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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 17, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> so finally got it together, set budget, possible plan b is the $1 billion deal doesn't get done. >> plus, city control's office says it is a disaster wait to
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go happen. the new report calling out a temporary policy, shutting down firehouses, not saving money, and possibly, endangering lives. >> local church fire destroys everything, but its steeple now the atf investigating the property for the second time in just weeks. bob kelly, another fire. >> another fire. this one is a live look at i-95, fully engulfed car fire, 95 north near the airport, the rest of the details coming up next. >> we'll see a back up there. first of all good morning, it is thursday december 17th, 2015. thanks so much for waking up with us on this thursday. >> and you kind of need some fire, some heat, because it is still chilly? >> kind of cold throughout. >> it is, dave warren, what happened? >> it is 47 degrees. that's our average high temperature. >> well, you're used to the 70s. >> yes. >> i know. relative to that, it will be frigid weekend, cold air coming back. but look at the number of the day, down the scale today, only up to three, we had some
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rain coming in, not here yet. but take all of the rain gear with you. you will need it today. things are dry, clear, on ultimate doppler. but the rain we are talking about coming in through virginia, it is slowly working its way up toward dc. eventually, pushing through philadelphia, that's where it is now, computer forecast picks it up. and bridges it in later this morning maybe by 10:00, 11:00, it fills in, gets heavy all at once, some areas of heavy rain along 95 and to the south, across south jersey and gloucester county, camden county could see over inch of rain in a short period of time between about 10:00 and 2:00 or 3:00. upper 40's right now. heading for the 50's and six 60s, so mild day today. but then that cold air comes in this weekend. again, timing of the rain looks twine 10:00 and 2:00. by 6:00 it is clearing out. colder breeze is developing. so that will be clear by the evening rush, but some issues this morning, right, bob? >> yes, definitely. we got this car fire davon
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i-95 quick response, just pulled up to the scene here, this is 95 northbound approaching north philadelphia airport. one vehicle off to the side, flame un dollars hood, fully engulfed taking other entire car, with that, the overhead street lamps, tough to see if there is anybody standing along here, but as you can see, the white smoke now, as a result of the firefighters putting water on the vehicle fire, so again, north on i-95, look out, if you are coming from saidel co-from the blue route, as soon as you approach i-95, there, you can see the fire active tip-off to what would be the right shoulder. speaking of the airport, as dave mentioned, starting at around 10:00 a.m. through the midday, probably going to have weather delays, so if you're intend to go fly in or out of philadelphia international airport today, just be ready for some delays. always check with the airline and new traffic pattern is going to hit us like stale
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bagel here. yesterday penndot closed girard avenue onramp to go north on 95. so folks from the neighborhood, instead of using that ramp, you will have to follow the detour route which will put you up to the castor avenue ramp on south and get on race street. no matter which action, jams, with us for the next 18 months, all part of the 95 reconstruction, at girard avenue. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thanks so much. >> 5:04 this morning, federal authorities looking into whether fire that destroyed church was intentionally set. >> dave kinchen live in wilmington with more on. >> this dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris, lauren, big part of the investigation, meantime, a new shift of firefighters came on to the scene here, in wilmington to hold this scene as crews were looking for hot spots and really trying to keep an eye on all of the damage here.
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you say the federal investigators have been called in. this is the second fire to start the new jerusalem missionary church in two weeks. the atf on the case after firefighters got to the scene around 7:00 last night, to find this church fully engulfed in flames. a female firefighter received back injuries, battling the blaze, but we're told she will be okay. authorities say that the cause of this fire and the one that happened december 2nd, still under investigation at this time. and we are told the atf is always typically called in when a church catches fire. no word on whether the two fires are related, turns out, firefighters actually spotted the flames last night, and alert dollars other crews. >> there was an engine company pass that reported the fire. immediately he called for additional companies that had heavy fire showing, and within several minute the building was fully involved. >> blaze, then the neighborhood knocking on the door to get out. they say it was on fire. that will meant we had to get
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out. they didn't know if the back of our house was going to burn down. that's why we will to come out. we came out, blaze, wind blowing, just going up in spoke. >> second time in two weeks. so i don't know what's going on or how it happened, but to me it is just not coincidence. to have two fires in two weeks. >> hearing if the pastor now, many people here are still worried about the house that is were damaged, six houses were damaged, by this two alarm fire, as of last night, families were not allowed back into those homes, it is not clear if they will be coming back this morning, but we will be here to look for that. again, the atf investigating this fire, and trying to see if there is a connection to the december 2nd fire that happened here. so very devastating time, especially, for christmas, for the church members here, guys? >> yes, it is, very bad timing, dave kinchen, thank you so much. are philadelphians at risk because of policy that isn't even saving the money it was
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intended to? the city's fiscal watchdog says so, in a skating new report on philly fire fighting. it stems from controversial brown out, policy temporarily shutting down individual firehouse toss save money. the city controller's offers says the policy has been a disaster wait to go happen. firefighters arriving to scene within five minutes and 20 seconds, is considered on time by national standards, but our city controller allen says philadelphia's firefighters met that standard only 76% of the time. says the rate dropped with nutter administration started temporarily closing firehouses on rotating basis, just to save money. that decision, he says, came with a pretty high cost. >> you know how quickly curtains can go up, manageable if you are right on top of it, if it is allowed to get into the woodwork. you have got a disaster, so every second counts. >> philadelphia fire officials disagree with the audit.
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chief derrick sawyer says work is always done to improve arrival time. he added fire deaths in the city are way down, more resident of high risk neighborhoods have working smoke detectors. the special victims aoun sit now investigating why a ten month old baby girl died at day care center. this was in north philadelphia, the baby was found unresponsive yesterday. while at sister's childcare on germantown avenue, she was later pronounced dead at the hospital. and an inspection of the day care back in july found 24 infractions, ranking from a lack of emergency training, to adult overseeing way too many children. all have since been corrected, or are scheduled to be. >> they've taken well care of him for a long time. i don't have anything against them. >> my son is safe, you know, like i said barbie has special needs, makes him aggressive, they've taken perfect care of him. >> police are giving no indication every how the baby died. >> there is renewed push to end pennsylvania six month
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budget impasse. vote could come today. saving social services and keeping schools open, jennifer joyce joins us live from spring garden school with details, hi, jenny. >> good morning, could this week be the week where we have assigned budgets? it is possible. little christmas miracle. we are hearing that there could potentially be a lot of activity in terms every not only the state budget, but also the philadelphia school district to happen today. school reform commission expected to approve of five year contract for superintendent doctor hite which would take us through 2022, additionally it, has been report that lawmakers could vote on tax plan today, and if it passes, a final budget could be placed on governor wolf's desk by this weekend. >> schools and non-profit certainly hoping that's the case. philadelphia superintendent doctor hite sent e-mail to school district employees two days ago saying without a budget in place, the financial
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situation for the district is dire, explaining, that they can make payroll through january 29th of 2016 after that their ability to keep schools open, issue paychecks be, and pay bills sun certain. so we'll see what happens today. past sale by house republicans will likely depends on what taxes will be impose in the this tax plan. at this point, that is unclear. lauren, chris? >> all right, jennifer, from state money to federal money. starting today, the seven year run on record low interest rates is history. the federal reserve unanimously vote today increase the interest rate by a quarter after percentage point, fed chairman janet yell hen signalled in the past several meetings that this was coming yesterday. >> the move signals feds belief the economy can handle the increase, experts say the race on some loans like credit cards, home equity credit lines will rise but only slightly as long as the feds rate height remain mod. >> asian markets like this a l they are going crazy right now, in anticipation.
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us trying to rain in what would be an increase in inflation, back to the date of the lays 70s. hearing resumes in philadelphia today for rapper meek mills. >> so he's back in court because he is accused of violating travel restrictions. he is currently on probation for drug and gun case back in 2009. our cameras captured milan his superstar girlfriend nicky minaj at court appearance last week. minaj spoke on his behalf vowing to help keep him structured and keep him on track. >> that's what a good strong partner will do, keep in you line. >> the federal government is granting those who use the government healthcare exchanges an extension. >> but do you have sign up today in order to start your coverage next month. see if you had me in line would you let me know much super than that. government granted extension of unprecedented demand, why they are doing this, deadline tonight at 11:00 59:00 p.m., in order to get coverage starting on january 1st.
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americans must have some form of healthcare coverage in order to avoid a fine. it is the new law. >> okay, we know this, don't we? anything can happen on live tv. what just went down right in front after this report their had him dropping the mike and running away.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> dave wear never for sue this morning. the rain working its way up through virginia, west virginia, into western
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pennsylvania. so, that is what we will be dealing with later this morning. not right now. right now we have nice shot of the capitol. ultimate doppler. >> was that harrisburg? >> that was harrisburg, i believe. it didn't show the rain coming in. so maybe little unplanned, but hey now back to the rain. there it is. this is where it is headed. it is working it way up through the philadelphia area. it will get here later this morning, and will have temperatures climbing into the 50's ahead of it, so it is a mild day, but the timing of this heavy rain looks like it starts about 8:00, 9:00, just light rain, here it is heaviest, though, between 11:00 and about through 2:00 or 3:00. could see at least a inch of rain in this short period of time, especially along i95 and to the south. so that could lead to some areas of flooding. clearing out, by tonight, and then colder breeze follows it. we're clearing but the temperatures will be dropping specially this weekend,
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especially at night. so, we're into the 50's this afternoon, maybe trying to climb to up about 60. but look at the cooler air coming in, once the rain clears out, only into the 40's, tomorrow. seven day forecast, shows that we are into about six of zero, then dropping to 49. forty-five over the weaken both saturday, sunday, but cold each night. freezing saturday morning, 29 sunday morning, then gets little warmer, winter begins, does not feel like it, because we're back into the 50's and 60s with showers on tuesday and wednesday. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, dave. 5:16. here is a live look at the car fire on i-95. it is 95 northbound, right at philly international airport. now, quick response by the firefighters here. they pull up. take a look. still see the vehicle here just smoldering off to the side. it was fully engulfed about ten minutes ago. poured the water watch we're seeing now just again anyone headed north on 95 trying to get to the airport, as you come around the curve there. what looks like that one and a
5:17 am
half lanes block on the right-hand side. so, just watch yourself if you head north up toward the airport or coming in toward the city in the next 15, 20 minute or so, until we get that all cleaned up. if you are headed to the airport through the day as dave mentioned after 10:00 a.m. through the midday, as the rain starts to move in, probably start to see some weather delays. so, maybe safe bet to check with your airline before you head down to the airport. schuylkill, no problems now, but right after the rush hour, beginning at 9:00 a.m., they're working westbound down to one lane, cons she out to gulph mills, so expect delays. and they are also going to work right after the rush hour. 9:00 a.m., south 95, between bridge and center city. so, midday crews going to impact our midday commute beginning at 9:00 a.m., into and out of the city, on our two major roadways. and brand new traffic pattern, that kicked into gear yesterday, for the neighborhood, the 95 northbound onramp from girard avenue, closed, for the next
5:18 am
year and a half. you have to follow the signs up to castor, or come back toward center city and use the race street onramp. with the rain on the way, i hope you use those weather proof extension cords, you know the heavy duty ones, not the cheap brown ones you buy at the dollar store, there and hello back at youment picture from carl, got the whole house decorated, and light show that synchronized to the christmas music, pretty cool. we have to check an example out of that as we hit our kelly christmas extravaganza here. the tour, we hit the road tomorrow night. keep the pictures coming. showing them on tv all day every day. just use the hashtag fox 29 light tomorrow night, we're hitting the road, going broadcast live from somebody's front lawn during the five p.m. and 6:00 p.m. newscast. chris, lauren, back to you. >> lawsuit filed against penn state university. fraternity in connection to the suicide after student, the family of marquis bring ham, says his death stems from
5:19 am
hazing. >> suit alleges has been hazed for months, at five sigma cap ma before jumping offer the roof of new york hotel last year. now, the suit claims he was forced to consume gross amounts of alcohol, fight fellow pledges, and had a gun held to his head. frat turn at this says it is continuing to cooperate with authorities. penn state is not commenting. >> so john says department close over widespread changes in his agency. >> one of the recommendation toss improve recordkeeping about who is arrested and when. the changes could help ferguson police avoid civil right lawsuit, the federal government launched investigation into ferguson's policing practices last year, following the shooting death of 18 year old michael brown. >> prosecutors say the defense team for officer charge in the connection to freddie gray's death will meet with a judge today after hung jury led to mistrial for baltimore officer william porter. that's porter right there. the judge plans to discuss possible retrial, porter was
5:20 am
charged with manslaughter and related offenses. during the trial, prosecutors argue porter failed to get gray medical attention. gray died after suffering spinal cord injuries while in police custody in april. he was in the back of the police van. they gave him what was called at the time a rough ride. five other officers are charged in this case. they're now set up to also go to trial as well. >> this story, is funny, one of those funny not funny stories. check it out. journalist in miss society a goes from reporting on a crime to witnessing a crime. adam salad reported on bank robbery, suspect returned to rob it a second time. this all happened on live tv, leading the rotator sort of stop in his tracks, and then jump into action. >> tyler just 24 hours ago, this bank -- >> right guy. that's the robber. >> that's the robber? >> this is live tv folks. that's the robber just led by, according to the bank employee, so, i got to go here and call 911.
5:21 am
i'll talk to you later. >> so here is the deal. you say there is the robber and looks, you think well the cameraman will go look for the robber, right? really small market, shooting his own stand up for live shot? no standing behind that camera. he just set it up on tripod. >> oh, so police spotted that suspect short distance away. he was pull over. and finally -- finally arrested. >> all right, if this guy the rob her won the lottery, he wouldn't need to rob banks. >> true. do you have some winning numbers? >> well, let's put them up on the scene for you. >> ♪
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smoking and being exposed to seconds hands smoke may trigger early menopause and infertility in women. researchers looked at more than 160,000 healthy post menopausal women, linked smoking and exposure to second hand smoke to fertility issues and early menopause. researchers say they don't exactly know why that is, but should serve and more motivation to avoid smoking. >> trader joe shoppers will enjoy a dark and stormy or, hey, listen up, the store's
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triple ginger brew being recalled the the company said it is being recalled after getting report every unopened bottles bursting for no reason. trader joe's removed the bottles from all stores, but if you have some at home of course bring threat team store, get full re found. >> next, proposing pair of socks that can pause your movie or tv episode, as soon as you fall asleep. >> talking about your socks? put on your ♪ >> yes. >> streaming giant unveiled do it yourself project called netflix socks. so footwear with built in censors that will detect when you doze off. socks will then pause your tv so you don't sleep through the rest of your stream. you can't purchase these socks, but instructions on how to make them are available. >> what? >> on the website, project requires some knowledge of electronics, experience with soldiering iron t sounds dangerous and time consuming. >> you know, doing her new pin it, segment, something happens on line, then she tries to do it herself. >> this would be perfect.
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>> you should try to get her to do this. then i can test them. because i am always falling asleep during netflix. and the reason i like this idea is because when you fall awe he asleep it, just keeps going to the next epp society. so when you come back the next day it hauls all of these checks like you watched all these episodes. i didn't watch them. i was sleeping. now i know which episode i'm really watching because they're all check off. >> tv, sleep inducing, soperific, isn't that a great word? >> in your words, it's aight. >> now someone will get little taste of the royal is her moan. >> i slice of their royal wedding cake up for sale, the slice of fruit cake, from 1981, will be auctioned off in its original white and silver presentation box. >> piece of history. i think everyone of our era knows where they were the day that charles and diane got married. >> this particular piece of cake was served at the
5:27 am
reception just following the wedding. so it was for their closest 120 friends and relatives and guests. >> if interested the auction from los angeles holding the sale on line, bidding start $700. >> just bizarre. >> good news, department of education says achievement gaps narrowed those graduating from high school hits all time high.
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the men and women we pay to go to work for us, if the budget deal does not get done, we'll take a look that the. >> a lot of different scenarios for the eagles to make the playoffs. can the birds really make i playoffs or will they get their feathers plucked? >> palmer, set to throw for 1,000 yards this year. >> you cut me off. i was going to say howard has more in sports. >> oh, that's worth cutting off. so here is the deem. i'm sorry. we just saw commercial for crx. you know stuff? >> no, it is not called crx, crl,. >> see, i shouldn't have cut her off. now she's really upset. >> oh, off camera conversation.
5:31 am
>> listen. >> he tell everything he no, sir. >> that was a joke. >> i'm telling you, she will love you for this. i use this, in the bathroom, because i clean all of the bathrooms. >> oh,. >> did you ever clean a bathroom? >> miss warren, he pacely told dave this would help kick start your cleaning by the way if you want to know what really was said. >> she will love you. >> first of all it is 5:30, she's not even up yet. i'm not scared. joke. >> eight days until christmas. >> ya. i'll work on that gift here, pretty soon. 48 degrees our temperature, working on the rain today. visibility at 10 miles, that winds, is calm. no winds out there this morning. but we do have some rain. there it is on the radar, slowly working it way up through virginia, win person pen, be through the philadelphia area later this morning, be coming down very heavy at times. it is where it is right now. ultimate doppler is clear. budding waiting for the rain, got the umbrellas, four's to 50's, 45 to about 50. little chill in the air. we are headed for upper 50's,
5:32 am
close to 60. that rain get here about 10:00, 11:00, comes down heavy until about 2:00. temperatures will continue to climb. pretty uniform here from north and western suburbs, to the south. except right along the coast where it is into the mid to low 50's, 10:00, rain here. 2:00, the rain is here. 6:00 it is gone. followed by colder breeze, though, some chilly temperatures into the seven day forecast, i'll have that coming up, we go over to bob kel. >> i'm sure a bottle of clr in her christmas stocking will really kick starts things christmas morning. >> oh, good morning, 5:32, think you're having bad start to the morning, could be worse, vehicle fire here, 95, northbound, right near philly. philly firefighters quick response, extinguish the flames, just left over brake tapping, as you head north from delaware county, not bad at all coming up from the state line but again you got the vehicle fire off to the
5:33 am
side near the airport, with the airport. and the weather, the rough weather that's on the way, probably weather delays at philadelphia international airport. keep that in mine if you are headed down to fly out, drop somebody off orpik someone up throughout the day. new jersey turnpike southbound accident at exit number eight, that's hightstown. we also have fire in kensington this morning at hope and huntingdon, local detours through the neighborhood. and then right after the rush hour, penndot set to work again today on the westbound schuylkill beginning at 9:00 a.m. down to one lane from conshy out through gulph mills. and then there is going to work south on 95 right after the rush hour between bridge and center city. right now, no problems up and over the bridges. mass transit looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> little glimmer of hope, pennsylvania six month budget impasse, come to end. >> yes. >> vote could come today saving social services and most importantly keeping schools open. >> jennifer joyce, live from spring garden school to explain what this could mean.
5:34 am
hi, jenny. >> good morning, lauren and chris. a loft activity to come today in terms of the state budget not only the state budget, also talking here about the philadelphia school district specifically. according to publish reports, school district superintendent, doctor hite is expected to get a five year contract extension which would take us through 2022. additionally, it has been reported that lawmakers could vote on tax plan today, and if it passes, a final budget could be placed on governor wolf's desk to sign this weekend. at this point the budget set five and a half month overdue, doctor hite sent e-mail to school district employees two days ago, saying, that without a budget in place, the financial situation for the district is dire. explaining that they can make payroll through january 29 of 2016. that far date their tonight keep schools open, issue paychecks, pay bills; uncertain. so certainly hoping for some movement in harrisburg today. it is unclear which taxes will be imposed in this tax plan. that could make or break a
5:35 am
resolution. republicans have said if the tax plan is not passed they will push to quickly pass an extended stopgap budget tote free up funds for schools and non-profit organizations which have been struggling, awaiting this budget, lauren, chris? >> jenny joyce thanks so much for the update. 5:35 this morning, number of student hitting high school hits all time high. 82% of high school student in the u.s. graduated last year, that's the fourth year in a row the nation has seen improvement. the department of education also says achievement gaps have narrowed with more minority receiving diplomas. educators stating better student report. better chances and early warnings systems for the continued graduation rate increase. >> good news. >> very good. obama administration asking the court to reject marijuana lawsuit. >> so this case seeks to declare colorado legalization that far drug unconstitutional. february last, a oklahoma filed their lou suits directly with the supreme court last
5:36 am
year, arguing colorado's law allowing recreational marijuana use, with the federal stout lays. hinder effort to enforce anti-marijuana laws in their state. but the obama administration argues the interstate dispute does not belong at the supreme court. we'll keep an eye on. that will meantime how about this guy? tom brady, look at this guy, he leaves news conference after two questions. why. >> why do you wearing uggs and what's up with that bony? >> and how did the eagles do yesterday?
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>> eagles can only blame themselves. they play arizona here at the linc sunday, many different playoff scenarios for the eagles even though they're tied with the redskins and giant for the division lead f they win all three, they're n if they win the last two, they're till in. but the cardinals are very good team. they're 11 and two, i think the best team the eagles will play all season. cardinals have very good offense, quarterback carson mal america having career year, not bad they have three good receivers including fitzgerald. >> carson can push the ball down the field, three, maybe the best group of three that we've seen, so far this year. >> the biggest challenge will be taking away -- they're one of the best in the league at big plays, big offensive passing plays. so for us we have to eliminate those. >> another normal night for the sixers.
5:40 am
to at lan tax playing the hawks. sixers were down by 20 something in the first half, no defense, no nothing, lose 127-106. now one and 26. brutal. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> remember they had domenique will comes, doc rivers? those guys come out and play against the sixers last knit. >> you would think so. >> so american sports legend took to the field one last time. as professional last night in us women's soccer. >> abby played in her final match with the us women's national team. she was honored before the friendly match with china played in 255 international matches, she scored 184 goals, more than any player, male or female, her teammates were looking to set her up for number 185 all night h few good chances but she did not score. the us would lose for the first time on home soil, in more than a decade falling one-zero. all time leading scorer also has won two olympic gold
5:41 am
medals and world cup and she was fee a's world player of the year back in 2012. she's really going out on top. >> also on top of the sporting world of course, tom brady, right? >> yes. >> but do we really like this guy? what he does off the field? >> who cares? we beat him. >> tom brady leaves new cons friend after two questions with his friendship with donald trump. >> how do you feel about people criticizing your relationship donald trump? >> i don't think about it much. you know, a tough week, so i got a lot of football stuff to think about. you know, hopefully we can go out and beat titans, that would be the most important thing. >> open the doors to criticism, regret opening the door when you do talk about it? >> like i said, i just prefer to play not ball. thanks. >> okay. i'm going to go count my millions and take gisele out to lunch. >> questions come after he
5:42 am
went on the radio earlier this week and called drum a.m. great friend. whatever. ahead of the new star wars movie, fans are taking part in a movie screening, we'll head out in the middle of all of the action coming up next. holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my giant.
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>> ♪ >> beautiful. >> beautiful, in new york, spent the day so far away from us. i can't wait to see that play, the life of carol king. pocono mountains far away from philly and will get the same rain that we're getting. >> that rain, the temperatures, little too warm. to make that snow, but good news this weekend, gets little colder, maybe chance to get caught up there. it has been so warm lately. can't do anything on those ski slopes. rain moving in this morning, and it will be heavy at times. where it is right now. in virginia, west virginia, western pennsylvania, there is the still of it. not quite to the philadelphia area yet. we have the clouds, maybe patchy fog, but we will have the rain, it is moving in, and it will get heavy quickly comes down quickly, between
5:46 am
10:11 there it is developing, very heavy at times, and continues throughout the afternoon. >> rain heaviest at noon, two, 3:00, begins to taper off, closer out by about 5:00 or 6:00. so short period of time, get being an inch of rain. that could lead to some flooding in some poor drainage areas right along i95 and maybe to the south there, and this is between 11:00 and 2:00. all of the rain comes down in short period every time. upper 40's, pretty much everywhere from mount pocono to philadelphia, to millville, wildwood and right along the coast into the 50's. we will climb into the 50's today. colder air comes in, high pressure moves in over the weekends, sunny, colder, cold afternoon, then very cold at night. temperatures drops quickly after sunset. sixty, heavy rain, 11:00 to about 3:00, the seven day
5:47 am
forecast, temperatures upper 40's, both friday, saturday, and sunday, monday winter begins, will not feel like it, though, into eat's, then into the 60s tuesday, wednesday, more rain coming in. bob kelly? >> good morning, everybody, 5:47. starting to seat beginning after morning rush hour here, live look the vine street expressway ready to go both directions open, that overnight construction pack up and gone, so, come on down, we're ready, to see in downtown philly, here is a live look 422, where we start to see the beginning of the brakes tap at trooper road here from trooper in toward king of prussia. again, we have the new traffic pattern, there r, for the gang headed to the outlets. new jersey turnpike, southbound, watch for delays at exit number eight, hightstown, because after accident. fire location in kensington, at hope and huntingdon with some local detours, and then later on this morning, you know what we like to do on a thursday, we pick different
5:48 am
spot in the habe hood, go have some breakfast, today going to the market and maglios celebrating one year anniversary down here in the stadium area, along third street, just off paterson, we will be there from 9:00 to 10:00 with the tv cameras, come on by, take the children into school little late there. have some fun. >> right there, arrington town center, 611 and jericho road, watch for midday crews, with the rough weather that's on the way, probably going to see delays after 10:00 a.m., through the midday at philadelphia international airport. with some rough weather i though had a your christmas lights fair with all of the rain on the way, good thing we got this picture in from shanea. this is of the spot up there along butler pike in ambler. which by the way where i am going to go tomorrow night. we will take you live to this spot a opportunity to park
5:49 am
your kay, take the entire family for walk through this fellow's property here, along butler pike up there in ambler. so, snap your pictures, send them to us, just post them to your social media pages, using the hashtag fox 29 light. tomorrow night we will take you live to ambler, during our five p.m. and 6:00 p.m. newscast, chris, lauren, back to you. >> they are one of this year's most popular holiday decorations maybe that's why so many are sort of disappearing. >> like buying the star shower lazer light display on line. so it is even tougher to find them in stores. instant christmas assisi as sticking them in the ground, flipping switch, maybe that's why thieves rick mag them disappear from lawns everywhere. >> all over the country now that the new decoration haves come out. pulling them right out of the grounds, like something out of the grin that much stole christmas. >> i light up my house, for my son and the grand kids and the kids in the neighborhood. and for them just to walk up, hey, i'll take these, go sell them do, what i want.
5:50 am
pretty cold hearted. >> so light system cost anywhere from 40 to 100 bucks. last week woe told you the faa issued warning about this decoration, because it can be dangerous for pilots if they are pointed into the sky. >> got to be careful. >> casino of cool though right? that's my idea, just put one darn thing in the grounds and be done. i need to go get one of these and hope it doesn't get stolen. king of pop's still breaking records, michael jackson iconic albumn thriller now sold 30 million copies just here in the u.s. that makes jackson the first art toys reach multi platinum status 30 times, the albumn, has made it even bigger splash overseas, total 100 million copies scored world-wide since release in 1982 when lauren was one. the record features such classics as thriller. see this? billy jean? got to be starting something. got to be starting something. jackson died in 2009, 2009.
5:51 am
just the age of 50. what a lost. >> i remember that. in the news room in memphis, tennessee, it was breaking news. new role for samuel l. jackson, doing publicity for the pennsylvania company that makes some of his favorite clothing wearing mother thunder t-shirts. >> excuse me? the actor stars in a video for bowman hat company, which, trying to help the company raise $100,000 to move its production from china to its headquarters did they say lancaster? >> lancaster. now there is lan cast nerve north of los angeles. and then here it is lancaster. >> okay. >> yes, got t ahead of the new star wars movie fans taking part in a movie screening marathon. >> people lined up for the amc theater in the neshaminy mall. marathon kick off with 1:00 a.m. screening, we caught one some fans who planned to stay up all night to watch all of the previous star war films. >> my parents pushed it on me to watch it. i loved it immediately.
5:52 am
i even watched it rematch, i made a pointing to out and see the original three, four, five and six, so when the next generation came out, i was right there again, so this is great opportunity for me to see them in order before the big episode seven. >> so dinner and move which that guy? >> yes. >> what do you think would you talk about the whole time? star wars stuff? >> i whop asleep, oregon. >> the latest movie first awakens opens at midnight,amc more than 3 million ticket still all available for the opening weekends. and at least 40:00 a.m. mc locations nationwide are running around the clock thursday night and friday. >> the rock. you know him, duane johnson. he is celebrating the birth hisser second caughter. >> his actor's girlfriends gave birth yesterday. shared this photo before delivery, the rock also, has a 14 year old daughter with his ex-wife. >> i have a funny ex-wife story. in orlando, coming to speak to
5:53 am
kids, he couldn't even do an interview with any of the female reporters until his now ex-wife arrived. >> really? she had that close lock on him? >> she didn't want him to talk to any female reporters, we hall to stand in the room, wait for her to come n kind of screened us all. then he came in. it was weird. so weird. now i understanded why she is the ex maybe? local family gets a home for the holidays. the hard work that made this heartwarming gift possible. chris knows all about it.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> the whim son family received the keys to their brand new energy efficient home in north philadelphia. so the big moment was made possible by habitat for humanity. lisa wilson and her kids join habitat philadelphia last year, since then, they have work tirelessly on building and rear pairing homes for their neighbors. just in time for the holidays, received gift. they say they could never have
5:57 am
imagined. >> overjoyed. insomnia i haven't slept for six weeks. so it is a loft excitement. a loft energy. >> and anonymous donation from a person looking to honor pope francis' visit this year. funded part of their new home. hey, it is the pope's birthday today by the way. 5:57. young girl gets her christmas gift back. happy ending to package theft story we first told but earlier this week. good day philadelphia with mike and alex. grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house! or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands.
5:58 am
and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> a delaware church burns to the ground, why federal authorities are now involved in this investigation. >> plus, an ends in site? what a possible budget deal in harrisburg could mean for philadelphia school. and, boy we have a twist that story we had yesterday morning. what happened after we rana story about a local family whose christmas gifts were taken from their front door. there is an update on that one. dave war send in for sue. hi, dave. >> good morning. >> bob's here, alex holley, everybody's here. alex has been up all night so this should be very interesting. >> what? not talking about yourself. >> for the first time in life, i'm not. >> you tattle tail. >> number of the day pretty low, look at


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