, taraji, she is real busy, because she is now times most influencial character of 2015, her character cookie lions. >> i think that's good choice. >> beat out the minions, taylor swift bad blood character and christian grey from "50 shades of grey". and, yes, because think about it, every time there is an empire episode. all of these means, catch phrases, we call them cookie bites, also has her own clothing line at sach's fifth avenue. >> this makes sense. >> so i guess this thing tonight, tar edge i and terrence's white hot holidays is a special tonight. if you are -- at 9:00? >> at 9:00. >> regular empire time. still get the empire feel, yaz the greatest will be performing. >> hold on. not empirement like a variety
6:51 am
show of the real people? >> yes. >> oh, that's interesting. >> yes, i want to see them interact. plus everyone lovers terrence howard antar and i's chemistry. >> when i think of the heartwarming holidays i think of the empire cast. >> you are too much. >> you know that mark zuckerberg guy? >> yes. >> he is very proud pap a he want to let everybody know he had this kid. which is great. >> he should be. so enjoying two month of paternity leave from facebook. so he used facebook of course to show off baby pictures, shared the latest touching photo. >> do you think he is on twitter? >> i don't think so. >> facebook only? >> i have to check. >> he shared this latest touching photo of little max ma, the name of the kid, max, basically, so first name? >> mark. >> zuckerberg. >> said he and his wife priscilla could not be happier. ya. >> so -- >> and he was also thrilled that he finally has somebody
6:52 am
his same size in his family. >> oh, very funny. there is an account that says mark zuckerberg but knott their side -- i don't know if it is real. i don't think he would. would you? >> i almost said -- well, i just want to make a point here. swearing is considered a bad habit. but could it have -- >> a bad habit that you have. >> i should be the healthiest manna life. find out why one psychologist says it could actually help you get along with others, by dropping f bombs. downtown for a sales call. west side for a presentation. meeting after meeting. that's why gordon stops at exxon and mobil. for fuels that help his engine run cleaner,
6:53 am
smoother, and with better fuel economy. so he can make it to the meeting that matters most. gordon is energy. exxon and mobil. energy lives here. exxon and mobil are proud plenti partners. lots of points. lots of places. one rewards program.
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6:55 am
>> say what you want. but -- >> just don't swear. >> get the beeps ready. swearing can be a bad habit for a lot of people. turns out, though, according to this new study, cursing might actually be good for you. >> happening to you. >> my go to. >> psychology professor at the university, well, at the university in england, conduct add series of experiments on why people swear. and the benefits using the colorful language. turns out, the best reason to swear is to relieve pain. >> besides the pain relief, can also maple you feel stronger, because it down plays people's weakness to make them appear stronger than they are t helps you emphasize your point. because sometimes, you know, bland language is not enough to convey what you are trying to say, helps create close bonds with other people, you likely wouldn't swear in front of somebody you weren't
6:56 am
comfortable with. >> well, let's just -- okay. here is something we can do on twitter we've never done. >> oh, no. >> what's your go-to word? >> seriously, sneak. >> say, if you hit your hand with a hammer, ever do that? >> you know what i say? >> ya. well, you say fruit of the loom. >> oh, fruit of the loom. >> that's her strongest curse word. >> oh, fruit. >> i say fruit or fruit of the loom or sometimes i say if i'm real frustrated, mylanta. >> but, oh, it is bland and helps make colorful language. well, you need to up your so cab hear, you can't find creative way to say what you are trying to say, resort to cuss word, just cutting down your knowledge. >> i guess. >> you know my go to? >> what? >> oh,. >> ya. >> ya. >> all right. >> i can't say yours. >> heroes' speak out for the first time since the shooting in san bernardino, we're hearing from some of the first responders. why they say what they did was not heroic.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> plotting earlier attack. investigators believe these two could have been planning something back three years ago, why the husband in that case, apparently, decide the not to go through with it
7:00 am
three years ago. mr. mayor? >> has taken a page from the play book of hitler. >> mayor michael nutter, heated over donald trump's controversial comments, what he's making perfectly clear to the presidential candidate. >> and this: >> ♪ >> i tell you, it is really well done. >> you just like the close ups. >> well, that was kind of close up, wasn't it? >> it was. >> but look at the production value of this. >> i like how they wink. >> i had a discussion about this the other day, it is authorities wink nowadays, not be fun which it, like to actually mean the wink: >> i'm not a goodwynker. >> if a guy ones at me, i would laugh. >> hey, i feel bad because they have to carry those big wings around on their


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