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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> i'm lucy noland. vigil wrapping up right now in rittenhouse square. fox 29's dawn timmeney is there. dawn, a lot of hope tonight. >> reporter: absolutely lucy. people have really just had enough. there was a crowd of about 100 people. they were chanting, we are here for peace. we are all one. they definitely want to have their voices heard. >> we have if we work together to bring our values to life. >> reporter: local inter faith leaders gathering to night on rittenhouse square to end the hate and fear to pray for muslims who have been discriminated against in recent weeks. >> a lot of the reason why these horrible acts of terrorism are happening is because there isn't enough dialogue we're not talking to one another. >> this man is the national spokesperson for am day ya muslim community usa. >> biggest obstacle is fear. people are letting extremists and right wing politicians right the narrative on islam.
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200 million americans have never met a muslim before. >> reporter: he wants to change that and says he's encouraged overall by how the city of philadelphia has taken a stand against intolerance. >> mayor nutter's severe condemnation of this anti islam rhetoric muslim business owners are reporting that we're feeling protected, we're feeling safe. we're feeling as american as anyone. >> reporter: this uber driver a muslim from morocco grease. >> i live for long time in this country, okay. i am friend with my neighbor. we family, you know. >> reporter: now at an earlier news conference, local religious leaders and city officials gathered to denounce republican presidential candidate donald trump. they called him a hater who should not be underestimated. they said that's why they need to stand up and step up and they cannot remain silent. iain? >> all right, dawn thank you. only on fox 29 news, new details tonight about philadelphia rapper meek mill's probation hearing.
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our cameras were rolling as he enter add courthouse earlier today. >> anything you want to say going in about the probation violation? >> no. >> hopefully i'll peak out good. >> it turns out meek did not get permission to attend the american music awards and in los angeles last month. prosecutors say the 28-year-old violated terms set by a judge overseeing the rapper' twos 009 drug and gun case. meek's girlfriend rapper nicky minaj in court. she took the stander on meek's behalf. the hearing has been continued. a former philadelphia police officer will spent at least two years in prison but he could be doing a lot more time than that. today a federal jury convicted 38-year-old raheem henderson on charges of conspiracy, fraud and theft. henderson ran a counterfeit credit card operation last year. investigators maintained he bought stolen credit card information over the internet and manufactured fake cards at his mt. airy home. the jury bought that. and one of the people he targeted was a philadelphia police captain.
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henderson will get his sentence in march. could face as long as 74 years in prison. man uses a tricky way to break into a local mini market. take look as police say this guy claims through an air vent to get inside. mini market on the 2400 block of south 54th street. once he gets inside the guy pulls out a power tool to break open the atm but his plan didn't work. however he was able to get $7,000 in cash and cigarettes from that store. >> temple university faculty have voted to condemn bill cosby over the sex assault allegations he faces. professors are also urging the school to take back the long-time temple supporter's honorary degree. cosby's step down as trustee and did he that last year. the school's faculty senate also condemn the chairman of the trustee patrick o'connor. it said because a conflict for the philadelphia attorney to have the defendant cosby in sex assault lawsuit by former temple employee a decade ago. o'connor law firm says he acted
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within the rules of professional conduct and vetted the issue with temple board. cosby denies allegations by dozens of women that he assaulted them decades ago. and he has never faced any formal charges. a pennsylvania supreme court justice now faces suspension over lewd, offensive e-mails. justice michael eakin allegedly traded with lawyers and others. court of judicial discipline issued an order of possible suspension today which gives justice eakin a chance to respond before the board decides whether to row move him from the bench. the board's complain says his actions appeared to be improper that he did not row spec the courts non discrimination policy and he dee tracked from the dignity of his office. everything is lining up to break a record in your fox 29 weather authority. live look at the ben franklin parkway. the lights twinkling. the heat is on. yeah, we all got to wear a lot less today and temperatures are only going to get warmer. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams for a look at potentia potentially c turn of events. >> lucy, we're talking 60s for
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highs today. mid 60s tomorrow. by the upcoming weekend, we could be hitting 70 in some spots. but take look at the almanac for today. the average low temperature for this time of year is 32. we were 46 degrees this morning for the low but look at that. our typical normal high this time of year. we made it up to 62 degrees. so well above average. look at the numbers right now. mid 50s philadelphia. 55 degrees in trenton. we're looking at 50 in dover. 53 in wilmington. so not a bad evening if you're stepping outdoors. in fact just a light jacket. we're looking pretty good. numbers still by 11:00 o'clock right around 50 degrees. so once again, it's pretty quiet as far as our temperatures. comfortable 55 degrees but look at the numbers off to the south. we're talking low 60s atlanta. mid 60s in memphis. even 70s showing up right now in sections of texas look at houston. 76 degrees. so some of that warmer air is headed in our direction.
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how much above normal over the next several days, we will be on average anywhere from 20 to almost 25 degrees above average. so 60s in the offing for several days. record breaking territory and then we'll talk about our next rainfall chance iain and lucy in that seven day forecast. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. controversy tonight involving a local elementary school. officials say a seven-year-old student stuck five classmates with a hypo determine mick needle. the incident happened on tuesday at george medae elementary school and involved kindergarten through second grader students. police tell us the incident happened between 8:30 and 11:15 that morning but they weren't notified until about 5:00 p.m. later that night. tonight parents are upset with the way the school responded. >> i don't think they probably addressed the situation to the point they recognized some parents got the information. some of them didn't. it was more or less like certain students got attached to their book like it was homework and just sent home and our kids was
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just, you know, they kids. they just like, mom, dad, somebody in school in a needle but they wasn't told like this is a serious matter. maybe we should call home. even dismissing kids early but no, that's not what they did. >> police are still trying to determine where the needles came from and whether any were contaminate. >> only on fox, a clothes controversy. a school wouldn't let a girl go to classes because of what she was wearing. now it said she was wearing tights or leggings. but her mom says they're pants. you be the judge. fox 29's karen hepp has the story. >> reporter: here's the exact outfit the 16-year-old sophomore wore to school. here's the front, here's the back. she never even made it in the door at overbrook high school yesterday morning. the school climate manager flagged her for breaking the dress code. >> they said these were tights. which they're nowhere near tights. >> reporter: the girl was told to go home and change. she texted her mom and waited. >> when i got up there i banged on the door i said what's the
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problem? he said your daughter has on tights. i said she don't have on tights. there's pants. you can specifically see they're pants. you got zippers, you got pocke pockets. tights don't have pockets in them. >> reporter: her daughter has been wearing the pants all year long as part of her uniform. she was so upset her daughter got into trouble she reached out to us for help on our facebook page. when we contacted school officials they told us the dress code at overbrook actually bans all tight clothing a policy clearly not all parents know. selena says the focus should be on educating the kids not punishing them for what they are wearing. >> i was very upset. yes, i was, because if that was your child, how would you feel? you know i sent my daughter to school on time and here she go late and staning outside for two extra hours. >> the kids who break the dress code are asked to change but usually they can wait in the office. what do you think about this whole controversy? let us know on facebook and twitter. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. local families saying thank
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you tonight after so many people stepped up and helped them in a time of need. that's right your response definitely help this familiar val a better holiday the family says they lost their entire wardrobe when it was stolen from laundromat in berlin, new jersey. the crime was put on the police department's facebook page and they got a huge response from neighbors, filling up bins with clothes for the family and we were there as that family was just shown what their neighbors in the community did for them in this time of need. officers loaded up that family's car with clothes, toys and other donations. police officers in camden county taking some -- very prestigious award camden county police department recognized many of its officers for going beyond the call of duty. police officials say most of the recipients handled difficult and potentially dangerous situations but in the end, they made the community safer and represented the department well. in all, more than 80 awards were handed out for bravery and valor. new at 6:00 pictures of a mini van spotted driving around local neighborhood. nothing unusual but police say
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someone inside this one has been stealing from homes and they're not breaking in. we'll explain. plus a unique kind of theft this holiday. why some store owners are learning some people aren't just stealing out of necessity this season. sean? >> iain, rumors continue to swirl around demarco murray being unhappy and letting people know about it. today he spoke on his talk with jeffrey lurie and where he stands with the eagles. that's coming up later in sports.
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police in new castle county on the hunt for a group of package thieves. new castle resident told investigators she saw silver mini van following a ups truck through the neighborhood. that witness told police a man got out of the car and stole bag catches from neighbor's doorstep. investigators say the van may have temporary delaware tags. holiday season can send people into quite a commotion with vintage and novelty shops get a boost in popularity. >> store owners everywhere are
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quickly learning no one is safe from those customers with particularly sticky fingers. fox's jenn lahmers has details on these high end shoplifters. >> reporter: in this age of olive oils and pretty much anything you can imagine, those with sophisticated palates appear to be getting away with very juvenile crime something new york food blog rub street calls get ready for it college tow gastro mania. be it soaps, condiments or chocolate specialty stores that sell one of a kind items are seeing more people trying to get the five finger diss coup. >> we had one incident where we thought someone who had bought a bunch of things and regular customer grab a pour spout but that's your average shoplifter that we see keep an eye on in general. >> greg owns oh live oil shop in brooklyn. >> i can see it being a problem. there are people, you know, you don't have to be poor to be a shoplifter. >> reporter: john spring kerr says it's true.
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across the u.s. shoplifting costs food vendors about $1 billion a year and when expensive novelty items on shelves go unprotected, they become easy targets. >> they're expensive items and there's some belief that you know, the fact that they're expensive is sort of attracting people to try to, you know, take thing from the stores. >> reporter: spring kerr says with the higher price tag comes a different kind of thief. for these college tow gastro maniacs the motivation might not be out of need but out of novelty. >> a lot of people are shoplifting for the thrill of it. >> reporter: in brooklyn, jennifer lahmers, fox news. award winning best selling author from philadelphia back home. talking to kids about how he was raised in north philadelphia. mk asante author of a book drop by the mastery charter school to talk about his book and he also spoke to students about his book helped their lives. >> very chilly christmas. we love to see your christmas lights. zen us a picture of your house all decked out just post it on
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facebook, twitter or instagram. use the hash tag fox 29 lights so we can fine it. we're showing pictures on good day every day leading up to christmas. the sun doesn't stop there. we'll pick what we think are the most festive homes and show them live on air during our 5:00 p.m. newscast, three houses the next few weeks so post those pictures and use the hash tag fox 29 lights. we tell if you you'll put up those lights this weekend you might break a sweat. (laughter). >> it's so true. oh, my goodness, scott. >> yeah, i mean we're talking temperatures today you guys in the low 60s. it's been great for doing anything outdoors. a walk in the -- walking the dog, decorating, doing some things in the yard. take look at the temperatures right now. 55 degrees still. the normal high for this time of year is 46 degrees. and we'll keep that string of 60s going over the next several days. take look at ultimate doppler. it's dry, it's quite we're not dealing with any rainfall just
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yet but we have rainfall chances in that seven day forecast. take a look out to the west if you're looking for some snow head to the cascades. head to the rockies. that's where we continue to deal with that very active pattern. some of this moisture by monday will make it toward our area. but once again, you can see just places like seattle, portland, continuing to see a lot of heavy rain even that mountain snow. for us, over the next several days, our pattern dominated by this area of high pressure more like a summer like bermuda high setup. we'll be talking about winds coming in out of the south and southwest. pumping those temperatures into the mid even upper 60s before all is said and done. so we are going to be looking at some record warmth ahead. temperatures today in the 60s. we'll continue over the next several days with temperatures at or above 60 degrees with that el nino pattern. so record certainly could fall as early as tomorrow. we could tie the record high of 65 degrees.
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and then take a look at saturday. yeah, you have festivals, parades, outdoor plans, doing some shopping for the holidays, yeah it will be pretty warm. 68 degrees the expected high temperature. unbelievable then look at your sunday. 69. the record is 65 so likely tying a record tomorrow smashing the records both days over the upcoming weekend. so enjoy if you like the mild weather a lot of folks actually want the cold. want some snow. but we don't have it with these temperatures. 55 in trenton. 55 right now at philadelphia. 52 degrees currently in atlantic city. so for tonight, a few clouds. it will be pretty mile. look at the temperatures. mid 40s in the city. low 40s in the suburbs and then tomorrow's planner a mixture of sun and clouds. those temperatures warm pretty rapidly. 60 degrees at lunch time alfresco dining for sure. 65 for that high temperature. well above average and then look at the upcoming weekend. army/navy game. it is going to be spectacular
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both saturday and sunday once again if you like temperatures near 70 degrees, in the middle of december, then as we head toward sunday, tailgating, beautiful for the linc weather lincoln financial field and then by monday that's our next chance for rain. temperatures still pretty mild. 65 degrees and then look at tuesday, wednesday and thursday. no 40s for high temperatures so still about 10 degrees above average even into next week. but just very spring like pattern in december. >> flirting with 70. >> yeah. >> wow! >> great weather but so much cloud surrounding the philadelphia eagles. and all the running back issues. all the problems they have. way too much drama for me, but at least they're finally get clarification why lesean mccoy dislikes chip kelly so much. chip talks about mishandling the shady trade and why he was so upset and rightly so next in
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♪ demarco murray experiment continues with more drama. but at least today we got some answers. he told the media that he loves philly, loves the team and is 100% sure he'll be back as eagle
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next year. i'm not sure how true all that is but still murray is without a doubt extremely frustrated with his role right now. the patriots game he only played 14 snaps including eight carries, not enough touches to ever really get a rhythm. after the game he spoke with owner jeffrey lurie on the plane. what was said, how it was said, i don't know. he's keeping that to hisself but he does think things were blown way out of proportion. >> i've had conversation wis jeff lurie before. sitting right next to him. i can't speak with my boss? i wouldn't say i was disappointed obviously we won the game. so i thought i was happy for that, but i think every player wants the opportunity to contribute to the team and, you know, especially me as a competitor i want to have chance to go out there and work out and, you know dorks what i can to help this team. >> all right. now it's time to get some answers about lesean mccoy. shady has made it really really clear he doesn't like chip. said he wouldn't shake his hand
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or even talk to him. today chip was asked about mccoy and he finally shed some light how the trade went down. >> how he was traded wasn't handled right, and i've said that before. i did not get an opportunity to talk to him. it's a lesson we should never do. we were told that the trade wasn't initiated and wouldn't be initiated until the next morning there were no phone calls to be made and then all of a sudden i'm trying to an event and he's been traded i felt bad i didn't get a chance to talk to him. i called him. he didn't answer my phone call. i know he was bleep and he should be bleep rightly so. >> if there's any more drama, we'll have it on "game day live" at 10:00 a.m. on sunday. howard eskin, gary cobb, dave spadaro and myself will break down the game. the drama and the entire nfc east picture. the struggles of getting to the playoffs can really weigh heavy on you. tom coughlin been at it for a long long time. the giants are tied for first place with the eagles and coughlin's asked when asked is
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he excited? >> yes, jumping jacks. what is he doing? i mean, this is -- people don't know tom coughlin he's a very strict, straight laced guy. this is out of control random. it's reall really, it must reale getting to him or he's over it. i don't know what that is. but jumping jacks. >> good exercise actually. >> i like to see chip kelly do some of that. get loose. >> give him reason to do that. >> i don't know if chip has the cardiovascular tonight of the be sure to join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10. this guy caught on surveillance cameras swiping christmas decorations. a neighbor tries to stop him. what he says and why because he says he's got take to saintism there's a reason he's giving and we hear all of this play out tonight at 10. that does it for us here at 6: 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next at 6:00.
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there's a tidy cats for that. from russia with love. the sister-in-law of the san bernardino terrorist. >> what we've learned about her background. >> he's a traitor, a no-good traitor. in the old days, firing squad. >> what he's saying today in his own words. >> suddenly, it really starts to civic in that i really did something bad. then khloe kardashian's great lie. under fire for fibbing about who baked these pies. >> she should give the credit to where it's due. stop that hoverboard! >> the shoplifter's great escape on a hover bore. the ceo's live apol


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