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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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three people are shot overnight and rushed to the hospital, whom police are looking for right now in fair hill. very scary moments, find out who came to perfect rescue after someone broke in the house while she was home alone. meek mill had a big day in court over the the questions of probation violations, but then, there is nicki, his girlfriend/fiance nicki minaj told a philadelphia judge yesterday, to keep herman out of jail. >> good day, everybody it is friday december 11th, 2015. >> it is friday. >> we made it. >> alex has the day off again today. >> hey, can we play in the next hour, route 661 of my favorite songs because the temperature may be, 66. >> well, get your kicks. >> on route 66.
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>> you'll get the a kick out of this. it is friday. it is milder then average. we are off to a foggy start this morning. hopefully you can see budd there i with the fleece on even with temperatures in the the 30's and 40's, it will be in the mid 60's by the end of the day to day so tough it out for the morning and we have a dense fog advice are for costal counties and cumberland county, burlington county, atlantic, cape may, ocean for this morning but there is fog every where, at the airport is there 3 miles visibility right now, calm wind part of the problem, temperature, in philadelphia, is 45 degrees, sunrise the at 7:12, sunset at 4:36. while there is daylight enjoy it. we will be in the mid 60's today, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. coming up at 6:02 on this friday morning.
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an accident here on the 42 freeway, it is northbound, approaching, 295 so coming in toward philadelphia, already a crash here in that work zone you can see very top of the police lights here on the overpass as we look live in the construction zone. the here is some of the fog we are dealing with on new jersey's i295, down near centre square road. it is patchy as sue mentioned so depending upon where you begin and end your trip. there are no delays at the the a airport at the moment. that is good. 55 miles an hour on 202, looking good on 422, richmond street though in the neighborhood, closed again today between lehigh and allegheny, until 4:00. they are set nothing place the steel beams as part of the i-95 construction. if you use septa's regional rail lines they will kick in the new timetable over weekend adjustments to the regional rail lines but the schedules that were printed had an error in them. so they are not available this weekend for you to pick up.
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you need to go to septa's web site and down load pdf file so you are good to go for new timetable for monday morning. mining and lauren, back to you. that was really easy. philadelphia police looking for two gunman who shot three team. >> it happened late last night in the cities fair hill section. jen, is at the round house, jenny. >> reporter: male and female in their 20's are in stable condition and then a 36 year-old man shot in the thigh is in critical condition. police tell thaws man lost a lot of blood at the scene last night. all three victims were found lying on the ground within close proximity to one another. police say the triple shooting happened last night on the 100 block of east somerset street in fair hill. all three victims were driven to temple hospital by police as investigators searched for the shooters. >> at least 15 shots were fired from two separate caliber home i ought i can handguns. we found 15 spent shell
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casings on the street in the unit block of west somerset street and those 15 shell casings were of two separate caliber . >> reporter: police say they are looking for two males who took off wearing dark colored hood is. police are looking for a car that is on the 2900 block of a street for a possible involvement in the shooting, they found a woman inside the car and she looked suspicious and they are interviewing her now. police are hoping witnesses come forward. they are hoping area surveillance cameras can help piece it together, mike and lauren. >> another shooting yesterday, happening in philadelphia, police are searching for three men after a man was shot, and killed, and killed, in the cities nicetown tioga section yesterday afternoon. investigators say the 49 year-old victim was found in the building, that he owns on the 4800 block of germantown avenue. two suspects ran off, a third drove away, and police are not sure if robbery was the the motive but listen to this they say the victim was found with
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thousands of dollars of cash, stuffed in his pocket. meek mill in philly, um. our rapper meek mill was in court with girlfriend or is she fiance nicki minaj by his side speaking on his behalf to a judge. >> only fox 29 was there as the the couple arrived at criminal justice center. moments after meek went through security our cameras captured his superstar girlfriend nicki minaj arriving to support herman. meek is in court because he is accused of violating travel restrictions. he is on probation for a drug and gun case dating back to 2009. minaj said she's not a witness but there to speak on his behalf and promised to help keep him on track. a former philadelphia police officer faces more than 70 years in prison for identity theft. >> thirty-eight year-old rahim henderson has been quick on charges of conspiracy, fraud, theft. the henderson ran a counterfeit credit card operation last year, one of his targets was a philadelphia police captain.
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henderson will get sentenced in march and could face 74 years in prison. septa police say a man dressed like one of it officers, then radioed in a report of man with the gun. the septa tells us that the suspect bought his own radio, turned it to septa's frequency, and then made the report. he was caught about five minutes later on a septa train. police say there was anyone with the gun have the the suspect face owes several charges, this morning, including impersonating an officer. scary moments for a philadelphia teen when an armed man busness to her house. >> this happened in the olney section along with the 5800 block of north fourth street. police say the man kick in the the back door of the house around 6:30 last night and started ransacking the the place. the 17 year-old ran upstairs, she hid, and called her 21 year-old brother who had just left the the house. he came back home confronted the suspect. fortunately that suspect did not fire his gun, the brother was able to hold him down until police arrived. >> good for him.
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>> he will be facing a armed robbery. >> police are not looking for anybody else in that case. >> why members of the different faiths are coming together calling on city of brotherly love and sisterly affection to live up to the name. syrian ref goose on north american soil the world lead their welcome home for open arms for the first time.
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members of different faiths sent a strong message. >> pretty big group here inter faith leaders gathered in rittenhouse square last night to end the hate and fear they said. they also played for muslims for discriminate ago begins in recent weeks. in attendance, ra him, the the national spokesperson, for the muslim community of the you had here in philadelphia he says he is encouraged by how the city of philadelphia a has taken a stand begins intolerance. muslim business owners are reporting we are feeling protect, safe and as american as anyone. >> rahim add biggest obstacle of fear and people and extremist write the narrative on islam. pew research center reports 200 million americans have never met a muslim before. wow. well, the new england police benevolent association voted to endorse, donald
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trump, for president. the union represents police and corrections officers, and it is an endorsement as trump remains under scrutiny for his call for a ban on all muslims, from entering the united states. dozens of people protested outside, trump's visit there. and trump may get an endorsement in new england but fellow republicans not as supportive. from it contacting fighting in the party to stop trump. speaking of new england big move yesterday. >> i can't wait to hear about that. a live look right here, an accident on route one right at the base of the ramp, for 476, and delaware county. from delaware county to wilmington delaware, good morning everybody. we are waking up with fog. sigh has the forecast, stay there we will be right back.
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an officer has been convicted of raping woman whom he stalk while working a beat in the low income neighborhood of oklahoma icy. >> the officer broke down in court as verdict was read. jury convicted him of 18 counts convicted to eight of the 13 women, all of whom were black, and jurors acquitted him on 18 other counts. he could spend the rest of his life in prison. jury recommended the former cop survey total of 363 years in prison, including a 30 year sentence on each of those first degree rape counts.
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sentencing is set for next in. >> in the so tough, is he. >> yeah. >> 6:15. kristin cavallari mourning loss of his older brother, she spared a tribute on her instagram page to her 30 year-old brot are. she said mike, i could always count on to you make me laugh. you had such a good heart. you will be forever missed. michael cavallari disappeared two weeks ago. his body was found at the bottom of the hill side in utah yes. >> she was a former reality tv star and she is the wife of the quarterback. >> jay cutler. >> for the the chicago bears. >> yes. >> horrible news. been missing since thanksgiving. republican leaders trying to come up with a strategy to stop donald trump. or saying things could getting youly at republican convention next summer. >> a split convention. doug luzader, we have the democrats here next summer in philadelphia. i think republicans, are going to be in cleveland. >> reporter: they will be in cleveland same place the the first republican debate was.
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listen this thing could be crazy if it does come to a floor fight which is what they are talking about. reason we're here, this is, the restaurant the source, according to the washington post where this big meeting happened with these republican big wigs, got together, and said hey what will happen if trump is on a path to the nomination how can we stop him potentially at the convention and that is the floor fight right there. >> were any other candidates inside the source. >> reporter: we don't know who all was here. the names mentioned specifically in the post, the head of the republican party, mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader. they were non-committal on this because they don't want to get too deep in here. real fear is they will look for a big backlash if this continues to spread. trump has threat tone leave the parity and run as an independent if he thinks he is being in his mind mistreated.
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would this constitute mistreatment. >> and at this point what do you do? no one seems to be able to stop him. he says what he wants. he is speaking to day at an event and you never know will come out of his mouth. it seems like nobody can stop him. >> reporter: nobody can stop him and we saw one national poll out that showed him, at another peak, well over 30 percent, of the national republican vote right now. so if you cannot stop him before the convention and if he walks in with a bunch of delegates how do you stop him at the convention. you get all of those other delegates to go around an alternative candidate and who is that going to be? we don't know. >> big event that lauren was talking about is something called the pennsylvania society. well known in philadelphia and all across pennsylvania. it happens at manhattan. do you you know hot lunch speaker is? donald trump. dowling, we will see you you next hour or tomorrow. >> reporter: donald trump. >> you got it, thanks.
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sue serio. she has a million-dollar forecast. >> that is right, it is amazing, in fact, we're on track for this time honored tradition of the army/navy game to have the warmest won since 2001. now, on that day the game occurred on december 1st and it was 72 degrees. tomorrow, we think it will be 67 degrees when the game begins at 3:00 o'clock at the link. army navy game. then next day at the link they have another football game, and that would be the eagles. 69 degrees high temperature, in the forecast, on sunday at the link and every where else you are going as well. back to this morning, fog problems in millville, new jersey, lancaster, reading, reduced visibility and trenton as well and dense fog advisory ocean, burlington, atlantic, cape may, cumberland counties until 10:00 o'clock this morning. no rain, none in the forecast for the entire weekend. yesterday the roller coaster ride started to go up and it is up, up, up every day of the
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weekend. sixty-five today. sixty-seven tomorrow. close to 70 by sunday. rain comes with the cold front on monday, and it cools us down tuesday, wednesday, thursday but not a whole lot. it is still way warm for december with temperatures in the 50's. bob kelly, what is going on. >> well, we have a lot right now. we have the fog, we have a couple accidents, one accident, on the route one, southbound, ramps to 476. lets go outside to a live look right here. we have had a couple of accident this week right at this interchange. it is confusing. i have been here a couple times. route one right at the base of the ramps to go north on the blue route there in delaware county. we are dealing with fog. here's 295 and south jersey, it looks like south jersey is getting hit with the poor visibility right now. we will see how that works out. they are shutting down the pennsylvania turnpike, tomorrow night into early sunday morning, the stretch from philly bensalem, over to
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the delaware valley. going out to an event, wedding, holiday party there, saturday night getting there will be okay but saturday at midnight into early sunday morning stretch of the turnpike will be clothessed and will go on the detour. there is no excuse with this great weather as you should have your christmas lights up we are hitting road, pictures are continuing to come in thanks to pass for lynn tte decorating her house. she has reindeer, merry christmas sign and all of the lights strung across the top of the roof. weep them coming. we are getting in the christmas spirit. the just snap your pictures, post to it your facebook, twit error instagram and use fox 29 lights. tonight i'm heading to marlton, new jersey where i heard they have an extra, we will need an extra generator in the backyard. wait until you see this. >> that is at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. >> 6:20.
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>> group of of syrian refugees calling canada their home. >> wonder what donald trump thinks of this 160 migrants were greeted up there in canada. when they arrived in toronto, last night, there is justin, the military flight landed just before midnight landing and carrying first of two large syrian refugees to a arrive in the country by government aircraft. the government had has pledged to accept 25,000 syrian refugees by the end of february, that is a lot. second group of refugees will arrive in montreal this sunday. >> we all heard it yesterday an apology from chip kelly some people saying too little too late but he opens up about why him and lesean might have bad blood. >> i'm sorry, or should we play, bad blood. bringing home the hardware for second time this week, a temple football star, gets a major college football honor and this is history making
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last night. but first winning lottery numbers.
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mccoy is still angry about being traded and said he won't shake hand with chip kelly. chip apologized about the entire situation. >> how he was traded was not handled right. i have said that before.
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i did not get an opportunity to talk to him, and it is a lesson we should never do, to be honest with you. we were told that the trade was not initiated until next morning so there were no phone calls to be made. then i'm trying to an event, and he was traded. i didn't get a chance to talk to him. i called him. i know he was angry and rightfully so. >> flyers on the road last night, in st. louis, coming off a losing game and claude giroux gets the the pass, scores against st. louis. flyers win on the open tonight four-one. sixers may have a change at the top but they are still awful. to brooklyn, a turn over, isaiah cannon is brutal. nets win. they are a bad game team. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. sixers one and 22. >> something like that. so temple star linebacker, bringing home some major hardware, last night, on national television. >> tyler mattkewitch, won the
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chuck bednarik player of the award. he is first temple player to win the a award. it was presented last night at the college football hall of fame. it was the second major award for the the line back they are week. on money won the broncho a word also given to the top defensive players. those are hard word. >> bednarik and maghersky. >> we didn't even bring up duck butkus. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you forgetting through that. >> yes. >> i will buy you a glass of wine. private wine sales one step closer to reality in the state of pennsylvania. what is next for the bill that would allow to you buy wine in the same place you take out beer. my gosh we're rolling in the 20th century here. >> it is 2015. >> wow. >> steve keeley, what is up. >> when philadelphians think tough being gritty guide they think bednarik, butkus, and
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jerrick, those are names that roll off the top. we are at a holiday inn where insignia is green and like a frog about to be kissed by a princess and turn into a prince charming, we will explain.
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philadelphia's latest casino wins big. where you can see that giant
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thing very soon. we're still a week away from opening night but already people camped out, to see the new star wars film. >> they have been camped out for over a week already. >> so we will tell you where they are doing this. >> hope it is not cold, wet, rainy. >> no. good day, to you, it is not cold here either. the it is friday december 11th, 2015. it is not cold. >> we will see weather in the 60's. >> it could be 70 by sunday afternoon. wand fur football players like that, sue. >> welshing it makes you sweat. >> yeah. >> sweat. >> so maybe. anyway we have our eagles cap on bus stop buddy ape tuffing it out with our fleece. some temperatures are in the 30's and 40's, so it is, a foggy start and a somewhat chilly start this morning, but the day will be unbelievable for december, we're talking about a dense fog advisory, ocean county, burlington,
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atlantic, cape may, cumberland counties for this morning until 0:00 o'clock. we have 3-mile visibility at philly international. there is a a lot of fog every where. 45 degrees right now, in your weather by the numbers, we are going to double digits today, friday, it is december, and it will be 65 degrees. sunset time is 4:36, if we get to 65, it will tie the record for this date, which was set in 1971, bob kelly, very good year. >> yes, very good year. 6:31. we're starting to see beginning of the morning rush hour, a combination of friday morning traffic, a little bit of fog, slow go on the the schuylkill and i-95. we will zoom into an accident in delaware county, the the the route one southbound ramps right at 476, here's one of our pen to the camera. this is a tricky interchange anyone who has been through this stretch you know what i'm talking about, right at the base of the ramp from route one to go north on 476.
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otherwise we're dealing with fog mainly in south jersey. this is a a live look at i295 down near centre square road portions of fog a along cape may, wildwood as well and then in the neighborhoods richmond street closed again today between lehigh and allegheny, one more day setting those big steel beams in place there a along i-95. if you use septa's regional rail line get ready a new schedule goes into place on sunday but the new timetables were printed incorrectly. they are not available to grab at anyone of the stations. septa says best way to to get the the new schedule toys grab it on line,, you can down load it from there. all of the regional rails will have time adjustments. the big one will be the airport line so make sure you are ready for that for monday morning, mike and lauren, back to you. we have breaking news. philadelphia police investigating a triple shooting in the the cities fair hill section. >> one of the victims was left in critical condition. jenny is on this story at the
6:33 am
the round house. >> reporter: police are trying to find two shooters who fired at least 15 shots striking three people, it happened late last night in the the cities fair hill section. police say that the triple shooting happened on the 100 block of east somerset street a male and female in their 20's are in stable condition, a 36 year-old male shot the in the thigh is in critical condition, and the victims were lying on the ground, close together, when police arrived. they were transported by police to temple university hospital as investigators searched for the the shooter. police are looking for two males who took off from that area. >> we're told that the shooters were two males wearing masks and dark clothing and they fled on foot in an unknown direction. they possibly entered a vehicle. now police stopped the vehicle that was leaving the scene of this location about one block away and the operator a female of that vehicle was acting suspicious. >> police tell us that female
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is being held for questioning, the the two shooters are believed to be male whose were wearing dark colored hoods. police are hoping witnesses come forward and they are hoping to retrieve area surveillance video, mike and lauren. >> another shoot to go tell but yesterday. >> philadelphia police searching for three suspects after a man was killed in the nicetown tioga section. >> forty-nine year-old victim was found dead in the building that he owned on the 4800 block of germantown avenue. police say he had two bullets the in his chest, two of the suspects ran off a third got in the car and drove off. police are not sure if it was robbery but they say that the victim was found with thousands of dollars in cash. still in his pocket. victim's brother says that he was a good family man. >> he was treating people good in this neighborhood, got a sun that was eight years old, how can i explain that to his son, you know, how can i explain that to a mother that she will never see her son
6:35 am
again. >> police say they do have surveillance video. they are hoping it will help lead to the the suspects. police also looking into a double shooting in strawberry mansion yesterday this happened on the 2900 block of french street at 8:00 o'clock last night. police tell us two men in their 20's, one was in stable condition, the condition of the second victim is not yet known but no arrests have been made. no criminal charges will be filed against an atlantic city police office shore fatally shot a stabbing suspect. atlantic county grand jury decided not to indict the unnamed officer in that july 7th shooting. investigators say before that officer a arrived the suspect stabbed the cashier to death inside a convenient store. they say the man with the knife also charged at the officer outside the business, the officer fired eight shots, hitting him five times. he died at the hospital. rowan university students are creating a remembrance board, later this morning in honor of henry rowan. >> the school's benefactor passed away wednesday at the
6:36 am
age of 92. his hundred million-dollar gift to then glassboro state college in 1992 was the largest, ever made, to any public university. it also prompted other benefactors to donate and started growth on have what would later become rowan university. a statement from the company, rowan started says that he died peacefully. all right. it is a big win for philadelphia's latest casino. >> after many challenge is it looks like this multi billion -- million-dollar project, will be brought to life. so bye-bye to the holiday inn down by the the sports complex, steve? >> reporter: mike, bye-bye to your long limo rides to the borgata when you pile the buddies in the back of the limo for one of those big night out at casino hotel. may be shorter ride not just for you but for a a lot of people around here, because this place will be more convenient. government's gambling addiction goes on getting government's cut of the millions people will lose here at the blackjack and poker
6:37 am
tables and all of the slot machines. if all have of this goes right philadelphia city government will get 100 million in casino taxes in the the first five years, 25 million goes to the public schools. city leaders say other big positive about this is a all of the jobs. 3,000 construction jobs starting as soon as next year completely renovating this old holiday inn to how it looks right now to this, the the artist rentering near the sports stadium a glitz gold all lit up look, the the new look, new rooms, restaurant and connected casino and 2600 car parking garage so local people here in south philadelphia don't to have worry about people parking and taking up their spots. 2,000 casino jobs, permanent jobs we're talking about, lowest being 12 bucks an hour but the 750 poker and blackjack dealers, expect to get hired and expect to earn $70,000 a year when you add in their tips from the people that do win. betters, other likely to lose
6:38 am
big here with the second casino opening within the philadelphia city limits, harrah's chester just 20 minutes down south i-95 and sugar house even closer and it has been the long monopoly in town, only casino within philadelphia, but another punch in the gut also to atlantic city because look where we are as we come back live within walking distance to the walt whitman bridge toll plaza, so likely keeping lots of gamblers from going through those tolls and on the walt whitman down to atlantic city, no opening date just yet but you can bet they will try to open up as soon as possible. lauren and mike, the idea is get the final approval and get through at peels process, there is a appeals challenging the casino license but once that is done it is all green lighted from there. society i council gave it to all of the zoning approvals it the need just needs that casino license cleared up and it is all ready to go. >> when do you think i will be doubling down for real, what date. >> reporter: would i guess 2018, mike. you will go to the borgata a
6:39 am
few more years. >> for sure. >> thanks, steve. pennsylvania senate has left the state house, with no agreement on how to end a five month-old budget stalemate. >> senate adjourned after passing an education bill but the the house meets again tomorrow to discuss budget issues. that is when there should be a better eye tea where budget negotiations stand. i have a feeling that might be the day. governor tom wolf says he is still sticking to a deal he made last month with house and senate leaders that includes a 6 percent increase in spending, and a is first $.2 billion tax increase. >> senate also passed liquor privatization bill that could help end the budget stalemate. the ate allows restaurants, hotels and some grocery stores to sell up to four bottles of wine. >> ohh. the bill could face problems in the house. republicans favor a stronger privatization measure. supporters say measure would improve state own stores but
6:40 am
critics say it will put state stores out of business. governor wolf supports the measure. we're getting wild here in pennsylvania. wild. donations, now been delivered to that family, that had their clothes stolen from the laundromat in new jersey. >> they got their clothes. >> this has been a week long story. berlin police posted about these thefts on their facebook page, that along with our story prompted a huge response. they were flooded with donations for the family. we were there as police showed the family what the community did for them and the words of the older daughter shows just how thankful they are. >> she's thankful for everyone that came in, and took their time, to come out and help us, a little bit at a time. it is nice for people to come out. for her, it is hard. she understands.
6:41 am
she's very thankful. >> wow. >> look at that. >> wow. >> officers helped load the family's car which ended up being packed with all of those donated items from you, our viewers. how about that. >> season of giving. >> nicely done. star wars fans just can't wait to get to the theater, even though the the new film doesn't come out until what a week from today. >> right. >> they have been sleeping on the streets in los angeles for over a week. >> wow. >> and you heard this the first lady on the track, she has a wrap. you can hear it when we come back. >> does she show off in the video. >> oh, yeah.
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every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants.
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a wild commute for people in massachusetts yesterday, 50 passengers were on board this train when it took off from suburban boston station during the morning rush without an operator. it traveled with no one at the helm for nine minutes before power to the third rail was cut to get it to stop. no one was hurt. the problem appears to be operator error, that operator, now on leave. >> i would imagine so.
6:45 am
>> it sounded like operator was on leave that day when they left you know what i mean, on the pullam 123. >> just took off. >> peace out. >> nine minutes, sue serio. >> what was the movie, keanu reeves, sandra bullock. >> speed. >> they had a runway train. >> no, a bus. >> it was a bus. >> and then at the end there was a train. >> but they started on the bus. >> right. >> i love you. >> okay. >> so from twitter this morning the sentiment of many people, this time of december, i know people are loving this weather but i'm ready for more seasonable temperatures. the it doesn't feel like christmas. i know. but look what we have got temperatures that will probably be record breaking this weekend. today we expect to tie the record of 65. for today, tomorrow and sunday record high is 65 from different years but that is the record. we expect to beat it tomorrow and on sunday, we might even
6:46 am
get close to 70. that is what we have going on for the weekend. the but now as we are's walking out the door we are getting ready to drive be prepared for fog to so you down. half mile visibility in lancaster. really sock in wrightstown, trenton two and a half miles, even less in reading, and the dense fog advisory for couple where land, cape may, atlantic, ocean and burlington counties until 10:00 o'clock this morning. precipitation not an issue for us this morning. we will see rain to the north. normally this would be snow up there in canada but it is just rain for most folks. and we have an average high of 46 degrees, we've got 62 yesterday and today as we just showed you i expect to tie that record high. next chance of rain bob kelly, is not until monday. >> wow. >> that is good. we have a lot of outdoor events going on here through the weekend. right now looking outdoors at the the westbound schuylkill expressway, an accident right
6:47 am
here, near university avenue. so we are bumper to bumper from south philadelphia heading in toward center city with only one lane opened, on that westbound schuylkill. another accident reported in the area have of i-95 and 141, down here south of wilmington, and then we have a crash southbound route one on the ramps to the blue route. it is in south jersey. make sure your head lights are on rolling out of the driveway. big game tomorrow army/navy. septa is adding extra services on the market frankford, the sun way and remember through the weekend saturday, sunday there is free parking at all of septa's regional rail lines. park for free take kid and yourself for a train ride and then good morning, welcome to philadelphia for everybody in town for the big game this weekend. in town make sure you check out everybody's christmas lights. philadelphia loves to decorate for christmas and we are getting pictures that keep on coming in. this one from melissa, all
6:48 am
decorated, look at the blow up snow man that is almost as high as the rooftop, at least as tall as the first floor of that house there. keep them coming. snap a picture of your house and post it to your facebook, twitter, instagram use that hashtag fox 29 likes. and then tonight we will broadcast live from marlton, new jersey on the front lawn of the ronkitty's house in marlton where they have over 160,000 lights at about 50 blow ups. >> no way. >> wait until you see this house. >> blow ups. >> we will see you tonight. rita wilson shares some big news, she's beaten breast cancer. >> yeah, in april, rita revealed that she had under gone a double mastectomy after she was diagnosed. >> now less than a year later she reports it is all behind
6:49 am
her. at a recent end she said i'm cancer free, 100 percent healthy. wilson has been open about her battle. >> i have met her so many times. she's so much fun. great personality. rare honor for director ron howard. he received a second star on the hollywood walk of fame, howard is first person to receive an addition aal star, since 1993 when bob hope received his fourth. howard spent 30 years behind the camera but received his first star in 1981 for his television acting career which includes starring in the show happy days. >> of course, his original role was andy griffith show, four categories of stars on the walk of fame out there we're still a week away from the premiere of star wars the the movie, the force awakens but already people are lining up sleeping outside on the streets at the theaters where it is going go to debut. the these fans are outside the tcl chinese theaters, and in los angeles. actual any hollywood.
6:50 am
they have been there since tuesday. the movie premiers friday the 18th, not to day, a week from today. >> they probably stink. film picks up 30 years after the event of the 1983 return of the jedi. new movie is introducing new characters both good and evil, of course. fans will see return of the hans solo played by harrison ford. he still looks pretty good. >> i saw him on tv. he is looking darn good. >> harrison ford, will he be 70. >> yes. >> a goodwill store apologizes for asking supervisor to avoid having rest continuing kanye safe. >> they used a picture of their rapper on a newsletter. it used same picture of kanye west to, illustrate a range of emotions and then asked the the supervisors do you have resting kanye face? the letter went onto explain those that do are not seen as
6:51 am
as approachable. >> they were a attempting to be relatable but they have to issue an apology. >> an apology for what. >> so sensitive, it was a p.c. world. >> they say it was unacceptable and take full responsibility for their a action and meant no disrespect to kanye. >> we don't want to disrespect kanye. >> i'm sure he is flattered. i don't think hees feeling any type of way. >> because he is still street tough. >> he is on the newsletter. >> harrison ford is 37. >> yes. >> first lady michelle obama sparked a trending hashtag last night when she started rapping. >> yes. >> after college humor, that is an organization, release aid video of her, and saturday night live comedian jay farrow, wrapping to about college education. >> hashtag flot theus bars trended, check this out. >> ♪
6:52 am
>> hey. >> she's in the bad. >> she isn't. >> the video is pennsylvania part of her better make room campaign to get kids to pursue higher education because there is some falling rates. >> that is for sure. >> kid not going to college. >> a very special gift just in time for christmas, find out what that is this young child screaming with excitement and it is not santa.
6:53 am
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she suffered hearing loss but she's a healthy girl. >> her mom said, i heard her mom said i didn't know she could be that loud. >> that is so cool will. >> that is so cool. >> illinois, a big surprise from santa for three siblings there. navy officer, ron stella photo bombed this kid picture with santa after returning home from deployment in the middle east. >> they dent know he is there. >> it took a few moments before kids net ised dad in the background but as you can imagine, when they turned around and figure it out, it was, exciting. >> the girl can't figure it out. >> you don't believe what you are seeing. >> my dad. >> their mom worked with the
6:56 am
mall manager and they pulled it off. >> she is's crying. we've got tears. >> we've got tears. >> well, a big win for philly's new casino. weaver getting another one. details on the new plan for this giant thing in south philadelphia, jenny. police tell us they are looking for two men who opened fire last night, firing at least 15 shots, hitting three people, hear who police are interviewing right now.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
our camera were the the only ones there when meek mill went in the courtroom for a probation hearing and nicki minaj standing by herman, what she toll the why to keep him out of trouble. >> she walks very slowly. >> how he was traded was not handled right. >> chip's apology, his message to shady mccoy ahead of shady's return to philadelphia chip like you have never heard him before. get him out of there. republican party pushing to get donald trump out of the presidential race as he is sit to speak today before pennsylvania republicans. >> the pennsylvania society held at new york city. >> yes. >> why would we be playing route 66 around here. >> well, you have been calling for a high of 66 degrees. >> i'm calling for 65. >> but there is no route 65.
7:00 am
>> i don't have the 65 song. >> no 65 song. >> yes, maybe this christmas ornament thing has blown up now. we didn't have any. >> if you want to put it on tree we will put you on tv live. this woman cannot come out yet but she sent this beautiful red balls. she attached a picture of herself in it, in a stocking... h, my. >> yes. >> you will have glitter all over. >> my christmas wish is to be on fox 29. >> she's on now. >> sort of. >> you are her christmas tree. >> also included some missle toe. >> the holidays are looking a lot brighter. >> who wants to kiss mike. >> it is plastic. >> suddenly he is in a better mood. >> let's talk about the number of day. shall we go to double digits. maybe one day we will do an 11 but it


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