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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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the hospital following late night shooting. more on that in just a few minutes. >> plus, people on alert now because of the attacks in center city, two random knife attacks to tell you about. >> and? >> i just have this plane language hang up. >> chris christie telling it like it is, what the garden state governor says woe do differently if he were president owe bamm a. >> well, there go. >> good day everyone, it is wednesday, december 16th, 2015. let's get to sue serio, because, sue, we have decent weather throughout. >> enough to give us a, are you ready, nine out of ten today. >> i love. >> because temperatures will still be above average. they will be cooler than they were over the week end, but still, above average. which is pretty niles. 51 degrees, that's well above normal high temperature for december 16th, which is 44, so already above average. i don't think we'll see temperatures, probably go down little bit before sunrise, which is at 7:16. then go back up again into the lower, to maybe mid 50's,
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because we've got some clouds rolling in in the afternoon. anyway, so that's what's going on with that. 39 degrees mount pocono, 48 allentown, 49 degrees in wrightstown, trenton. now at the shore, it is 47 degrees in atlantic city, dover has 46, and it is 48 in millville. and these are temperatures that are as much as 12, 11, 13, 12 degrees colder than they were yesterday at this time. so, keep that in mind, maybe another extra layer or heavier jacket than you wore yesterday. 10-mile per hour breeze as we mentioned out of the north, and right now no precipitation, it is still pretty far out to the west. tomorrow will be rainy day. 53 degrees our high temperature. sunshine, late clouds, and wind out of the north between five and 10 miles an hour. so, that takes you through wednesday with highs in the lower 50's, it is pretty good for december. it is going to get colder, when? and what about that rain tomorrow? well, we'll answer all of that coming up in just a few minute, good morning, bob kelly.
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>> good morning, everybody. wednesday, 5:01. crews are still working here, on a couple of different spots into and out of the city. they're working right here on the south street ramps, to and from the schuylkill expressway. here's an example, the south street onramp to head east in toward south philadelphia, and the airport. penndot crews still here on the ram at any self. then they are also working downtown here on the vine street expressway, where westbound lanes are open. it is the eastbound side coming off of the schuylkill still blocked between the schuylkill and broad street until about 5:15, 5:30 or so. get bored of an accident out here along 422 retiring by the outlets, out here in limerick. sound like it is on the eastbound side as you're working your way from pottstown on in. but otherwise so far so good coming in from the suburbs, no problems over here up and down 295 and the turnpike, there is still the left over construction here at 295 in bellmawr. and then, later on today, westbound on the schuylkill
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expressway going down to one lane at 9:00 a.m. before the 476 off ramp. crews were out yesterday. coming back again today. it was a major jam all day, leaving the city, all the way out to conshy. so keep that in mind, maybe use the blue route, 476, if you are headed up toward king of prussia throughout the midday. chris, lauren, back to you. >> all right, bob, two people are in the hospital this morning, following a late night shooting this happened just before midnight on the 4900 block of dara street. a woman was shot in the leg, a man was shot in the face and back. the woman took herself to area frankford hospital. the man was dropped off by someone else. police believe the incident may be drug-related. >> we found four spent shell casings, we also found some carbon the highway, we also found some pills near a trail of blood. so, there is a possibility shoot shooting may be narcotics related. >> the man is in critical condition, and the female in stable condition. both are expected to survive.
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>> two men are recovering after police say they were ambushed by a man with a knife in separate incidents in center sit. >> i that attacker still on the loose, jennifer joyce has the very latest on this, good morning, jen. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren, well, police say that these were random attacks. they also tell us that the motive was not robbery. they released surveillance image of the suspect. while little grainy police want you to take close look at the bag that the guy has with him. it is white with black letters, police say, the man in his 20's, or 30's, was armed with a 3-inch blade, the slashing happened within 15 minute of one another. the first at 5:30 a.m. police say man was jogging in the area of 23rd and walnut streets when a man yelled something at him. the jogger turned around to look at him and the guy charged him, knocked him to the grounds, and slashed him in the arm and back. the slasher continued walking and found his second victim near 21st and cherry street, again, the guy yelled something to the victim, the
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victim turned around and was attacked. we talked to the second victim late last night. >> took couple of stems. that will must have been when they came out of the shadows and and grabbed me. i felt an arm on me and something at my neck. and i gave them shot to the shoulder or chest. when they slashed a my face. >> it is a well traveled area, seems like this obviously is a individual that has some type of mental issue, to stab someone or slash someone's face or even attack someone with a knife is obviously something wrong with this person. >> they believe he is responsible for both attacks, both of victims were treated at hahnemann hospital. and police are hoping to hear from, if you have any information about who this person is you can call in
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anonymous tip or text a tip to ppd tips. chris, lauren? >> jenny joyce, thank you so much. >> this is a disturbing discovery, on a doorstep. >> it may look like just some meat and some scrap pieces of paper there, but investigators trying to figure out if the meaning behind these item is much more sinister. items discovered outside home in east mt. airy yesterday morning, it is a slab of meat wrapped in a muslim newspaper along with peels of paper, describing women being cursed, one person who lives at that home is a practicing muslim. >> all of this stuff going with muslims right now, and the controversy going on with it, i been praying, i prayed right next-door to my house. >> you think this is is a hate crime? >> i think it is a hate crime. >> police and homeland security are investigating right now, police not calling this a hate crime. >> meantime, philadelphia police are investigating a flag that was burned outside a frankford home. take a look for yourself.
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kevin casey said he returned to his home her bet street sunday afternoon to find his american flag had in fact been torched. he believes it happened between noon and 3:00 case how says' proud american, has flown the flag for years, and doesn't understand why someone would do this. he tells fox 29 he doesn't think it is personal. >> i called the police to report it, he said someone else just reported another one on oakland street. a lot of anti-american sentiment going on, probably has something to do with that. >> so members of the group warriors watch, well, they heard what had happen. and they plan to present casey with new flag this afternoon. >> spirited and sharp exchanges happened to the fifth and final gop presidential debate. >> so dave kinchen, we had new jersey governor chris christie on the main stage this time. he had some sharp words. >> that's right. epp was at the kids table i guess could you say last time around. his polling numbers one. he was back on the main stage. now we always ask questions like which candidates were on fire, which ones quite simply
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went down in flames. when we talk about break out moments here, now the final gop debate focused on national security and foreign policy after the terror attacks in paris, and california. the crowded field interring the las vegas event trying to limit their political gambles while positioning themselves as the most commander in chief like. but it was new jersey governor chris christie who took this particular chance to rip into our current commander in chief. >> in fact, i would talk to vladmeere putin a lot. say listen, no fly zones in sewer y you fly in it applies to you, yes, we shoot down the planes of russian pilot in in fact they were stupid enough to think this president was the same week link that the president we have in the oval office is right now. >> i think if you're in favor of world war three, you have your candidate. here is the thing. my goodness what we want in a lead is her someone with judgement, not someone so
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wreckless as -- >> just one of many sharp exchanges christie also said he used his experience as governor and as former federal prosecutor to go after dangerous terrorists and stop an attack at fort dix. other highlights also included a sparring match between senators marco rubio and at the cruz over data gathering and surveillance also of course florida governor jeb bush who called donald trump chaos candidate, for the controversial proposal to ban all muslims from entering the united state, guys, back to you. >> thank you so much. we'll see what happens in 2016. and happening today, local taxi and limo drivers will protest in center city over two illegal ride sharing services operating in philly. they're upset over uber x and lift. ride sharing services operate without the same regulations as limo and taxi companies, which enables them to charge less. limo and taxi drivers want city leaders to do more to prevent the services, at the same time, straight lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow the services to
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operate legally, across the state of pennsylvania. >> happening today, the high profile case of bucks county woman accused of assaulting a cup nel center sitly go to the jury. prosecutors say 25 year old kathryn knott was part of assault last fall that left one of the victims with a broken jaw. knott took the stand yesterday in her own defense, she said she never hit the victims or shouted racial slurs at them. two men have already pled guilty and received probation in the case closing arguments wrapped later in the afternoon . >> the state will not appeal, to former penn state assistant, football coach, jerry sandusky. >> the state employees retirement system said the agency plans to work with sandusky's flowers figure out how much he's owed. sandusky will reap assume collecting 4900 collars a month, which he hasn't received since his sentence of as long as 06 years in prison.
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that will happened on october of 2012. so it has been about three years he can actually. the pension system board had cited sandusky's crimes, the basis for his pension forfeiture, but the court ruled the court should not have considered him university employee at the time of the crime, because he was officially retired. >> philadelphia school leaders calling dire situation, if harrisburg cannot figure out how to pass a state budget the district will run out of money next month. superintendent william height said the district has funds to make payroll until january 29th. after that date, it is not clear what is going happen with that state money. says the district exploring options, no contingency plan as far as it is concerned. send the approved nearly all of the bills to put spending plan in place, but the house has in the yet acted. >> speaking of schools, there is a new york school that had briefly banned santa. well, i guess school is back in the holiday spiritment we'll explain after the break.
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>> lawmakers push for changing policy, why the push comes now, after the shooting in san bernardino.
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>> this game will be cold, 44 degrees at the start of the game with the cardinals, and 39 at the end. so make sure that you are planning to wear enough
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clothing, because, it has been absolutely spring-like for so long. 51 degrees in philly, 39 mount pocono, 48 degrees wildwood and wilmington. and this is not made any colder by the wendt. winds calmed down from yesterday, what we're trying to say, no precipitation at the moment. jump ahead, get ready for the weather changes, including the rain that's coming tomorrow t could be heavy at time, so be prepared, heavy downpours on thursday. specially around the middle of the day, friday, start out with a early high of 50 degrees, and see temperatures drop throughout the day, and it is much cold end on saturday high of only 42, very cold start around freezing on sunday, and high of 47, and we just told if you will be cold one sunday night. winter begins officially monday night, but we will be coming from daytime high of 55 degrees. showers are coming with cold front, so we think it will chill out in time for
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christmas. we'll see what happens, bob kelly. >> we will take it, though, not bad. we shouldn't have any complaints. >> 5:16 exactly. good morning everybody on a wednesday. looking good up and down 476. the northeast extension, how much, they are going to be working today in the lehigh valley tunnel, will go single track or single lane through the northbound tube there. keep that in mind if you are head today or from the poconos. going to slide on over to an accident along 422. 422 the eastbound side, which is right near the limerick outlets there. outlet. outlet and all of the ladies in the studio are shaking their head. eastbound, 422, an overturned vehicle there, right at evergreen. otherwise, an accident, 40-foot road and welsh rd. in the heart of hatfield, no problems working your way into or out of lansdale. here is a live look at the schuylkill, they finally pick up the cones here, off of the south street ramp. so back in business after a night of construction, a live look at the 42 freeway, we
5:17 am
start to see some volume pop here, headlights coming in toward the city headed up and over the walt whitman bridge. now, all of the bridges at the moment, looking good, no problems on the ben franklin, the walt whitman bridge, commodore barry looking good and so far so good at philadelphia international airport. do you like the white lights, the red light, the blow ups or do you like the canned unless keep the pictures coming, see how you decorate your house for christmas, thanks to michaelina her dad and hail did i wonderful job on the display, they sent us this picture, country christmas, keep them coming. they got the tractor, on the front lawn, santa claus in the wagon there exactly what we are looking for. love seeing the picks of your house decorated for christmas, all do you have do snack picture post it to your facebook, twitter, stain gram pages. use the #fox29lights. so we can show the pictures on tv. later this week we hit the road headed out friday night, going to somebody's house and broadcast live during the five p.m. and 6:00 p.m. nice.
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turn it into friday night party. back to you. >> back in the holiday spirit. principal upset parents when she canceled all christmas related activities, she also did away with the pledge after league ends, parent went to the district and the school leaders listened. santa now allowed, and the pledge of allegiance now recited over the loud speaker every morning. >> back to school today for 640,000 student in los angeles, one day after a bomb threat forced all schools to close for the nation's second largest school district, after sweeping campuses, school officials now confident kids will be safe. >> there were always be temptation after a day like today to increase the blame and the anger and the vitrail and the suspicious. >> we believe that our schools
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are safe and we can reopen schools in the los angeles aoun night school district. >> although the threat now appeared to be a hoax, meanwhile, new york city schools failed similar threat it, not consider that one credible. >> some lawmakers look to go change policy that prohibits immigration officials from reviewing social media. the push for change comes after one of the san bernardino shooters, tashfeen malik, posted statements about jihad years before entering the us on a fiancee visa. so many republicans want to make it mandatory for immigration agents to review a foreign applicant's social media activity before they can come into the country. the white house is emphasizing homeland security department has started three pilot programs to incorporate social media reviews. >> baltimore jury has ended its second day of deliberations without averred this in the manslaughter trial, police officer charged in the death of gregg i gray.
5:20 am
jurors are will resume their work today after yesterday, # hours of dill cusses proved so difficult they told the circuit judge they were dead-locked. he told them keep deliberating. >> here is another reason to put down the phone when you are behind the wheel. >> yes, new castle county police say this 23 year old driver was a bit distracted when he crashed his car into a house in newark, investigators say he missed the turn when looking down and drove through a yard and a chain link fence, the driver is okay, but police say the homeowner cannot go home. >> what a mess. >> man, coming up: local university pulls back on plan to teach a banning symbols of hate. why some people took issue with the new policy. >> there are your winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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...and the holiday season is won. that's my boy! fill your cart with everything you need this season, all at one place. my giant. >> ban may seem like common sense, but more from the kutztown university campus. >> ♪ >> for years people have battle over whether symbols like confederate flags and
5:24 am
swastikas are hateful, or just expression of freedom of speech. but, when kutztown university banned them earlier this week, they thought they had address that problem, at least here on their campus. >> with regard to the space where our student live, there is a sense that certain symbols would create very uncomfortable situation for some of our students? after just about 24 hours, and some public backlash, the university backed away from the policy, to have it reviewed, for constitutionality. >> i've been advised that to actually ban specific symbols of any kind would result in first amendment challenge, if we went to court we would lose. >> now, even with the ban currently under review the president of the black student union told me it is long overdue, to address negative concerns here on kutztown campus. >> there have been student who
5:25 am
made it a point to hang confederate flags in their windows so everybody knows how they feel, there have been student who have had swastikas outside on their door boards, many feel threatened and offer ended by this. >> now, it is clear the university wants the policy in place. appears once again no easy answer to the dispute between the right to free expression, and the desire to not be offer ended or intimidated by that same expression. >> minority, very small, but we should count as much as everybody else, this just really like i said shows you it wouldn't be that easy for us. i didn't expect it to be. >> the university is reviewing the policy still looking for a way to ban what many view as these hateful images s banning these images appropriate or violation of first amendment rights? you can tweet us at fox 29
5:26 am
philly, or leave your comment on our fox 29 facebook page, here in the news room, bill anderson, "fox 29 news". >> 5:26 the time. federal reserve is expected to make a big move when it comes to interest rates. what may happen today, and how it will affect your bottom line.
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>> gathering in last laying he is last night in the last gop debate of 2015. >> she is the only woman running on the gop presidential ticket. carly fiorina doesn't hold back with the candidates making appeal to women voters. good day everybody, it is wednesday, december 16th, 2015. you love an outspoken woman, don't you? >> yes, i wake to up one every morning, and it is not my wife. it is lauren dawn johnson, monday through friday. i love it. >> that's me, sue serio. >> sue, you can be a little outspoken at times? >> every once in a while you will hear an opinion of something. i am happy the flyers won last night. they beat the carolina hurricanes, so bus stop buddy sporting his flyers cap this morning. now, temperatures in the 40's, 50's, little chillier than they were yesterday at this
5:30 am
time. keep that in mind. nine out every ten for december 16th, it will be another mild one. at # 1 degrees with 10-mile an hour wind. 7:16 is our sunrise time. and temperatures to the north of russ in the three's, and to the south of us, mostly in the upper 40's. where the warm spot here in philadelphia with that 51 degrees. breezes coming out of the north. so it keeps it on the chilly side. but still well above where we are supposed to be, supposed to be at 44 for high on december 16th. we're get to go 53 with increasing clouds. probably would be warmer if we weren't going to get both clouds later on. then tonight probably have some fog forming late. we will get fog before we got the rain. we'll give you the timing on the rain coming up in just a few. >> the fog machine ready to go tonight. 5:30, good morning on a wednesday, pretty good shape on the major roadways, coming back to or from the poconos, today. they'll have construction in the lehigh valley tunnel, keep that in mind. coming in from say 422, the
5:31 am
pottstown area, there is an eastbound accident right near limerick outlet, one lane squeezing on through, 40-foot road at welsh rd. town of hatfield. watch for accident. no problems coming out of harleysville, lansdale, working your way down toward mid-county. here is a live look at route 309 near the pennsylvania turnpike and ft. washington. with daylight, watch out for the deer jumping around out there, as women. south on 95, so far so good work your way out of northeast fill any toward downtown. airport looking good at the moment. i think good day to fly in and out of philadelphia international airport. soy making a trip out of philly you're in good shape. >> no opening at the bridges so far, hopefully they'll stay that i way. later today after rush hour, northbound 95 expect delays center city up through cottman bridge inspections with penndot crew taking it down to one or two lanes at times
5:32 am
after the morning rush hour. mass transit looking good, chris, lauren, back to you. >> candidate in the final one of the year. >> dave kinchen, you have all of the highlights, just got really good at times. >> oh, it got heated. it is almost like watching a boxing match. and i think really last night, some of the candidates real did i take off the gloves of course the last debate in this one focusing on foreign policy and terrorism of course after terror attacks in paris and california. last debate as well before the election year begins, key moments include sparring match between senators marco rubio and ted cruz over domestic surveillance gathering and battling isis. new jersey governor chris christie ripped into president obama calling him a quote they can less weak link on foreign matters, of course, the receipt public can field chasing after the don done, donald trump, after proposed
5:33 am
ban on muslims entering the united states. >> tens every thousands of people having cell phones with isis flags on them, i don't think so wolf, they're. no doing to go this country. and if i'm president and obama has brought some to this country they are leaving, they are going. they are gone. >> donald, you know; great at the one liners. but he is a chaos candidate. and he would be a case owes president. he would not be the commander in chief we need to keep our country safe. >> women, coming up a little later we will show you governor christie sharp jab at president obama and test tee exchange between christy and ran paul, plenty of highlight. >> like a sporting event with all of the highlights. >> yes. >> all right, after the only woman running in the gop presidential race, carly fiorina did not hold back during last night's debate. >> making appeal to female voters and doing little name dropping. >> i'll just add that margaret thatcher once said if you want
5:34 am
something talked about ask a man. if you want something done, ask a woman. >> ouch. >> the latest polls have fiorina anywhere with one to 3% of the republican vote. so she's, you know, pretty far back. >> so now what do you think about her when she said back? >> sometimes as a man you say nothing. >> bob just goes you learn it. >> i'll do what bob says. >> good morning, everybody. >> and that's all i'm going same because i don't want any jammo on my twitter feed. happening, federal reserve expected to make big move this morning by raising interest rates. talk about powerful women. janet yell around head of the federal reserve with very tall order. how to avoid inflation, they've not been raise, the interest rates, since 2006, right? so higher interest rate that raises the cost of many loans there is could also have
5:35 am
effect on hiring the strength of the dollar so much is predicated upon what jennette yellen will do or no do. but at zero the fed ram runs rate from several years now. >> okay, about 30,000 more south jersey people will soon be able to enjoy free uber rides home from local bars and restaurant. this is an expansion of the same program that evesham township has taken advantage of since september. starting this weekend, everyone who lives in voorhees township has the option to take free uber rides home, the people behind the pilot program say way to improve safety and keep drunk drivers off the roads, voorhees will be part of the program for about a month, evesham can keep enjoying those free rides until january 15th. >> for the holiday rush, kohl's announced it is staying open 170 hours straight before christmas, 24 hours a day starting next tuesday at 7:00 a.m. that's one week from today just reminder christmas one week from friday. >> get out there, get shopping. >> hey, different look for the eagles, right? why in the last two games have
5:36 am
we been so much better than all of the games before? what changed? howard eskin will take a look coming up. >> was it thanksgiving?
5:37 am
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howards eskin. so many different scenarios for the eagles to win their division and make the playoffs. one would be if they lose it sunday to arizona they would still be in with wins in the final two weeks here against the redskins and on the road against the new york giants. now, there are other scenarios
5:39 am
with the giants, well, if know lose two games, well, let's not worry about. that will the eagles just have to win. eagles are playing better football in many areas the last two games. one of those, their quarterback sam bradford. better on the field making sole real nice throws, doing some other things to help his team. >> always good to hear from your starting quarterback. you know, it is always good. because this team, you know, and everybody's going to rally behind him. if he is fired up, he is giving the speeches and everybody believes in him, go out and play even harder. >> the flyers tough game against carolina last night. to the wells fargo center, went to over time, about 11 minute left. all right. nice pass to shane. four-three, flyers win in over time. that's sports in a minute. i am and i'm howard eskin. >> former phillie pete rose says he expect his continued ban from baseball. >> rose's bid for reinstatement was rejected this week. in a news conference yesterday, rose said the decision was disappointing. still, rose says, he will continue to be the best
5:40 am
baseball fan in the world. and hopes to be elected into the baseball hall of fame one day. >> rose received a lifetime ban in 1989 for betting on baseball, but the mlb commissioner said he refused rose's reinstatement because rose admits he still has gambling habit. >> will not be back on the field sunday ... manning has a tear near his left heal. >> tough. >> ouch. >> yes, and still recovering from of course that neck surgery he had. so he's little bit more fragile than he's been, but still darn good. >> yes, eggs. that team is doing well. >> yes, they're tough, just beat the patriots couple of weeks ago, then we beat them. so there go. hey, the mystery good samaritan known only as santa b. what he did surprising many shoppers this holiday season. >> what about santa's balling. >> really? >> hey now. >> fox 29 at shady brook farms team to up help toys for tots,
5:41 am
happening today. december 16th, viewers should come on out for the light show and bring new unwrapped toy. >> so anyone who brings a toy will get $5 off the price of admission, per carload. hey, kathy orr will be there live at shady brook, for the five p.m. and the 6:00 p.m. >> ♪
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>> okay, you might not know him, 42 today, big time producer, so any song that you have heard on the radio you can probably guess he might be behind it. >> oh, so he produced some of the eagles work. >> christina aguilara, justin timberlake, he's also in a relationship with lil' kim for little while? >> oh, really, lil' kim? >> that was naughty girl by beyonce. >> okay. >> i think he's also behind like the bieber, he's big in music. you don't care? >> i'm behind sue serio every step of the way, whether she nails the forecast or not, i've got your back, sue. >> okay, well, we've been doing pretty well lately i have to say. and i would say if we weren't, but we are. and we are doing well, if you like it warm, this is getting crazy, every day during the month of december has been a temperature that's been above average. and we're averaging 10.8 degrees above average. did i say average enough? i think so. now let's talk about
5:45 am
temperature. as you are walking out the door, a 1 degrees in philadelphia. still, well above average. oops said it again. 39 degrees in mount pocono. forty-nine in reading. forty-eight in millville. forty-eight in wilmington. it is chillier than yesterday was, just warmer than it it is supposed to be this time in december, right smack in the middle of the monthment 10-mile per hour breeze out of the north, no precipitation, but there is some headed our way, we have few clouds around this morning, but that's about it. future weather though shows the next cold front. now this one will make little bit more of an impact than the last one did when we had our rain on tuesday. on monday night i should say. then, once it is through, we will have cooler temperatures, in fact, colder temperatures just in time for the weekend. so the rain will move in probably during the latter part of the morning commute toward maybe 8:00, 9:00. we start to see the first raindrops. and we end one about half inch to inch of rain when all is said and done. it is still going to be mild
5:46 am
tomorrow with temperatures that will be in the 50's, so that's what to expect out of the rain tomorrow. looking back, before we look ahead, we had those four record breaking days in a row, we won't break the record today though. average high is 44, we will still be above average with a high of 53. tomorrow it is rainy, and that rain will be heavy at times, but it is 59 degrees, and then we start out the day with temperature around 50 on friday. but as soon as that cold air rushes in, temperatures will fall throughout the afternoon, high of only 42 degrees on saturday. that is going to be a shock to the system, and sunday's pretty cold, as well. then we have warming trend monday and tuesday of next week. just in time for winter, bob kelly. >> just in time. good morning, 5:46 on this wednesday morning. hello south philadelphia. this is a live look at 26 and penrose, right at the base of the platt bridge here, and anybody leaving the airport headed in toward south philly, looking good, but starting to wake up, getting up and
5:47 am
getting out. come on, cute baby alert. ready? check out this little guy. matthew watching me do my traffic report. >> awe. >> it is the match box traffic update here. okay? >> awesome. >> in the play room, look, he's murmerrized has the match box and tongue a truck. no problems up and down the northeast extension, they are doing some work later today, though, in the tunnel, if you are headed to or from the poconos, lehigh valley tunnel will be down to one lane working in that northbound side. then an accident east on 422 right here evergreen, right up by the outlets only one lane open there. all of the lanes open on the expressway, good to go, for the morning rush hour. now, after the rush hour, 9:00 a.m., look out. westbound on the schuylkill, crews are going to return again today. down to only one lane between conshy and if you mills, right
5:48 am
before the 476 off ramp. so anyone leaving say south philly, the airport, center city, your best bet would be headed north on the blue route, 476, to get yourself out toward king of prussia and avoid that big jam that's expected today on the schuylkill. coming in from south jersey starting to see some volume on 42 and 55, but for the most part we are in good shape. now that wind yesterday, knocked over my blow ups that i had on the front lawn there. so we had some clean to up do yesterday when i got home. but here is a picture from jimy williams, he's got everything all set up on the front lawn. i bet you he has got it all tied down. make sure to do it specially with the winds coming, holt air balloon coming on, spreading holiday cheer. he says he can't stop decorating. he's going to go going and catching the sales right after christmas, snap a pick of our home post it to your facebook, twitter, instagram, use fox 29 lights. looking for all of the best shots and then we pick one and go broadcast live friday night from somebody's front lawn.
5:49 am
back to you. >> governor christie administration encouraging people in new jersey to give back, and today lieutenant governor kim will be at the covenant house in cherry hill, three local high schools are challenging one another to collect socks for charity. org says cents officials say that socks are often overlooked when it comes to donating clothing. >> later today philadelphia police will hold award ceremony honor dozens of officers. this is video from a pack ceremony. today officers will be recognized for various achievements, that training act of courage, to helping efficiency within the department. so when you think of saint awe think of the north pole, you think of snow. but it is different in texas, flight. >> exactly. saint nick making plash there. jolly man in the red suit left his slay and reindeer behind. diving into the texas state aquarium in corpus christi, santa strapping on some scuba gear, taking the time to feed the fish and entertain the kids. >> in australia more than 300 santa's road the waves, this took place on sydney famous bonn see beach.
5:50 am
320 surf santa's broke record for the largest surf session. that will previous record was 250 surf santa's. >> okay, jim ill fallon and the roots deliver yet another viral hit. >> tonight's show, okay pell a, featuring the cast of star wars. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> looks fun, right? kerry fisher, just given -- >> a run for their money. >> thank you. >> can't wait to see it. the big opening is what two days from now? friday for the new stars wars film. >> people have been camped out for two weeks.
5:51 am
>> that's little craze. >> i a little, yes. >> just a move. >> i that's what i said. >> khloe kardashian about to start a new business interest. will get a talk show. called cocktails with khloe. it will debut on the fyi channel, next month, celebrity guest lose join kardashian for an intimate dinner party, to talk about pop culture. her last stint on tv outside of her reality show was hosting the xfactor. >> then there is howard stern who is always busy, right? in fact see a lot more of him. not only did sterns sign new five year deal with sirius xm, his shown soon available to stream live on mobile phone app. meantime stern's satellite radio show will remain the same time and format, the amount of the deal remains under wraps, but it is millions. >> i have a facebook post for you it, says good morning good day crew and family, interesting see billy gibbons birthday being noted as i am from texas, it was nice. >> thank you. >> 1969 same three guys and same three cords. that will was from bill dixon. >> zz top. >> he liked that. >> hey, secret santa surprise many shoppers by paying off
5:52 am
their bills. >> known as santa b, went to the counter at harrisburg wal-mart, wrote a check for about $79,000, just paid off off. shoppers who showed one grateful but surprised. >> my third cry on the phone, because i was towelly going have to cancel my lay away. >> i had a very rough week. that makes my week. >> i want to say thank you for who ever you are, merry christmas, happy new year. thank you very much. >> a lot of thank you's, wal-mart manager said it isn't the first time they've helped people out. it is usually just one shop here pace it forward to someone else. but this time this guy said hey, you know what? >> that's cool thing about it, up from had money. >> that's the sound of generosity. listen. >> yes. that's the sound of a scratcher, and if you get the big hit, then you are really generous. >> like a scratch off? >> that would be nice. >> five year old cancer
5:53 am
survive orr gets a break from surgery and treatments for her princess moment. she had one wish, it was granted, thanks to fox and make a wish. we were there for her dream come true. chris murphy has more in just a moment. this is the best block of all.
5:54 am
it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it. look at those reindeer. jeffrey, you're awfully quiet back there. i was just thinking... maybe it's time we finish this test drive and head back to the dealership? that is so jeffrey... soooo jeffrey... so jeffrey... oh. elves.. it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new passat and other select models. yothat's lactaid®.k! right.
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100% real milk, just without the lactose. so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort.
5:56 am
>> 5:55. 51 degrees. >> proves dreams can come true. our sister station, washington dc, team to up grant young cancer survivor's wish. little eden has been dreaming every riding a unicorn. yesterday the five year old got her wish. now, it all start wad magical scavenger hunt throughout washington dc. then a ballet lesson, and a trip to the white house. she had lunch with goldilocks, and the three bears. and a visit to the smithsonian castle and finally the moment she has been waiting for for so long. >> if you could take him anywhere right now, where would you go? >> to the enchanted forest. >> awe. >> after some tough treatments and surgery doctors say, edenn's bran cancer in remission.
5:57 am
her family says they're grateful for all of the support. through it all, they've kept the fatement and they just kept believing. how cool is that? okay, on the flip side. there is this. >> two stabbings, not far apart. police believe it is random. new look at surveillance video to help track down this attacker. coming up on good day philadelphia.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> coming from new jersey i just have this plane language hang up. >> new jersey governor chris christie with strong words targeting president obama during last night's debate. more on what he said about the president's leadership. >> plus hoax or roll threat. why homeland security is hoping to investigate after a piece of meat is left outside a mt. airy home. >> piece of meat? and we're running out of time, folks. and money. how much longer the philadelphia school superintendent says it can wait for a state budget deal before funds run out. it is a short amount of time. >> hi, everybody. >> good morning. >> i believe he just pulled a hamstring on that one. >> the seal has been removed. good morning. >> getting things going. >> my sharpee way out there in front every me. i can't reach it. >> you know i can't. i don't


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