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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  December 15, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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take the stage in vegas tonight but this time it will be a little bit different. who is expected to be in the spotlight, along with the the front runner donald trump, not the so fast, he is not front runner in iowa anymore. plus bill cosby fires back, we take a closer look at comedian's latest legal move against some of the women accusing him of sexual assault. well, eagles still in the the three way tie after last night's game, stinking dolphins, could not beat the giants. we will break down remaining schedule and the eagles chances, at making playoffs. and, boom. >> i'm here. >> alex is back. >> welcome back. >> good morning, hey. >> how are you doing. >> how was florida. >> it was warm. >> i cannot rub it in your face because it was warm here too. >> while you were gone we broke four record for high temperatures. >> including today. >> i'll take it. >> another warm day, sue.
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>> it already is. >> yeah. >> feels good to me. >> but we have wind of change. and sound effects. seven out of ten. bus stop buddy, nice warm fleece on even this it in the 50's and 60's. we are in the seeing too much showing up on ultimate doppler radar right now. the temperature is 60 degrees. the wind are picking up to 15 miles an hour sustain wind. sus rise at 7:15. and we will see temperatures, continue to fall, through the 60's and 50's, throughout the the rest of the the day. we will have mostly sunny skies, but wind could gust up to 30 miles an hour. yes. >> you need your aqua net, bob kelly, aqua net out and tie down those inflatables on the front lawn there good morning, everybody. 7:01. we are seeing delays here on the schuylkill expressway, blue route, and, west from all that rain, yesterday, so just ab wear. we had a fire location at
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ninth and ellsworth just off of the ramps there for i-95. south on i-95 heavy from approaching cottman into downtown philadelphia. time to make the doughnuts, beginning of the morning rush hour. even here westbound on the schuylkill, stack up from the boulevard, out through belmont avenue. now an accident out in willow grove, route 611, right at fitzwater town road off the turnpike. accident south on the boulevard at langdon street police there, and then in clementon, new jersey, the white horse pike at gibbs bureau road watch for an accident, police tying up traffic there, and also a crash right in front of the saint charles seminary lancaster avenue and city line, police working that. and then, on 295 heading south watch for an accident mount holly willingboro a lot of accidents in the the last half an hour just ab wear, everything wet and dam from that rain. mass transit though looking good. >> thanks, bob. police are looking for a hit and run driver that
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crashed in the police officer. >> their impact was so hard officer's body flew in the air and hit a parked car. steve is at the round house, steve. >> reporter: this casey a reminder for 6,000 plus officers who have headquarters here, is about a deadly weapon doesn't always have to be a gun, six shot revolver or a six cylinder car can be just as deadly and put police officers lives in danger and their vests can stop a bullet but no match for a speeding car going down the wrong way on one of those classic south philadelphia aside streets. >> the fact that this vehicle was going not only the the wrong way but high rate of speed and decided to, strike a uniform police officer to the point where officer shattered his left leg and kneecap has a serious laceration to the head. >> officer's body was hit with such force that the parked car that his body ended up landing on has the front windshield destroyed, a large, windshield is in the only broken but a large hole in the windshield.
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you can actually reach your arm inside driver side, side-view mirror was torn off by the officer a's body from the impact. we are really lucky that even though this officer has severe injuries he is in stable condition. he is expect to be surviving. it could have been a whole lot worse. >> reporter: police say bad guy with the gun and stupid get away idea likely tacked a few decades on his prison sentence. he is from south philadelphia. police showed tremendous smart restraint in this case by not firing at that car, because it wasn't just the driver but an 11 year-old boy and teenage girl as well who could have been killed had they did fire and they certainly would have been justified since the the guy used that car as a deadly weapon. plus he was arm with the gun. >> my goodness. all right, steve, thank you for. that. a woman was shot in the head by a stray bullet. >> our dave kinchen is live in north philadelphia with the details on this. dave? >> reporter: good morning.
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we are here outside of east detectives, where they have been working on this case, overnight, and we do know according to one source here at east detectives that tell me that this appears to be a random act. lets go to what we know right now. police say a 37 year-old woman was outside in the front of the house the at 300 block of east somerset street just before 8:30 last night when someone came up with the gun and opened fire. one bullet striking her in the head, investigators telling thaws she was taken to temple university hospital, and the last condition, according to investigators that she had is that she's in critical condition. we are working phones still to try to find out more about the suspect, right now, no arrest has been made, no weapons recovered and just days ago there was another case, triple shooting that happened two blocks away from this scene. it is in the cleared that is related but we do know police have been inundated with shootings that have happened in a very close proximity and a 37 year-old woman fight to
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go stay alive in critical condition with the bullet wound to the head and no idea on who the suspect is or police are trying to find them and trying to get that weapon off the street as well, guys, back to you. we have another stray bullet story two, two in one night this one involves a little girl good walking home from school shot by a bullet, police say it happened in a sidewalk filled which kid and other bystanders yesterday afternoon. eleven year-old girl was shot half block from her home. gunman was aiming for someone else and caught in the cross fire. gunman is tribe as a person when age of 25 to 30 wearing a shirt with the large dragon logo. on the front. bill cosby firing back at seven women who were suing him for defamation, the the comedian has filed counter suits claiming woman are lying for financial gain. woman air monk dozens who have accused cosby of rape or unwanted sexual conduct. counter suit deny accusations and say they each maliciously and knowingly public false information. nearly 60 woman have come forward to say cosby has
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assaulted them. cosby denies all accusations and has not the yet been criminally charged. pennsylvania's attorney general, her spokesmen and her chief of staff are being sued by a former human resources office shore said he was fired for recommending the chief of staff be terminated over sexual harassment complaints, george moore, sued kathleen kane and aid in federal court saying erect mended jonathan ducker, firing a day or two before kane elevated him to be her top administrator. philadelphia police need your help finding a person who robbed a man inside a elevator in the west park apartments in powellton. crime was captured by surveillance camera. investigators say when elevator stopped on the eighth floor the man block the exit got in the scuffle with the victim and stole several hundred dollars from him. police say robbery victim is not seriously injured. alex and mike back to you. tonight is the big night in vegas. >> so the next big debate, is going on and it is already being billed as a match up between donald trump and ted cruz. >> that is because of the polls, chris murphy, right.
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>> that is right. donald trump leading in the polls and tweeted out this is going to be good mike and alex, there will be 11 people on the stage tonight but so much attention will be on trump and ted cruz. cruz has a solid lead in iowa but nationally donald trump continues to tore. in the wake of the controversial proposal to stop muslims at the border his national numbers went up to 41 t caucus seven weeks away ted cruz has pulled into a tight race with trump in iowa. polls from the buck eye state shows cruz at 28 percent with trump close behind at 26 percent. trump has already jump started his assault on cruz but crews has yet to come out swinging. >> it will look odd if cruz is being attacked by trump and does not counter and also a attacks marco ruin ohio and other candidates. >> as for the rest on the stage, ben carson will need a strong showing with his numbers in free fall, chris
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christie made it back on the main stage for this debate even though he ranks low nationally. his numbers in new hampshire are pretty darn g then is there jeb bush who gist continues to struggle even after all of that campaign cash that has been spent by jeb bush. also on the main stage will be carli fee reen, governor kassig and senator rand paul. chris christie made it this time. he didn't make it last time. he is on the main stage. >> i'm interested to see what trump will do considering the fact that he is no longer leading some polls. >> nationally he is still leading but cruz has resonated with iowa because it is a conservative. >> cruz is only two points ahead of him in iowa. wand fur megan kelly will be moderator, it is on cnn. she won't be there. she's probably thankful. >> unless she has been hired away from fox. >> we don't know that could be our breaking story. >> okay, you get to that chris. president obama is assuring americans that we can win in the fight begins isis.
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that the coalition against isis is gaining ground. >> as we squeeze its heart we will make it harder for isil to spread its terror propaganda to the rest of the world. >> president obama making those remarks from the pentagon, yesterday. he said air strikes and special operations forces are taking back territory from isis or isil as he calls it in iraq. some republicans have criticized the obama administration for not coming up with a updated plan against isis especially in the wake of the terror attacks in paris and, of course, san bernardino. maybe he needs to come out every day and talk about air strikes. meanwhile a new associated press poll shows more americans now support the idea of using ground troops to defeat isis. 41 percent of americans surveyed are behind this idea. that is up by 31 percent from last year. more than half of the poll wanted to see a stronger response from president obama, the u.s. has been carrying out air strikes but the president has not yet committed to using
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ground troops. you knew this was coming, i mean a lot of people are getting drowns for christmas. >> that is true. >> probably number two gift after the hoverboards. >> yes. >> well, following a series of close calls in the air, the the faa is taking new measures, to regulate your drone. >> the agency is calling for users to register their drones. so-so new rules will require users to pay a 5-dollar fee to register their device with the government. the goal, to make it easier to identified owners and to educate them on the flight rules. the the decision follows hundreds of reports of drones flying near jets, and airports. >> they come, quite dangerously close to men, aircraft, very few of these incidents are actually happening with drone use but complies with faa regulations. >> see it is the government and especially pilot associations have expressed concerns, that drones can damage airplanes and cause crashes but some drone groups say new rules are an unnecessary burden on a hobby.
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the here's the rule, i believe, if your drone, sue weighs less than 9-ounces. >> um-hmm. >> you don't to have register it. >> but 9-ounces, it is like a sharp i. >> what a is that. >> it is like a hundred. >> make some money. >> i'll take it. >> i really, would like to have one. >> you know, doctor mike is a hobby and enthusiast with drones, he pits camera on and flies them around his house. >> he has remote control airplanes. >> yes, doctor mike. >> who knew. >> sue. >> we will do eye story on it. the here's the big weather news of today. we have reached a high temperature of the day and it has already broken a record for the day. the it has happened after midnight when temperatures surged to 69 degrees. old record for december 15th was 66. it is out of here. so that makes four record high temperature, days in a row, and already, and it is barely,
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7:15. we have temperatures that are still well above where they should this be time of the year. 60 degrees in the city. forty-eight in mount pocono. fifty-eight in trenton. 59 degrees in millville. sixty-one in wildwood. other big head line now that the rain is out of here, the wind are picking up, 20 miles an hour sustain wind in wilmington. 15 miles an hour, in philadelphia, and, 23, 24, 29-mile an hour win gusts out there. so, this is the day when you will need to hold on to your hat but as you look at radar we will not really sees anything much anymore. streets are drying out after yesterday's rain. future cast shows we have plenty of sunshine for today and then for tomorrow, next chance of rain, well, let's check that seven day forecast and see. it looks like it is thursday. it could be lots of rain with that high of 57, with that cold front, things really child down friday, saturday, and sunday, it feels much more wintry, but then on the first day of winter, bob kelly, it
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starts to warm up again. >> go figure. we have got some problems on the market frankford line, early morning's quip. problems leaving with us westbound delays between the frankford transportation center, and heading over to 69th street, and no delays on 202 for gang leaving west chester, some delays starting to pop there on the blue route, 476, and we will zoom into a fire at ninth and ellsworth, police and fire crews responding there and northeast philadelphia, getting up and out, heavy on cottman avenue down through girard. the schuylkill running slow between conshohocken and belmont. later on today it will be a hot mess. 9:00 o'clock is the time to beat if you are heading westbound. penndot will work between conshohocken and gulph mills. it is going to be down to one lane on the westbound side at conshohocken. the as you are getting ready, to finish out your christmas light picture, keep them coming. we are showing lights all day every day as you work your
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way, through ten days away from christmas. take a look at this cool set up, from nikkei lah, sent us her christmas pictures. thanks for doing that. and keep them coming, keep them posted tour facebook, twitter, instagram page, use the hashtag fox 29 lights and we will head out probably mike. >> another friday night. >> another friday night road trip. >> let's do it. >> you have good eyes, by the way. >> did you go to bed early last night? the giants held on to beat the stinking dolphins. the dolphins were up in this game in south florida. it looked like they were going to pull it off. that would have helped the eagles for sure but because giants held on to win that game, 31-24, we have a three way tie in the nfc east. so, is what up, my brother. >> hi, how are you. >> still in the back of the head there. >> it is somebody stopping me and said wait a minute, they
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have in the lost since you dit. it is only one game for goodness sake. >> it is going, i'm leaving today. >> so three way tie, we will, if we win two of the last three are we in good shape. >> you are looking for schedules breaking down and even if they lose to air zone, you beat redskins, you beat giants, even they giants are hot, you saw them win last night, odell beckham the machine that he is. eli, four touchdowns. that will be something you have to contend with in week 17 but as long as you beat redskins and beat giants, you win the division. you beat cardinals and then you have more margin for error. >> at chip's press conference he was praising the development of sam bradford. >> yes. >> even before he got injured he was playing pretty well, and certainly since he came back he has been playing well. so, can they win with him. >> you listen to chip kelly, he said they always wanted sam bradford here.
7:17 am
you traded a second round pick you will want to sign him long term. the results speak for themselves. five-one over his last six starts, six-two over their last eight and the 7 percent quarterback rating, 65 percent completion percentage and thrown for five touchdowns one interception over his last four. the results speak for themselves. offense is jelling. he is getting comfortable. they are winning football games. i think if you are christmas shopping as an eagles fan, go buy a sam bradford jersey. >> what difficult hear some stat that he is better outside of the pocket then he is in the pocket. >> that comes were being familiar with the offense. it comes were being comfortable in the scheme. we talk bit before the bye week they trimmed the play book, figured out play he is comfortable w he is playing some of the best football of not only this year but his career he got smashed quite a few times in there. >> he didn't think he would get up that within time. >> demarco murray, he was happy yesterday because he got
7:18 am
more touches. >> happy might be a relative term, he carried the ball a total of 14 times the the other day. he certainly is the number four back on the depth chart and it all started to unravel since he had that plane ride back from jeffery lurie and aired his grievance. >> but they gave him the ball. >> by a couple more carries. >> he is in longer the feature back and i heard whispers that in a meeting with chip kelly there are reports that came out no promises were made about his role. they will just try to win games with the best players on the field regardless of whether you are demarco murray or whatever it is, they are just trying to win. >> let's figure this out. let's put up eagles schedule hard, this is a tough game. and then cardinals, they are 11-two. >> yes, carson palmer, john brown, beat them last year. it is a tough one on sunday. do i think they beat redskins and it comes down to week 17, met life stadium. >> this is our schedule,
7:19 am
right. >> yes. >> this is eagles. sunday, against arizona, and then washington is here, right. >> yes, night after christmas saturday night game after the the link, eagles win this game and it comes down to the giants. >> up there. >> up there. >> excuse our logo there. >> this is the giants. >> tough road. that is a tough road, carolina undefeated, vikings and then eagles. so they could easily go one-two down the stretch. >> where is carolina game. >> carolina is. >> sue, can you look that up. >> it the is in new york. >> really. >> i would rather have tonight carolina. >> carolina can't win them all. police car line a beat the the giants. one more lets put up the redskins and then graphic finally work. >> buffalo will to have bounce back from the eagles. >> yes. >> and by the time eagles beat them they will be out of of it before that season finally with the cowboys. >> they will finish off with the cowboys.
7:20 am
>> that might be interesting too. >> it could be. it all comes down to that saturday night game after christmas. if you beat redskins you finish off awe very nicely to knock off giants and win the division up there. >> we do well up there. >> we do. >> good to see you. >> good to see you mike. >> 7:20. bill cosby, taking action, legal action, against his accusers, what is next as comedian continues to deny sexual assault allegations against him. your ticket to space might be closer then you think. how much you'll have to shell out for a ride to space. are they going to be offer in the next few months. would you go to space, matt. >> would i, why not. >> you good. >> i'm a space cadet. >> lottery numbers.
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hoverboards are big, and then you have your drones. you know star wars toys. >> it is huge. >> they are every where. >> you know, movie is coming out in a couple days. >> it turns out star wars stuff is worth a lot of money to disney, isn't it, adam shapiro. >> $9 billion. >> that is what the analyst are saying, good morning mike and alex. >> in a year without a star wars movie, they sell $2 billion worth of star wars toys. we have a star wars movie and it hasn't even been released yet and they are selling american. when you add up box office that is expect have to have a world wide becomes office one and a half to $2 billion along with the licensing you you are seeing campbell's soup cans with star wars. you are seeing one of the car manufacturers with a agreement with star wars. it will add up to nine, maybe $9.4 billion. they premiered it last night in hollywood. you have heard of hollywood.
7:25 am
we will get to see it on thursday. >> true. >> thursday. >> red carpet looked cool with robots walking down with the storm troopers. they had their moment. >> yes. >> this is jj abrams, let's hope this film is great. i have a question for star wars fans, can someone explain to me in the phantom menace why is the federation having a trade embargo against the the federation. it makes no sense. >> you know what adam, i could answer that, if i cared at all. >> my gosh. i don't know anything about star wars. >> here's the thing when you say jj abrams he brought back star trek movies. >> i do love the star trek stuff. it will be a great flick. >> did you see this piece on jj on 60 minutes. >> i did not. >> it was good. >> he pick up a camera at five years old and won a little cop test as a little boy, steven speilberg saw the article in the new york times and called him as a kid. >> as a kid good and nurtured
7:26 am
him and mentored him all through his career. >> new look at him. >> didn't walter kronkite call you a at one point. >> that is not even funny, adam. >> don't you have a meeting to go to, it was edward r murrow. >> you are that old. >> yes. >> i'm just waiting to die. >> we will see you again tomorrow. >> by the way, real quickly, kyack, the company where you get airline tickets, they are booking space flights now if anybody cares. >> $120,000. >> thanks, adam. >> when i was in disney world i saw coolest star wars toy. i'm walking by with my friend this boy had a backpack on that was like yoda. it looked like he was holding on to you. you could see his head. when you turned around you saw feet. it looked like he was hanging on your back. >> it was a backpacky was like i will get. that i looked every where. i could not find it. this one little boy in disney
7:27 am
world got it. >> if you know where to find that backpack, is what your twitter handle. >> alex holley fox 29. >> holley spelled with the e. >> bill cosby taking legal action against would the man accusing him of sexual assault. he is firing back at them. how he countered their lawsuits. how does this all work out in court. ken the rottweiler is here.
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the truck plowed through the the the front of this hotel, why police say, this was no accident. and during pregnancy the new study looking at the drug, and the possible links to autism. all right. exactly, 7:30. comedian bill cosby is firing back the at his accusers, by suing some for, defamation, some of them. >> cosby filing a defamation suit against seven of his accusers yesterday, the suit claims that cosby did not drug or assault the defendant, and each of them maliciously and knowingly published false information. nearly 60 women have come forward to say cosby assaulted them as far back as the the 1960's. cosby denies all these accusations. we will bring in the legal analyst ken rottweiler here. even they there are 60 accusations of people coming forward with these accusations, he is only going
7:31 am
after seven of them. why is that. >> these are seven women that brought a lawsuit against him for liable, slander. remember alex, with regard to the each claim about sexual assault, all of those statute of limitations have run for most of the women that made complaints against them so they need another legal theory to get him in the courtroom. legal theory that these seven women have advanced is that he has, both said that defamed them and they are suing him for both liable and slander. so what he is doing, which is interesting because his strategy is obviously that the the best defense is a good offense, he is counter suing those women to hopefully prevent other people from suing him for the same legal theory, that is liable and slander. >> but beat him to the punch. >> that is what he is trying to do. he is saying look if you sue me for liable and slander then i will counter sue you for defamation. he is putting everybody on notice if anybody else will sue him under those legal theories he will counter punch. >> wait a minute, wouldn't this put him back in the
7:32 am
courtroom and doesn't that mean he has to testify which means they will have to touch on the fact about what really happened. >> i think you are right, this does mean he will to have testify. he would have to testify anyway. the fact that they brought a civil suit means he will wind up in the courtroom. in february, he will be deposed in even if and his wife will be deposed next month in january. so, in the upcoming months we will have a lot to say about what his testimony was, assuming those depositions transcript will be released to the public. >> all right ken rottweiler, if you are bill cosby's attorney would you think this is wise. >> no, i don't think it is wise. it just brings more attention to bill cosby. if you surveyed most people if you asked them whether this is a smart move on bill cosby's part, a lot of people would say no. a lot of people will say it looks like retaliation. a lot of people believe the 50 or 60 women hoff come out and accused him of these sexual assault charges. the it looks like bill cosby is just trying to take some legal maneuvers and try to prevent other women from suing
7:33 am
him. >> even though, nearly 60 the at this point. >> but let's go to beau bergdahl. now it is going to a different court, a general court marshall there was a military investigation and they basically recommend he go through a special court marshall, special court marshall is basically a misdemeanor which means he probably wouldn't have served anytime in jail. that was the recommendation. now a general came in and general said no, no, we will have a general court marshall, which is basically a full trial against beau bergdahl and in that case if he is convicted in terms of the charge is a begins him which is both desertion and misbehavior in the face of the enemy which basically endangers troops, if he is convicted of that, he will serve life in prison. this is a big change from the prior investigation of beau bergdahl. >> what a huge difference. >> this is one person, within general going against the advice of a committee.
7:34 am
>> that is right, mike. it wasn't a committee he but another lt. col. who basically did the investigation previously. he interviewed 57 witnesses including some of the people he served with beau bergdahl. did he investigation. he basically thought that this would be a misdemeanor because he has already served five years in a taliban prison. some people have said that five years was some of the most severe punishment anybody could have since the vietnam war. so they thought that punishment was enough. then they basically made a recommendation that he should serve month time in jail. the general though has taken command of this whole thing and basically said in, it will be a general court marshall. he will serve time potentially if convicted in this case and he he could spend the rest of his life in prison. >> a lot of people say because he walk away from the camp he risked other troops lives looking for him. >> some people say as many as six people were actually killed as a result of searching for beau bergdahl. is there arguments on both
7:35 am
side. >> we traded five terrorist for him to get free. >> they got five taliban mens back in the swap for beau bergdahl. >> thanks, ken. >> lets get to sues for an update on the weather. >> sue? >> i know, it has been an amazing couple days, four days with record high temperatures, bus stop buddy, even though he has seen a stray shower or two, sun will come out, temperatures in the 50's and 60's but they will fall now that the coal front has come through it is seven out of ten in weather by the numbers. we are seeing sunshine in olde city, 60 degrees and 50-mile an hour wind and wind gusts to 23 miles an hour. that will end up being weather head line today, how windy it is, gusts to 30 miles an hour, or more as temperatures fall throughout the day, and then tonight we are down to 44 t then it has been. wait until you see roller coaster right in the seven day
7:36 am
forecast coming up in a few minutes, bob kelly, how is it looking. >> we have got some volume delays all around the board, roads are drying out from that rain we had yesterday, as we are moving cameras around. this is 422, coming off of that saint gabriel's curve and, of course, backup on trooper road, heading eastbound in toward king of prussia north on the freeway, starting to see sun glare if you look closely here in the upper left hand corner of the screen. we will welcome that. the toward the city watch for delays from the expressway on in. market frankford line early morning's quip. problems, and, westbound, delays on the schuylkill, i-95 and 476. alex, back over to you. thanks, bob. 7:36. are you looking to lose some weight around the holidays? you may want to start who lives with you, maybe it is the company you keep. that is the problem.
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how tell guest got in the his truck. >> surveillance video shows driver outside the little motel moments before he rammed
7:40 am
his pick up in the building. two employees nature le escaped getting hurt there. he was arrested and charged, with assault and felony,. >> i would like to see what his bill is right now. good news for single folks out there. it turns out it could be good for your weight. >> new study shows singal adults are physically healthier when it comes to body mass index. >> there you go. >> living without a partner, through divorce or never married is associated with lower body weight. on the other hand married people have higher weight and that studies have linked the chronic condition, to diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. >> it makes sense. you just give up, you know. >> is that what it is. >> you don't need to do it, i have somebody. >> do you want me to go over there. why are you pointing over there then. >> i will go over there if you want. >> thank you to everyone sending me yesterday a backpacks now. target, wal-mart.
7:41 am
>> amazon. >> disney world. >> yes, they are only $30. >> $34.99. >> well, for the extra. >> yeah. >> okay. i found this with man, she lives in the the place where people live like to 110, 120 years of age. >> what? >> if you want to live that long you need to talk to this woman. you can either move to this island basically, or eat and live like she does. she is in philadelphia right now and in our studio. >> i wanting to to the island. >> you do. >> well, cheaper to hang here and eat like she does.
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it happened between midnight and 1:00 a.m., when we had a temperature surged to 69 degrees.
7:45 am
the the old record is 66 degrees. that makes four days in a row, with high temperature record, what a crazy month of december, it has been so far. things are changing though, temperatures are dropping a little bit, just very gradually, 60 in philadelphia. in the 40's to the north, 50's to the south of us. wind are picking up 15 miles an hour sustained in philadelphia, 20-mile an hour wind in wilmington with 24 miles an hour win gusts. they could kick up to 30 miles an hour before the day is through. so, hold on to your hair due, let's zoom in on ultimate doppler radar, there is nothing much to show you, there may be a stray sprinkle or two. but looking a at seven day forecast next chance of real rain is thursday, we could see heavy downpours with the stronger cold front and that will make it feel like winter, just ahead, of the change of season. really cold take saturday with a high of 42. really cold morning will be
7:46 am
sunday where we could finally have a temperature in philadelphia that is below freezing. we have not gotten below freezing yet this season. then bundle up a at eagles game sunday night. winter begins on monday night. so lots going on in that seven day forecast what but bob kelly. >> a lot of digits. 7:46. we have a delay here on the schuylkill expressway coming inbound into town. here comes the sun though that will warm us up and dry things out, from all that rain we had yesterday, backup on the bennie coming from downtown from mid span into center city here at eighth and vine. early morning's quip. problems on the market frankford line, westbound delays from the frankford transportation center, through downtown, over to 69th street. keep in mind regional rail lines kicked in a new timetable over the weekend with the big change being the airport line. they are no longer, offering weekday services all the way through to warminster and west trenton. grab a new timetable before you jump on the train there. is there your readings for all
7:47 am
of the delays, 95, schuylkill, blue route, no accidents on the majors at least at the moment. keep those christmas pictures coming, get those lights up, every day, all day, all the way up to christmas, where we're showcasing the christmas decorations, thanks to dj ink for sending us this one here. he has candy kanes in the trees on the front lawn, keep them coming, all you have to does snap a picture of your home, post it to your facebook, twit error instagram page and use that hashtag fox 29 lights. we will pick best of the the best this week and hit the road most likely friday because of the weather conditions but that gives us a whole weekend to stay there. >> it does, yeah,. you know what my daughters like me to get them for christmas. >> what? >> spa treatments. >> that is what my mom wants. >> because of all of the stress from the whole year. >> true. >> so jen is at a spa in glen mills.
7:48 am
>> good morning to you guys. >> we've already talk about this. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we have called this if this was dennie's we would be having a a grand slam. >> thinks a grand slam breakfast. >> what is happening here. >> this is called the mind body, immersion from the the new treatments here. it is five services in one. we will start off with a body scrub and then we rinse you off in the shower. then we start with the 45 minute massage. thinks the massage that we are doing right now. >> i think this looks delicious. some people are freaked out by feet. if they are, they can do a swedish massage, deep tissue, anything 45 minutes, your choice of massage. >> this is called a massage which is done with legs and feet, more pressure, we can tape that pressure done. but this is unbelievable. >> this is my new favorite massage. >> because they can get deep in. >> they can incorporate, tai
7:49 am
massage which is stretching. it is a whole different feeling. >> now we have the scrub, and then a massage. is what number three. >> get up off the table. then we will bring you into the soft bed. >> that is what we saw in the tease she was getting painted. >> we start with the medicinal mud, and that kind of takes all of the toxins out of the spine. then we lay you down and submerged you in the weight less state. then therapist does crane cranial massage. it releases the brain. we all need to release the brain this time of the year. >> perfectly insane. >> how long is the the whole thing. >> this here is 85 minutes. then they finish off with rakey which is energy works using energy throughout the universe to release things through the body and so forth. >> like pool massage, speak english. >> just think about ad about i
7:50 am
experience. >> and we also of medicinetation, the meditation we have is lower but it is really loud, more meditating inside here. thinks hundred degrees. so, you get about 30 percent absorption with the body, with the oils on to your body. >> it is good, for outside but once it gets super cold thinks what you want for dry skin. >> in the summer, spring, for dry skin it is outstanding but this here is great. it totally releases your body so you are laying weightless so people with back, sore joints, aches, paints thinks a great service to have done. winter, summer, wintertime, hundred degrees, it is a great idea he. >> and then in terms of the head thing she will not need advil for a long time. >> i call this a hang over remedy, but i will say people get out of this and they
7:51 am
almost have to be walk back to the locker room in the relaxation area because they are stumbling around. our therapist here, developed this service. we also use essential oils and different oils per season. the right now we are doing a little bit more of a wintry type essential oils, once we get into spring we will use springtime oils. so we're a a total body service a and treatment throughout the the year. >> steve fredrick, my husband, this is what i want for christmas, okay. we have been asking question, we will ask it more at 9:45 with the fox 29 mom squad, go to the facebook page. we want to hear, do you have have any idea what your wife wants for christmas. >> no. >> exactly. >> not at all. >> ps, listen to this. >> yes. >> we want people to tell us what they actually want for christmas. if you say gift card, it is cool. >> gift cards.
7:52 am
how can you go wrong with the gift card you can pick whatever they want, it is perfect. >> mike, we will see more in the next hour that might appeal to you more than this, and also, brand spanking new. >> thinks appealing to me. >> i'm getting this because my daughters love it. >> by the way, jen, some people on twitter, can we see the woman being massaged looks like, she's face down. >> of course, it is. there is no unattractive people here. >> really. >> maybe she's freaky. >> my gosh. >> you are trying to mess it up to see her face. a lot of people in this country are on antidepressants, probably shouldn't be taking them during pregnancy, new study looking at these drugs and how it relates to autism.
7:53 am
it was a big night for star wars fans as latest film, in the franchise, hits theaters, look at that red carpet, the fan frenzy that only star wars could produce. >> little new r2d2 will walk by in just a second, brand new. >> bd8 i think. >> yes.
7:54 am
7:55 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
7:56 am
when is right age for woman to have a baby. >> you delay mother hood it might be better for you in your health in the long run. >> we have to talk about that but first we have saw this study about a lot of people, antidepressantness this country. women still take them when they are pregnant is that good or bad. >> well, bottom line is that if you're pregnant, and you're depressed, you need to take an anti tea pleasant. it is all a risk benefit
7:57 am
ratio. what this new study shows if you take antidepressants in the second or third trimester of pregnancy you a had an increased risk of autism having an autistic child. now this is contrary to other studies, that showed no association, what it found, was that seratonin uptake inhibitors that particular kind of antidepressant increase your risk by two times and if you are on more than one, in the second or third trimester up to four times, rate of autism. >> so based on this should you just stop taking it or as soon as you have your child you get back on. >> no, listen to me, folks, don't stop your antidepressants. number one depression in itself is a risk factor. the big take home message is two things. one it is a risk benefit ratio. if you are depressed and you you need an antidepressant, you take it because it can save mom and the baby.
7:58 am
secondly, what this study really brings home is that we are learning that autism and the problems associated with it may be and probably are caused by things that occur, before birth. , we're honing in on it. i think in our lifetime hopefully soon we will be able to ascertain the the the cause of this. this problem. >> why not stop it during the third trimester. >> many antidepressants you just can't stop. that is number one. number two depression is a major problem. it can lead to suicide. you certainly don't want that. >> it wasn't just one study. >> one study, risk/benefit ratio, make sure you check with your doctor or health care provider. >> since we're still talking about mother hood what this other study that says the longer you wait or no, the waiter you have in life. >> if you wait to have a baby
7:59 am
five to 35 that might be the the operation mum time but what about people that get out of college and want to have a baby at 22. >> this is a bunch of bologne. bottom line is this was a self reported study. i don't buy it. i necessity plenty of people that look it is a joyous occasion. maybe because you wait a lit built you are more settled. as an older parent i'm pretty down with the fact that i combined grandparent hood and parenthood all in one. >> true. >> had i had a child, earlier in life i would have been happy with that too. it is all, this study i think is self reported. >> it is in about the man it is about the woman's body. >> it is easier on the womanes a body, then if she had a child at 26. >> i disagree with that. the with the amazing technology that we have, you can have a child at anytime and we have amazing stuff to get you through it. remember that. >> i know it.
8:00 am
>> yes. >> is there some news. >> yeah. >> i'm talking about with your fiance. >> no, we're not having another child. if i have a child that means my child would be younger than my grandchildren. >> when you put it that way, you can still look at that it way. >> bringing new life in the world. >> this is america, baby. >> stop it, both of you. >> it is tuesday, december the 15th, 2015. so that would be 12/15/15. >> just a couple years. serena's big honor, athlete is sports illustrated sports person of the year but not everybody is happy about it. who some people thought deserved this title instead,
8:01 am
somebody or something. where in the world is the grand canyon? a lot of us have no idea, how well did you know your united states geography. is what oldies new again, the romance used to scrub the the dirt away with a soap massage. now, all world treatment is coming to a spa near you. how you can get cleaned like never before. >> ♪ >> and walk like marilyn, marilyn monroe, a luxury brandies going back in time to revisit hollywood's most famous shoes. how you can slip your feet into those iconic heels. it will cost you. >> what size shoe was marilyn monroe do you think. >> i wonder. >> check out this shot, look at all of the presents we have, already under our reindeer. by the way, alex, while were you gone we have decorated.
8:02 am
>> i see. >> we have moving reindeers. we have real poinsettias. >> for a second i thought i was really tired but they are really reindeer. >> no. >> they are not fast. >> they are very slow. >> yes. >> i like the one wearing the hat. >> taking everything in. >> they don't eat much. they don't eat at all. >> yes, yes. >> do you have to clean up after them. >> doesn't everybody. >> everybody poops, sometimes. rem, right. >> he had iting by you. >> we have a look at our weather today. wind of change, everybody. we have rain yesterday, last night, even into early this morning. seven out of ten. bus stop buddy ditched the umbrella but is there still a a shower or two around and a few clouds. sun coming out. temperatures in the 50's and 60's, to get you started this morning. we have nothing much to show
8:03 am
you you on ultimate doppler radar. so lets check that current temperature. it is 59 degrees with 12-mile an hour winds and higher wind gustness some places. expect windy day with temperatures dropping throughout the afternoon, wind gusting to 30 miles an hour. we will check that plunging seven day forecast coming up, temperatures that is plunging, nobody else is plunging just the temperature. >> good morning. good morning everybody. live look at i-95, southbound stacked up from cottman in through girard avenue as you roll in the office here. it has sun glare but warming us up and will dry up all of the wet roads from yesterday. live look at 42 freeway coming in towards city, bumper to bumper from the acx toward 295. septa, new schedules for all regional rails went in effect over the weekend the big change on the airport line no delays at the moment, eastbound schuylkill slow from conshohocken with sun glare
8:04 am
into downtown but big delay is coming through the day at 9:00 t will set up shop between conshohocken and gulph mills. if you are heading out toward king of prussia area to do some shopping or just on your way through your travels today expect delays westbound beginning at 9:00. mike and alex, back over to you. well, bill cosby is firing back at seven women who are suing him for defamation, comedian filed counter suits claiming woman are lying for financial gain. woman air monk dozens who after accused cosby of rape or unwanted sexual conduct. they deny accusations and says each of them maliciously and neglectly public false information. sixty women have said cosby assaulted them and cosby denies all accusations but has not been criminally charged. the search is on for a driver who injured a police officer big time, broke his leg in the hit and run. crash happened in south philadelphia, it was no accident. police say the the officer was responding to a call near 2700
8:05 am
block have of sears street, in the cities point breeze section. that is when a volkswagen passat sped the wrong way, down the one way street. the car hit the police officer, and, the crash was so hard the officers spotted in the air and through the park card. officer injured his leg and has a broken leg. here's the the other part of the story, there were two kids in the car. next big g.o.p. debate is tonight, it is match up between donald trump. and, it will stop muslims at the border, and national numbers his numbers went up to 41 percent but ted cruz pulled in the tight race with donald trum in iowa. polls in the buck eye state show cruz at 28 percent with close close behind at 26 percent. trump has jump started his assault on cruz but cruz has yet to come out swinging. >> he is saying he respects donald trump, he is a nice guy. >> well, if trump is elected
8:06 am
president, he would be the healthiest individual, ever, elected president according to a guy paid to say that his doctor the the g.o.p. front runner has lost 15-pound over the last few months, takes a daily aspirin. wow. donald trump also, no history ever of consuming any alcohol or tobacco products. his doctors also add that trump's blood pressure and lab results astonishing excellent. i didn't realize he had never taken a drink. >> he has never had a drink. >> is that shocking to you. >> i have seen him out at parties. >> was there something in his hand. >> will you call him out. i never seen him take any alcohol. i never knew that. u.s. postal service is reminding but shipping dates to make sure your gifts make it to the person they are meant for. so, deadlines posted on your screen here depending on how
8:07 am
you send your mail a digsal employees have been hired to meet the tea manned. some are using seven day deliver toys make it through the holiday rush. first-class mail service is december 19th, priority mail, december 21st but standard december 15th. >> that is today. >> i need to mail some things off. >> i got to go after the show. >> turf buy something first you haven't done anything. >> no, no, no. i'm going to dot same thing i did last year. gift card. it makes me dizzy. >> i'm going to go gift cardigan. i don't care fit is heart warming. >> just don't get me one. >> i know what you are getting you, you are getting that yesterday a backpack off amazon, 30 bucks and i'm good. we follow mary lee the shark, right off the atlantic there, spotted again off the new jersey shore. researchers just released new video of mary, there she is. >> she was track 40 miles off shore in atlantic city. she has an internet following
8:08 am
of 100,000 people and during the summer, shark hysteria people were closely watching her every move. so researchers, tagged her to get more information about the animals but in december people are of course less worried about they are not on the beach. >> right. >> it is not summer so they are not concerned that they will get eaten by her but people still care. it the is awesome. >> i wouldn't be concerned right now, in the sum are i would be though because not too many people go down by the water. >> did you know mary is 16 feet longe should have known she was back in the area over the weekend she followed me on twitter. >> wait a second he did. >> i was like wow, look at that, she followed me. she must be in town. maybe she will stop by for a drink of a a nice meal. >> be careful she's a shark. >> i am probably the the meal. >> a alex, are you home. >> maybe i should block her. >> post it on facebook.
8:09 am
>> is she on facebook. >> she's only on twitter. >> i want your opinion on this because you weren't here at the 6:00. serena williams is celebrating her spectacular year after being named sports illustrated 2015, sports person of the year. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh, it is beautiful. so she wears a outfit and sits on the gold charm. >> this isn't radio, i can see it yes, thanks mike. >> do i that every time. >> so they praised serena for not just being considered by best female tennis player of all time but for making headlines in entertainment, pop culture and fashion. so she's getting praise from her fans here, lauren. >> yes, she is. >> there is some people who are upset about her, alex. >> is what wrong. >> people are talk ago lot about the cover because some are suggesting the the cover photo was edited. >> what? >> critics say her famous legs have been photo shopped to appear slimmer. we will dig deeper here and
8:10 am
take a side by side comparison from another recent shoot, right. one side is cover of the sports illustrated, left side. the calendar shoot is on the other side. many say you can see a visible difference in her thighs and then they have gone to social media so they can sound off. one tweet reads strong, confident, powerful no need to photo shop her body. another said you are slaying on this cover, your thighs look slimmer. hopefully they didn't photo shop your thunder. someone else said she's a beautiful powerful woman show realness. many offered kind word tweeting congratulations, you are a goddess and this cover is spectacular but controversy with the cover does not stop there. some fans of horse racing were furious that american pharoah were as they put it snubbed for at ward. you might recall american pharoah did past years triple crown and grand slam champion, he had an overwhelming victory in the fan vote for tight that
8:11 am
was usually awarded to humans so that is how serena. >> how would that have looked with the horse on a thrown. >> i hope they don't photo shop his butt or something. >> i don't understand the big deal about her legs. leave them the way they are. it is not a big deal. >> if it is just me i'm thinking maybe angle that she's sitting where it looks different. >> it is photo shop. i did a demonstration. when you sit your legs kind of spread. >> right. >> so it is just. >> she did a demo for me for the story at 6:00. >> yes. she goes, don't split your pants. now look at my thighs, they spread out. >> they spread out. >> her legs should be bigger but they probably tried to fix it. you know how magazine covers are. leave all my thunder and leave the thighs. >> right. >> who cares. >> by the way, can you fresh even up our coffee now.
8:12 am
>> sure. >> she looks like she works at the a diner. >> yes. >> leave a mint on your pillow. >> leave some fresh towels. >> star wars, mania, ladies and gentlemen, the force awake fence hollywood, red carpet rolled out and it was a long one. so, folks from hollywood have seen the movie now. >> i wonder fit is good. >> where in the world is the grand canyon? do you know what a lot of us we know about the grand canyon but you don't know where it is. how well do you know your united states geography. >> quick quiz. which state is the the grand canyon in alex holley no cheating. >> i will answer have at break. >> get your hand off that computer.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
we are looking at the month of december, all of those little asterisks mean that each day of the month, so far, has been a temperature above average. the so, so far we have averaged 9.8 degrees above, average.
8:16 am
we have had four days in a row, with record high temperatures. a saturday, sunday, even today right after midnight when we made it to 69 degrees. right now 59 degrees and temperature keeps going down. forty-seven mount pocono. to the south of us we have had 59 degrees in atlantic city. so we expect the temperatures to continue to drop for a while and then bounce backup in the 60's briefly. wind gusting to 30 miles an hour. 55 degrees, tomorrow, pretty nice day for december but the rain returns on thursday, and then really cold air settles in only for weekend though because as we get in the the first day of winter which is monday night when winter begins we will go backup in the 50's, once again. is there your whacky7 day forecast. >> wearing shorts for christmas. 8:16. we are off tie rough start in county line road in lansdale. county line road off lansdale
8:17 am
interchange watch for an accident. police there in the right lane. little bit of the backup on the down side on the ben franklin bridge coming into philadelphia but we have sun popping up, drying out the road from all that rain yesterday and slow go on the blue route not a lot have of accidents on the majors. i hate to say that right now because everything will go south after this but south on i-95, heavy from the betsy into downtown, schuylkill running slow inbound but between westbound lanes of the schuylkill watch for construction crews coming our way, at 9:00 from conshohocken out to gulph mills on that westbound side, beginning at 9:00. how is your christmas decorations looking. get them tied down and get them red bring the wind kicking up. a thanks to dj ink who sent thus picture from his front lawn. keep them coming. we will showing pictures all day every day up through christmas which is only ten days, until christmas and then
8:18 am
snap a picture, post it to your facebook, twitter, instagram, use hashtag fox 29 lights and so later on this week we will pick best of the the best and hit the road and broadcast live from the front lawn late other than this week, mike and alex, back over to you. >> watch this. >> look at that. >> how is that. >> you whip it, whip it good. >> come on. >> there we go. >> wait. >> it doesn't light up. >> here we go chris murphy, we might hurt somebody here. >> chris, did you see it premiered in hollywood last night star wars. >> they didn't do any of that on the red carpet good you know they did. >> alex, somebody will get hurt. >> alex, you are not my father. >> i didn't think you were. >> well, days before the
8:19 am
premiere there are all place's cross the country people are camping out to make sure they get to see the film first, so force awakens the seventh star wars movie and first made without involvement of the george lucas and expect to score huge profits for the studio. disney paid $4 billion to lucas films and will collect 2.5 billion in global ticket sales and related merchandise generate $5.000000000 over the next year. as for former star wars movie themes they will be on the way between now and 2020. they will be busy over the the next four years. force awakens will begin playing on thursday night in the u.s. and canada were 4100 american theaters lined up to show the movie over the weekend. so friday will be huge, you guys. >> as donald trum one say, huge. >> hey chris murphy. >> yes, sir. >> i know down in d.c., there are people in line already. >> they were last week at the
8:20 am
end of last week. >> so undoubted there is a line somewhere in philadelphia i would think. let's find that on twitter. >> let us know alex holley fox 29 or fox 29, people are lined up to see force awakens. >> i necessity nothing of star wars. >> who is this. >> it is not a storm trooper they are white. >> i'm a dufuss trooper. >> star wars fans will let us know. >> who is this, and is anybody in line in philly, in the delaware valley. >> cherry hill mall, whatever, you know what i'm saying. >> i'll look. >> worst boyfriend ever? do you see this dude right here? this guy pranked his girlfriend over and over and posted it on social media would you be steamed at this guy. >> you don't like him. >> who does that. >> well, he thinks it is funny. >> she does too then. >> a dork giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:24 am
it sure is. >> in the studio it certainly is. >> we have reindeer, poinsettias. >> beautiful. >> a good prank is cool, every now and then. >> every now and then. >> but if you do it over and over again and go too far witt, it can be too much. >> it can be stupid. >> people on social media are slamming one comedian saying you are going too far here, bill anderson. >> yeah, bill. >> you can see immediately how you guys feel bit. alex, i guess where you are coming from. sitting next to mike. >> yes, i deal witt all the time. >> australian comedian is taking heat for how he treats his model girlfriend in a series of prank individual ohio.
8:25 am
>> unaudible. >> as you can see viral video shows australian meade i sham i doing everything from cracking eggs on his model girl friend's head to pushing ice cream in her face. two causing most controversy are when he pushes her in the bushes and then into the ocean. his girlfriend sarah away young says it is all in fun but points back is a in quote b and she will get him back. social media didn't like it. it borders on abuse and she should leave him. you already told us. >> well, now that i see it. >> she's in on it. >> woman love humor, is it funny or crossing the line. >> it is just stupid because she's in on it. >> it looks lake she's wearing the same top. >> they shot tonight within day just to get hits. >> it is interesting you said that because i googled and tried to check out their following. he has 17 5,000.
8:26 am
she has about the thousand. he is trying use his celebrity. they are playing long. the she's on board but social media is upset. they say it is a abusive and send a wrong message. >> somewhere he pushes her in the bushes. the that is too much. >> but she's in on it. >> funny guys, like, so putting you in the ocean and bushes to a point. >> you can tell they have planned this together, so -- >> dit work. >> we're now talking about this. >> it is true. >> yeah, we squash it. >> by the way, we're all dress add like today. >> yes. >> we are feeling so blue. >> black and blue, black and blue. >> black and yellow. >> i work hard on this tie. >> thanks, bill. walk like marilyn monroe, a luxury brandies going back in time to revisit, marilyn monroe a's famous shoes. >> we will tell you to slip your feet into these iconic heels. >> how much will that cost.
8:27 am
>> a lot. >> i will make a holiday smoothie, for you you but katie cavuto will do it. >> you are the the healthiest with manny know so let me guess, fla the x seed. >> no seeds. >> no. >> we have a break through with katie next.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it to turns out the there are good reasons you are latching on to your social media account. why your moodies keeping you plug in. and do you want to live, my voice. >> yeahy want my voice to be a hundred years old. had about being 110 years old? it could be possible if you follow habits of the one european island. we will show you how it is done coming up at 9:00 secret to longer life. >> you will meet woman in the studio, not this woman but another woman who lives on that island most of the year. she said people that she
8:31 am
knows, have lived, to over 110, 120 years old because of the way they live on that island and what they eat. >> how oldies she. >> i didn't ask. >> it is not really appropriate. >> difficult ask her weight and she slapped her. >> of course, i didn't. >> let's trim down over holidays, it is possible and still have smooth is. >> these are holidays ones. we will bring in katie cavuto, registered dietition. >> we will make two healthy smooth is but they still taste good. >> they are using festive in season ingredients. >> pomegranate. >> i love pomegranate. immune because continuing ingredients. because thinks cold and flu season. let's get started. pairs. i feel like pairs are an under appreciated fruit and they are in season this time of the year. so important that we don't just make these sugar bomb smooth is with fruit. we will add healthy fats and protein to balance it. we have some walnuts. >> nuts. >> and we have some hemp seed
8:32 am
which are a excellent source of protein. >> yes. >> hemp is a good source of protein and walnuts are one of the best omega three's. >> i'll speak to that. >> pomegranate, make sure you you get a pomegranate juice that is 100 percent juice no added sugar. >> this is hundred percent pomegranate juice. talk about antioxidants and vitamin c it is a amazing. >> spices are so great for us too. a lot of medal properties. we will add a touch of ginger which is a festive flavor this time of the year. >> let's do that. >> hold on, you have to put cranberries in. >> we will top it off, with to that. >> pomegranate seed. >> i love it. >> how easy is that. >> exactly. >> it is a nice color too. >> these are the pomegranate, and i love it because they add
8:33 am
munch and crunch. they don't like to drink their breakfast so this way you get kind of something to munch and crunch on. >> will that get through my straw though. >> is that true. >> it will go through your straw. >> or give it a try. >> katie is very environmentally friendly. she uses metal straws. >> plastic straws are a huge source of waste. >> that is good. >> you know what makes it, it is that pomegranate. >> yes. >> and the tart, balanced out with the nuttiness which makes it hearty for winter. >> do you want to go to the movies later. >> sure. >> let's move on to our next guy. >> we're using mandarin oranges, so many people think of these as so easy for a snack but super easy to feel. >> they are easy to feel, grab
8:34 am
as a snack, really rich but they are good as an ingredient too. we have just three that we will pop into our smooth i hear. >> okay. >> now we're adding cottage cheese. >> this is where it gets we are. i love cat age cheese. >> in a smooth i. >> so cottage cheese is amazingly creamy, it is a great source have of protein. 12 grams of protein in half cup. two eggs worth of protein. it is an awesome way to balance out your smoothie but quality is important. i talk about quality of ingredients this has three ingredient. where a lot have of cottage cheeses will have ten. look for an option that is lower in sodium. that is why i use daisy. >> what are three ingredient. >> just milk, cream and salt. >> here's the problem, it looks like baby vomit but it taste good. >> it will get creamy anyway. >> we are adding vanilla unsweetened whatever your milk of choose. we are using coconut million.
8:35 am
now tumeric has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, awesome for flu season. >> whip it up. >> whip it up. >> this one is so fun because you get orange but it is nice and sweet. >> i think so many people end up putting, juice in when we use the whole orange like a mandarin. we are getting the actual fiber which is so important for balancing out your smoothie. >> mine is the metal one. >> they are both metal. >> drink it together. >> suck at your own risk. >> i'll go back to the other one. >> why. >> something came up through
8:36 am
my straw. >> i'll take the other one. >> the fiber and pulp in it or range and if we were home we would blend it a lot longer. >> i love cottage cheese though. >> blended longer, because we're getting all of the fiber, this is like high speed smoothie making so perfection doesn't exist there. >> good sport. >> this is why katie looks like katie, i and i look the way i look. >> we have to move along. this show needs to keep moving. >> melony griffith post this picture, with a big message. how she's hitting back a at haters right now. bye haters. >> did you figure out which state grand canyon is in. >> we are getting a lot have of tweets a lot of people on twitter they necessity but they are saying a lot of americans have no eye tea.
8:37 am
we will play how well do you know the you had. >> i'll make women mad after the break.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
do you know where grand canyon is. we are getting tweets and facebook messages but 57 percent of responders say they don't necessity that the grand canyon is in arizona. study also find that 63 percent didn't necessity space needle will is in seattle. new 4 percent of the respondents didn't know that mount rush more is in south dakota. only 31 percent of though surveyed know yell he owe stone national park is in wyoming, i had hoe and monday tan a it comes from the intrepid travel. makes you wonder what you are doing during geography class. >> you are putting people to
8:41 am
the test, aren't you. >> so, anyway these guys, did you just walk across ben franklin bridge. >> remember when difficult that, i did that once. >> yes. >> it is breezy up there. >> they walk every day. >> no, no, no. >> my hat blew off. >> here's the the quiz. in which state is the grand canyon. >> arizona. >> mostly. >> that is exactly right. >> there might be a piece of tonight utah. >> i have been there. >> and nevada. >> next up, you, in which state is the space needle. >> the who. >> the space needle. >> the space needle, oh, washington. >> yes, washington state. >> in which state is mount rush more. >> south dakota. >> see. >> it is all guys, and this is what will make women mad. i think guys are better at geography then women, don't
8:42 am
you. >> really. >> i'm a woman, grab a woman now. >> grab a woman. >> you're a women. >> in which state is at grand canyon. >> grand canyon is in nevada. >> oh, no. >> a piece of it. >> in which state is the space needle. >> seattle. >> yes, state of washington. >> yes. >> my theory is wrong, all wrong. >> what about the third question. >> a pol guys to all women kind. >> any other woman do you know where mount rush more. >> i have no eye de. >> women are running from you, mike. >> scream at people. >> we should have a game show. >> men verse women. >> i don't know. >> alex, how about this.
8:43 am
>> alex. >> yes. >> i got one. >> which four states border, which four states border kansas you should necessity because you went to school at miss sue. >> my gosh, let me respond. >> wait a minute, i didn't even get to answer. >> let's ask jen, help me out with this one. you cannot put me on the spot like that. >> you got one, you went to school in it. >> missouri. >> what is south of kansas. >> oklahoma. >> really. >> yes, oklahoma. >> so why did you say i got it wrong. >> what is to the west. >> i proved my point. >> no, jen, help me out. >> alex. >> you do not know you are supposed to go i cannot had hear you, i can't hear the question. >> hey, exactly. check this out, we are still here in glen mills and thinks
8:44 am
a soap massage. why soap? i will tell you after the break. how cool is this. ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my giant. /watching tvs get sharper, you've had it tough. everything in one place.
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bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here.
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you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my giant.
8:47 am
ben franklin parkway would you almost think that is was snow but it is just white roof on top of the buildings in the the christmas village. today you will have to hold on to your hat because it is pretty windy, out there, wind of change a a as we keep saying after four record high temperature days in a row, including today, we're at 69 degrees, happened, just after midnight this morning. we have gone down to 59 degrees. we have lost 10 degrees in all that time. 47 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-seven in wildwood. cold front has come through and what that means is, a lot chillier temperatures throughout the day. high wind up to 30 miles an hour. fifty-seven on thursday. it could be heavy at times but colder temperatures after that. look at saturday high of 42 degrees. look at sunday morning where very cold start would be the
8:48 am
first morning potentially below freezing in philadelphia this season, and eagles game at night, alex, you will to have bundle up, it will be a cold one. >> i'm preparing myself now sue, thanks very much. >> 8:48. instead of the shower romans they preferred a soap massage. it was way to get insanely clean but not just for romans but now you can try it. is what the name of this spa where you are. people want to know. >> it is joseph anthony retreat and spa salon. >> yes. >> is that what it is call. >> retreat spa and salon. >> it is a big name, big place, it is in glen mills. good morning. >> good to see you again. >> first of all, we have talk bit, alex did this romans like this idea of a soap massage to get you insanely clean. >> correct. >> this is a new treatment for you guys here. >> why did you invest in the bubble machine. >> well, when we were in australia, germany, this was within of their new services. again you do the service and
8:49 am
like wow that is all great, awesome, that is how we brought it back. >> people don't know, you go to europe usually once a year to see what they are doing there to bring it back here. >> we have a spa there in the hills of australia that we do work with. it is an australian doctor that comes up with these crazy type services because they all have medical substance behind them, in europe, they believe a lot in a lot of medicinal type of stuff. >> so explain what this is. you have what. >> thinks a soup machine. we get soaps imported from australia, soap chips and fill this up with water, and then it creates the soap. first thing we do on the table is we do a nice body exfoliation, body scrub, open up the pours get the skin nice and ready for soap. then we will do a light machine and then we will start with the soap. the as you can see dana is rubbing the soap on and it is a really, really light, a
8:50 am
really light type of massage, tickling on your back so to speak. she has the soap run on to it. >> mike the photographer unplugged the machine. well played, mike. >> hold on i'll plug it in. >> it is european. >> we have a european plug. >> so now it is plugged back in. and then it comes out, can i buy a bubble machine at five below because i need one. >> can i use these in my bathtub i think you need machine first. you probably can. >> no, you can't. >> you say it feels like a light tickle. >> it does. she would do this for about ten minutes and then go and then she use and rinses off and then does another massage with the oil and then does another soap application. you come out of here your skin feels incredible.
8:51 am
you feel unbelievable and clean. your skin feels great for days afterward especially if you maintain good moisturizer afterward. >> so this table is like hundred degrees. >> this table is 105 degrees, so it is heated, it is a wet table so we can use the the hose. we like to do our body scrubs, specialty massages on here. it is really really even though it is hard it is contoured to the body so it feels comfortable laying on it. >> her face is in ice because it is here and forgive me but someone will ask this question do you always wear a bathing suit i don't want to be all the way name. >> that is a preference, but again some people wearing bathing suit if you don't wear a bathing suit the therapist drapes you very professionally so you are not all out there. it is personal preference. >> i love it. >> so 9:00 o'clock we will open up the fox 29 mom squad we have had people all morning long moms says what they want for christmas. i want a bubble machine for
8:52 am
chris. use the hashtag fox 29 mom squad wine heal from some real moms what they really want. this is ridiculous. well played, my friend. >> do they ever do the front. >> this is cool. >> they dot front, mike. >> that is during the the break. >> we still can't see what this woman looks like. she doesn't want to be revealed. >> she doesn't want to be seen on tv. >> in. >> thanks. >> we just rub her down twice. anyway, do you want to walk like marilyn monroe. >> luxury brandies going back in time to revisit hollywood's famous shoes. put your feet in these iconic heels.
8:53 am
8:54 am
introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate,
8:55 am
they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with new kisses deluxe.
8:56 am
is that what you are trying to do. i knew he was planning something, calling out my feet there. >> those are nice looking shoes. >> are they furgameos. >> no, nine west. >> nine west. >> aldo. >> there is nothing wrong with those. >> no. >> i don't want to be fancy like you. >> i need some red bottom shoes. >> i will just paint some nine west shoes. >> seriously. >> very famous, they are using old hollywood as inspiration for a new collection. >> well, castle collection celebrates the the shoe company's 100 anniversary. company works with judy gar land, and marilyn monroe. >> of course, back in the day. >> they made a special heel for monroe making one slightly shorter than the the other because of her sexy wiggle will. >> are those m and m's. >> did she always wear one
8:57 am
heel shorter than the other. >> one leg was longer than the other. >> really. >> yes. >> you are making this stuff up. >> that is that sexy wiggle or legs. >> we will talk about star wars. >> too clumsy for thaty found best star wars toy ever after the break.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
good day, it the is tuesday, december 15th, 2015. hi everybody. >> hello. the team is back together. >> yes, we are. >> thank goodness you are back, girl. >> what is that supposed to mean. >> lauren, you are lovely and nice, but, dot dot dot. >> then she got sick of working with me. >> that is what really happened. >> i just said that


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